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    D Benton Smith


    There were many Rabbit Holes that might be gone down, but my first (early 1972) was the Intelligence Community link to such curious things as Pharma, Psychiatry & Politics. Much much later, when the horrors of Child Sacrifice and Trafficking started coming out in PizzaGate I immediately saw direct connections back to what I had seen in related areas in the 1970’s and 80’s. When data trails started popping up like mushrooms everywhere, and the cross connections became so apparent, it was obvious that although there were many Rabbit Holes and tunnels there was basically just ONE interconnected “warren.”

    Then Covid hit, and some REAL investigators started studying the details in detail. That’s when the names, addresses and structure of the Global Cabal really came into focus, and the astonishing amount of premeditation and its specific purpose was there to see in black & white. Why, those Global Cabal guys mean to kill us, and they’ve planned the steps very very VERY carefully.

    So far we are doing the right things to defend ourselves (exposing hard fact truth to as many people as can be persuaded to listen and look. It’s a daunting task, by sheer size alone. And to make things much harder, the information is as deeply emotionally disturbing as it is logistically overwhelming.

    When the full truth about all of it comes out (and it’s as bad as bad gets) then the problem of systematically sadistic lethal lies will be gone. It is a real nail biter, however, as to whether we reach the critical mass of humanity’s awareness in time to save ourselves. At no time has it ever been more true that God will help those who help each other.

    One thing is for sure. We’re going to find out.



    Veracious Poet

    I anticipated that the NWO would throw out a nuke false flag to clinch overwhelming support of western civilization’s sheeple, which would also bury the lead re: CCP/NIH/Canadada bio-weapon + killer vexes…

    I also believe that this is just stage 1, with more shoes to drop shortly 😐

    When cornered psychopaths always revert to scorched earth tactics, e.g. murdering unarmed civilians & blaming it on the “enemy”…

    The psyops will be coming fast & furious now, even more so than we’ve already seen ~ Since I abstain from all legacy media let me know if they come up with any good ones, as I only monitor 3 “news” sites these days, to shield my sanity.

    Beyond shocking what the sheeple will swallow hook, line & sinker these days…

    John Day

    @D.Benton Smith: Thanks. I agree.

    Going back out to plant 2 varieties of pinto beans in 2 different rows and see how they perform.
    It’s a competition.
    I pruned the rest of the fruit trees, pulled a lot of weeds, went by the gravel place about the driveway and parking area sub-project, and brought more cabinet plywood down from Austin, and set it inside.

    I may not get any finishing work done today, but the downstairs space is already starting to have a better feel and look to it.

    Any format we could have for communication would be electronic, and would not be private, as far as I can tell, including radio-telephony



    That makes sense, though I might count out Xanax because if I recall correctly one of the side effects is drowsiness, which wouldn’t help if someone is waking you up every hour or being up for more than two days (which would account for the lack of clarity), so maybe one of the ADHD medicines? Benzo also has drowsiness in the list of side effects, but it’s been awhile since my biological basis of behavior course.

    @Everyone else

    Trucker convoy to DC will likely arrive tomorrow, as an overnight rally is being held in Hagerstown, MD. I saw many wreckers in the convoy, so this should get interesting. Same as Canada’s beginning in that there is a lot of police cooperation.


    A little better view (non-MSM) of what is going on in MD, but youtube has been cutting a lot off.

    Veracious Poet

    During an appearance on FBN’s “Mornings with Maria,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) warned the turmoil in the world, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, was underway, there are still unresolved issues about President Joe Biden’s business dealings with Russia and China.

    Johnson described Biden as “dramatically, seriously compromised.”

    Response from U$ Empire Law Enforcement (Mercs):


    Thank you @veracious-poet, love the Somesee Card!

    Veracious Poet

    You say that like it’s a bad thing…


    People Trucker convoy to DC will likely arrive tomorrow,

    No wonder Trudeau is running away to EU.
    Its all Trudeau’s fault
    No wonder the MSM is pushing the propaganda about Russia. A distraction.


    How to access if the Empire of Lies tries to limit your access.

    Sitrep: How to access

    Nifty VPN browser for your phone

    Works fine on my cell


    RT is still available in Australia, no VPN, not using a Tor browser.


    I’m pretty sure that while all eyes are seeing blue and yellow, the parasitic class will be sneaking in their “papers, please” [as if they would be so polite!] agenda.

    When all they want is destruction, how can they fail?

    With 56% of the world “vaccinated” (not sure I believe those #s), what could they possibly do to cover their asses?
    Nukes. Same side effects- or close enough.

    those darned kids

    On the Ukraine front, the smart civilians left early.
    Now it is too late to leave any of the cities with conflicts going on.

    Why would the smart Ukrainians have already left for Romainia, Hungry, or Poland?
    For several very good common sense reasons.
    First to avoid being forcibly conscripted by the neo-nazis.
    Second, to avoid your family getting killed.
    Third, to get your car out of the Ukraine so it doesn’t end up being stolen by the neo-nazis or the criminal looters.

    The British say Russia is using cluster bombs. That very likely means the encircled neo-nazi battalions are being anilalated along the border of the Donbas.

    I have read of regular Ukrainian army soldiers killing their neo-nazi political officers. They have too before they can surrender or they will be killed. (No different than what happened in both the USSR and Nazi Germany. If you retreated your own side killed you. If you stayed and fought the enemy killed you.)

    Supposedly the Ukrainian prez is safely in Poland urging his fellow Ukrainians to die.

    Our deep state troll Deflate, is busy loosing the narrative war just as badly as the Ukrainians are loosing the real war.


    Everyone here is free to choose his preferred propaganda and not die. (Even our troll)

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