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    Ervin Marto Paris 1950   • Liar Liar: The Protest Song Is Back (CaptainSKA) • The Magic Money Tree Exists (MMM) • The Basics of Modern Money (MMB
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    Now I know!

    We can call printing by gov. and banks a “MONEY TREE”

    Jef Jelten

    If the Gov creates money then why do we have to pay tens of trillions of dollars in interest most of which goes to banks?


    @ Jef

    A revolution would be required to remove the cash flow from the rich.


    “Construction work on a $7.9bn project to develop a sprawling coastal Olympics complex and Athens’s former airport will begin in six months”

    As a kid, on leaving Egypt, my family lived outside Athens in this area – Glyfada. Athens airport was between us and the city. The airport was shared between the civilians and the USAF. The runway ran almost down to the sea and they had traffic lights to stop the very limited traffic when planes were landing or taking off – gives you an idea of how air travel was a luxury.

    The Greek king Constantine married his Danish princess while we were there. Prince Charles was put up in a beach bungalow at Glyfada beach – where we used to go swimming. The modernist dining area of the beach used to play “the twist”. American pilots would be dancing like crazy with their girls wearing bikinis. We had never seen anything like it. There were so many more young people in those days. One day, a girl in a monokini went down to the water and everyone clapped her.

    BTW, the son of Onassis was killed much later while taking off from that same runway. I guess they ran out of runway. Onassis was never the same again. Some say he was responsible.


    Western climate change alarmists won’t admit they are wrong

    Devastating stuff – by someone who understands how the media works.


    Ah, the Twist era, when people were thin. @Nassim, thanks for the video clip!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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