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    John Day

    “Entering The Future” (cue Twilight Zone theme)

    Tim Morgan at Surplus Energy Economics takes the risk of looking a little bit into the future of Modern Industrial Economy in his 250th blog post,
    The Surplus Energy Economy, Part-5 , What Happens Next?
    Dr. Morgan’s thesis is that you only get to use the energy that is left after you spend energy to get your energy. It is that “Surplus Energy” which drives the trucks, trains, factories and farms of industrial economy. As more energy is required to obtain a gallon of diesel fuel, there is less for the rest of the economy. People get paid less than what their bills are, even when they quit going out for food and entertainment.

    Some people are higher up in the stack, but in the US, the prosperity of working people has been in relative decline since I graduated high school in 1976. The US has had declining total prosperity per capita since about Y2k, so we got to watch the top 10%, the stock markets. Those were put on life-support in 2008-2009. “Zombies” is the financial term to describe these corporate life-forms now.

    In part #4 he pointed out that China and the world in aggregate had this downturn of prosperity per capita in 2020, but that Russia has not yet had that downturn.

    He points out that the decline in net resources and net energy is gradual, but that the relative cost of the net energy is already so high that established industrial economies cannot be sustained without cheap inputs from outside, which is what we see supporting the US economy, cheap imports for $US. This has been “papered over” with fake-promises of future wealth, which might be kept in a rapidly expanding economy of the 1950s – 1960s US or Europe, but not now, when real-economy is contracting. He comes to the inevitable conclusion that there will be defaults, and that current inflation will continue, as an expanded money-supply gets more and more diluted in its ability to buy real things.
    prosperity liabilities
    Inflation will persist, and the ability to cover the cost of the essentials of life will become more of a struggle at all levels of society. Financial elites will be more threatened by the allocation-of-losses, which is bound to occur when notional wealth in the world is more than 10X real wealth. Massive losses will be assigned all around. The losses assigned to the dead are the easiest to deal with, followed by losses assigned to the terrified. Things that kill a lot of people become attractive. People who will be able to pursue their interests without effective coercion become a major threat to those who seek to maintain their wealth/power, and to impose all losses on the lower economic classes (99%).
    There are threats to financial systems and currencies. Personally, I think that central banks are prepared to change over to a gold standard. They have long maintained gold-reserve parity, and bought the most gold in 2022 that they had bought since Nixon had to default on the gold-standard. This one-time adjustment would probably require a gold-price of 10X to 30X the current valuation, from what I have read. It does not require much trust. Central Bank Digital Currencies would require a lot of trust in a time of panic. Many are dubious, but central banks like the idea, because they keep getting something for nothing, and they decide how much everybody else gets, too.
    What I see as the bigger threat is the sudden discontinuities when the music stops and there is one chair per 10 players. Some players have machine-guns.
    I’m speculating on my own at this point, because I continue to see the conflicting needs of major financial owners to keep the economy going, and to keep their power and control undiminished. How can the threat to ownership be moderated so that every day it is a less threatening decision to negotiate a bit of loss of wealth, to maintain some comfortable control of relative position in the global oligarchy? Every day needs to be another day that nobody starts a nuclear war.
    The US/NATO have more and more of their remaining geopolitical eggs in the basket of this nuclear threat, since they have nuclear war, the $US global financial regime, and advanced spying and propaganda networks as their primary assets. The financial extraction of wealth from the rest of the world, which is necessary to support western economies, as they are now structured, will stop when the financial regime changes to a level field of trade under a gold-based system. There will be no long term transfers of wealth from colonies to the financial centers of empire. Imperial institutions will collapse, as happened with the break-up of the USSR. The oligarchs of our world are all taking steps to induce the first stages of collapse to happen to somebody else. The US Fed is owned by US retail and commercial banks, and is purportedly seeking to make the ECB crash first. The Fed may succeed.
    Still, implosion of political-economy in Europe does not assure the safety of American finance. European neo-colonization brings a financial collapse forward in time. How long will it be possible to hold European economies captive? Everybody knows who bombed Nordstream now, and the US/NATO want European sanctions on Russia to extend to China next? How much fear will be required to do that? What will be the economic cost of just creating that much fear?
    Is there a valid rationale?
    I’ve got a “maybe” for that. If we model an inevitable economic decline in industrial economy, as the real cost of real energy and raw-materials rises, how might this possibly be managed by those who are accustomed to being in-control? If unnecessary burdens are added to an economy, which can be removed later, then an economy is pre-choked, with an option to un-choke later. It is widely-observed that most green-economy measures like electric-cars and biofuels actually use a little more carbon and cause a little more pollution when the whole production-to-landfill cycle is analyzed. There are political interests pointing this out, saying that these green-mandates restrict economic-growth, and they are right. They assume that growth of the real economy will continue to be possible on this finite planet with declining oil, gas, coal and minerals. Probably not…

    So, for those who cannot countenance a world where they are not the owners, we have the mysteriously rising excess deaths, each one the end of a claim against future wealth, which would compete with them. There are brakes on the productive economy of the USA, via outsourcing production, and mandating inefficient battery-car and electric-grid changes. Those changes will not be possible, and when the mandates are lifted, there will be some economic relief in the declining real economy. That is sort of a control lever. Those benefits would take years of re-tooling, which has energy and materials costs. At any rate, it is possible to modulate a gradual decline of industrial economy up and down at any given point in time to get political buy-in. The dead don’t get a say…

    What about that imposition of losses? It’s really unjust to impose excess-death increases upon populations through secretly slow-poisoning them with a mandated “medical treatment”. It occurred to me that this very mechanism, creeping towards the light of dawn, would be a potential mechanism of managing the imposition of vast losses of notional wealth in favor of non-elites,”vaccine victims”. If it becomes accepted that the global mandates of gene-therapy Vaccine-products were a criminal conspiracy, a series of war-crimes against humanity, then it would facilitate reparations. If 90% of notional-wealth is to disappear, then those who participated could be forced to take the first round of losses, not (surviving) pensioners and current workers.
    This would imply a change in the management of the power structure. Top level owners are good at avoiding loss of wealth, but this is also an unprecedented situation in the world.
    #250: The Surplus Energy Economy, part 5

    John Day

    Richard Heinberg looks at the looming debt crisis, the music stopping in that game of musical chairs. He points out a category of debt called “Theft Debt”, which is debts that never could be repaid, Ponzi schemes, but also the debts of wealthy countries to poorer countries, who send resources and labor for promised eventual reward, and the theft from future generations, nature and other species, all “legal”… He looks at US Federal Debt, the service of which is a small part of the budget, but growing inevitably now. It must be paid by law. How will that work? He makes the point that learning to get by with less is the best lesson, the one that is not a trick, not a manipulation.

    Museletter #359: Converging Debt Crises

    The Consciousness Of Sheep looks at this same breakdown of economies of scale at low energy prices, giving a different assessment of the viability of the communications industry business model for the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Paradise Postponed
    The communications sector faces an even worse death spiral than those opening up elsewhere in the economy. This is because a large part of communications – along with the technologies that might require 5G – are entirely discretionary. I might need access to a phone for emergencies. And I am currently pissed with the government and the banks for insisting I have a phone to verify online transactions. But most of the other things we do with phones, like sharing photos or watching YouTube videos, are entirely discretionary. Nor do I particularly need a refrigerator that is capable of doing shopping on my behalf, or a washing machine that I can operate from the other side of the planet. And don’t get me started on the complete waste of time and energy that is the proposed “metaverse.”
    ​ ​Crucially, as is the case in all death spirals, the communications networks depend upon mass use in order to remain profitable. That is, it is only because enough of us use our phones to watch videos, record our exercise routines, and do our online banking, that the communications industry can keep prices affordable to a critical mass of consumers. But rising energy, food and resource costs is forcing a majority of the population of Europe to abandon discretionary spending of all kinds in favour of maintaining essentials. And so, while communications “can” – in a legal sense – pass on their rising costs, economically they cannot because they will drive consumption down and thus lose the critical mass required to remain profitable.
    ​ ​The advocates of the third disruption will no doubt claim that this is merely about the correct allocation of money. Whether through a socialist redistribution of wealth or a fascist programable basic income, so long as we put enough money in the hands of ordinary people, they will continue to consume. This though, is also a mirage. Money has no intrinsic value but is merely a claim on future energy and resources. Indeed, the only thing which gives money its value is our shared belief that those resources will be there in future – which is why, by the way, governments and central bankers are so scared of inflation. But the situation we now find ourselves in is precisely that the energy and resources our currency is based upon are not there anymore – at least, not in the quantities and at the price we depend upon.

    Paradise postponed

    ​ There are a lot of situational uncertainties. 2023 seems to have been dubbed “the year of poly-crisis”, which might keep most of us off-balance, or on-our-toes.​
    Ukraine is reportedly poised to invade Transnistria, the Russian-area isolated between Ukraine and Moldova from the break-up of the USSR. “Moldovans” are supposed to attack from the other side, which actual Moldovans have never wanted to do, and are not prepared to do, so they will be soldiers from somewhere, advancing through Moldova. At the same time, secret negotiations between the US/NATO and Russia are reportedly underway, and officially denied. Threats may be raised for bargaining pressure in such a setting, like the western threat to attack Crimea. It is almost mud-season on the European steppes again.

    It is hard to see what the rational intentions of the western financial and power elites may be in the current rapid-escalation of multiple crises, but Andrew Korybko tries, and he takes a different position than I have seen. Korybko makes the case that a Tri-Polar world is arising with “The Golden Billion” in the western camp, including neo-colonized Europe, which ahs been attacked to break it away from Russia, the “Russian-Chinese Entente”, where China has been trying to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the “Golden Billion”, but may now be unable to maintain that. That will “necessitate” EU “sanctions against China”, which will be another attack on neo-colonized Europe, just as “Russian sanctions” have been.
    What Korybko presents differently is the third pole of this global tripod, as being led by India, firmed up in the effective Global South Conference of January 12-13, 2023. The third pole will include India, Brazil, Iran, Turkey the BRICS and the SCO in a forum which will serve their national interests, not merely financial and military, but cultural and civilizational. India as the leader of this movement is a hypothesis which I will be keeping in mind and watching for as history unfolds.


    Pepe Escobar explores the complex relationships of the 12th Valdai conference, preferring that “Middle East” be properly referred to as “West Asia”:
    ​ ​Kayhan Barzegar of Islamic Azad University in Iran qualified the two major strategic developments affecting West Asia: a possible US retreat and a message to regional allies: “You cannot count on our security guarantees.”
    ​ ​Every vector – from rivalry in the South Caucasus to the Israeli normalization with the Persian Gulf – is subordinated to this logic, notes Barzegar, with quite a few Arab actors finally understanding that there now exists a margin of maneuver to choose between the western or the non-western bloc.
    ​ ​Barzegar does not identify Iran-Russia ties as a strategic alliance, but rather a geopolitical, economic bloc based on technology and regional supply chains – a “new algorithm in politics” – ranging from weapons deals to nuclear and energy cooperation, driven by Moscow’s revived southern and eastward orientations. And as far as Iran-western relations go, Barzegar still believes the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or Iran nuclear deal, is not dead. A least not yet.

    ​ ​Egyptian Ramzy Ramzy, until 2019 the UN Deputy Special Envoy for Syria, considers the reactivation of relations between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE with Syria as the most important realignment underway in the region. Not to mention prospects for a Damascus-Ankara reconciliation. “Why is this happening? Because of the regional security system’s dissatisfaction with the present,” Ramzy explains.
    ​ ​Yet even if the US may be drifting away, “neither Russia nor China are willing to take up a leadership role,” he says. At the same time, Syria “cannot be allowed to fall prey to outside interventions. The earthquake at least accelerated these rapprochements.”
    ​ ​Bouthaina Shaaban, a special advisor to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, is a remarkable woman, fiery and candid. Her presence at Valdai was nothing short of electric. She stressed how “since the US war in Vietnam, we lost what we witnessed as free media. The free press has died.” At the same time “the colonial west changed its methods,” subcontracting wars and relying on local fifth columnists.
    ​ ​Shaaban volunteered the best short definition anywhere of the “rules-based international order”: “Nobody knows what these rules are, and what this order is.”
    ​ ​She re-emphasized that in this post-globalization period that is ushering in regional blocs, the usual western meddlers prefer to use non-state actors – as in Syria and Iran – “mandating locals to do what the US would like to do.”
    ​ ​A crucial example is the US al-Tanf military base that occupies sovereign Syrian territory on two critical borders. Shaaban calls the establishment of this base as “strategic, for the US to prevent regional cooperation, at the Iraq, Jordan, and Syria crossroads.” Washington knows full well what it is doing: unhampered trade and transportation at the Syria-Iraq border is a major lifeline for the Syrian economy.


    DBS said

    You didn’t promise to ABANDON the welfare of rights of decent law abiding true-hearted Jewish children of the one and only God. You promised to be more careful and refrain from stupidly ranting in ways that might hurt them , when instead you should be judiciously reporting truths that help those particular people and everyone else as well..

    My rants are injuring Jewish children? Wow, I never knew there were Jewish children reading TAE.

    All groups have their elite classes and it is mainly the elite classes that run the groups. Take the British and their empire, was the East India Company a reflection of all British prople, including British children, or was it just the greedy British elites grabbing what they could steal. The result was an empire, a British empire, but did the British children have anything to do with that empire or do they just get dragged into the fray because they are British – and now labelled white supremecists. As for the Jews, they have their elites and those people form the basis of what people in the world will think of the Jews. The theft of Palestine was done by elite Jews, regardless of whether they are practicing or not is irrelevant, in the same way as the people in the East India company were Christians, regardless of whether they were practising or not. The Jews in Israel are heavily supported by the elite Jews in America and vice versa. I don’t care which ones are practicing, which ones are “real” Jews, that is for them to sort out – none of my business – but they all identify as a part of that group and their land, Israel, also identifies them as Jews. Your argument about whether they are real of not is like an argument about whether Church of England are real Christians because they are not Catholics. I don’t care, they are all Christians to me because the people who decide who are Christians – the elite Chiristians – say that is so. The elite Jews say all these people are Jews, so they all gain the protection of the anti-semitism laws and they all get the right to live in Israel. Sure, some Jews will get dragged into the classification of Jews although they do not agree with what their elites are doing. I am sure it was the same when the East India Company was pillaging, but it makes no difference to the victims, they are all victims of the British and today we are all victims of the Jews. I really don’t care how you try to pretend that these people are fake Jews, although language is constantly changing, the word Jew today includes the people who are identified as Jews by Israel. If you think the real Jews are victims then they can break away from the Israel Jews and let everybody know that they are different and reject Zionism and support the Palestinian right to live in Palestine, you know, all those political viewpoints that do not exist in any of the Jews in congress.

    The judicious truth is that these “real” Jews that you talk of do not stand up for themselves, they do not sponsor politicians to support their views, so why should I stand up for them? To me the distinction between real and fake Jews is a straw man argument, plain bullshit, mostly because actions are what counts and these two groups are not fighting each other outside their comfortable Jew enclaves. Talk is one thing, but unless it is backed by action, it is not really what people believe.


    Dr D said

    But SAYING it didn’t make Bush a Christian. Or Rumsfeld. JOINING didn’t make those Churches Christian, or the attack an actual holy war. They’re not Christians, the war was never religious, and it was all for money and power.

    But their culture is Christian, their moral framework is Christian. I have lived in Muslim countries and you really need to educate yourself on the different ways different religious people think and behave before you assume that the Christian culture of the west somehow not real just because a person is not a practicing Christian. In an earlier post you stated that Dr John Day is not Bush even though they are both associated with Texas: no, they are not the same, but Dr JD respects the military service of Tulsi Gabbard which helped Bush to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people who were no threat to the USA. Dr JD has the same “military is good service” thinking that Bush does, he thinks it was good for Gabbard to serve to defend his country, even though there was no “defend” involved, it was all rape, pillage and murder.

    The same with the Jews, they have their culture, they have their values, their own way of behaving towards each other and the outside world and you saying that because they are not practicing that they somehow lose all that culture drilled into them from birth, is pure nonsense.

    I gather from your posts that you are a practicing religious person. It appears to me that you have a chip on your shoulder about people identifying as your religion because they are not practicing the way you think they should practice in order to qualify as being of your religion. Sorry, but the world dosn’t work that way, religions such as Christianity allow people to choose how to practice their religion, religions such as Islam do not provide that flexibility. Just because you don’t approve does not make them any less a devout follower than you.


    D Benton Smith said

    My ego is bruised by the apparent fact that AFKTT considers Aspnaz to be more dangerous than me. Ah , well. He’s been wrong before, rather frequently as a matter of fact Maybe he’s using chat GPT or something.

    Just a bruise, it will heal. I would like to say that on the other hand, my ego is looking very svelt and taned, but I cannot as my gut tells me that AFKTT is up to no good supporting the CO2 business paradigm, the basically false core of the corporate green movement, while claiming to not support the oligarchs.


    @Dr John Day: I apologise if I appear to be having a go at you re. Tulsi Gabbard. I am using you as an example of how people have viewpoints that are maybe contradictory to their values or not what they would necessarily choose to support, the viewpoint being the result of their cultural heritage.

    A more extreme example would be me saying that I understand why non-elite Jewish people in Israel would steal the homes of Palestinians. Why would a normal good person steal someone else’s home. The main reason is that the elites of that group support such actions and couch the justification to the common people in terms that make the people think they are not being bad by stealing someone else’s house. They are as brainwashed as the people who support the vaccines or woke and although they may have nagging doubts, they soon override those because it is easy and society supports them.

    D Benton Smith


    I think a careful reread of my comments regarding Jews would show that I’m on your side of the argument. I am not prejudiced against any particular race or religion. I’m prejudiced against certain types of behavior REGARDLESS of race or religion, and therefore object to bad-actors hiding behind an ethnic or religious “Get Out of Jail Free Card” at the expense of the good people of that race, ethnicity or religious faith. I think that bad-actors who do that are fair game to call out and criticize, not just for their other crimes, but for the sneaky and harmful way that they attempt to evade justice.

    With that one minor adjustment I basically agree with the entirety of what you wrote in comment #130650.


    DBS said

    bad-actors hiding behind an ethnic or religious “Get Out of Jail Free Card”

    Jews have “anti-semitism” laws (worst racism crime), brown and black have “racism” laws (second worst racism crime), white have no racism protection (free for all). You object to people, as you say, hiding behind anti-semitism laws but you refuse to call them out on it because it may hurt Jewish children? Instead you will permit these people to promote child sex changes, promote naked men in children’s changing rooms etc? Whatever.

    How do you propose that the people of the USA should get rid of the people, as you say, hiding as Jews? Obviously not mentioning it and pretending they are not real Jews is the first step in your approach, but then what?

    Figmund Sreud

    Crooke’s weekly, … biggish snip:

    Just as with lockdown, governments have used behavioural psychology to instil fear and isolation to mass large groups of people into herds, where toxic sneering at any contrariness cold-shoulders all critical thinking or analysis. It is more comfortable being inside the herd, than out.

    The dominant characteristic here is remaining loyal to the group – even when the policy is working badly and its consequences disturb the conscience of members. Loyalty to the group becomes the highest form of morality. That loyalty requires each member to avoid raising controversial issues, questioning weak arguments, or calling a halt to wishful thinking.

    The ‘Groupthink’ allows some self-imagined reality to detach; to drift further and further from any connection to reality, and then to transit into delusion – always drawing on like-minded peer cheerleaders for its validation and extended radicalisation.

    So, it’s ‘goodbye’ to traditional Intelligence! And ‘welcome’ to western Intelligence 101: Geo-Politics no longer revolves around a grasp on Reality. It is about the installation of ideological pseudo-realism – which is the universal installation of a singular groupthink, such that everyone lives passively by it, until it is far too late to change course.

    How Could Western Intelligence Have Got It Wrong, Again? They Didn’t. They Had Other Purposes



    A friend from Ohio sent me this picture from the comic section of his local paper


    mpsk said:

    ‘Let’s pretend the luciferians sent their Joshuas and Calebs* here long ago and some humans joined up with them. These have amassed mind-boggling wealth and hidden power, and think they will be rewarded by their lord Lucifer (after all, look how generous he has been so far!) They gleefully create misery on earth.

    Does it matter if Lucifer actually exists? Does it matter if there really aren’t any alien/demons who think they rule the universe? All that matters is that there are humans who do believe it- and have for many, many centuries.
    And right now, they are “harvesting”.

    *Early charlatans- manipulators of the nascent Theory of Mind.

    That is similar to the argument put forward by Derrick Jensen 15-20 years ago.

    Paraphrasing: suppose a species of aliens arrived on Earth and started chopping down trees and polluting the air and water; would you fight back?

    Suppose these aliens carried on, exterminating species after species; would you fight back?

    Suppose these aliens created numerous dead zones. Would you fight back?

    How far would you let these aliens go in their destruction of the Earth before you fought back?

    Of course, in the real world the ‘aliens’ have convinced a huge portion of the population that chopping down most of the trees, generating massive of pollution, creating mono-culture plantations, overheating the Earth via excessive fossil fuel use and putting the entire biosphere into terminal decline is a good thing that should be celebrated continuously.

    D Benton Smith


    It seems that language can be as much hinderance as it is helpful, at times, especially when feelings have been stirred up for one reason or another. I think a language glitch has occurred. But first of all, and hopefully to smooth the waters a bit , I was not intending to criticize you (which would be to accuse you of some perceived fault) I was commenting on the subject you had raised.(which was intended to expand or explore ideas.)

    Secondly, my reference to (and I quote myself), “. . . decent law abiding true-hearted Jewish children of the one and only God. . . .” , was not an allusion to persons who are physically below the age of majority, such as kids. My reference (which was admittedly too literary) was to persons who . . . as human beings . . . are thus offspring of “the one and only God” of the Universe. I meant ALL persons, of whatever age, who also happen to be Jewish by the fact that they were descended from Jewish lineage.
    As for such persons being, “. . . decent law abiding [and] true hearted . . .” I simply meant that people who are not habitual baddies ARE, for the most part, rather decent law abiding and true hearted, and therefore fully deserving of the rights, privileges and respect that is automatically due to all people of good will.

    Basically, all I’m trying to say with all this delicately diplomatic verbiage, is that it behooves us all to be mindful of people’s legitimate personal security concerns when we start mucking about in all of this tribal stuff. People tend to be touchy on such subjects, and for damned good reasons. I do think that we DO need to talk about such matters, but to ensure that we CAN talk about them requires more care and less self-indulgence about how we express our opinions. Otherwise people tend to get upset, and that puts an end to conversation and a start to conflict.

    As regards my reference to fake Jews, I was not talking about people who are mere hypocrites or insincere posers. I meant actual and literal FAKES, meaning people who claim to be Jewish while being fully and deceitfully aware that they are something entirely and malevolently opposite. And by the way, the other religions have these jokers in the deck, too, as any moderately deep dive into the subject quickly reveals.



    Lol. Right now, I am praying to the CO2 gods to raise daytime high temperatures 1 degree higher, so the sap in my maple tree will start flowing again! Right now daytime high temperatures are sitting at zero or minus 1 so the sap isn’t flowing.


    @oxymoron #130613

    and some do murder – of innocent civilians in the 21st century, – whether they be my sister, or the family of my Syrian friends living as refugees in Germany. They also murder Jews in Israel. Go figure. I can’t.



    Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

    High CO2 = melting of ice.

    Melting of ice = ruined thermal gradient.

    Ruined thermal gradient = uncontained Jet Streams

    Uncontained Jet Streams = ‘Polar Vortexes’ -huge masses of frigid air moving into places it ‘really should not be’

    And then shortly after, a mass of tropical air.

    We’ve had ‘climate whiplash’ here, with temperatures swinging wildly between 32oC and 12oC over a matter of a few days.

    “What’s a poor boy gonna do?”

    Alexander Carpenter

    AFKTT: The inability (unwillingness) of people to distinguish between real world events and the fake narratives of The Empire of Lies and their insistence on lumping them into one basket is dismal, isn’t it?

    And here we have a self-indictment. Dismal, indeed. AFKTT is failing to distinguish between the pseudo-science of the fake “Climate Change” narrative (aka “Global Warming”), the pseudo-science of the fake Covid and “vaccine” narratives, the fake puppet-show political narratives, and the fake economic narratives. Why? It’s not clear, except that a sensible person might suspect that he has some neurotic need to believe in at least something. A fear-addiction, perhaps?
    They are all fake narratives, and those pretending to be based on “science” are the most fake of all, and the most thoroughly debunked (by actual science). Maybe AFKTT is simply unable to comprehend how science works — and that suggests he is also unable to comprehend how the so-called “real world” works. Back to kindergarten, fella…


    @DBS When people tell me that what they wrote is not what they really meant, then I switch off and watch the cowardice.

    D Benton Smith


    And when I see that someone prefers to be mistaken than consider explanation, and would rather remain offended than accept sincere apology I simply take note of the facts and move on.


    D Benton Smith … Okay, you are correct in that I misread your statement. Thanks for clarifying.
    I certainly agree that most people of my ethnic group are completely WRONG-HEADED apologists for Israel, and thereby help perpetuate its racist and heinous crimes against humanity. They hide behind accusations of “anti-Semitism” whenever confronted with the reality of Israel’s criminality.
    However, slinging the word “Jew” around as an insult (as in “Fauci the Jew”, which our esteemed colleague wrote a few days ago) doesn’t help any argument except the for one that the Empire of Lies, Israel, and the world-wide oligarchy wish to make.
    I read this blog for the information that Ilargi brings to light, and I find it incredibly valuable.

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