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    TVASF (they really are)


    Just trying to help. Just trying to warn about the obvious to the reasonably intelligent & observant.

    “I am only trying to do my job!”
    “She is the construction foreman”
    “It is not good to have arguments with these people”
    starting at 1:40


    The Mass Disabling Event is here

    “In our society, an insane society, we deployed an experimental therapeutic on the whole population, in an effort to stop people from dying. It’s not a vaccine, at best it is a failed attempt at a vaccine. It seems to reduce severe disease by inducing tolerance, prohibiting the immune system from overreacting to a novel virus. Whether that happened by accident or was always the intention is unclear to me, but the price you pay is the birth of a demographic that constantly spreads this virus.”

    “…the brain damage continues to accumulate.”

    “sickness among employees… hit a new record, at 5.6%.”

    The Mass Disabling Event is here

    TVASF (Geert is correct)


    Red said

    So what happens to our minds when we allow a single tool such rule over our perception and thinking? Scientists have begun exploring that question–and what they’re discovering is both (very interesting) and troubling.

    I do have a mobile phone but do not carry it around with me, I check it once in the morning then put it away for the day. The other day I was at the dentist, sitting in the waiting room while my wife was being treated. In such situations I am generally quite happy to sit and think about projects I am working on or just allowing the calm to enter my head. However, the lady at the desk was not so happy, she was very concerned that I did not have anything to read. Waiting rooms no longer have magazines or literature, they are now a dessert, all patients are expected to bring their mobile. Not having a mobile forces you to live in your head, this is very useful as it gives you time to complete that bit of carpentry design and you are working through it in your head or to imagine how you will do your next stunning windsurfing move on the water.

    That said, I still suffer from the anxiety that you documented, mostly when my wife is communicating with someone and I am involved in the issue, waiting for a reply, then the phone buzzes etc. There is no getting away from it and it is a pain.


    What a clusterfuck:

    Utah: Safe and Effective” is a very well produced documentary on how things have gone wrong with the health system response to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, particularly the COVID-19 vaccination program.


    Maxwell Quest

    My favorite Einstein/Chaplin quote:

    Not long after his arrival in America, his fame now widespread, Einstein was besieged by a crowd of admirers while riding in a car with Mr. Chaplin…

    Crowd shouting: “Einstein! Einstein! Einstein!”
    Einstein turns to Chaplin: “What does this all mean?”
    Chaplin: “It means nothing!”


    Dore and RFK jr.


    One of the little publicized consequences for Switzerland breaking it’s neutrality, in regards to adopting sanctions on Russia, is it’s banking industry lòosing a great deal of business from China.

    The Chinese have taken notice that their deposits in Swiss banks is no more secure than that of Russians. In other words, they are probably next.

    So will Swiss bankers be receiving any bonuses this year?


    Democracy – Expensive Entertainment – Freedom to Chose

    Catch a Chinese Balloon or Catch a USA Spie Drone

    Hide the Numbers – War, Covid, Bank, Biden,

    Blame someone else – Russia, China

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)
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