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    Vincent van Gogh Sprig of Flowering Almond in a Glass 1888   • Out of Africa… Macron’s Belligerence Towards Russia (SCF) • Europe Panics as Trump
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    Dr. D

    “Tide Shift: Philadelphia Officer Says Criminals Will Be Prosecuted Once Again 

    What? That’s Cray-cray. What brought this on? Don’t criminals have rights?

    ““If Russia wins this war [in Ukraine], Europe’s credibility will be reduced to zero.”

    What? Why? You’re talking about Signaling, which is different from Reality. If you have a nice, sound, working, popular reality, why would the Signal change? If you don’t, then how is this Russia’s fault? They’re only demonstrating what is already true.

    ““..the way for Russia to beat the west in Ukraine was to continue letting them think they had a chance to win..”

    Ding! Ding! Ding! But they’re going to lose if they don’t Shock and Awe like PCR ordered them to! If they held a million square miles instead of only a few, in a region with universal Russian support, right against their supply lines. Oh Putin, why’d ya do it???

    They know they’re not fighting Ukraine. Ukraine voted for RUSSIA in the last democratic election they had, then in their President’s choice between them. A week later he was fleeing the country. So Ukraine is fine with them, demonstrably. They’re fighting NATO. And they need to do that without nukes, because that’s what BoJo the Clown and Little Macron want. How are wars won? Collapse the other side. The WILL to fight. How do you collapse NATO without occupying London? Like this.

    Next: PCR missing everything. This is okay at first but doesn’t he talk to anyone? He should read TAE. So I guess a 10:1 kill ratio isn’t good enough for him? Macron and others are RIGHT NOW saying Ukraine lost. No? He thinks they’re lying, bluffing, reeling Putin in?

    Nobody liked Macron to begin with. He’s not going to be around to send anybody. You’re going to see regime change right now in France, England, Germany. Thank God.

    ““..creating a consensus-based list out of the dozens of nations that are literally itching to join the club..”
    • Will BRICS Launch A New World In 2024? (Pepe Escobar)

    Yeah, I see how Russia lost here. Saudi Arabia has joined Russia. All of Africa. Collateral. French collateral in this case. I mean, props to Europe: I didn’t think they could maintain the illusion of collateral this long, and not at this burn rate. But it won’t be long. April?

    Of course, we’ll see about the looking-down-my-nose, le ha ha ha, as two hours later the US and NYSE stock – or rather Bond – Markets lock up, unable to be un-frozen in GFC 2.0. So if Europe implodes, can’t pay bonds, all accounting fraud, you think NY might have a collateral problem? Break the buck on Money Market? Therefore stop the daily bank accounts of most US Corporations that ship tacos to grocery stores? Yes. And we did this in GFC 1.0 then did nothing to fix it. For 15 YEARS. Oh well. “Life’s Hard, But It’s Harder If You’re Stupid.”

    What might happen if that were nearby? Would gold and Bitcoin go up?

    “Some Ukrainian villages and small towns are left with hardly any adult men”

    Well, they ARE Nazis after all. It’s in the name. National Sooooooooocialists. Not like they didn’t warn you.

    “The term ‘rules-based world order ‘ has been widely used by the administration of US President Joe Biden to describe the arrangement”…whereby we do not have LAW-based order. Who wants that? Laws are for the little people.

    ““The global politics of the new century can only be multipolar..”

    It always was, but like freedom or rights, it has to be exercised.

    ““The issue of the affiliation of Crimea and Sevastopol is closed. The peninsula is an integral part of Russia..”

    Yes but only for longer than the U.S. has been a country. Macron’s still at it though. Putin should tell him he’s looking to break away or annex Alsace. It’s not really France, right? Putin and the BRICS say so. How is that different from NATO or the UN saying so? A: You and Whose Army?

    “Israel Is Starving Gaza (Sahiounie)

    While Biden put off the morons in America for like two months by building a dock. For free. They commented: You don’t NEED a dock. There are 10,000 food trucks waiting IF YOU OPEN THE GATES. So W. T. Actual F? A: That’s Reality and we only believe Signaling.

    “• Peter Navarro Asks Supreme Court to Avoid Reporting to Prison (ET)

    That’s a tough call: if you’re convicted and HAVE MONEY, you can appeal, etc for years. And at all their ages, die at home. On the other hand, when there’s an appeal, should you be in jail? You won’t get “Time served” if they decide there was no time supposed to be served at all. Solution: don’t screw up the original case in the first place.

    “• Musk Building Huge Spy Satellite Network – Reuters (RT)
    Starshield project will allow the US military and spies to track their targets and support American and allied ground forces in real time almost anywhere across the globe,”

    Yeah, for about 10 minutes until someone shoots the first one down and causes a runaway Kessler reaction. Heck, in low orbit, they may Kessler themselves, they can’t stay up long.

    Camel: Wow, and I thought I’d seen tantrums at work before…


    John Kerry AFKTT Praises Haitian Cannibals’ Efforts To Reduce Humanity’s Carbon Footprint “–BBee


    Shell Game
    Casino: Each Winning pots are less than each bets.
    Know when to fold.
    Empty warehouses.
    Empty purses.
    Empty bellies
    Lack of torchbearer.


    Angelo, from top post.

    Brigitte Macron is in charge, she is the informal France president, she is the man at home,she/he is the one interfacing with the Rothschild and the WEF controlling puppet Macron who is under the Stockholm syndrome of his sexual predator who seduced him when he was 14/15. … Brigitte or whatever his name is wearing the pants at home. … It is a major issue, because it is dangerous and the man banker converted chief of state could lead Europe towards confrontation with Russia.

    When Macron was elected, all F parties/pols made noises clamouring that Brigitte would not be allowed to play a major role. She might cut ribbons at swimming pools, visit handicapped children, talk about supporting French fashion, OK.

    Manu, when elected, wanted Bibi to be given status and privileges like a US ‘first lady.’ In F a Prez. spouse has no special perks or position, with the exception of security/ some media control, as a companion of the Prez.

    History. Sarkozy’s wife Cecilia was a huge influence and very powerful, she ‘ran’ the Elysée, she went on all kinds of missions, bossed ppl around, gathered a huge staff, was all over the media, etc. She *supposedly* solved the HIV Lybia crisis, and Khadafi was very fond of her, as she of him (What role that played in K’s death idk.)

    Never again! Was the mantra from the F pols…no more wifely power!

    wiki gives some info it can’t quash, but downplays:écilia_Attias

    Next, Hollande promised to be a ‘normal’ president, which got him elected, and that was respected on the personal front, despite the fact that Sark’s opponent in his election was Hollande’s common-law wife (they have 4 children together), Ségolène Royal. She retreated into the background while Hollande tootled around on a scooter visiting his mistress, as always, a media / journalist / actress gal getting together with payers Pols.

    Brigitte is in some ways responsible for Macron’s career to the top. A long story…and very interesting. But (imho) she is not ‘wearing the pants’ at home, she is not directing F policy, it is run by Macron and those who he has gathered around him, the insider ‘supporter’ club, and is very much subject to those can put pressure on him and his entourage, outside of France.


    re: Ibogaine

    Probably does work. I read some about it back in late ’80s. Very effective, but was said to induce a terrifying 3-day quasi-shamanic journey into your soul. Methadone continued to be popular, for some reason.


    Apathy – is not a good look

    I counted 14 circles but got distracted by the elephants and camels.

    Salt water as a conductor is genius, whoever thought of that to generate electricity deserves some credit (providing it works, of course)


    The most maligned person in the world has just got 88% of the vote, with a turnout of 74%. Congrats President Putin, and ‘bonne continuation!’

    Maxwell Quest

    re: Ibogaine

    Probably does work. I read some about it back in late ’80s. Very effective, but was said to induce a terrifying 3-day quasi-shamanic journey into your soul.

    I took an Ibogaine journey about 10 years ago, but rarely talk about it, as things of this nature are foreign to my circle of acquaintance. I even withheld most of my experience from the debriefing circle afterward, as most of the other attendees seemed to be either detoxers, drug experimenters, or curiosity seekers. I was the old man that the others wondered what the hell was doing there.

    Months before I had read an article on Ibogaine that piqued my curiosity, so researched and thought about, then eventually decided to take the risk. It was at a time when my inner work felt like it had stalled out and I was looking for a breakthrough.

    Even after all the research, the experience itself was nothing like I expected. What followed was a 30-hour journey into a subtle world that is normally hidden from sight, full of endless life forms that range from the most disgusting to the beautifully sublime. The idea of accomplishing any inner work on myself was quickly brushed aside as I spent the entirety of the time trying to deal with the contents of this new sight.

    I won’t bore you with all the details, but let’s just say that, once again, I discovered that certain concepts read about in Yoga or esoteric texts are not just imaginative fantasies, but have a concrete reality. I experienced the “light in the head”, which is probably what enabled the new sight. The drug, it seems, has the ability to stimulate the forces that flow through the nervous system. However, none of the other attendees reported such an effect, some even expressed disappointment that nothing had happened. They had paid to take a ride on the Hallucinogenic Rollercoaster, but ended up on the merry-go-round.

    When it was all over, I discovered that not only was my physical energy spent (I could barely stand), but my nervous energy was depleted as well. Luckily, I had booked a room nearby, otherwise I would not have been able to find my way home. Everyone else scattered, while I sat in my car wondering how I was going to find my nearby room. It was as if my field of awareness had contracted into a small bubble just around my person. Everything else “out there” I could not reach or see in my mind’s eye.

    By some miracle I was able to find the nearby Inn, then fumbled around onsite until I found the registration room. Over the next few days I nursed myself back to health, finally reaching a point three days later when I felt I might be able to find my way back home.

    I’m assuming that I eventually returned to my normal state, but that’s debatable.

    Dr D Rich

    Don’t worry.
    He’ll be alright.
    There’s no mention of a religion which “begot” the benighted Harvard doctor’s request for a religious exception.
    He’s got plenty of wingmen, fellow travelers, flying monkeys and minor Spellbinders to carry his water and “have his back

      Dr. Vinay Prasad, an epidemiologist at the University of California–San Francisco, wrote in a blog post. “It looks like Harvard has weaponized its policies and selectively enforces them.”

    Where’s VeeNay” invocation of “weaponized medicine” from 22 years ago when the likes of Tornberg, Arthur, Winkerwerder and Ritchie weaponized military medical personnel against Muslims in Iraq, Bagram, Abu Ghraib and GITMO?
    VEEN was notoriously silent back then I bet.

       his request for a religious exemption, he highlighted an Israel study that was among the first to compare protection after infection to protection after vaccination. Researchers found that the vaccinated had less protection than the naturally immune.

      “Having had COVID disease, I have stronger longer lasting immunity than those vaccinated (Gazit et al). Lacking scientific rationale, vaccine mandates are religious dogma, and I request a religious exemption from COVID vaccination,” he wrote.
      Both requests were denied.

    In other news, Andrew Anglin reported 95% of Israel’s citizens set their cities ablaze in protest of the Gaza Offensive/Genocide/Slaughter.
    Can anyone confirm the motivation for the Israeli protests? Are the protesters anti-Genocide or Pro-more-Genocide?


    I’ve know about Ibogaine for fifty years. Small wonder the drug, tobacco and alcohol mafia did not want information about it to be widely known to the Sheeple.

    A doctor I knew fifty years ago treated a select group of people with it and most, not all kicked their addictions in a short amount of time.

    He told me at the time that the caveat to it was that it needed a “guided experience” by someone who knew how the substance worked it’s magic.

    Because taking Ibogaine is some what of an hallucinogen. Not like shrooms or mescaline or acid but it can be disorienting and needs some hand holding for a lot of people.

    It’s not a simple med you take. Needs some skill to work.

    Small wonder it never saw the light of day.

    This man asserts that there exists a cure for ADDICTION in the form of Ibogaine, a substance that is being continually prohibited by governments for treatment purposes. He argues that Ibogaine is an effective Addition Interuptor, as it stimulates nerve growth factor and promotes the regeneration of dopamine neurons. This makes it highly beneficial for individuals struggling with various substances, including Opiates, Nicotine, and Alcohol.

    The treatment process with Ibogaine is relatively brief, lasting only six days, and has shown astonishing results in getting people off drugs almost instantly. Despite the apparent need for effective treatment options and the availability of scientific studies demonstrating its efficacy for COCAINE, ALCOHOL, and OPIATES (and its unique ability to treat CRYSTAL METH), governments continue to ban IBOGAINE.

    The man questions the rationale behind this decision and wonders why it is not even a topic of discussion :

    “It works by expressing a nerve growth factor that regenerates dopamine neurons – It’s good for opiates, psycho-stimulents, nicotine and alcohol.”

    “Ibogaine can get people off drugs overnight.”

    Why is this info being suppressed?



    Trump is an amateur when it come to saying, “Fake Elections”.
    You should hear what MSM is saying about the Russian elections, and Putin.


    @ Dr D Rich.

    This long interview of Martin Kulldorff with/by Jay Bhattacharya on JB’s substack is worth watching. Kulldorff and Bhattacharya go over Kulldorff’s experiences at Harvard and the corruption of academic science, and science in general. The playback hangs very briefly every few minutes when I watched.

    Dr. D

    Putin election, 74%

    That’s nothing! In American 110% of all voters voted! There are 140M registered voters.

    70+ Million voted for Trump.
    80M Voted for Biden. …And all of them at 3 in the morning.


    Of course I am not the only one to have noted the recent surge in atmospheric CO2

    FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2024
    CO2 rise is accelerating
    On March 15, 2024, the daily average carbon dioxide (CO₂) at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, was 427.93 parts per million (ppm), as illustrated by the image

    Environmental crimes

    The accelerating growth in carbon dioxide indicates that politicians have failed and are failing to take adequate action.

    Current laws punish people for the most trivial things, while leaving the largest crime one can imagine unpunished: planetary omnicide!

    As pointed out previously, all government responses are either fraudulent money transfer schemes (carbon trading, emissions trading etc.) or are strategies that make the predicament worse (tar sands extraction, electric cars, ‘hydrogen economy’ etc.).

    That said, we can expect nothing other than scams, diversions and fakery from our so-called leaders because they have no genuine interest in the future and are primarily concerned with keeping their snouts in the public feeding trough for as long as possible.


    By the way, sea water is not a source of energy. The source of energy that makes the lantern work is magnesium, which is manufactured by passing electricity through a molten magnesium salt.

    The quantity of energy liberated by immersing the magnesium [obtained via electrolysis] in sea water will always be less that the energy needed to manufacture the magnesium.

    There are no free rides in thermodynamics.


    I have been writing for two years that Putin needs to end the conflict as the war continues to widen and will spin out of control. The way Putin has fought this conflict is a strategic blunder of the worst kind.

    PCR has a very strange view of the world, as if Putin could instantly stop the war on Russia by defeating Ukraine. First he should assess why the western world and its poodles are attacking Russia. Are they there because they care about Ukraine? Of course not, they are there because they would like to defeat Russia and because they need a western based war zone in which to conduct their corruption as the western economies collapse; Afghanistan was becoming too costly, Ukraine was a much superior location for corruption – I wonder how many suitcases of cash have been smuggled into Switzerland, walked across the border rather than flying it all the way from Afghanistan. So if Ukraine did not exist, would they be using another country to attack Russia and run their theft? Of course. So, assuming Ukraine really is just a pawn in the game, if Russia takes that pawn then the western powers will just use another pawn.

    Now what is the point of Russia taking massive losses defeating the first pawn if a second pawn will just pop up? How many pawns, how many losses? What is the gain for Russia in adopting this strategy rather than any other strategy to defend itself?

    Look at Afghanistan, tons of cash poured into that country but nothing was gained, it was one huge money sink where the western powers could do all sorts of shit that they could never get away with back in the EU or USA. It was not about military victory, it was about the money. As soon as a new location was secured in Ukraine, then Afghanistan was closed down. Of course, they had been prepping Ukraine for the role of money laundry capital for a long time, loads of corrupt politicians had their fingers in that pie before the war even started. Once the war started, then the real money, weapons, drugs etc began to flow.

    If Russia defeats Ukraine then the western powers will have to find a new location for their corruption. A new excuse to raid a country and use it as a corruption clearing house. Meanwhile, Russia knows that the easier it makes life for the corrupt western powers, the less effort they will put into defeating Russia, their greed will make them want to keep the war going forever, not to weaken Russia but to continue to use Ukraine for corruption clearing. Why do you think the western powers have been feeding Ukraine with old cold war weapons rather than the new ones? Why deliver weapons in dribs and drabs rather than flood the country with the weapons they needed on day one? Do you not think that Russia asked itself why the one western assault on Russia would be so weak and so uncommitted?

    Russia can see what is happening, they will go along with it because it is weakening the western powers. They have seen exactly the same plunder happening in the death throws of the USSR, they are playing a waiting game because they know they are not the real target, the western peoples are the victims, they are the ones who will lose the most while the powerful will walk away with the loot.

    The Ukraine was is not as simple as PCR assesses it to be.


    Yet Another Mighty Abrams tank turns molten after meeting Russian special forces near Avdeevka

    The Smell of Victory

    The crew got out but they were a little bit of fire, no foul.

    The Finest Gear the Empire of Lies Military Mafia can produce in all it’s splendor!




    Thats a fine analysis. I think we could add covering past and existing crimes to the motivation. We know labs and laundering. Claims exist of biblical sins. Of all those terrible things the west seems to be doing its debatable which one follows which.


    In yet another PR blitz promoting German superior soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces captured a Leopard-2A6 tank and a Bradley in Avdeevka

    Leopard looks in relatively good shape.

    Perfect to spruce up and put on display as a tourist attraction in Red Square next to a German Schnitzel food truck.


    Uber Alles!


    John Day

    Maxwell Quest gives the only description I have read of an ibogaine experience. Thank You MQ!
    “Even after all the research, the experience itself was nothing like I expected. What followed was a 30-hour journey into a subtle world that is normally hidden from sight, full of endless life forms that range from the most disgusting to the beautifully sublime. The idea of accomplishing any inner work on myself was quickly brushed aside as I spent the entirety of the time trying to deal with the contents of this new sight.”

    “When it was all over, I discovered that not only was my physical energy spent (I could barely stand), but my nervous energy was depleted as well. Luckily, I had booked a room nearby, otherwise I would not have been able to find my way home. Everyone else scattered, while I sat in my car wondering how I was going to find my nearby room. It was as if my field of awareness had contracted into a small bubble just around my person. Everything else “out there” I could not reach or see in my mind’s eye.

    By some miracle I was able to find the nearby Inn, then fumbled around onsite until I found the registration room. Over the next few days I nursed myself back to health, finally reaching a point three days later when I felt I might be able to find my way back home.”

    Dr. D

    Aspnaz, quite so. You’re adding that extra additional detail and emphasis we all need. What’s really going on and what’s their real attitude? They don’t really want to win, so what’s the smoke and mirrors really for?

    And I fear and know you’re right: — I — am their food source. Or will be shortly.

    John Day

    Caring About Children

    ​ Israeli Genocide Causing ‘Complete Psychological Destruction’ of Gaza Children​ [I cannot actually imagine the horrors they live in every day.]
    “Five months of violence, displacement, starvation, and disease on top of nearly 17 years of a blockade have caused relentless mental harm to children in Gaza,” said Save the Children.
    ​ In addition to killing, maiming, and forcibly displacing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children, Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza has wrought tremendous psychological damage upon kids in the embattled strip, as detailed by a Save the Children report published Tuesday.

    ​Jonathan Cook, War on Gaza: Torture, executions, babies left to die, sexual abuse… These are Israel’s crimes
    ​Hostages tortured to death. Parents executed in front of their children. Doctors beaten. Babies murdered. Sexual assault weaponised.
    ​ No, not Hamas crimes. This is part of an ever-growing list of documented atrocities committed by Israel in the five months since 7 October – quite separate from the carpet bombing of 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza and a famine induced by Israel’s obstruction of aid.

    ​ Israeli PM approves Rafah operation plan
    Benjamin Netanyahu said the IDF is prepared to conduct the attack and evacuate the civilian population

    ​ Canada’s Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs Is on the Wrong Side of History. Bill C-63, “The Online Hams Act”​ [Canadians remain free to support Genocide.]
    The CIJA Supports the Israeli Genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank; The CIJA Supports Life Sentences for Those Violating Its Idea of Thought Crimes and Speech Crimes

    Canada’s Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs Is on the Wrong Side of History. Bill C-63, “The Online Harms Act”

    John Day

    Bibi-Bus-Under [They will let him execute more genocide first.]: Biden Embraces Schumer’s “Good Speech” Which Blasted Netanyahu

    It is hard to get clarity on what is happening in the Russia/NATO proxy war in Ukraine, but I’ll try.
    Russian Presidential voting finishes today. Putin will be overwhelmingly re-elected. A large-scale Russian spring-offensive is anticipated.
    Ukrainian military assaults on Russia proper have been carried out in recent days, along a northern portion of the border between Ukraine and Russia, both to make Putin look bad, and to force Russia to attack there to create a buffer zone to protect the city of Belgorod, where Russian civilians are being attacked with NATO missile batteries (Czech “Vampires” lately).
    This move seeks to force Russia’s hand to attack north, near Kharkiv, not south, to take Ukraine’s last-remaining Black Sea Port, Odessa (Odesa). Monsanto, Cargill and BlackRock have extensive Ukrainian holdings, particularly fertile farmland, where they are introducing GMO products, against most of European laws, and against previous Ukrainian laws. A lot of loans are backed by this collateral, and global finance has been very hungry to grab Russian collateral, to further expand leveraging of investments.
    Removing Ukrainian assets/collateral from the books of these global corporate behemoths would weaken or collapse their balance-sheets, accelerating or inducing the collapse of the western global financial system, potentially this year. Any number of lives from any country (Hi, France! 🙂 are expendable to forestall such an event.

    ​ Simplicius,​ Macron Attempts to Woo Nation to War
    NATO cannot let Russia capture Odessa for a multitude of reasons.
    ​ NATO was building important naval bases there in order to fully neutralize Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in the future
    ​ It would allow Russia to totally landlock Ukraine, thus ruining NATO’s last remaining puppet-state’s chances of being a military thorn in Russia’s side
    ​ The above alone would allow Russia to dominate global wheat markets as Ukraine would have little ways to export its grain
    ​ It would allow Russia to create an unbroken land corridor to Pridnestrovie (Transnistria) which would catalyze into an even greater ‘domino-effect’ collapse of NATO destabilization plans, allowing Russia to totally solve the PMR issue and create a fortress in the region
    ​ In short, it’s absolutely apocalyptic for NATO to lose Odessa.

    Gilbert Doctorow (I think Macron has become “expendable” to his Rothschild-Paris banking masters at this point)
    France sees no red lines in what it does to Russia: there will be consequences…
    ​ In one sense the nervous, one might say hysterical speeches by Macron demonstrate that even the densest minds in the West have taken in the possibility, nay, the probability of an imminent collapse of the Ukrainian war effort and Kiev’s raising the white flag, as the Pope called upon them to do this past week.
    ​ It also should be mentioned here that in his latest interview with Kiselyov Putin said that the number of NATO country military men who have been killed in Ukraine over the past two years, approximately 5000, widely exceeds the 3500 NATO military who died in the 20 year long Afghanistan occupation by NATO. The numbers have been set out country by country, with the United States at the head of the list with approximately 1500 deaths. We may assume that these are mostly officers and highly trained operators of advanced equipment supplied to Ukraine like the Patriot air defense.
    ​ Though Putin’s transparent threats are deadly serious, Russian elites find it hard to take Macron and his associates at face value.

    France sees no red lines in what it does to Russia: there will be consequences…

    ​ John Helmer opens this can of worms. What a MESS! (US throws German military under the Russian bus to prevent being thrown under the same bus by the Brits?)


    Vladimir Putin re-elected to 5th presidential term, with 87% of the vote, a new record.

    John Day

    Tom Luongo, Europe Panics as Trump Rises from the Political Grave
    ​ US support for Project Ukraine is coming to an end, if it hasn’t ended already. And the panic in Europe is palpable.This was all very predictable if you accepted the framework that there was a split at the top of the US hierarchy. One faction committed to the Davos vision of the future which implied a compliant, even beaten, US and another that looked up from their quote screens and said, “Uh… no.”…
    ​..”If the US will not provide the money, Europeans on their own will not be able to finance this war, and then the war will end,” Orban said in an interview with M1 broadcaster on Sunday.​
    ​ During his presidency, Trump had shown himself to be “a man of peace,” the Hungarian leader claimed.​ That stance puts him in alignment with Hungary, unlike the administration of US President Joe Biden and many members of the EU, he added. ”The American Democratic government and the leadership of the EU, as well as the leadership of the largest EU member states are pro-war governments. Donald Trump is pro-peace, Hungary is pro-peace. At the bottom of everything lies this difference,” Orban declared.

    Europe Panics as Trump Rises from the Political Grave

    Former Moldovan anti-communist activist and Deputy Prime Minister Iurie Rosca’s essay is presented again for holistic context of global power dynamics.
    UNRESTRICTED WARFARE: A Holistic Approach to the Great Reset

    ​ Here is a recent English language interview of the same topic with Iurie Rosca, with a machine-dictated transcript. (A few mistranscribed words can be easily figured out).
    INTERVIEW: Yuri Rosca – UNRESTRICTED WARFARE: A Holistic Approach to the Great Reset

    ​ Meryl Nass MD links to: THE DEPRAVITY OF THE CENSORSHIP MOGULS , Don’t you dare think outside the mainstream
    ​ SUMMARY​: The US Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Center on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG) created an internal “Disinformation Primer” that revealed the agency’s explicit praise for private sector censorship strategies and proposed additional censorship practices and techniques.
    ​ USAID’s censorship proposals were aimed at influencing private sector technology companies, media organizations, education ministries, national governments and funding bodies.
    ​ USAID endorsed “Advertiser Outreach” for the purpose of getting corporate advertisers to financially throttle disfavored media sources and social media accounts.
    ​ USAID recommended Google’s Redirect Method and “prebunking” (i.e., psychological inoculation) as potential solutions to stop the erosion of traditional media influence over citizen hearts and minds.
    ​ USAID proposed targeting gamers and gaming sites, pushing the need to censor their formation of “interpretations of the world that differ from ‘mainstream’ sources” and interrupting the process by which “individuals contribute their own ‘research’” to collectively form their own “populist expertise.”

    ​ How to Stop the Pandemic Treaty | Interview with Dr. Meryl Nass, by Yuri Roshka​ [Tune in at 17 minutes to find out how every country in the world came to be in lock-step with COVID-19 pandemic management, except a few African countries and Haiti, whose presidents then had “accidents”.]

    John Day

    ​ RSV Prefusion F Protein–Based Maternal Vaccine — Preterm Birth and Other Outcomes
    CONCLUSIONS​: The results of this trial, in which enrollment was stopped early because of safety concerns, suggest that the risks of any and severe medically assessed RSV-associated lower respiratory tract disease among infants were lower with the candidate maternal RSV vaccine than with placebo but that the risk of preterm birth was higher with the candidate vaccine.
    ​ [Preterm birth occurred in 6.8% of the infants (237 of 3494) in the vaccine group and in 4.9% of those (86 of 1739) in the placebo group (relative risk, 1.37; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.08 to 1.74; P=0.01); neonatal death occurred in 0.4% (13 of 3494) and 0.2% (3 of 1739), respectively (relative risk, 2.16; 95% CI, 0.62 to 7.56; P=0.23), an imbalance probably attributable to the greater percentage of preterm births in the vaccine group.]

    ​ Meryl Nass MD looks at a remote “biodefense” lab where the many weaponized segments of the COVID-19 spike protein could have been assembled and passed sequentially through humanized-mice.
    ​COVID Origin: More on Munster’s NIAID lab in Hamilton, Montana, far from the eyes of the oversight committees, doing GoF research and producing false narratives

    ​ Dr. Nass has been presenting to a lot of Parliamentarians in recent months. What Can Parliamentarians Do about the WHO?
    The WHO may not be under the jurisdiction of any court, and its staff has diplomatic immunity, BUT IT IS NOT UNTOUCHABLE.

    ​ Harvard Fires Professor Who Co-wrote Great Barrington Declaration
    Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D., an outspoken critic of COVID-19 lockdown policies, school closures and vaccine mandates since early in the pandemic, on Monday said he was fired from his position at Harvard University.
    ​ In an essay published Monday in City Journal, Kulldorff wrote that his anti-mandate position got him fired from the Mass General Brigham hospital system, where he also worked, and consequently from his Harvard faculty position.
    ​ Kulldorff detailed how his commitment to scientific inquiry put him at odds with a system that he alleged had “lost its way.”
    “I am no longer a professor of medicine at Harvard,” Kulldorff wrote. “The Harvard motto is Veritas, Latin for truth. But, as I discovered, truth can get you fired.”

    Harvard Fires Professor Who Co-wrote Great Barrington Declaration

    ​ [Like me, but much more important.] Harvard Medical School Professor Was Fired Over Not Getting COVID Vaccine
    Martin Kulldorff, an epidemiologist, was fired by Mass General Brigham in November 2021 over noncompliance with the hospital’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate after his requests for exemptions from the mandate were denied, according to one document. Mr. Kulldorff was also placed on leave by Harvard Medical School (HMS) because his appointment as professor of medicine there “depends upon” holding a position at the hospital, another document stated.

    John Day

    [No, the government/DoD RAN the fraud!] DOJ Asks Court to Toss Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleging Pfizer Defrauded U.S. Government
    The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) on Tuesday asked to intervene in a lawsuit alleging Pfizer committed fraud during clinical trials for its COVID-19 vaccine. The DOJ also asked the court to dismiss whistleblower Brook Jackson’s lawsuit against Pfizer.

    DOJ Asks Court to Toss Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleging Pfizer Defrauded U.S. Government

    ​ Sasha Latypova, Moderna is substantially expanding manufacturing capacity, despite low demand for their mRNA poison…
    Moderna is building manufacturing facilities in many countries, much more capacity than they had for covid shots.​ [Why, pray tell?]

    ​ Sasha linked to this Aussie site: October Surprise: ‘Bioterrorism’? Should we fear the WHO – or the USA?
    The trailer for the new “Biodefense” movie – just released by Washington D.C! – is summarized on YouTube as follows :
    ​ After the President is incapacitated due to a bioterrorism attack during a National Security speech, the Vice President must step up to lead a unified response as ​the biological threat quickly spreads across the country.
    ​ Put in context, does this official 2024 “movie trailer” brought to you by Senator Lieberman and his biodefense co-commissioners – depicting a “bioterrorism attack” and subsequent epidemic across America this fall – prophetically predict the impending “next pandemic” that Bill Gates and Co repeatedly warn about?
    ​ Is this “the next phony baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong”, to quote the “Center for Disease Disinformation” guy from The Simpsons?

    ​ Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Scale​ [Maybe they can make up a “snake-handling” hesitancy score. So many people are ​afraid of Rattlers and Copperheads.]
    Critical Thinking, Desire for Informed Consent, Appropriate Caution–All Ignored in a New “Disease” Score

    ​ Amish Officially Declared ‘World’s Healthiest Children’ After Rejecting Big Pharma Vaccines
    ​ The Amish cherish rural life, honesty, manual labor, humility, and “Gelassenheit,” which means submission to God’s will. They prioritize family time, nature, and face-to-face conversations whenever possible.​ [No junk food, either]

    Amish Officially Declared ‘World’s Healthiest Children’ After Rejecting Big Pharma Vaccines

    John Day

    [​Iurie Rosca sees BRICS+ as “the same, but a competitor”. What is the “competitor” offering?] Will BRICS launch a new world in 2024?​ ​ Pepe Escobar
    BRICS doubled its membership at the start of 2024, and faces huge tasks ahead: integrating its newest members, developing future admission criteria, deepening the institution’s groundings, and most importantly, launching the mechanisms for bypassing the US dollar in international finance.​..
    ​..Last week, top Kremlin adviser Yury Ushakov announced that BRICS will work towards setting up an independent payment system based on digital currencies and blockchain.​ Ushakov specifically emphasized “state-of-the-art tools such as digital technologies and blockchain. The main thing is to make sure it is convenient for governments, common people, and businesses, as well as cost-effective and free of politics.”​ [Color me not-reassured-enough.]
    ​ Ushakov did not mention it explicitly, but a new alternative system already exists. For the moment, it is a closely, carefully guarded project in the form of a detailed white paper that has already been validated academically and also incorporates answers to possible frequently asked questions.
    ​ The Cradle was briefed on the system via several meetings since last year with a small group of world-class fintech experts. The system has already been presented to Ushakov himself. As it stands, it is on the verge of receiving a final green light from the Russian government. After clearing a series of tests, the system in thesis would be ready to be presented to all BRICS-10 members before the Kazan summit.
    ​ This all ties in with Ushakov publicly declaring that a specific task for 2024 is to increase the role of BRICS in the international monetary/ financial system.

    John Day

    12 circles appear to have a dot within them.


    There are NO black dots in any circles.

    John Day

    zerosum is a contrarian.

    John Day

    Planet Fitness Cancels Membership Of Woman Who Exposed Biological Male Using Women’s Locker Room


    “zerosum is a contrarian.”

    Look closer. Define circle.

    V. Arnold

    “zerosum is a contrarian.”

    Look closer. Define circle.

    That’s one for zerosum; very clever…

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