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    William Eggleston Coupe de Ville, Los Angeles 1964   • Cargo Ship Blocking The Suez Is Partially Floated – Suez Canal Authority (CNBC) • The Grea
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    V. Arnold

    William Eggleston Coupe de Ville, Los Angeles 1964

    …the days of future’s past…

    V. Arnold

    Vaccine job interview

    Lol. Spot on…


    Got an email on Friday March 18:

    “We are a Network Service Company which is the domain name registration center in Shanghai, China. On March 15, 2021, we received an application from Senmeng Holdings Ltd requested “theautomaticearth” as their internet keyword and China (CN) domain names( After checking it, we find this name conflict with your company name or trademark. In order to deal with this matter better, we send email to you and confirm whether your company have relations with this Chinese company or not?”

    Of course I said we have no connection with them whatsoever.

    Then on Monday I got this:

    “To whom it concerns,

    We will register the China domain names “”
        “”      “”  “” and internet keyword “theautomaticearth” and have submitted our application. We are waiting for Mr.Young Wang approval and think these CN domains and internet keyword are very important for our business. Even though Mr.Young Wang advises us to change another name, we will persist in this name.”

    First thing I did was register “” with GoDaddy, I knew Young made them wait. Then I asked at GoDaddy what I could do about this. Turns out, they have a Trademark and Copyrights department.

    And now the Shanghai registrar sends me a form to register the “Internet Keyword”. At $140 per year…. Since this appears to be useful only in China, not sure that’s worth it.

    Of course it could all be one big scam.

    V. Arnold

    Of course it could all be one big scam.

    How wierd is that.
    I envision a time when all private conversation will be mouth to ear…with appropriate cautions in place…
    …hopefully I’ll be long dead; but, it’s so close now…it could be tomorrow…
    Hope this I-Net anomaly is just that…


    @Archie (from yesterday). I lived in Oneida years ago, around the same time you did. Moved away for awhile (Boston, Raleigh), came back to be near family. Now outside Syracuse. May I ask your approximate location in the “north Georgia mountains”? I wouldn’t have thought GA offered anything close to upstate NY aesthetically. Is it awfully hot and humid there?

    Seriously thinking I’ll have to relocate in the future … I love my [physical] state, but not the state’s government.

    For the record:

    “In January, New Yorkers were shocked to learn that the actual Covid-19 death tolls in the state’s nursing homes were as much as 50 percent higher than what had previously been disclosed.”

    No we weren’t.

    Polder Dweller

    Cargo Ship Blocking The Suez Is Partially Floated – Suez Canal Authority

    You may appreciate seeing how the Ever Given got stuck. Ever Given AIS track.

    Dr. D

    Baltimore tries new plan with legalizing everything, including prostitution. So Baltimore is now the nation’s top pedophilia destination. If you can’t/won’t prosecute sex work, then who’s following what age your worker slaves are?

    BTW this was Justice RBG’s platform as well. ‘Cause, muh womxns, sex work should be legal. P.S. totally unrelated issue, age of consent should be 13. So if 2 plus 2 equals? Banana in this case. There aren’t enough people left who can add numbers as high as two here. Well at least she was never able to enact her bizarre, dangerous policies. Just a bunch of others instead.

    So expect crime to rise more or less infinitely in Baltimore, as they won’t stop petty crime like shoplifting, but they WILL arrest you if you defend your life or police the community yourself. And I’d stay and work there for why? They already made it illegal to sell cola and put half the bodegas out of business.

    Beta test on shutting down the news and internet in Australia. It went okay, they’ll probably learn to do it more effectively when Twitter, Facebook, and our other oligarch overlords do it here. Soon, I expect. Like container ships named “Evergreen” it’ll be a big durn accident.

    No doubt this is why Cheeto is setting up a social media company, no doubt hiring the DoD, MilIntel to insure it can stay on against the upcoming attacks.

    “UN Decries “Mass Murder” After 114 Single-Day Protester Deaths In Myanmar”

    Awwww, see how much they care when it’s not Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, Iraq, Iran, and Ukraine under Nobel Prize winner Obama? We care just so, so much. Helping! Always helping those million kids get killed in Iraq because as the DNC says, “It was worth it.” U.N. standing ovation! Let’s get that OPCW funded so they can falsely slander on orders from MI6 and get another world war! The next million kids ain’t gonna kill themselves ya know!

    …Oh wait, yes they will in a worldwide lockdown, in solitary confinement from their friends, where they can see their parents are all insane abusers who have lost their minds.

    Instead the virus has embarked on a third wave which is proving more difficult to bring under control.”

    Difficult compared to what? Lockdowns didn’t work, they controlled nothing, anywhere, as seen in CA, NY, TX, FL, Africa, Sweden, and U.K. There is no correlation between lockdowns and rates, as seen in the 3/11 CDC report. …But CDC deniers don’t care. Gotta keep those kids in cages! Right here at home. Solitary confinement until suicide is the only true love.

    “the economy picked up sharply after a rapid reverse in the first wave,”

    I’m guessing this was also a lie. So they reversed all lockdowns to do this? Or did they just wiggle some numbers on a BLS keyboard like they do here?

    Listen: they will never, ever, ever let you go until you make them. Until they’re so scared of you the people, they’re terrified to be seen in public or fly in their private jets and choke in fear on their 5-star dinners, maskless, at the French Laundry.

    ““..what you want to do is reduce the total number of people who’ve been infected..”

    Why? Nobody’s dying now. CDC deniers refuse to list the number 99.997%. Better, the whole premise is a war against herd immunity. Besides, they should phrase it better: time moves in one direction: if I’ve been infected, I can’t later never-have-been-infected so my case disappears. The only to “reduce” the people who’ve been infected is for them to die and get off the rolls.

    Next: I thought it DIDN’T stop you from getting infected: that’s why they require masks. It lowered the symptoms of getting it anyway. So if you don’t get it, can I at least have ONE of the two ways of science, and behave normally again? A: NOPE! Never. You have to get the vaccine AND be terrorized forever. That’s science! We know it works because we act like it doesn’t work! Logic!

    Fauci and Chinese Counterpart Envision Lengthy Covid Restrictions (JTN)”

    Translation: Fauci says the vaccines don’t work. Which is why you should get it anyway. Am I kidding? He said masks don’t work, and do that anyway. Then the CDC said Lockdowns don’t work, and do that anyway. How could one even BE sarcastic or ironic in this environment? I’m totally serious. If everyone’s vaccinated and we still lock down for two more years, what other conclusion could there possibly be?

    …I mean besides that a week after the vaccine, they already SAID it doesn’t work, on national T.V., because “variant.”
    Read the little squiggles on the page. Sounds go in the ears and say things in your mind. There are even cartoons! Surely at least ONE of these methods tells you that – according to them – vaccines don’t work.

    …So vaccinate anyway, with a side effect of instant death. C’mon Astra! You’re blowing it for everyone here.

    “Self-Isolation After Covid Contact Will Be Necessary For ‘Years’ (Ind.)”

    So apparently your vaccine doesn’t work?

    “Madeira Lets in Tourists Who Can Show Covid ‘Vaccine Passport’ (G.)”

    Apparently the vaccine doesn’t work, or only the unvaccinated idiots would get it at their own peril. And if so, who cares? Let them eat the Darwin effect if they want to. Them dying is the fastest way to get to normal.

    “Congress Demands Tech CEOs Censor Internet Even More Aggressively (Greenwald)”

    For Sale: One U.S. Constitution. Reason? We weren’t using it anyway.

    “My understanding from people who are sort of in government surveillance is yes, they can understand, they can track it.”

    Yes they can. But not all of them, all the time. The cost/effort is too high.

    P.S. that’s why the top currency for the black market is U.S. dollars. Probably should outlaw those instead. C’mon people: they WANT a digital, trackable currency. They’re not going to outlaw themselves. Take the $60 grand and flip it into a paid house.

    One Man Stands in the Way of Cuomo Nursing Home Scandal Investigation (IC)”

    Greatest mass murderer in the history of NY. Applause all around! Still strongly supported.

    Hey ya know if I killed 15,000 New Yorkers, you think they could find my address? Only to applaud me and shake my hand and offer me the presidency like Dick Cheney and the Clintons. It’s a job pre-requisite!

    “The Lawyer Who Took On Chevron Marks His 600th Day Under House Arrest (G.)”

    And Chevron, like Condoleezza Rice?

    “.CN” Who can tell business from a scam anymore?

    Doc Robinson

    “And now the Shanghai registrar sends me a form to register the “Internet Keyword”. At $140 per year…. Since this appears to be useful only in China, not sure that’s worth it.
    Of course it could all be one big scam.”

    It sure sounds like the same scam described here:


    Nah – absolutely nothing to see.

    North Carolina College Professor DEAD After Johnson and Johnson COVID Shot

    Entire City in Shock as Another Italian Professor is DEAD Following the AstraZeneca COVID Injection

    Who would have thought that being a professor was such a high risk career choice?!

    Mister Roboto

    For those who didn’t want to RTFA about the Evergiven: It would appear they have “refloated” it (meaning it’s no longer firmly wedged in the sand), but it might be another week before they actually get it sailing again, and that’s the extremely optimistic estimate.

    John Day

    @Upstate NYer: Mask mandate ended before spring break in Texas. Businesses as open as the owners desire. Massive spring break travel. Tested “cases” and percent-positives on tests done continue to fall right through that. Looks like final glide path into herd-immunity, and not due to vaccines.
    The graphs here are good. They scream “HERD IMUNITY”. The article says (PC)that something like ALL adult Texans would need to be immunized to get herd immunity, but look at the graphs. Everybody is traveling and this thing is fading away to nothing. It’s the graph of herd-immunity in Texas.

    That being said, Texas is not New York for weather. You might die without AC. Actually might die.
    Sure could not sleep in the summer without electricity. Having a cool sleeping porch was a major feature of Texas houses before electricity.

    We might not be as different as you think. I write the way I write to allow people to engage the ideas I present, not because it does not bother me.
    The problem we need to face is how to sustain our economy in the long term without killing a lot of people periodically. When we can work that problem, we don’t need the owners to do that going forward. Their economic utility to our species survival will have been mooted.
    I believe this may require fuller engagement with our spiritual nature.
    AI might not do the trick.

    Reid: The owners kill off excess stock when we overgraze the pasture. Same as it ever was, right? How do we agree not avoid overgrazing without being culled?

    John Day

    Oops, “How do we agree to avoid overgrazing without being culled?”

    Michael Reid

    The discussion was profound for me. Shocked me like Planet of the humans. Thank you for the wake up call

    In Quest of a Multipolar Economic World Order


    “How do we agree to avoid overgrazing without being culled?”
    Simple, control the breeding to match the food supply. 🙂


    • Self-Isolation After Covid Contact Will Be Necessary For ‘Years’ (Ind.)
    “maintain our capacity to test and trace, and particularly to isolate people who are infected,”

    Can any covid19 tests differentiate a person who had covid 19 from a person who had the vaccine and/or a person who is infected with covid19 so that tracing and isolation of infected can be done?

    Vaccine Passports are useless
    • Madeira Lets In Tourists Who Can Show Covid ‘Vaccine Passport’ (G.)

    madamski cafone

    @ Raul

    Change the name to Still The Automatic Earth

    The game they’re enforcing is dying as we speak. Ignore it other than to go around the collision.

    Mr. House
    Michael Reid

    I am starting to see the picture more clearly. Scary times ahead for us living in the west but more uplifting of its citizens for those living in the east

    madamski cafone

    I still can’t believe anyone here still believes there will be some Orwellian global lockdown. I marvel at the faith shown in the prowess of authorities whom the faithful also daily deride as being maximum fuckups. That was a 20th century thing, that strict totalitarian lockdwn thing. Governments are far too porous these days to form such broad rigid structures. Sure, they’re trying, but all today’s major governments are good for is robbing the treasury and bombing other nations (except Russia’s).

    Regarding Ever Given: the stern is free and floating, yes.

    So at the south end of the Suez, the current changes directions with the tide. High tide brings higher water levels but also brings water flowing north (I assume but find no ready asnwer). So it should help in two ways: higher water level and current flowing north, pushing against the starboard side in a way that should help free the bow. I assume they’ll have more tugs pushing southward against the stern end than tugs pushing northward, since this will tend to jam the bow deeper in the bank.

    They might pull it off, and maybe now we know where the expressin ‘pull it off’ comes from.

    Tidal Chart

    They have a few more days of peak tide assistance. All other things being equal, I am optimistic at this point. However, all things are not equal. They have wind from the NNE at 14mph with gusts into the 20s, especially this afternoon, when the tide peaks. The wind is working against them except for the tiny bit of easterly push. If they could get a strong SSE wind it would be ideal.

    madamski cafone

    We have already WAYYYY overgrazed. Culling will happen one way or another.

    Mr. House

    “We have already WAYYYY overgrazed. Culling will happen one way or another.”

    This is true. If debt is pulling consumption from the future into the present, think how many people who would not have existed under a more moderate economic system have been pulled into the present. You were going to get the culling one way or the other. Either it was going to be an economic problem, which would be much easier to dole out blame, or as we see now it is a “health” problem, which is much more difficult to dish out blame.

    Doc Robinson

    “So at the south end of the Suez, the current changes directions with the tide. High tide brings higher water levels but also brings water flowing north (I assume but find no ready asnwer).”

    The effect of the Suez Canal development on the tide and tidal current- model study
    November 1999

    The peak of S-N current in the southern section increases from 68 cm/sec before 1975 to 76 cm/sec in the present stage and to 83 after finishing the stage II of the development project. The peak of N-S current increases from 83 cm/sec to 94 cm/sec in the present stage and to 105 after finishing the stage II.


    “We have already WAYYYY overgrazed. Culling will happen one way or another.”
    Culling is already happening. I can name a few countries – USA, Brazil, Myanmar, Ethiopia, …..

    Mr. House

    Bill gates ain’t gonna cull himself. He’s much too important, you are not so much.

    John Day

    I’m glad to have reopened the conversation (wound).
    Birth rates have fallen below replacement in many “advanced” countries.
    Are we doing the right thing despites the imperative for economic growth?
    Are we actually as coordinated as a colony of termites, perhaps?
    I’m just askin’.
    What might be our mode of coordination?
    Pheromones don’t work any farther than masks do, right?
    This is soluble with coordinated effort.
    What makes us rightfully uneasy is that a powerful group, the group mostly at the helm, is clearly willing to sacrifice the lives and any other goods of the rest of us cattle for “selfish” (harsh word) benefit.
    I think we need to offer a plausible alternative, which will be less threatening to the owners, as well as to the herd. The owners are also threatened by the (other) owners.
    This is clearly possible within basic food and environmental constraints, though it’s a window in time…
    Perhaps a series of steps down from the current neo-feudal-financial-colonialism model can build trust and a fairer economy together.
    Back to Hudson and Escobar…

    John Day

    Everything that made industrial capitalism rich, everything that made America so strong in the 19th century, through its protective tariffs, through its public infrastructure investment all the way down through world war two and the aftermath, was that we had a mixed economy in America. Europe also had a mixed economy, and in fact, every economy since Babylon has had a mixed economy.
      But in America you’ve had something entirely different since 1980. Something that was not foreseen by anybody, because it seemed to be so disruptive: namely, the financial sector saying, “We need liberty – for ourselves, from government.” By “liberty” they meant taking planning and subsidy, economic and tax policy, out of the hands of government and put into the hands of Wall Street. The result was libertarianism as a “free market.” In the form of a centralized economy that is concentrated in the hands of the financial centers – Wall Street, the City of London, the Paris Bourse. What you’re having today is an attempt by the financial sector to take on the role that the landlord class had in Europe, from feudal times through the 19th century. It’s a kind of resurgence of feudalism.
      If you look at the last 200 years of economic theory from Adam Smith and Marx, onward, everybody expected a mixed economy to become more and more productive, and to free itself from the landlords – and also to free itself from banking…
      But in the United States and England, you have finance becoming something completely different. Banks don’t lend money to build factories. They don’t create money to make means of production. They make money to take over existing assets. Some 80% of bank loans are mortgage loans to transfer the ownership of real estate.
      But of course, that’s what created a middle class in the United States. The middle class was able to buy its own housing. It didn’t have to pay rent to landlords or absentee owners, or to warlords and their descendants as in England and Europe. They could buy their own homes. What nobody realized is that if you borrowed the money to take a mortgage, there’s still an economic rental value. Most of it is no longer paid to the landlords. It’s paid to the banks. And so in America and Europe, the banks now play the role that landlords played a hundred years ago…  The fight really is against government that would do anything that is not controlled by the 1%, and by the banks. Essentially, the merger between Finance, Insurance and Real Estate – the FIRE sector. So, you have a relapse of capitalism in the West back into feudalism, but feudalism with a financialized twist much more than in medieval times. The fight against China, the fear of China is that you can’t do to China what you did to Russia. America would love for there to be a Yeltsin figure in China to say, let’s just give all of the railroads that we’ve built, the high-speed rail, let’s give all the factories to individuals and let them run everything. Then Americans will lend them the money or buy them out and thus control them financially. China’s not letting that happen. And Russia stopped that from happening. The fury in the West is that the American financial system is unable to take over foreign resources and foreign agriculture…  What’s is ironic now is what has happened in the last few years in the fight against Russia and China. America has killed the free lunch. It said, okay, now we’re going to have sanctions against Russia and China. We’re going to grab whatever money you have in foreign banks, like we grabbed Venezuela’s money. We’re going to excommunicate you from the SWIFT bank clearing system. So, you can’t use banking. We’re going to put sanctions against banks that deal with you.
      So Russia and China have seen that they can’t deal with dollars anymore, because the United States just unilaterally rejected their use by any country that does not follow its military and financial diplomacy. If countries do have dollars as reserves and lend them back to the United States, it’s going to spend them on building more military bases around Russia and China, to make them waste their money on military defense spending. So, America itself has ended the free lunch, by the way in which it’s fighting against China and Russia.
      And now Russia and China, as you pointed out, are de-dollarizing. They’re trading in each other’s currency. They’re doing the opposite of what Bretton Woods tried to create. They’re inspiring monetary independence from the United States…  At issue is what kind of an economy we need in order to raise living standards and, wages and self-sufficiency and preserve the environment. What is needed for the ideal world that we want?    [Description follows…]  The banks fear this because they see that Modern Monetary Theory no longer gives them control. They want the rich One Percent to be able to have a choke point on the economy, so that that people cannot survive without borrowing and paying interest. They want to control the choke points to extract economic rent. So you have the West turning into a rent-extractive economy, a rent-seeking economy. The ideal of Russia, China, and other countries is that not only of Marx, but also of Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill and even Ricardo in the sense that the aim of classical economics was to free economies from economic rent. The American economy is all about extracting rent through the real estate sector, the financial sector, the health insurance sector, monopolies and the infrastructure sector.  The US economy has been Thatcherized and Reaganized. The result is a fight of rentier economic systems against China and Russia… Industrial capitalism was evolving toward socialism. It was socialized medicine, socialized infrastructure, socialized schooling. So, the fight against socialism is also a fight against what made industrial capitalism so successful in the United States and Germany.  What you’re seeing now is a fight for what direction civilization will follow……And it was expected that once you had capitalism free of the landlord class, free of something that wasn’t really industrial capitalism at all (it was a carry-over from feudalism), you wouldn’t have this overhead of the idle 1%, only consuming resources and going to war.
      World War I changed all that. Already in the late 19th century the landlords and the banks fought back. They fought back largely through the Austrian School of individualism and the English marginalists, and they euphemized it as free markets. That slogan meant giving power to the monopolists, to the oppressors, to violence. A free market was where armies can come in, take over your country, impose a client dictatorship like Pinochet in Chile or the neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Americans call that a free market. The Free World was a world centrally planned by the American military and finance. So, it’s Orwellian double-think…  Well, as opposed to that, you have economies that are not run by a rentier class, and that do not have a banking class and landlord class controlling the economy. The kind of arrangement that you had in Germany in the late 19th century: government, industry and labor coordinated. The question was how to provide the financing for industry so that banks can provide not only industrial capital formation, but public funding to build infrastructure and uplift the population.
      China is doing just what made America rich in the 19th century, and what made Germany rich. It’s the same logic of industrial engineering. This plan is based on economic expansion, environmental preservation and economic balance instead of concentration, so this is going to be a growing economy. So, you’re having a growing economy outside of the United States and a shrinking economy in the States and its satellites in Europe.
      Europe had a choice: Either it could shrink and be an American satellite economy, or it could join the growth. Europe has decided unanimously to forego growth and become a set of client oligarchies and kleptocracies. It is willing to let its financial sector take over just as in America. That’s a “free market,” because I’m told by American officials that they can just buy the European politicians, they’re bribable.

    Michael Reid

    @ Dr. D

    As I read your comment I had some very loud laughs. Well done

    Dr. D

    Denniger has greatest hits like this:

    “FDA has still have not modified downward to a more-reasonable 25 the PCR testing Ct thresholds despite knowing all of this for more than six months.

    The “modelers” have never been held to account for their blown claims; during the last Swine Flu outbreak one of them famously predicted 100 million deaths. No such thing occurred and yet these same people were called upon to set policy this time, nearly 10 years later!

    They were lying then, lying now, lying about H1N1, lying about ebola, lying about cholesterol, statins, Vioxx, opioids, and roundup being safe as water.

    But now they’re Crying! Breaking down in emotional puddle on national TV, the CDC Director does. But it’s SCIENCE crying. Using Logic feels and logic tears.

    Excuse me: you just put out 200M vaccines. Are you saying vaccines don’t work? Or what?

    But I always prefer my doctors and advisors to be having a visible mental breakdown. It makes them much more objective.

    He continues:

    “The CDC itself put forward a planning document that stated that the risk for young people from Covid-19 was 3/100,000 — and now they claim it is 2/100,000! Across the roughly sixty million people in that population group in America this would add up to 1,200 people dead; far fewer than are killed in that group by being in car accidents”

    Nevermind that Science over there! Don’t you see my crying? And my white coat? It’s a coat, and it’s actually white, that’s how you know I’m real.

    But the numbers are NOT real. Helpfully Denninger found a medical cross check over here, from the BLS: What does it count? The population of the United States:

    During the year 2016 the US added 2.345 million non-institutional 16+ persons.
    During the year 2017 the US added 2.027 million non-institutional 16+ persons, a delta of -318.
    During the year 2018 the US added 2.108 million non-institutional 16+ persons, a delta of +81.
    During the year 2019 the US added 1.942 million non-institutional 16+ persons, a delta of -166.
    During the year 2020 the US added 1.728 million non-institutional 16+ persons, a delta of -214.

    Sooooooooooo… The CDC claims 500,000 people died, while the BLS says they lost SS#s for only 214,000…for ALL causes, ALL deaths. Huh.
    The truth is likely that 500,000+ people died who had a positive PCR test result some time in the past 28 days, but that’s a completely meaningless statistic, especially when the “test” does not prove you have infectious disease. We do not know and cannot determine how many people Covid-19 actually killed because the CDC changed decades-old classification rules (illegally, I might remind you, since being a government agency they must publish in the Federal Register and allow comment first but did not) that make disentangling this data flat-out impossible.

    What the CDC did is identical to claiming that anyone who drank a single alcoholic beverage in the last 28 days of their life died of alcohol consumption and you’d be equally full of crap.”

    Since the numbers are all in line with the 10-year trend, it’s entirely possible the virus itself killed nobody in excess when all is accounted for — if we are ever able to account for it accurately.”

    That’s extremely likely when the common cold, all flu deaths, have coincidentally gone to zero at the same time.

    But why bother? People adore Logical Fallacy of Appeal to Authority and nothing can dissuade them from it, not even death, not even the death of their children.

    P.S. Spot check, like yesterday, U.K. and Sweden, CA and TX, they said Texas opening would have a spike in two weeks.

    Wrong Again. What does it take? Sorry I can’t hear you through my science tears.

    Dr. D

    Maybe we should add his takeaway:

    “Every single organization, corporation and government official involved must be brought to justice for the terrorism they have committed and continue to commit to this day.

    If we do not do so right NOW we will lose our nation, you will lose your freedom and you may lose your life.

    Worse yet you may wish you were dead.”

    Is it terrorism to terrorize, to cause unfounded fear? How could it not?

    Mr. House

    It was a color revolution. Simple as that. Not to mention a great way to loot/bailout your buddies again! Archdruid did a forecast for the new president via astrology, not sure how much of that i believe, but if his forecast is correct the dems are gonna wish they weren’t in charge for the next four years.

    Mr. House

    to find out who rules you, see who you can’t criticize……..

    2020: China, Dems, Rioters of certain groups, healthcare, and so on and so on

    Michael Reid

    @ John Day

    I’m a bad termite. You should see all the wood I have cut this winter yet less than last winter which was more suitable for wood harvest with snowmobile and sled. Yet today I am scrounging for dry wood so we will not be cold. Winter storm today so no harvesting of dead fairly dry trees. If I run out there is still dry wood from construction left in the basement. I am sure we will be fine but a man must work every day

    Mr. House

    Also it is now terrorist talk to be against globalism, which encompasses all of those i listed above.

    Mr. House

    I think the fraudulent nature of the past year will come out at some point. “forgive them father, they know not what they do”

    Mr. House

    Also election fraud just makes sense with everything else that happened last year, they were already all in. You think they weren’t going to pull out all the stops?

    island raider

    The CDC Scenario Planning document Dr. D referred to can be found here:
    From that document (updated March 19 for the first time since September), the CDC’s current best estimate CoVid infection fatality rates are as follows:
    Age 0-17: 0.00002 or 0.002%
    18-49: 0.0005 or 0.05%
    50-64: 0.006 or 0.6%
    65+: 0.09 or 9%
    Also, the CDC reports 126 million vaccines administered as of March 22 and deaths associated with the vaccines currently stand at 2,216 or 0.0018% of those vaccinated.
    I would appreciate a link for the 3/11 CDC report Dr. D refers to above. Thanks!

    madamski cafone

    @ Mr. House

    Bill gates ain’t gonna cull himself. He’s much too important, you are not so much.”

    That makes Gates the same as 90-plus % of humanity. What fun punching clowns the rich and famous are!

    Punching Clown


    @ Dr. D

    “P.S. that’s why the top currency for the black market is U.S. dollars. Probably should outlaw those instead.”

    A study was done a few decades ago. What was the most effective single thing to be done to curb global drug sales? Answer: eliminate the $100 bill, ideal size for money laundering: not too big, not too small. The answer was of course not acted upon.

    But then, we all know that the drug trade is very important top government, which is why they monopolize the business
    when not consinging it to the dark side of black markets.


    I have a question: why is anyone surprized that ten thousane media sources broadcasting to an audience of 8 billion gives wonky information? Your neighbor will hardly tell you the truth about anything whose disclosure they feel might cause them discomfort. Ah, the 4th Estate, a holy grail of modern democratic theory. Such things are not reformable except trivially. You want better information networks? Take a chance and talk to your neighbor. Don’t try to convince hem/hir of anything. JUst ask questions and listen. When they ask your opinion, you can always say, “I don’t know yet. That’s why I’m asking other people their opinions.”

    Create an atmosphere of mutual respectful dialog with those in your ken. That leads the way to some genuine truth-telling. Forget the newsrags. They’re just shredded winsocks telling us which way the winds are blowing. Specious indeed is the idea that top-down solutions will work to control the biggest Ever Given (post-modern/post-petroleum civilization) ramming its nose into every sandbar it can find on its pursuit of Niagra Falls. So they’re lying. Ho-hum. What else is new? I’ll tell you: you dealing directly with your immediate environment free of any need to coordinate with the system.

    And for God’s sake, don’t waste breath convincing them they’re wrong or you’re right. That’s doing the global overlords’ divide’n’conquer work for them. Just do something that works and show them/share it.

    “By their fruits ye shall know them”


    I’m only human
    I’m only, I’m only
    I’m only human, human

    Maybe I’m foolish, maybe I’m blind
    Thinking I can see through this and see what’s behind
    Got no way to prove it, so maybe I’m lying

    But I’m only human after all
    I’m only human after all
    Don’t put your blame on me
    Don’t put your blame on me

    Take a look in the mirror and what do you see?
    Do you see it clearer, or are you deceived
    In what you believe?

    ‘Cause I’m only human after all
    You’re only human after all
    Don’t put the blame on me
    Don’t put your blame on me

    Some people got the real problems
    Some people out of luck
    Some people think I can solve them
    Lord heavens above
    I’m only human after all
    I’m only human after all
    Don’t put the blame on me
    Don’t put the blame on me

    Don’t ask my opinion, don’t ask me to lie
    Then beg for forgiveness for making you cry
    Making you cry

    ‘Cause I’m only human after all
    I’m only human after all
    Don’t put your blame on me
    Don’t put the blame on me

    Oh, some people got the real problems
    Some people out of luck
    Some people think I can solve them
    Lord heavens above
    I’m only human after all
    I’m only human after all
    Don’t put the blame on me
    Don’t put the blame on me

    I’m only human, I make mistakes
    I’m only human, that’s all it takes
    To put the blame on me
    Don’t put the blame on me

    ‘Cause I’m no prophet or Messiah
    You should go looking somewhere higher

    I’m only human after all
    I’m only human after all
    Don’t put the blame on me
    Don’t put the blame on me
    I’m only human, I do what I can
    I’m just a man, I do what I can
    Don’t put the blame on me
    Don’t put your blame on me


    Mr. House

    He puts himself out for it, so why shouldn’t he be punched? Who lives in better conditions, bill gates who may or may not be a pedo, or the other 90% that you refer to? Who tells the other 90% what to think? The problem starts somewhere, but from the gist of most of your posts you seem to think it just appears, or am i reading them wrong? My neighbor who i enjoy most of the time, tried to convince me last fall that if i didn’t vote for Biden the nazi’s were going to take over. I told him they’ve been in control for awhile.

    Mr. House

    Why did the inventor of the PCR method think Faucci was a fraud and basically call science a religion? He’s right you know, people need to believe in something or someone. I just advocate for better stewards. “Gondor has no king, Gondor needs no king”

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