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    Dr D Rich


    Stupid…….mean and vindictive.

    Indeed and in deed, the Forever Child, The Narcissist.

    Tim Groves

    Terrence Howard Went On Joe Rogan And Spoke About His New Periodic Table, Gravity Being Fake, And His Memory From His Mother’s Womb In An Absolutely WILD 3 Hour Podcast

    Dr. John, it’s good to periodically revise the periodic table. The cause of gravity has never been successfully explained, but the effects are surely not in doubt? Apples still fall down, moons still orbit planets, planets still orbit stars, etc. I might get around to listening to Terrence Howard talking to Joe Rogan in order to find out what he says about the subject, but calling gravity “fake” is a bit like calling the Protocols of the Elders of Zion “a forgery”, when for all we know it might have been a piece of nineteenth century Monty Python.

    Memories from a mother’s womb should be treated as a psychological condition. FFMS (Fetal False Memory Syndrome) should cover it. As a thoroughly modern old fogey, when I don’t know very much about a question, I ask a friendly bot. It’s a sad comment on the times that the bots are generally better informed than most of the people in my social circle, although the bots have a lot of biases programmed into their responses. Here’s what the bot told me:

    The scientific consensus on this topic is still evolving, but here’s a summary of what we currently know:
    There is some evidence that fetuses can form rudimentary memories while in the womb. Studies have shown that newborn infants can recognize and respond to sounds, smells, and even melodies that they were exposed to regularly during pregnancy. This suggests that the fetal brain is capable of encoding and retaining certain perceptual experiences.
    However, the extent and nature of fetal memory is still debated. Fetuses likely do not have the cognitive capacity for the kind of detailed autobiographical memories that adults can form. Any “memories” they may have would be more akin to implicit, sensory-based recollections rather than explicit, conscious recollections.
    As for people having genuine memories of being in the womb, the scientific consensus is that this is highly unlikely. The brain structures necessary for forming long-term, declarative memories do not fully develop until after birth. Any apparent “memories” of the womb are most likely false memories or confabulations, rather than accurate recollections.
    Overall, the research indicates that fetuses can perceive and retain some basic sensory information, but the idea of people consciously remembering their time in the womb is not supported by the scientific evidence. The development of memory and consciousness happens primarily after birth.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)
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