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    John Day

    “Russia’s Fault​” narrative for ​looming financial collapse: G7 Countries Could Lose $83 Billion If Russia’s Assets Confiscated​

    ​ A tale of two summits… elitist warmongering G7 and peacemaking multipolar BRICS
    ​ The G7 has become a caricature of power. The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan are seen as being ruled by self-serving extortionists, contributing little to global development. Their presumed superiority is untenable and looks ridiculous. The group represents a neocolonialist clique whose exploitation of finance and natural resources of other nations is an obscenity and shackle on the abundant potential for world development.
    ​ By contrast, the BRICS coalition of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa plus a growing number of other nations, collectively known as the Global South, is a living harbinger of a more just and equitable international order. The multipolar world that the BRICS represent and advocate has become the practical roadmap for proper international development. It is based on cooperation, partnership, and mutual respect grounded in a genuine commitment to the principles of the United Nations Charter.
    ​ The BRICS summit this week held in the beautiful city of Nizhny Novgorod on the Volga River was a convening of foreign ministers. In October, the national leaders of the BRICS will gather in the Russian city of Kazan. The list of nations seeking to join the group has reached 50, representing every continent. In terms of combined economic power and population, the BRICS Plus has far surpassed the G7.​

    Western ​Global Finance desperately needs this vast collateral (h/t Lindsay Graham) THE MINERAL RESOURCES OF UKRAINE
    ​ Ukraine is one of the leading countries of the world in a wide range of minerals. Although it covers only 0.4% of the Earth’s surface, contains about 5% of the world’s mineral resources. It ranks top-10 of the world for several raw materials (metallic and non-metallic) such as titanium, ball clays, Fe-Mn & Fe-Si-Mn alloys and gallium. Lithium, graphite or magnesium, among others, are also present in Ukraine.​

    ​ Nashville Journalist Faces Jail Time Over Trans School Shooter Manifesto Leak
    ​ A public records case over a leaked manifesto belonging to Audrey Hale, a transgender individual who shot up the Covenant School in a Nashville suburb – killing three 9-year-old children and three adults, has spiraled into a contentious legal battle which could see a journalist tossed in jail if he doesn’t reveal his source.​

    ​ “Upcoming Report Will Expose Horrors” Of Biden’s Lost 85,000 Migrant Children In America
    ​”Fox and Friends Weekend” co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy asked Trump in an interview about the missing migrant children situation and what he would do if reelected.
    ​ “So in just this year, fiscal year 2024, there’s been 74,000 unaccompanied children that have come across the border. In 2023, get this number, 137,275. You know, you’ve seen the images of these children … and the Joe Biden administration has lost 80,000 of them. No one can track, no one knows where they’re at … Will you commit, will the Trump administration commit to finding these children, to finding them and returning them to their families? To their countries? Because many of them have been lost into sex trafficking. It’s heartbreaking. Will you commit to that?” Campos-Duffy asked the former president.
    ​ Trump responded:
    “Yeah, I would do that. Sure, adding, “I haven’t been asked that question, but the answer is yes. It’s a simple answer. Many of them are dead. They have done such a bad job.”​ ​

    John Day

    ​Meryl Nass MD, Hanging chads and the 2002 “Help America Vote Act” were designed bring in electronic machines to hack all future elections
    The hacking was so obvious this past week even the mainstream media reported on it​:
    ​ SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico’s elections commission said Tuesday that it’s reviewing its contract with a U.S. electronic voting company after hundreds of discrepancies were discovered following the island’s heated primaries.
    ​ The problem stemmed from a software issue that caused machines supplied by Dominion Voting Systems to incorrectly calculate vote totals, said Jessika Padilla Rivera, the commission’s interim president.
    ​ While no one is contesting the results from the June 2 primary that correctly identify the winners, machine-reported vote counts were lower than the paper ones in some cases, and some machines reversed certain totals or reported zero votes for some candidates.​

    ​ Musk Says “Eliminate Electronic Voting Machines” After Dominion’s Puerto Rican Imbroglio​ (“small” risk, but keeps happening?)
    “The risk of being hacked by humans or AI, while small, is still too high.”​ Musk was responding to the recent news that Puerto Rico is ‘reviewing’ their contract with Dominion Voting Systems after a ‘software issue’ caused machines supplied by the company to miscalculate vote totals, according to the country’s elections commission.​

    ​Meryl Nass MD (but it’s not happening yet), Breaking News: FEC Rules in Favor of Kennedy. He Must Be Allowed in the CNN Debate
    CNN made their standard clear for those who would be invited to debate. Only Kennedy met the standard.​

    Biden-Trump debate rules revealed​, In a departure from previous debates, CNN will mute each candidate while the other speak​

    “Embarrassing”, G7 Dignitaries Say Biden Was “Losing Focus”; “Worst He’s Ever Been”

    John Day

    ​ AI is Digital Control, You’ve Been Warned – Catherine Austin Fitts
    ​ Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report, financial expert and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.) is sounding the alarm about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it will impact your world in very negative ways. It’s all in a new report called “The AI Revolution: The Final Coup d’Etat.” CAF explains, “This is a very serious look at Artificial Intelligence and how it’s going to be used to implement control. . . . This past week, there was this huge open board meeting at OpenAI. There were board members put there to make sure OpenAI and its products were in alignment with the best interests of the human race. Some of them got booted out. Now, we see the former head of the NSA (National Security Agency) get put on the board. I just realized it today, and I had not realized it before. Edward Snowden just tweeted out and said you should never use any of these products, which include ChatGBT. Snowden also said, ‘You have to understand where this is going. You have been warned.’
    ​ “The AI Revolution” also warns that AI “. . . will alter the prospects for a free society, even free will. . . and . . . attempt to seed the idea human-only decision-making will become a rarity and, in time, cease to exist.”
    ​ Don’t think sophisticated AI is some idea that is far into the future. AI is here now, and CAF points out, “I just see more and more companies using this type of technology to institute financial fraud and make money from financial fraud in their pricing. . . . You also have thousands of companies to track you for their benefit. . . . It is trying to extract data from you to accomplish whatever its goal is. . . . It’s like a swarm of invisible locusts that are all trying to surveil and track, and none of them are trying to optimize your life and give you a free and inspired life. They are just trying to get their piece.”
    ​ AI will also be used to ignore and break all laws. After all, it’s robotic and can’t be held accountable. CAF says, “By removing moral obligations and legal and obedient respect for laws, the speed at which you can do evil is extraordinary.​..”

    ​ Number of Children Who Died After COVID Shots Much Higher Than VAERS Reports Indicate, Analyst Says
    ​ Many VAERS reports list “age unknown” for people who were injured or died following a COVID-19 vaccine. VAERS analyst Albert Benavides said a closer look at the report summaries often reveals the victim’s age — yet VAERS doesn’t update the reports to reflect this.
    ​ VAERS data as of May 31 lists 197 child deaths following COVID-19 vaccination.
    However, Benavides told The Defender, “There are approximately 418 properly documented deaths in children below age 18. There are an additional approximate 120 kid deaths where the summary narrative states ‘child, infant, neonate, baby.’”
    ​ Benavides identified these “unknown age” reports using an algorithm and “manual intervention.”​ Benavides said his findings indicate “the current total is about 538” child deaths.​

    ​ Celia Farber, Denial Breaks Down, As Swedish Media Run Front Page Stories Of Two Deaths Caused By Moderna Shots—One—A 13 Year Old Boy—Referred By Medical Prosecutor As Involuntary Manslaughter​, Swedish Media Suddenly Openly Reporting Vaccine Deaths As A Reality—Even Calling One Manslaughter; The Other One Was Compensated For 30,000 Kronor—What Could Be Happening?

    ​ Fauci’s Agency Hid Plans to Create Highly Transmissible Mpox Virus From Congress, Media​ (The Pox previously known as “monkey”)
    The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, under Dr. Anthony Fauci’s leadership, concealed an mpox gain-of-function project from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, according to a 73-page report released Tuesday by the committee.​

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, US gov’t (USDA) is testing mRNA vaccines in cows starting now–to protect them from bird flu, Do you want mRNA or the proteins it induces in your milk or meat?

    John Day

    ​ Clauser’s Case: GHG Science Wrong, Clouds the Climate Thermostat​, Ron Clutz
    ​ This post provides a synopsis of Dr. John Clauser’s Clintel presentation last May. Below are the texts from his slides gathered into an easily readable format. The two principal takeways are (in my words):
    A. IPCC’s Green House Gas Science is Flawed and Untrustworthy
    B. Clouds are the Thermostat for Earth’s Climate, Not GHGs.​

    ​Starting in at 5:22, the recurring global catastrophe. Safe Zones, Animal Anomalies, Primary Risks | Advanced Catastrophism


    Oroboros said

    Never heard of a Twatwaffle before…..

    Why are Americans all policemen inside their heads, monitoring the obedience of others to the rules? Why are Americans so up tight that someone breaking the rules triggers an emotional spaz in their heads, forcing them to go ape over something as trivial as which lane some bozo is driving in? This monitoring of people is definitely a western thing, we do not get this sort of shit in China, over here you have to learn to be tolerant, to let the other person do their shit until it is your turn. That does not mean that people do not occassionally boil over when they are frustrated (usually when they are late because they stayed in bed too long), but tolerance of others is of much higher importance in China than is the petty policeman that seems to inhabit every westerner’s head; just desperate to check that everybody is following “the rules” as handed down by daddy government.


    Sigh. Asian drivers in the left hand lane… bit too on the nose there.


    AI’s strength rest in how much literal power (electricity) can be applied to the server banks of any given AI.

    Back in the day I got to work on a particle accelerator that almost got 99% the speed of light.

    That was considered a joke in the particle accel world.

    Getting from 99% to 99.99% was a phenomenal jump in energy consumption.

    Each decimal point more (99.999) was a magnitude more power consumed.

    I think AI is similar in it’s physical power needs.

    AI is an arms race

    How much of your national power grid can you invest in AI server farms and still have a functioning economy.

    Just like real weapons, it can’t be all swords and no plowshares.




    Are Twatwaffles good with maple syrup?


    Hispanic vote on the move



    Looks like the Twatwaffles (Asians?) will be free to cause more missery on the white man’s freeway. Driving the white man insane, making their heads explode when very sightly inconvenienced. A recipe for more joy.


    Thanks, DBS.
    A happy (belated) birthday, V. Arnold!


    jb-hb, that was beautiful. And I have no idea what “Deadpool” is.


    Looks like every department of the US government was in on the Covid scam. Mind you, the Palestinians will have preferred the USA’s Covid morality to the USA’s genocide morality.


    Fun time with copilot doing the research

    s-f speculate Microscopic World eyesight
    Copilot Using the web

    Certainly! Let’s speculate about the microscopic world and eyesight:

    Imagine if our eyes were equipped with microscopic vision.

    Cellular Ballet: We’d witness a mesmerizing dance of cells—each with its unique role. Red blood cells, like crimson ballerinas, would transport oxygen through delicate capillaries. Neurons would fire like twinkling stars, creating thoughts and memories.
    Mitochondrial Powerhouses: Zooming in, we’d see mitochondria—a bustling metropolis within cells. These tiny powerhouses generate energy, like miniature power plants. Their intricate folds would resemble futuristic architecture.
    DNA Spirals: Our vision would pierce through cell nuclei, revealing the double helix of DNA. It’d be like gazing at a cosmic ladder—the blueprint of life itself.
    Microbes Everywhere: Bacteria and archaea would surround us. Some would be harmless commuters, while others—like pathogens—would resemble stealthy spies. Viruses, too, would flit around, like elusive fireflies.
    Cell Division Ballet: Witnessing cell division, we’d marvel at the choreography. Chromosomes would pirouette, splitting and replicating. Cytokinesis—the final act—would create two identical cells.
    Cellular Traffic Jams: In tissues, cells would move like rush-hour traffic. Immune cells would patrol, seeking invaders. Platelets would mend wounds, like diligent repair crews.
    Microscopic Ecosystems: Zooming out, we’d see ecosystems within our bodies. Gut flora—a bustling city of microbes—would influence our health. Tiny mites on our skin would be like explorers on a vast landscape.
    Alas, our eyes remain macroscopic, but our imagination can explore the infinitesimal wonders of life!
    without micro life, would there be life
    Copilot Using the web

    The existence of macroscopic life as we know it depends on the intricate interactions of microorganisms. Let’s explore this fascinating relationship:

    Symbiosis: Microbes, including bacteria, archaea, and fungi, play essential roles in ecosystems. They form symbiotic relationships with larger organisms. For instance:
    Digestive Partners: Gut bacteria aid in digestion, breaking down complex molecules.
    Nitrogen Fixers: Soil bacteria convert atmospheric nitrogen into forms plants can use.
    Photosynthesis: Cyanobacteria and algae perform photosynthesis, producing oxygen.
    Ecological Balance: Microbes maintain ecological balance. They decompose organic matter, recycle nutrients, and regulate soil health. Without them, ecosystems would collapse.
    Biogeochemical Cycles: Microbes drive biogeochemical cycles. They cycle carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, and other elements. Life relies on these cycles for sustainability.
    Early Earth: Life likely originated from simple microorganisms. The primordial soup—rich in organic molecules—led to the emergence of more complex life forms.
    Extremophiles: Microbes thrive in extreme environments—deep-sea vents, acidic lakes, frozen tundras. Their resilience hints at life’s tenacity.

    In summary, microorganisms are the unsung heroes of life. Without them, our planet would be vastly different—or perhaps devoid of life altogether.

    V. Arnold

    Thank you to everybody for the happy birthday wishes…


    A garden’s knots and flowers; its solemn trees;
    Its rocks made cushions by the moss and ferns-
    Are gentle gifts to anyone who sees
    The gracious life that age and wisdom earns.



    You should try to put MPSK’s poetry to music!

    D Benton Smith

    Imagine, if you will, (and it will take an iron will to muster that much will) a life in which the only joys that can be felt are the pale and passing passions that only flesh can feel. That life, if one can even claim such crushed and narrow view to be a life at all, is all that demons and their minions ever know. Imagine if you will endless despair as the greatest hope and highest aspiration, upon which all efforts and intention must be trained lest even that be lost. Do not be lured to hatred by their fouled souls and fouler deeds, but pity so profound that even contemplation of it makes God hang his head and weep.

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