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    V. Arnold


    v. arnold wonders why hardly anyone calls out VP for his strange obsession with ye olde nigger dick and butt sex, not to mention the downright ludicrously bigoted implications that VP asserts as some kind of truth because, hey, VP spent a lot of time doing meaningless muscular repetitions to feed his physical vanity with a bunch who also love staring at their bodies in the mirror.

    My answer, v. arnold, to your question, is this: Calling a dickhead a dickhead to his face is a job for hooligans like me. But hooligans are chronically and reliably punished for being openly honest rather than discretely disingenuous, and the pay really sucks, especially with no good deed going unpunished and bad deeds being left to flourish.

    Thanks Bosco; I’ve been known to stand up in a lunchroom and chastize those openly being derogatory towards black people…
    I very much appreciate your comment…


    @Mr House said

    why are you unable to ever answer questions and just shoot off insults? What do you get out of coming here and posting what you post?

    Come on, he is still an avid left winger, actually a communist, who should have grown out of his naivete over the years but has failed to do so, his friends all moving on without him. I say this because he is certainly an advocate of globalist policies such as vaccinations, lockdowns etc. As the globalists are communists I think it is fair to think of deflationista as a left behind communist who is living in the past and is a bit lost without his activist friends, so he comes here to kick up a fuss to show the world that real diehard communists still exist and will never betray the cause.

    In other words, he’s nuts.

    Mister Roboto

    This one’s for the deflated one:


    New Hampshire Votes for Pharmaceutical Freedom

    New Hampshire is about to make Ivermectin availible without a prescription from a doctor


    And it’s cheap.

    Similar bills are pending legislative approval in Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, Arizona, and Alaska.

    Victory over medical tyrants. Hurrah, I swift kick to the nut sack for the deflated loser member!

    Have a friend or family member go to NH and score some for you and mail it. As more states wake up, it will be closer to where you are.

    Veracious Poet

    I’ve been known to stand up in a lunchroom and chastize those openly being derogatory towards black people…

    D Benton Smith


    The largest randomized, double-blind trial ever conducted in the history of the world recently proved that your posts have an immediate beneficial effect on the quantity and quality of everybody else’s comments of this blog. Apparently you are just annoying enough to motivate others to better critical thinking, and the impulse to protect themselves from the deranged. Your existence is a cautionary tale, so it’s helpful to be reminded occasionally of just how bad mental illness can get if not dealt with.

    Then again, it could be as simple as you’re just the idiot we know you to be and the place wouldn’t be the same without you.

    In any case welcome back, dipshit.


    @Dr D Do you have an opinion on this piece, if so I would be interested to hear it in the light of the great analysis you did right at the start of these sanctions.

    Is Russia the REAL target of Western sanctions?

Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)
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