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    Edward Hopper Cape Cod morning 1950   • Putin’s Peace Initiative Last Chance To Save Ukrainian State – Medvedchuk (TASS) • Putin’s Peace Proposal
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    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Cape Cod morning 1950

    Love the Hopper…just lovely…


    Generators for Ukraine, made in China, running on Russian fuel delivered via India. It is kind of sad where the west has put itself. But, if you are in Ukraine, here is a web site that could help:

    Looks like 550 USD for the cheapest. Someone is making a tidy profit on these things; China is making a killing.


    Ha ha, what a joke of a country the Ukraine has become. Maybe they should hold an election and kick the USA out of power.


    Polish President Andrzej Duda has called for the “decolonization” of Russia, claiming that ethnic minorities should break away from Moscow’s rule and form their own states.

    Next he will be asking the Chinese to do the same. Where do the world owners find these muppets, and who writes their bullshit for them? Of course, the message is straight from the world owners, so not much to admire there then. More war, more stealing national resources at pennies on the pound.

    Looks like the same USA crowd are waiting for the China economy to collapse so that they can march in and buy resources on the cheap. Not going to happen, but they can always kill a few people to try to make it happen.


    Elon Musk Issues Urgent Warning for Humanity

    “If there are no humans, there’s no humanity.”

    I’ve been yakking on this subject for years with little interest from the peanut gallery, even here at TAE

    I guess it takes a famous brand like Elon to make it a headline.

    Oh well, plummeting birthrates will continue to exponentially accelerate.

    What Elon failed big time to say out loud is:

    What is a stable population birthrate?

    No one wants to discuss this, not even Musk who has at least nine kids.

    I wonder why?

    He mentions “extinctionists” and “expansionists”.

    Where’s the “stablists?

    Where are the sane voices discussing a balance between fatal unfettered resource extraction and economically suicidal ‘conservation’?

    Where’s the leadership in Korea and Japan where the birthrate is approaching ONE as opposed to the replacement rate of 2.1?

    Those to tech ‘powerhouses’ are doomed.

    There is no hope for them as cultures, they are in death spirals with zero plans of pulling out, pardon the pun.

    “Pulling out” is their core problem.

    You’ve got Hungary pretty much the only country officially addressing the birthrate thing within a country’s culture by instituting measures to make parenthood attractive to couples with psychological and financial appeals.

    The rest of the world, not so much.

    Resource depletion is a genuine concern. It is not just a “green propaganda’ talking point.

    A lack of trained ‘labor’ is also a genuine concern.

    Does not seem to be any common ground between the two extremes of “extinctionists” and “expansionists”.

    No Humans, no Humanity indeed.

    Looks from a space alien’s perspective that Humans are too stupid to deserve survival on their own planet.

    Mix in a little nuclear world war, some fake ‘plagues’ to make money with, and poisoned food supply leading to mass sterility and AI doesn’t need more than a good shove to finish the extinction ‘option’.



    One of her best quotes is, “According to how history is currently written”. It summarizes all you need to understand about research of history. We simply do not know all the facts and politics plays a major role on how history is being written. – Malinen

    How much traction do you think this will have?
    bout as much as slick tires on a iced over bridge


    Oroboros, environmental conditions are known to influence reproductive success on the Blue Marble. Homogeniety within human societies, with the advent of hand held personality killers, is ardently pursued in modern society. Tribalism run amok has become an environmental factor.
    The distribution of physical resources is no longer natural. Famine has become merely a cost in a global market.
    Consumption as the goal of existence has become an environmental factor in the globalized culture.
    How many identical individuals are required to sustain a population?
    The selection process for life on the Blue Marble is not a factor of human intelligence. Does the Blue Marble really need a species that uses it’s barefooted children to mine cobalt so a gas necessary for life can be reduced in the atmosphere? Lovelock and the Gaia hypothesis has some merit.

    Invictus (Henley) be damned.

    Dr. D


    In this cartoon run, the card is in trouble with the Queen of Hearts because he left a single flower in the garden unpainted and “White”. How dare he. White is the loneliest color that may never be.

    “Japan Grants Asylum To Just 303 People In 2023 As It Rejected 98% Of Applicants

    That’s very generous. As I’ve said, there are mostly zero actual asylum seekers. Like how many Assange and Snowdens have you heard of?

    “”Possible Chemical Agent” Released At Pride Event In Baltimore

    Yeah, what’s with the total lack of false flag attacks lately? C’mon guys, show some spirit!

    “Is 10% the new normal? While it took Apple 2 days to achieve a roughly 10% move, other large- cap companies are also jumping 10% or more in a single day. However, some others are losing that much in a day. As discussed in Is 10% the New 1% that is likely a sign that the market is more controlled by options, day traders, and “machines” rather than “traditional” investors. Probably a sign that liquidity has very little depth.” Peter Tchir

    Nvidia. $3 Trillion out there with no support or stability. I’m sure it’s fine.

    “Education Nightmare: Baltimore & Chicago Public Schools Spend, Spend, Spend As Test Scores Drop
    “Isn’t it ironic that as more money is poured into these schools the outcomes seem to become worse.”

    Ironic? It’s the most expected thing in the world. But wait, how can I say that? Aren’t I a capitalist? So therefore nothing exists but money? Money solves all things? (Wrong on three counts). No, the schools are A) run by government B) Centralized to be as large as possible C) have no control, no feedback, and no competition. They are as anti-Capital as could possibly be. I suspect like other places you’d have higher graduation and literacy rates if they were OUTLAWED, along with all the teachers. There’s already more heroin use than literacy there, and that’s illegal. Why not try?

    Armstrong is on lines he doesn’t usually write:

    “The Hope for the Future – We Will Make It There & Win

    There is no change without the pain.
    You do not fix something that is not broken.
    The grand facade will come down, and it will come to an end. Ursula von der Leyenis a mere UNELECTED puppet of the Globalists installed by Klaus Schwab. Her direction and policies have undermined Europe, and nothing has become more self-evident with her vile treatment of Hungary, which is the ONLY sane member of the EU…

    There are those who see through this fake facade. It may seem depressing, but if we do not stand our ground, then we do lose everything. Step ONE is identifying who is the Enemy. Europe’s June 9th Elections was a Rejection of this LGBQT Inclusion Agenda. That will lead only to an authoritarian dictatorship as the same cries for equality and inclusion produced the Communist Revolution, which is their goal to retain ABSOLUTE power forevermore.

    Sorry – But Socrates has always been right on its geopolitical forecasts.
    Globalists – You Will Lose this Quest for Ultimate Power” –Armstrong

    “Critical Theory”. “Critical Race Theory”.


    “While we must first go through some hard times, we will NEVER reform until most people see that this is NOT going in the right direction. It is unbelievable.

    However this was about Italy’s Meloni “Conquered by the Neocons” She says : ““Defending Ukraine means uniting all the efforts of the international community to protect Ukraine. If Russia does not agree to Ukraine’s terms, we will force it to surrender. We need to set the minimum conditions for this discussion.”

    Oh WILL you, ma’am?

    Then his model does time and cycles, “These failed leaders, who are clearly incompetent to drive a taxi, are steering the world into World War III. This insane confrontation with Russia appears to be heating up in July. Putin is the ONLY adult in the room. He desperately keeps warning is this where you want to go?”

    And as he said, the crisis (oddly) NEXT year into 2027(iirc). Which didn’t seem possible with Trump 2016, Coof, etc. Here we are, took this long to get this momentum, right again.

    “what [Musk] said next that was very telling. “In the sort of extreme form of the environmentalist movement, people start to view humans as a PLAGUE on the surface of the earth, as a fundamentally bad thing, and with the implication that if all humans disappeared, somehow earth would be better off.” Musk described this as “The Extinctionist Movement.”

    Yes, the “Extinction Rebellion”. They are Pro-Extinction. They will rebel until everyone is dead.

    Arms prices are soaring!

    Yes, because the dumbest guys on the planet got on international TV and said they were desperate for shells and would pay any price. And whaddya know! World arms dealers raised their prices!!! But aren’t dem guys like all as moral as the Church Social? What gives? …And that’s not all, apparently they gave them duds, or disassembled them, removed parts like half the powder, and sold them again. Maybe.

    Ah government! Is there anything you can’t screw up? You can’t even kill people correctly with a blank checkbook running trillions of dollars!

    But that’s not just the comedy part of today’s program. The serious part is: Remember how they all said if they didn’t spend $100 Trillion dollars, RIGHT NOW – on something, they were very unclear on what – they would all…mumblemumble, something? Remember that about, oh, er, about a few months before Covid? Where the runaway debt compounding bites and the markets were locking up late September 2019? Oh. That.

    Yeah, well ain’t it the world’s biggest coincidence theory that AFTER Covid, (which prints trillions) they then have a WAR (which prints more trillions) and that debt compounding hasn’t bit yet? Which is why in this article they need MOAR trillions, and don’t care what they pay for shells or if they even work?

    Yeah. That.

    It has nothing to do with nothing. Only this. “The System” is the MONEY system, it’s how we talk to each other, but it’s ALSO how they direct CONTROL. That is the only system that matters, to them, as they will lose control, but also to US, because it’s how we get fed and bread is delivered in trucks to your house.


    Yesterday, NYP Story blowing the whistle on how illegals are given voter registration forms in 49 states.”

    There will be no election. It will have to be called off as no one will trust it. Therefore the DNC can delay their removal. And remember kids! “Nothing lasts so long as the ‘Temporary’” – Napoleon. Hey did we re-open that “Temporary” gold window yet? 55 years. Of course we need to not have elections, same as to not have candidates, to “Save democracy.” Nothing’s better than democracy with no elections, right Zelensky?

    “• Putin’s Peace Initiative Last Chance To Save Ukrainian State – Medvedchuk (TASS)

    That’s probably true. Even in the state Ukraine is in, it’s possible to reconstitute it. It’s not as bad as Black ‘47 yet even now, although you’d have to get everybody back from all Europe. By attracting them, not ejecting them, that alone seems unlikely. But once Russia has occupation on all Oblasts, then what? Why bother speak Ukrainian, etc, and have no self-direction, basically.

    Actually could care less at this point. Ukraine was only vaguely ever a different country, as different as London and Yorkshire, not even Scotland, and far more similar than, say, Quebec. All directions are fine.

    “• Putin’s Peace Proposals on Ukraine Are ‘Golden Opportunity & Lifeline’ (Sp.)

    Armstrong, above, they will not do this. THEY, need nuclear war, it’s the only thing that can save them. So THEY will keep trying. So THEY need to be stopped, and someone will have to have an ACTION to stop them. That someone is Russia, and the time is almost right now. I’ll send them a Congressional Medal of Thanks – or even Freedom – later. 99% of all counties and 70% of our people think they need to be stopped too. But we’re not coordinated enough in the details to do it ourselves right now. You can see the progress, but it’s too slow.

    “the acquisition of large and profitable properties, by large Western corporations, constitutes a very important step towards worsening the conflict and one that I believe goes unnoticed by many good people,”

    Do it! Sell it! …Because that’s all COLLATERAL. When the Collateral is lost, they will collapse. The Port of Odessa will still be there, better than ever, but Russia/Ukraine will run it and Santander and DeutscheBank will have imploded.

    “Polish President Andrzej Duda has called for the “decolonization” of Russia, claiming that ethnic minorities should break away from Moscow’s rule and form their own states.”

    Like Estonia “We are going to break up Russia so it ceases to exist.” Got it! Thanks! And here when all this started even the Russian people thought all that was a Conspiracy Theory. But thanks to you, all that has changed! Freedom of Speech. Never stop speaking. If I were Putin I’d issue you a Russian military medal in honor of faithful service. It would be hilarious.

    “It has become very pervasive in my thinking during the past few weeks mostly due to strikes of Ukraine to Russian early-warning system.”

    What’s good news in this is that means THEY (the West, or rather the parasites as Occupation government in the West) need RUSSIA to start the nuclear war. As least visibly. Imagine if they could just push the button on offensive attack without apology – it would already have happened yesterday, last month, a year, or 25 years ago. They’d be whacking that button night and day like an experimental crack monkey.

    SO: Russia needs to “do something” and have an “Event” they can get us to point to that scares the pants off everyone and injects an Atom of “Reality” back into their pea-brains. But yet not be enough for a mobilizing “Pearl Harbor”. I think they can do it but won’t project where or how. A big part of it is how obvious and how much we no longer trust government. …Which was the whole point of the White Hats these 10 years, so that work has been good if frustrating.

    Again: To be American is to have a distrust of government. That’s it. There are other things written in our Declaration and Constitution but that’s WHY they were written. Distrust centralization. And particularly homogenization, anti-diversity as these guys clearly are. Do that and everything will be fine.

    “The E.U. is as it has long been—an undemocratic institution atop which sit neoliberal ideologues and austerian central bankers, technocrats who take no interest in the democratic process or the wishes of the E.U.’s citizenry.”

    Just like we said since 1999. Or 1989. How dare we. We were the hated, despised, backward “Brexiteers” before the EU existed, and said, it, and all the fraud, essential, foundational fraud that it was all founded on. –As well as raw extraction, first day, as Greece paid billions in fraud to Sachs, to write fraudulent books for Germany. Gee, how can something that starts so well end so bad? Then the non-referendums (Germany) and all the fake Referendums, then the reversed referendums when they didn’t vote correctly. Ah, but with such good and honorable intent, however did they get here?

    This is why you have to call a spade a spade. Otherwise: everybody dies. We said it was possible to build an EU, but this wasn’t it. Right again.

    (link bots)

    Dr. D

    ““The risk of being hacked by humans or AI, while small, is still too high.”

    It’s not small, they proved any 9 year old could hack it. Back in 1999. Too soon? We also have the wifi records that all the units were live and attached to the internet in real time. No court will see them, which is not suspicious at all.

    “• Biden-Trump Debate Rules Revealed (RT)

    Biden needs to bow out when Hunter is killed by that deranged “Patriot Front” guy. (Those were the gay bois in the matching khakkis and haircuts, no beer guts, all same age, aka “100% Feds” There is nothing gayer in America than they are, not even leather bikers in the Blue Oyster Bar. More gay than Dylan Mulvany in a tutu, gayer than Ru Paul. More Gay / Than Doris Day. )

    Anyway, they’re up to something. They spoke, didn’t they? Therefore it was a lie.

    Joe Biden:
    Babylon Bee is having one of those epic weeks:

    “ President Pretending To Be Catholic Meets Pope Pretending To Be Catholic”

    Biden Disappointed After Huge Scoop Of Vanilla Ice Cream Turns Out To Be Pope Francis”

    G7 Officially Changed To G6 After Biden Wanders Off Again”

    Authorities Warn Of Con Artist Scamming Dementia Patients Out Of Billions Of Dollars” (Picture of Ze and Biden)

    Our most trusted news source™! At least they’re not lying!

    “• AI is Digital Control, You’ve Been Warned – Catherine Austin Fitts (USAW)

    As stated here, THIS part is true. AI is a scam – mostly – but the REASON for the scam is this. Control. They don’t CARE that it doesn’t work and can’t do anything, because that’s not the point. They don’t care that it lies and will kill everyone, that’s the point. Like Gaza, the POINT of AI is to say “Well this ‘Expert’ AI (insert magic religion god here) SAID we should target every square inch of gaza with dumb 2,000 bombs. Who are we to argue with that kind of amazing and intelligent insight?” We had no choice, Senator. Computer Said No.


    What is this REALLY? A: THE COMPUTER AI IS NOW THE AUTHORITY. As in the “Fallacy” “Appeal to Authority” which apparently shuts off everybody’s brains everywhere. Not only that, Fitts specifically outlines each of these things. THAT they knew this. THAT they needed to create, fabricate, and inject a religion. THAT the AI would be God, or at least the High Priest of Science™. And that’s all so YOU WOULD OBEY IT.

    She says the major use of AI is fraud. That’s it. That’s why it exists. Even at our low moral state – lower than the last 500 years – people are STILL too moral to do all the evil things, thieving and mass-killing they want done. They’re STILL too intelligent and notice it too much, believe it or not. If you send soldiers out in the field they’ll STILL say “this is an immoral war crime in contradiction to all morality and law”. That’s why they need all this done by AI. Because only AI can POSSIBLY be as immoral as they require, for the level of stealing and killing that is necessary for them not to lose power.

    It’s actually quite breathtaking. But that’s the point: COMPUTER IS GOD. “Computer says.”

    Derrrrr, Derrrr de derp derrrrr.

    And that’s only circling back to “Control Grid”. What kind? Oh she has an example: Hotel rates or even prices at Dollar General (this has been proven in recent lawsuits) they re-price things wrong at the register and then say “Oooooopsie!!!!!” Did I add 30% to 5 of your purchases? My bad.” Hotels make you sign in, book, talk to, and complain, to an AI phone system that will put you on hold 6 hours. So they can set the rates according to your hourly pay, how likely you are to catch their error, and how much money you have lying around to complain and push back, sue them. So they could “Oooopsie!!” Charge you an extra $500 knowing it’s not worth your executive time to fight them. They already do this but it’s not that organized and in a different way. AI could and would be happy to do these levels of fraud, which already exist in our system. This AI con and theft is ALREADY destroying every model and it hasn’t been out 2 years.

    Because the PEOPLE won’t stop it, not AI. Because it’s FRAUD, and it’s not “AI”, AI is run, makes phone calls, sends brochures, fake invoices, as part of a legal COMPANY which has full liability. …Except if and when there’s no rule of law at all, like now.

    Just remember: AI exists to set bombing targets like in Gaza. That’s its purpose: to shift blame. That is, to LIE.

    If it’s no lying, AI is of no use to them.

    On the other hand, like the internet, filled with bots, or Dating Apps, which have made is so people can’t even F–k correctly anymore, the solution to this is perfect: re-meat space your life. With actual people and GET OFF THE D–N CUBE. If everything digital is now a scam, a grift, or a risk, then the only solution for all humans is to re-built a parallel human system. Um, like we just came from up to 1980, where you’d do things on paper, and write your friends? A: Yes. They — their scams — are going to MAKE the humans do this and re-Human, whether we want to or not. Good.

    From Oroborus, Fitts also added that Blackrock ominously said Demographics is Destiny. Each person added = added GDP. For 1,000 years. Right? Well he just said, “We reconfigured the model so we can all have increased economic growth with FEWER people.” But of course, he’s not advocating or helpin’ or nothin’. Strictly hypothetical.

    Yeah, like I said, if they actually believe this s–t? Ominous. Fewer people = Profit. More money.


    one last thought on the declining population and AI. When eugenicists and population reduction proponents are those developing artificial intelligence the basic learning codes have that foundation.
    An EXCLUSIVE right to life.
    Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are not a useless eater.


    Go east for peace
    Go west for destruction/war/conflict/hate
    • Biden-Trump Debate Rules Revealed (RT)

    (On your own/no help/memory test)
    the 90-minute debate
    Biden and Trump will both be given a pen, a pad of paper, and a bottle of water.
    will not be allowed any props or pre-written notes.
    Each candidate’s microphone will be muted while the other speaks,
    and the 90-minute debate will be punctuated by two commercial breaks, during which Biden and Trump are forbidden from interacting with their campaign staff.
    All Life must Adapt or Perish – Mother Earth


    The human gene pool’s health is plummeting with pollution and corporate money schemes, crappy fast food etc….

    Indirect pollution and intentional pollution, ‘vaxes’, food additives, you name it, ‘they will do it for Manna.

    Profits before People drives de-population even though their will be no people to exploit in the end game phase.

    How ironic, just like humans to be so short sighted with the attention span of small rodents



    Semantics: “Senator Computer said ‘No!'”


    I spent a zillion dollars on a brain that cannot think.
    It gives advice that comes from the Grim Reaper.
    An accurate prediction? Or advice that doesn’t stink?
    I’m sure a magic eight ball would be cheaper.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Has any one thought what the world is witnessing in the decline of the U.S. president is the effects of an unknown number of Covid-19 shots?

    D Benton Smith


    I could go on and on about your rhymes being works of true art, but don’t want to overdo it. Just awesome MPSK. Move over John Swift.

    D Benton Smith


    Has any one thought what the world is witnessing in the decline of the U.S. president is the effects of an unknown number of Covid-19 shots?

    That’s a damn good question. Let’s see if we can get others to ask it, too. Ask it very loudly and clearly, right out there in public.

    D Benton Smith

    Not a joke.


    I think the ClotShot has accelerated the mental decline of the vaxed in a country already devolving intellectually.

    A noticeable shift in common courtesy and common sense.

    Woketardistan has spread it’s poison throughout the Body Politic.

    Even driving has gotten worst (hard to tell in some locals)

    Never heard of a Twatwaffle before…..



    D Benton Smith

    Obama walks Joe Biden off stage. The exposure of the lie (i.e. that there has ever been an actual Joe Biden “Presidency”) gets so serious that Joe’s handler has to step out of the shadows to escort the lie offstage.

    That’s pretty serious.

    If there is much more pressure resulting from this wind whipped shitstorm prairie fire then OBAMA’S handler will have to step out of the shadows (and from behind the curtain) to save HIS ass from some similarly unavoidable embarrassment . It’s unraveling fast, people. The Blob is getting down to its last cards. Any bets on who (as in a real person with a name and everything!) the “Biden Team” takes its orders from? It IS a chain of command, ya know. There IS an Indvidual that Obama answers to.


    Just basic competence is sinking like a stone

    I run into shit like this ALL the time in the ‘tech sector’.

    Half the ‘tech sector’ couldn’t give proper change at a gas station convenience store register.



    We need a super volcano Toba eruption to help prod the Depopulation Thing along.

    The Toba Eruption has been associated with a genetic bottleneck in human evolution about 70,000 years ago.

    The 74K years ago Toba super-eruption was the largest known explosive volcanic event of the past 2.5 million years and has been held responsible for presumed dramatic global cooling and large-scale hominin extinction.

    That must have been one big explosion.

    It is hypothesized that the Toba Eruption resulted in a severe reduction in the size of the total human population due to the effects of the eruption on the global climate.

    According to the genetic bottleneck theory, between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago, human populations decreased to 3,000–10,000 surviving individuals.

    It is supported by some genetic evidence suggesting that modern humans are descended from a very small population of between 1,000 and 10,000 breeding pairs that existed about 70,000 years ago

    Spread out over the entire land mass of Planet Earth, 70k breeding pairs would barely ever meet up over the course of a life time much less bonk babies into existence.

    Even the other mammals got whacked

    “Some evidence indicates population crashes of other animals after the Toba eruption. The populations of the Eastern African chimpanzee, Bornean orangutan, central Indian macaque, cheetah and tiger, all expanded from very small populations around 70,000–55,000 years ago.

    Hey, just like a nuclear war!







    I leave the spare change in my couch for beer runs


    V. Arnold, congrats! Many happy returns of the day

    Oroboros, about unvaxxed sperm –> offer on the back of a car, prev. thread, “only in the USA” I say, ha ha..

    Recent decline in sperm motility among donor candidates at a sperm bank in Denmark.

    There is a time comparison, data is 2017 – 2022. Decline is consequent. VAX not mentioned.

    On Putin’s peace offer.

    This is a no-brainer, should the W (USuk-EU-ukr) agree to negotiate, well and good. I do believe that Russia was – is ready to negotiate and cede much, if their ‘Ukr neutral – no NATO there’ is unequivocally accepted and somehow ‘guaranteed’, i.e. to be *monitored* by Russia.

    so > If the W dismisses the proposal out of hand, OK, we, ‘reasonable Russians’, tried for PEACE, it was dismissed, we move forward militarily, etc.

    Of course Putin knew the offer would be scorned, it is a PR move on his part.

    John Day

    LA City Council Removes ‘Homophobic’ No U-Turn Signs
    No, YOU turn


    Funny thing about the left-center-right, pass-travel-slow thing

    Traffic density permitting, I will often hang out in the left lane rather than the center, which I know is wrong.

    Specifically so when someone is coming up faster, I signal, get into the center lane, let them pass, signal, get back into the left hand lane. All in timely enough fashion that they never need to slow down.

    Like, if someone actually SEES it happening, a light bulb might go off. And I know the person who passes gets a lift.

    And yeah, traffic in general seems to be getting stupider.


    “And yeah, traffic in general seems to be getting stupider.”

    and I though it might be my fault that they just missed me.


    The latest news on The Acolyte, the Disney product of Harvey Weinstein’s acolyte:

    1st episode shows Our Hero putting out a raging fire. In airless space.

    3rd episode shows Our Hero’s Evil Twin burning down a fortress solely composed of stone, concrete, and steel as if it were matchsticks.

    What is my takeaway supposed to be, that lesbians cannot understand fire? I’ve had some common sense lesbian coworkers I trusted and sometimes relied on. Why does Harvey Weinstein’s secretary hate lesbians?

    Strong Black Lesbian Female impregnates Strong White Female using The Force, resulting in twin daughters.

    In a domestic dispute, Strong White Lesbian Female argues that she should have a say in how the children are raised and disciplined She exclaims, in reference, I think, to sheer common sense, “I CARRIED them”

    Strong Black Lesbian Female who impregnated her with the force retorts, “But I CREATED THEM,” finishing the argument and establishing that whatever SHE says goes, because she did the inseminating, the mother “only” carried the children and gave birth to them. This is almost something out of Dickens, some awful man who treats his wife disrespectfully. Shamed and frowned upon back in the 1800;s. Go back to the Greeks or Romans and find the same thing.

    (Why is it wokeists always seem to end up at some worse-than-actual caricature of Victorian/Puritan prudish values when pursuing feminism? Segregation when fighting racism? wtf bro)

    The show wants you to agree with Strong Black Lesbian Female, everything leans hard on you to do this. But I find myself feeling physically ill and wanting to take a shower after watching this scene.

    I get the vague sense it’s supposed to be some sort of allegory or metaphor for white americans putting their children into the hands of woke marxists who then “create” them, you “only” birthed them? There’s another scene in which Strong Black Lesbian Female does a full-on hostile possession of a Jedi Paduan/student, saying she’s completely taken their mind and if they want him back, the Jedi will do as they’re told. Like straight from 0 to 11, from discussion to hostage situation in 3 seconds. But also an allegory, perhaps? Student (also white, of course) completely taken over. Got yer kids.

    The lesbian-misogynist mindcontrol lunatics are the “good guys” according to the show WHILE they show them being the bad guys. 15% Rotten Tomatoes score. Everyone is puking ballistically and we’re only 3 episodes in.


    More Harvey Weinstein’s acolyte’s Acolyte:

    Strong Black Lesbian Female also lectures a large group that The Force is actually called The Thread and cannot be used to fight or as a weapon.

    She immediately turns around and shows off in a demonstration in which she fights 2 White Beta Females from her insular, tight-knit lesbian tribe using The Force which she calls “the thread.”

    This is supposed to be a very tightly-knit little tribal community. But she deals with them with scorn. They remind me of the first time we met the Ferengi in Star Trek Next Generation. White wahmen, amirite? Why do these people act like atomized blue square city people despite placing them in an isolated tribal rural mileau?

    Anyway, she defeats ONE white wahman and declares “the power of One!!!!”

    A second white wahman joins in, and she defeats them even more conclusively, declaring: “THE POWER OF TWO!!!!!”

    My takeaway…. two is way, way weaker than one.

    This entire society is super, super invested in these twins they created through Force/thread artificial insemination, repeatedly assuring the viewer they are the future of this tribe. Does not compute. These two girls are the future of your 50-woman tribe? There are ZERO other children in this community. Sorry to break it to you, but you have no future.

    Then Strong Black Lesbian Female turns around and violently force-pushes these two twin girls, flinging them backwards towards concrete stairs, at least one twin missing cracking her head on the sharp bit by only a fraction of an inch.

    Don’t worry. Children are valued highly by all in this show. A visiting Jedi hands their lightsabre into the hands of one of these little girls, presumably to allow her to hit the power on button and burn her own face off. I hand my glock into the hands of strange children I meet for the first time as a matter of course daily myself, so I understand. (THAT IS A JOKE YOU GOD DAMNED GLOWIES AND AI FUCKS. [This is for later when you are “interviewing” me with a rubber hose for the gulag])

    Officially this cost 180 million. Doomcock’s anonymous sources, who are usually right, say the project ran well over 300 million. Infinite money-waterfall from somewhere. For absolute stupidity. And for supposed ENTERTAINMENT, mind you Thrown away for useless utterly petty bullshit.

    Nothing strange is going on.

    D Benton Smith

    Officially this cost 180 million. Doomcock’s anonymous sources, who are usually right, say the project ran well over 300 million. Infinite money-waterfall from somewhere.”

    All of Hollywood’s money-waterfall falleth as a gentle rain from the Intelligence Community via DoD cut-outs.


    @D Benton Smith: did you see the lighted arrows on the floor at 28 seconds into your “wandering Biden” video, directing him toward the exit (with the helpful hand of Obama on his back as well)?


    PS – Deadpool 3 will save Disney.

    The genius of Deadpool:

    1. Disney will leave it the fuck alone

    2. Deadpool invades the superhero stereotype with massive quantities of crass awfulness and utter degeneracy

    3. Deadpool invades crass awfulness and degeneracy with genuine sentimental heartfelt meaning

    4. Deadpool movies fulfil all the DEI checkboxes with a GenX sardonic, sarcastic, passive-aggressive smirk.

    A tour de force in GenX stoicism/heroism/not-heroism like the original Matrix, only worse, and by that I mean better, only worse, but also better and offensively degenerate.

    They flip things upside down per postmodernism, then flip it another 180 degrees. Invade the invaders. Meatsuit the meatsuiters. I’ve found the Deadpool movies to be utterly deplorable, delightful, and heatwarming. This is what resistance looks like.

    Sadly, Deadpool 3 will probably be Pure Awesomeness, a joy to behold. Disney will pocket the profits, which will go towards more awfulness. Because Capitalism and pleasing the consumer and filling a demand. Damn you, Capitalism! Stick in spokes!!!!

    John Day

    Mutinous Summer

    It is hard to begin this post again, because the news keeps coming in rapidly, after several days of outdoor work and moving our son to a new apartment, the realities of living as a human. This summer is a summer of sharp divergence between western power/financial elites and the citizens of western countries, as was the summer of 1968.

    European Mutiny at the Illiberal Order, Alastair Crooke (Thanks Eleni)
    The mutiny has arisen because many in the West see only too clearly that the western ruling structure is an illiberal mechanical ‘control system’.
    I have been writing for some time that Europe (and the U.S.) are in a period of alternate revolution and civil war. History warns us that such conflicts tend to be extended, with peak episodes which are revolutionary (as the prevailing paradigm first cracks); yet which, in reality, are but alternate modes of the same – a ‘toggling’ between revolutionary peaks and the slow ‘slog’ of intense cultural war.
    We are, I believe, in such an era.
    I also have suggested that a nascent counter-revolution was slowly gathering – one defiantly unwilling to recant traditionalist moral values, nor prepared to submit to an oppressive illiberal international order posing as liberal.
    What I had not expected was that the ‘first shoe to drop’ would occur in Europe – that it would be France that would be the first to break the illiberal mould. (I had thought that it would break first in the U.S.)…
    ..The cold reality is that western ‘Power Structures’ own the wealth, the key institutions in society and the levers of enforcement. To be plain: they hold the ‘commanding heights’. How will they manage a West edging towards moral, political and possibly financial collapse? Most likely by doubling-down, with no compromise…
    ..Undoubtedly, U.S. ‘structures’ will have been deeply disconcerted by the European election portent. What does the European anti-Establishment mutiny imply for those Ruling Structures in Washington, especially at a time when all the world sees Joe Biden visibly wobbling?
    How will they distract ‘us’ from this first crack to their international Structural Edifice? …
    ..By incrementally escalating NATO violations of Russia’s strategic ‘red lines’, it seems that the U.S. hawks seek to gain the escalatory advantage over Moscow, leaving to Moscow the dilemma of how far to retaliate. The western élites do not fully believe the warnings from Moscow…
    ..An earlier than expected Ukraine implosion might become the staging for a U.S. pivot to the Taiwan ‘front’ – a contingency that already is being prepared.
    Why is Europe in mutiny?
    The mutiny has arisen because many in the West now see only too clearly that the western ruling structure is no liberal project per se, but rather is an avowedly illiberal mechanical ‘control system’ (managerial technocracy) – that fraudulently poses as liberalism…
    ..Europeans are versed in the narrative that history has bent to the long arc of liberalism (in the post-Cold War period). Yet that has proved illusory. The reality has been control, surveillance, censorship, technocracy, lockdowns and climate emergency. Illiberalism, even quasi totalitarianism…
    ..The ‘about-face’ came in the 1970s.
    In 1970, Zbig Brzezinski (who was to become National Security Adviser to President Carter) published a book entitled: Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. In it, Brzezinski argued:
    “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society…dominated by an élite, unrestrained by traditional values…[and practicing] continuous surveillance over every citizen … [together with] manipulation of the behaviour and intellectual functioning of all people … [would become the new norm].”
    Elsewhere he argued that “the nation-state as a fundamental unit of man’s organised life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state”​ (business cosmopolitanism as the future).
    ​ David Rockefeller and the power brokers around him – together with his Bilderberg grouping – seized on Brzezinski’s insight to represent the third leg to ensuring that the 21st century would indeed be the ‘American Century’. The other two legs were control of oil resources and dollar hegemony.​..
    ​..The Trilateral Commission however, was the secretive heart to the matrix. “When Carter took office in January 1976, his Cabinet was drawn almost entirely from the ranks of Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission – to such an astonishing degree that some Washington insiders called it the ‘Rockefeller Presidency’”, Engdahl writes.
    ​ Craig Karpel, in 1977, also wrote:
    ​ “The presidency of the U.S. and the key cabinet departments of the federal government have been taken over by a private organization dedicated to the subordination of the domestic interests of the United States to the international interests of the multi-national banks and corporations. It would be unfair to say that the Trilateral Commission dominates the Carter Administration. The Trilateral Commission is the Carter Administration”.
    ​ “Every key U.S. Government foreign and economic policy post, since Carter, has been held by a Trilateral”, Engdahl writes. And so it continues…
    ..The Rockefeller Faustian bargain of the 1970s had one narrow segment of the American ruling cadre seceding from the American nation to occupy a separate reality in which they disassembled an organic economy to the benefit of the oligarchy, with ‘compensation’ coming only from their embrace of identity politics and the ‘just’ rotation of some diversity into corporate executive suites…
    ..For Europeans, this Faustian ‘arrangement’ degrades Humans down to identity units occupying the spaces between markets, rather than markets being the ancillary to an organic human-centred economy…
    ..Rockefeller’s technocratic illiberal cum identity paradigm leads only to the attenuation of social bonds; the atomisation of community; to the lack of metaphysical content and thus to an absence of existential purpose and meaning.
    Illiberalism is unfulfilling. It says: You don’t count. You don’t belong. Many Europeans evidently now get it…
    ..It is not likely – for now – that the Ruling Strata will compromise. Those who dominate tend to fear existentially: Either they keep dominating, or they lose all…
    ..So, consider the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Leaders in the U.S. ruling strata comprise many zealous supporters of a Zionist Israel. As the International Order starts to crack, this segment of structural power in the U.S. is likely to be uncompromising too, fearing a zero-sum outcome…
    ​..Might the ‘Ruling Strata’ – desperate for a certain outcome – seek to fold (and try to conceal) the horrors of this west-Asian struggle within a wider geo-strategic war? One in which greater multitudes become displaced (thus dwarfing a regional horror)?​ [Israeli politicians already cast the current genocide in the retrospective light of WW-3.]​

    ​ French Markets Stabilize After Le Pen Says She’ll Work With Macron In Appeal To French Moderates
    ​ France’s surprise political leader Marine Le Pen – who blew president Macron away in the European Parliament elections – assured that she would work with Macron should she prevail in national elections.
    ​ “I’m respectful of institutions, and I’m not calling for institutional chaos,” Le Pen told Le Figaro newspaper. “There will simply be cohabitation.”
    ​ Le Pen is reaching out to mainstream voters as she aims to cement a majority in the next parliament, a result that would constitute an earthquake in European politics.​

    ​Simplicius points out the very tight cage we are being chuted into. (Jump!) Fogging the Episteme in the Quest for the unHoly Grail
    ​ We’ve become an extractive rentier economy where top transnational corps compete against each other in an exponential race to dominate the final resource of value: data—with us as consum​e​able currency merely for exploitation. They will of course structure the digital paradigm in such a way as to make being “plugged into” their system as compulsory as possible in order to thrive, or even subsist, in society at all.​

    ​ Farage’s Reform UK Party Overtakes Sunak’s Conservatives: Poll
    Europe’s marked shift towards populism appears to be accelerating, as Nigel Farage’s Reform UK Party has surpassed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives in an opinion poll for the first time, signaling a potential shift in the British political landscape as the nation approaches the July 4 general election.​.. Reform UK now holds 19% of voter support, up two percentage points, while the Conservatives remain static at 18%. The opposition Labour Party continues to lead with 37% support.​

    John Day

    ​ MK Bhadrakumar, Death of petrodollar is a Biden legacy
    The expiration of the 1974 US-Saudi ‘oil-for-security’ deal has far-reaching implications. At the most obvious level, it highlights the shifting power dynamics in the oil market with the emergence of alternative energy sources (eg., renewables and natural gas) and new oil-producing countries (eg., Brazil and Canada) challenging the traditional dominance of West Asia. But this is more the optics of it.
    ​ Crucially, the petrodollar’s expiration could weaken the US dollar and, by extension, the US financial markets. If oil were to be priced in a currency other than the dollar, it could lead to a decline in global demand for the greenback, which, in turn, could result in higher inflation, higher interest rates, and a weaker bond market in the US.
    ​ Suffice to say, going forward we may expect a significant shift in global power dynamics with the growing influence of emerging economies…​

    Simplicius, ​ Petrodollar Dead? Rumors Swirl as Moneyed Powers Go All in for the Final Roll
    The big question is not where things will go, but how fast: their trajectory is nearly certain, it only remains to be seen how quickly the BRICS-adjacent countries can agree on mechanisms and muster the initiative to implement them into actual practice.
    ​ For decades the idea of abandoning the Dollar seemed ludicrous, particularly to smaller, less powerful nations who do not possess as much agency as a superpower like Russia. But now that Russia is showing them the way, pioneering the path forward and demonstrating there is nothing scary about breaking through that mental barrier of imposed colonial slavery and financial hegemony, we can expect the remainder of the world to quickly follow Russia’s lead…​

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow, WION on the Ukrainian Peace Summit: Conclusions
    ​ A lot is being said even in our mainstream media about how the Summit fell short of expectations. Indeed, that is a virtually unavoidable conclusion given that only three of the ten points in Zelensky’s peace plan got approval of the gathering, and even the closing statement with this much reduced consensus was not signed by India, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other consequential participants. The populations represented by those who did sign, and did not later cancel their signatures, as several did, came to well less than half of the world’s total.
    ​ Little is being said about how Russia views the outcome of the Summit and that is what I tried to address in the several minutes that I was given the microphone.(start 3:20)​

    Censored! Press TV discussion today of UNRWA’s report that 50,000 children across the Gaza strip are suffering from acute malnutrition
    ​ This morning’s 10 minute live on-air chat with the Press TV anchor in Teheran and with a scholar based in Morocco was dedicated to the latest report of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees describing the humanitarian situation in Gaza as catastrophic.
    ​ Regrettably Belgium appears to have banned dissemination of the Press TV website (again) and I am unable to view the video.​ (I watched it after being sternly warned.)​…
    ​..I find it understandable that Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other neighboring states do not by themselves take military action against Israel even in the very limited sense of ensuring that humanitarian aid reaches the Gazans in amounts to stave off famine. Each country individually would expose itself to devastating Israeli revenge attacks that would cost the lives of their citizens and cause great material damage. However, if there is a collective force, say, to open Haifa port to ships with aid or to open the land border crossings, that would be an entirely different matter. And for this I can think of no country better placed to play a leading role than Russia, which happens to have its own naval base and air base in Syria as well as other military assets in the region.
    ​ There are, of course, many open issues raised by this proposal, some of which were mentioned by my fellow panelist. However, he also noted that if European and NATO countries like Norway and Spain that have formally recognized the Palestinian state were to join the coalition, it would have still greater likelihood of success in the face of not only Israeli but also American opposition…
    ..What the Israeli government is doing is a tragedy not only for their victims but for themselves. They are desecrating the memory of the Holocaust dead and it will take more than one generation to live down these crimes against humanity.​

    John Day

    ​Sorry, we can’t stop the starvation or genocide right now: Netanyahu Disbands War Cabinet Amid Deepening Rifts Over Gaza Strategy

    The strategy is to draw the US into fighting Israel’s ​World War-III. Report: US Thinks Israel Is Rushing Into War With Hezbollah With No Clear Strategy​

    ​(Serbian) Aleks @ Black Mountain analysis thinks 90% chance of no nuclear war this summer. I’m less comfortable than that. Nuclear War Ahead?

    (Independent Congressional Candidate) Dennis Kucinich, America Prepares for Global War and Restarts the Draft for 18-26 year olds
    Greetings to Young Americans: You are Automatically Registered for the Draft Conscription without Representation? Where and WHY are we sending our Kids to War?​

    Who must register for Selective Service​:
    Almost all men who are 18-25 years old and live in the United States must register for Selective Service. This includes:
    U.S. citizens (U.S. born, dual citizens, and naturalized)
    U.S. citizens who live outside of the country
    Immigrants (legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrants)
    Refugees and asylum seekers
    Transgender people who were assigned male gender at birth
    People with disabilities​

    John Day

    Selective Service Act Amended To Require Registration of Women.​

    ​ I am SURELY NOT ADVISING DRAFT DODGING: Penalties for Failing to Register
    ​ If required to register with Selective Service, failure to register is a felony punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and/or 5 years imprisonment. Also, a person who knowingly counsels, aids, or abets another to fail to comply with the registration requirement is subject to the same penalties.​

    Military Draft Coming? House Passes Measure To Automatically Register Men For Selective Service​

    ​ From March 17, 2024, Yemen’s Houthis Likely Received Russian Near-Hypersonic Naval Missiles
    ​ The investigation indicated the Houthis received Russian naval missiles, which have been used in the Red Sea battle to exhaust the U.S. and its allies. According to the investigations, Syria obtained the Russian P-800 Oniks (Yakhont) missile in a 2011 purchase from Russia. In 2017, M-302 short-range ballistic missiles were smuggled from Syria to the Houthi group, which later called them Badr-1 and Badr-P. The missiles were used to target Yemeni government-controlled cities and the southern borders of Saudi Arabia.
    This type of missile is described as one of the best naval missiles in the world. It can be launched from a moving platform or from a small ship, and it is close to being hypersonic.
    ​ The investigation stated that the Houthi possession of this type e of missile would facilitate the precise targeting of American and British battleships, causing enormous damage to aircraft carriers.​

    ​ Putin names conditions for Ukraine peace talks​, Kiev must withdraw its troops from Russia’s new territories, the president has said.
    ​ “I stress: the entire territory of those regions as defined by their administrative borders at the time they joined Ukraine [in August 1991],” Putin stated.
    ​ “Our side will order a ceasefire and start negotiations the minute Kiev declares that it is prepared to take this decision and starts actual withdrawal of troops from those regions, and also formally informs us that it no longer plans to join NATO,” the Russian leader pledged.​..
    ..“We are counting on Kiev to take such a decision on withdrawal, neutral status, and dialogue with Russia, on which the future existence of Ukraine depends, independently based on the current realities and guided by the true interests of the Ukrainian people and not at Western orders,” Putin stated.
    ​ At this point, Moscow will not accept a frozen conflict, which would allow the US and its allies to rearm and rebuild the Ukrainian military, Putin claimed.​

    John Day

    ​ Aleks @ Black Mountain Analysis, To Negotiate or Not to Negotiate​
    Let’s go through the reasons why I think the Russian proposal has been offered:
    ​ It was a public show to the world that Russia is ready to negotiate, especially to the BRICS countries. It is a show of goodwill, and the terms would be excellent if Ukraine were independent and not remote-controlled. Especially considering the current slaughter of the Ukrainian Army.
    ​ President Putin wanted to make his own proposal right before the Western conference to give everyone at the conference the certainty that the conference is futile since the conditions are dictated by the winners and not by drug addicts. Pardon… Western leaders…
    ​..Now comes the most important reason:
    ​ The main recipients of this speech were the Ukrainian people. They have started listening more carefully to President Putin than their own media. President Putin’s speech was broadly heard and listened to in Ukraine.
    ​ It aimed to outline in detail how the Ukrainian (Russian) people were betrayed by the West and their traitorous leaders right from the beginning. Moreover, it creates hope for the Ukrainians to end the mass deaths of their relatives if their government surrenders. That is what it is about; it is an ultimatum for an unconditional surrender, packed with some nice phrases.
    ​ The Ukrainian people need to know that the deaths of their relatives could end tomorrow if their government enters negotiations. The “government,” of course, can’t since it is controlled by the West.​

    ​ Putin’s peace offer ‘not serious’ – Scholz
    ​ German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has dismissed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new proposal to achieve a lasting peace between Moscow and Kiev, branding the overture a ploy to distract the global community from the Swiss-hosted Ukraine ‘peace summit.’​

    ​”Serious”: G7 demands $486 billion from Russia, Moscow owes billions of dollars in damages to Kiev, according to a joint statement by the Group of Seven nations

    ​ ‘We must go after everything Russian’ – UK’s Cameron
    The West must show Moscow that it stands “completely” behind Ukraine by sanctioning everything Russian, Britain’s foreign secretary David Cameron has said…
    ​ “We will show [Russian President Vladimir] Putin that we are completely behind Ukraine: we will chase the money and the oil, we will stop the gas, we will stop the ships, we will do everything we can to stop the Russian war machine and show Putin the folly of his actions,” Cameron told the Italian outlet.​

    ​ Putin On G7 Seized Assets Plan: “Despite All The Trickery, Theft Is Still Theft”
    ​ After on Thursday Group of Seven leaders agreed at a summit in Italy to give Ukraine $50 billion utilizing interest from frozen Russian Central Bank assets, President Putin has addressed the move during a speech before his Ministry of Foreign Affairs.​

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