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    Dorothea Lange Depression refugee family from Tulsa, Oklahoma 1936   • US Coronavirus Cases ‘May Have Topped 20 Million’ (BBC) • Pompeo Says US,
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 26 2020]

    Carlos Jimenez

    Raul, I’m disappointed in you… The boy at Dorothea Lange’s pic is eating Betsy Ross sliced bread? I’m afraid the woke commissars would not let this slip up go.

    Dr. D

    What’s keeping the market up?

    Could it be $1 Trillion per month bailouts, that started back in September at $400B, then $700B, and now $1,000B. But they have gotten better at hiding it in the Fed books.

    Large systems have large explosions. Remember the Star Trek episode where time stopped as their starship was exploding? Just because it’s slow doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

    Why do you think they’re doing more stimulus, more stimulus? Oh and yes: Jubilee for the rich, Capitalism for the poor. For now. But without a system, there is no system of power for the rich. Their only asset is the debt of poor people who won’t pay. That’s not rich, that’s poor; that’s not strong, it’s weak. Like Germany, who then cuts off tourism as Greece’s only source of income. While selling their ports to China, the other source of income.

    Amid bad news, certain good news: bumper crop in corn perhaps. In the U.S. Panic! Disaster! Will this help fill the locusts happening throughout the Old World? And therefore find a market? Because we are nearly the last remaining food exporter? Which do you prefer? iPhones? Or food?

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says the true number of cases is likely to be 10 times higher than the reported figure.”

    Huh? Then 200M people have it and we’re done. Yay! Drinks all ’round! Also who are the “health officials” that are NOT the CDC? The Bakersfield school nurse? …Nevermind, the WHO and CDC have been totally, completely wrong about everything so far and will be wrong about this too. More than 20M are surely affected – there’s that many in NY Metro – but we’re probably not at 200M either. Wrong and wrong. Because: experts. Because: adult American opened mouth. Because: Printed in media. Guarantees no skepticism, no fact checking.

    UK Officials May Be Legally Culpable for His Torture (CN)”

    So they’re going to put the UK in jail? Or like CHAZ, they make the innocent taxpayers fund all your criminal malfeasance so they can do it again tomorrow?

    On Cambodia: they’re still doing this, and we’re still applauding them. Open-air slave markets in Libya, constant warfare in Africa, and criminal investigations if you withdraw, while we ring-fence Russia with first-strike nukes and embargo Syria and Venezuela. Parties love it. All officials are protected and adored at the highest levels. Heck, we could find out you and your fundraisers were serial rapists of underage girls from Minnesota at the highest level and still fight FOR the criminals FOR the media that covered it up, and AGAINST the victims and prosecutors.
    But it’s different from Cambodia. We’re for slavery, but that’s different from when Jefferson was for it. The difference is we’re perfect! We’re the good guys!


    Carlos Jimenez

    Anthony Bourdain is very much missed. And his twit is 100 % on point. But at the source of the tweet there’s also a pic of him with Nobel Peace laureate president Obomber which shows how contradictory we humans are. He didn’t have a issues at all sitting with Barry “I’m good at killing” Obama. The uniquely responsible figure for bringing open air slave markets to Lybia. A country that to this day remains a dystopian hell hole, its former wealth gone like the Sahara dust plume now overtaking the American South. Ditto Somalia, Pakistan, Syria, “Bashar al-Assad must go”, Ukraine with Maidan square killings to boot, “Tuesday’s Killing” was a thing during Obongo’s presidency. When his W.H. spokesman was confronted with the fact that a 15 y.o. American born citizen, Abdulraman Awl Awlaki and his cousins were blown to pieces in a drone attack while having a BBQ, he said: “well, his parents should be more responsible.” By all means Bob Dylan’s Masters or War fits every bit of the scumbag that Kissinger is but it does as well rObama, because there’s hardly anyone better than a charismatic House Negro to do the bidding of the Plantation owners.


    Not to mention Dick fucking Cheney–


    Uh, Doc, the 20 million figure is the ten times number: “The US has recorded 2.4m confirmed infections and 122,370 deaths.”

    Carlos, maybe ten years ago, when I still did Facebook, I made a House Negro remark. Man, did I get pilloried.

    Being an unrepentant bastard, I called ’em all a buncha lousy wiggers… er, I mean, wegroes.


    Dorothea Lange Depression refugee family from Tulsa, Oklahoma 1936
    (Those refugees have a lot of possessions. They are not destitute)
    that virus is not sitting still, got to give it that.
    Our rich powerful leaders are enabling the virus to do the only thing that all living things knows how to do.
    Reproduce. Replicate. Consume. Convert. Recycle. Evolve. Overcome. Dominate. Survive.
    • House Defense Bill Targets Troop Drawdowns In Africa, South Korea (Hill)
    Ancient Solution:
    Only send troops who expect to be stranded and to become expats as the empire is in decline
    • No More Crossing Borders For Work (Salmon)
    Will the saving, by doing virtual work, be passed on as price reduction for the consumers or as increased profits for the 10%.
    • The Fed Said It Could Supply $2.3 Trillion. It Hasn’t Come Close So Far (CNBC)
    Promises, Promises, does not put bread on the table.
    The 10% will be forced to do something about the 90% to put bread on the table before they die and become a piece of coal. Many fortunate enablers are expecting to resolve “problem”, with the usual past solution, elimination with war.
    Julian Assange
    Our rich, powerful enablers are grudge holders demonstrating their pettiness behavior that is not fit for their position of leadership. They don’t care what we, the rifraf, think.


    A picture tells a 1,000 words. WHat this one is saying, and in what language, is unknown to me, but it says something, I’m sure:



    Sanctions: Modern weapons of war

    18 Million Barrels Of Sanctioned Venezuelan Oil Are Stuck At Sea
    By Tsvetana Paraskova – Jun 24, 2020,

    Oil tankers carrying at least 18.1 million barrels of Venezuelan oil are currently idling at sea across the world unable to find buyers – some for as long as six months – as many potential and previous customers of Venezuela’s crude are not taking chances with delivery for fear of incurring secondary U.S. sanctions.

    The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Uprooted Millions
    It is estimated that close to 20 million people were forced to leave the African continent enslaved. By 1800, this had decimated the African population to half the size it would have been had slavery not occurred.

    Had the “Europeans” not de-populated the Americas with bio weapons they would have had more residential slave laborers and therefore not needed to enslave people from other places.


    Safer reopening will require millions more Covid-19 tests per day. One solution: ‘pool testing’ 

    Safer reopening will require millions more Covid-19 tests per day. One solution: ‘pool testing’
    By ANDREW JOSEPH @DrewQJosephJUNE 26, 2020
    ( see article ….)

    Carlos Jimenez

    Bosco, that pic of the future president and First Lady? conveys a lot of hard to grasp discomfort and dread, to me. kind of like the reverse of Whitman’s line in Song of the Open Road “I didn’t know I held so much goodness”. Make that *evil* written all over their faces.

    I quit Fartbook about 3 years ago. It’s also part of the social media plantation and not a place for free discourse.
    I did use the term “house negro” all the time while we were under #44 for whom I voted in ’08, so mightily pissed was I. Nobody dared to shoot it up.
    I think it’s a very appropriate term even now. Malcom X used it. I feel free to use it. It conveys best the nature of this very sophisticated and sleek operator.


    Another war tool used against Canada
    Enbridge ordered to shut Line 5 pipeline in victory for Michigan officials
    Line 5 runs along a 645-mile (1,040-kilometre) route from Superior, Wisconsin, to Sarnia, Ontario, transporting as much as 540,000 barrels a day of light crude and synthetic crude, and natural gas liquids that are refined into propane. The pipeline was built in 1953 and consists mostly of 30-inch diameter pipe. It splits into two 20-inch diameter lines for the 4.5-mile section that runs under the Straits of Mackinac, which connects Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.
    (read more ….)


    I only went on FB (around ’09, I think?) because it was the only handle of contact I could find for a childhood friend who I’d learned through a google search had gotten in a jam.

    FB of course sucked up all my email and bookmarks, etc.

    That connected me to a wonderful vast social world based on the sucked-up pesonal data. For awhile I was hanging with Hopllywood insiders and journalists etc. FB algorithms brought us together. It was awesome even though I knew my underwear was being scrutinized by NSA et al.

    Over time I sadly learned how morally flaccid and intellectually hidebound these so-called liberal cognoscenti were. I went from having a maxed-out follower base to almost none per my own excisions.

    I hung on during 2016 simply to give Bernie a boost. One day I used the word nigger, placing it in the mouth of a Simon Legree type of public personality. FB suspended me for a few days. I closed my account. Search Robin Morrison Spokane and you should find my FB account. I was as much a blabber mowf there as you see here.

    The guy who wrote the articles that inspired the Mister Rogers movie spoke sagely of how social media has let us discover what our neighbors really believe and endorse, and how we are horrified by what we’ve learned about each other.

    While I think a hostile foreign entiry would be shrewd to, say, crash our cellphone GPS or something similarly surgical and strategic, it would be foolish to shut down our internet.

    We’d then have to talk to our neighbors, find out how horrifying (or delightful) we are to each other, but be forced to deal with it like socially responsible adults and practice something like egalitarian democratic solution-seeking.

    While I personally have been immeasurably enriched by the internet, which made me not as isolated and alienated as I was before, and expanded my already broad cognitive horizons, it’s like tv: great potential for a species enlightened enough to employ it wisely, otherwise, just another mind-control advertizement for Pharaoh.

    zerosum: I suppose that by next winter, burkhaism will beging making its early mainstream foray.

    covid burkha


    btw, anyone here following Dmitry Orlov’s blog? Is it worth re-subscribing to finish his articles? He’s a brilliant analyst/thinker, but in person I’d probably wanna pound sand up his nose. Still, an amazing thinker with a shrewd perspective. Is he still earning his keep? Should I add to his pay sheet?

    That reminds me: time to send Raul money for his Save the Goldfish campaign. Sorry, I have to joke about starving people. It hurts me.


    Well, Patreon of course immediately made it fucky-dumb to do a monthly sub: “You already have a goodle account”. Well, then, apply it here, fuckwits. But no option avails. But I did get to see a picture of Raul, and he would be a good co-conspirator in a drinking binge back in the day, I suspect. 😉

    Oh well. I’ll fill in the fields manually and see if it works.

    Stupid robots.


    Nope. “This email already has a Patreon account.”

    We are so screwed. Even our payment methods are vapor.

    I’ll go find the TAE “store” and do it that way.


    FUck it. YOu’re stuck with a check in Brooklynn, Raul. I managed to do it online last time, but not now.


    There. I canceled my paypal account and now it let’s me use paypal.

    That’s logical, right?

    Digidollars sent.

    And online sales are booming. Godamighty.


    When Hillary was running against Trump in 2016, I called it ratshit (Hillary) vs batshit (Trump).

    This time, I call it dumbnuts vs numbnuts… and am not sure if I can tell the difference enough to knoiw where to stick the labels.



    And, just for fun:


    There’s Something Wrong With You


    “I think that there has never existed so many people that has had such a good life.”

    Hail Atlantis!

    Atlantis live by Wayne Shorter’s 4tet


    Ere I leave to be a responsible monkeyshine, I feel compelled to show here why Miles Davis was such a star, not to mention Cannonball Adderly. Coltrane is a tad off on this session, which is probably why it didn’t make the original album cut. Evans is at his best, uncommonly spare, more rhythmically than harmonically adventurous, painting on rice paper rather than dense canvas.

    Love for Sale





    Tastes like chickenshit.


    Tastes like chickenshit.
    That’s why people should wear burka/face masks



    I’m truly sorry to read about the trials and tribulations involving your heartfelt desire to send us those thousands of dollars. For the Automatic Earth, the set up is quite simple, though: you can support us through Paypal AND/OR Patreon, and neither will refuse all those thousands. OR you can send a check or money order to my very longtime and very trusted friend Danny in NY. You see, them checks and money order things don’t exist in Europe, they’re North American. Can’t do a thing with them here.

    I’m happily and eagerly awaiting what’s left of your pension plans to be transferred to TAE’s accounts. Because, you know, what more do you need?


    I just canceled my patreon acct with Medium (I wasn’t hardly using them anymore; only went there for a certain science writer), and then it all behaved proper like.

    Yeah, a friend told me that checques have been ex-chancellored over there.

    I have zero retirement except the tiniest SSI you can imagine because I worked so little, and so often under the table, in my wayward life. Was briefly redneck rich but not no moah.

    True story: when I was briefly redneck rich I intended to send you $1K. But things were really chaotic at the time. I was kinda beset on all sides, and money evaporated before I got to you. But I did manage to give away quite a few $K stateside, and it was great fun. I still manage to get a few $20 bills out the window to homeless souls every month.

    Raised a Mormon (I survived), I grew up on the flowwing musical nugget. The performance here has a tad too much saccharine around the edges despite obvious talent by both performers, but it’s still a lovely evocation.

    Give Said the Little Stream

    I love how the seams on the sliding mirror doors kinda look like a stripper pole.

    Give, I say. The bastards are gonna come and get you one way or another no matter what. Don’t leave ’em nothing left to steal but a fat happy conscience.

    “Tastes like chickenshit.<>That’s why people should wear burka/face masks.”


    I set ’em up, zero knocks ’em down. Hey, Abbott!


    “goggle the quote and take a nine minute acid trip”

    Mongo see stars!

    Dr. D

    Well only one number then. 20M is NY Metro, and now we’re in all 50 states. So any common-sense estimate? 120M? When the tests don’t work, who can tell?


    DoIng kitchen work (I am der hawss buttler, I iz, and a well-known racial steroetype to boot despite being all white and shit), I saw that the new bottle of Mrs. Butterworth was looking uncomfortable about being so dark, seeing as how her good friend Aunt Jemimah got ousted from her lifelong home for being same.

    So I poured half of her out into the vintage syrup dispenser what our Aunt Ruthie dun give us, and now she’s as white as me… from the waist up.


    Stealing the melody from Come On In My Kitchen (most of us know it as the acapella intro to 49 Bye-Byes by CSN):

    I was born-n-n-n
    A po black child
    But my skin’s all white now…

    But Mrs. Butterworth is a little too white. She’s gone transparent. I better pour some milk in and top the bottle off.


    Racial Harmony in Action


    “Well only one number then. 20M is NY Metro, and now we’re in all 50 states. So any common-sense estimate? 120M?”

    Mongo no understand. 2.4 mill is total USA reported figures, using tests whose accuracy I do not know. We’ve been in all 50 states for awhile, and the 2.4 fig comes from whatever reports we get from whatever states. Some experts, whose expertize I cannot vouch for, guess the real number could be ten times as much, for whatever that’s worth.

    What the hell a “common sense estimate” is in such a GIGO environment is literally beyond my conception to imagine except as some guy burping stale beer while throwing darts at a bingo board with numbers like 10 mill, 500 mill, 77.3 mill, pi squared yo mama.

    We don’t know, see? We only know how such pathogens studied to date tend to replicate under various circumstances, and what methods have reliably worked in the past to curb their spread.

    That’s about all we know statistically, other than the uncontestable fact that Fauci is a dickweed, and the undisputable truth that our government is a lobotomized magic schoolbus turned on its back to have its belly rubbed, both of which can be precisely measured as Ick 3,000 and poopoo gazillion.


    Bosco, My double grammy winning teacher, Harry Leahey grew up with Bill Evans, He studied with Dennis Sandole, who also taught Coltrane. Here’s me playing So What by Miles Davis.


    WHoa. I gotta get back to Mrs. Butterworth and friends, but this is an honor and a treat, Arttua D-2. (Sorry. I play with names. I have Dubya disease.) I will isten later. I love the real thing: people giving it their best.


    So, when does ther singing start? 😉

    Srsly: pretty good, Holding the vamp while simultaneously thinking on soloing is much harder than it sounds, especially on guitar compared to piano. Once a person learns to use their hands separately on a piano, well, then, they’re separate, and since most of the work neatly splits between left/right hand, with a little overlap here and there, you can think as bicamerally as you can play, and your brain can more easily separate comping from soloing and therefore (and maybe ironically) interweave them better.

    On a guitar, it’s more of a 4-way split because both pick and fret hands have to work together just to make a sound. Both hands have to bring their comp/lead voices together with the other hands comp/lead voices.

    I remember seeing Emily Remler holding forth on this in a youtube video.


    There seems to be some confusion (or obtuseness) here regarding things like pos/neg-entropy and how they factor into the human will to live. It’s not a thing for political sermons or Sunday school lessons (for that, see song about a little stream).

    1) ‘The tragedy of existence,’ explained some eskimo to his son in a book long ago, ‘is that souls live by eating souls.’ I call this the most essential existential fact of conscious will. It can be ignored but not escaped. It is conjecturally possible that we could learn to nourish ourselves by synthesizing food without killing animals or plants, but that’s a helluva development curve, tech-wise, and would require huge energy reserves to do so. And we kinda burned through them awreddy.

    2) There’s only so much of everything, period, per the current Standard Model of Physics. There may be a secret cornor of the galaxy where God secretly pours more stuff into the cosmos, hence the dark matter/energy quest to keep the Standard Model from falling apart as conflicting data accrues. But most everybody here knows entropy so enough on that.

    3) Putting aside the horrors of how we extract and process ‘resources’ these days, let’s note that even if Point # 1 were not true and no one got hurt in order for someone else to live, Point # 2 highlights a tragically insane aspect of modern civilization: it is extremely wasteful.

    I will use just one example to illustrate what most of us here already, or soon will, know.

    We bring homre stuff from the store. It involves excessive amounts of packaging because almost all of it is made elsewhere and shipped here, the packaging being necessary because:

    a) shipping wants transport, and transport needs goods to be bundled lest they not survive the trip,

    b) since human labor is expensive because slavery has briefly been mostly removed (thanx to oil providing 4.5 years of human labor per barrel, and how this can drive steam, intrernal combustion, and turbine engines in turn producing electricity which energy form can be sent 100s of miles with minimal energy loss thanx to that Tesla dude), all the portion-for-sale packaging is done at the factory where labor costs can be most cost-effectively controlled, and this discourages the use of recyclable packaging for all kinds of reasons. It’s not like they do with oil: one big tanker, one big pipeline, refinery time, then shipment by truck or rail in containers the size of small swimming pools before being pumped into large tanks and then directly in the car. (In that sense, petro-industry is extremely non-polluting.)

    c) since it costs money to recycle but people have to be convinced to do their part in getting recyclables to the recycling stream for recycling to be reasonably profitable, honest recycling doesn’t happen except in large dense slow-moving garbage streams like your typical junkyard. (Portland Recycles is practically a city motto but if you see it first-hand — and I’m only talking about how people put out their garbage and how that affects the collection and recycling thereof — you can see it’s costing an awful lot to pretend we’re recycling. The people don’t give a shit, don’t separate their stuff; and one can’t blame them because they’ve gotten so many conflicting signals. Garbage, btw, is another universal global problem that doesn’t get fixed because we can’t cooperate unviersally and globally. ) SO…

    d) this happens: all kinds of toxic packaging material from plastic to broken glass to whatevs, goes into the main garbage stream, where it may or may not be removed by sophisticated expensive and only semi-effective monster machinery. Somehow, mysteriously, it ends up in the environment, often 10k miles from its dump point, swirling in the ocean after previously being shipped another 10k miles from another dump point because we like to ship our garbage to third world nations desparate enough to call destroying their environment a way of making a living. All of this costing money that someone, maybe us, maybe Martians, pays for. Mongo no know.

    But (and this is the best part), the good stuff: urine & feces via toilet plumbing, much food waste via sink-drain garbage disposal units — the stuff we want to collect, properly fester, and then use to enrich soil depleted by the last resource extraction aka agricultural harvest, doing so that we may again harvest more resources, isn’t recycled. (Ain’t gonna talk here about pesticides, GMO, and our dependence on Haber process nitrogen fertilizer, but that elephant is also quite hefty.)

    What do we brilliant monkeys do?!?!? We dump it into the place we get our drinking water from. You know, the same place we dump so many toxins from manufacturing, mining, and other resource extraction/fabrication processes. Some cities have systems that collect some of this organic waste and treat it to make fertilizer of it, but basically, we just like to shit into our drinking well.

    MInd you, we consume 100 million barrels of oil a day to do this. 100 million A DAY. Each barrel is like having 1 slave work 365 days for 4.5 years. In one day. On the big screen, it’s 100 mill/brls/day equals 164,250,000,000 slave labor days. That can’t be right but it’s a simple linear equation with no variables and even I can do that math with a calculator. Still, that can’t be right.

    This, btw, is a sweet peek sideways into the global climate change thing: a common remark about anthropogenic climate change is that humanity, powerful as it is, can’t influence something as huge as the global climate machine. But this isn’t 7.7 billion homo saps. This is 164,250,00 (plus 7.7 billion if you insist) homo saps cranking away, energy-wise. As a rude analogy, imagine the CO2 output of 173 billion homo saps* working their tushies off every day for a few decades. Tell me that doesn’t have the power, yea, the likelihood, of bumping the global climate machine, which is a very delicate multi-compound gyroscope with leviathan inertia. Once you bump it, the shivers travel throughout the sytem. Kinda like how a suboceanic earthquake manages to bump the ocean, really give it a thwack. No biggie. The energy is hidden in size of the ocean, and would gradually dissipate if it didn’t run into anything. You can hardly see the thing. Until it runs into resistance, at which point all that inertia rears up and swallows a coastline.

    And then, and then… there’s the fact that we are running out of oil and can’t possibly sustain 7.7 billion people without it.

    Do I have resource extraction issues? No more than anyone else, just maybe more cognitively and conscientiously.

    King Harvest

    * yes, we’ve reduced wild megafauna doing so… and replaced them with massive livestock numbers in systems that make enormous amounts of greenhouse gases.


    “Mongo see stars!”
    I take that to mean you liked it- so glad! If it was the only thing computers had ever been used for, I’d say it was worth it.
    For those who haven’t taken a peek, maybe “acid trip” was a poor simile. With more detail than the universe, I think it is a philosophical work…but is it art?

    Isn’t it grand that all the youngsters are now getting Covid in the summertime? Bring on the cases! The death numbers are dropping!
    After all, if immunity is not bestowed by getting it, A VACCINE CANNOT WORK.

    Re the elections in the US: they will be contentious, to say the least, and the people fighting each other to champion such “leadership” is low comedy, indeed.


    My parents: I fear the elections. Not even rationally. It’s like how animals feel pre-earthquake tremors that we don’t. Logically, as you well know, there is ample reason to fear them. But MOngo just wanna pee his pants. Like that real Wiley Coyote moment we’ve been talking about.

    Oh yeah, me like uber-deep fractals. NOt just pretty, not just hypnotic, but there’s something subconsciously semiotic about them. The medium is the message, said Marshall McLuhan in his terribly written book on media. Same with fractals. The fractality itself says something that my deeper intution understands but cannot report to the captain upstairs pretending to be in charge of me.


    The music and singing are pretty good for me, but… watch the video. See how foreign those people are to us. Can you imagine the crippled guys being shown that way today? Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it’s like a foreign language:

    A Little Jive


    Willaim Gibson said the internet was the most perfect time waster ever invented, and that’s what was so great about it, but sometimes, you gotta wonder:

    Farting Matilda

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