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    @ my parents said: thank you for posting the link to the Seneff paper. I slogged through it (not too bad since a lot of the pages are the references list). About 35% of the scientific minutiae is over my head, but even with my level of understanding it’s relatively easy to understand the *potential* outcomes of the vaccines. Serious stuff. These scientists are only asking us to take a step back and assess what we’re doing. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask.


    @ Bill7: is that actually Hillary? If it is (???) … I think it looks more like steriods (bloating) than just drinking. Knew someone years ago with Crohns and when she was forced to take steriods cause symptoms got bad she would blow up like that, then lose the bloat later when she could stop taking the meds.


    looks like a Clintoon to me, and agree that there’s likely a medical condition in play. I’m not above a little
    schadenfreude when it comes to that family.


    8. In 2013, the US Supreme Court reiterated the legal principle of informed consent
    in a case involving a citizen who refused to consent to a blood test. A blood sample was taken against his will on orders of a police officer. In a 6 to 3 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff — even as the justices recognized that both privacy and harm were minimal.
    Missouri vs McNeely, 569 US 141 (2013)

    “this Court has never retreated from its recognition that any compelled intrusion into
    the human body implicates significant, constitutionally protected privacy interests…”


    @ oxy, thank you for providing that legal precedent, even if it likely won’t make a difference. Can’t help but wonder where all the “citizens’ rights advocate” attorneys are in all of this. Another class of sycophants that I won’t forgive. The list is growing.


    @ Bill7, look at the bright side. No more old-age wrinkles. 😉


    @ I run in the sand, “If a vaccinated person gives blood, will spike proteins be present in the blood they donate?”

    Good question. Far more qualified commenters here can perhaps add their thoughts on your question. Personally? I believe we’ve contaminated our blood supply and anyone receiving transfusions right now is taking their chances (we’ve been through this before with blood supply). A copy/paste of current Red Cross guidelines follows. (Note the “provide manufacturer’s name” … not provide *proof* of manufacturer’s name.)

    “The Red Cross is following FDA blood donation eligibility guidance for those who receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Deferral times for donations may vary depending on which brand of vaccine you received.

    If you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine, you’ll need to provide the manufacturer name when you come to donate. In most cases, there is no deferral time for individuals who received a COVID-19 vaccine as long as they are symptom-free and feeling well at the time of donation.

    — The following eligibility guidelines apply to each COVID-19 vaccine received, including boosters: There is no deferral time for eligible blood donors who are vaccinated with a non-replicating inactivated or RNA-based COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by AstraZeneca, Janssen/J&J, Moderna, Novavax, or Pfizer.

    — Eligible blood donors who received a live attenuated COVID-19 vaccine or do not know what type of COVID-19 vaccine they received must wait two weeks before giving blood.”

    Doc Robinson

    • Half Of New Israel Covid-19 Cases In Last Month Were Fully Vaccinated

    Something odd which I noticed today:

    This month, the effective reproduction rate (R) for Israel soared from 0.79 to 2.29 (as of June 22).
    For Israel, this is the highest that R has been since March of 2020.
    Above 1.0 is bad news.
    The US is currently at 0.88, and Sweden is at 0.46, as of June 22.
    The US has been below 1.0 since mid-April of this year, and so has Greece (for example).

    Estimate of the effective reproduction rate (R) of COVID-19
    The reproduction rate represents the average number of new infections caused by a single infected individual. If the rate is greater than 1, the infection is able to spread in the population. If it is below 1, the number of cases occurring in the population will gradually decrease to zero.

    Link to graph showing this, where any country can be added:

    Doc Robinson

    Graph posted as image:


    Thank you for that Red Cross information.

    I asked Mark Edmunds, M.D. Chief Medical Officer of the Red Cross that same question a day ago.

    Here’s his response:

    “There is currently no way to know whether a blood component has been acquired from an unvaccinated or vaccinated donor, nor a donor that previously had COVID-19 and recovered, or not. This is because this information is not captured on blood component labels.

    Therefore, it is possible that a transfusion recipient could receive some small amount of antibodies against COVID-19 from blood components.

    Because the vaccine is injected extravascularly (into the deltoid muscle), it is thought that minimal, if any, residual vaccine components would be present in the blood stream at the time of blood donation. I am not aware of any studies involved in the testing of donated blood components for residual vaccine. None of the vaccines being administered for emergency use currently contain live virus nor virus capable of replication. There are no known risks imparted to the blood supply from donors who have received vaccine.”

    Thank you,


    Mark Edmunds, M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer


    Stephanie Seneff’s “Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19” is frightening. It has been half a century since I had a genetics course and most of this is new to me but I did not see any ideological red flags. This puts in one place all the dribbles and drabs that snuck through the corporate state PsyOps campaign on the intertubes. I simply cannot grasp how widespread use of mRNA Gene Therapy without any systematic follow-up was approved across the world. One thing for sure it involves money and is way beyond a conspiracy theory. It must include the human high caste’s engrained disdain of deplorable no-accounts.

    Doc Robinson’s Effective Reproduction Rate (R) graph with the USA less than 1 is good news but the Delta Spikes in highly vaccinated Israel and the UK (80% have one shot) indicate that solely relying on the mRNA vaccines to control the pandemic is a fallacy. A disastrous delta spike, flooding hospitals with patients again, and another lockdown appears to be approaching. With no Plan B, all one can do in the West is lower one’s possible exposure, build one’s immune system and pray that God is Rochelle P. Walensky’s, Anthony Fauci’s & Joe Biden’s copilot, Perhaps, this time, the USA will be a lucky country like Australia. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

    V. Arnold

    I have no idea what to make of this article; but, if true it bodes bad tidings and an unleashed horror…

    I read as much as I could take today (not much)…

    V. Arnold

    @V arnold: I replied to your reply on 6/24, in case you missed it.

    Yes, I saw your reply…thank you…


    Regarding beforeitsnews article…

    Seems heavy on fear tactics, light on facts.

    Um…PCR testing doesn’t require the long swab up the nose. And not all PCR testing sites use that method. I never subjected my teens to that method…I’m not sure I could induce them to endure it, certainly not more than once.

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