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    Ray K. Metzker Marseille 1961   • US Drones Gather Data For Kiev’s Future Strikes On Russia – Ambassador (TASS) • Saudi-Iranian Détente Is a Wake
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    Just Some Randomer

    Looks like it’s the European banks in the firing line today, SocGen down 7%, BNP down 8%, Credit Suisse nearly -11% and so on across the board this morning

    Seems the Fed’s magic money fix for SVB has not entirely quietened things down.

    Mister Roboto

    Well, it has been about three years since society in the US started going “Covid crazy”, and last year about this time when the “mushy middle” began the process of snapping out of it and moving on to the next concern-fad (in this case, the Russo-Ukrainian War). So a year out from that time, I think it’s safe to say that Covid Is Over, demonstrated by the fact that deflationista’s shrieking, hectoring, and braying are now but a dim memory on TAE (if that was even really the original deflationista).

    However, the task of making the harmful nature of the mRNA Covid vaccines into common knowledge remains before us. The challenge there is that more than two-thirds of the population got fully vaxxed, and I can’t entirely blame people for being reluctant to face up to what awful harm might have been done to them by the institutions they trusted and put enormous pressure on people to get vaxxed. I predict this will take, at the very least, until the July 4 holiday, because that was about the time last year that the current critical mass of fully vaxxed people was reached, varying somewhat on a state-by-state basis.

    Mister Roboto

    Dr. D

    Cathie Wood’s ARKK Recorded Largest Inflows In Years As SVB Collapsed “

    Holy crap they like losing money! And why not? J Pow and everybody will bail them out. Every thing, for every dollar, up to trillions. As long as they’re not from Ohio.

    “We now have financial records showing Biden family members receiving money from CCP connected individuals.”

    Great, except no one will care. They’ve picked their side, POWER, right or wrong.

    School in the 70s or 90s. They have no medical curiosity. Not the slightest concern for child’s safety or even sudden death. Haven’t in generations. They are diabolically opposed to finding out which direction and “going back.” Why?

    The U.S. has departed from a rational path.” -China

    Polite and restrained. We left that path in 2002 if not before.

    “Glazyev: ‘The Road To Financial Multipolarity Will Be Long And Rocky’ (Escobar) “

    What I said yesterday.

    Wagner/Bakhmut. Instead of strangling NPD/Soulless psychopath infants in the cradle, perhaps we can put them to good use? They are capable of great things although having a disability, need to be monitored. Why not let them be heroes instead of rotting, tortured, and very costly in prison?

    Also, see the “failure” of the Russian Army, claimed to be corrupt, etc, so Russia appears to be using Wagner for their things, and the Russian Army for a different thing. That’s going well. Later, they can roll Wagner into the general army and spread their culture.

    “Russia cannot abandon the Russian-speaking population and it is fighting for the Russian world”

    The West had planned standard practice (of aggressively attacking and murdering everyone). Slice off each sub-group, sub-ethnicity one by one. Ukraine, but before that Belarus, and after the war started, tried Belarus again. A week before the war, tried to peel off Khazakstan. Now Georgia. …Unless you think all nations on earth died by coincidence, all in order, one by one. Americans: “Foreign Nations? I can’t name three. Canada, Westeros…”

    “No One Seems to Care That Zelensky Is Closing Down Churches and Throwing Christians in Jail”

    Biden is doing that to Catholics right here. While claiming to be one. Then when caught is proud of it. So…no? He has complete approval of the entire Blue to attack all (other) religions (than theirs) at any and every time. Justin is doing it in Canada, and DeBlasio was shutting down the Jews in NY. The only thing that matters is you’re not THEIR religion. A weirdo death cult of lies.

    no decompression chamber, no dive, no story.”

    Yes, but no one cares. That’s the truth, they love lies, and like any con man, tell you what you want to hear so you’ll say “yes.” They don’t WANT to check. They don’t WANT to know, as proven by how they’ll attack you for warning them. THEY WANT LIES. And war. And worldwide nuclear exchange with the murder of 6 billion people, especially all the children and the whole ecology forever. This seems good, just, right, and reasonable to them.

    …So telling a little white lie in the beginning to get there and accomplish it doesn’t register. Get a grip.

    30-50% of the West is in this category. I meet them every day. They’re not “racist” as they say: they are happy to murder everybody. Right there in WalMart if they could.

    “announced new sanctions against the import of Russian aluminum and steel.”

    High prices for Canada. Low prices for Ecuador and Chile. Sold!

    • Defending Ukraine Not Key US Interest – DeSantis (RT) “

    DeSantis channeling his inner George Bush, running on “less government interference and no foreign wars”? Whatever they say, they immediately do the #Opposite. (“Drain the Swamp”)

    “Government is introducing CBDCs”

    Reading that list (which is true) shows that it’s impossible. In six hours some new item would become “money”. What would you give the grandkids? Amazon cards? What will political bribes and prostitutes be paid in? Drug bags. Even if it’s cans of tuna, in a single day that new thing will exist. They are trying to outlaw HUMAN NATURE (again, as they just can’t learn. They are like an alien race, inhuma, insect hive-like.). They are outlawing “Capitalism.” Newsflash: you can’t. No one ever has, never, not even for one minute. It’s called “The Black Market.” I’ll make more money then than ever, and the government is less powerful when it’s around. Ask Capone.

    Anyway, their lovely CBDCs? How did Nigeria do with that? Oh, it was the most epic failure in the history of the world? Everyone moved to Bitcoin? Then they outlawed cash, put pressure on, pissed off the nation and STILL go no uptake for their stupid ideas? Tell me again how “They said” and therefore “We lost.” “Come and Make Me.”

    “reducing requirements for bank buffers was one of the few ways to prevent the stimulus addicted lending sector from plummeting.”

    Raise your hand if you were around in 2001 and said the Fed would never stop easing. That this was a one-way trap. Like Bakhmut, they can hold on a long time, longer than anyone imagined, yet the end is always the same. “All inflations end” “

    “Continued inflation inevitably leads to catastrophe.”,

    “inflation is not an act of God, that inflation is not a catastrophe of the elements or a disease that comes like the plague. Inflation is a policy.””

    “Inflation is the fiscal complement of statism and arbitrary government. It is a cog in the complex of policies and institutions which gradually lead toward totalitarianism .”

    “Inflation has always been an important resource of policies of war and revolution and why we also find it in the service of socialism.”

    “But then, finally, the masses wake up. They become suddenly aware of the fact that inflation is a deliberate policy and will go on endlessly. A breakdown occurs. The crack-up boom (Katastrophenhausse) appears. Everybody is anxious to swap his money against “real” goods, no matter whether he needs them or not, no matter how much money he has to pay for them.

    Within a very short time, within a few weeks or even days, the things which were used as money are no longer used as media of exchange. They become scrap paper. Nobody wants to give away anything against them.” –Mises Human Action, Scholar’s Edition, pp. 423–425.

    The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.” — Ernest Hemingway

    “By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.” — John Maynard Keynes, while recommending this policy.

    “In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.” — Alan Greenspan, who used his pal, Summers, to break the gold pricing mechanism with $4 QUADRILLION dollars in unmonitored derivatives make sure.

    Oh wait, I’m sorry: Nobody Knoood. Espeically not us, living under a bridge, saying this since 1994 when Alan printed to get Bill elected.

    So why? “[Americans] hate inflation but love everything that causes it.” William E. Simon

    And! Remember this! “It’s all Trump’s fault!!!”

    “Apparently, Silicon Valley investors and startups are too big to lose money when they take risks.”

    Yes, when Ohio Bank goes down the same you’ll see an amazing LACK of bailing out. That’s with Ohio not being so idiotic, glue-sniffing, pin-headed to leave amounts over $250k in there, so we won’t bail the FDIC levels either. Watch.

    It’s unrolling now.

    Peace in Iran and Saudi. Just as if Trump was in. He was after this and got some things started. Can’t say it’s connected, now I just keep an eye out for things.

    ““reckless” maneuvers which resulted in the MQ-9 drone being struck and crashing”

    How can it be “reckless” when there’s no pilot at risk? They’re clutching pearls for the Russian MIG Pilots now?

    I find it hilarious, correct me if this isn’t what border pilots are supposed to do. Come to think of it though: they can’t get out the side of the plane with a gas gan, what technically could they mean by “fuel dumping”? They cooked it with the after burners? Because a refueling jet goes IN, not out.

    “we call on the Russians to conduct themselves professionally and safely,” Hecker [said]

    This is after sending a drone 5,000 miles around the world to a country we’re not supposed to be invading. Without a transponder, which is itself a high risk. As in, intentional provocation that can continue the path to a worldwide nuclear exchange.

    “Why Not Let Banks Fail?” -Article

    Why not insure them? I know that’s uncharacteristic of me, but why not? They pay their own fees, collect in these unusual events. Why? For one, all bank crisis events cluster. But mostly because the existing FDIC insurance is a fraud. Its government-run, which allows it to be criminally mis-priced. Then like Fannie Mae, when it reaches its limits they just turn on the printing press and keep going, exactly as they’ve done, caving in just 24 hours this week. Because it’s not a scandal, the SVB execs who 1) Insider traded a day before then, 2) Gave themselves options ahead of failure, both felonies, are never prosecuted and clawed back to investors already made whole. Essentially the government bailout pays their insider trading and options, and worse, they know it, do it, and are correct. “They Knew it” It wasn’t a bailout, it was the plan. — Mark Baum, The Big Short.

    “..Any bank has a problem of keeping its asset valuations higher than its deposit liabilities. When the Fed raises interest rates sharply enough to crash bond prices, the banking system’s asset structure weakens. That is the corner into which the Fed has painted the economy by QE.”

    This is a Federal, legal requirement.By LAW. That is, the GOVERNMENT. Up to the BIS even. THEY decide what assets you are allowed to hold, what is “Tier 1” or not. THEY said Treasuries, which are about to crater, you are REQUIRED to hold. Gold you are not allowed to hold (basically, they’ve made this quite clear). Definitely not other commodities. In a turn (which happens twice the 70 year Kondritieff Cycle) the only thing that goes up in a financial crash is commodities. And even that may not be by price (price of food dropped in the Depression, although relative cost rose).

    They legally REQUIRED this collapse. Then they trade and politically capitalize on it. Same as REQUIRE the stock/bond ratios for investors, particularly retirement, knowing for a mathematical fact that bonds will default.

    The Fed’s program to rate collapsing (must collapse) Treasuries “at par” I’m sure is why this is not the “Big One” in the “Monday morning closure” sense. But I haven’t fully thought it through yet. It is straight inflation and puts risk on the currency. But the world reserve currency, which still falls last.

    Again when they talk “mismatched” that is via “numeric” only. The relative value of a bond could go to a million as “money” “liquidity” is in shortage. But if it’s number price falls 30% it still collapses. That is, $100 bond now can buy $1,000 worth of bacon, as in a Depression money is in demand. However its market trading value is $70. Collapse via leverage although the bank is “worth” 10x what it was before. Gold used to solve these problems. It would revalue, and it was the currency.


    The détente between Saudi Arabia and Iran—with China playing a facilitating role—is not as momentous as Richard Nixon’s visit to China in 1972, Anwar Sadat’s trip to Jerusalem in 1977, or the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

    China did nothing, the two parties had been talking for a long time before China got involved. China’s role was to provide cover from the USA for both Saudi and Iran, MBS having signalled his intention to walk away from the USA, but you can only do that with strong friends: Russia and China. Interestingly, all the Chinese I have spoken to are really proud of this deal, it has been a suprisingly huge win for Xi internally. The Chinese see China becoming a major player in the world and they like it. I am totally unconvinced.


    “Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly admitted that the long term goal of western involvement in Ukraine is not merely to see Moscow defeated, but to enact “regime change” in Russia.”

    They may want to stop and take a look around their own nation. It would seem that regime change is wanted at home.
    The Canada-wide survey of 1,021 people found that 51 per cent of people want the federal Liberals to replace Mr. Trudeau, while a quarter want him to stay on.
    Nearly half (49 per cent) of Canadians want a federal election in 2023, according to a poll conducted just before Christmas by Ipsos. What’s more, 54 per cent of respondents would want that election to not feature Justin Trudeau as Liberal leader.

    D Benton Smith

    Some folks see the consolidation of banks as another example of Big Fish eating Little Fish in a display of Imperial aggression and the heralding of an age of Central Bank Digital Currency and redoubled acts of unprovoked tyranny.

    I see it as the Castle’s final retreat into a last and final defensive Keep, from which it is now unable to project its weakened forces to recapture or rule the land from which it just fled in disorganized retreat. And in which it will starve to death, as meanwhile it’s former subjects reclaim and rebuild the surrounding countryside and work out a nice myth to describe what once was a bastion of power and now is an unmarked barrow grave full of bones.


    Of course the west isn’t to be out done:

    The RAF and German Typhoon jets were reacting to a Russian air-to-air refuelling aircraft after it failed to communicate with Estonian air traffic control in the Baltic Sea, and as it approached NATO airspace.

    The Russian Il-78 Midas plane was intercepted as it was flying between St Petersburg and Kaliningrad. The NATO jets were later redirected to also intercept a Russian Russian Antonov 148 military transport aircraft that was also passing close to Estonian air space, the RAF said in a release on Wednesday.


    Former US natsec advisor Robert O’Brien calls on the US to destroy Taiwan semiconductor factories if China invades

    Destroying Taiwan’s semiconductor industry would amount to a sabotage of the global economy, far worse than the US bombing of Nordstream

    TSMC makes chips for most of the USA’s semiconductor companies. Companies like AMD do not make their own semiconductors, they do the design but outsource the manufacture to TMSC which uses manufacturing machines (the size of rooms) from the Netherlands to make the chips. If TMSC were to be destroyed then the USA semiconductor industry (what the US people call the “Global semiconductor industry” because they are ignorant) will suffer serious damage until replacement factories are built.


    “Great, except no one will care. They’ve picked their side, POWER, right or wrong.” Dr. D
    Great, except no one will care. We’ve picked our side, POWER, right or wrong.

    Dr. this should be your byline, add a little Murrow or Harvey flair! (smiley thing)


    I am of the same generation as Harris, the courageous draft resister and anti-war campaigner who died on February 6. Like him, many of us who were of draft age then have never been able to extricate the horror of that war from our minds. Most, I suppose, but surely not those who went to Vietnam to fight, just moved on and allowed the war to disappear from their consciousness as they perhaps tried to think of it as a “mistake” and to live as if all the constant American wars since weren’t happening. As for the young, the war against Vietnam is ancient history, and if they learned anything about it in school, it was erroneous for sure, a continuation of the lie.

    But it was no mistake; it was an intentional genocidal war waged to torture, kill, and maim as many Vietnamese as possible and to use drafted (enslaved) American boys to do the killing and suffer the consequences. It’s Phoenix Program, the CIA’s assassination and torture operation, became the template for Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, CIA black sites, hybrid wars, terrorist actions, etc. up to today. Harris writes:

    [that] . . . . “calling the war a mistake is the fundamental equivalent of calling water wet or dirt dirty. . . . Let us not lose sight of what really happened. In this particular ‘mistake,’ at least 3 million people died, only 58,000 of whom were Americans. These 3 million people died crushed in the mud, riddled with shrapnel, hurled out of helicopters, impaled on sharpened bamboo, obliterated in carpets of explosives dropped from bombers flying so high they could only be heard and never seen; they died reduced to chunks by one or more land mines, finished off by a round through the temple or a bayonet through the throat, consumed by sizzling phosphorous, burned alive by jellied gasoline, strung up by their thumps, starved in cages, executed after watching their babies die, trapped on the barbed wire calling for their mothers. They died while trying to kill, they died while trying to kill no one, they died heroes, they died villains, they died at random, they died most often when someone who had no idea who they were killed them under the orders of who had even less idea than that.

    That’s the truth. Unvarnished. But such historical truth hurts to consider, for it reminds us that the belief in the U.S.A.’s good intentions is a delusion. The war against Vietnam was immoral, but even that word fails to grasp it. Pure evil is truer. And to consider that war on military terms alone, one must accept the fact the U.S. lost the war despite all its military technology.


    So what happens to our minds when we allow a single tool such rule over our perception and thinking? Scientists have begun exploring that question–and what they’re discovering is both (very interesting) and troubling. Not only do our phones control our thoughts in deep and complicated ways, but the effects (continue to exist/continue to do something hard or annoying) even when we aren’t using the devices. As the brain grows dependent on the technology, the research suggests, the thinking ability weakens. ‘The division of attention stops/interferes with thinking and performance.’

    Adrian Ward, a thinking-related mind doctor and marketing professor at the University of Texas at Austin, has been studying the way smartphones and the internet affect our thoughts and judgments for ten years. In his own work, as well as that of others, he has seen increasing (event(s) or object(s) that prove something) that using a smartphone, or even hearing one ring or vibrate, produces a lot of (objects or actions that interfere with mental focus) that makes it harder to (focus mental and physical effort) on a hard problem or job. The division of attention stops/interferes with thinking and performance.

    A 2015 Journal of Experimental (the study of thinking and behavior) study, involving 166 subjects, found that when
    people’s phones beep or buzz while they’re in the middle of a challenging job, their focus shifts back and forth, and their work gets sloppier–whether they check the phone or not. Another 2015 study, which involved 41 iPhone users and appeared in the Journal of Computer-Helped settle (an argument) Communication, showed that when people hear their phone ring but are unable to answer it, their blood pressure spikes, their pulse quickens, and their problem-solving skills decline.


    Our leaders are incompetent, deaf, dumb and blind to govern any military/social/economic/political systems.

    It goes around. Watch pi day, (3/14). (We survived the 70′, 80′.)
    Biden’s Black Budget….. new QE …. spike in inflation once again, crushing the middle class.
    Trading was “stopped” on some banks in Europe.

    • Democrats Scramble To Find A Scapegoat For The Bank Crisis (ZH)
    Republicans and Democrats needed to “work together to protect the safety of the financial system”, which is likely a thinly veiled assertion that Republicans must support raising the debt ceiling and commit to even more spending.
    USA Spying drone destroyed by Russia.
    War Mongers, (both parties), scream, Start WWIII.
    • US Drones Gather Data For Kiev’s Future Strikes On Russia – Ambassador (TASS)

    (I’m too big and too old to hide under a school desk)

    Try the path to a cease fire and peace.

    • Ukraine Doesn’t Have the Resources for a Counteroffensive (Antiwar)



    in an effort to lend credence to a fellow’s reputation as an oracle:

    for straight is the gate and narrow the path that leads harsh dissonance to lyrical harmony

    my parents, our family, sacrificed so that six of my first eight years of education were within a parochial school system. As i entered into my freshman year at The Home of Social Engineering my parents were chagrined to discover that i had actually learned and believed what they had sacrificed to provide for me.

    now fifty eight years later and fifty years of seeking and hoping to reach the straight gate i find that there is nothing new under the sun. Much to the chagrin of most i meet today i still have learned and belief what my parents sacrificed to provide for me. Seek a peace that exceeds understanding and you will find it, seek the world and her troubles and you will be rewarded. One is free to choose a path and express their experience, one who chooses another path will have a separate experience.

    Pursuit of the world and her troubles following the tenets of THE BUSINESS of FAITH leads to bitterness. Hans Christian Anderson’s story is of course a metaphor for those who deny faith. Those of fatih can see those other lives and the reality they hope to construct.

    “I do not pretend to understand the moral universe; the arc is a long one, my eye reaches but little ways; I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by the experience of sight, I can divine it by conscience. And from what I see I am sure it bends towards justice.”
    Theodore Parker

    Michael Reid

    discuss the state of consciousness summed up in the word “enchantment,” the condition in which the world is experienced as alive, conscious, and magical

    The Destiny of Disenchantment

    D Benton Smith

    @MichaelReid What a temptation to say that the linked essay on enchantment was enchanting, (ref: #131313) but the fact of the matter is that it really was. When read with the vantage of the Hermitic principle of polarity it is especially cool. Thank you kindly.

    D Benton Smith

    People of every kind are just pouring out of the collapsing heap of the old Empire. I suppose they have as many reasons and motives for their exit as there are people escaping, but they all have certain things in common. First of all, they hit that line where enough was just f*ing ENOUGH! And secondly they are aware that their former friends are a pack of pathological liars.

    Doc Robinson

    Following the train fire in Ohio, independent testing finds carcinogens which the EPA supposedly didn’t find.

    An independent environmental firm has identified “probable carcinogens” in river water around East Palestine that it says the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency did not find.

    Justin Johnston with Pittsburgh-based Big Pine Consultants has been on the ground since the early days following the Feb. 3 Norfolk Southern train derailment.

    The Ohio EPA shared the results of its air and water testing but Johnston decided to collect samples on his own. He says his tests found low levels of six “probable carcinogens” that the Ohio EPA didn’t detect.

    “These can be dangerous in very small amounts,” Johnston said. “The goal is zero.”…

    According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), there is no safe level of exposure to these types of chemicals.

    Johnston says it could be a long time before the impact of these chemicals is truly known.



    The US are making strange claims – that the Russian fighter clipped off its propeller or discharged fuel into its engine! Miraculous and suicidal flying at several hundred miles an hour.

    The Russians say it was just coincidence but I suspect the Russians did affect the aircraft.

    Many years ago a Russian general said Russian fighters were equipped with an EMP weapon, or they may know the command codes for the Reaper.

    It will drive the Americans mad wondering how the Russian brought it down with no contact! Are their Reapers useless?


    Was going to recommend the Ecosophia link to DBS and Michael Reid this AM. Glad to see it here. Also happy to be in the company of Seekers.

    It is my understanding (through experience) that there are many Paths to Truth, any road will take you there. To choose one and BE PRESENT with it in the experience of daily living – in thought/word/deed, produces awareness/understanding/knowledge/truth.

    The Destiny of Disenchantment is death, making room for Enchantment. Like all cycles, recognition of where you’re/we’re at is helpful. This quote from the article holds WISDOM in weathering the storm.

    “Most of us, I hope, recognize that one of the basic tests of personal maturity is the recognition that we will all die someday, after something like the ordinary human lifespan, and our hopes and dreams and decisions about the future need to take that hard but inescapable reality into account. Societies that recognize the equally hard and inescapable realities of decline and fall can make adjustments and preparations that can cushion the descent and simplify the rebirth on the far side of the process—a mastery of that way of thinking, guided by a richly complex understanding of time…”

    We can BE THE ENCHANTMENT WE SEEK. Why not start now?

    LOVE to All Road Warriors.

    D Benton Smith

    About that crashed Reaper drone. The Russians are belly laughing up their sleeves so hard that it’s making their belly ache BECAUSE they know that USA knows exactly how it crashed (the Ruskies hacked into it, took control, flew it into the drink without breaking a sweat) BUT CAN’T COMPLAIN BECAUSE IT WOULD EXPOSE THE HIGH TECH BIG TICKET SUPER-DRONE IS A WORTHLESS PIECE OF JUNK THAT COULD’T BE SOLD TO A SCRAP YARD ONCE CUSTOMERS KNOW IT CAN BE EASILY HACKED AND FLOWN INTO THE DRINK WITHOUT BREAKING A SWEAT.


    On Glazyev. ( > top post.)

    Flash back (I appreciated Germ’s flash b. in a prev. thread, so now we do flash-b.)

    9 years ago,

    Senior Russian Official warns against the US interfering in Ukraine – was Glazyev.

    Vid less than a minute.

    Here he is in June 2014 condemning Kiev’s actions in the Donbass, explaining the role of the US arming certain factions, what happened in Georgia, and *much* more, points out .. that the US ‘profits’ from war in Europe…

    10 mins, eng. subs. MSM Russian TV.

    Just Some Randomer

    @DBS “About that crashed Reaper drone….”

    You can tell that they’re lying because when they make stuff like this up for public consumption it always sounds like it’s a scene from some kind of ‘Mission Impossible’ movie

    Picture the scene – [closeup of the Russian Pilot’s face] as he struggles to manoeuvre his wingtip into the Reaper’s propeller….suddenly a gust of wind throws him off and he nearly collides with the drone [camera cuts to show wingtip glancing off the Reaper’s fuselage], but then he dramatically recovers [quick shot of gloved hand on joystick] and has one….last….attempt….[Suspenseful music]…

    Then of course we have the daring raid on Nordstream by a bunch of ‘Secret Operatives’ in a small boat armed only with a string of WWII grenades and a Walmart snorkelling set, who after some close scrapes on the seabed no doubt returned to harbour that evening sporting immaculate tuxedos, just in time for dinner with the Contessa

    Just Some Randomer

    All of the above being said, I’d be surprised if Russian commanders would reveal to the US the fact that they had the ability to hack and down Reapers at will in a scenario as apparently innocuous as this. Why not wait until there was much greater tactical/strategic value at stake? The Allies never revealed to the Nazis that they’d broken the Enigma code simply because doing so would prompt the Nazis to move to a more secure solution. Same applies here I should think.


    State of New Mexico’s license plate “The Land of Enchantment”.

    My favorite 1970s cartoon shows 2 farmers leaning against a fence symbolizing US/Mexico border, with a low flying Cessna overhead stuffed to the gills, with one farmer casualty commenting to the other farmer, Oh, there goes another ton of enchantment!


    Look, the very simple reason the US drone went down was because it couldn’t hold it’s vodka!
    The Russians poured vodka into the drone’s turboprop air intake causing the engine to overspeed and the propeller to surcome to centrifugal forces.

    Legally the Russian MofD’s statement is entirely true, as sharing your vodka is not considered a weapon in Russia. The US noting a propeller failure alarm is also true. However, no pilot, wanting to live, would ever want to be flying behind a drone to clip off a propeller blade with the nose of his airplane.

    Another possibility, staying within Russia’s “no contact” legal definition, would be to bring your wing tip within a foot or so of the drones wing tip, then doing a quick roll maneuver, causing the drone to flip 90 degrees losing it’s normal wing lift forces. Note drone wings are designed for long distance efficiency so are not as capable of recovering from a loss of normal positive air lift. But the US says the drones propeller broke, which leads us back to Russians sharing some vodka.

    However the more interesting aspect of this event that everybody seems to miss, is that combined with the firing of 6 hypersonic Kindals into a US command bunker, killing 40 US/NATO officers, Russia is responding to the US’s recent decision to double down in it’s Ukrainian War efforts.

    An attack drone flying with it’s transponder turned off, is a ure sign the US is escalating.






    “Pfizer’s revised EU Covid vaccine contract meets resistance”


    Dr D Rich

    @Dr. D

    Come on D. It’s too easy today.
    Predictably you’re going after the Chinese again today for giving money to Biden. What’s inherently wrong with money or anything Chinese?

    Then you fault deBlasio for doing his job. You know, (as his duty demands) go after the Social Distancing and Mask-wearing (((scofflaws))) among a certain (((religious subset))) of New York City citizens. However some people just gotta have alotta whine with their cheese.

    Regarding the tweet below courtesy xymph: Let me know when they find a few LDSers, Catholics, Mennonites or Quakers responsible for the bailout, first and foremost, of certain selected SVB (((depositors))) before ?Americans?. Then I’ll lay some well-deserved criticism on those Quakers, Mennonites, Catholics and LDSers.


    The Little Nepalese Girl-

    1997 Climbing Expedition. We’re 3 days into the mountains from the nearest road with two more days of hiking where we will then set up basecamp and begin our Ascent in the Langtang Valley. A tiny girl with bedraggled hair runs towards me gesturing enthusiastically… I can’t understand a word she speaks. With curiosity I’m trying to decipher as she gestures pointing upwards at my head…I lean forward her and she reaches up towards the back of my hair…reaching for my hair elastic hair band. Ohhh, she wants an elastic hair band that holds my long hair back…I smile and produce two for her to have and she beams at me and runs off.

    More than a week later our group of happy, tired Mountaineers are on our way back out of the Mountains. As we approach the Village a beautiful little girl come running towards me with sparkling eyes, hair pulled back, pointing at me and back at her hair band that now shows her full happy face.

    Simple things, simple memories of beautiful shared experiences.


    Holland has Senate elections today. Looks like the brand new farmer protest party may take it all, leaving all traditional parties behind (they have 20+ parties, mind you)


    The CDC is last organization on earth that needs to educate Health Care Practitioners on risk and prevention strategies for blood clots.

    Yet, here they are—in damage control mode.

    TVASF (and they know it)


    Germ- love the vac timeline chart, so true. F’n Libtard scum and their hypocrisy.

    It’s one thing to read history and learn about collective societal meltdown atrocities- Rise of Nazi Germany, Maoist Cultural Revolution, Stalin’s purges, Cambodia’s Western Influenced Massacre comes to mind. It’s another to see it fomenting all around you in real time while the masses are oblivious to their conduct.

    The Evil Empire of Hate and Lies is cannibalizing itself and everyone else it can. This must be stopped and destroyed at all costs. Hence my passion for awareness and pushing back.

    The “forgive and forget” cowards merely enables more atrocities to be committed down the road. They are hypocrites of compassion. Part of the systemic problem. For what is the difference between watching someone being humiliated, abused, beaten, tortured, raped and murdered right in front of you- when you could stop it- and doing these actions yourself?

    Honor and respect to all those pushing back in the name of truth and basic human dignity-

    Shame on those who turn away enabling criminal genocide with forgive and forget.

    Fear is a reaction, Courage a decision.


    Good grief:


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