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    Martin Luther King, Jr. following his 1963 arrest in Birmingham     • Rebranding MLK (Fikre) • A Call to Reinvestigate American Assassinatio
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    V. Arnold

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He’s been dead long enough that everyone feels safe, if not entitled to, appropriating his name and celebration. But who in America today truly lives up to his legacy and message? Not many. The screwed up scenes at a high school, and the way media and individuals react to it, make that abundantly clear. There are many voices calling for serious harm to, if not murder of, a group of schoolchildren, voices who will in their very next breath seek to take possession of Dr. King’s name.

    It’s time for all Americans, and not just Americans either, to find a nice bright mirror and face the beams in their own eyes. All sides focus on promoting hate of the others, and really, that is the opposite of what Dr. King said. How could you forget? You don’t solve anything be demanding other people change, you solve things only by changing yourself. You have no more right to hate Trump and his supporters than they have of hating you, or anyone else.

    MLK: “a slogan ‘Power for Poor People’ would be much more appropriate than the slogan ‘Black Power.’”

    Thanks for that Ilargi; 100% spot on!
    I haven’t even got past that yet…but had to afirm your post.

    Martin Luther King is most surely one of, if not the greatest, American to have ever lived.

    His greatest speech, imo…


    No doubt he’s one of the greatest, and it’s not a competition. But noteworthy that 4 ‘nominees’ were murdered in the 1960s, and another one, Ali, was more or less silenced by Parkinson. I’d put him closest to MLK for the no.1 spot for the 20th century. Like MLK, a combination of in-your-face courage and intelligence. Two guys who risked everything and gave up most of it for what they saw as right. Oh, and both were black…

    As for the Covington Catholic story, it’s all over and it’s once again people using half-truths to make a point to their followers, and what does it for me is death threats against teenage kids, comparing their MAGA hats to swastikas, that sort of thing. There’s some balance here.

    Very fittingly, America again proves how unhinged it has become of late, and it does so on MLK Day. Just so the rest of us can see the contrast. And the people who whip up the fury most really believe they are on MLK’s side, and he would be on theirs if he were alive. And then they get trolled by Pence comparing Trump to Dr. King. But truly, whom among them do they think deserves that honor?

    Dr. King didn’t fight, and became a victim of, left OR right, he fought left AND right, his battle was against the entire system. And his battle was peace.

    V. Arnold

    No argument here; many different pov’s, most of which held some truth’s; but King was that giant among men!
    And died grasping his beliefs and actions.
    Never gave an inch; never compromised his principles; unto his death…
    We’ve never recovered from King’s assassination…



    Even after more than two years the ignorance on BREXIT is immense.

    On BREXIT Theresa May is beyond the control of Parliament, including last week’s vote, so Yvette Cooper can not force an extension.

    If Theresa May wanted to ask for an extension it would require the agreement of all other EU members. Failing that, at the end of March the UK leaves the EU.

    christopher cobb

    A mail I got.

    Stay classy

    You pick Martin Luther King day to say it is wrong to call out racism and sexism because doing so is “hate”.

    I am sure you feel slaves have no right to hate slave owners, Jews no right to hate Nazis, innocent victims of drone bombings no right to hate the bombers, etc etc.

    You have made a crass business decision. By making your blog nothing but a defence of Trump you are doing exactly what you accuse MSM of doing: running non-stop Trump headlines to appeal to your chosen niche of readers. Whatever pays the bills.

    Have you ever run an article about racism or sexism in the US ? About the racism that created the Electoral College and Senate and the unbroken history of voter suppression in the US and election finance laws geared to rich white men? No, because that would interfere with your non-stop “Trump and his supporters are victims” narrative.

    And you like to tack on a little article about climate change without ever once commenting on Trump’s actions concerning the environment.

    Your blog has become extremely repetitive and hateful in its own way while you tell people of colour and women and LGBTQ that they have no right to hate. Maybe you should direct that message at Trump and his supporters? Keep representing rich white males and promoting their feelings of victimhood.


    Who has the power?
    Would anyone with wealth and power use that power and wealth to their own detriment?
    The participants at the World Economic Forum in Davos will discuss and try to find solutions to the social/economic problems that THEY created.

    Since when do the rich and powerful, (or anyone else), chose to diminish their wealth and power.

    • World’s 26 Richest People Own As Much As Poorest 3.8 Billion (G.)
    How much power does an individual have …. 1/3.8 Billion

    Yet, with so little power, the elites are getting nervous about what 3.8 billion people could do.
    The ‘Gilets Jaunes’ Are Unstoppable: “Now, The Elites Are Afraid”

    I could not afford to go to “the World Economic Forum in Davos”.
    I could not do like the elite and have my personal cash flow from a trust fund/ “gofundme”
    However, I was fortunate enough to still be able to put food on the table.

    Maybe, today, this holiday, for MLK, we won’t hear from the tweet world.


    Is this fake news? Naw, its not news worthy. Its the way our system operates.

    Millions of people are getting starvation wages from the elites
    1,500 Private Jets To Descend On Davos This Week, Up 50% From Last Year

    personal jets of some of the world’s richest and most powerful.

    Vladimir Putin’s IL-96-300PU
    Donald Trump’s Air Force One
    Xi Jinping and Air China’s Boeing 747-400
    Angela Merkel and Konrad Adenauer
    François Hollande’s Airbus A330-200
    Elizabeth II and No. 32nd Squadron
    Theresa May and her Airbus A330
    Hassanal Bolkiah’s Airbus A340
    Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and his $1 500 000 000 fleet
    Nursultan Nazarbayev’s 99,000 kilometres and his $250 000 000 aircraft
    Algeria’s $163 million presidential fleet
    Main findings for the VIPs and their Air Transportation
    King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and his VIP Boeing 767-400FSER
    Alisher Usmanov and the biggest business-jet
    Roman Abramovich and his $300 000 000 “Bandit”
    Kim Jong-un and his Chammae-1
    President Moon Jae-in’s fleet
    Bashar al-Assad and his Falcon 900
    Benjamin Netanyahu’s “Israeli Air Force One”
    Pope Francis and his chartered Airbus A330-200
    King Abdullah II ibn Hussein of Jordan’s $50 million Airbus A318-112 Elite
    Yemeni president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi’s $75 million Boeing 757-200
    Italian President Sergio Mattarella’s leased Airbus A340-500 and personal aircraft worth $609 million

    Doc Robinson

    Who would MLK Jr hate?

    “Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

    ― Martin Luther King Jr., Strength to Love

    Dr. D

    “racism that created the Electoral College and Senate”

    I have heard this before by AOC, but what can you do with something so ignorant and ill-informed? People: racism had literally nothing to do with the electoral college. Neither does it today. It was created to allow small states to have any chance of representation among the original 13 colonies. You might say that would be Delaware vs New York, but it was no less representative for Rhode Island vs Virginia. And so it is equally relevant today, possibly moreso. In a direct democracy, which the founders feared above all things, only two states and three cities would need to vote. All other 48 states would fail to be heard, a level of oppression unprecedented yet much desired lately. And, just as in 1789, were we to attempt popular vote, there would be a civil war the next day, something also much desired by many as an excuse to kill their deplorable countrymen, and spoken of on front pages and in comment sections near-universally throughout America.

    But racism? No. It was needed, and is needed today, yet no one bothers to so much as wiki “Electoral College” and look.

    The Senate is less well-known and more forgivable. I don’t know what on earth they mean since the Senate WAS changed to popular vote with a Constitutional Amendment back in that quaint era when we used to follow rules instead of outlawing objects and substances clearly outside their mandate just ’cause. The Senate was SUPPOSED to be the standing representation of the individual States, so states wouldn’t get trampled, since the U.S. was SUPPOSED to be a union of independent sovereigns, with power over almost everything being the prerogative of the states, i.e. the 10th amendment. Therefore, it was entirely reasonable that the states, whatever the size, would represent the GOVERNOR, the STATE ITSELF, and not the PEOPLE of the state. Why? Because the House already existed to represent the people. Now we passed an ill-advised amendment to have two houses that represent the great unwashed, and they’re still not happy.

    So how is it racist again to have Congressional representatives elected directly by the people of the states?

    Nevermind: when I ask people to read anything — wiki articles, biographies, white papers, they just say “I’m done talking about this” and leave. And supposedly I’m the dumb one with a closed mind.

    Speaking of, and simply to draw fire for amusement’s sake, Cardi B says Trump should work without pay until the shutdown is over:

    “Soo many people under my comments talking about I shouldn’t talk politics ,I don’t know what I’m talking about , I’m dumb !” [sic]

    The joke being Trump is the only one NOT getting paid right now. He makes $1/year, well-advertised not long ago right on Twitter. It’s Pelosi, Schumer, and granted, the Republican Congress that ARE getting paid right now while (some) Federal workers don’t (for a short while, since he already signed their back-pay, unlike the rest of us in America, who are unemployed).

    He’s also in the unique position of negotiating with himself, since Congress won’t negotiate with him. Democrats could and SHOULD say: “OK, end to all foreign wars, and medicare for all,” but they don’t. So Trump said, “I’ll give you DACA as an opening volley, plus some other stuff we already agree on,” and they turned him down BEFORE HEARING it. SMH. Now they don’t like DACA? What can I say?

    If you don’t know who’s getting paid, who offered DACA, who votes in elections, or why the Senate exists — even though you have Google and everybody on Twitter is trying to tell you, including exhaustive daily facts from TAE — I don’t know what to say. I’ll just sit here and nod. But I know they’ll be coming to my house soon, intending violence, the violence of pure tolerance and love. How? Because they tell me so, every day. Why would I not believe them?

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