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    John Day

    Dr.D said (among other things):
    “Schwabinator certainly has arranged the Climate Crisis from the ground up. THEY have arranged for there to be no energy, anywhere. No reliability, anywhere. And presently, no food, anywhere. All of which are voluntary, were advised against by everyone, and are specific consequences to his specific, forewarned, resisted, highly-imposed policies. THEY are the near-single cause of hardship, hunger, and violence.
    Now much as we need to get them and return to what might best be named “not-murdering”, I also want the people and funds BEHIND the WEF. People like Nike, Google, and Facebook and their interlocking boards of directors out of Vanguard and Blackrock. Without also tracing them we’re chasing our tails.
    But first is to recognize practically all the troubles we’re having are a direct and transparent result of their meddling.”

    That’s as good a jumping-off point as I need to say that THIS is the “good-cop” plan, the nicer plan to reduce the human herd to half-a-billion kind of gradually.
    Just start removing the nitrogen fertilizer, diesel fuel, spread a bit of disease to get a feel for it, suppress normal immune systems with a special gene-therapy product, so billions of people will die suddenly when you let the smallpox back out, and natural, gradual, “green-solutions” like that,
    Not Nuclear War.

    See, this way is much, much better, and we should trust and obey, because the owners have really used AI to work this out for maximum systemic health and stability, after the new-equilibrium is reached…

    Only 1:16 people will be needed in the new equilibrium, and it won’t actually be any of us, and we’ll just die of natural causes, anyway.
    This is going to take the rest of the century to get out of the big-ripples, and we’re just going into the first big ripple now, so don’t get all excited.
    Have some chips and a Diet Coke!

    Myself; well, you know I’m an outlier, a Luddite, and am investing the currently (still) available wealth of building-supplies and fiberglass-insulation to build an embedded-energy-investment in the future, because it’s nice to have vegetables, but you need to not die in summer and winter when the electricity and natural gas go out.
    I might get to suffer 7 years longer this way.
    What a dolt!



    TAE Summary

    * The Great Reset Today
    – We are facing food shortages today because we saved grandma yesterday
    – The United States is bleeding the way; America’s zenith was in the 90’s and it’s headed toward a nadir of unknown depth
    – If Europe is so great where’s their gas? Gas, gas, Europe don’t need no stinking gas
    – Protecting the environment is the new raison de contrôler
    – Sri Lankans storm presidential palace. J9
    – The rich need lots of poor because scarce items cost more
    – Capitalism booms slowly, but busts all at once
    – Saker was shutdown for telling the truth; The Georgia guidestones were blown up for telling the truth
    – Rhetorical questions deserve rhetorical answers.
    – Sick people are the lifeblood of the medical industrial complex; This way to the vaxx, ladies and gentlemen.
    – Schwab’s Law: We have nothing feel guilty about but guilt itself
    – Putin rides a bear, BoJo fires his hair
    – In a hyperbolic world hope and despair are parallel lines that meet over the horizon
    – Approach your consciousness delicately, it might explode in your face
    – Covid vaccines modify DNA in Sweden, but luckily not in America
    – Permit me to track the money of a nation, and I care not who obeys its laws


    For what it’s worth.
    Chancellor Scholz….

    V. Arnold

    TAE Summary
    – The United States is bleeding the way; America’s zenith was in the 90’s and it’s headed toward a nadir of unknown depth

    I would argue that: IMO it started down hill in the mid 80’S under Reagen.
    Unions were under attack and blue collar wages were effectively frozen…
    I was a machinist at that time and for the next decade (even longer, IIRC) my wages never recovered to anything approaching the increasing cost of living…
    I escaped the blue collar trap by becomming a CAD design engineer and left the country…

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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