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    John French Sloan South Beach Bathers 1908   • Half Of New Israel Covid-19 Cases In Last Month Were Fully Vaccinated (INN) • Covid Success Storie
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 26 2021]


    Vera Sharav interview was mind blowing. Nothing short of terrifying in many ways. Reiner Fuellmich is a legend.
    Can’t remember who shared it but thanks so much. Also thanks for safety intel on horse paste – yes it is important that it doesn’t contain a cocktail – just ivermectin.


    “what sets the Holocaust apart from all other mass killings is the pivotal role played by the medical establishment”

    Vera Sharav


    Ha! I see I ran the “Half Of New Israel Covid-19 Cases In Last Month Were Fully Vaccinated” article two days in a row. Apologies. In a 7 days a week schedule, such things happen. I’ll leave it as is.

    Dr. D

    “…although 66% of Americans believe employees have a right to know if their co-workers have been vaccinated, 60% assert their vaccine status is “no one’s business but my own.”

    Most Americans Believe Vaccinated Should Be Required To Wear Masks At Work (F.) “

    These seem to be Hillary’s poll numbers. 60% think it’s private but 60% think it’s public and they should know. No one wears masks, no one cares, but everyone thinks we should wear masks. So we can “go back to normal” which is the reason we took the vaccine. 40% still fully mask? Well they sure aren’t out in public. Maybe “unchanged” means they never wore them in the first place.

    Hmmm. Look at the jab numbers. They have full uptake. Seems maybe half the nation refused. But this? Yup, it’s made up. Because they “polled” one town house in Brooklyn. …Not the Jewish one.

    “the actual effectiveness of the vaccines in preventing transmission of the virus (transmissibility) isn’t actually known?”

    Um, yeah, we do know. Vaccines don’t work. 50% of cases in UK, Israel, and Seychelles are vaccinated. Since probably 50% already have natural immunity, that’s a perfect loss.

    Revisiting the interview, Prions and not alive, unbreakable protein molecules maniacs have been obsessed with since they found them. The jab breaks down into three Prions which cannot be removed, and cause irreversible brain decay like Mad Cow. That’s what she’s suggesting so you get the gravity of it.

    Children Using Fruit Juice For ‘False Positive’ Covid Tests (Lecho)”

    Or a goat, or motor oil, or a papaya as one world leader showed. …Later found dead.

    “ECHO there is no evidence their pupils have been misusing the tests.”

    So the article is that students misused the test, but no one misused the test. Is this The Guardian or NY Times? “You sir! That newspaper is a liar!” “…but it’s YOUR newspaper, sir, your report.” “….Words mean only what I say they mean, when I mean them to say it.”

    “Narrative Soup (Kunstler)”

    They pulled Rudy’s license in the most corrupt state on earth, Funny and desperate. For what? For making an argument. “How dare lawyers make an argument! It’s unproven!” It’s unproven because it’s never been to court. “There’s no evidence” except for 400 personal witnesses and affidavits, plus live video, actual ballots, internet traffic, and everything else. “How dare lawyers bring evidence to court!”

    This is what you’ve got? What you’re reduced to? And you think, as K says, the people won’t withdraw all support for the Federal and re-localize?

    Kamala: “It’s not my first trip”.

    Opened mouth. Lie came out. At least she didn’t cackle fiendishly. She’d have to see kids in cages she rounded up and sold for that. Like old times!

    If you had a choice, wouldn’t you crash it under Biden and the DNC? What’s the hurry?

    The Fed is printing $1T a night to hold it together. $6T infrastructure plans are too small. $40T lost in the Federal budget isn’t enough to keep a lid on control. So are things nice and stable out there or what?

    V. Arnold

    “We’re poor little lambs who’ve lost our way, Baa! Baa! Baa! We’re little black sheep who’ve gone astray, Baa-aa-aa! Gentlemen-rankers out on the spree, Damned from here to Eternity, God ha’ mercy on such as we, Baa! Yah! Bah!”
    — Rudyard Kipling

    I’m so tired…
    In one fell swoop we lost almost everything…
    So tired…
    …but then…there is tomorrow.
    I love you tomorrow, you’re always a day away……


    Taibbi is telling Oxford are doing the trials on Ivermectin and eagerly awaits the results. I hope that goes well.

    Dr. D

    “Derek Chauvin’s sentence does nothing to address the real problem” –MSNBC

    You must keep burning down black neighborhoods until peace breaks out. Just like MLK said.

    P.S., the George Floyd area is a free-fire zone, with banana clips being shot off into houses regularly. …No police. Please disarm yourselves immediately, and the criminals will stop shooting you. Promise.

    “The ridiculous link people are making between the government UFO report and aliens” –MSNBC

    Just because there are flying UFOs with inhuman technology, and the official spokespeople say they totally, definitely don’t know who’s in them, means that we know exactly who’s in them: not aliens. We know because we officially don’t know, that’s how we know. Got it! Your cooperation is appreciated, citizen.

    ““The UFO report has landed — and the gov’t can’t explain 143 of 144 mysterious flying objects” –MSNBC

    143? We’ve been seeing them non-stop since 1945 or before, but there’s only been two a year? Uh-huh. Call me when you want to tell the truth about anything. After 80 years the world agrees: so bored and uninterested. So dumb. So don’t care.

    “Vandalism of New Brooklyn George Floyd Statue May be Hate Crime” –MSNBC

    Against a not-person. But breaking statues isn’t vandalism, it isn’t even a crime, it’s pure golden love. I heard.

    ONE news site, ONE hour, On and on, forever. Won’t stop the stupid and the madness. Or worse, “they” the institutions don’t notice when everybody else does.

    Also on the page, articles on “Best worldwide vacations” and “Swim trunks under $50”: I think they might be ads. So out of touch, let me see….You can eat for week in Charleston, or you can buy swim trunks you don’t need instead of using literally anything else. Including not having a pool, never having a vacation, and not having time for the swimmin’ hole. Eat / Don’t Eat. Eat / Don’t Eat. So hard. I know! I’ll sell meth and get both!

    This is what they mean about “clueless coastal elites” so out of touch even their smallest, innocuous unintended comments demonstrate how clueless they are, demonstrate overwhelming systemic violence, slavery, and utter contempt, casual, careless, laughable violence against…well, everyone. It’s not like the same people aren’t right there in Baltimore either: not eating. Congratulations, you’re one news cycle away from “Let them eat Cake” where even the women have had it and storm the school boards streets and kick out the French Assembly everyone.

    As you say: so tired. “WHO says Delta Variant…” Is there anything that can discredit these people?


    Medicating horses can raise the difficulty of getting them to ingest the medication. For a small amount of relatively tasteless medication, it might be added to the horse’s grain or pelleted food. With ivermectin, the horse would need to accept a large number of unpleasant pills. Good luck with that.
    The ivermectin horse gel is an attempt to get around that problem. The gel is supposed to stick to the inside of the horse’s oral cavity and mask somewhat the taste. The horse will end up swallowing the medication while trying to work that gel out of its mouth.
    Apple flavored or not, they don’t like the ivermectin gel. It’s best for the horse to start with an empty mouth. If they have been eating hay, they may have wads of hay sitting in their mouth. The ivermectin gel can end up mostly stuck on the hay wads, and the horse will spit them out.
    The manufacturers of these products don’t put information on the make up of the gel with their packages, and it may vary from one manufacturer to another. I suspect the gel is relatively inert.
    A farmer on YouTube has done a taste test and describes it as like eating petroleum jelly. The packages warn that humans should not eat this horse gel. The package may state that if a person should “accidentally” ingest the gel, that vomiting should be induced. I suppose that would not be necessary if one should “deliberately” ingest the gel.
    Ivermectin is also used in cattle and sheep. Some dog breeds cannot tolerate ivermectin. The safe dose for cats is very small.
    The tubes of horse ivermectin have traditionally cost about $3 or on sale for about $2. Since the information about the use of ivermectin for Covid -19 came out, the price of these tubes has gone up. There must be significant numbers of people around the world buying these tubes for personal use. Early last year, some enterprising profiteer bought up a supply of these tubes and was trying to sell them on E-bay for $30. Hoarding seems to have become a way of life.


    The Banality of Evil

    Dr Menegle is supposedly credited with killing approximately 16,000 thru medical experiments.

    Definitely a hanging offense.

    Fascist Fauci is responsible for at least hundreds of thousands of needless deaths, so far, from intentionally suppressing the use of HCQ and Ivermectin and don’t bother with Vit D and zinc and C.

    Not to mention the PTS effects of his dictates on the psychological health of children and the elderly dying alone and untouched by loved ones.

    A regular Monster’s Ball that Tony ‘the Jab’ Fauci has unleashed on humanity.


    I’ve taken horse paste weekly for months, not a pleasant taste but certainly not the end of the world. Compared to dying of Wu-flu it’s a bargain.

    To me it has the faint taste of quinine, bitter but not that big a deal.

    Try washing it down with Gin ;>)


    All that I want.,,,,
    The drug/vaccine/pill has no permanent negative side effects.
    The drug/vaccine/pill might be effective


    Lies are killing the believers/


    The villain ( a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot.)
    The rapid spread of the Delta variant in the UK and Israel showed the need for speedy vaccinations.


    Ivermectin works against all the known variants


    Ivermectin and HCQ and the other MATH protocol drug have a better survival rate than ANY of the so called ‘vaccines’.

    Try treating Covid with protocols known to work i.e. FLCCC


    Unproven drugs should not be given to the breeders, (woman, children), if the result would cause an unwanted culling

    What does breeder mean?

    1. an animal, plant, or person that produces offspring or reproduces.
    2. a person who raises animals or plants primarily for breeding purposes.
    (A breeder is a person who selectively breeds carefully selected mates, normally of the same breed to sexually reproduce offspring with specific, consistently replicable qualities and characteristics.)

    Maxwell Quest

    Oroboros said: “Fascist Fauci is responsible for at least hundreds of thousands of needless deaths, so far, from intentionally suppressing the use of HCQ and Ivermectin and don’t bother with Vit D and zinc and C.”

    Yes, and Fauci is just the media spokesperson, not unlike Biden, whom powerful people manipulate from behind the scenes like a ventriloquist dummy. Just imagine how many others are aware of this murderous farce, and just go along because it is either profitable or convenient? All equally guilty.

    And they wonder why the aliens only venture out of their UFOs only when several miles from the nearest murderous human. And then only the bravest of the brave, who have chosen to ignore the galactic warning beacon posted outside our solar system:

    *** WARNING *** Humans on third planet, enter at your own risk!


    Dogs and ivermectin,,, if the dog has heart worms….
    the problem is dead worms in heart muscle
    When I had ccp virus for 3rd time, 2 months ago, ivermectin (whinney)
    made the acute phase be only 1 week
    From slight differences was probably a different strain
    There was a chronic sequelae, after a month took a second series


    prof wrote in prev. thread:

    Madamski noted:

    “It intriques me that Russia is pushing vaccination so hard. My hypothesis: they are scared of covid variants driven by the selection pressure imposed by mRna “vaccines”, so much so that they will risk considerable political fallout at the polls by imposing harsh measures to get them all vaccinated with a real vaccine that will help the body fight covid variants. They take people like Bossche seriously, methinks.”

    But I would also add that here in Moscow at least, the traditional low credibility of the authorities ensures that voluntary compliance will be limited.

    General comment…

    There is an element of mimicry and competition inherent in this whole ‘reactions to covid’ and particularly vaxs, business. A kind of hysteria and group-think has taken hold, and it reaches high up, way beyond your frightened glued-to-TV watcher.

    Of course, tremendous pressure via long-implemented corruption play a role. Corruption and partial take-over of int’l med bodies like WHO, country ‘ministers’, advisory, regulatory, control boards, Doc. associations, and many more.

    The end result is pressure to vax, thru manipulation and propaganda, making Gvmts., those in authority needing to be seen to ‘act smartly’, provide solutions, do the ‘right thing.’

    A ‘miracle potion’ (here a vax) is essentially a standard move to deal with a crisis (covid is not dire.. though I suppose made to seem so comes down to the same thing.. other topic..)

    Plus, not to forget that Gvmts readily embrace reasons to impose restrictions, control, corral ppl, etc., and that profiteers, Big Tech for ex. producing covid digital passes, will jump eagerly on board to make money (or joined the planning long ago..) This is corp-state melding, an aberration, extremism, of the center.

    Vaxs have become politicized, with countries / blocs only recognizing -abc- vaxs. Typically the West refusing to certify Russian, Chinese vaxs as effective or ‘acceptable.’ In this way, vaxs are assimilated to lowly consumer products (blocks on trade, monopolies) that exist merely for some to make a profit. It is clear that medical / effectiveness considerations play NO ROLE whatsoever.

    Russia is not immune (sic), it is not outside this circuit and accepts the terms of the competition.


    Denninger shows they can only manipulate the data so much before they get found out. NC State had to forfeit a game against Vanderbilt recently due to what was likely vaccinated players spreading COVID. Not conclusive how this cluster began, but testing (at least for the NCAA) will have to include both now.

    So in other words:

    1. The team members originally subject to testing were only subject to testing because they refused to risk having their heart destroyed by the jabs (along with the risk of occlusive strokes and similar.) Thus the NCAA demanded they, and only they, have swabs shoved up their nose.

    2. This shoving of swabs “disclosed” (such as it is, knowing the PCR false-positive and not-infectious-but-positive problems) two “infections”, neither of which were in obviously-ill people.

    3. That prompted the testing of those who were coerced into taking the risk of heart failure via the jabs and when they were tested, all of whom were allegedly immune which is the claimed outcome of such jabs and the claimed reason to let someone give you them, it was disclosed they were in fact not immune at all and four of those people were also positive.

    In other words the shots are worthless to prevent acquisition and propagation of the disease; their failure rate in doing so is enormous and their efficacy in that regard is nowhere near the percentages claimed by all the *******s involved, including Vanderbilt, the CDC, TNDOH and others. There are 35 players on a D1 roster by NCAA rules so at best the jabs failed to prevent acquisition and propagation of the virus more than 11% of the time and it likely is worse than that since the odds are high a third or more of the players had pre-existing immunity via prior infection, most without knowing it, before they got jabbed. This in turn means that the likely actual failure rate for sterilizing immunity is probably somewhere between 30-50% while the science thus far for infection-conferred sterilizing immunity (study out of the Cleveland Clinic) is nearly 100%.



    The long lived macrophage reprogramming is very thick with medical jargon and concepts that are not easy to follow. If anyone here is adept at this jargon a simple lay-person explanation would be appreciated.

    From what I gather..

    The Covid spike protein can act as a very powerful allergen.
    The vaccines that cause the body to produce the spike protein are super-sensitizing individuals to the s protein.

    What I’m not certain about..

    Covid infection also causes super-sensitization to S protein?
    Is there a difference between the macrophages that develop whether they are from infection or vaccine?
    “T he host will have a devastating NLRP3 inflammasome activation” – are we talking about a vaccinated host subsequently getting Covid infection? A Covid survivor getting reinfected with variant? Covid naive getting infected with variant?
    Are the pictures of the red and blue people just illustrating that if you have neither been infected with Covid nor had the vaccine and your cells are cultured that they will show that you are not primed to allergically to the Covid spike protein, and that if you have been Covid infected that you have also been primed to allergically react to Covid spike protein? If so, wouldn’t that mean that Covid survivors injected with the vaccine would be having allergic reactions constantly? Or does this inflammosome reaction only occur with future Covid infection?

    I have so many questions that I don’t know where to begin.


    Mae culpa. I forgot to put the Blog post portion in quotes.


    “There is an element of mimicry and competition inherent in this whole ‘reactions to covid’ and particularly vaxs, business. A kind of hysteria and group-think has taken hold, and it reaches high up, way beyond your frightened glued-to-TV watcher.”

    I would presume that Russian decision makers had access to information to suspect the following:

    The virus was man made in China, likely a weaponized.
    The body count in Wuhan would visit Russia.
    Treatments are too late, immunizing in advance is preferable.
    CCP hierarchy likely protected themselves, with something resembling a vaccine.
    Consult the latest research from China for clues on functional vaccines.

    The fog of war.

    Charles Alban

    just to set the record straight on Dr. Mengele. far from being some kind of sadistic monster, he was a hero working tirelessly to stem the typhus epidemic decimating the camps. the typhus was spread by head and body lice, hence the showers, which really were showers, and the professional barbers on the payrolls of all the camps. he strengthened the rations of the camp inmates to better ward off the disease to the extent that they were better nourished than the average civilian German, and installed a microwave device to kill the lice. the Zyklon-B is a slow acting insecticide most unsuitable for killing humans that was used to disinfect the lice infested clothing. nearly all the deaths in the camps were caused by disease, mainly typhus, exacerbated by Allied bombing disrupting the supplies to the camps. in other words, we are responsible for most of the deaths. and more German POWs in Allied camps died, also of typhus, than in combat. i know the truth is not popular, but it’s time it came out.

    Dr. D

    Speaking of France:


    I watched Mercola’s entire Seneff interview, and two things were recommended for those who took the injection/s and want to stave off potential problems. (starting at 1 hour in):
    1. Mercola says to take a sauna every day, and then shower.
    2. Both recommended intermittent fasting- that is, eat only four days a week, or eat only during a 6-8 hour period (lunch and dinner only.)
    Just thought I’d pass it on. It was a worthwhile listen.
    Here’s her paper.


    Got some weirdness going on in my version of TAE. “Participant” is to the right and the font is different.


    Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, Professor of Epidemiology Yale University on HCQ in the US

    madamski cafone

    Real life interfering with kovid narratives: record heatwave in the Portland metroplex. Apt swimming pool just reopened last week. Covid lockdown lost the mngmnt many tenants but trecently regained 100% occupancy. Yesterday, the pool was full of Mexican families of legendary size.

    This am, a few of us elderly gals tested the waters. Mucho diaper paper. Chlorine is powerful stuff.

    If you’d made a Beware Kovid remark at that moment, you would’ve been laughed off the diving board.

    Waddya know. He really IS science!



    Bounty Hunting

    Handy Fauci fact summary:

    Believe Your Own Eyes About Fauci E-Mails, Not the Fact Checkers

    And finally, Whole Lotta Lester


    Nothing stays the same.
    The heat must be melting my layout.


    For anyone interested in learning more about Dr Malone’s background and his concerns, Del Bigtree posted a great Highwire interview with Malone on Bitchute. It’s Episode 221: The mRNA insider (note: Highwire posts varying segments of their full show. I searched to find the segment that is only the Malone interview. The video is about 1:39:00).

    @V arnold: I replied to your reply on 6/24, in case you missed it.


    This clip is a month old but a good summary of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s legal case against the medical mafia running the Covid Op

    Someone has to summarize the legal case against organized medical tyranny.

    Mr. House

    who has a corner on the hate market?

    Last summer Nancy Pelosi was calling republicans enemies of the state. All of the hate in the past 10 years has come from the left. A few months ago i told madamski i wouldn’t take a side when the backlash happens, but that doesn’t mean i won’t enjoy watching some of it. Everybody has a big mouth until somebody punches ya.


    Another example of medical tyranny. Where does it end? Do we try the lawyers advising these health systems as well?

    “On June 23rd Dr Christian was called into a Zoom meeting with other senior members of the faculty and representatives of the Saskatchewan public health authority. In this meeting he was informed of his immediate suspension and upcoming termination.

    Wisely, Dr Christian recorded the entirety of the audio and uploaded it to a public dropbox, we will embed it below.”

    Canadian surgeon FIRED for voicing safety concerns over Covid jabs for children

    Mr. House

    Good news!

    Sadly i don’t think we’ll catch fauci smooching any married ladies. Then again, his emails are actually worse then smooching a married woman, how is it he isn’t fired and in jail?


    > Then again, his [Fauci’s] emails are actually worse then smooching a married woman, how is it he isn’t fired and in jail? <

    Because he’s doing a superb job for his real employers? Just a guess.


    If a vaccinated person gives blood, will spike proteins be present in the blood they donate?


    Goya-esque, not that there’s a thing wrong with that.


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