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    Margaret Bourke-White Great Ohio River Flood, Louisville, Kentucky 1937   • The Soaring Dollar Will Lead To An “Explosive” Market Repricing (ZH)
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    V. Arnold

    • Scientists Revise Their Understanding of Novichok (Slane)

    “ of its primary effects is to generate in its victims a strong desire to go out for a beer followed by a pizza.”



    Here is a bit of very heavy sarcasm from a remote corner of Ireland. Quite upsetting really.

    Expelled Russian Diplomats Allowed Back After Shooting Some Palestinians

    All I can add is if the yokels of Waterford have grasped that the mainstream media is spewing nonsense then the game is over. I guess they will now have to become more overtly controlling.

    Dr. D

    Could leave small bank middle man and go to cryptos. –Just sayin’

    I don’t know about NZ, but everywhere else there are plenty of homes, most of which are empty. They’re empty due to housing costs, which turns them into greater-fool investments that pay for themselves, which is caused by each nation printing money and handing it to their insider billionaires, primarily by dropping interest rates.

    But let’s say that’s not true. Apparently in NZ — and in contrast to every other inch of planet earth — the road to pure riches is milking cows. Yay! So their solid dairy gold is so fabulously wealthy it’s drawing people OFF the farms and INTO the cities…hold on, I’m confused. Nevermind: my point is, like England the U.S., if you left Flint Michigan for San Francisco, then there are plenty of empty houses back in Michigan, and everywhere else from Arlington to Sacramento. So….why are the economies of Dayton, Billings, and Blackpool so utterly destroyed that human life is no longer supported there? Maybe if you fixed that people wouldn’t leave for London, S.F., or Christchurch and you’d have plenty of houses, just like before they started printing money and handing it out to billionaires in Minski’s Stage Three Ponzi Finance? I know no one will care, but something to think about doing after it collapses and the poor are going house to house with crowbars, hunting you in Georgetown. Maybe you could have just left them and their money alone and left them in Flint?


    This mornings blog is sending me on trip down memory lane.

    When I was young, a group of us would spend our coffee breaks on a breaking news topic and before the end of the coffee break, we had properly identified the real problem and had found multiple solutions.

    Unfortunately, not one of us was socially or economically positioned to implement our solutions.

    Today, with the web, at the speed of light, millions of people are made aware of the problems.

    Yet, the solutions are not being implemented,


    Zerosum obviously coffee is the answer to the way of finding solution and yet Harvard said it was alcohol
    Dr. D. I don’t know why people leave the country towns and farms for the big cities but perhaps it is because there are no jobs there. Perhaps they think the grass is greener on the other side. It never is. Currently here in NZ the new Government is spending money on those rural area. For example there is talk, and I know talk is cheap, of moving the Ports of Auckland to Northland which is a beautiful but poor area north of Auckland. That would certainly be a win win situation for both areas.


    Thanks for the coffee.


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