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    Rembrandt van Rijn A Lady And Gentleman In Black 1633 Stolen from Gardner Museum March 18 1990, the single largest art theft in the world. Never recov
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    V. Arnold

    Hey Ilargi; just how much art was stolen from Gardner Museum March 18,1990?

    It leads me to wonder just what kind of human could possibly be that blatently selfish to deprive the planet Earth and it’s people of that wondrous feat of human expression called art…

    John Day

    Yesterday Dr. D grudgingly liked the Alex Krainer Piece about Socialism Vs. Capitalism in a world of fractional reserve lending, but it is the underlying fractional reserve lending, and how it is done, that makes other points less pivotal, isn’t it? It CAN be addressed…
    That’s fascinating and at least a good argument, but it’s entirely wrong.

    “​ Left to itself and without intervention, a modern economic system would fall into what we call a self-reinforcing deflationary depression: the deflationary gap would lead to falling prices and output, decline of income and rising unemployment.”

    Dr. D

    Actually, I realize this is going to work out perfectly for Orange Man again. What’s happening in NY? Well, every building is selling for a dollar. It’s going straight down, no bid.

    …And they WANT to confiscate Trump Towers in this environment? Yes. And they are going to what? Sell it? Fill it with non-citizens? Probably.

    Sooooo….what happens then? Isn’t $500M buildings going to go to about $50k? Yes. And they pay the taxes that whole time? Yes. And then Don Jr. buy them all back in 2039 for $100k from the new, reformed Mayor? Yes.

    You see, THEY think it’s just a big pirate chest of money. You STEAL the big chest, then go take Caribbean Cruises and buy a penthouse for Rachael Maddow like they said. It’s not. It’s not “Worth” $10 million like they said Mar Lago was. It’s not “Worth” $500M like they think his NY properties are. The “worth” changes minute-by-minute and can be infinite, zero, or anywhere in between depending on who you talk to. So the “Worth” of Trump Tower is now plummeting dizzily, WHILE taxes are raising dizzily. AND risk in NY is headed toward infinite. Like Mad Max, “Escape from NY” levels.

    Let me put it this way: Their rowboat is sinking fast and they WANTED to load 1000 pounds of gold into it. Or they’re shoot you with their blunderbuss. Well, okaaaaaaay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.. And they row away, bwhahahaha! So Winning! Lower and lower in the water. And here they are, safe on the big ship, watching and shaking their heads.

    But nevermind. Proving my point we just heard She is now being investigated. For what? Fani level bribery. For what? She owes $3M to banks and is in a hole. Oh really? Why? Because she overinflated the values of her properties. Looking for official links to those stories now.

    And for the buildings, you may think it’s impossible, but many cities had OUTLAWED handing the keys to City Hall. (Which is of course, illegal. No one cares: we do 10 illegal things before breakfast). That is, hundreds of properties in hundreds of U.S. Cities are worth LESS THAN ZERO. For decades. Now maybe not at this minute, but we’re at the tippy-top. If it’s been true for decades at a pop in some neighborhoods, then you can guarantee it will happen right quick with the cities on fire with squatters and no retail. I, a Socialist, am going to MAKE YOU fix that house, FOR FREE, like a slave, and ALSO take a loss on it, while I do nothing, add zero, and take $6k/yr in taxes.

    Canada: “Have you tried ‘Kill All the Public’ yet?”

    “The United States had submitted a draft resolution to the U.N. Security Council” … FIVE MONTHS after the shooting began and after 100,000 Gazans are dead.

    “Hunter Biden was advancing a CIA project in Ukraine to swing the natural gas market towards NATO & that’s why he’s untouchable.”

    That is false because Hunter has no more brains than his father. And doesn’t know natural gas. And doesn’t know Russian. And doesn’t know European law. And is too high on crack to be coherent and too compromised with child hookers to represent. So…he’s the delivery boy. Cabana Boy. He’s your Door Dash Driver. With sausage.

    “The state of New York has positioned itself to seize Donald Trump’s assets in Westchester County following a $454 million civil fraud judgement against the former president.”

    Again, only TWO people on the planet, got up one day, decided you owned them half a billion dollars by Friday. You see why they need to demonstrate this to the people, particularly the rich people who keep refusing to take sides.

    What’s really happening? They have the blackmail files on all these guys. However, probably both sides have the same files. If you point and remove them, they’ll just be replaced with someone for whom you don’t have the blackmail files and carry on. You need to demonstrate TO THE PUBLIC, and especially the rich, influential public, WHY we have evidence, process, law… That is, the American values, American standards, American ways. That is, we’re not trying to win this ONE case – could care less – we have to reform the SYSTEM, and that “system” is what men believe in their heads. After 45 years of straight Socialist propaganda. As every teacher, professor, and reporter happily and openly admits.

    “• Judge Grants Trump’s Request to Appeal Fani Willis Disqualification Decision (ET)

    Okay, again, how does this work: one and only one prosecutor. They let go forward and “only just accidentally” discover she is corrupt and conspiring. Months, years later. Then only just had these come on, one per week, for a year. Then only just had her case indicted in court one per week. And now only approve the appeal that KEEPS it in the news at one per week. So precisely equal Yea and Nays that lead to keeping it constantly in the news, and constantly boiling, never going forward or back. But I am a coincidence theorist and that is not suspicious at all.

    “But for those patriots who still love this country, it is imperative that Trump secures a second presidential term. It really is that simple.”

    That’s why they’re not done yet: Trump needs to be assassinated and go sit on the beach on Cyprus next to Prigozhin. Then we can also dispense with JFK was shot by a lone gunman, with a rifle that couldn’t hit a barn, and nobody else was involved. We desperately need to erase the magic “Conspiracy Theory” meme.

    Anyway, because of that, there won’t be an election. Or not the sense that we commonly believe. Trump is not done giving, and showing to us yet.

    ““If lying were an art form, former Trump fixer Michael Cohen would be its Rembrandt..”

    Fascinated by this because this is our legal system, and social system in brief: we believe two opposite things at the same time, all the time. In this case, top-of-the-lungs, front page above the fold, “Michael Cohen is the world’s biggest, unprincipled liar!!!” Same newspaper, same day, ALSO top-of-the-lungs, front page above the fold, “Michael Cohen is the world’s most trustworthy witness!!!” Day after day, week after week.

    Uh-huh. As per “Cults”, still waiting for some modicum of “cognitive dissonance” to set off a chain of inquiry about it, but it hasn’t happened yet. Also people seem shocked that a lawyer is a liar. Like, when has THAT ever happened?

    ““Donald is no doubt fearful of Alzheimer’s.” “He’s not going to talk about it and not going to admit it,” they told WaPo,”

    What the actual? This is literally a sentence that establishes, “I, the witness, have no idea what I’m talking about.” Let me rephrase:
    “Donald no doubt killed Jimmy Hoffa.” “He’s not going to talk about it and not going to admit it,” they told WaPo,”
    ““Donald is no doubt hitched a ride with gray aliens to Mars.” “He’s not going to talk about it and not going to admit it,” they told WaPo”

    So the proof of this is that he DOES NOT admit it.

    They then proceed with “If Donald is scared of Alzheimer’s he has it; if he isn’t scared of it, he’s deranged.” So I guess that goes for me too then? How many is orange?

    “• What Is Necessary For The Ukrainian “Sanitary Zone” To Be Sanitary? (Helmer)

    They have now said and are laying the ground: for the missile range, they must occupy to the Polish border. Of course there are missiles of one mile, and missiles that go over the South Pole. They talk only about these specific missiles that will set the border in the location they already want it.

    “And yet, Sullivan ruled out any “Plan B,” saying: “I’m confident that we will achieve Plan A…”

    Literally the same thing the Duran said in the same words. Europe has no Plan B. Plan B is inconceivable. Inconceivable to lose a Land War in Asia.
    The plan was: Russia will collapse with sanctions and a light shelling and cease to exist. Now DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD!!! Or I’ll tell Daddy! Even if you liked Europe, you should screw them hollow on general principles for playing such a bad strategy. Really? You walked into a cul-de-sac with no outlet and no arms? I can’t just let that pass. I simply HAVE to take advantage of it.

    What kind of snake is this? A Don King Cobra.

    Not all cows are stupid but he’s smarter than a horse. With great dexterity.

    Hair Care: what does “Hair Onion” taste like?


    “Gardner Museum March 18 1990, the single largest art theft in the world. “

    Back in the day I would always tried to visit the Gardner when in Boston. Especially on Sundays, they had a marvelous stringed instrument performance on the top floor. Elegant and ethereal, really transported the Soul to different places.

    I remember seeing many of the stolen pieces of art.

    Too bad they are in some greedy billionaire”s collection seen only by them and their inner circle of global Cabalists.

    Just another form of ritual humiliation of the masses.

    Steal precious art from the public space and ‘privatize it’.


    $10 million dollar reward, still no luck



    Maybe it’s here


    Dr. D

    If you want to follow Krainer, you need to study solid state systems. Fiat and inflationary systems can only expand (and then crash). I suspect THEY like them, not just because unparalleled theft and mass murder, but because it artificially speeds up the human economy like 10x. If you’re trapped on the planet and want to escape, you need the monkeys here to build you a rocket — which they can’t do living in the Middle Ages. So you goose the human power 10x this way. Of course it collapses, but since you want to kill everyone anyway, keep the vermin down and pick winners, this is a feature, not a bug.

    Solid state commodity-based economies do not expand, or at anywhere near the same rate, and they can also contract, which is still painful but not fatal. Almost all human systems up to 1913 were a hybrid. Yes, they were a gold standard, but they were also mostly lying and leveraged out many multiples of the underlying base, and not just like BoE, but every level, as wholesalers give “Gold-notes”, Banks do fractional, individuals write gold settled contracts, etc. But you can only leverage to a level before you get a bank run, and not to $36 Trillion, at $1 trillion every 100 days. Where a million people are killed $200B at a pop and we call it “A good start.”

    If you also want an ecological world, you will also need a non-expansionary steady-state system, so any CO2, Green, Environmentalism necessitates eradicating Fiat and Central Bank inflation. First order of business because otherwise everything will collapse the minute you take power. They don’t do this meaning they are clowns, not serious in the slightest, posers, a painted on scam. To say nothing of how if you build your earth ship in Vermont at 20, you’ll be run out of it for compounding taxes before you’re 40. You have to have a dollar now equal a dollar later, or more. …That’s the “Deflation” he is terrified of. Weird guy. Most people LIKE it when prices of cars, computers, food drop. So when he comes over, I’ll be sure to charge $100,000 for that ice cream cone, since rising prices are so good and all. Do your part!

    We had soft deflation for like 50 years of our highest prosperity, so much so they started writing a “Mil” on the accounting ledgers, a tenth of a penny, because a penny was so valuable and could buy so much. (Industrialization of those horrible Capitalists from 1870-1910) If you put away retirement in gold, it would slowly rise in value at some (5%?) rate compounded. But this is bad for banks and stocks and governments BECAUSE it is so wonderfully good for the PEOPLE. They can’t get in the middle and steal it all. And the Federal Reserve cured all that. Now it’s good for the government and bad for the people, which he approves of.

    Since almost all cultures have had no inflation through almost all time, from Babylon to 1914, he might look into how that works and how to get there, since we’re going there anyway. Instead of saying “What has always happened in human history is impossible, there is no alternative, and we must keep inflation going that immiserates all humankind and funds wars.” No. I prefer not to.

    The other interesting part is, when is he going to write an expose’ on how Socialist Systems and all Socialist countries aren’t either, but are nearly identical oligarchic, rigged hybrid as well?


    Top level art thieves know modern art is shite.

    Dr. D

    “Media Says Border Crisis Not An Invasion, It Is Simply A Group Of Military-Aged Males Using Force Against Our Military To Enter And Occupy The Country” – BBee

    “Court Flips Coin To See If Texas Allowed To Enforce Laws Today” — BBee

    “Checkmate: Trump Sneaks Back Into White House, Invokes Squatter’s Rights”

    If Biden stops him, we’ll have Joe arrested!

    John Day

    Proof Infant Vaccines Kill Babies

    A Midwestern Doctor, The Century of Evidence That Vaccines Cause Sudden Infant Deaths
    The Disturbing Parallels between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
    Story at a Glance:
    •To maximize profits, the pharmaceutical industry will often identify vulnerable groups who lack the ability to advocate for themselves and refuse pharmaceutical products.
    •When the DPT vaccine was first developed over a century ago, it was tested at Irish orphanages. Recently mass graves of those early test subjects were discovered.
    •Since the DPT vaccine hit the market, physicians around the world have observed waves of infant deaths following its use, which were often sudden and inexplicable (along with many other severe side effects).
    •Numerous data sources correlate increasing childhood vaccination rates with increasing infant deaths. Those deaths played a key role in creating the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. That forgotten data compromises the majority of this article.
    •When the COVID lockdowns happened, vaccine safety activists predicted the lockdowns would lead to an unprecedented drop in infant deaths since children were skipping their vaccines. This ended up being exactly what happened, and it was reconfirmed by infant deaths dropping in Florida after the pandemic prompted many parents to begin not vaccinating their children.
    Note: due to the significant interest in this topic, this article is a revised version of a previously published article about it.
    The Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) that was seen worldwide after the COVID-19 vaccines rolled out was so unmistakable that it made the general public see how much their governments had lied to them. What is less known, however, is the link between vaccines and the sudden death of children (euphemistically called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS).
    Like SADS, SIDS has a clear-cut relationship to vaccination, and in the case of SIDS, there is over a century of evidence to substantiate it. Like SADS, our healthcare authorities have worked tirelessly to conceal this link, even when faced with significant protests from the public who know what is happening. For the most part, these authorities have succeeded, and as a society, we have come to see SIDS as a normal event that does not require an investigation each time another child dies from vaccination.
    I was compelled to write about this topic for a few key reasons:
    •The children who died from SIDS and their parents deserve recognition and justice. Because of the attention highlighting SADS and vaccine dangers in general, I believe this may, at last, be possible.
    •Infants cannot speak up for themselves (other than by crying, which is typically ignored). When you observe these vaccine injuries and the trauma they experience, it’s very apparent what happened, but in almost all cases, those around them can’t see it—so I feel I have a duty to speak out for those without a voice.
    •Understanding how the government has handled SIDS provides essential context for understanding how it has dealt with SADS.
    •New evidence supporting the link between SIDS and vaccination emerged during COVID-19.
    In this article, I have done the best I could to provide all the evidence clearly demonstrating this link with a focus on that which can explain why vaccination causes SIDS. Additionally, I have also discussed much of this with a US government researcher who specializes in the vaccine most associated with SIDS and has requested their privacy be respected for understandable reasons…

    ..In 1986, Torch also summarized case reports of more than 200 deaths that occurred following DPT vaccination, as reported by 37 authors in 12 countries. About half of these deaths occurred within 24 hours, 75 % within 3 days, and 90 % within 1-week post-vaccination. For most of these deaths a specific cause could not be found, although many were labeled as SIDS…

    ..In 1978—79, eleven babies were found to have died within eight days of a DPT vaccination (in Tennessee). Nine of the eleven had been vaccinated with the same lot of pertussis vaccine, Wyeth #64201, and five (four from the same lot) had died within twenty-four hours of vaccination…

    ..Wyeth apparently also decided to act to prevent a clustering of deaths following DPT vaccination from a single lot from ever occurring again in a single geographical area. This 1979 internal memo (revealed through litigation) shows that Wyeth’s senior management decided to solve this problem by making sure individual lots were distributed throughout the country so it would be much less obvious if one lot was hot as the deaths it created would not be concentrated in one area.
    Wyeth memo
    …In the period of 1970-1974, when DPT vaccination was begun at 3 to 5 months of age, the Japanese national compensation system paid out claims for 57 permanent severe damage vaccine cases, and 37 deaths. During the ensuing six year period 1975-1980, when DPT injections were delayed to 24 months of age, severe reactions from the vaccine were reduced to a total of eight with three deaths. This represents an 85 to 90 percent reduction in severe cases of damage and death [per vaccine given]…
    ..An Australian group developed a way to monitor infants at home continuously and, like many others, was able to demonstrate non-fatal disruptions of breathing spiked following DPT and Polio vaccination (this is the most likely cause of SIDS) and that this disruption continued for over six weeks post-vaccination (hence overlapping with the typical period of death that has been observed to follow vaccination)…
    ..When SIDS cases at morgues are examined, they cluster at precisely 2, 4, or 6 months of age (rather than throughout the 2 to 6 month period), which can only be explained as a consequence of vaccination…

    ..In 2021, Florida’s childhood vaccination rate decreased from 93.4% in 2020 to only 79.3% in 2021. At the same time this happened, all-cause infant mortality under one year of age in Florida also decreased by 8.93% (a reversal of 2020’s trend where infant mortality had increased by 0.67%). As a 14 percent decrease in vaccination coverage was associated with a 9 percent decrease in infant mortality, this led Chudov to conclude that roughly half of the infant deaths in Florida could potentially be attributed to vaccinations…

    ..When the mandatory vaccination laws for school children were pushed through at a state level in the years before COVID-19, a highly polarized political climate emerged, making it virtually impossible for members of the medical community who were opposed to those mandates to question them around their colleagues. One of the most common arguments cited by that pro-mandate crowd was that anyone who opposed vaccinating the children of America was, for all practical purposes, a “baby killer.”…

    ..Data aside, this rhetorical framing left many of us in a situation where we felt we were being accused of being baby killers for being opposed to a practice that did, in fact, kill babies (and, more importantly, cannot be justified based on the minuscule benefits that arise from vaccination)…

    ..Now that the evidence has been presented to show that vaccines (especially multiple ones given in succession to premature infants) can cause fatal respiratory arrests, the next question is, “Why?”
    The best model put forward is that the vaccination causes blood in the body to clump together, triggering microstrokes in the brain and symptoms of those strokes, which can easily be recognized by a trained observer (all of which are discussed in detail here). In the case of SIDS, these microstrokes appear to occur in the area of the brain which regulates breathing (discussed here), hence leading to the abnormal findings repeatedly observed in hospitals and with home monitoring.
    I have been trying to expose this issue and its treatments for the last year because the COVID-19 vaccines can severely impair the vital circulation of blood and other fluids. I believe this accounts for many of the side effects attributed to them (discussed in detail here). To illustrate the difference between the COVID-19 vaccines and those that preceded them, I am now observing many clinical signs of a previous microstroke appearing in adults following COVID-19 vaccination I had previously only seen in vaccine-injured children.

    John Day

    Celticbiker reflects on pawn-shop valuations:
    “Top level art thieves know modern art is shite.”


    Not only is NY going to take white elephants off Trumpy’s hands, they are giving him a tax write off to die for.

    John Day

    @Dr. D: I left this comment in Alex Krainer’s comments thread for that article. The “problem” can be “worked”, and will be “worked”, but how, and by whom?

    I have thought about it some more. How should economic stimulus be guided into an economy?

    What if there were “likes” that everybody got to spend (anonymously) each week, which provided a bottom-up “social credit score” (cringe) which would be time-averaged, and determine where financial stimulus would be injected in the future, when it would be called for. This should be anonymous, and it could be variously weighted, such as everybody getting the same number of like-votes to bestow, or more for the employed, or the unemployed, or parents of young children, but not income based. Money already votes.

    It seems safest to me to give everybody the same number of “likes” to bestow, or parents would bestow some for minor children… There are fine points to consider.

    Taxes are already used to withdraw excess-liquidity.

    John Day

    Let me bold this spot:

    ..In 2021, Florida’s childhood vaccination rate decreased from 93.4% in 2020 to only 79.3% in 2021. At the same time this happened, all-cause infant mortality under one year of age in Florida also decreased by 8.93% (a reversal of 2020’s trend where infant mortality had increased by 0.67%). As a 14 percent decrease in vaccination coverage was associated with a 9 percent decrease in infant mortality, this led Chudov to conclude that roughly half of the infant deaths in Florida could potentially be attributed to vaccinations…


    Lawyer up – Hot and empty air. This is the reality of power

    • NY Prepares To Seize Trump Assets In Westchester County (ZH)

    … secure liens on two of the billionaire’s most valuable properties – Trump National Golf Club Westchester, and the 212-acre Seven Springs estate which remains mostly undeveloped,

    • Biden’s Point Man Visits Ukraine With Bundle of Promises (Sp.)

    an alternate foreign aid bill that they hope will be ready by April. Current discussions are believed to be centered on trying to get the aid approved in the form of a loan.

    • US Submits Draft Resolution To UN Calling For Gaza Ceasefire – Blinken (TASS)

    Hot and empty air.
    According to Blinken, the latest draft resolution would send a “strong signal.” While the United States stands with Israel’s right to defend itself, Washington focuses on efforts to protect civilians “who are suffering so terribly,” he emphasized.

    • Authorized Atrocities (Patrick Lawrence)

    Israel in Gaza: As of the start of this year — leaving us more than three months to count — it had dropped more than 70,000 tons of ordnance on a territory the size of Manhattan.
    Torture of Palestinian prisoners — the beatings, the maiming, the waterboarding, the forced confessions:
    Is this so different from how the U.S. conducted the “war on terror?”
    Long-term detentions in dungeons with no charges and no recourse to attorneys: There is no echo in this of what goes on at Guantánamo as we speak?
    Those IDF soldiers in the photographs are nothing more than punks with guns, vulgarians with no shred of humanity in them.
    Can we rightfully describe the U.S. troops at Abu Ghraib any differently?

    This is the reality of power

    • Yemen’s Indian Ocean Checkmate (Harb)

    Yemen’s defiance
    has drawn widespread, popular support from its once-warring nationals, not just in support of Gaza and the Israeli blockade but also against the relentless US and British airstrikes launched under the fig leaf of Operation ‘Prosperity Guardian’ – an extrajudicial imperial project which aims to cripple Ansarallah’s military capabilities under the guise of securing international shipping and trade routes.


    Figmund Sreud

    The West’s Reckoning?

    “Western leaders are experiencing two stunning events: defeat in Ukraine, and genocide in Palestine. The first is humiliating, the other shameful. Yet, they feel no humiliation or shame. Their actions show vividly that those sentiments are alien to them – unable to penetrate the entrenched barriers of dogma, arrogance, and deep-seated insecurities. The last are personal as well as political. Therein lies a puzzle. For, as a consequence, the West has set itself on a path of collective suicide. Moral suicide in Gaza; diplomatic suicide – the foundations laid in Europe, the Middle East, and across Eurasia; economic suicide – the dollar-based global financial system jeopardized, Europe deindustrializing. It is not a pretty picture. Astoundingly, this self-destruction is occurring in the absence of any major trauma – external or internal. Therein lies another, related puzzle. […]

    The West’s Reckoning?


    • The “Perversity” of Michael Cohen

    Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas

    I have almost ZERO faith that Trump will appoint any people better than the first term.


    Trump has a truly horrible instinct for picking people to high offices.

    It’s his gigantic ego still needing constant validation from the ‘cool kids’ at school.

    He will be stuck in a permanent junior high school mentality to his dying day.

    Even as the Cabal is fucking him over purple, he will still appoint the very crowd going after him to high office.

    Almost every one he surrounded himself with in his first term is a back stabbing scumbag.

    Nothing will change if he survives to a second term.

    Instead of rounding up the whole NeoConJob crowd, soaking them in gasoline and lighting the match, he will try to buy them off so they will ‘like him’.

    His monstrous ego is fragile that way.

    He will pick someone like Revolt’on Bolton for Sec of Defense yet again.



    @Figmund Sreud

    The West’s Reckoning?

    All that describes to Psychopathology

    Been around since the Dawn of Time.

    Nothings changed in ten thousand years.

    Homo Sapien sapien as the ‘wise, wise ass ape’ is a pitiful history and legacy.

    Got away with it so far but didn’t ever have nuclear weapons ever before.




    The Second ‘most powerful person’ in Duh’merica

    She’s fine

    Let her alone


    Kama Kama Kama Kameleon

    John Day

    @F.S.: “Astoundingly, this self-destruction is occurring in the absence of any major trauma – external or internal. Therein lies another, related puzzle.”

    It’s post peak oil “trauma”.

    John Day

    Celia Farber with todays “feel good” piece.
    Squatter Squad: A Company That Removes Squatters From Homes In Southern California

    UPDATING LIVE: Russia and China veto US resolution stating imperative of ‘immediate and sustained ceasefire’ in Gaza

    Here are the highlights of all this morning’s intense diplomatic action.



    As far as Western or world economies headed for a slump, that paper seems to consider everything except what’s actually happening.

    If any resource is in decline, then the response is to adopt greater and greater efficiencies. Find new technologies, new solutions, reduce demand (which you don’t do by continuing to facilitate population growth but with weird, wasteful, destructive policies like getting rid of a reasonably functional native population while continually transporting millions of people thousands of miles…)

    Instead, we’re seeing greater and greater waste. Through corruption and devoting resources to foolish things. We need to take control from all these fools because of all this waste and harm being caused, but the waste and harm keeps increasing the more controls are put in place, the less individual independence there is.

    It’s difficult to measure all the bribery, blackmailing, lawfare, kickbacks, money laundering, monopolization and quasi monopolization, barriers to entry via law and regulation, massive ACTUAL disinformation via media, education, etc. And the entities with monopoly power just force more stupid things on the public while losing money.

    The major things making everyone miserable aren’t even IN those graphs and charts. We’ll refer to “energy” and “complexity” and perhaps find looking at it that way supports something we’d like to stand on a soapbox about, when really it’s that everything is fucked up and bullshit and like Voltaire said, we must tend our gardens. Which “They” have decided are ALSO sinful and awful and CO2 creating and need to be stopped. The symbolic and literal becoming one.

    There’s nothing in those charts and calculations factoring in Fucked Up And Bullshit which dwarfs the other factors by multiples.

    I think I get it now about housing.

    Free money pours into rich people and institutions – the same ones in their own mental fart bubble that hate normal people and want insane policies disconnected from reality – they buy third and fourth homes. People a little down the scale buy additional homes to rent out on AirBnB and Vrbo to maintain a hold on upper middle class by their fingernails. Financial institutions buy homes and hold it back as “shadow inventory” leveraged at infinity to one.

    Millenials, GenZ, and laggard GenXers wait patiently for a change in the housing market while 100% of homes are unaffordable- but as such a deflationary downturn looms, the government rushes to bring in 10’s of millions of illegals to occupy and squat in all those extra homes, while the Boomers bid the following generations bon voyage as they depart the earth for Hale-Bopp knowing they were the best, they were the most virtuous, gazing with satisfaction, as they float up into the sky, down on a nation of their homeless children and grandchildren but with every house, apartment, condo, and town house filled to capacity by more deserving folks.

    I’m being unfair, there’s plenty of awesome boomers out there – who will get the point I am making, I think. And it isn’t about money or physical property. The Germans got bombed back to the stone age and were stacking bricks, putting on plays, making excellent cars and consumer goods almost immediately because everything was emergent from culture and they had one that supported those particular things – once they didn’t have an ideology wasting their time, resources, and lives.

    Everything following generations ACTUALLY want is more along those lines, more difficult to define, more valuable, but we can more easily point to specific effects. Things implicitly follow from those too – no home, no household formation. No sane interrelation between sexes, no family. Like, the normal human life cycle. Everyone’s birthright, built up over thousands of years, substituted with stuff that had not taken being alive, an animal, a hominid, a human, on planet earth into account. The ones taking it away superior to it, above it, demonstrating it by taking it away from future generations – but benefitting from it more than any generation that ever existed.

    Like, we use a 12 hour clock because people 8,000 years ago really liked 12 and figured out a great way to apply and use it, so we also use multiples of 12 like 60 seconds and minutes. But by all means keep throwing out the bombproof rock solid thing that was there for everyone generation after generation. Because old stuff is bad or unjust or whatever. Make everyone spend the time of their lives learning everything from scratch instead of taking the 8,000 year old solutions and doing cool stuff.

    Like sharks and dolphins are the same basic shape. They have to live in water. How long did the dolphin’s DNA take to figure out how to live skillfully, artfully, in water and catch up with the shark?

    John Day

    (Croatian) Alex Kreiner explains exactly this article
    in a fresh 30 minute interview with (Serbian) Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis

    John Day

    He explains the issue of having a steady-state economy when there is an expansionist (fractional reserve lending) economy nearby, which will overrun it, steal it and sell it off, like the British-Empire/East-India-Company did.
    “Deflationary Gap” … “Creative Destruction” … “Nature”…
    He postulates that something as large as Russia+China could make a go of it, but…
    He comes back to it longingly without a “solution”.

    John Day

    “Demand Destruction” Western financial strategy is explained.

    John Day

    @Dr. D: You will probably actually LIKE this interview with Alex Krainer. He goes far afield. You have much in common with him.


    The messages being sent are less about Trump, more about his following, the MAGA’s. J6 gulag prisoners lets everyone know dissent will not be allowed. Assange is the canary and ultimate example. Don’t fuck with us. Now its, you think you own things, you don’t. We own everything. We’re gonna take it. All Western independent farmers are getting the drift. Talmudic communism. No “elected” muppet is going to do fuckall about any of this other than grandstand, like they do at the border.


    ….continuing my rant just a bit – Like just for instance, real world effects of losing 8,000 years of human progress – on how to imperfectly exist as a living human being in a real world and far more importantly as a society OF humans, which purely personal spirituality, philosophy, etc does not help with and can even be detrimental to.

    Your doctor killing you is now the #3 cause of death.

    Medicine, Science, Technology didn’t rest on a foundation of truth or materialism or the scientific method. The base layer was the painstaking 8,000 years of bit by bit wisdom, forms of understanding, behaving, upon which science rested, without which it turned into nihilistic deadly garbage.

    And are we factoring that massive cost into what is happening to us economically? Couldn’t just Medicine drag us down all by itself??? (isn’t it actually doing just that right now?)

    Convert all the cost incurred by Medicine into energy equivalents – which essentially it ends up being – and then calculate how much energy we free up if we just subtract it out of our economy? Not just money spent directly on medicine because medicine is incurring far more costs to us than just that. Is our medical establishment currently the energy drain value of all the natural gas on Titan? All the hydrogen on Saturn?

    And that’s just ONE industry spinning its wheels completely disconnected from reality and its ostensible purpose for existing. And actually spending its energy on something indistinguishable from malevolence.

    And that’s just material effects not actual human societal well being which you could have even if the technology was stone age, bronze age. The physical stuff is just a finger pointing back to that.

    D Benton Smith

    I hear it all the time. People say, “I want the Truth!”. The funny thing is that they act all surprised or something when the demanded truth is not forthcoming.

    They say (with great and righteous fervor) to known or suspected miscreants, “Confess the truth and seek forgiveness for the crime!

    You say you want the truth? Okay then, here’s the true truth (and truer words were never spoken) . The truth is that aversion to the truth is what makes them miscreants in the first place. Miscreants don’t confess the truth until all other alternatives are exhausted.

    If they confessed the truth then that would signal they are taking an important first step toward no longer being miscreant.

    So don’t hold your breath while awaiting the full confession and with it their remorseful surrender to the justice which truth engenders. There are still plenty of alternatives they haven’t even tried yet (at least not in public).


    Fish Stocking – Huell Howser witnesses aerial bombardment of Duck Lake, Sierra Nevada, CA. This is headwaters of Middle Fork San Joaquin River.

    I watched half a day of this activity once, near Bishop, CA. There were 2 planes, arrive in tandem, dump in a large lake high in a drainage, then back to the airport for another batch. There are hatcheries that are open to public visit along the east Sierra, including Mount Whitney Fish Hatchery, near Manzanar.

    IIRC, when I witnessed this (25-30 yrs ago?) it was Desolation Lake, in the Humphreys Basin, South Fork Jan Joaquin. It’s a large lake for alpine zone, and high in it’s drainage with only a few small tarns directly tributary. As a rule, highest lakes in a chain will be dead zone, no fish or very small. The second lake and downstream will have plenty. Not sure why this is the case, something to do with nutrient levels I’m sure (will read about in future). The guy who told me about this went on to distract me with fly tying and usage information, with a convincing demonstration of his skills.


    Pedo Joe the hair sniffing pervert

    The Big Guy is rubbing Duh’merica’s nose in shit with public ritual humiliations

    What parent would let their child near this perv?


    those darned kids

    with today’s diet of gmo-pharmacare,

    modern shite is art.




    Mother Russia has more democracy than the entire West



    Oh Canazida!

    The Globe & Mail



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