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    Salvador Dali Eggs on the plate (without the plate) 1932   • Shadows Within Shadows (Jim Kunstler) • The Dominance Of The US Dollar Is Fading Rig
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    a kullervo

    The body is nourished so it can become nourishment;
    The spirit can’t resist the urge to keep on feeding and excreting.

    Body & Spirit (The Oroboro*): not really friends nor exactly foes;
    Body & Spirit: (more like) strange bedfellows, parasitic symbionts, partners in crime.

    Radical acceptance (no wants, no peace, no war: from hunger to anger and back, that’s all there is.)

    * The Oroboro: palindromic form of Ouroboros, better suited for the aim at hand.

    Mister Roboto

    a kullervo

    As soon as oil starts to be rationed over the international market, the biggest buyer and/or the biggest seller will impose whatever currency fits their fancy.

    Dr. D

    “Perceptions of War Crimes”[vs Covid]

    This is just a simple chart of literacy.

    “Jim Rickards discusses the ‘unintended consequences’”

    These are just “consequences” since it’s impossible not to be aware of and anticipate them. But as Sowell said, since they have no consequences personally, who cares? Can’t see it from my house. Let other people pay the costs. THis is what they’ve been doing to Flyover since at least NAFTA. One interest group prospers and offloads the political costs on another group. They’re very mad that the group they disadvantaged using political wealth transfer isn’t elated and enthusiastic about their fate. How Dare They.

    Vietnam: I guess those masks and distancing worked, right? I heard all about Asia for years and how they were proof.

    Kunstler has the same idea: we just use Stargates and Enterprise Transporters to teleport it in. Not that shipping trucks would be immediately vaporized from 500 miles away like just happened near Poland. But I just saw the old classic, works every time: They are transporting “Humanitarian Aid” and “Medical Supplies” to poor, sad Ukraine. And that very real medical aid is sitting right on top of that truckload of mostly rockets. And I pop a few kids inside! How Dare You!

    “The Dominance of the US Dollar Is Fading”

    I wonder if they reason Saudi won’t increase oil is because they can’t. That’s sensible, I heard they damaged Gawar etc pretty bad when they over-pumped to crash the USSR. And obviously this will take a long time and be messy. There are steps.

    They talk about “pricing” in Yuan. This must be some market arcana, as I could “price” my eggs in Canadian Dollars or Yuan and it would mean nothing to me or my costs. With Forex, I’m not sure how you wouldn’t “Price” then seconds later own Swiss Francs. This “Pricing” thing was more true in the past. I think it’s a bucket of behavior that means, or to stop losing % in transactions to friction, encourages purchases in US Treasury, the other leg of the business. And of course US Markets. But the “liquidity” is vital for such transactions, because you and I can sell a can of gas, but if you’re Norway and need to move a billion in a few days, you can’t do that in the currency and markets of Paraguay. So it’s not the “pricing”; that’s sloppy thinking. You can do it in Bitcoin, but that will have other scale issues right now.

    Since markets aren’t in “America” but on the “Internet”, maybe we’re multipolar and just sell each in our own, like India is doing.

    That includes the Yuan, which as they say is the size of Switzerland. I think the IDEA of currency is what’s going away, but I’m unclear as to how right now. Possibly instant cost-free conversion between all currencies? A stiff re-valuation would go a long way to unseating it. If the US$ is cut in half, do the others naturally increase?

    “• NATO Calls up 100s of 1000s of Troops”

    Okay, how do you feed those 100,000 men? And for how long? See the problem?

    “Well, we get what we deserve. America voted for Biden,”

    Actually we DIDN’T vote for Biden. Unless you believe 110% of registered Americans voted. And that’s beyond election-rigging using media lies, social media and so on as “Time” magazine gloated after the vote. “Yes, we, a small Cabal of Very Important People, got together and colluded to undermine the will of the people. Suck it.” The people said: “Okay!”

    “Ukraine produced 49.6% of global sunflower oil, 10% of global wheat, 12.6% of global barley, and 15.3% of global maize.”

    Despite what city-reporters write without asking, it’s not planting time yet. And they don’t use (much) fertilizer at planting. However, they have a second problem: I’m guessing a lot of that product leaves using the Ports Russia now controls.

    “• CDC Removes 24% of Child COVID-19 Deaths”

    “We create our own reality” but make up so much fakery it would quickly be over the horizon from reality and people would notice. So like inflation, employment numbers, we go back and “Adjust” them backward in time until they are somewhere more plausible. But never today. Today is a giant anaconda-lump of fakery saying…well whatever we feel like fabricating today, as directed by our Great Leaders. “A world of the eternal present where the Party is always right.” Today we are pretending child deaths fell when last month we were inflating and pretending they were rising. Whatever. If you don’t discredit and remove liars, this is inevitable as rain. They love liars more than life, so here we are.

    I do ask why though, as they’re still on selling the totally unnecessary, deadly vaccine to children to kill them the mostest. Probably for sterility and to Go Green. And you thought the Green-colored Horse of Armageddon was overreacting and didn’t kill people like war or famine. It does if the true believers try hard enough, in their religion of universal death. So what’s up with the change? All children haven’t been injured yet; don’t tell me you’re giving up already.

    From the Twitter above, they’re after all the remaining comedians, starting with Russell Brand. He says things like “war is bad” and “Politicians may be profiting by it; is that a conflict of interest?” We’ll see how long before they memory-hole him and de-bank his 5 million followers.


    Dr. D, send me mail at Contact • at • TheAutomaticEarth • com… please. The one I have no longer works.



    I thought I had mis clicked when the first pic I saw was the fresco one. It looks exactly like the emotional appeals sent to my wife’s email to demonize those dastardly Russians.

    My point to her is simply, “ and where was this painter for the past 8 years ?”

    Yes, of course, ALL CHILDREN ( and innocent civilians) MATTER and are equal. It just seems some children are more equal than others.

    And this of course is at the core of American ( and the “ west’s” ) exceptionalism and blatant hypocrisy that drives me bonkers.

    Mr. House

    Ah so forcing employees to attend a rally is nazi

    But forcing people to take an experimental jab is democracy, now i get it.

    How could i be so daft?


    Russia is breaking windows.
    Unbelievable “build back better” rebuilding opportunities.
    There are no peacemaker.

    • NATO Calls up 100s of 1000s of Troops Ready to Begin WWIII (Armstrong)

    The pressure to start World War III is on.
    Hunter is the USA poster boy for liberty and democracy and the American Dream.

    • How Dem Officials, The Media And Big Tech Buried The Hunter Biden Story (NYP)
    More Suffering, Cold and hungry
    • Food Supply Chains “Falling Apart” In Ukraine (ZH)
    Is this how to do “tit for tat”
    Russian Navy was preventing 200-300 ships from leaving the Black Sea — most of them were carrying grain. Other reports suggest around 100 vessels are blocked.
    Spikes are just coincidence or old age

    Mr. House

    Where does forcing employees to attend Social Justice seminars fall? Is that nazi or democrazy?






    tinfoilhatted canuck

    I just loved the fresco. Without any context.

    John Day

    Dr. D. had the last word last night, worth reading.

    Archie had this, which is also worth reading, about the oil shock “we” have just moved forward in time to about-now.


    In regards to this headline

    Thread. SUDEP- Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. • “Died Suddenly” Solved (Chesnut)

    I haven’t tracked down the stats yet but while listening to an interview with Dr Christiane Northrup she stated that SUID (Sudden Unexpected Infant Death) syndrome plunged dramatically in 2020 because the schedule of childhood vaccines did not get administered due to the covid lockdowns.

    What a shock.

    It’s like the dog that didn’t bark from the Sherlock Holmes story.

    People have agonized for years over why babies have ‘crib’ death, and low and behold, the phenomenon sinks to record low levels by simply missing a series of child vaccines.

    I believe Robert Kennedy’s Children Health Defense has also suspected a connection between SUID and child vaccines.

    But in the Empire of Lies, this connection will never see the light of day, it would interfere with the profit stream of Big Pharma Mafia interests.


    I think it is 100k US troops and 40K NATO troops moved to the borders of Ukraine, and billions in arms sent. I don’t see anyone capable of statesmanship, rather idiotic mouthpieces. It seems pretty clear that they want war, not peace, and manipulate public opinion to that end.


    So as we hurdle towards nuclear war because humans don’t really deserve to survive as a species, let’s take Black Pigeon’s walking tour of Hiroshima 76 years after a nuclear bomb landed dead center in the city.
    (very short ad at the beginning)

    Interesting to see how a city recovers from a direct hit with an atomic weapon. Many, many people are gone, but the city persists.

    Hiroshima: A Walkthrough the ATOMIC CITY


    Can not resist clicking around with Walter M Chestnut. His interpretations hit home and the science he delivers in support is deep. The reality is harsh, especially for the Vaxxed/Boosted set.

    QUESTION: Regarding the impacts of the disease (everything on the “Coincidences” list above + other impacts like on-going smell/taste loss, headache, cough) – do we have any clear insights as to how those of us who had Covid (Delta for me), yet remain unVaxxed/boosted are doing? What is this group experiencing long-term?

    My guess is that no one is tracking it.

    Dr. D

    Was thinking on IVM; where what’s the beef? So it doesn’t work, so what? If so, it’s a harmless placebo. So why get up in the morning and argue against something harmless? Every day for years? And at the same time, no comment on the 6-sigma, 40% increase in non-Covid deaths under 40, starting in Sept 2021. Clearly that is NOT harmless. Amazing what is said and not said. So go on: anyone, anyone, Bueller?

    Every. Day. Addresses one and not the other. As if anyone cares. As if anyone changes their mind. And you wonder why people think you’re a paid bot.


    A few changes results in enough energy
    The price of gas would go lower if the war machines were cut off from the use of the supply of oil energy.
    Since there are many great thinker and writers here, I know that everyone can write a better detailed explanation than me.


    on: “Ukraine adopts WEF proposals” (see top post.)

    UKR is a pioneer in Digital Pass tech, its application, use, and testing. GB hopes to be the no. 1 on the innovative, productive and control end, huge Biz oppos. (See for ex. the new Safety Online Bill, GB, other story, for another day…)

    UKR is being used as a testing ground for a bunch of stuff.

    some history:

    Diia is a new level of interaction between the state and citizens: convenient, invisible, humane. It is the only brand that combines a mobile application with access to citizens’ digital documents, and a single portal of public services for the population and business. The main goal is to make 100% public services available online. As of the 1 of April 2021, almost 4.5 million Ukrainians have updated the Diia 2.0 application. There are more than 3.6 million users of the Diia portal by now — over 50 government services are available online. Mobile application Diia 2.0 allows Ukrainians to access 9 digital documents (ID card, foreign biometric passport, student card, driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, vehicle insurance policy, tax number, birth certificate, IDP certificate) and 12 services….

    no date on that, but Diia was launched in 2020.

    Today, to obtain a stipend or bail-out due to ‘war’ in UKR one has to have a digital identity, I have heard, and believe .. but can’t find confirmation with a quick search.

    Reuters denies the payout is dependent on vaxx status, which is interesting (denying a lower-level detail to hide the higher-level..)

    Another ex.

    “Exclusive-Ukraine has started using Clearview AI’s facial recognition during war.”

    Reuters 22 March 2022. – Ukraine’s defense ministry on Saturday began using Clearview AI’s facial recognition technology, the company’s chief executive told Reuters, after the U.S. startup offered to uncover Russian assailants, combat misinformation and identify the dead.

    link > yahoo finance:

    See also, just one ex.


    Jim Rickards likes abstract art. The piece behind him fits the sanctions scenes he describes…or maybe something else? That’s the great thing about abstract – it goes wherever you take it.

    As for today’s selection – I am intrigued by the item resembling a carrot – a colored and textured leather sheath with a plant inserted inside. And the rusted metal wall that it is hanging on – revealing a map of the continents? The windows reflected in the egg yolks – looking in or looking out is anyone in there? Very curly egg whites don’t you think! That little nook room and the naked people inside who are looking out at…the yellow sky at night or morn. That yellow is making me ill. Something dead on the ledge. A silent, dangling pendulum. Who is holding the string?


    6 Years Of Being Manipulated By Manufactured Waves Of Outrage… And No End In Sight


    “…Are you starting to notice a pattern by now? For the past six years, the American people have been emotionally manipulated by what I call “manufactured waves of outrage”. Once the corporate media identifies a trigger, it will obsessively focus on it for weeks or months on end, and the narrative that develops will be echoed and magnified by millions upon millions of social media denizens. Before too long, much of the population is whipped up into an irrational emotional frenzy, and that frenzy is used to move certain agendas forward…”

    I know who I will kick out of my life boat and who I will vote ‘off the island’

    It’s ones in GREEN, too stupid to survive



    I had breakfast yesterday morning with my 89-year-old, triple-jabbed client and friend at the retirement community. During the conversation she remarked how impressed she was by how Zelensky is managing Ukraine through this war. I nearly choked. Due to our mutual respect, I was able to disagree and started citing data I’d gleaned from TAE and elsewhere to back up my statements. She was amazed. She explained that she watches CNN, listens to NPR, and takes in a little of Fox News each day (so that she understands where her conservative daughter and son-in-law are coming from,) and that she really wants to know what is going on in the world. Since I understand that she struggles to read much due to eye problems, I suggested that she watch The Jimmy Dore Show and Russell Brand, as they tend to cover the biggest issues that get brought up here, as well as Matt Taibbi’s substack, which includes narrations of his articles. I am curious about how she reacts to these.


    @Dr. D: My exact thinking on IVM–although I have never viewed it as the magic cure, I think that it is worth a try, given that it is virtually risk-free. If it turns out not to work for you, what are you out, other than the trivial expense of the medication?

    BTW, NH is moving toward making IVM available over-the-counter. This would remove most of the stigma for doctors who want to tell their patients to give it a try but are reluctant to prescribe it for fear of the professional consequences.

    John Day

    Thnks for having breakfast with your 89 year old friend, Phoenixvoice.


    // apologies, typo: 22 march above, Reuters, correct = 13 march. //

    John Day

    “Worst Enemy” post is up, opening with Dr.D’s 3/17/21 essay, and including a picture of Paul Newman wannabe shoveling mud-trap inadvertently created by driveway ditching for gas line, which replaced good gravel with bad gumbo-clay

    What is the West? As Gore says, it’s a CONSUMER. Of everything. They print debt and consume things, net producing nothing. So Russia is passively embargoing them. That’s it. And with some help from China, that’s the whole plan. And it’s worse than that, Russia isn’t even trying to embargo the West. There is no need; the West is using the war to embargo themselves.

    The West Is at War with Itself

    Diana Johnstone looks in detail at what has shaped Russia’s national perception of war, including the death of Vladimir Putin’s older brother under Nazi siege, before Vlad the lad was born.
    For Washington, War Never Ends
    “War” to a Russian, happens in Russia. “War” is real and personal.
    She closes with this.
    The American war aim is not to spare Ukraine, but to ruin Russia. That takes time.
    The danger is that the Russians won’t be able to end this war, and the Americans will do all they can to keep it going.

    DIANA JOHNSTONE: For Washington, War Never Ends

    More important perspective on how an effective Russian head of state must approach war with the west, by John Helmer.
    Putin has to be as effective as Stalin was.
    What Joseph Stalin Said To Himself When Russia’s Survival Was At Stake:
    By comparison with Lenin, though, and the rest of the original Bolsheviks including Leon Trotsky, Stalin’s originality was in his grasp of the military requirements for Russia’s defence…
    By the start of the second world war, he had come to the certainty that “under conditions of capitalist encirclement, the Soviet Union needed a strong state apparatus to defend itself against external threats and internal subversion”. In Roberts’ review of the evidence of what Stalin said, what he read and scribbled inside his books, Stalin’s innovation on Lenin was as a warfighter…
    It’s a point which most Russians at the moment believe Putin reached in the nick of time, compared to Stalin on June 22, 1941.


    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said this in an interview yesterday:
    “One of the underlying trends is the United States’ desire – which has been much more manifested by the Biden administration – to come back to a unipolar world. And, if you wish, they are trying to take the melting pot concept from the United States soil and make a melting pot from the entire world, and they would be the smelters. The European Union already, I think 99 percent, stopped trying to be independent. President Macron, of course, keeps repeating that strategic autonomy for the European Union is his goal and he would be fighting for it, but my guess is that he would not succeed. Germany is already absolutely ready to obey instructions from the United State. The situation with North Stream 2 clearly indicated what exact place in world politics Germany occupies now, when the Americans in fact have “persuaded” the Germans and others that they, the Americans, know much better what Europe needs for its energy security than Europeans themselves. And there are many examples like this. So the sanctions drive is going to continue, they are threatening the fifth wave, maybe there would be another wave, but we’re used to it. I will recall that, long before the Ukrainian crisis erupted because of the illegal anti-constitutional coup d’etat, the sanctions were already imposed on us.” …
    “This is only the beginning of our economy getting adjusted to the new situation. After 2014, as I started to say, we did gain experience to rely upon ourselves. And the biggest lesson from this particular historical period is, unlike what we saw after 2014, that now,
    We will have to rely only on ourselves and on our allies who would stay with us. This is the main conclusion for Russia in the context of geopolitics.” …
    “We are not closing the door on the West. They are doing so. But when they come back to their senses and when this door is reopened, we will be looking at proposed projects of cooperation with a very important thing in mind to which I alluded to already – that we will be going into cooperation with them knowing very well that we cannot be sure that they are reliable and that they are credible as long-term partners.” …
    “The efforts were taken systemically to train military officers on the basis of radical Bandera and Shukhevich-style methodology. The purpose being – to make sure that they would not become friendly to Russia again and that they would build their nationalism, nationalistic feelings as the means to strengthen the statehood of their country.”
    “The purpose was always to make sure that Russia does not have Ukraine as a friend. It’s like Zbigniew Brzezinski in the late 1990s said, “Russia with Ukraine, a friendly Ukraine next to it, is a superpower. Russia with Ukraine which is not friendly to Russia, is just a regional player.” This concept is very deeply rooted in the minds of American policymakers, and it will take time to get rid of these negative legacies.
    Even now, when the armed forces of Ukraine are fighting, trying to procrastinate the crisis. The leaders of Ukraine with the help of American and other Western advisors have reformed the army in the way which puts these radicals, Bandera-like trained officers, to lead all more or less meaningful units in the Ukrainian army.”

    Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with RT, Moscow, March 18, 2022


    The Last Straw

    The Yuan not only doesn’t need to replace the dollar as world reserve currency, the Chinese have openly stated they don’t want it to be.

    The whole world just saw The Empire of Lies seize another countries assets, just like that, so everyone knows they could be next. Psychopaths are like that.

    A basket of real commodities and Bitcoin, which is the only decentralized crypto out there. This means it can’t be control or seized or shut off by any party using it. All the other cryptos are centralized pretenders which can be hacked. No need for ‘trust’ in Bitcoin, it’s core decentralized nature is all it needs. It’s now legal tender for all transactions in El Salvador. Imagine that.

    “…It took the U.S. dollar 33 years (1914–1944) to achieve its status as the leading global reserve currency. The dollar lost its gold link in 1971 but remained the leading reserve currency due in part to the petrodollar deal that was worked out by Nixon and Kissinger in 1974.

    The world was flooded with dollars through a combination of Fed money printing and U.S. trade deficits.

    The difficulties began in the 1990s and early 2000s when the U.S. used financial sanctions to punish enemies such as Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and, to a limited extent, Russia. The U.S. kept going back to sanctions over and over.

    Now that the U.S. has frozen the reserves of the Central Bank of Russia, this is the last straw for Russia and the world.

    After all, if dollar reserves are no longer a safe haven, then who needs dollar reserves? The world will demand something more dependable that can’t be frozen on U.S. whims.

    The U.S. is destroying the value of the dollar by abusing sanctions. In the future, the dollar will not be that important. It won’t happen overnight, but the unprecedented sanctions against Russia will only accelerate the process.

    Investors can prepare for the coming collapse of the dollar by increasing their allocations to physical gold. That’s the one form of money you cannot freeze or seize.”


    Jim Rickards


    “History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” – From George Orwell’s “1984”.

    Did we stop to consider just what was he saying? It didn’t sink in until now. And here is a perfect example:

    “Today we are pretending child deaths fell when last month we were inflating and pretending they were rising. Whatever. If you don’t discredit and remove liars, this is inevitable as rain. They love liars more than life, so here we are” – From Dr D, today.

    We are living in Orwell’s world. Think about those ideas above…TPTB have forced this upside-down world upon us by removing/deleting our voices from the discussion and our experiences from the story.

    #WINNING is their goal, and by not breaking away – we become their loser-victims. We are the SACRIFICE. And they think they are sacrificing for us! We die (spiritually and physically) for them to live. Now…Death is life. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

    How do we like it?

    So I move my focus back down to my neighborhood and not much along these lines is happening. Thank goodness there is PEACE in pockets of my small town (we are not perfect).

    How to move from macro to micro and back again?

    What is my role in the macro? With informed/focused effort and LOVE, my role in the micro-hood is on a positive path. That is the ONE truth for sure.

    LOVE to all.

    Tree Frog

    Such an interesting observation and so at odds with prevailing expectations. I agree because it reflects the desire to throw off the US yoke – so undesired and undeserved.

    The eurodollar is/was a practical device – an accident of circumstances – rather than a necessity.

    Veracious Poet

    Investors can prepare for the coming collapse of the dollar by increasing their allocations to physical gold. That’s the one form of money you cannot freeze or seize.

    While Ag/Au are absolutely a better, more mobile store of wealth than fiat currency or intangible computer derived replacements, it too can be frozen and/or seized. Rickards is talking his book…

    FDR did exactly that in 1933 during his “banking holiday”, while also establishing “Emergency Powers” as the U$ Empire’s defacto rule-of-power.

    Governor Bernard of Massachusetts in 1760 issued “Writs of Assistance” to enter any ship, building or home, at anytime, to enforce the Stamp Act. It was in effect a “no knock warrant” that enabled any British official to search & seize any property that did not display proof of having been subject to taxation for the Empire.

    In subsequent legal redress the colonists sought, Jame Otis stated that the Writ was a blatant violation of Common Law, that it had violated the colonists’ rights to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Property.

    The Empire’s response lit the fuse that ignited the American Revolution, which created the Fourth Amendment to forbid general search warrants in the United States of America…

    Digital ID’s will accomplish in spades what the “Writs of Assitance” could not, a tyrant’s wet dream…

    How the worm turns.

    Tree Frog

    It’s not about pricing. It’s about settlement.


    What goes up must come down
    WWI – trenches
    WWII – Tanks, artilery
    WWIII – Russia “said” it used its newest Kinzhal “hypersonic missiles” for the first time in Ukraine to destroy an underground weapons storage site in the country’s west. ( can go 8ookm travel at a speed between Mach-2 and Mach-3, which is up to 2,300 miles per hr)


    The covid “guerilla” war on the vaccinated people of the west continues daily but is being queitly hiddened and faded into the background by the media, government, drug companies, and the medical profession.

    The objective is so people (boiled frogs) become numb and used to the daily casualties covid is causing. Covid casualties are being re-labelled or disguised as other diseases, such as “sudden” death. Out of sight, out of mind!

    Speaking of which, our very own “guerilla” troll, Deflate, is doing great work promoting “sudden” death as a perfectly normal everyday life event! Glad to see you managed to successfully exit the Washington DC Beltway, after they closed all the exits! Rising gas prices would have surely “killed” you, if you hadn’t exited!

    Deflate, as for the Ukrainian War, how come you didn’t take the promotion “for boots on the ground” that your bosses offered you? You could have made the difference between the Ukraine winning or losing the war! Because you didn’t go, sadly the Ukraine is losing the war! Shame on you Deflate!

    We here at TAE are very disappointed in your lack of anti-Russian patriotism, Deflate. You could have at least been willing to taken a “bullet” for the team! Then those Russians would have one less “bullet”! I think this “lack of” will be duly noted on your n3xt job review. Don’t be surprised if you get less than inflation. Maybe that is why they named your handle “Deflate”?

    Deflate, as a troll, it seems you are still stuck in the old covid narrative. Covid is so yesterday’s news. Usually good trolls know who is crossing their bridge. Maybe you should pop up from under your bridge to see who is trying to cross your bridge, instead of just growling from under the bridge, sight unseen!

    Deflate, you really need to get caught up with the current narrative of fake Hunter’s laptop headlines burying the Ukrainian’s winning the war headlines! Deflate, I am really beginning to worry about your mental health. Are you sure you are O.K.? Can I prescribed you some Ivermectin? It is afterall Dr. Goodall’s guaranteed cure for all that ails bridge trolls!

    Veracious Poet

    Every. Day. Addresses one and not the other. As if anyone cares. As if anyone changes their mind. And you wonder why people think you’re a paid bot.

    Without spiritual enlightenment, brought to knowing in the Now that we’re ALL integral parts of the Infinite’s family, the tyranny of the EGO remains in utmost control, creating the curse of needing common ground tribes to align forces with…

    Football is a prime example of the madness of tribalism, where Fan~atics choose their favorite “team”, to the point of irrational right-or-wrong adherence, the most rabid ready to do battle with rival tribal Fan~atics to defend their “honor”.

    Enlightened humans spurn such tribal distractions, seeking The Path of truth, love & reconciliation with the one True Family, while sociopaths develop observing this beastly phenom, viewing this human malady as a path to power through artifices of divide & conquer…

    Alliances can shift to fulfill grand plans (the enemy of my enemy is my psycho), narratives established that will drive tribes into mindless hordes that will inhumanly rape, pillage, plunder & murder to defend their “honor”.

    Politics is another prime example of this, of course…

    It is antipathy of the spirit, leading the followers into a mass psychosis formation (CULT/TRIBALISM) easily into a state where TPTB can toy with them like pawns on a chess board.

    This is the curse of the “human” condition, that now 80 years into the nuclear weapon age, will breed death, destruction & despair on an unimaginable scale…

    You had a chance America, to save humanity, but you blew it when you chose to worship the child EGO over the Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Creator.

    It’s A Small World (After All)… you tribal morons!


    @Veracious Poet: you are crystalizing thoughts and concepts in a powerful way. Appreciate your views. Spirit is with you.

    Veracious Poet

    A note on religion:

    If history teaches anything about religion, it teaches that it is an institution all too easily subverted by sociopaths to create tribal monstrosities of the worst order…

    Once an enlightened spiritual teacher’s example is translated into an external event (religion) it can be perverted into a cash cow, a tool to control & conquer, in the end just another apparatus of evil.

    Spirituality is an inward journey, though many EGO-based “humans” believe they are “spiritual” through external mechanisms of deceitful delusions…

    Christians vs. Pagans, Muslims vs. Infidels, ad nauseam, creating fictions of tribalism where Us (the Infinite’s children) vs. Them (the unbelievers) becomes the greatest LIE told in the history of humanity.

    I KNOW Natural Law could have been a stake through the heart of the religion vampire, but tribalism murdered that opportunity dead, dead, DEAD!!!

    Mankind in 2022 is no more evolved, probably less, than the Christians vs. Muslims crusades 800 years ago 🙁


    By T. Grant Benson -November 29, 2018
    Russia Blocks Ukraine From Azov Sea

    KIEV – Two critical Ukrainian trade ports, Berdyansk and Mariupol, have effectively been placed under blockade by the Russian Federation as harbour traffic has essentially been halted, the country’s infrastructure minister said Thursday.

    Some 35 vessels have been mooted and unable to carry out usual operations, with only ships destined for Russian ports allowed to sail, Minister Volodymyr Omelyan wrote in a statement.

    “The goal is simple – by placing a blockade on Ukrainian ports on the Azov Sea, Russia hopes to drive Ukraine out of our own territory – territory that is ours in accordance will all relevant international laws,” he said, according to a Reuter’s translation of his Facebook post.

    Omelyan said 18 vessels were awaiting entry into the Azov Sea at the Kerch Strait, with four destined for Berdyansk and 14 for Mariupol.

    There is also a line of nine vessels to leave the sea and eight other vessels are standing by near the port berths.

    Russia blockaded the Kerch Strait, and fired upon and captured two Ukrainian naval vessels and a tugboat on Sunday, the only entrance into the Azov Sea, which both Kiev and Moscow have coastal territory on.

    The Russians also brought 24 Ukrainian sailors into custody, 12 of which will be incarcerated for at least two months, Moscow said earlier this week.

    The Kerch Strait incident has brought the Ukraine crisis back into the international spotlight, and driven tensions to its highest level since Russian-back separatists went to war with Kiev in 2015, following Moscow’s annexation of Crimea during the year previous.

    Putin cuts off shipping route to Ukraine while forces move on Kiev
    Rory Tingle and James Robinson and Chris Pleasance for MailOnline 24/02/2022

    Vladimir Putin has cut off a vital shipping route used by Ukraine as his forces launched an all-out invasion of the country by land, sea and air.

    Marine trackers show Russian tankers appear to be blockading the Kerch Strait, which links the Azov Sea with the Black Sea. The ships are currently at anchor, with a large number of foreign vessels unable to get through.

    Ukraine’s military has now suspended operations at its ports. Russia had earlier closed the Azov Sea to commercial vessels until further notice, but kept Russian ports in the Black Sea open.

    Putin authorised ‘a special military operation’ against Ukraine in the early hours of the morning, and by midday the skies over Kiev swarmed with Russian attack helicopters which seized control of Gostomel air base.

    Russia and Ukraine are both major exporters of wheat and grain, and industry experts predict the war will prompt a rise in global food prices.

    Veracious Poet


    I am just a man, that was shown through the example of many mature, spiritual men that the journey within, to my spirit, was more important than the insatiable demands of my child EGO ~ Then I had a white light experience that crushed my selfishness, translating my existence into servitude…

    Now from time-to-time The Reality is coming through me, I am seeing with eyes not my own, I know there is a better Way & I am blessed to live in fragments of it.

    But I am no better or worse than any of “humanity”, who I wish would abandon EGO, receive the Gift of Reconciliation with their True Self…

    I thought that I was done with communicating my experiences online, which I was for many years, but there became a great spiritual sadness that will not leave me be.

    Peace to you 🙂

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