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    Paul Klee In the Houses of Saint Germain 1932   • Fauci Emails Reveal Damage Control Scramble After ZeroHedge Article (ZH) • What Did I Say? (Den
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    Bangladesh …

    “The minute the patient shows signs and is suspected to be infected with Covid-19, ivermectin course has to be started. Prescribe a course for the entire family.”


    “In an interview to HT, the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund’s (CETF) founder Steve Kirsch says India must focus on ensuring people begin treatment for Covid-19 early.”


    “The COVID-19 spike protein may be a potentially unsafe toxic endothelial pathogen”

    The COVID-19 spike protein may be a potentially unsafe toxic endothelial pathogen


    Moderna co-founder Robert Langer owns the patent for “Microneedle tattoo patches” that injects a dye to make a record of vaccination information embedded in the skin.


    Health Ministry finds some myocarditis cases linked to vaccines
    “There is a likelihood of a connection between receiving a second dose of vaccine and the onset of myocarditis in young men aged 16-30.”


    Israeli report links myocarditis & C19 mRNA vax in young men. “90% of cases appeared in men, & although myocarditis is normally more common among young men, RATE AMONG THOSE VACCINATED WAS SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 5 AND 25X THE BACKGROUND RATE


    “Temporal relation between second dose BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 vaccine and cardiac involvement in a patient with previous SARS-COV-2 infection”

    Dr. D

    Covid: Since this is now all coming out as fact, there’s not much for me to fight with or add now. A year later, ugh. I can move on to the next obvious thing everybody is denying as crazy.

    “[Fauci’s] soon 80 years old. Why do it?”

    Maybe that’s the next thing to pick up. Yes, why? Because it’s their weirdo religion. And they’ve pushed us into a pretty widespread theocracy. If you can’t understand they don’t do it for the money, don’t do it for the chicks, you’re not going to understand what they do, or what they’ll do next, what they’re capable of. You know how religious extremists strap bombs on children, march them into civilian areas, and detonate them? Yeah, religious fanatics like that.

    Well, Karl is debunking me. It wasn’t a drop of cases on the inauguration to the day. It was a couple days early. Still waiting for the 25 million dead. Maybe the vaccine can get us there.

    Now if I were China, I’d release the thing in Ft. Deitrick to confuse and black eye the United States. I mean, they didn’t pay for all that discrediting and undermining, from Swalwell and Feinstein right down to the NBA and John Cena for nothing.


    Odds are, CV came from paid research, spread worldwide as said, but part from Chapel Hill, then flown commercial to Canada, then out to China, as also tracked, with some already arrested. So what would our guys do? Well, wouldn’t surprise me if something WAS in Deitrick, as it was shut down. But they don’t know the Anglos and their supernatural capacity for lying and bulls—t. So our guys would then recognize it, identify it, and do what? It’s already out there. Well, you invent a cover story to put the blame BACK on the original creators: China. You 5G attack their city in Wuhan, and release it there, 100 yards from their top lab, the one that developed it, for tracking. Why? Because it was going to get planetwide anyway, so what’s the difference? If we stopped it, China would only do it again, and possibly with a virus that actually killed people, not 0.003%. The only difference is China gets blamed for what they did instead of the U.S., who didn’t. Officially. Obviously a lot of the worldwide bad actors are here too. China knows they attacked us, don’t want to go public ’cause THAT won’t look good, think they’re under big attack, take Yuge measures, when it was mostly just leverage to get the narrative working. Theory? Just for fun. To show things are hard to tell, hard to prove. Why not? Although improved, the official story still doesn’t make a lot of sense, tie in a lot of the loose facts we saw roaming around out there.

    Getting back to today, China now says if we investigate, they will nuke us. Or stand ready to. Nice. So if they’re innocent, what’s the hubbub, bub? And as I’ve said, Deagel’s out there saying – somehow, without a war – the U.S. population will drop, what, 2/3? 200 million overnight? So will much of the world? China’s saying they’re going to expand, colonize, and make Lebensraum, get the food they need from the U.S. Now “they” – kind of a loose, unofficial “they” – say that they, China, has won the biowar against the United States and please have 3 kids per Han family again. …Obviously Uighur need not apply. Of blacks, or Japanese, as they are pretty hard-core racists.

    Well, it’s all going somewhere. These are some pretty weird facts. Is that how they fit, or some other way?

    Speaking of China, I feel for Australia. I don’t know what you can do. Oz is enormous, but also dead-empty, relatively speaking. As we saw in WWII it can’t be defended. If China decided to do or die by taking it, I can’t see how they can be stopped, or at least without a last-man resistance we haven’t seen in 100 years. Oz is capable of it, but… And China seems to be saying they’re interested in trying it, maybe right after Taiwan. Lebensraum again. What they plan to do with Japan, I don’t know. Cut a neutrality for a few decades maybe, and avoid Japanese mecha-bots or god-knows what Japan is capable of. Anything. Literally anything. Nano-drones. Setting off every volcano and earthquake in China, who knows what those clever boys would invent, do, or sacrifice for Japan, god bless them. They know what they’re up against, having China next door for 3,000 years.

    Right now the U.S. has our own problems, as they’re covering their exponential money-printing by claiming inflation is Russia’s fault. No joke. Or Russia’s “hackers” anyway, an evidence-free conspiracy theory. As I’ve said, I bet Colonial has already made their money back in insurance and rate increases. Meat prices will rise in the wake of JBS, permanently. They’ll make it back in no time. Could be real, who knows? Thank God for government-created, government-protected monopolies everywhere to make it all possible. If there were 5,000 meat packers, this wouldn’t be possible, but the government regulated them all out of business, one bribe at a time. That vertical line squeezed small farmers out too, win-win. That’s Capitalism! When there are 5, 3, or 1 company, no competition, and no chance of any ever again, the merger of corporation and state.

    So, instant shortages, instant rocketing inflation, chasing $6 Trillion/year budgets. Directly monetized. I’m sure that wouldn’t cause any problems. It usually ends well. In this case, in the cities, who are really at risk, while the red areas are pretty much prepared and self-reliant, as red people are, as well as not in population concentration with no supply chain, and not being the areas where crime has doubled in 12 months and we have official, state-promoted and protected organizations of arson. On black neighborhoods, ‘natch. And so 100,000 millionaires flee NY overnight and go to Florida. Forever. Or the rest of their lives, at least. You wanted it. You got it. You win! Aren’t you happy now?

    Tell me how you keep your power base in this environment. How about when CV-19 facts and military UFO secrets come out, those $40 Trillion that’s missing somewhere to pay for that “UFO” secrecy while everybody’s broke and pissed off? I don’t gotta do nothing but watch. Oh, and get some dang food during their government-sanctioned food attack. But all that was predictable for years, decades even. Being in the U.S., that ain’t too hard if you don’t blow your money on Netflix and iPhone 11.

    a kullervo

    The universe as the proverbial draft animal, nice things as the carrot, lousy ones as the stick.

    The wise person always performs at suboptimal level because the unwise – the natural recipients of his/her gifts – always have a hard time dealing with wisdom.

    An almost perfect cadence of 2mn between comments. Chapeau! That’s a well-oiled operation.

    Dave Note

    All the current ‘revelations’ about Covid misdeeds don’t amount to a bucket of lukewarm spit unless they end up in court with convictions leading to wide spread jail time and hopefully capital punishment for the ‘elite’ miscreants.

    The judiciary, worldwide, are so corrupt and spineless I don’t see any prosecutions except for small fry.

    As a medico-religious fanatic Fauci Faust has already strapped little suicide charges on the general population, they’re called ‘vaccines’.

    Boom, Boom, Boom


    Estimated deaths to allow EUA for vaccines: 300,000
    Estimated profits from vaccines: $100,000,000,000
    Estimated profit per death: $333,000

    Of course ADE and vaccine related deaths may dilute this but even at $10,000 per death it’s still a no-brainer for drug makers

    John Day

    Attn: Dark Matter wrote:

    Estimated deaths to allow EUA for vaccines: 300,000
    Estimated profits from vaccines: $100,000,000,000
    Estimated profit per death: $333,000


    Justice is still waiting.
    Karl Denninger

    His point of view …….. breaking the laws, rules and regulations ….. guilty ….. justice needs to be served.

    Karl D. gives links in support of his claims and accusations
    I have the time and enough education to be able to read and follow his links to verify his claims.
    Here is what I verified.
    Can you validate or refute his point of view?

    • What Did I Say? (Denninger)

    Ivermectin, ….
    We knew in October from the study I cited that there was a simple and near-zero cost way to do it……
    …. the fact still remains that our government and health care system killed 300,000 people by refusing to follow the science, that refusal was intentional and undertaken for financial reasons, and as a direct result a genocide-level manslaughter took place

    If you test positive you are handed a pill for yourself and each member of your household with instructions to eat them immediately again, under personal medical advice rendered to you and your household members. That both treats you and provides a high degree of protection for everyone else in the house from getting it from you.

    Must read …
    The Egyptian study ( )showed 80% effectiveness as prophylaxis for Ivermectin among household members of confirmed infected persons.
    This study is one of more than 40 such clinical trials that research the medication repurposing of an FDA approved an antiparasitic drug called Ivermectin. In view of the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, some low-income nations for example, Egypt are surveying possible reuse of medications that may help lessen the pandemic severity.
    So, ivermectin could suppress a diversity of the inammatory cytokines which had an important role in the intiation of the “cytokines storm”. The documentation in the literature therefore indicates that ivermectin might be useful in
    the management of COVID-19 [28].
    Physicians have directed the usage of ivermectin in a few synchronous trials in many countries [32], and announced that patients’ viral loads started declining very quickly after vermectin administering. We noticed that it has surprised physicians in clinical trials in many countries. Physicians’ noticed that just single dosage of Ivermectin could improve patient’s condition; however, some of them received a booster dose one week later. Rajter et al. [31] at the Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, submitted a dramatic,
    statistically signicant improvement in mortality in 250 coronavirus patients involved in the Broward trial treated with
    Ivermectin medication.
    The study was approved by the Research Ethical Committee at the Faculty of medicine Benha University EGYPT. (REC 96/8Th. June 2020)

    31. Rajter, J. C., Sherman, M., Fatteh, N., Vogel, F., Sacks, J., & Rajter, J. J. (2020): ICON (Ivermectin in COVID Nineteen) study: use of ivermectin is associated with lower mortality in hospitalized patients with COVID19. medRxiv. 2020. Preprint) doi, 10(2020.06), 06-20124461
    Scholarly articles for Rajter, J. C
    Use of ivermectin is associated with lower mortality in … – ‎Rajter – Cited by 79
    Chest Volume 159, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 85-92

    Michael Reid

    @ Dave Note

    Yes. I agree with your comment. Boom boom boom

    John Day

    Fort Detrick
    This does not want to post today. Maybe the bots don’t like it.
    I have been following the military lab virus story since late February 2020.
    Please take a look at all the snippets and links, with dates. Some links are dead, but the quotes remain.

    John Day

    The military lab SARS-CoV-2 virus, subsequently mutated into variants (some of these could well be off-the-shelf from somewhere) came from military research that was carried out at multiple labs across the world, certainly in the US, Canada and China.
    The bat-to-pangolins-to-people hypothesis could never be supported, so the world of curious people has had to conclude that this is a lab virus.
    Maybe it was just an attempt to make really good vaccines against a not-yet-existent-threat.

    Truthful-Tony Fauci is currently taking sort of a hit for the team in the media, but this looks like a mild, limited hangout, and will never go to court.
    Do look at the specific RNA sequence findings. They do specific things. They were inserted as functional units, not randomly.
    In January, 2020, when the World Health Organization insisted that COVID-19 wasn’t transmissible between humans, and Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the risk to the American public from the virus was “low,” officials at the National Institutes of Health were scrambling to perform damage control after a controversial – and now withdrawn – study suggested that there were HIV-like ‘insertions’ included in SARS-CoV-2.

    The US Government fallback position is that this virus leaked out of Wuhan’s lab to start this pandemic.
    It might have done just that. Maybe not.
    Maybe the virus got out elsewhere. The Chinese think so.

    First, some context. Daniel Elsberg held this card a long time. (I Like Ike!)
    Eisenhower rejected military chiefs’ demand for nuclear war on China, classified account of ’58 Taiwan Strait crisis reveals
    ​ ​Fearing a new conflict over Taiwan, Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg has released a shocking account showing how the Joint Chiefs pressed Eisenhower to launch a nuclear war on China.
    ​ ​A​ ​previously censored account of the 1958 Taiwan Strait crisis that was sponsored by the Pentagon has been published in full by the leaker of the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg. The report provides a hair-raising portrait of a reckless US military leadership relentlessly pressing President Dwight Eisenhower for the authority to carry out nuclear attacks on communist China.
    ​ ​After holding the still-classified version of the account in his possession for fifty years, Ellsberg said he decided to release it because of the growing threat of US war with China over Taiwan, and the danger that such a conflict could escalate into a nuclear exchange.

    Eisenhower rejected military chiefs’ demand for nuclear war on China, classified account of ’58 Taiwan Strait crisis reveals

    John Day

    Russian source…
    ‘Fort Detrick base is full of suspicions’: China asks US for explanation of 2019 respiratory disease after Biden’s new Covid probe
    ​ ​The spokesman said that there was an unexplained respiratory disease in northern Virginia in July 2019 and a large-scale outbreak of e-cigarette disease in Wisconsin. “When will the US release detailed data and information on relevant cases to the international community? The United States owes an explanation to the international community.”

    ​Going back to March 25, 2020 Forced Contract
    ​ These 2 US stories about the US bioweapons facility at Ft, Detrick being closed for “breaches” in July 2019, and opened back up for business in November. 2019.

    8/2/19: “We are coordinating closely with the CDC to ensure that critical, ongoing studies within bio-containment laboratories are completed under appropriate oversight and that research animals will continue to be cared for in accordance with all regulations,” she said in an email. “Although much of USAMRIID’s research is currently on hold, the Institute will continue its critical clinical diagnostic mission and will still be able to provide medical and subject matter expertise as needed to support the response to an infectious disease threat or other contingency.”

    11/24/19:​ ​The Army’s premier biological laboratory on Fort Detrick reported two breaches of containment earlier this year, leading to the Centers for Disease and Control halting its high-level research.
    ​ ​The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases announced Friday that it would restart its operations on a limited scale.

    And this:
    ​Thanks to Anthony for the story that contained this link:
    The following content is circulating in Chinese cyberspace.
    Looks like China is finally in counterattack mode against relentless US efforts to blame it for the global COVID epidemic.
    Key points:
    • It is now virtually certain that COVID-19 was brought to Wuhan by American troops taking part in the city’s World Military Games last Oct. 18-27.
    • The 300-st​r​ong US contingent stayed at the Wuhan Oriental Hotel. It is located a mere 300 meters from the Huanan Seafood Market, where China’s outbreak began (see map below).
    • Five of the US troopers developed a fever on Oct. 25 and were taken to an infectious-diseases hospital for treatment.
    • 42 employees of the Oriental Hotel were diagnosed with COVID-19, becoming the first cluster in Wuhan. At the time only 7 people from the market were thus diagnosed, though they were treated first. All 7 had contact with the 42 from the hotel. From this source, the virus spread to the rest of China.
    • Back in the US, the American team had trained at a location near Fort Detrick, the military’s viral lab closed down in July for various deficiencies.
    The big question now is whether the transmission was planned, or accidental. Chinese authorities are awaiting an explanation from US authorities.

    John Day

    By April 2020, it was clear from viral sequencing that it could not have occurred naturally, just could not have.
    Dr. Luc Montagnier discovered that HTLV-3 causes AIDS and got a Nobel Prize in 2008.
    ​ ​Referring to a study published at the Kusama School of Biology in New Dehli on January 31st, Montagnier (the 2008 Nobel Prize winner for his 1983 discovery of the HIV virus) made the point that the specific occurrence of HIV RNA viral segments spliced surgically within the COVID-19 genome could not have originated naturally and he described it in the following words:
    ​ ​“We have carefully analyzed the description of the genome of this RNA virus. We weren’t the first, a group of Indian researchers tried to publish a study showing that the complete genome of this virus that has within the sequences of another virus: that of HIV.”
    ​ ​While the Indian team was induced to retract their publication under immense pressure from the mainstream medical establishment (which never bothered to seriously refute the content of the study’s research but rather used the “random-mutation-makes-anything-possible” argument), Montagnier stated “scientific truth always emerges”.​..

    Big Pharma Beware: Dr. Montagnier Shines New Light on COVID-19 and The Future of Medicine

    ​By May 17, 2020 I posted this in Answers
    ​The first signs that something terrible had gone wrong with the security at the Fort Detrick bio-defence facility fifty miles north-west of Washington DC were when cases of a previously unknown and serious respiratory illness appeared at a retirement village on the western outskirts of the capital in July 2019. The first cases were noted on June 30th amongst the 260 residents of the Greenspring Assisted Living unit, with the infectious disease later affecting 19 staff and taking the lives of some older residents…
    ​ ​I propose that the scheme devised in desperation last summer for this “diversionary tactic”, was to send the Fort Detrick Virus with the soldiers set to compete at the Wuhan games in three months’ time, while trying to keep a lid on the domestic epidemic until the new year, and a lock on the inquisitive media. Rehearsing for the subsequent global pandemic called for “Event 201” to prepare participants for what they might have to face, and bring their organizational and media responses into line…
    ​ ​Whether this theory is the correct one may not yet be proven, but it does provide an explanation to the conundrum of the genie that was accidentally released from the bottle but intentionally released from Wuhan. And we must all now suffer the consequences of that US “culpable manslaughter” as we learn to live with their engineered Genie.

    Shortly after that, Origins Of Covid post contained this:​
    ​On December 9, 2019, long before the world knew anything about it, a video interview took place with one of the key players in the COVID-19 drama, Dr Peter Daszak, President of the EcoHealth Alliance, who inadvertently may have provided indications of its true origin.
    ​ ​Much of that discussion centred around the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS) epidemic of 2002-2004, which was believed to have originated in bats, although civets may have acted as an intermediate host.
    ​ ​While circulating in animals, the SARS virus mutated, acquiring the ability to infect humans, which it was assumed to have done so, infecting workers in a Guangdong, China animal market.
    ​ ​That explanation became the narrative now being promoted by the Chinese Communist Party, the media and some Western scientists to convince the world that COVID-19 was a naturally-occurring outbreak.
    ​ ​Beginning at 27:49, Dr Daszak explains the basis of the naturally-occurring narrative and the collection of over one hundred bat coronaviruses capable of infecting humans, but untreatable with drugs or vaccines. Those coronaviruses are presumed to be stored in Chinese laboratories.
    ​ ​“So, we did a couple of things with it. So, one is around SARS. We focused on SARS coronavirus emerged from a wildlife market. And whilst the first pandemic of this century. So, it’s big event. And, so we started to trace back from the wildlife market, which species carried the virus, that came into those markets. We found that it was bats, not civets, was the original idea. So, we started looking where did they come from. And we went out to southern China. And did surveillance of bats across southern China. And we’ve now found, after six or seven years of doing this, over one hundred new SARS-related coronaviruses, very close to SARS. Some of them get into human cells in the lab. And some of them can cause SARS disease in humanized mouse models. And are untreatable with therapeutic monoclonals [antibodies] and you can’t vaccinate against them with a vaccine.”
    ​ ​At 29:51, Dr Daszak describes bioengineering of those viruses by inserting components of one coronavirus into another.
    ​ ​“Well, I think, coronavirus is a pretty good, I mean, you’re a virologist [the interviewer], you know all this stuff, but the, you can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily. Spike protein drives a lot of what happens with the coronavirus, zoonotic risk. So, you can get the sequence, you can build the protein, and we work with Ralph Baric at UNC [University of North Carolina] to do this. Insert it into a backbone of another virus, and do some work in the lab. So, you can get more predictive, when you find the sequence. You have this diversity. Now, the logical progression for vaccines is, if you are going to develop a vaccine for SARS, people are going to use pandemic SARS, but let’s try to insert these other related and get a better vaccine.”
    ​ ​In 2015, Ralph Baric from the University of North Carolina and Zheng-Li Shi, the “bat woman” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology jointly published a scientific article describing the combination of the receptor-binding spike protein from a newly isolated coronavirus (SHC014) and the “backbone” from SARS-CoV, the coronavirus responsible for the 2002-2003 pandemic.
    ​ ​That experiment produced a novel virus, chimera SHC014-MA15, which showed “robust viral replication both in vitro [cell cultures] and in vivo [animals],” using models adapted to test human infectivity.
    ​ ​The scientific consensus claims that COVID-19, like SARS, originated in bats.
    ​ ​There is conclusive scientific evidence, however, that COVID-19’s receptor binding domain within the spike protein is structurally closest to that of pangolins (scaly anteaters), not bats, and it was the result of a recombination, not convergent evolution.
    Yet, pangolins have been ruled out as the intermediate host for COVID-19.
    ​ ​Even Dr Ralph Baric in a March 15, 2020 interview, beginning at the 27:40 time point, stated unequivocally, that pangolins were not the source of COVID-19:
    ​ ​“Pangolins have over 3,000 nucleotide changes – no way they are the reservoir species [for COVID-19], absolutely no chance.”
    ​ ​It is, therefore, logical to conclude that the recombinant event resulting in a pangolin receptor binding domain within a bat coronavirus backbone must have occurred in a laboratory, in a manner similar to the experiment conducted by Ralph Baric and Zheng-Li Shi in 2015.
    ​ ​Furthermore, COVID-19’s S1/S2 furin polybasic cleavage site, a distinctive feature widely known for its ability to enhance pathogenicity and transmissibility in coronaviruses, does not appear in any of 45 bat, 5 human SARS, 2 civet, 1 pangolin and 1 racoon dog coronaviruses, that have S1/S2 junction structures otherwise identical or nearly identical to COVID-19.
    ​ ​There is no credible scientific evidence that the furin polybasic cleavage site evolved naturally, although the methods for artificially inserting such cleavage sites are well-established.

    John Day

    FromDecember 2020:
    COVID-19 Un-Explained, Larry Romanoff​
    Mr Romanoff has been doing hard and persistent investigative reporting on this virus all year. He opens with an analysis of the waves of infection which is not informed by vitamin-D levels at various times of year, or by the different seasonal patterns of spread typical for areas like Northern Eurasia and Northern North America, as compared to tropical spread patterns, typified in Texas and Peru, for instance. Otherwise his extensive and detailed research and analysis is first rate, especially regarding the origin of the virus, which may well have been Ft Detrick Maryland, the super-spreading event at the Wuhan Games, official cover-ups by national governments, especially the US. No search for “patient zero” in the US, and all information about tests for coronavirus on frozen blood and sewage from 2019 in the US are state secrets, reportable only to the feds, not the newspapers or local authorities. That was Mike Pompeo’s doing, it seems.
    Oh, and just like the tetanus vaccine that immunized girls against pregnancy, the COVID vaccines may induce antibody production against a protein called syncytin-1, which is vital for the formation of the placenta in pregnant women.


    Was There a Wuhan Lab Leak? Why an Inquiry Won’t Dig Out the Truth

    What we are dealing with here is a set of professional classes doing everything in their power to preserve their own interests and the interests of the system that rewards them. And that requires strenuous efforts on their part to make sure we do not understand that policy is driven chiefly by greed and a craving for status, not by the common good or by a concern for truth and transparency. – Jonathan Cook

    Why do those enablers, ( professional classes), think that I must have “the wool pulled over my eyes”?


    From the horses mouth:

    “The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.”

    Dr. D

    Armstrong and company have noticed. As they’re essentially establishment, EVERYONE has noticed.

    “The World Economic Forum began warning the world the next pandemic would be a Cyberattack. It is very interesting, and not a coincidence, the cyber attacks are directed at the very things that Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and George Soros have been pushing – ending fossil fuels and ending meat production.” Etc.


    “Hadassah Medical Center, a major hospital serving the greater Jerusalem area, found that cases of myocarditis at the facility were five to 25 times the normal number over the same time span in previous years”

    Dr. D

    Thanks (Real) Dr. Day. That is the basic, straightforward understand as we can tell it right now, and we need that foundationally.

    My approach of saying “what if” is just to keep thinking from becoming moribound, agreeing and moving forward too quickly.

    Doc Robinson

    From article linked by Germ:

    But the rate of myocarditis following vaccination among young men was higher. Ninety percent of the cases picked up in Israel appeared in men, and although myocarditis is normally more common among young men, the rate among those vaccinated was somewhere between five and 25 times the background rate, the report says. (Two cases of fatal myocarditis have also been reported in Israel…

    It’s not clear why the two vaccines, which both rely on messenger RNA (mRNA), might heighten the risk.

    So it’s “not clear” why the Covid vaccines have all those unintended consequences?

    It’s clear to me. It’s because the vaccine makers are hastily tinkering with systems they don’t fully understand. They are playing with fire, causing other people to get burnt.

    John Day

    Thanks everybody.
    It’s (always) Bike To Work Day.

    Bike-to-work Day

    John Day

    Well, it’s not actually “Bike to Work Day” today, not on the calendar.


    Just a heads up to TAE.

    China joe was at it again. Yeah, little girls. This is the second time in just days that pedophile joe has expressed his interest in little girls. Everyone knows joe likes little girls.

    However this might not be what you are thinking it is.

    Sooner or later joe is going to be shoved aside for “heels up kamala. Could it be that joe is being deliberately baited by those who want to speed up the transistion timetable? Or maybe this is just setting up the theatre narrative to bring down the curtain on joe?

    Their immediate problem is of course joe’s wife. But she is no match for the ruthless Obama machine

    Soap opera to watch!


    Today clearly the covid ducks are not marching in a straight line!

    So is dr fauci now being offered the democrat’s time honored “book deal” to leave?


    So who started the spread of covid?

    Based upon the past behavior of the US and China, they did it together!

    Can’t decide who is the guilty party? Simple solution! Put them both in the same boat, then sink it!


    Here is something else to watch for.

    As the truth about public health decisions becomes apparent, in hindsight, governments are going to be revisiting the powers these health officials currently weld.

    Denmark has revise Danish health officials powers down to just an “advisory” status after reviewing the bad decisions health official there made, likely feuled by the corruption exposed between public health officials and drug companies.


    Ending fossil fuels and meat production.Damn you need a suspicious twisted mind to keep up with things.



    Actually it is counterintuitive! By targeting pipelines and meat plants first, all they are doing is hardening these critical industries to future attacks!

    Actually we should be grateful that their green adjenda blinds them to their own stupidity!


    Damm those Russian!
    They keep picking on the weak, (USA)


    ‘Transgressing the Logic of the New Tyrannical Normal’- primarily on the hit piece (big-time) on Mark Crispin Miller linked below:

    Transgressing the Logic of the New Tyrannical Normal


    Good to see Bertram Gross’s ca 1980 book ‘Friendly Fascism’ mentioned in the former piece; essential reading, IMO.


    Concerning Ft Detrick, I been waiting patiently for an important contemporaneous clue; that those afflicted experienced a loss of smell. I have found no such reference, in spite of how blatantly that unique symptom manifests. Further, there are doubtless survivors and caretakers today, that can offer that information… who’s asking them?
    That said, sad that two army doctors in the DC area were recently murdered. Where is Seth Rich when you need him?

    Dave Note

    The bio-weapons development research never stopped a beat even after several bio-weapons treaties were agreed to.

    The last review conference for Biological Weapons Research was the 8th one in Nov 2016, to see if anyone was cheating, heaven forbid.

    NOTE below the second reason it’s hard to police Bio-weapons research

    Technological challenges in the verification of biological weapons

    There are several reasons why biological weapons are especially difficult to verify.

    First, in contrast to chemical and nuclear weapons, even small initial quantities of biological agents can be used to quickly produce militarily significant amounts.

    Second, biotechnological equipment and even dangerous pathogens and toxins cannot be prohibited altogether since they also have legitimate peaceful or defensive purposes, including the development of vaccines and medical therapies

    Third, it is possible to rapidly eliminate biological agents, which makes short-notice inspections less effective in determining whether a facility produces biological weapons

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