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    Roy Lichtenstein Crying girl 1964   • Judge Merchan Becomes an Oddity in his Own Courtroom (Turley) • Lawrence O’Donnell Mocked Over Pathetic Def
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    Kaja Kallas, Prime Minister of Estonia

    Another WEF whore, she is also associated with the “Global Young Leaders Conference”, another eilte attempt to pick the most earnestly ambitious from among the proles, teach them to obey in order to receive rewards, then promote them massively into political positions of power.

    Of course, she looks like a woman, but you can bet your ass that she is being run by a man who wants his authoritarian agenda to look a little bit softer, more cuddly. The only problem is that all these female politicians – and why do they all look the same, like bland beige curtains – are now totally recognisable. It must have been the same in Hitler’s day, the men in the jackboots were the Nazis, you didn’t even need to see their insignia or name badge.

    The only satisfaction i get from this is that it continues ancient history; whores are the oldest profession. The less-than-the-best thinking and looking women will frequently turn to this means of earning money. The Rothschilds wives must be looking down their hooked noses at these cheap hussies.

    Dr. D

    “Bad Blood? The Uncertainty Around Microclots and Long Covid
    Scientists are debating whether microscopic blood clots are responsible for the wide range of symptoms in long Covid” –Undark

    But we know for a fact it’s not that One Thing. Because the same symptoms are in Australia where there was only the One Thing. So we now admit it’s happening. But only if there is a rather invasive and really expensive cure around it. And if it’s not the One Thing. Other doctors (insurers, National Health) say they shouldn’t take this expensive therapy, they should just remain entirely disabled and perhaps die since it might not work.

    “In another study, Pretorius, Kell, and other researchers reported that adding part of the spike protein from SARS-CoV-2 triggers amyloid clotting in plasma samples from healthy people”

    “Pretorius believes that microclots [aka “Spike Proteins”] function as “little garbage bags” that roll through blood vessels, entrapping various proteins and bits of molecular debris.”

    The article itself is moderately technical and has this approach: ““I’m not a clinician,” she said. “But I do support the efforts of the clinicians that want to try different things to try to help patients.” Revolutionary. But that wouldn’t be telling everybody what to do.

    “Hunt’s response was that working off the written account, “I would be unable to reproduce the assay in my lab.” The method needs to be more clearly presented” That seems a very level and appropriate approach between scientists. I hope they clear it it up.

    ““You can’t just jump into any study and go straight to triple therapy,” said Banerjee, the study’s principal investigator. Safety needs to be shown first “with single-agent, randomized evidence.” Versus,

    “In the U.K., we’ve got maybe 2 million people affected, according to the most reliable current estimates, and at least a third of them are severely disabled,”

    This was much run in the U.S. for off-label use of medications by doctors, which suddenly and magically, was no longer allowed, although perfectly legal and ethical. This continues to this day, but only for the One Thing. Off-label use in the attempt to cure people remains perfectly normal, and constant and you would be fired for NOT trying to cure a patient or their symptoms for any disease except the One Thing.

    Compared with this:

    “Court Lets Lawsuit Over Refusal To Give Dying Woman Ivermectin Proceed
    Mrs. Bucko improved further with the second round of ivermectin, but the system changed the prescription and stopped administering it after five days.”

    Translation: a DOCTOR, PRESCRIBED a cure. OTHER people jumped in the middle and stopped the Doctor, although she was improving. Is that Man 2 or Reckless Endangerment? Again, if you tackle someone running to save a drowning woman, what crime is that?

    “Another Sanction Failure: The US Blacklisted Xiaomi Three Years Ago Now it Makes EVs
    Just three years ago, the Chinese company Xiaomi decided to build cars. It succeeded where Apple failed…”

    I was more thinking: this is what you can do if you have “Profit”. You can TRY new things. This is what happens when you make and do stuff and have “Engineers”. You can have them make the things you want to try. That’s not to say it will be a success, that’s a different issue. And you need a method to stop trying, roll up their assets and move on without dumping infinity into a loss. (Markets. Bankruptcy.) But the Profit, the “Capital”, allows you to TRY.

    (link bots)

    Dr. D

    From yesterday: “Insane Footage Shows Tornado Destroying Wind Farm In Iowa”

    It’s hard to grasp how big this is (or isn’t). Probably a 20-story building.


    Following Trump and RFK uselessly, as they support all kinds of stupid and ridiculous things. Just sayin’. How to you get elected into a society of morons? Well, I’m afraid you might have to say things like “The plants told me they don’t like Brawndo”, whether or not that’s true or smart. The first step would be removing the people Moron-O-Zizing them, so we can start having intelligent democratic conversations again. This is happening in UK Alexander says, they are desperate to PREVENT all discussion and Political activity in UK, over the Russia (aka “National Suicide”) thing. …And are losing, just like here. Look at Galloway.

    “had US Marshalls show up at her house, the FBI, she was interrogated by Biden’s DOJ twice and now she is facing up to 50 years in prison for” For filing paperwork. And talking about it. That is a crime.

    Remember kids: Speech Is Violence! And therefore “Violence Is Speech.” Right? Well, I don’t know which is better but I know which is more fun!

    “May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.”


    (link bots)

    Dr. D

    “The judge chastised Costello and even challenged him”

    Push-up match, bro! Come at me! I LOVE it. Definitely want to make this trial into the Clown Show it actually is. I can’t protect you from yourself: please keep talking.

    …Speaking of which, Fani is on the speaking tour to repair her reputation…but then she opened her mouth. No joke, but not worth posting, she just said the same stuff: asking her where a million dollars of State money went that she and her lover-employee blew in the Caribbean is racist. This is why only white people can embezzle.

    “How much did Cohen take in total over the years? No way it’s just $30,000.”

    No one knows the amount yet? It’s both $30k and $60k all over. How is there a statute of limitations on stealing a house? Can I REALLY rob a bank and just spend the money scot-free after only 7 years. This is my new retirement plan, way faster than a 401k.

    ““Biden just drained the Northeast strategic gasoline reserve to push gas lower by a few cents on July 4..”

    Excellent: now we’re completely helpless. Like having no weapons, having no gas is a way to have the Generals say “Sorry boss, we literally could not fight this war if we wanted to. And we really, REALLY want to.”

    Generals and Majors, so sad when there’s no war. Thanks to Biden, they’ll have to walk there with their donkey and hit them with sticks and stones. It’s the only way to stop them, this level of Neocons. Ukraine isn’t the only country Russia is deNazifying.

    “• Estonia PM Calls For Breakup Of Russia (RT)

    You DO know Russia is listening, right? What would you do, how would you behave if you were Russia and heard this? Or let’s say they said their avowed goal, by the highest, foremost official power of the nation was to destroy the United States, your state, your family, and you? And that they will use all their power and never stop until you are ruined? What’s your response? …And what’s your response when they are a chihuahua?

    Never stop talking. Let us all know who you are. The real problem was this was all denied for decades, I would point to it and people would say I’m crazy, it’s not real, we don’t have to worry about that. (After refusing to read a single word, and saying How did you get in my house?) Now that it’s not deniable, and we all see Daddy doing cocaine on the kitchen floor with his hooker-girlfriend, can we all talk about this, Mom? Is it happening now yet?

    Here’s the problem: CAN you do anything but take over Estonia to stop this stuff? And IF you take them over, you have to then control them when they’ll be justified in resisting you, right? This sucks. Cycle of violence, how does it stop? (Cut off the money from the outside bankers paying infinity for this to happen)

    “• Zelensky ‘Yelling At Generals’ – The Economist (RT)

    More, “Why am I reading this?” The Economist is literally a Rothschild paper. I know it’s a trigger word to say that but it’s literally true, and there literally are Euro banks with “Roths” in the name on the door. Honest! They actually exist. “The greatest trick for the devil is to make people think he doesn’t exist.” Hold my beer. You can get a passbook savings from this bank and they STILL don’t exist but are a made-up theory of kooks.

    Anyway, not “A Paper” but THIS paper. Hard core, center-of-the-universe, movers-and-shakers are saying Ze is nutso. The war is lost. This is AFTER Ignatious, hard-core, well-known mouthpiece of the CIA top brass, says Ze is hiding in his office, alone and unconnected, under his desk surrounded by sandbags. Last month.


    Alex is constantly beside himself with YET ANOTHER case where Ze defends every square inch, YET AGAIN getting surrounded and YET AGAIN annihilated to a man. “But we can’t win if we keep giving ground.” Yeah, about that: you also can’t win if you get surrounded. There’s a reason troops move around so they can get an angle on the enemy.

    “• West Sweating Over Zelensky’s Crashing Popularity – Russian Intel (RT)

    Ze is Russia’s greatest ally. Russia is in no danger so long as he is President.

    “• Zelensky Wants NATO To Shoot Down Russian Missiles (RT)

    Hahaha! We’d like that too! We can’t.

    Nuland is of course out saying, “Hey, let’s just go nuke every Russian city. They won’t mind.” Where do they FIND these people? I mean, Amazing! Good work! But How do you DO it?

    “• Nuland Comments On Potential Official NATO Deployment To Ukraine (RT)

    • Let Ukraine Use US Weapons To Strike Inside Russia – Nuland (RT)


    “British Foreign Secretary Prime Minister David Cameron similarly suggested this month that Ukraine “has the right” to strike targets inside Russia with UK-provided weapons.”

    This is all over. Ze says he needs targeting (already has it) and NATO troops officially (already has it, technically the targeting appears to be done by sheep-dipped Special forces for technical reasons).

    So again: WE provide 100% the training, the money, the weapons, the targeting, Ukraine just says “Push this red button.” Boom. …But we ain’t involved or nothin’. And their new thing: We’re providing NATIONAL forces, not NATO forces – Macron. Uh-huh. Sure.

    “if such an attack was to happen, it would consider any British military assets, on Ukrainian soil or elsewhere, fair game for retaliation.”

    Clearly from their mouthiness, Britain really wants to find out. My God. If only. It appears to be the only thing that can stop them. They need to seriously lose a war, which is terrible for their people who have little to do with it and are more propagandized than North Koreans, but what can I say?

    “Switzerland will host a peace conference on Ukraine on June 15-16 near Lucerne with up to 120 heads of state expected to participate”

    It goes like this: WE all decided. Now WE are all giving you, Russia, an ultimatum. Including Switzerland which is no longer even slightly neutral.

    OR ELSE WHAT? Meet you on the battlefield, pal. …This does not occur to them for reasons inexplicable, and thank God, or they’d actually be dangerous not losing losers who lose, then lose forgetting they’re losing and lost. Britain specifically. Britain JUST SAID they have no military. At all. In a miracle-place where birds sing and bring down bullets from the sky like “Snow White” it will take “Years” to have any military at all. In actuality, that’s A Decade, almost certainly SEVERAL decades. 25 years? Yeah, uh, Russia, can you just hold off a sec, bro, I’ll be right with you. Just put your finger on this string where there’s a DMZ even before the borders of Oblasts you already took. Thanks, appreciate it.

    Reality: WTF? You would think to God I am making this up, it’s impossible for sentient humans to do this. AND brought up again, Ukraine was the whole European energy plan, as they have none. They were trying to keep the REST of the planet from using oil in tanks and planes because they don’t have any. Um, yes, I kid you not this was/is actually their plan. “Oh,” China says, “I guess we won’t build any tanks and defend ourselves then.” Nope’ we’ll built solar-electric tanks like you do. And also Europe – being the most important and ONLY place in the world – the “Garden People”, will deign to PERMIT the slanty-eyed yellow people who are too ignorant to make chips to ALLOW them to SELL their goods to Europe. …But only at a loss. You understand. And only if you beg and follow ALL our colonial dictates including amputating your children.

    Yeah, all the coal, gas, etc that would even stop-gap Europe was all in Donbas. Plus any of the people who do actual work and aren’t chainsaw-thieving, coke-snorting gay bois. That’s why they’ll collapse without (stealing) the Donbas. …Eventually.

    “• FBI Agents Were Prepared for Secret Service Resistance at Mar-a-Lago (ET)

    Meh. Just added to the list of people they kill with no right, no reason, and no legal warrant. Welcome to the Party, pal.

    “..China’s share of world GDP based on purchasing power parity reached 18.73%, while that of the USA was 15.56%..”• The Failure of Western Financial Sanctions (Metri)

    We sanctioned them, so they built an electric car from scratch, hardly noticing we exist. …As it should be. Whyyyyyyyy does everyone worldwide care about, look at, read, bother with, anything to do with America or our leaders? You’re just encouraging them. I ignore them all and I live here. Why bother? Ain’t nobody following no laws: look at Chicago.

    “• Klaus Schwab Steps Down As World Economic Forum Executive Chairman (ZH)

    “World Mourns as Klaus Schwab, 86, is not dead.“ –BBee

    “Tesla talked about there being an aether”

    Yes, but this story is very, very complicated and mostly misrepresented on the Internet. “Roughly true” is far away from “Actually true.”

    Here’s a good one:


    Zelensky’s popularity stands below 20%.

    So 20% of Ukraine are Nazis that love being ruled by the Jews – the real story of WW2?

    He is a servant to the oligarchs, he kisses ass, he does not expect his ass to be kissed in return, instead he expects to send his wife on shopping trips to Paris while the Ukraine men die in the trenches. Popularity declined; not unless the mental illness rate has declined.


    if you listen to the terrence howard interview there is enough magical crazy that me likey. I think sometimes a crazy like a van gogh or Alex Jones or whatevz just has a crazy spark. It is outside the known – to us. But not necessarily not knowable. The world needs people who question EVERYTHING and this dude is questioning gravity for christ’s sakes.
    He was pretty bang on re the science of spike protein as a toxin and vaccine injury mechanisms too so I’m staying open.
    My wife gets a massive wide on for the dude so I should probs not be a fan boy just yet. That’s a type of weird I’m not digging.
    I’ll say one other thing. I can’t really explain why but after listening to Terrence I felt a strange lessening of my fear around death. It was cosmic and not rational.
    I liked the feeling.
    Great rant yesterday Dr D.


    “Tesla talked about there being an aether”
    some discussion over the last few days seems not to take into account there is a major line of demarkation in the world of physics and reconsideration of the advance of biological organism at this moment. Quite a few are certain that the science is settled on most everything. This perspective, of “settled science”, seemingly exists across the political spectrum, maybe it is a cultural phenomena.

    What am i gonna believe?
    My lyin eye’s or what i tell myself?

    What am i going to accept as fundamental?
    That which you paid $50,000 for me to believe or
    the light focused on my retina and being transmitted along the optic nerve to my brain?

    What’s in it for me?
    world’s oldest profession

    personal point of curiosity: Why is the oldest profession’s origin so often associated with mono-gametes?
    Was Adam’s middle name John?



    1. A kangaroo court, an unofficial court held by a group of people in order to try someone regarded, especially without good evidence, as guilty of a crime or misdemeanor.

    2. Donald Trump had sex with Stormy Daniels

    3. MSNBC and CNN. MSNBC legal correspondent Lisa Rubin described Cohen as a “fabricator, liar or forgetful person.” (a lawyer)
    CNN’s Anderson Cooper discussed how the testimony was “devastating for Michael Cohen’s credibility.” (a lawyer)
    CNN’s legal analyst Elie Honig said that Cohen had his “knees chopped out” by the defense.
    Blanche: “So you stole from the Trump Organization, right?” (a lawyer)
    Cohen: “Yes, sir.” Not much ambiguity but Cohen went on to explain that he intentionally inflated costs to just pocket tens of thousands of dollars. (a lawyer fee)
    He admitted it was theft, plain and simple. (a lawyer fee)
    A mammoth, 1050-page bill that was meant to avert government shutdown, but was yet another pork filled free-for-all bonanza authorizing $1.7 trillion in in discretionary spending, we stumbled upon something that was truly shocking: after Biden singlehandedly drained half of the US strategic petroleum reserve to avoid obliteration for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections, Congress has snuck in a provision that would sell off and shutter the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve,
    This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2024’’.

    “..almost hysterically demanded support for his peace formula as a means to force Russia to its knees..”
    “Kiev is run by a lawless and criminal regime,”


    John Day

    Terrence Howard Went On Joe Rogan And Spoke About His New Periodic Table, Gravity Being Fake, And His Memory From His Mother’s Womb In An Absolutely WILD 3 Hour Podcast

    John Day

    Terrence speaks for a minute about waking up in the womb, discovering his hand before his face, making a mental note to remember, being compressed as he was being born, and being circumcised (not described in detail, but most docs don’t use anesthesia. I did.)

    He is very good at weaving concepts, which are “dangerous” over-simplifications of “reality”.
    Physics is weird that way. Our concepts, which serve our daily human experiences, don’t serve in physics, which reality has to be derived experimentally, though math is also a valid tool, when correctly applied.
    Folks may be mesmerized and carried down his path. Interesting talents he has.
    I hope he is not an acolyte of The Dark Side.

    Doc Robinson

    Assange “Q again: is this a full appeal?”

    As explained by Craig Murray, an earlier judgement limited Assange’s potential appeals to extremely narrow grounds, which “explicitly gag the defence from ever mentioning again in court inconvenient facts, such as United States war crimes including murder, torture and extraordinary rendition, as well as the plans by the United States to kidnap or assassinate Julian Assange.”

    The latest judgement granted Assange’s right to appeal on the limited basis of “freedom of speech and discrimination by nationality” and affirmed that this “right to appeal applied to every count of the indictment”, but as Murray confirmed, “all of the other issues have fallen away and cannot be reintroduced”.

    The potential danger of an appeal, the granting of which would achieve the United States’ objective of putting the actual extradition back beyond the election date, was that it would allow the airing in public of a great catalogue of war crimes and other illegal activity which had been exposed by Wikileaks.

    Sharp and Johnson have obviated this danger by adjourning the decision with the possibility of granting an appeal, but only on extremely limited grounds. Those grounds would explicitly gag the defence from ever mentioning again in court inconvenient facts, such as United States war crimes including murder, torture and extraordinary rendition, as well as the plans by the United States to kidnap or assassinate Julian Assange.

    All of those things are precluded by this judgment from ever being raised again in the extradition hearings. The politically damaging aspect of the case in terms of the Manning revelations and CIA behaviour has been cauterised in the UK.

    the right to appeal had been granted on grounds 4 and 5 of the applications – i.e. Freedom of Speech and Discrimination by Nationality. She also stated explicitly that the right to appeal applied to every count of the indictment, thus rejecting Lewis’s argument that some of the charges could not attract a freedom of speech defence.

    The parties were given until 24 May to submit a joint memorandum on procedure and timetabling for the appeal hearing.

    It is very important to understand that all of the other issues have fallen away and cannot be reintroduced. We are now down to the one narrow point on freedom of speech and discrimination by nationality.

    John Day

    Nattokinase comes from a fermented soy food, “Natto”.
    It is a “kinase”, so dissolves protein bonds. It dissolves fibrinous clots to some degree. It is cheap and OTC.
    Don’t try nattokinase for COVID “vaccine” related clotting or to reverse coronary artery plaques (40% after 1 year at almost 12,000 fibrinolytic-units per day cardiac-dose). It’s bad for bidness.

    Other things not-to-try here:

    I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment

    John Day

    Doc Robinson: Thanks for the clarification of the narrowness of the grounds for appeal on behalf of Julian Assange. Only a few technicalities may be considered, not TRUTHS.


    How to dig in the weeds and find the pork.

    Use the search at top right of the document – “closure”
    Item 9 of 10 will bring you to page 441 and the piece of pork
    “, the Secretary of Energy shall draw down and
    9 sell one million barrels of refined petroleum product from
    10 the Strategic Petroleum Reserve during fiscal year 2024”



    FBI at Trump Palace

    Mistakes were; made mistakes were made!
    (Proclaims this wormy, monstrous clade)
    Those eat the souls of them who planned ‘em-
    But play well to their stupid fandom.

    Windmills in Iowa

    You cannot fix a weakened chain
    By adding links much stronger.
    The only thing you really gain
    Is making the chain longer.


    Sorry about the stupid punctuation error.
    edit: Mistakes were made; mistakes were made!

    John Day
    John Day

    Goose, Gander, “good”.

    China Slaps Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon With Sanctions Over Arms Sales To Taiwan


    Boeing engineering: On a wing and a prayer.

    China snuffed gold’s recent run up by raising margin requirements twice.

    That woke Ukrainian hooker, making housecalls, is going to be the death of all of her male clients.
    By posting a video of herself, all the Ukrainian body snatchers need to do is to follow her!
    She will raise enough men to fill a brigade!
    And put herself out of business!
    She must have gone to Harvard!

    Julian has not won anything.
    He is still a dead man.

    Any idea that the Ukrainian war is going to end this year or next year is just pure copium.
    This is a banker’s war.
    Russia said maybe 2026?

    The bankers require all heads of states to attend the gig in Switzerland.
    It is all about not giving peace a chance.
    The bankers want war!


    At the ophthalmologists office, I was answering the usual barrage of questions and this popped in: “Are you vaccinated against Covid 19?” I said “no”, then “wait- why did you ask that?”
    She: “They just want to know…”.
    Me: “Who is “they?”
    She: “I can take it off- you don’t have to answer.”
    Me: “Okay. But it’s a bit moot now, isn’t it?”
    So now I am going back and will ask if I have the code “Z28-310” on my record. I will tell them to remove it if she put it in anyway. (hahahaha.)
    I wish I had been a quicker thinker.
    I have been trying a novel approach to my macular hole*, but it is only slowing it down- not getting rid of it as hoped.
    Would you put yourself under the knife (the next option) in such a place? This is why I wanted to know if a doctor would “vaccinate” someone under anesthesia. I will ask the surgeon if he is “vaccinated” and what his opinion is about those who are not.

    *A macular hole causes a severe distortion in the center of the vision in the affected eye.

    John Day

    @MPSK: The form was not finalized, so the answer to the COVID-vaccinated question was probably removed before finalizing. It seems that medical-office attitudes have softened since late 2021, when I was fired for vaccine-refusal.
    You will be right to ask about “Z28-310”, but once entered, the thing will persist in some database…

    John Day

    The End Of Something

    The Honest Sorcerer, (Not “useful” without competent “users”) The End of Science as a Useful Tool
    Quality of education, together with a capability to think through and solve complex matters, are all heading in the wrong direction; while science itself is becoming ever more sophisticated by the day. Is it any wonder then, that more and more scientists are needed to produce less and less breakthroughs? I’m not saying there were absolutely no progress made in recent decades, but the rate of discoveries are clearly pointing towards a decline. Based on the data presented here and in Sabine’s videos, a good case could be made that we are indeed at our limits when it comes to science and progress. And our prospects are not a tad bit rosier either.
    ​ Is it any wonder then, that scientific research activity has been slowly converting into a ‘paper mill’? Just like any other business past its innovative phase (Apple?), science has become a ‘cash cow’: feasting on grants and churning out publications no one reads or takes seriously. (Watch Sabine’s own account: it’s both heart breaking and revelating in so many ways.) Now add AI to the mixture — cobbling up papers at an even faster rate — and the only thing reaching warp speed will be the enshittification of the whole enterprise; turning science into an exercise in futility.
    ​ What we see here is perfectly normal, and has been repeated in various ways throughout history. Pushed beyond a certain point human rationality reaches it’s limits, putting an end to a civilization’s age of reason, and bringing back superstitious beliefs.

    ​ Terrence Howard has an unusual gift for re-synthesis of established concepts into a novel conceptual framework. This happens within his mind, where he holds this complex image for explanation to others. His ability is impressive and enchanting. His talent is remarkable. He does not quite comprehend science in a workable way, but most people don’t. Be careful…
    I am most interested in his one minute explaining his awakening within his mother’s womb, recounting that he made a mental note to remember. Also in this one minute are his recollections of being born, and circumcised.
    ​ Terrence Howard Went On Joe Rogan And Spoke About His New Periodic Table, Gravity Being Fake, And His Memory From His Mother’s Womb In An Absolutely WILD 3 Hour Podcast

    ​ Simplicius has this Ukraine update: Ukrainian Streets Deserted as New Mobilization Hits [Only women go out in public now in Ukrainian cities.]
    The Russian Armed Forces are increasing their air force in the Republic of Belarus. They are also accumulating forces and resources in the southern (Ukrainian) direction. Recall that the only two real cities Russia could possibly use Belarus as a staging area and springboard for are either Kiev or Chernigov…
    ..It could all be maskirovka, of course—but it certainly is thought-provoking. It’s in Russia’s best interest to stretch the front as much as possible and totally break Ukraine’s ability to resist, exhausting their units. The only question is how much of the newly-raised forces does Russian command dare commit to such a long-term operation, and how much heavy armor and gear does Russia have to equip another such large force.
    ​ Interestingly, in the new NYTimes Oped by Rob Lee and Michael Kofman, they openly admit the latest tactic is exhausting Ukraine’s best brigades for precisely the reason I’ve outlined for months—they are being whisked willy-nilly to and fro to plug gaps because Russian logistics agility is superior​.

    ​(10 minutes) Empty Streets Of Ukraine | Klishchiivka Has Fallen. Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.05.22

    John Day

    [The Economist is a Rothschild-owned publication, like a “state mouthpiece”.] Zelensky ‘yelling at generals’ – The Economist
    The Ukrainian president allegedly believes that he is being kept in the dark about the situation at the front​
    ​ Denis Yaroslavsky, a local commander who made national headlines for complaining that fortifications that were supposed to prevent Russian advances did not really exist, told The Economist that Zelensky “is being kept in a warm bath” – that is, being told comforting lies by his aides.
    ​ The Economist’s anonymous government source said the president has been clashing with Ukrainian generals after allegedly sensing that he was not getting the whole truth about the frontline situation.​

    ​ He’s so impolite lately: Ukraine ‘a classic failed state’ – Medvedev
    Kiev is run by a lawless and criminal regime, the former Russian president has said
    ​ Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s decision not to hold elections means his government has no legitimacy, according to Dmitry Medvedev, the head of Russia’s Security Council.
    ​ Zelensky’s five-year mandate expired on Tuesday but he has argued that the Ukrainian constitution does not allow him to call new presidential or parliamentary elections during martial law, which he declared in February 2022.
    ​ “All these manipulations with laws mean only one thing – the death of the failed state of Ukraine, its transformation into a classic failed state, to use American vocabulary,” Medvedev told TASS news agency on Monday.​

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow (Russia “Not bluffing”, he says.) WION, Indian global television, on the Russian nuclear weapon drills at the Ukrainian border​
    In a six minute interview this morning on India’s premier English-language global broadcaster, I was given the opportunity to talk about video coverage of ongoing Russian military exercises using nuclear capable missiles at the Ukrainian border. In particular, Russian state television yesterday drew attention to their MIG31s carrying nuclear armed hypersonic Kinzhal missiles. The Kinzhals have a 500 km range, carry a 5 kiloton punch and are virtually unstoppable, as their use in the destruction of American Patriot air defense installations near Kiev demonstrated some months ago when only conventionally armed.
    ​ Let us have no illusions. This end game phase of the Russian-Ukraine war, when the Ukrainian forces are being battered on the ground and forced to retreat with heavy losses, is fraught with dangers of escalation to hot war between NATO and Russia. The United States, Britain and France have been throwing caution to the wind and are escalating madly to prevent disaster on the field of battle and Ukrainian capitulation. Moscow’s tactical nuclear weapons exercises represent an attempt to bring the West to its senses. Whether they will succeed in doing so is an open question.​

    Russia ready to help Iran investigate Raisi’s helicopter crash — Putin​ , The Russian leader described Raisi’s death as a big loss​

    Iran to hold presidential elections on June 28​ , to appoint a new president for the country on July 8.​

    John Day

    ​ US Navy Warships In Red Sea Targeted By Never Before Seen Ballistic Missiles​, During a media briefing on Monday, Cmdr. Jeremy Robertson, the captain of the guided-missile destroyer USS Carney, said that never-before-seen ballistic missiles targeted U.S. Navy warships in the Red Sea.​

    ​ American Doctors Stranded in Gaza Ask for the US to End Support for Genocide
    The doctor credited for saving Senator Tammy Duckworth’s life in Iraq, Adam Hamawy, and other American doctors say they are shocked by the cruelty of Israel’s war​

    Norway, Ireland and Spain say they will recognize a Palestinian state, deepening Israel’s isolation​

    Outraged Israel Recalls Ambassadors From Spain, Norway, & Ireland Over Recognition Of Palestinian State​

    ​ ICC chief prosecutor seeks arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Hamas leaders
    Israel’s PM and defense minister as well as Hamas leaders, are suspected of committing war crimes, Karim Khan has said​

    John Day

    EU Members Will Have To Arrest Netanyahu After ICC Warrant: Borrell​

    ​ Paradoxically… ICC decision rescues Netanyahu’s political career — Politico
    ​ According to the newspaper, “just when it appeared Benjamin Netanyahu’s days in power might finally be numbered, up steps the International Criminal Court to save him.” The news outlet insists that accusing the Israeli leadership of war crimes in the Gaza Strip will not result in “a pause in the fighting, accusations of war crimes will cause Israelis to rally around their embattled prime minister.”​

    Israel’s war on Gaza updates: ‘Hell on Earth’ as Israel intensifies attacks​

    ​ War on Gaza: Israeli forces attack two Jabalia hospitals as Rafah offensive intensifies
    Israel’s blockade on aid and intensified assault on Rafah have forced a UN agency to halt food distribution​

    ​ Gaza aid piles up in Egypt, US pier delivery falters​ [The Israeli military “delivers” the food from the US pier.]
    ​ UNITED NATIONS, May 20 (Reuters) – Food and medicine for Palestinians in Gaza are piling up in Egypt because the Rafah crossing remains closed and there has been no aid delivered to a U.N. warehouse from a U.S.-built pier for two days, U.N. officials warned on Monday.
    Senior U.N. aid official Edem Wosornu said there were insufficient supplies and fuel to provide any meaningful level of support to the people of Gaza as they endure Israel’s military onslaught against Hamas militants.​

    John Day

    ​ MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Israeli military is providing far-right activists and settlers with information on the location of aid trucks heading to the Gaza Strip, which they use to vandalize and block the vehicles, The Guardian reported on Tuesday, citing multiple sources.​—reports-1118568935.html

    ​ US, Israel undermining Palestinian statehood talks — Lavrov
    The Russian foreign minister reiterated that it is impossible to ensure stability in the Middle East without creating a Palestinian state​

    ​In Texas: WATCH: College Admins Tell Texas Students They’ll Be Arrested for Saying ‘From The River to the Sea’

    Alastair Crooke, Why are Israel and the West unravelling in tandem?
    ​ “In effect, for 57 years Israel has been living in a recurring loop of the seventh day of the Six-Day War. That reality, which in the 1970s was termed “protracted temporariness,” has become a permanent feature of Israel’s political and geopolitical ecosystem”.
    ​ It is a framework that has become Israel’s trap.
    ​ So why are Israel and the West unravelling in tandem? Well, it is firstly because they have become so inter-connected at the level of power structures (in both U.S. and Europe) to a point that it is difficult to know who has more heft within these power and media structures: Tel Aviv or the White House.
    ​ This means interdependency in terms of each’s international standing, and by extension, vulnerability to any collapse in Global standing.
    ​ So, whilst the West today ostensibly eschews literal settler colonialism (other than that practiced by Israel), it nonetheless has pursued a form of rent-seeking, financialised colonialism since WW2. That process also has become a permanent framework to the western political and geopolitical ecosystem.
    ​ The consequence is that as settler colonialism in Gaza moves starkly and darkly into view, the global majority sees both Israel and the West as explicitly colonial. No distinction is made – the Rules-Based Order is seen as just another iteration of the colonial eco-system. Thus, events in Gaza, amongst other things, have sparked a new wave of anti-colonial sentiment across the globe.​

    ​Hope? Massie Taunts AIPAC After Demolishing Primary Challengers

    John Day

    ​ India does not make much that Russia can use, but everybody needs oil.​ India-Russia trade deficit widens eightfold as crude imports surge
    ​ New Delhi’s trade deficit with Moscow has increased by 33% to over $57 billion in the 2023-24 financial year, Mint reported on Monday, citing India’s Commerce Ministry’s data. The trade deficit has grown eightfold since 2021-22, when India started ramping up oil purchases from Russia, while its exports during the same period increased by about 32%.
    ​ During last fiscal (India’s financial year is April 1 to March 31), the South Asian nation’s imports from Russia have increased by 33% to $61.4 billion, largely on the back of crude oil purchases. Indian exports to Russia stood at $4.2 billion, up by 35% and driven mainly by pharmaceutical products, telecom instruments, metals, and machinery.​

    ​Maybe India can get BRICS credits for helping Sri Lanka out of a dire financial crisis. Sri Lanka Wishes to Join BRICS, Looks for India’s Support
    ​ BRICS was established in 2009 as a cooperation platform for the world’s largest emerging economies, bringing together Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. On January 1, 2024, the bloc was expanded to include Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates.
    ​ Sri Lanka plans to join BRICS and seeks to gain support of India who is already a member of the organization, Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabry told the country’s Ani newspaper in an interview published on Monday.​–foreign-minister–1118559571.html

    ​She was doing better on physician-ordered ivermectin. The hospital stopped it. She died. Court Lets Lawsuit Over Refusal To Give Dying Woman Ivermectin Proceed

    Sasha Latypova explains the peculiar Catch-22 whereby it is illegal to perform research trials on “countermeasures” and “informed consent” may not be legally provided.
    How the US Government (FDA, DOD) removed the requirement for informed consent for EUA Countermeasures.​ Criminals do not follow laws. They write them.​

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, Criminals really need the liability protections and superpowers. What is the US global health security strategy and why does it look a lot like the WHO pandemic treaty? Some screenshots with commentary so you can see what the US government has in store with or without the WHO.

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD, South African President writes to the rest of the African Union on the Pandemic Treaty.
    Good news. It looks hopeful that the 54-nation Africa block will not let itself be splintered, and will stand firm on getting the minimal demands for real equity, no blank check.

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, noting that medical decisions and laws constitutionally rest with the states.​ 24 Republican Governors in the US have spoken out against the WHO!​

    ​Peter McCullough MD , Clinical Evaluation of Central Nervous System Inflammatory Demyelinating Diseases after COVID-19 Vaccination

    Steve Kirsch, The CDC and WHO claim that the MMR vaccine is the reason there are so few deaths and that the measles vaccines have saved millions of lives.​
    The MMR vaccine is extremely dangerous. It’s the vaccine associated with the most autism in the US. [Delaying administration to 18 months of age would mostly fix this.]
    Is there a mortality benefit that outweighs the risk?
    The answer is no.
    Even if you believe everything on the CDC website as to the mortality benefit, the MMR vaccines would save fewer than 5 lives a year in the US at a cost of over 50,000 new autism cases.
    Yet, all 50 states in the US require some form of measles vaccination for children. The parents are not given a choice. This is insane.
    So autism rates continue to skyrocket while measles deaths hover at around 1 per year…
    ..If you could only stop the use of one vaccine to reduce autism rates, the MMR vaccine would be your #1 choice, no doubt about it. Over 65% of the ASD cases are associated with the MMR vaccines alone….
    ​..If people stop vaccinating, there will be more cases because measles transmits rapidly (90% of people exposed to an infected person who are not already immune will catch it). The R0 is 12 – 18 which is very high.​ Also the IFR ​(infection fatality rate, higher in adults) for measles is estimated to be 0.1%.​ So there could very well be spikes in death if people do not get proper treatment.​ Predicting accurately what would happen would be difficult because the models have to be accurate.​

    DISEASE-X UPDATE: U.S. Bankrolling Creation of Deadlier, More Contagious Bird Flu Strains​ , Second Smartest Guy in the World​ ​

    John Day

    ​Kyle Young asks, “Is this the ultimate globalist weapon?” (See SBX-1 below) more on maui fires, dews, geoengineering, hurricane dora and otis

    ​This thing might have a HAARP derivative system in that big dome. Nothing is said about such specifics.
    The Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX-1) is a floating, self-propelled, mobile active electronically scanned array early-warning radar station designed to operate in high winds and heavy seas. It was developed as part of the United States Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) Ballistic Missile Defense System.


    Why create a Palestinian state​?
    The Palestinians have been living in the middle east since ???
    The middle east must be their state.


    They’re gonna cat/mouse Assange until the poor bastard is dead. Same shit is coming for all of us. Jewbankers want you dead. Why people don’t see it, refuse to accept it, can’t fathom it or pretend it will magically change…is beyond my comprehension. School and TV has mindfucked the goyim. There gonna walk right up to the edge of the ditch, wonder what went so wrong, and get shot in the back of the head.


    John Day said

    Terrence Howard Went On Joe Rogan And Spoke About His New Periodic Table, Gravity Being Fake, And His Memory From His Mother’s Womb In An Absolutely WILD 3 Hour Podcast

    Everybody is an expert in the internet era. Idiots like Howard run loose spouting absolute garbage and will be listened to, because someone paid for him to be on Rogan. Why would anyone put an idiot like this on Rogan, doesn’t this diminish the Rogan brand?

    It looks like some of the feedback on X was that it is now up to the conventional scientists to refute Howard. What the hell, someone comes on a radio show and spouts bullshit without any backing science AT ALL, absoultely nothing, but people believe him and think there is something to refute? Jesus, the people are stupid and the internet really is flooded with this sort of crap.


    more wisdom

    I fail to understand all this talk about land sales in Ukraine. How does land have value if there are no workers to farm or mine it? Who is going to return and face more kidnapping for whatever army the Bandera fanatics can put together? Or face land mines, unexploded munitions and heavy metal toxins amidst crushing debts?

    Or is this just more dumb failure to look more than two moves ahead as with the whole war?

    Posted by: Eighthman | May 22 2024 20:30 utc | 94

    Dr. D

    There are more land lost to western land sales than the entire area Russia occupies. Let that sink in. (A: “Collateral”. It doesn’t have to be real. It doesn’t have to be accurately priced. It only needs to be in the books.)

    There’s a war on? No problem, Soros kids (iirc) setup a deal to dump toxic waste there in the meantime. Country’s yours now: good luck! Goes on and on…


    On asking if you had the clot shot:

    A couple of months ago my Wife had a fainting spell while at a walk in clinic doctor’s office.
    The doctor ordered an ambulance and first the firemen arrived and did their thing no problem
    Then the ambulance people arrived, a man and a woman.
    Sure enough the woman asked if my Wife had had the clot shot.
    I said, hell no! If she had had the clot shot she would already be dead!
    The woman loudly exclaimed in shock “What she hasn’t been vaccinated!”
    I said, thank God!
    The man then quickly changed the subject, cutting her off!
    He could sense I was just a step away from calling her an idot!
    So he knew!

    Goes to show you just how indoctrinated most of the people in Canada really are!

    I am hoping the May 18th full mobilization law will do wonders for Ukraine’s ability to keep on fighting.
    Only by collectively silently and passively not obeying the government can this war end.
    The Ukrainian elites need to run out of foreign money for bodies before this war ends.
    But I am afraid they will soon start large searches, house by house.
    Apartments will be targeted first, because that is where the poorer people live.

    Time from being forceably being conscripted to death on the frontlines is now just one week.

    Those Ukrainian hookers are doing their part to reduce the Ukrainian birth rate to zero by running around and making house calls to collect sperm.
    Hopefully the body snatchers don’t follow the women.


    Get the facts not the opinions
    Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) 580 Sainte-Croix Ave, Suite 060, Saint-Laurent, QC, H4L 3X5.
    ©2007-2023 CJPME
    CJPME Factsheet 7, published July, 2004: This Factsheet Provides demographic information of Historical Palestine prior to 1948 in an effort to tell the often erased story of Palestine’s indigenous people. The Zionist Movement has long called Palestine “A land without a people, for a people without a land,” a slogan that galvanised Jews to move to Palestine and eventually led to the large-scale displacement of indigenous Palestinians.


    Thanks, John Day.

    Dr D Rich

    It’s worth repeating from yesterday. Celticbiker is proven right minute by minute, day after day AND we’re at war.

    We are at war. Call it Civil war Redux or a domestic insurrection. The house is divided. It cannot stand.

    No one can be said to be an indefatigable Trump Advocate to the point of lunacy (by lunacy I mean Lon Cheney werewolf style) more than Sundance over at TCT, The Conservative Treehouse. However here I must thoroughly agree with Her? except on the starting point. This internal war is at least 23 years in the making.

    Here’s Sundance in part:

      Some people are expressing shock that the FBI was prepared to use deadly force against President Trump and his Secret Service security detail during the DOJ raid on Mar-a-Lago.  Julie Kelly has the DETAILS HERE.

      I am not surprised in the least.  Remember, the objective of the FBI raid was to resecure the physical evidence that President Trump had showing how the DOJ and FBI action in 2016 was targeting him using the power of their law enforcement and intelligence agencies.   The origination of all the DOJ/FBI/IC issues goes back to the ’15/’16 FBI exploitation of the NSA database; this is not a contested discussion issue – it’s just continually forgotten.

      The FBI was using their access to the NSA metadata of all Americans, to conduct surveillance on political candidates that might be a threat to the power structures that exploited the secrets within the electronic records of all Americans.  The FBI was/is conducting domestic surveillance and tracking just like the German Stasi or Soviet KGB.  It’s still happening, but we are not supposed to remember or something.

      The raid on Mar-a-Lago, just like the Robert Mueller investigation, was part of the long standing coverup operation.  The FBI was looking for what Trump took with him as evidence of the weaponized system that targeted him


    Dr. D. Rich:

    It must really rile the deep state that they failed to find the binder!
    Maybe we should be grateful they all work for the government!

    Reminds me of the time I cornered a black Lada with 4 black leather coated KGB agents in front of the apartment building I was living at. Naturally my bus driver had to back up to let them escape!

    My Father used to complain about how stupid government was but then always would say maybe we should be grateful that they are so stupid!

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