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    Michael Reid

    Governments in the Western World are in debt, have many expenses, have aging populations receiving government payments and services that the governments can no longer afford.

    So perhaps to reset the situation, shed the financial load and minimize suffering these western governments decided to administer a series of injections to allow the current population to gently pass on to the other side of life.

    And then the owners acquire new helpers and life is great again for them.

    It is a theory. It explains the stupidity we have suffered the last two years.

    V. Arnold

    @ MR #105070

    Hmmm, not so sure of your conclusion…

    This from ZH seems more plausable:
    This snippet is, IMO, more likely;
    In a recent communication with writer Margaret Anna Alice, she described perfectly why we are headed into a horrific period in history, as the bloodiest chapter of this Fourth Turning hurtles towards its climax:

    “The lethal combination of incompetency, obliviousness, hubris, psychopathy, narcissism, megalomania, and every other dark triad trait is on full display in those purporting to be our leaders.”

    Veracious Poet


    Just when you don’t think it can get more depraved and pervert.

    Todd Callender is an attorney, deals with actuarial risk among other things.

    Spoiler alert: Very grim stuff

    Please summarize and/or highlight the discussion, for those of us that don’t watch every long video w/ poor sound quality posted 😉

    Michael Reid

    @ V. Arnold

    Check out the video Oroboros posted in comment #105069 where they are indeed called the owners it is much worst and unreal than what I speculated. I haven’t finished watching yet but many of the things that we have encountered during our research were spoken of and how it would work. The Russian Sputnik also contains the mRNA components. It is truly sick what could be done to those who have been injected once activated.



    Good link. I wonder when the “west” will pass on this knowledge of Mariupol.

    Cease fire is on its way. Nazi done. Neutrality done. Dunbas region will vote on their independence.
    Military destroyed. EU too busy with shortages to cause trouble

    V. Arnold

    The Russian Sputnik also contains the mRNA components.

    Not according to what I’ve read…
    I’d need to see your source for the mRNA components in the Sputnik V vaccine…

    Figmund Sreud

    : Andrei Martyanov’s Blog

    … he has a uTube channel, too, … here is his latest:

    … and he is getting – by now – as unhinged as the western MSM talking heads! Listen carefully to his diatribe.

    Anyway, … if he only stop ranting and raving for a minute or so and start being honest with himself, … but he won’t. Pity.


    Questions swirl as Canada chooses to buy F-35 stealth fighter

    Are we going attack someone?
    Modern warfare is done with missiles from far away.
    Get real. Canada cannot protect itself from missiles with f-35 fighters.


    the Todd Callender and Reiner Fuellmich interview is too dense to digest this late in the day, maybe I’ll take a stab summarizing it tomorrow

    V. Arnold

    Check out the video Oroboros posted in comment #105069

    I got 46 minutes into the vid; couldn’t take any more than that. Yes, it’s very disturbing…
    I remain skeptical regardless of their creds (Fuellmich & Callender)…
    That said; I have no doubts as to the history of the vile deeds done by the US gov’ment…
    …but, I still remain skeptical for the time being re: the video…

    Figmund Sreud

    Re replacement for CF-18s: … Canada will simply buy from whoever offers to employ more Canadians, in Canada, with ancillary work and services related to this jets. It’s always been like that, … and it will never change.

    I worked on few projects – coincidently – associated with CF-18’s in the early ‘80s – jet starting compressors, jet engines rebuilding test stands, manufacturing of some jet components.

    Ministry of Supply and Services, procurement department for Government of Canada at that time, was only interested in how many job-years, yearly cash flow, et al would be generated by any contract, in who’s constituency (electoral district) where the work would take place? Stuff like that, …

    Ideally, the best chance you had in getting a government order for anything was if you formulated your proposals in such a way that most work would be done either in electoral district of Minister of Supply and Services, or in his province, … or something even more creative.

    Anyway, … as an example of relativity: Minister of Supply and Services at that time – Liberal, that represented Northern Ontario district: Algoma—Manitoulin—Kapuskasing, largely a lumber producing district.You simply could not deliver to him a contract for jet starting compressors from Northern Ontario!

    So, … to skin a proverbial cat, the proposal included that in lieu of manufacturing compressors somewhere else, our outfit would purchase from his district all the required packaging and crating lumber our manufacturing outfit will need for the next 5 years. And guess what? Northern Ontario district supplied lumber even for a ginormous nitric acid manufacturing compressor train that we built in West Germany and delivered to U.S.S.R.!

    Btw, jet starter compressors also were manufactured in West Germany, … and were crated and packaged with lumber from Northern Ontario. Cool, eh?



    V. Arnold

    Salvador Dali Hallucination. Six Images of Lenin on a Grand Piano 1931

    Well! I finally got it…duh!
    6 Lenin’s on the keyboard…sorry, sometimes I just fail… 😉

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