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    Inge Morath Window washers 1958   • France To Deploy Army Against Yellow Vests (G.) • Mueller Report Is Just The Start Of A New Russia Showdown (
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    V. Arnold

    I haven’t quite figured out who is more ignorant; May or Macron.
    If forced; I’d reluctantly go with May…
    It is common wisdom soldiers should never be used to police; two entirely different jobs; and soldiers are just not trained for the differences.
    Macron may well stumble his way into a full rebellion…
    I guess we’ll see…


    V. Arnold

    Slow day, eh?
    Ah, so Athens is on Zulu time; we’re 7 hours ahead.19:30.


    Isn’t Athens Zulu+2?

    Dr. D

    “Hard to see why he shouldn’t release the whole thing.”

    I’m torn on this. They should of course release the whole thing, and every other hidden, redacted federal file back to 1902. However, in an realty and evidence-free country, they will use the Mueller report and it’s lack of findings and indictable evidence to . . . start more investigations into the lack of findings and indictable evidence. Rinse, repeat, until Rbt. Mueller’s children are investigating Don Jr’s children.

    …But what can you expect until a nation returns to reason and evidence? Since either way is bad, might as well provide everything and let history sort it out.

    “The … structure will quickly fall if too many decisions are unnecessarily escalated to the top levels that could have reasonably been dealt with internally …”

    This is why you don’t have authoritarian central-planning in the first place. It’s brittle. Imagine if they were at the level of national oversight of 1640: pretty much everybody going along by habit instead of getting licenses, asking permission, and spending 1/5 of British time litigating in courtrooms. Hit them with a shock and they adjust like a beehive, without hierarchical bottlenecks but you can’t do that when every law robs and overruns the will of the people. Oh well, this is the world they wanted where Comrade Lenin or Emperor Commodus to decide everything themselves.


    Where will the USA military go next? Venezuela? Crimea? China-Taiwan?
    US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces announce elimination of ISIL in Syria, ending four-year battle.

    “village of Baghouz was bombed to shreds.
    A field pitted with abandoned trenches and bomb craters, and littered with scorched tents and the twisted metal carcasses of vehicles, was all that remained.”

    An undeterred Mr. Putin made a triumphant visit to the peninsula Monday, using the visit to tout energy and public works programs initiated by Moscow since the annexation.
    “Russia has taken you into its fold with delight and joy. We will fulfill all of our goals … because we are together now,” Mr. Putin said in a speech to a pro-Russian crowd in Crimea’s regional capital of Simferopol.


    Mueller – Is the boot now on the other foot?

    What mostly came to light during the investigation was collusion between members of the FBI and the Democrats. Some have wondered why no special prosecutor has been appointed to pursue this. Perhaps now is a good time for Trump as it would colour the agenda into the next election.

    Dr. D

    “an realty and evidence-free country, they will use the Mueller report and it’s lack of findings and indictable evidence to . . .”

    Nailed it. Beto O’Rourke, Joy Reid, Adam Shiff, MSNBC, Democrats, all now say after two years the Mueller report is fake, they’re certain and have indisputable evidence that they can’t provide that there was collusion. Nothing can stop them, and certainly not things like facts. So I’ll help them: it’s obvious Mueller, like everybody else in government, and possibly the world, is a Russian bot. Or a KKK member. But probably both.

    We know the administration are all Russian agents because it attacked Syria, pulled out of the missile treaty, put on sanctions, started a space war, attacked Venezuela, and gave Syrian territory the Golan Heights to Israel, prompting a third world war involving Russia. As pointed out by Russian agent Noam Chomsky recently. Very tricky those Russians! Bet you never saw that coming!

    Yeah, that’s the ticket.


    V. Arnold

    Isn’t Athens Zulu+2?

    Of course; forgot your blog is based in the Netherlands.

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