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    Pablo Picasso Visage 1928   • US Dollar Hegemony Ended Abruptly Last Wednesday – Michael Huddson (PR) • Mariupol Will Become A Key Hub Of Eurasia
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Visage 1928

    I can’t be sure but, I think this portraiture is what solidified my respect for Picasso as an artist…

    Mr. House

    “Hunter and Fauci and Peter Daszak. Fine friends.”

    Something tells me Epstein is also probably involved. Summer 2019 Epstein arrested, July 2019 Epstein “dies”, August 2019 REPO market starts to explode, January 2020 begins the last two years of our lives and now war. Its all connected, something tells me some sort of disagreement between big players occurred in 2019 and covid was the result.

    Dr. D

    This seems pretty smart:
    UK Tree panting, however, WITH multiple varieties, differing speeds of growth, visitor access, food production, and partnership both to plant trees, but also to harvest so perhaps it can pay for itself.

    Usually it’s a throwaway because they want “trees”, knowing nothing, make a cornfield of southern pine or something. Yet diversity is where we have to go. …Aaaaand is also where we were 1,000 and 5,000 years ago, before we got so, so dumb.

    For Raul, Athens apartments Among other things, collective self-finance.

    “Do we really want laws that prohibit driving on Sundays?  How would that affect religious services?” –Phoenix

    It would destroy them better than Covid. So it’s a definite go! The rest? They kill poor people as well as Christians. Win-win.

    Amazon then lobbies for “Critical Exceptions” and PMCs stay home in pajamas, looking out their alarm-installed windows tisk-tisking at the poor saps picking up trash and doing real work outside. A real “Morlock” situation. I’d say that’s a definite. You’ll get every PMC vote, and who cares about the rest of us?

    Anyway, they’re still in the War powers of WWII, AND in the War on Terror “Emergency” act. Like that’s not enough? You can’t unpack a standard, pre-packaged cargo ship IN THE PORT, no strike, plenty of diesel, and you want more power already? Gar, git on w’ ye already.

    They neither follow nor enforce the rules we have, OR make the trains run on time. They’re failing failures of fail. Bad dog. No emergency power.

    Nick Hudson. The only enemy is truth. Truth brings it all down. …Or brings THEM down. It raises us UP.

    “they found that these dollars came in, the only thing they could do would be to recycle them to the United States.”

    Sort of, and that was Kissinger’s plan (or his handlers’) but not being fools, they also bought gold, because the gold pricing was being artificially held down. This –may– have been a known feature? Bug? of the plan. So good, except then the Empire of Violence and Lies stole it. Right out of Switzerland, but also with Air Cargo plans and Seal Teams out of Libya, Ukraine, Canada…

    But don’t worry: gold is an irrelevant barbarous relic that has no value and as Bernanke says, we only hold it for “tradition.” That’s why we keep starting trillion-dollar wars and stealing it by the hundred-ton worldwide. Because it’s a pet rock beanie baby.

    Anyway, the real map to show is the sanctions map. Except you should only have yellow on D.C. alone, and maybe San Fran, and Ottawa alone and maybe Vancouver. That has the entire planet outnumbered by these violent wars-of-aggression weirdos exclusively in Europe and one city block in the Mid-Atlantic.

    That is to say, “The United States is irrelevant.” We have the influence of Brazil. It only remains when we REALIZE we have no power and nobody cares what we say. We can’t defeat illiterate goat-herders. Today’s the day. Germany goes dark and cold, because retarded glue-sniffers would rather kill every citizen than diminish their ego by using rubles. I’m fine with that. I’m sure Russia is too.

    Because they’re Soooooo stupid, and Sooooo psychotic, this is going to take a little time. Buy your corn chips now.

    “Lavrov: Russia, China Moving Towards Multipolar ‘Fair World Order’ (ZH)”

    Past tense. We’ve been in one, they’re just trying to get some violent lunatics to recognize it.

    “Azovstal” Don’t be silly, everybody knows you live by posting photos and clicking Amazon online, not by mining iron, tilling crops, and pumping oil. I’m sure the West will be just fine.

    “Employees paid fines for not saying ‘Good afternoon’ in Ukrainian in stores,”

    Freedom!!! And Democracy. But this is really just like the rest of the West, over Christmas, New Years, Juneteenth, and “How dare you call me sir.” Speech is violence. However luckily violence is NOT violence. So we DO all the violence we want, you just can’t TALK about it.

    “Regime Change” Doesn’t Work, You Morons (Taibbi)”

    It’s hard to even figure this out in the land of the violently insane. Sanctions don’t work, so we do them. We don’t have any other plans and are proud of it. We’re going to save Ukraine and The Children! The Children! by filling it with high-tech weapons and making it a decade-long war zone, official policy. Regime change is what we’re after but you can could the number of times it’s worked on one hand. +70 official CIA attempts to undermine democracy, +20 in the last 20 years alone, and how many wins? Yet we are the apex of freedom and democracy. Now sit down and shut up or I’ll put you in solitary without a trial.

    Once upon a time, many years ago, The Daily Show used to report on this too.

    “ FEC Fines DNC and Clinton for Trump Dossier Hoax (WE)”

    Don’t worry, it will still be true, and Russia will still have changed the vote tally in 2016 despite Obama, Mueller, and everybody else saying they didn’t. Ask any Democrat. Psaki and Schiff are still saying it today. #EmpireofLies

    “Shouldn’t the American people get some answers as to why our government was so heavily involved – via the vice president’s son – in both pathogen research and Ukraine and to make sure Ukraine is not Wuhan 2.0?”

    Duh. No, of course not. “Do What You’re Told!” And what you’re told is, you’re going to have food shortages and will be eating bugs. Get some lentils, shoot your dog. We’ll be eating 5-star in our 5,000sq ft mansions. Surrounded by guards with the guns you aren’t allowed to have, manning the walls that don’t work.

    Matt Gaetz officially enters Hunter Biden’s laptop from HELL into the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD”

    They have nothing to worry about, everybody’s illiterate. I’ve spent 10 years where not a single person will read, ask, or look, and in fact would rather die – literally – than read the NY Times or Harvard Medical. NYT is my top quote for universal Ukraine corruption and Azov Nazis. You’d have to tie somebody down and hold their eyeballs open to get them to read it.

    “People should be able to put forward viewpoints, ask questions and make mistakes, and take unpopular but good-faith positions on issues that society is still working through — all without fearing cancellation”

    Great, when will the NY Times start? This is the paper that banned Tom Cotton, a Congressman, and always banned Trump, a President. Instead it protects the CIA and Corporate interests exclusively, to the very mass-death of its readers, a fact I suspect I could prove in court.

    PM Justin Trudeau is giving himself and every MP a raise on April 1”

    April Fools! Oh, also, there’s no inflation. We just gave ourselves a 20% raise matching the inflation that doesn’t exist.

    “Media Freedom Report Shakes Greece’s Conservative Government (EurActiv)”

    “Conservative” compared to whom? Come to think of it, I don’t think I could name an honestly “Conservative” government-party on the face of the earth. Interesting.

    “Triple Vaccinated Down to the Last 20% of Their Immune Systems (DE)”

    I can’t believe this is true or all 3x Vaxxed would be dead. Also, again, why would this be transmissible? I stopped following the close details of this, but it seems the anti-side has gone over the edge this time. Wind it back and prove your case. One particular aspect of your immune system? Sure maybe. But “Immune System” generally? What does that even mean? But I can’t believe you could walk around for a week with only 20% remaining.

    Alex Antic is listed as Aus Liberal Party. Just registering that fact.

    Dr. D

    P.S. they advertise for Ukraine Donations on the Yemen video above that points out their lying, cheating, mass-arming, child-killing, genocide video.

    And AI marketing is supposed to be so smart. They did harden my resolve to hate them forever, and tirelessly remove them from office though.

    V. Arnold

    VP’s last post (yesterday) was an excersise in racial confusion/bias…
    He, It, She, Her, bullshit about the original statement that anal sex was pedominately between black people…
    He’s (VP) a racist bigot…no question about it…
    I’m amazed at the lack of response to his/it’s post…


    I’m more confused than usual today. Question blitz coming!

    What’s the deal with the laptop?
    Is Biden a front man and the government being run by Obama & associates?
    Is the Clinton faction making it’s final bid to regain power?

    It seems clear the vultures are circling and the senile President’s days are numbered. But they won’t replace him with that scarecrow VP or the other scarecrow leading the House. Can anyone live with President Hillary overseeing 4th of July celebrations?

    If not Clinton, then who do they replace Biden with?


    What an incredible time. Totally surreal. Props to Illargi for keeping on (hope you’re feeling better). What a time to be alive.

    So amongst the continuation of the real-life instigation of Vonnegut’s Suicide booths (minus the Sisters of Mercy) We now have proof that the legacy media were asleep at the wheel (or worse) regarding Biden’s Laptop. We still have the unanimous backing of the West supporting Neo-Nazi’s in Ukraine. World War 3 on our doorstep all because Nuland, Clinton et al have a hard on (make that a strap on) for Putin.

    Legacy media should be disarmed, discharged, dismantled, dismembered and then destroyed. And do it quickly. Before the neocons nuke this planet in a hasty fit of rage, believing themselves justified by their phony press propagandists and willing, docile and consenting populace.

    Veracious Poet


    Well, I’m not sure what “pedominately” means, probably something I don’t want to actually know, but I was talking about a cultural abnormal appetite, compared to other cultures back in the 80s, from personal observations via friends & acquaintances (I was immersed in the culture mentioned during the time frame)…

    I was not condemning, or judging, although I did find it the practice a bit strange when I encountered people bragging about it.

    Full disclosure: I didn’t even know alt. sexual preferences existed until I was about 17.

    My statement was also concerning illegitimate claims by “experts” that AIDS was easily spread by “normal” heterosexual contact, which was a lie, that I assumed based on the “experts” MO was to spread FEAR where it was not warranted…

    I’m actually sorry I mentioned it, as it is icky subject matter, only sorta kinda relevant regarding certain pronunciations spouted over the last two years, specifically concerning Fauci-Stein.

    But hey, if virtual signalling works for you, go for it.

    I’ve always wondered what being cancelled online would be like 😉

    Veritas omnia vincit


    V Arnold- maybe that’s why Ilargi’s pic for today has a tear in her eye.

    Michael Reid

    @ Susmarie108

    Do either of you have any direct experience with a wood furnace? I ordered the Central Boiler Classic Edge 560 HDX Model (for delivery in August). My goal is to eliminate propane as the primary source for heating the boiler. The boiler serves/fuels my Tekmar (Canadian) radiant floor heating system which is the big “draw”.

    I do not have direct experience with a wood furnace. I looked at the link you provided in comment #104962

    My first thought is this system needs electrical power. These days I am of the opinion access to power from a power utility is not a given. If you have your own off grid power system and it is properly sized then it would be possible to have reliable operation in the event of utility loss.

    My location has no utility power but has freezing temperatures so during winter a lack of power would result in freeze up / destruction of the plumbing/water/heat system. A means to remove all water from the system prior to freeze up would be required to permanent destruction.

    The Kitchen Queen that I use does not require power. For that reason it less likely to fail in production of heat

    It sure looks interesting for heating a greenhouse if properly designed for drainage when power fails. Failure would result in crop loss possibly yet not system destruction.


    Fair World Order

    Hudson makes the great point that printing ‘money’ for internal use is very different, and not a problem, as printing ‘money’ for external use, i.e. imorted goods for abroad.

    The Empire of Lies has no industrial base.

    It can’t even make a bucket and mop for everyday use much less steel, water pumps, electric transformers, high speed rail systems, etc….

    China, Russia, India, Iran, probably Vietnam and a string of other countries, are just jumping off the ‘dollar’, poof!

    That’s 3 billion consumers right there, just like that, who want to conduit business in anything except dollars. And it happened with a couple of keystrokes and signatures, shazam.

    Since the Empire of Lies has be buy virtually everything abroad except crappy movie and spectacularly over priced defense boondoggles, the Butthurt is really gonna burn rather intensely.

    Stealing Russia’s reserves almost seems like a Putin chess move; rip the mask off the Empire of Lies and let the whole wide world experience the true technicolor depravity and thuggish inner child of the Neo-Con artists of the USSA first hand.

    Surprise! The Empire of Lies is a Clown in the Moonlight with a hatchet in it’s fisted glove!

    Run for your lives kids!



    • US Dollar Hegemony Ended Abruptly Last Wednesday – Michael Huddson (PR)
    The more dollars we spend in making a military base, all these military expenditures get turned over to the local Central Bank that turns and sends them back to the Federal Reserve or deposits them in US bank accounts. So, it’s the international free ride we get, not a domestic free ride.
    Why keep doing sanctions?
    Sanctions never deter… How to make enemies
    Xamples, ….Venezuela, Cuba, N. Korea, Haiti, …..
    It didn’t happens/can deny, if you are not informed. press freedom?
    The Federal Election Commission has fined the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for lying about the funding of the infamous, and discredited, Russian “dossier” used in a smear attempt against Donald Trump weeks before he shocked the world with his 2016 presidential victory.
    How to prevent inflation from hurting you
    Pass the cost to consumers

    Trudeau gives himself a raise the same day as carbon tax hike

    Trudeau gives himself a raise the same day as carbon tax hike

    March 30, 2022
    Vaccines don’t boosts your immune system
    • Triple Vaccinated Down To The Last 20% Of Their Immune Systems (DE)


    loss leader

    A commodity offered especially by a retail store at cost or below cost to attract customers.

    An article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers.

    The Wapo & it’s sister mediawhore, the Painted Lady NYT, are loss leaders for the Empire of Lies.

    Their propaganda value is worth them hemorrhaging money and having only brain dead readers and a fraction of the audience of say, Joe Rogan, who’s pistol whipping them in ‘share’ six ways til Sunday.

    Video clip:

    Joe Rogan pistol whipping the New York Times – a Bastion of Censorship and Corruption for molesting Lady Liberty


    The pain is coming
    Only our news media tells the truth
    Putin is stupid
    Putin doesn’t know what is happening/on the front line.
    Putin doesn’t know how to use a TV remote.
    Putin lies all the time.
    Putin Signs Decree Ordering Gas Exports To Be Halted If Buyers Don’t Pay In Rubles

    “According to our intelligence, Russian units are not withdrawing but repositioning. Russia is trying to regroup, resupply and reinforce its offensive in the Donbas region,” Stoltenberg said to reporters in Brussels.

    In the past days Russia’s military has made no secret about focusing its efforts on liberating the Donbas, which was presented in Western media as a new shift in scope of the Russian war effort.

    Michael Reid

    @ V. Arnold

    Everybody is something at a particular point in time. It is what it is until it is not. I scan the text, extract anything of value and discard the rest. That is how I navigate in this world.


    People can read propaganda in a million places, they don’t need to see it repeated here.

    Maybe Raul doesn’t read his own Debt Rattles?

    Jesus- this blog exists as one big propaganda outlet. Just look at today’s lineup.



    Mr. House

    Deflationista, what is the point of your posts? What is the great i told you so you expect to be able to tell the majority of us? We’re two years into the “pandemic” and aren’t dead yet. I think the odds are in our favor.



    Mr. House

    Perhaps you are the internet personification of the mass hysteria we’ve witnessed the past six years? We come to places like this to get away from people like you, but you follow.

    Mr. House

    Who pays you to do this? Or if no one pays you, what is your motivation? What are you getting personally out of this that keeps you coming back?


    Eurotardistan gonna throw a hissy fit tomorrow when the gas gets turned off!

    The Empire of Lies can not comprehend it when Putin speaks the truth.

    OMG, he can’t do that! but, but, butthurt!


    An on April Fools no less. Nice touch!




    Who pays you to do this? Or if no one pays you, what is your motivation? What are you getting personally out of this that keeps you coming back?

    Oh fuck off with your tired conspiracy. I have been reading here for over a decade. Watching this place descend into another right wing propaganda hub has been disturbing.

    You comment. I comment.

    You can’t take it. Maybe I should start suggesting that you are all paid actors? You know, speak your language.

    The arrogance you dummies must have to think that this piddly ass blog deserves attention from paid infiltrators just adds to the craziness exhibited here.

    Mr. House

    why are you unable to ever answer questions and just shoot off insults? What do you get out of coming here and posting what you post?

    Mr. House

    next: define right wing


    Regarding vaccine acquired AIDS….
    Most all of the articles about it are specifically citing Covid cases among the vaxxed vs. the unvaxxed to make this assessment.
    Every time I read this I think, OK, so the immune systems of the vaxxed are showing less and less capability at avoiding a Covid infection. But is susceptibility to Covid a good measure of immune system performance overall? I don’t know the answer. But the data cited also doesn’t address this, and yet the data are being universalized to apply to all categories that the immune system deals with. Now, I’ve also read other articles referencing specific immune related problems stemming from the vaccine — but these are not presented in a way where population-wide immune performance could be measured.


    This blog exists as one big anti-propaganda outlet.
    I wonder if Putin has signed in to this blog?


    i tried to post this, it had only 2 links, but didn’t see it show up maybe i missed it, if so apologies, see next link.

    Mister Roboto
    Figmund Sreud

    That settles it! Russian President Putin ‘massively misjudged’ invasion of Ukraine, U.K. intelligence chief says the head of Britain’s GCHQ spy agency, Jeremy Fleming!

    Jeremy said, among the other things he talked about, “new intelligence showed some Russian soldiers in Ukraine had refused to carry out orders, sabotaged their own equipment and accidentally shot down one of their own aircraft … and even though Putin’s advisers are afraid to tell him the truth, what’s going on and the extent of these misjudgments must be crystal clear to the regime,” So now, beside Jeremy, you know what British intelligence chief knows for sure.

    Fleming said all above, and more in a speech at the Australian National University in Canberra last Thursday.

    … got that?


    Figmund Sreud

    … coffee time at MoA!

    Anyway, nice collage of odds and sods today by ‘b’:



    So I give up on my previous post. Here, a different topic – one link – to you tube.

    Russia – Ukraine War: Soldiers Collect Civilians After Shelling Attack on Mariupol Frontline


    Audio interview with Gonzalo Lira by Eva K Bartlett yesterday morning. Some old stuff, some new stuff

    Michael Reid

    Regarding vaccine acquired AIDS….

    my parents said know provided the best audio/video of Callender’s interview over at Odysee (Session97 “Open Secrets” starting around 3:16:00).

    The Callender’s interview freaked me out meaning if true we are much more vulnerable to the cull than I anticipated. I have not been able to face doing a detailed analysis of the interview yet. There are so many implications it is shattering. I will approach the analysis over the next few days as time permits.

    At this time, I will comment on some items. Please forgive my paraphrasing and defective memory of the exact details at this time but I am simply trying to communicate some of the broad strokes as I have understood then.

    @ Dr. D
    “why would this be transmissible?”
    From the video, there is an assertion that the mRNA injections contain different pouches of genetic instructions that once inside a cell remain dormant/inactive until triggered.

    Within one type of pouch are instructions to generate marberg / ecoli infections.

    Within another type of pouch are instructions to generate ebola / staff infections.

    To trigger the dissolving of the pouch containing marberg / ecoli instructions one is exposed to 5G cellular radiation and the cell follows the genetic instructions to make it so.

    To trigger the dissolving of the pouch containing ebola/ staff instructions one is exposed to 18 GHz radiation and the cell follows the genetic instructions to make it so.

    When triggered the infectious diseases start as does the spreading of these infectious diseases to others.

    “But “Immune System” generally? What does that even mean?”
    It means the HIV proteins in the injection have helped disarm the immune system from blocking the contents of the injection entering the cells.

    Other issues include:
    A person who has been injected is no longer a person under US law but are instead a different genetic species owned by the patent holder of the genetic instructions. This non homo sapien does not have any rights under the law and has become simply a different kind of animal to own and use.

    It really shakes one’s concept of the world.


    Gonzalo Lira’s twit feed

    Looks like a r’escue’ helicopter to retrive Ukro-nazi leadership from the Azov steel complex was shotdown and it had two french intelligence agents on it, both now dead. Oops!

    “…Further sources indicate the presence of two France intelligence DGSE operatives (both said to be dead) on board the crashed helicopter. This would explain Macron’s desperate please to Putin as of late to organize a French-led evacuation from Mariupol..”


    Gonzalo Lira
    Bojo is talking about “going up a gear” because there are apparently at least a dozen British mercenaries trapped in Mariupol.

    The humanitarian corridors are closed, so the Russians will either annihilate these British troops, or capture them and try them for war crimes.

    Farmer McGregor

    Pablo Picasso Visage 1928

    What more can you say about that which is basically a pencil sketch, except: WOW!


    Some background.

    From Russia Insider, April 2015.

    Ex-Ukraine Interior Minister Gives the Inside on Oligarchs’ Wars and Dealings.

    from the article.

    — Vitaly Zakharchenko served as Yanukovich’s interior minister. He explains how power really works in Ukraine. —


    “Ukraine was developed into an oligarchic state and is currently in the process of redistribution of property. Both the so-called Orange Revolution in 2004/5 and however you want to name the one in 2014 — of course, these were both not real revolutions but essentially oligarchic coups d’etat.

    Oligarchs launch such coups (and, mind you, fund them) in order to exact even greater profit and income. They push their people into power structures and eventually themselves come into power, as Igor Kolomoysky did. And all this is for the sake of one goal: to squeeze out others’ property and to receive preferences from the state towards their personal enterprises …”

    The present narrative re. Ukraine is polarized, on the Evil Russkies attacking innocent Ukr.s be they girlies with braids or valiant patriotic soldiers – to .. valiant Russia reacting to long-lasting agression, too many pokes to the bear, trying to assure its own security, and only attempting to de-nazi-fy, ensure own security, etc.

    Of course in times of war the black-n-white takes over. Underground a lot more is going on. Not that I quite know what.. but the major financial movers are upset….

    Figmund Sreud

    All about banksters financing environmental destruction: … Banking on Climate Chaos

    … and here is a Canadian angle, Canadian banksters contribution:

    Out of the world’s 60 largest banks, here’s how Canadian financial institutions ranked:

    -RBC came in at fifth with $48.4 billion in fossil fuel financing provided in 2021 and $251.2 billion since 2016;
    -Scotiabank ranked ninth with $37.9 billion in 2021 and $186.4 billion since 2016;
    – TD was 11th with $26.5 billion in 2021 and $175.8 billion since 2016;
    -BMO was 15th with $23.5 billion in 2021 and $146.2 billion since 2016;
    – CIBC was 20th with $27.7 billion in 2016 and $112.7 billion since 2016.

    (These numbers were converted from U.S. dollars used in the report to Canadian dollars, based on current exchange rates of US$0.80 to C$1.)

    … yet, yet following is what Canada’s ”Socks” just proclaimed the other day:

    Clean Air. Strong Economy

    … fwiw,


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