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    Rembrandt van RIjn A Woman Standing with a Candle c.1631   • ‘No One Can Win this War’ – Viktor Orbán (HT) • Orban: “In A War Taking Place In Eur
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    Thanks for the Helmer piece Raul, it is very good.

    Also I think if I was Jewish I would be annoyed at some of the comments here especially as I am descended from Anglo-Viking shit-fucks largely responsible for the huge mess of colonialism and modern warfare yet for some reason seem to be spared the insults. I guess when one is in a smaller group it becomes easy to seperate and make a ‘thing’ out of it but we are all humans.
    Some do bad shit
    Some do good shit
    Some do dumb shit
    Some do clever shit

    All do shit though

    Dr. D

    “• Fauci Prompted Scientific Paper In Feb. 2020 To Disprove Lab Leak Theory (NYP)

    He got all the Science™ he paid for. Somehow – I can’t imagine how this happened – the Science didn’t kill itself for money in honor and protest, but accidentally happened to find the results that were purchased. Can anyone explain this to me, I’ve never seen it before where when you buy things, the buyee gives you the things you bought?

    “Russia’s Oil Revenues Plunged by 48% In February”

    Interesting if true. That’s still a problem even if they’re flush for now.

    “If all true to his words, I don’t believe Putin ( or Medvedev, too! ) will stop with Ukraine!”

    Wouldn’t surprise me. But it was all unnecessary. Putin wasn’t doing anything. Then Europe hollowed out THEMSELVES and made THEMSELVES incapable of defense. Even as Trump says like “Looks like you spend about ZERO GDP on NATO/arms.” Hahahahaha! That sure was funny of him! Boy is he stupid! Don’t you know you don’t need factories, armies, bullets to fight a war? “We’re an empire now, and we create our own reality…”

    Fast forward, NATO tried an active, literal Nazi genocide and ethnic cleansing. The line then would have been “Yeah we hate you Russians anyway, go ahead and take your stinky Donbas back to Russia, it’ll save us the bullets.” But no. Now that the war was 6 months, it cost a lot of money! At that point, Russia was like, let’s hold referendums and you lose two more Oblasts for our trouble. Gone. Now NATO/Nazi has cost Russia yet ANOTHER six months PLUS Nordstream, so they’re going to take Odessa and some others for sure, now that Biden has completely depopulated (i.e. ‘murdered’) everyone on top of BlackRock’s prime farmland. Because the real Nazis aren’t in Ukraine, they’re headquartered someplace much further West.

    Get the picture? But my point was what is EUROPE doing during this time? A: Nothing. The biggest sit-n-spin in the history of the world. So IN A WAR, that they say they’re fighting, Europe has actually done LESS, hollowed out MORE, and destroyed their nations more thoroughly, WHILE destroying all citizen morale not only to fight an offensive war, pulling back from helping a nation they have nothing to do with, but even to defend unwilling to defend those nation’s governments at all.

    So before this, Russia would have been like, “We have neither need, nor logistics (all army moves on Russia-gauge rail), nor manpower to take over ANY part of Europe. Even Poland.” Now all of Europe is a hollow shell collapsing on its own, Russia may actually look to Paris and Berlin and say, “Jeez, it would be as easy as knocking over a liquor store to take all of Europe and end our trouble for good.” Half of NATO is dead already.

    Don’t do it. But you can see the point. Why WOULDN’T you do it? It’s like a fish with one flipper flailing around the drain bleeding everywhere. Heck, a third of the people in those nations involved would ASK you to come in and clean it out for them.

    Just post without comment. Tangling with what to do when retail theft – shoplifting – rises. Now backed by organized shoplift kingpins. Uh, yeah, that’s a problem.

    Meanwhile in California…

    “”We only stay stocked up for maybe three or four days, and the grocery store is just down the street, so we’re like it’s not a big deal, but then when the grocery store collapsed and all these trees are snapping…”

    You have three day’s food? Sir? That is not stocking, that’s owning no food whatsoever, ordering a pizza, and having some leftovers on the counter. You could double your three days for like $12. I’ll mail it to you if you need it that badly.

    “Oh well, I live on the top of a mountain at 2000ft, on a narrow winding road lined by 80 foot trees, I think I’ll keep one pack of ramen and six eggs.”

    Riggs in a telephone interview, adding that the county’s response has been “horrible” and that “people are really angry.”

    Angry the county didn’t drive up their house and put food in their mouths? I mean, does the county USUALLY do that? On Tuesdays in March? So why would they expect it when they can’t move without a snowmobile?

    “”I’m getting more upset by the day,” said Devine Horvath of Crestline, who said it took she and her son 30 minutes to walk down the street to check on a neighbor”

    You had to exercise and be out of the house THIRTY whole minutes? Without TV or nothin’? Well I say sir! What did you do with the other 23 ½ hours?

    Diagnosis: You’re on your own. And apparently you’re all going to die.

    “”We are going house to house, and we’re literally using shovels to shovel out driveways”

    …You don’t say!!!… Quick, alert Minneapolis! They may want to hear about this “Shovel” stuff.

    “Why? Were I to criticise Christians in the same way would that be okay?”

    Yes, it would. Here’s why: you’re regularly saying EVERY Jew. If I said EVERY American, all 330 Million of us approve of the Iraq or Ukraine war, would that be true? Does EVERY American profit from it, or are more than half of us liquidated by it? They regularly say EVERY Christian is responsible for the Spanish Inquisition or the witch trials. This is equally idiotic. The Spanish Inquisition was SPANISH. And Catholic. And almost no one out of all the population of Europe was involved. 1,000 men out of 60 million? AND that was centuries ago. AND they execute witches worldwide, it’s not a Europe thing. (Try South America). Yet I, here today, having never met any of the people, having never lived in any of the countries, having never done any of the actions, am somehow responsible for the actions of other men? Why? Because “I said words”? People are responsible for what THEY do, not the actions of others YOU broadly classified them into, using your own majesty and largess.

    This is above how the actions are actually largely false and just made up by history for an interesting and profitable story. Newsflash: Not all Italians are the Mafia. The Mafia and Italians are two very different groups, and you’ll get in a lot of trouble confusing them.

    Second part, from a recent comment: That means they’re not Christians. This heads toward the “One True Scotsman” fallacy, but it’s true. If you have no attributes of a duck, you’re not a duck, just as if you have no attributes of a Christian, you’re not a Christian.

    And it’s the same with the Jews. This particular subset HAS NO ATTRIBUTES of the Jews. They are not Semitic, from the Middle East. They do not follow the Torah. They do no Mitzvahs. They constantly and provably use, kill, maim, and destroy the actual Jews, Soros being a prime example, joyfully sending them to concentration camps, but we have the same in Hitler’s administration as well as Ze’s, in Israel with every day security but also with mass vaccinations, and in America. THEY ARE NOT JEWS. Get it through your head. Or I’ll put on a dress and claim I’m a woman, since all it takes to be a woman – or a Jew – is merely to say so. These “Jews” said it – who you say are known liars, murderers, and fiends, now Aspnaz believed them! Immediately, without question! Well if a JEW said it, I take orders from them, Aspnaz said.

    No. Although this is a broad brush for this subset, they are essentially “Kabbalahists”, what we would call “Satanists.” Their ethos is Prometheus got a raw deal teaching men fire and war, shouldn’t have been cast out of heaven, and the strong should do as they please. They are the SAME religion as the Saudis (“Islamic”), the Bushes (“Christian’”), and the Chinese (“Confucian”), and many others, if you hadn’t noticed. Maybe you should take the time to list all the NON-Jews in administration and wonder what they’re doing there, executing the same policies while getting on record with spirit cooking and Epstein Island. What are Pelosi and Biden doing? Who is their god?

    The only thing you can be sure of is they’re Not Jews. Unless you believe all known pathological liars.

    They are HIDING behind the Jews. They do that by killing, sacrificing the Jews like a volcano sacrifice. Even Bush, Blair, you don’t blame them as they’re “controlled” or something. Meanwhile, chasing the innocent, you’ve let the real bad guys get away merely by saying the one magic “jew” word. Poof! Soros escapes, my Dentist is killed. Thanks Aspnaz. He had almost finished paying off his 2010 Acura with all that lavish Davos money, the same kind of money Putin sends me for being a Russian bot. Where do you get his stuff? Use your head. Dr. Day isn’t = “George Bush” because he’s Texan. They are maybe different people? Or in this case, George Bush isn’t Texan at all. They’re from Connecticut. Same with these guys. Not. Jews. George Bush is also Not. Christian.

    Narrow your definition and leave my dentist alone.


    @Dr D. Maybe you should inform the Jerusalem Post that their list of Jews in Biden’s admin actually consists of pretend Jews. Whether semitic of non semitic, the west’s anti-semitism laws apply to the Jews catagorized as such by Israel, I wonder how your argument “But I insulted a pretend Jew” would stand up in court. Anyway, I told RIM I would not pursue this topic.


    Posted for those who enjoy Fabio:

    Endless emergency? The Lockdown Model for a System on Life Support


    Lots about Orban & Hungarian perspective today.

    While I appreciate his resistance to the parasitic Empire & their demands on European poodles and his willingness to talk to president Putin, I still am perplexed about his “ adding that he understood what Putin said, but cannot accept what he did. “ statement.

    Is this just fig leaf diplomacy?

    Again, what would Orban have done inPutin’s shoes ? Negotiate ? Bwahaahahaahahh , yup that’s a tried and true winner solution when dealing with the Empire.


    Blowing a kiss to all the Woketard hypocrites out there…




    When energy per capita falls, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the complexity that has been put in place. It becomes too expensive to properly maintain roads, electrical services become increasingly intermittent, and trade is reduced. Long waits for replacement parts become common. These little problems build on one another to become bigger problems. Eventually, major parts of the world’s economy start failing completely.

    When people forecast ever-rising energy prices, they miss the fact that market fossil fuel prices consider both oil producers and consumers. From the producer’s point of view, the price for oil needs to be high enough that new oil fields can be profitably developed. From the consumer’s point of view, the price of oil needs to be sufficiently low that food and other goods manufactured using oil products are affordable. In practice, oil prices tend to rise and fall, and rise again. On average, they don’t satisfy either the oil producers or the consumers. This dynamic tends to push the economy downward.

    There are many other changes, as well, as fossil fuel energy per capita falls. Without enough energy products to go around, conflict tends to rise. Economic growth slows and turns to economic contraction, creating huge strains for the financial system. In this post, I will try to explain a few of the issues involved.

    When the Economy Gets Squeezed by Too Little Energy


    I’ll give Orban the benefit of the doubt on the “he understood what Putin said, but cannot accept what he did” comment because I genuinely think that Putin understands Orban is between a rock and a very hard place and would do the same if He was in Orban’s place.

    They are playing for time.

    Orban pulling Hungry out of the Eurotardistan® would be like kneeing the Collective West in the groin.

    Save the best for later.

    When Russia finally dictates the terms for peace, rolling back the NATO line to 1991 conditions will kill NATOtardistan® and the E-union Clusterfuck.

    Hungry has positioned itself, due to Orban, in a good light with Russia and if the ethnic Hungerian part of Ukronaziland is returned to them, they will have a land bridge to Russian energy and resources and trade, more than the other Phuckwad® ‘countries’ to the West of it.

    Here’s a Whiff of collapse in Eurotardistan

    The Lebanese can’t get their money out of the ATMs so they are burning the banks to the ground.

    Pretty spiffy

    A glimpse into the near future.


    Identify your enemy and friend.

    How many ways can a request for a cease fire and peace be made?

    (The US is forcing European countries to fund the Kiev regime at the expense of their own citizens’ well-being.
    Become free of American influence and stop doing Washington’s bidding.)
    Zelensky’s path for power and wealth is not democratic.
    • The State Of Ukrainian Democracy Is Not Strong (Jacobin)
    • The Valdai Meeting: Where West Asia Meets Multipolarity (Escobar)
    Washington fears Multipolarity, which is that emerging powers/countries, will be sharing the ruling of the world.
    Washington wants globalization, which means they will not share the power of ruling the world.
    • US Army Resumes Theft Of Syrian Oil Weeks After Deadly Quake (Cradle)
    • People Behind Biden Announce Creation of Formal National Surveillance State (CTH)

    This policy is both a surveillance system and an information filtration prism where the government will decide what is information, disinformation, misinformation and malinformation, then act upon it


    Just putting this here. As I have mentioned before, I read Marginal Revolution regularly to see what the “other side” is saying. It’s just so crazy how there’s still two sides to this covid mess, and even though I upended my entire life to avoid getting the vaxx, well, I still don;t 100% know what to believe. It’s true, I am going on gut instinct…well that and the fact that I always thought the flu vaxx was bullshit, and after 50 years hearing that we cannot make a vaxx for the common cold, somehow we magically created one for this novel strain. Oh, and people way smarted than me who know about this stuff thought it was crazy too, and then they weren’t allowed to speak.

    Anyway, are all these cardiac events really from covid infection?

    On another note, many of my triple vaxxed friends and acquaintances are sick again.




    Have a listen to Abi Roberts.
    Her daily commentary is hilarious, very British, brytal honest and not for the kids.
    Enjoy to the end.

    She knows what’s unfolded and that TVASF

    Today’s commentary is a corker.

    D Benton Smith


    How is it in any way injurious to honest to God Jews for you to abstain from identifying and holding to account FAKE Jews who hide among the truly faithful and bring undeserved retribution down upon their innocent heads?

    You didn’t promise to ABANDON the welfare of rights of decent law abiding true-hearted Jewish children of the one and only God. You promised to be more careful and refrain from stupidly ranting in ways that might hurt them , when instead you should be judiciously reporting truths that help those particular people and everyone else as well..

    D Benton Smith

    It’s hard not to wander off into the weeds when they tower over your head.

    For example, when someone uses the term “Continuity of Government” in an otherwise unremarkable sentence (almost regardless, at this point, of what the remainder of that sentence might happen to be) it is easier than easy to just carry on with the conversation as though both parties to the confab are on the same page in regard to what is MEANT by “Continuity of Government”.

    Oh, no no no no no. Don’t DO that!

    Before discussing the ways and means of assuring continuity of government one should first reach a firm understanding of what each and every one of those simple little words actually MEANS in that ostensibly innocuous little phrase.

    Does it lean towards meaning the continued operation of governmental business as usual, with all of the laws still firmly in place and steadfastly upheld? (such as the Constitution and Bill of Rights, for examples). Or does it mean ensuring that the grip on the reins of power continue to be firmly in the hands of the individuals who hold them now (and would prefer to hold them even more firmly, and for a much much longer period of time).

    Does it mean continuity of the LAWS and Forms which provide the freedoms and protections guaranteed to citizens under the Constitution?

    Or does it mean throwing all of those things under the bus if the “government” thinks that that is what it will take to guarantee the “continuation” of themselves as the controllers of “government”?

    Most good guys (nearly all of them) will think (without warrant) that “Continuity of Government” means sensible procedural agreements for the emergency protection of the democratically free society (that we almost had there for a while) from the depredations of those mean old Ruskies and Chinks in the event that they attack us with a war or something.

    And the Bad Guys will think, “Great! That’s what we hoped and PLANNED for you morons to think. Not only do we get to ‘continue’ robbing you to death, but it’s actually LEGAL because we told you in writing what we were going to do and no one objected! NOW all we’ve got to do to ensure that we get ALL of the power and KEEP it forever, is to drum up so much fear of war with Russia or China (or disagreeable domestic terrorist truth questioners) that no one will be able to object when we actually DO all that stuff written into our Continuity of Government policy. Stuff like full enforceable internet censorship, suspension of Habeas Corpus, mandatory routine injections, and vaccine passports linked to Central Bank Digital Currency, etcetera. The Cool thing is that we don’t even need a real war or even the ability to win one! All we need is enough FEAR of war that people will hand literally EVERYTHING over to us for “Continuity”.

    If you are any kind of student of history at all then you know that there is no way this ends without internecine bloodshed, because if no one stops them then they WILL control, enslave and eliminate anyone who disagrees with them by word, deed, or even thought., They government ownership class will not stop of their own accord because that is no part whatsoever in the “accord” that they are imagining. It simply isn’t what they want, and they have already told you quite clearly what it is that they want. They WANT to be the sole and only boss, of YOU, and it AIN’T gonna stop until they get it. They will not stop until they are THE boss, so there won’t be any stopping going on unless and until they are physically made to, because why the fuck should they stop when they don’t want to stop, and when no one else seems to care enough about any of it to really, actually, physically, STOP them? No one has even started to try to do that so far, nor will they, until they see that they HAVE TO. That day is coming on fast, and it’s going to be a doozie.

    See what I’m getting at here? What I’m saying, yet again, is that your only available choice is between Heaven on Earth or Hell on Earth, and the choosing is based entirely on what you are willing to die for.

    Dr. D

    Sure, just consider they said the same thing when Bush started his war: he’s a Christian, he believes in the end times, it’s a holy crusade on Islam retaking Jerusalem (and Baghdad) and all that. And not that a lot of churches claiming to be Christian didn’t jump on either!

    But SAYING it didn’t make Bush a Christian. Or Rumsfeld. JOINING didn’t make those Churches Christian, or the attack an actual holy war. They’re not Christians, the war was never religious, and it was all for money and power. They’re just punking the Christians, using them, hiding in them, cheating them into support, using them as a skin suit then throwing them to the wolves, discredited, as now, then laugh about it since they hate earnest people of every stripe. They’re a subset of liars, willing to say anything.

    Consider the same thing may be happening elsewhere.


    Okay. So we have a massive surveillance state, and yet massive shoplifting crimes are being committed by organized groups of people? The surveillance state must be turning a blind eye to the shoplifting. I mean…if the geolocation information on sale to whoever pays the fee can easily be purchased by the folks behind the 2000 mules documentary, then why isn’t it easily available to law enforcement in order to ascertain who is shoplifting or a part of these crime networks? Are we seriously to believe that the individual shoplifters are leaving their personal cellphones home when they go on shoplifting sprees? I highly doubt it. I am not suggesting some sort of giant conspiracy between retailers, law enforcement, and the surveillance state — it is more along the lines of retail disruption serving the goals of the surveillance state, and so they mess with the higher ups in law enforcement/legislatures, who then create rubrics that cannot effectively address the problem — law enforcement has its hands tied. Crime syndicates benefit and retailers and shoppers are left with the results.


    Something interesting down the pipeline…
    Birth rates are down, beginning with 2022. This is going to become obvious with the kindergarten class that begins in fall 2027 (in the northern hemisphere.). Classroom size is going to shrink. I am curious about what will transpire. The only potential way to mask it in the US would be with the babies of the millions of immigrants streaming across thevUS’s southern border (largely not vaccinated , and therefore not affected by the drop in birth rate.). Although, even that could not mask it fully, as then a very large proportion of the kindergartners would be “English as a Second Language” students.

    D Benton Smith

    Paranoid theoretical conspiratorialists aren’t nutty because they think intentional collaborations of conspiring people are out to get them. They’re nutty because they have stopped deeper investigations before getting down to the bottommost (and therefore irrefutable) layer of their theory.

    John Day

    @Dr D: Roger This:
    “Dr. Day isn’t = “George Bush” because he’s Texan. They are maybe different people?
    Or in this case, George Bush isn’t Texan at all. They’re from Connecticut.”


    Thanks for your posts Aspanz….


    Let’s pretend that there is an alien/demonic band of entities who believe they are the rulers of the universe. Let’s say they call themselves “Luciferians”.
    Let’s pretend that they have decided to harvest the earth of its resources- gold, for example, and human emotions, because luciferians get high off fear and humans can produce a lot of it.

    Let’s pretend the luciferians sent their Joshuas and Calebs* here long ago and some humans joined up with them. These have amassed mind-boggling wealth and hidden power, and think they will be rewarded by their lord Lucifer (after all, look how generous he has been so far!) They gleefully create misery on earth.

    Does it matter if Lucifer actually exists? Does it matter if there really aren’t any alien/demons who think they rule the universe? All that matters is that there are humans who do believe it- and have for many, many centuries.
    And right now, they are “harvesting”.

    *Early charlatans- manipulators of the nascent Theory of Mind.

    Wasn’t that fun?


    I am very clear in my mind about everything financial, economic, environmental, scientific, cultural and political. but I am still in two minds about aspnaz.

    On one side he writes utter drivel -such as oil being abiotic and generated by unknown processes- and makes utterly stupid assertions and engages in ad hominem attacks and generally offers nothing worth reading -so I usually skip over anything he writes -unless it is one of his personal attacks on me.

    On the other hand, he regularly reminds us how uninformed and nasty many humans are -and there is value in being reminded how uninformed and nasty many humans are.

    D Benton Smith

    My ego is bruised by the apparent fact that AFKTT considers Aspnaz to be more dangerous than me. Ah , well. He’s been wrong before, rather frequently as a matter of fact Maybe he’s using chat GPT or something.


    At 20.00 GMT, which I think is about 2 hours from now -though I get easily confused-, the BBC’s Panorama program “tackles” all the terrible things Elon Musk has done to Twitter.

    “..with trolls emboldened, harassment intensifying and a spike in accounts following misogynistic and abusive profiles..”

    Musk: “Sorry for turning Twitter from nurturing paradise into place that has… trolls.”

    John Day

    Do Mafias share interests and avoid wars between families? I saw that in movies.

    I am told that in the non-(European,which includes 5-eyes) world, that discussion of “Jewish” control of western governments is matter-of-fact, and not taken to threaten anybody.
    It is an accolade in some ways.

    Aspnaz navigates in such a world of expression and exhibits signs of frustration regarding self-censorship.
    Dr D points out the innacuricies and the unfaiirness to practicing religious Jews, who have historically been cannon-fodder in hard times for what might be called the “Khazarian Mafia”. The Khazarian empire covered much of what was later considered “the heartland” in McKinder’s “Great Game” model.. They did not write stuff down. Legend has it that the Khazarian emperor adopted Judaism as a facilitation of trade with both Moslem and Christian regimes.
    Wikipedia has something about it:
    The Khazars[a] (/ˈxɑːzɑːrz/) were a semi-nomadic Turkic people that in the late 6th-century CE established a major commercial empire covering the southeastern section of modern European Russia, southern Ukraine, Crimea, and Kazakhstan.[10] They created what for its duration was the most powerful polity to emerge from the break-up of the Western Turkic Khaganate.[11] Astride a major artery of commerce between Eastern Europe and Southwestern Asia, Khazaria became one of the foremost trading empires of the early medieval world, commanding the western marches of the Silk Road and playing a key commercial role as a crossroad between China, the Middle East and Kievan Rus’.

    Later, the Roman Pope (not Byzantine) said that “Jews”, being a separate nation, could practice “usury”.
    This was economically useful, and also provided a target to scapegoat in financial collapse, but who?

    “The name is not the thing”, I am fond of pointing out.

    I’d put quotation marks around “Khazarian Mafia”, to indicate one’s intent to talk about something without accusing John Day of being a George W. Bush equivalent. (Molly Ivins, a confirmed Texan, wrote: Shrub : The Short but Happy Political Life of George W. Bush). “Shrub” Vogued some generic West-Texan like a bad actor, or a carny…


    The shell game is so useful when one’s pulling off a con-
    My money’s here; my money’s there- my money isn’t anywhere!
    The shell game is so useful when on’s pulling off a con.
    I didn’t peek! I didn’t spy! I swear it was the other guy!


    I have to smile when I see this in any article; “private equity firm”, in reality they are corporate raiders. They scoop up companies with low returns but good assets and then leverage those assets to the max. When they can no longer meet the payment schedule they cry foul and liquidate. I learned the process back when it was done to Sears, so last century rite? I watched it with P3 projects (private public partnerships) as well. I just waiting on out local electric utility to follow suit. It was sold by the provincial government in the early 2000’s to an energy conglomerate. They immediately went about doing an inventory on every little piece of equipment that it was now in possession of down to even the ground wires on individual poles. Leverage it all and get the payments from the customers at the expense of regular maintenance.

    Food supplies to Australia’s biggest supermarkets can no longer be guaranteed after the shock collapse of one of the county’s biggest trucking firms.

    News broke late last month that Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics – one of Australia’s biggest trucking firms, which services major super­markets, including Coles, IGA and Aldi – had been plunged into receivership.

    Scott’s was reportedly bought by private equity firm Anchorage Capital Partners in June 2020 for about $75 million.

    KordaMentha was appointed as receivers and was initially optimistic it would find a “new long-term owner”.

    However, after being unable to find a buyer – reportedly due to fears over the company’s debt levels – staff were told they were being made redundant and the firm would enter liquidation, with 1500 jobs lost and the firm’s 500 trucks and more than 1000 trailers set to be sold.

    KordaMentha partner Scott Langdon told the receivers had “no confidence” of a smooth wind down, and that groceries supplies could not be guaranteed.

    John Day

    Really can’t be sure whether it is coming or going…
    Watch: Vast Expanse Of US Military Hardware Positioned At Polish Port


    On the matter of ‘climate change’ (planetary meltdown), I knew Al Gore was a professional liar before he even commenced his project of enriching himself and his buddies via fake and counter-productive ‘climate solutions’.

    At the time of the 2000 election, he just rolled over without a fight when it was blatantly obvious that there was vote rigging in Florida and elsewhere.

    Anyone interested in what scientists actually studying the meltdown of the Arctic and Antarctic regions have to say about the sea ice extent can find a useful report here:

    The current status is summarised by: ‘Throughout February, Arctic sea ice extent tracked between second and fourth lowest in the satellite record while Antarctic sea ice extent tracked at record low extents’.

    Since the kind of meltdown we are witnessing normally occurs over then of thousands of years -as opposed to a few decades- we can justifiably describe it as a emergency.

    On the other hand, whilst the mangers of Airstrip Five declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ three years ago, everything they did both prior to the declaration and since the declaration has made matters worse faster.

    That is exactly what we would expect from a gang of professional liars -professional not in the quality of their lies but simply ‘professional’ insofar as that is their occupation and because they are paid enormous sums by the real controllers to lie to the populace on a continuous basis about everything.

    That is where it gets really interesting because it is becoming increasingly difficult for these professional lairs to lie convincingly when all their [fake] narratives are unravelling fast.

    Housing bubble kaput and in freefall in major cities.

    Shockingly bad trade figures and other financial figures.

    A surge in ‘sudden deaths’ -clearly due to the fake and toxic vaccines.

    Collapsed infrastructure because it was built in the wrong place on the basis of poor design. And no capacity to fix any of the worst catastrophes – just a lot of headless chickens (and one Chipmunk) running round in circles trying placate angry people trying to avoid responsibility whilst ‘promising’ responses they are incapable of delivering on and have no intention of delivering on.

    Collapse of the fake ‘freedom and democracy’ and ‘Ukraine will win the war if we all help’ narrative.

    Collapse of the fake Carbon Trading Ponzi scheme.

    Under way but not yet fully apparent: collapse of the economy and collapse of the political system that got us into this multi-faceted predicament.


    Since the kind of meltdown we are witnessing normally occurs over tens of thousands of years -as opposed to a few decades- we can justifiably describe it as an emergency.


    Humanity faces a bottleneck of crises which threaten the collapse of industrial civilisation. Of these, most people are only aware of climate change, which most believe can be solved via electrification and a range of simple changes to our lifestyles. But climate change is just one of myriad crises, including: antibiotic resistance, biodiversity loss, chemical pollution, cyber-attacks/AI, energy shortages, famine, financial crises, governance failure, infrastructure failure, microplastic contamination, migration waves, natural disasters, nutrient run-off, ocean acidification, resource depletion, soil depletion, war, water shortages, weapons of mass destruction, to name but a few.

    Any one of these crises threatens to undermine our complex industrial civilisation. But taken together, they constitute an existential threat to humanity as a whole. And yet, faced with this dire predicament, no “great leader” has come to the fore. Nor have “we the people” rallied to action. Instead, our self-identifying leaders seem impotent, while the population at large is passive. Why should this be?

    In one word – Technocracy. In The Death Cult: Technocratic failure at the end of the industrial age, Tim Watkins explains the origins of our ruling technocracy, and how it became a “class for itself” – no longer interested in the little people whose lives it desires to take ever more control over, and is, indeed, even hostile to planet Earth.

    A Reading from The Death Cult

    John Day

    The daily news announced that “hundreds of high-ranking military officers sacked in Hungary”. From the article:

    Multiple Hungarian media outlets reported that Hungary’s defense minister sacked hundreds of high-ranking military officers. The people concerned have two months to leave and will get 70 percent of their current salaries as a pension-like allowance even if they continue to work. The minister says the move served the rejuvenation and modernisation of the army. The opposition believes the government fired pro-NATO officers.


    DBS. Yes, I freely admit I am wrong about 3% of the time. I said so to a friend just yesterday evening. 🙂

    97% on the ball is good enough for me.

    That beats the local council, who are on the ball about 3% of the time.

    But that 3% success rate is understandable because the local council is full of fuckwits and liars and is told to generate utter garbage and implement counterproductive actions as a matter of policy by the head saboteurs in Wellington.

    Garbage is still collected once a week by a contractor. The local council’s role is to decide the price of the rubbish bags and oranisae their sale.

    Even garbage is a business, to be run at a profit.

    Never mind the long-term effects. The bureaucrats are so demented they think it’s all going to continue the way is has many decades -we just need more electric cars and more windmills and more houses and more sewer lines and more electricity poles….

    Resouces are infinite.

    Energy appears out of nowhere whenever required.

    The effects of pollution are negligible and can be disregarded altogether.

    There is no such thing as population overshoot.

    Everyone lives forever in happy-land.


    AFKTT isn’t it amusing how more growth is going to fix everything. I watched and argued against it on the very basis that it has only brought larger deficits and shrinking improvements over the forty or so years it was promising the opposite. I gave up 15 years or so ago. I don’t bother with the political class any longer, not in my best mental interests. Logic is no match for volume. Oh well.


    Red. All very good stuff from you.

    Regarding the latest from Tim Wakins: it’s a bugger being 20 or 30 years ahead of the crowd and being 10 or 15 years ahead of the ‘activists’.

    “You’re too gloomy.”

    You’re just Chicken Little,”

    “That’ll never happen.”

    “It’s snowing, so how can the Earth be warming?”

    “Carbn dioxide is a nutrient.”

    ‘Carbon dioxide was much higher in the past.” (when sea level was 100 metres higher and there were no mammals)

    “It’s changes in the Sun cycle that determines the temperature of the Earth.”

    “it’s chemtrails that are causing the bad weather.” (true up to a point)

    “We just have to think positive.”

    “Scientists will find solutions.”

    I’ve heard it all over the past 25 years. Plus the government-sponsored lies churned out by the government and the government-owned and government-controlled corporate media

    I still struggle with that one. Corporations own the government; government owns the corporations.

    But I rarely hear: “Industrial civilisation is a toxic and unsustainable set of living arrangements which is terminal decline.”

    And if I tell people they truth, they hate me for it and argue that black is white, and that that night is day.

    Even as glaciers melt before their eyes and sea ice disappears, I am told on TAE that it’s not happening and there is no planetary meltdown because ‘climate change is a scam’.

    The inability (unwillingness) of people to distinguish between real world events and the fake narratives of The Empire of Lies and their insistence on lumping them into one basket is dismal, isn’t it?



    I friend wrote that her local elementary school was going to close state regs require two class of each 1-5 grade and her school only had about 20 kids in one class each grade.

    So the teacher’s union and school board figured out how to comply with state regs by dividing the 20 kids in one class into two classes with 10 tens each.

    It was sold as a big win because the kids would have more attention from the teacher, only 10 of them per class and thee school system hired 5 more teachers, pleasing the teacher’s union.

    Taxes however went up. ;>)

    Everyone gets a trophy


    Just Some Randomer

    @AFKKT – why do you keep obsessing about climate change? It’s an irrelevance. Like a guy driving head-on into a brick wall at 100mph fretting about his terminal cancer diagnosis.

    Why fixate on something that’s, frankly, not going to matter by the time it really starts to bite? It’s not healthy to obsess about things that (a) there is no possible mechanism to change and (b) are way down the priority list of things that will kill you.

    Yes – our current way of life is ‘Unsustainable’ to use the mot-du-jour but it sure as hell won’t be climate change that puts an end to it.

    I’d worry about, and plan as best you can for, the immediate issues that face us all. Not something that will only become relevant after what’s left of society is already foraging for food in the landfills left by industrial society.


    from AFKTT:
    I am very clear in my mind about everything financial, economic, environmental, scientific, cultural and political. but I am still in two minds about aspnaz.
    On one side he writes utter drivel -such as oil being abiotic and generated by unknown processes- and makes utterly stupid assertions and engages in ad hominem attacks and generally offers nothing worth reading -so I usually skip over anything he writes -unless it is one of his personal attacks on me.
    On the other hand, he regularly reminds us how uninformed and nasty many humans are -and there is value in being reminded how uninformed and nasty many humans are.

    Thanks, A Few Know the Truth, for this and true wise comment. Also, thanks Ilárgi, Oxymoron and others for your comments re what I wrote.

    When people use the word “Jew” as an insult, as in “Fauci the Jew” … when in fact Fauci is not a Jew and you are only using the word as an epithet … that is genuine racism. People who throw racist expressions like that around are not really helping the anti-Zionist cause. They are not helping the cause of Corbin and other anti-Zionists who are being UNFAIRLY tarnished with the “anti-Semite” smear. Au contraire, they are actually lending credence to the incorrect idea that those who oppose the Apartheid state of Israel are anti-Semites, which is not true.
    Just whose interests does that serve, aspnaz, D.Benton Smith, and peteypies? It serves the goals of the oligarchs who are ruling the world and want to smear all of us as racist anti-Semitic nut-cases.
    Doesn’t seem that difficult to understand.


    That Hungary sacked hundreds of pro-NATO army officers means they fired pro-war officers who were likely preparing a coup against Orban’s government, just like in Turkey. I wonder what color this color revolution was going to be?

    Remember a certain high level US bitch recently went to Hungry to ensure election integery? I have since then been wondering what Orban would do?

    Glad to see Orban’s positive response. I bet Orban has his army’s soldiers backing but not the officers. I think he still needs to do more to protect himself and Hungry’s people though.

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