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    Brassaï The Sun King 1930   • There’s a New Curve in Town and It’s Flashing Red (BBG) • Trump Says Kim Summit Details To Be Unveiled Within Days
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    V. Arnold

    Brassaï: The Sun King 1930
    A treasure unfolded upon clicking the image; many photo’s with captions. Thank you Ilargi.
    The rest; a compilation of broken. Corrupt. Criminal. Lies. And the absurd.
    I seem to be short on humor these days, although lord knows, I try…


    I picked a few Brassaï photos and chose the least obvious one first. He has this whole series of ‘ornaments’, I may have to come back to those. And he kept good company in Paris!

    V. Arnold

    Yes, he most certainly did keep good company.
    I enjoyed the younger Picaso and Dali, to name a few, pictures.

    V. Arnold

    This Netanyahu (sick, old, and totally corrupt) bullshit is just boring; same shit, different day. His lies, re: Iran, are more than 10 years old.
    The thing is; the thing is that we have to waste so much time and energy debunking new lies, old lies, any lies. Why is that?
    Makes me tired all over!
    But then, that’s the point, right?
    This only works when the target is already defeated, tired, and worn down.


    Netanyahu lied!!!
    Netanyahu misspoke!
    Netanyahu mislead!
    Netanyahu did not steal from Iran!
    Netanyahu does not posses Iran knowledge to make an atomic bomb!
    Netanyahu did not admit to doing anything wrong on TV!

    You can trust Netanyahu to never use an atomic weapon first.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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