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    Roy Lichtenstein Femme d’Alger 1963   • UK Press Gang Up On Jeremy Corbyn In Election Day Coverage (G.) • US Market Risk Is Highest Since Pre-200
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    Pepe Escobar explains – correctly – what is really going on with Qatar.

    Trump’s Sword Dance Sets Off the War of the Wahhabis

    I have not seen anything so amusing for a long time. Here is what we have on each side:

    Qatar, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Oman and the UK


    Saudi Arabia, Israel, the UAE, Egypt and the USA

    This is beyond a farce. The so-called “intelligence” services of the UK are now at loggerheads with the Americans and Israelis. Qatar is an offshoot of the ex-Empire (like the UAE and Bahrain). They own Harrods and much of London’s choice addresses. 🙂

    Kuwait – an invention of the British – is trying mediate between irreconcilables.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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