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    Pablo Picasso The Rooster 1918   • Elon Musk Exposes the Democrats’ Secret Game Plan to Win Every Election (VN) • Democrats Prepare to Resume Dis
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    Dr. D

    “Victoria Nuland Leaving Post While Ukraine On The Ropes, US Policy In Shambles

    Definitely things going on behind the scenes. What are they?

    German Missiles. Okay, many days many takes. One: the Bridge is EXCLUSIVELY a civilian target. You can claim in a war, Russia proper is a target, okay. But Civilian infrastructure is off limits lest be accused of a war crime. Is this arguable? Maybe, BUT THE GERMAN GENERALS SAID IT. They SAID “hey, this isn’t really a useful target, won’t accomplish anything.” Um, sirs? WHY ARE YOU DOING IT???

    Germany: bombing Russia proper, civilians only, that will be a war crime, have no military effect whatsoever, and thereby choose FOR US, dragging in the United States, that we will have a NATO wide thermonuclear war.

    La de da!

    Okay, is that all? Oh no! We only hear the clips, which are stupid. However, the long form means this is not just loose mouthing off by some losers over a beer with no intent. They very SPECIFICALLY say what it will take, the ranges, the impact, the pylons, how many where, when, how, what Russia’s air defense will do. Like very specific, informed, extended professional military planning. That is to say, proving INTENT.

    Is that all? No. The Generals know this has no effect at all…. “But Putin”! That is as Alexander said, the Plan is this: Step 1) Kersh Birdge, of no military significance. Step 2) Magic! Step 3) Putin is toppled, leaves office. (Russia is chopped up and we eat her corpse.) That is to say, to them, in Highest, Tippy-Top-Level Western thinking, Putin = The Bridge. What???????? What the…? Are you guys even sane??? Can you tell a hawk from a handsaw when the wind is right?

    Is that all? Oh no. This part is very shady and may all be many layers of a complex setup. It was suggested someone offered to have them hash out a loose devil’s advocate of If/Then for the plan. Okay. Maybe. That’s why it was on an unsecured line. Okay. Maybe. However, this is Pistorius being WAY OFF THE RANCH from the Civilian control and legislature. Has ANY legislature approved anything yet? Or is is been $200B of “Executives” using “loopholes”. You can also tell because Scholz’s reaction to it, walking back everything, everywhere, with no denials of the veracity. Civilian government is No Mas. They are getting coup’d, run over by NATO and the Military Generals. …Which is pretty common of course. This was discussed from Dr. Strangelove to Ronnie Raygun, to 99 Balloons, to now.

    Aaaaand, is that all? Oh no. If this is a Pistorus being V. Nuland, and Scholz being alarmed to death by this again, enough to be tossed down the stairs and take a second eye patch, losing an eye for, then why didn’t SCHOLZ leak it? I’d be pissed too. He probably expressly told him to keep it in his pants, he’s not the Chancellor. No way to know, but…

    “• Defense Ministry Reveals Possible Scenario of Attack on Russia (Sp.)

    You’re kidding, right? There are so many levels here. This is not military thinking at all, it’s like military wishing. Same sort of planning they did for Ukraine: “Well when we fire one bullet, the entire Russian army will run away! It’s in The Plan!”

    Russia cannot be cut off for two reasons: One, they have bunkers unimaginable. Making Ukraine’s look like pup-tents. They also have years of food in them, reportedly, plus standard London Blitz bunker for several million people in Moscow. Two: no one will care if Moscow is “cut off”. The people are cohesive now and will just carry on for Russia AS IF Moscow was there, and for what Putin had wanted. That is, nuking you back. Fighting for control of every Oblast as an independent country.

    Three, and more importantly: we see planetwide, the Offense has wildly, outrageously outpaced all Defense. There is no place to hide on Earth, or even below Earth. Russia doesn’t even have to nuke you, they tested the Multiple Kinzals where the impact of the first is still lifting earth when the second one strikes. Like an anti-tank round. Knocking out the 300-foot deep, hardened NATO Soviet anti-nuke bunker. Just for one, but they have a dozen including sleeping nuclear sub drones with Tsunami bombs, as well as hypersonic torpedoes. Globe-circling nuclear Satan missiles, over Antarctica? Sink every surface ship worldwide? Every Western Satellite dropped in 5 hours? No GPS?

    What are you guys talking about? “Well I declared I’m the rich, bratty kid, and we’re going to ‘Let’s Pretend’ that I always win. So THERE!”

    Or not? What happens if “or not”?

    Oh. AND Russia can, will, and be happy to nuke the northern hemisphere to ashes too. Nearly forgot that, that’s just the BASELINE reality now.

    Your PSA for the day:



    Ethnic Hate: Not even Once.

    (Links again)

    Dr. D

    BlackRock also in Retreat, Backtracks on Shareholder Capitalism

    Otaku on AI in Scotland:

    If you wondered about the Life of AI, here you go. A serial con artist has been using AI to generate gibberish for years. To sell books on Amazon, etc. This time he used AI to generate an event (“Wonka”), the posters, the images, the text, the scripts, and the actors. Even the contracts! Or the Cun-tracts, as it said. The Actors then signed at minimum wage, which is pretty normal, only to discover every part of it was a s—t show they would be responsible for. A gibberish script? Two packets of green Koolaid to hand out? It was in Scotland, so needless to say it ended up with a lot of bad language and nearly a riot.

    Now, what did we learn here? AI can’t DO anything: it needs us. So these moronic dipshits are going to push the“AI: Go” button, then tell YOU at work, to Do what AI says. Then when it fails it’s all minimum-wage cube worker’s fault, and not AI. They will try their best to make a silk purse from a non-stop zero-dollar con-artist s—t show for the kids. And fail. It’s all the Hooo-man’s fault! Kill more dirty hooo-mans!

    And You ‘R Them. If you’re within 1,000 miles of the working world right now. Or if you call somewhere. Or if you you want “Power”, “Food”, “Health Care”….

    “”Treason!”: Bombshell Report Reveals Biden Has Secretly Flown 320,000 Illegals INTO The United States

    Somebody pointed out, what’s the Carbon footprint on that??

    “Doritos Fires ‘Brand Ambassador’ Who Tweeted About ‘Doing Thuggish Things’ To A Minor

    What the what? Hired Monday. Someone reads the first things anyone posted online. Fired Tuesday. Sounds like my career!

    “Almost Half Of UK University Scientists Refuse To Say Sex Is Binary

    Keeps a nice gauge on the side for the Engineers, to see how well the control is working. Unf working “pretty well.”

    “Democratic Party” Yeah, but it’s all an Accident!

    Except for DoJ, FBI, every child, every doctor, every city, what have the Democratic Party ever done for us?

    ‘Net Outages: Who did this benefit? Very curious. Like Nuland.

    Bitcoin crashes too. Is that related? (A: no, and it barely crashed, 15%. But shows coincidence is not causality)

    “Democrats illegally spied on Trump’s transition team, framed a three-star-general, sabotaged an administration, undermined a sitting US president, banned him from social media, impeached him 2X, arrested him 4X, charged him 91X, indicted him 4X, jailed his supporters, and raided his private residence. When all of that failed they attempted to remove him from ballots. And they go on national television to talk about how we need to vote for Democrats to save democracy.”

    Nope. Never happened. Everything that’s happened is completely normal. Doesn’t indicate anything! Just ask anyone.

    You see why they had to stage this level of drama to get it through their thick heads: it still hasn’t.

    ““The problem is Washington is donor-occupied. Donor occupied.” –MacGregor.

    We are an occupied country. A country under occupation. That is to say: a COLONY. Of who? Of D.C. and NY, clearly. This time, the MONEY.

    Anyway, Biden has to order them all 10M foreigners amnesty, order them to vote, then order them to enlist. Then the army can remove him before they are swamped with illegal soldiers that will topple the existing brass, and the American people will say “yes, please.” And it has to happen before the election, but perhaps after Trump is assassinated? Has to stage “An Event” that i jaw dropping, is epic even for the history books or these morons will forget and not notice, not point to it and change, “Never again”.

    “No one, not even the Trump team, questioned that Congress could act to bar people from office. It is expressly stated in the Constitution.”

    Again Turley, what’s with the law? Or be more specific here. Bar “People”? No, the law says bar “Officers”. It also does all but specifically say that does not include the Presidency. And for what reason? This is post Civil War. They don’t want 50% traitors in the bureaucracy, but are they also saying the entire South can never have a President until every man in the generation dies? No, they did not, and that would be much too far, saying we can only exclusively have NORTHERN Presidents for 40 more years. And why not?

    BECAUSE THE PEOPLE CAN VOTE. If Vermont and Massachusetts vote in a southern man for some reason, why stop them? They know what they want. The North has an equal say in that part. Why else? BECAUSE WE ALREADY HAVE A METHOD. It’s called “Impeachment”. There’s basically no bar for impeachment. It’s suggested but I don’t think it’s enforceable. President is at Congress’ pleasure, they can impeach him at will, but more honorably, if the Southern General President is a scoundrel, that Scoundrel has ACTIONS. Like Bribery to foreign nations. And you wait for the first action, like him opening the border and handing Texas back to Mexico, and impeach him. Takes about a week. Boom, done.

    And yes, the Trump team didn’t argue this. Nor that the President couldn’t be charged. Only that he’d be impeached first. So Turley’s sentence is cavalier and dangerous in the extreme.

    Nuland and the “F the EU” quote. That’s the one where they were going to make Ukraine so rich, so Western, so Independent, so Democratic, that they were gong to install, “Our Boy Yats”, a central banker from Israel, and shove him down their throats without resistance. Nothing says Slavia Ukraine like that does. Hey, are they colonized by The Money??

    “40 to 50 million people,” Trump claimed, saying healthcare, education, and social security will collapse under the pressure.”

    Long run on Coward-Pivon strategy. What is it? 60’s era professors discussing how best to destroy the United States utterly, like those German Generals and the bridge. Why would you WANT to destroy your own nation and everything in it? They live here. A: To complete the glorious communist revolution. Only if we MAKE Capitalism and Freedom fail…on purpose, by sabotaging it and killing Americans nationwide with our actions, will they SEE THE LIGHT, and reject the present government, and take on Socialist Great Leader. And then HE will UN-F—k the country, STOP killing everyone and ruining everything, STOP destroying the people and freedoms, and…see? Perfectly logical. You have to kill the village to save the village. When everyone is dead, you can “Build Back Better.”

    Sounds insane, and it is. And we’re still doing it every day, and the same Schmartz-peoples are still thinking this is the apex of intelligence and the height of morality. The Media nods because they wonna be schmart and read good too! To KILL everyone. Well, I was well-meaning, so it’s okay if all your kids are murdered! Just ask Gaza!

    We’re doing it all for YOU, the worker! Why don’t you love us when we remove bread?

    As JB said and I say regularly. So….you built the 50 new major cities, 32 more new States for these people to live in, right? We don’t have a housing shortage or price crisis, right? Water infrastructure’s all great?

    No. They’re going to KILL EVERYONE. And they know it. But: “Socialism,” so that’s all okay now. If I call your death an “accident” you’re not dead now, I don’t go to jail, and the Mayor gives me a medal.

    “Netanyahu is calling for the total conquest by Israel of the remains of Palestine – the exact opposite of what Biden and the rest of the world are suggesting”…by giving Nuts 20,000 more large bombs and $6B more dollars.

    “Netanyahu seems to assess that he has the leeway safely to ignore Biden – and for the next eight months or so, to pursue his ambition unhindered: to seize control of ‘Greater Israel’ (up to the Litani River inside southern Lebanon) and to consolidate a Jewish Jerusalem.”

    Yes. It’s hard to see with so much motion, but this does indeed seem to be his go-for-broke gambit. The culmination of 100 years of hard…work?? Aka Non-stop murder with endless zeal?

    “The Russian armed forces did not allow Ukrainian troops who fled from the Avdeyevka strongpoint to gain a foothold on the new line and continue to push them westward,”

    Good point. I haven’t kept up with Military Summary, etc, I don’t know where the contact line is now. Maybe nobody does. I was saying there’s nothing to Poland, but they pointed out that the “Not dying” option is to withdraw against something you DIDN’T prepare, like defending the Dniper River. Apparently this is too complicated for them, and they prefer dying instead. Oh well. Not like it would work ultimately, but it’s the only option to keep the game in play. The only reason to keep the game in play is to Kill More Slavs.

    ““Galloway received 12,335 votes – over 40% of the votes cast”

    This was a point there, and why Sunak came out on the Steps of Downing in a panic and writhed around on the floor simpering to Empire. Galloway didn’t just “win”, he annihilated the two major (uni)parties completely. Say hello to Prime Minister Galloway. Yes, he can. How? He’s an astonishing orator, with talent to the job, everyone knows him and knows his platform, his beliefs. He’s a SAVAGE. Like this: he showed up for a public debate night, his opponent was Israeli. He said, “I don’t recognize Israel and I don’t debate Israelis” and walked out. The End. Despite all rhetoric, this did NOT make him also antisemitic, recognizing the ill-treatment of Jews through history up to even now, but being on the right side of the LAW concerning it. And also Muslims, who apparently Sunak ALSO attacked at Downing Street? Whiskey Tango, da wut? You hope to WIN by attacking ISLAM in Britain? Jesus, is INDIA running all Anglosphere Empire now? (Quick look to Nikki Hillary…yes.) So Galloway will ALSO defend Islam and say…give them latitude in their belief of gay and trans matters. While DEFENDING Jews and Islam, Sunak is going to call Galloway, a non-English, Scottish man, a White Nationalist??? And he’s the LEFT. The Far-Left. So Labour is going to call people to the LEFT of them, a Nazi?

    They’re F—-d. Say goodbye to the Waterboy. Thank God. May take time tho.

    Anyway, diagnosis on Waterboy: They got nothin’. The speech was a coming out party for REAL hard-core high-boots, goose-stepping suppression and Oppression. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. So if you think the people are pissed at the UniParty now, you ain’t seen nothing. They’re going to go full Big Brother, and the people are going to know it and react like it for a change. 40,000 Brits in jail for not loving their immigrant brown masters ENOUGH, and saying they prefer to have open discussions about it? What happens as in “V”, after a deadly virus the government themselves paid for and released, fascism comes to England? What happens if as in “Pennyworth” there is a UK Civil War, but one where both sides mostly suck?

    “• Gold – We Have Liftoff! (Egon von Greyerz)

    Gold does not follow Bitcoin, though they have similar crosses. Gold is still very, very under control.

    “shadow banking system and derivatives, we are looking at assets (which will become liabilities) in excess of $2 quadrillion.”

    I remember writing an article when it was an unthinkable ONE Quadrillion… Even that seems a myth, impossible. BTW, the “Shadow Banking” is Luongo’s “Eurodollar”. HOW is money created? Poof! It appears like magic when anyone creates “a loan.” Including Europe. So that EUROPE can PRINT US DOLLARS, that leads to problems for us, and liabilities for them. His thesis is that Powell is trying to regain control of the US Dollar and our own monetary policy instead of being run from Europe. Via this loophole that’s larger than the street.

    John Day

    Last night WES wrote (about ultra-processed industrial foodlike products):
    “Doritos a sub of Frito-Lay a sub of PepsiCo has hired a known pedophile as their new brand ambassador in Spain!
    So now we have to add Pepsi and company to Bud Light, Coke, Disney, etc to our boycott list!”

    Bud-Lite lesson learned…
    Doritos Fires ‘Brand Ambassador’ Who Tweeted About ‘Doing Thuggish Things’ To A Minor


    Fired the next day? So they like to do it whenever they can get away with it and think pulling back whenever someone NOTICES is the way forward.

    Like I’m at a restaurant and they bring me clearly undercooked chicken, the waiter says “bon appetit, eat up!” and waits, peering at me expectantly, waiting to see if I raise any objections.

    They WANT me to eat the raw chicken and pay for it, so they may as well keep presenting me with it every chance they get like a DOS attack. Hey customer, we all have jobs. Ours is to continually try to feed you raw chicken and your job is to object each and every time on an individual basis while discovering how we’ve managed to include it in your meal each time.


    I get mad and the waiter pretends ignorance, I get the manager, go through a whole big exchange, finally they admit there’s raw chicken sitting there on the table in front of me.

    “Well, fine then, oopsie daisy. Anyway, we’ll fix this sir, don’t worry”

    Waiter grabs the plate, briskly walks it through the swinging door to the kitchen, comes briskly walking out without any time for a pause, places what is clearly the same plate of raw chicken in front of me. Manager and waiter now side by side, peering at me expectantly, bon appetit, eat up.


    Plastic roads
    …might work in some places — like the Netherlands — where there are not days upon days of over 110 degree F weather, and are located more to the north (or equivalent south) and receive less solar intensity. Perhaps vinyl fencing works well there as well. But the sun and heat in Phoenix DESTROY plastic…especially black plastic.

    I’m going to guess that it isn’t great for the surrounding area to have plastic from the road leeching out…but tar can’t be that great either, so it may be just substituting one problem for another.

    Also, that replacement by section thing is incompatible with running wires and pipes through the hollow center,

    Dr D Rich

    Operant conditioning courtesy jb-hb.
    Everyone is conditioned to obey authority, but our peers are more strongly conditioned to prevent us from challenging authority. They, we are complicit in our own demise like the white cisterns participating in their white brethren decimation.


    I get mad and the waiter pretends ignorance, I get the manager, go through a whole big exchange, finally they admit there’s raw chicken sitting there on the table in front of me.

    “Well, fine then, oopsie daisy. Anyway, we’ll fix this sir, don’t worry”

    Waiter grabs the plate, briskly walks it through the swinging door to the kitchen, comes briskly walking out without any time for a pause, places what is clearly the same plate of raw chicken in front of me. Manager and waiter now side by side, peering at me expectantly, bon appetit, eat up.


    As Haley Ends Republican Race, Survey Finds 92% Of Her Voters Approve Of Biden’s Performance

    Nice try, Nimarata Nikki Hillary Randhawa. Even your name was fake. You used a fake name because you thought we were stupid and wouldn’t be able to remember or pronounce names like Ramaswamy. Just your DBA NAME continually announces “Fuck you, you stupid ignorant racist scum also I am fooling you because you are so stupid.”

    92 PERCENT of Haley’s voters approve of Joe Biden’s performance as president, and 87 PERCENT of Haley’s voters say they’re satisfied with how things are going in America right now.

    Haley won’t announce an endorsement Wednesday, the people said. She will encourage Donald Trump, who is close to having the delegates needed to win the GOP nomination, to earn the support of Republican and independent voters who backed her.

    Super-rich Democrat donors? The most rabidly leftist Democrat voters?

    Aren’t NORMAL Democrat voters showing around 30% approval of Biden at best?

    It was a Mean Girls fake drama that everyone knew AS IT WAS HAPPENING and yet they kept on with it anyway, with nobody going along with it BUT the Mean Girls.

    What a strange totally tone deaf bit of theatre. Anyway, some zerohedge comments:

    92 PERCENT of Haley’s voters approve of Joe Biden’s performance while only about 15% of the general populace approve of Joe Biden’s performance. That tells you something.

    Nikki’s major strategic error was not running as a Dem.
    Just one incompetent old fella to take down and it’s clear the Dems love her. . .

    Nikki, time to set up an onlyfans page. Ironically, most of your voters are already there waiting for you.

    Her run was a career move to get a lucrative gig at MSNBC as the con-servative.

    (wait, what’s the difference?)

    She only won Vermont, where anyone can vote in any party’s primary

    She should start a new political party called Moar War-Raytheon and run for president on a ticket with Victoria Nudelman-Nuland-Kagan.


    I agree with Phoenix- plastic roads would not do well under the UV and heat of the desert.
    But we could make huge lego-bricks. We could build shelters, containers, and even plastic pyramids!
    I would love to play with some foot long legos.
    We’d probably have to pay attention to leaching, though.

    Figmund Sreud

    Who knew?

    International Court Accuses 2 Russian Officers of War Crimes in Ukraine

    The International Criminal Court on Tuesday issued arrest warrants for two top Russian military officers, accusing them of war crimes in Ukraine for targeting civilians and destroying crucial energy infrastructure.

    The two officers — Lt. Gen. Sergei Ivanovich Kobylash and Adm. Viktor Nikolayevich Sokolov — are accused in a court statement of being personally responsible for numerous missile strikes by their forces on electrical power plants and substations in multiple locations between October 2022 and March 2023.

    The wintertime strikes were defined as war crimes because they were largely directed against civilian targets, causing “excessive incidental harm to civilians or damage to civilian objects,” the court said.

    … of course, Gaza, West Bank, Palestine? Crickets, … absolute silence; no communication.


    See the elephant jump
    Wake up! Yesterday is gone! The old ways are not coming back!

    Republicans are on a new path.
    Democrats are bitter and full of hate.
    Learn, Watch, Listen, Speak READ TAE
    Remove space to activate the links
    No response from Ottawa as deadline set by Emergencies Act commission passes
    Findings from a year ago included 56 recommendations for the future

    Laura Osman · CBC News · Posted: Feb 18, 2024
    Federal government plans to consult widely before any changes to Emergencies Act
    The Canadian Press
    Jim Bronskill
    Published Mar 06, 2024


    Steve Loves Ammo:
    I honestly don’t know how Donald Trump does it.

    Nikki Haley ends presidential campaign with ‘no regrets,’ ceding GOP nomination to Trump
    The former South Carolina governor dropped out after losing every state but Vermont in Super Tuesday’s primary contests.
    March 6, 2024, 3:20 AM PST / Updated March 6, 2024, 7:18 AM PST
    By Ali Vitali, Sarah Dean, Greg Hyatt and Summer Concepcion


    Haitian capital ‘paralysed’ by wave of violence
    Port-au-Prince gripped by wave of violence as authorities struggle to regain control from armed gangs wreaking havoc.
    6 Mar 2024
    Canada announces $123 million in funding to improve security in Haiti
    From: Global Affairs Canada
    News release
    February 22, 2024


    Biden administration ADMITS flying 320,000 migrants secretly into the U.S. to reduce the number of crossings at the border has national security ‘vulnerabilities’
    PUBLISHED: 13:41 EST, 4 March 2024 | UPDATED: 08:13 EST, 5 March 2024
    • Victoria Nuland Quits (RT)

    “Russophobia, proposed by Victoria Nuland as the main foreign policy concept of the United States, is dragging the Democrats to the bottom like a stone,” Zakharova said.


    Plastic melting in Phoenix

    Decades ago, studies showed simply painting black asphalt white decreased temperatures by many degrees in the surrounding area.

    Many decades ago, it was verified that metal roofs are super effective at radiating heat back into space from whence it came.

    White sun shade fabric on posts can create a cool microclimate around a building. Fabric and posts are pretty cheap.

    That guy in california who dug underground tunnels, then grew trees from 30 feet below the surface showed how effective it was.

    Wtf. I think Phoenix finally started trying to paint some of their roads grey a couple years ago at much expense. Dudes, you could just fill a big tank truck with a cheap lime wash and spray the roads every few months while driving around. You didn’t even need some high tech product and super expensive govt study.

    How much do we throw away on the Ukraine war or girlboss movies? Geez, masters of the universe, just try it in ONE city ONE time? You are obviously, publicly printing and throwing away hundreds of billions anyway.

    No no, fuck it. Let’s pave Phoenix with gold. Not just the roads. The parking lots and sidewalks too.

    approximately 155 Sq Miles of Phoenix is paved (sidewalks, parking lots, roads)

    155 sw mi = 4,321,152,000 sq ft

    Gold Leaf is about $25/sq ft (for both materials and installation)

    4,321,152,000 x $25 = $108,028,800,000

    So there you go. For the price of a single Ukraine “helping” package, or the very lowball loss estimate for Disney’s recent Girlboss Movies, you could have the ENTIRE PAVEMENT SURFACE OF PHOENIX COVERED IN GOLD.

    Where is all the money coming from??!?!!? Fuck, where is all the money GOING? We should be walking streets paved in gold by now because we ran out of other improvements to make.


    with further research, I found that CoolSeal costs around 30 to 40 cents per square foot.

    4,321,152,000 sq ft x $0.35 = $1,512,403,200

    Not looking good, man. We’re not even breaking 2 billion here. We’re in danger of covering 99 Phoenix AZ’s worth of city pavement in heat reflective road sealant, making cities cooler, preventing damage to car tires, saving gagillions in air conditioning god knows what else for the price of a single Ukraine package.

    But I have an idea. I just designed the F-35D.

    Purpose designed with american ingenuity to be the best damn road resurfacer in the world.

    I am sorry to disappoint you, we can’t use external wing mounted road surfacing fluid tanks – that would ruin its stealth profile – but the internal bombays can be refit into storage tanks and Lockeed skunkworkz has already got a prototype taxiing aircraft-to-road (TAR) sprayer we can contract them on.

    I figure with down time for maintenance and allowing for workable weather conditions, we should be able to taxi those F35D’s back and forth enough over the course of 20 years to get 5 cities covered, kinda. Fuel, maintenance, spare parts, mission-specific training and the simulators for it, re-painting the stealth paint on it – Phoenix sun will give it a beating – all in, I’d say what, 20 trillion?

    Russian drone nearly KILLS Greek Prime Minister as Zelensky targeted in attack
    By George Bunn
    Published: 06/03/2024 – 15:40Updated: 06/03/2024 – 17:21
    Zelensky was visiting the port of Odesa along with PM Mitsotakis when the missile hit.

    Dr. D

    They said they were going to kill Macron (tant pis), but I guess they had to settle for killing everyone in Greece instead. …Again.


    Rumor has it Zelensky was there to award medals to decision-making intelligence people who were still on site when the missile hit.

    US Under Secretary of State: Putin will get “nice surprises” on battlefield in 2024
    Ukrainska Pravda
    January 31, 2024
    Victoria Nuland, US Under Secretary of State, is confident that 2024 is of great strategic importance for Ukraine and will bring certain “solid successes” on the battlefield.

    Source: European Pravda, citing Nuland during a meeting with journalists in Kyiv on 31 January

    Details: Asked about her discussions with Ukrainian officials on the strategy for 2024, Nuland said she was leaving Kyiv “more encouraged about [Ukraine’s] unity and resolve, about 2024 and its absolute strategic importance for Ukraine”.

    Quote: “I also leave with greater confidence that, even as Ukraine strengthens its defences, Mr Putin is going to get some nice surprises on the battlefield, and Ukraine will make some very strong success this year.”

    Nuland also believes that the US Congress will vote for additional aid to Ukraine, given its importance if the country is to “survive and thrive”.

    European officials have repeatedly emphasised the importance of 2024 for Ukraine in the context of countering Russia’s full-scale aggression.

    It has previously been reported that European institutions and EU member states have pledged to provide Ukraine with military support worth at least €21 billion.

    View comments (846)


    (Were these operated by mercenaries?)

    Since February 28, the Russians have destroyed three Abrams tanks. The most recent was knocked out on March 4 by an anti-tank missile, probably a Russian Kornet. The first two Abramses were hit by low-cost Russian drones carrying RPG-7 warheads.

    Over the past 24 hours, air defence units shot down nine U.S.-made HIMARS MLRS projectiles and one French-made AASM Hammer guided aerial bomb.

    $10m Abrams tanks no match for $500 Russian drones

    $10m Abrams tanks no match for $500 Russian drones
    War update: Ukraine’s ground counterattacks failed but it claims Russian ship sunk with unmanned surface vehicle

    MARCH 6, 2024




    Our plan to destroy the Collective West is going so well it’s hard to believe they are this stupid.



    On the trans-medical front……



    Ze and the Greek PM toured Odessa
    Was it a false flag ….

    Ukraine simply putting on a show for the Greek pm’s entertainment with a few sirens and a bit of anti aircraft fire which they have done before in honor of visiting ‘dignitaries’.


    Ukrainian meatwave retreating from Avdeevka during Russian assaults

    The Russian goal is not territory, that is secondary.

    The stated Russian goal is to destroy the Ukronazi=NATO army

    This is what retreating across open ground with no air cover or artillery cover looks like.

    The Ukronazis were absolutely annihilated leave Avdeevka

    Thousands died this way running in reverse.


    Welcome Pedo Joe illegal immigrants who ever the fuck you really are

    He will get out with no bail and get a free plane ticket to where ever he wants



    HollyWeird Charity Ball

    So fine to be rich and famous and not-give-a-fuck.


    Life is Good…..

    I wish you end up like Seth Rich, Seth


    There was extreme activity from NATO helicopters on the border with the Odessa region. There is an evacuation of NATO advisors who arrived in Odessa today???




    OCD meets fake kill shot


    Looks like some kind of record

    Beats that headline about the two headed dog boy




    Sorry about the ‘double tap’ post


    Adding the Final Icing Touches to Nuland’s Retirement Cake :

    The best reason for Nuland’s sudden retirement comes from MoA March 5/24 Cookie Monster Retires – commentor #317 Dedsisdead. It is so elegantly written I can’t do justice to what she wrote so please go read her comment. (I would put in a link if I knew how but I don’t.)

    Briefly Nuland lost her temporary deputy promotion to permanent candidate Kurt Campbell, thus demoting her back to just being assistant deputy. This hurt her credibility and her “feelings”!

    We all know Cookie Monster’s feelings are easily hurt.

    But I would like to take Debsisdead #317 comments to their final destination.

    The deep state is again preparing for the possibility of Trump becoming President again.

    To better understand, we need to go back to what the deep state did in the run up to the 2016 Trump election.
    Congress (Mitch) passed a new law enshrining all of Obama’s roughly 5,000 plus political appointees into a new super class of civil servants who could not be fired by President Trump.
    Traditionally, in the past, when a new President entered office, all of these 5,000 political appointees resigned, clearing the way for the new administration.
    But this didn’t happen in 2016/7.
    Instead all of Obama’s 5,000 plus people stayed on, to fight against President Trump.

    Now back to why Nuland lost the deputy promotion.
    Nuland has always been a political appointee.
    If Trump becomes President, Nuland could be fired by Trump.
    Enter permanent candidate Kurt Campbell, likely a civil servant who cannot be fired!

    The deep state is ensuring it’s Ukrainian war continues as before without interruption.

    Nuland, enjoy your retirement cake’s bitter Krama flavor!
    You should have been nice to people on your way up because on the way down ………


    The real reason why Nikki “for sale” Haley stop running :

    Super Tuesday was just the excuse for Nikki Haley to stop running for the Republican presidential nomination.

    The last nail in her coffin was driven in by the Supreme Count’s ruling keeping Trump on all state ballots.

    The whole premise for the RINOs to support her candidacy was so she could be allocated all of the delegates from those states where Trump was banned in the hopes of getting enough votes to deny Trump the Republican nomination.

    So now witch Nikki is as dead as a door knob!
    No broom for you!


    Everyone at TAE is proving that the narrative is not under control by MSM.


    Understanding Brussel’s War on the EU and War Bonds :

    Brussels does not currently have the power to tax the EU directly.
    Brussels (US) wants this power very badly.
    Taxation without representation!

    Brussels needs to create an emergency situation so it can grab these taxation powers.

    To the rescue!
    RussiaRussiaRussia !
    Cue usual puppets.
    “The Russians are coming” !
    Everybody Panic!

    Then Brussels can issue War Bonds and use direct taxation to pay the bond’s interest coupons.

    Right now the criminals in Brussels are looking into using the sized Russian money as collateral to issue Ukrainian War Bonds.
    Mother Russia is watching you!o


    The Odessa Files ;

    So Ukraine’s Mr. Z, with the Greek prime minister present, awarded a bunch of SSO officiers in Odessa metals, for sinking Russian navy ships.
    The Russians also awarded the same SSO officers with matching Iskander metals too!

    Up until now, these Ukrainian SSO officers have enjoyed playing war games with their joy sticks, without any concern for their safety.
    Secure in their game world far from the front.
    As they played and racked up game points, by sinking ship after ship, at some point the SSO officers would eventually want to cash in their war game rewards.

    Mother Russia obliged them!
    Russians don’t forget!

    2 days before a shutdown, House sends $460B spending package to Senate
    The measure, which would require small spending cuts at many agencies, heads to the Senate.
    The Senate is expected to quickly take up and pass the package before a partial shutdown would begin first thing Saturday morning. Appropriators will then face a March 22 deadline as they turn their attention to the second package featuring six of the 12 annual spending bills Congress must pass each year.
    Congressional leaders previously agreed to a top-line spending level of $1.66 trillion for fiscal 2024. Overall, defense spending is set to jump 3% to $886 billion and non-defense spending will stay essentially flat relative to fiscal 2023 at nearly $773 billion.

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