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    Jack Delano “Untitled” 1940 • We’re All Hedge Funds Now (John Rubino) • Why Has Germany Bailed Out A Tiny Bank? (Coppola) • The Perfect Storm For Oil
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    V. Arnold

    Whew, I see the SNAFU is in force and everything is FUBAR.

    I hate it when things change… 😉


    “it’s the victors who write the history books ”

    That is why, “Two atrocities make One right.”


    @ jal,

    Assuming your comment is in relation to something I posted in another thread, but not entirely sure what you’re implying – I certainly wasn’t implying two wrongs make a right.

    What I was simply suggesting is that, as an enlightened group of individuals at this blog who seem to try to tear through the bullshit we’re constantly fed by “the powers that be”, we may want to also question some of the history we’ve been fed over the years and see if any of stinks as much as the spin we’re being fed on a daily basis today.


    V. Arnold

    @ Variable81

    I can think of no history, that I was taught, that was factual. None. Nothing. Nada.
    The fairy tales were boring when compared with the facts.
    The problem begins with those in charge who also control, what is jokingly referd to as education.
    With a population fed propaganda from birth, is it any wonder the U.S. citizens never grew up. Infantilized through 13 years of public education.


    And there is the new education methodology,

    How to Add, According to Common Core

    Dr. Diablo

    Interesting environmental links. So…billions of dollars in animal trade, hundreds of thousands involved, and nobody knows nothing, eh?

    Green roofs are naturally a great idea, perhaps able to get traction for its widespread acceptance. One question, however: who pays for it? You have to think it’s going to be relatively expensive, and also otherwise they’d do it voluntarily. So requiring it may have long-term payback but in the short run will sharply slow building activity. Considering they’re in a depression, perhaps stop it altogether. This may be a good thing, but I wonder where it leads, or whether it would be more productive to provide incentives (like bonds offered against value of electric and/or water savings) rather than high commands.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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