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    John Day

    VP Gary and Jesus said: “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”.
    I completely agree, but rendering unto God that which is God’s is in a whole different reality… 🙂

    @MPSK: Don’t get the electronic Mephistopheles !

    John Day

    Today’s Saker “Operation Z” update is different, thoughtful factual, but not technical.

    Sitrep Operation Z: Not your normal sitrep

    V. Arnold

    Even “turning off” your phone doesn’t stop it from being tracked…
    A Faraday cage will 100% protect your phone from being tracked.
    A cheap but effective one can be made from aluminum foil one uses in the kitchen.
    You just need to make certain there are no gaps in the wrapping of the phone…

    John Day

    Chooch said: “How do you get to be that guy in trench? The ones firing upon him? The guy holding the camera? Could I have found myself in such a situation had I made different choices in my youth? Will I find myself in such a situation in the future?”

    I have always sought to NOT be the guy in the trench or firing the artillery. I grew up in a USMC family during Vietnam. I have given it a lot of thought, and sought to teach my children the signs of history developing to that point, how to spot it early, when there is still time to move into another path.
    We went to the Anne Frank House, Dachau and Tuol Sleng (Cambodia) prison museum.

    One has to watch the flow of history like a hawk, and see when a group is de-humanized as the time to get out, before that leads to atrocities. For me, I stood with the “unvaccinated” as soon as the class was singled-out, and I got fired, but I know my action was right, and I think the principled actions of many of us have blocked that particular dehumanization from progressing, at least where I live.
    I’m unemployed, but free to do the best that I can to prepare and to communicate.

    John Day

    @V.Arnold: I can take the battery out of my flip-phone.

    Figmund Sreud

    “de-Russification” of European energy markets:

    ”Morgan Stanley believes that Europe will make good on commitments to eliminate Russian gas, oil and coal imports in coming years.

    … the investment advise:

    Morgan Stanley – bullish oil and gas on “de-Russification”, bearish metals on supply



    @ Ilargi: when we reach this moment of truth we have arrived – “What happens to the cathedral is now no longer up to me,” he said, glancing at his grave. “I’ve done everything I need to do.” Bravo Justo.

    RE: Pierre-Auguste Renoir Riding in the Bois de Boulogne (Madame Henriette Darras or The Ride) 1873 – the lady is riding side saddle as was the custom back in the days of long heavy skirts. That black dress is feeling rigid and constrained, yet beautifully tailored and buttoned. The horses are feisty and look like they are having a gay time, they appear to be up to something! I do love the use of so many shades of grey; grey is the essential color in this piece.

    @phoenix: fierce songbird!
    @mpsn: I also followed FireDogLake. Got involved running the Occupy supply chain with Jane Hampshire, it was a successful effort before “they” infiltrated the movement and took it down a violent path.

    LOVE to All.


    Jane Hamsher – apologies for incorrect spelling.


    Turn off the wifi and GSM data on your phone, then take the battery out of the phone. After a minute, insert the battery into the phone. If the phone clock is correct then taking out the battery makes no difference as you have a backup battery on your motherboard which may be used to record your location, even if not transmit it. If you have to enter the time then you are probably safe in that your phone is too cheap to even keep the time. If you can’t take out the battery then you are constantly being monitored.

    If you really want to disable your phone, get a pinephone from Pine64. The pinephone is a development phone and is not really even in beta, so it is pretty basic, it uses linux and you will find that lots of it does not work properly, but it is more private although like all network attached devices, you can always be watched at some level. Whenever you send or receive data, they will know which IP addresses you communicate with, in what order, at what times of day, the network locations involved etc. You cannot prevent this level of monitoring of your messages or your location if you use terrestial wifi or GSM. The pinephone uses dip swicthes to disconnect the cameras, bluetooth/wifi, microphone and other things, but you probably cannot disconnect the aerial so rogue software could still ping local towers which is all they need to identify you, with or without a SIM card. The only thing you might be able to confirm is whether the aerial can be powered up without the battery installed. You would have to look at the circuit diagrams.

    V. Arnold

    aspnaz #108873

    Good heavens; the foil is so much easier, and it really, really works.
    Sure, as soon as you unfoil the phone to use it, you’re located, but, inbetween no-one knows where you’ve been or the route you took to get there….

    TAE Summary

    A little math:
    Suppose a tank of gas costs ⅓ of a month’s work, so around 60 hours of human labor.
    A tank holds about 15 gallons of gas.
    One gallon of gas has the energy of about 400 hours of human labor.
    So for 60 hours of labor you get the energy of 6000 hours of labor.
    Someday we will appreciate that this was a great deal and we shouldn’t have wasted that energy on driving a 3000 pound vehicle to pick up fast food.

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