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    madamski cafone

    The popular vision of the 21st Century utopia built by averting disaster recruits a hypergenius AI to serve as all-wise benevolent dictator. I suspect the currently reigning cretins think they can pull off a version of, or an imitation of, this utopia with them as the Oz wizards behind the AI interface.

    Political platforms: if they were presented as fiction, it wouldn’t even suspend the imagination’s disbelief.


    Media independently conforming each other’s lies, is not a bug but a feature!

    The State Dept. uses CNN.
    The FBI uses the New York Times.
    The CIA uses the Washington Post.

    The State Dept. tells a lie. The FBI and CIA confirm the lie. Therefore it is now the truth!

    The FBI tells a lie. The State Dept. and CIA confirm the lie. Therefore it is now the truth!

    The CIA tell a lie. The State Dept. and FBI confirm the lie. Therefore it is now the truth!

    See how well this feature works!

    madamski cafone

    Goodbye, Avalon

    A sense of home for a culture of people who live in tiny lifestyle bubbles void of any connection to nonhumanreality except what work demands and their money can buy, and a ridiculously distorted form of social reality increasingly conducted through electronic interfaces, social dildoes, relationship prostheses: what would that sense of home be like? Our descendants of the 22nd Century will have a sense of home. A powerful deep connection to their local plot of turf and the people who share the local watershed, etc.


    @ WES

    Wordpress, obviously being an old platform running on slim margins, probably can’t afford to kick people off. Besides, blogs are *so* last decade. Social networks rule. However, it might be cool for Raul to look into a private site hosted by a small outfit, and have someone design a platform for him. A little fund drive here would probably raise surprising capital to faciltate such a move.

    He has enough loyal admirers to promote his stuff on the larger platforms. He might enjoy a bit of a heyday windfall. Riding the back eddies of a major river like the internet can be surprisingly effective if one is genuinely moving against the current anyway.

    A model I see often is withholding comment privileges if one doesn’t pay. Giving people a 10-day free posting period will pull in the loudmouths like us who provide much of the content that lurkers read. Moderate uber hardcore obvious trolls but otherwise continue laissez-faire moderation. Let us handle the trolls. We all love kicking the creep around now and then. Give those lurkers a 30-day free period to read comments, period. Suck them in that way.

    Any online bizman will tell you that if you don’t control your platform you don’t own your business.


    Its Biden lalaland
    Starving in a tent on the Mexican side
    Detained and housed in a cage fenced barrack in the USA
    What used to be bad under Trump is good under Biden.
    Cannot put them to work because it would be child labor and slavery.
    (This is not China)
    Therefore, send them to school. Teach them english. Teach them to think the USA way. Its not called brain washing in the USA.
    (This is not China.)


    Most of the cons I know are pros.

    Most of the pros I know are cons.

    Mister Roboto

    The most heretical book recommendation I could possibly make around here: The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton.


    madamski cafone

    Left and Right are meaningless now. If used, it indicates an agenda. Drs. Deborah Brix and Anthony Fauci are neither left, right or moderate. They are fixers. They join need with money and get a cut for their services. Dr. Fauci is reported to earn the highest US government salary. But, no doubt at 80, he thinks that he is too important consigliere to retire.

    The EU and “the free movement of people, goods, services and capital” may wrap themselves with goodness and state that this prevented another European War but, in the end, they serve only one master – money. The Ukraine War may get very hot very shortly. Government and strong borders are the only protection people have from robber barons, plague, famine, and war. But since the 1980s Reagan/Thatcher counter-revolt, democracies and working governments are no more. Western nation states simply bundle money to move to billionaires and corporations.

    The US federal government, the European Union, and the World Health Organization are incapable of planning and implementing basic public health procedures to protect human life. Money making vaccines are their only counter to the coronavirus pandemic.

    madamski cafone

    @ zerosum

    “TAE community has identified the problems.
    Yet, the solutions evade us.
    Being an expat or a prepper is not sufficient
    All previous attempts to implement a sustainable social/economic system have dissipated in the morning haze.
    Check out your holy books, and your history books.
    Adam and Eve were not the first that left their social/economic system.
    The shit hit the fan even for the angels.
    They had to escape their social/economic system and set up a competing social/economic system.
    Its the untold truth.”

    While I personally have little if any idea of what the “untold truth” is, and suspect no one does, This text made my morning. As for solutions: there is no solution. One doesn’t solve a tidal wave or a massive volcanic eruption. It deals with you, not you with it. But there are courses of action with higher survival/lower suffering p[robabilities than others.

    Some art for Raul courtesy the San bushmen of the late Paleolithic:

    San Rock Art

    Like our fellow warm-blooded vertebrates, feathered or furred, success is not so much survival, which is really DNA’s hangup, not awareness’s, success is loving loyalty between two significant others:

    The Call of the Beloved


    @ Dr. D

    “LIE” x about 20 times.

    Did I touch a nerve? Let me touch another one: chronic motive inference is not only fatally flawed logic, it’s a runway to ballooning paranoia, another enemy of logic. Jeremiads provide some satisfaction but at the cost of a kind of tunnel-visionary paranoia. One ends up shooting the same dead ducks ion a barrel over and over and over and over…

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