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    Giovanni Bellini Pietà 1474   • We’re in It Now for Sure (Kunstler) • False Russia Collusion Story Began And Ended With Hillary Clinton (JTN) • F
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 24 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Giovanni Bellini Pietà 1474

    Frankly; I’m bored with these Pieta’s…
    The art is of course exemplary; but the subject becomes boring…

    What most disturbs me is the ongoing bullshit regarding the parade of diseases parading across the intertubes which is suppose to keep us in line; under control; the boot on our face!!!!!!!


    Mastercard is trialling a biometric payment system that could see customers just use their face rather than contactless cards, smartphones or PINs.

    Fuck mastercard and all the rest of these companies that survive because most cannot do a simple monthly budget. They’re all about to become fossilized dino shit and worth a lot less than a real fossil. They can put their plastic where the sun never shines. People stop using this crap and it will wither and vanish. No monthly payment schemes beyond a place to live.

    Mister Roboto

    Read the entire thread.

    Dr. D

    “Biden “Misspeaks” In Vow To Respond Militarily If China Attacks Taiwan, White House Walks Back”

    “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the war in his country could only end at the negotiating table, and signaled talks with Russia could begin soon. …Directly contradicting Zelensky, he said talks would not begin until Russian forces completely withdrew from Ukraine. Podolyak said, “The (Russian) forces must leave the country and after that the resumption of the peace process will be possible.”

    All Russia has to do is unconditionally surrender to Ukraine’s lack of an army, and then there’ll be peace.

    Anyway, what we’ve learned of this is that neither Biden nor Zelensky run their countries. Nor anything else. So who is?

    “Several NATO states have discouraged Ukraine from making an agreement with Russia. During his visit to Kiev, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson instructed Zelensky not to negotiate with Russia. Johnson “urged against any negotiations with Russia on terms that gave credence to the Kremlin’s false narrative for the invasion but stressed that this was a decision for the Ukrainian government,” according to Johnson’s office.

    Significantly, Italy has proposed a new four-point peace plan that each side is said to be examining…” one that involved Russia completely surrendering to NATO, including giving up Crimea.

    “Putin’s Blockade of Ukraine Ports a “Declaration Of War”, UN Warns”

    But blockading THEIR ports is NOT an act of war. “It’s not fascism when we do it!”

    “Unfortunately, the vaccination scheme has gone very much awry, and now millions face a future with damaged immune systems. The horror of that is too awful to comprehend, especially by government, which caused the problem in the first place and can’t possibly admit it without demolishing its legitimacy…” –Kunstler

    This is of course the whole POINT of the engineers. By making fighting and delegitimizing everything, there is nothing left to turn to. No actions then have meaning or order. No solutions can therefore be found or agreed on. They are, of course #AntiLogos, which is their religion, and it is the last act before introducing their replacement #god. Also made-up, engineered. A movie. Then they stop screwing everything up on purpose and say “See??? He fixed it! He’s the King!!! The Angel of Light. The new messiah of WOKE!” OMG so dum.

    Anyway, that’s why it doesn’t matter which side you’re on, as long as there is fighting and not unity, as long as there is doubt and suspicion, not love and forgiveness, they win.

    Blackmailing people into doing wrong things and delegitimizing all institutions and experts is the whole method and plan. Keep an eye on it. But THAT is why…they don’t care. They don’t care that you know; they WANT you to know. They NEED you to know. That’s the whole POINT: knowing and being helpless. So don’t be.

    Want the reverse? The government isn’t “Them”; the government is “US”, “We the People.” Are we going to de-legitimize ourselves? Seriously, that’s stupid. Same with speaking. So we’re going to trust the same people from the Iraq War WMD all the way to RussiaRussia to lecture US on disinformation? Only WE can figure that out, by discussing it like we always have.

    I think we’ve jumped the shark:
    “US Trader Bot App. This algorithm trades based on what stocks U.S. Lawmakers are trading.”
    Corruption so entrenched, so endemic, you can bet on it and win every time.

    UN Food Head warns “it is all hands on deck to pull millions back from the brink of famine.”

    By doing exactly nothing. Embargoing ourselves, preventing peace talks. Maybe shut down some baby food factories, a few fertilizer plants, blow up a railroad, who knows? We and Congress haven’t pre-bought stocks on it yet.

    How’s that “Stable Prices and full employment going”? (Check charts), Nope! $22 Trillion erased by the Fed in just 5 months. Just for Americans. Much more than that lost over the whole world. I’m shocked they haven’t come into GFC 2.0 yet. The Fed is 20% behind the curve and has no control. Due to the structure they themselves set up, all actions break things and do not fix them. The Bernank says they are not in control of the economy or the supply chain. Gee, that’s funny, why not? I thought it was your money that directed investment to needed sectors more efficiently (for theft), central-planning style.

    As usual, Cramer says, “The Fed doesn’t understand this, they don’t know what it’s like out there.” Hahahha. They know perfectly well what they’re doing and always have. They are taking money from the only place it CAN be stolen from: workers and the middle class. Michael Pento says “Mr. Powell and the Fed cannot turn dovish imminently. … But record-high inflation is the primary problem facing consumers and corporations. Chair Powell finally understands this. [T]he Fed has been forced to adopt the most aggressive tightening monetary policy since 1980…precisely because an economy cannot function properly while inflation is extremely high.

    In spite of this, the Fed, along with its lackeys in MSFM, are busy trying to convince investors why this current tightening cycle won’t end in recession and a stock market meltdown like nearly every other time in history.”

    ‘Cause: reasons. ‘Cause “I’m a special snowflake” and “This time it’s different.”

    They quote the ‘94 raising (because they have to say something therefore they have to lie) where the Fed raised rates 2.5%. Not TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT. Not twenty TIMES the starting rate: 20X. And they also bought assets on the sly, while Summers had just released his White Paper on breaking the thermometer by selling out Ft. Knox and rigging the gold price, then was put in position to do it as a way to hide inflation signals and control bondholders. Oh and P.S. we ALREADY have negative GDP; last month.

    The chances of a soft landing in the economy are near zero” –Pento. He’s being generous. As the long Hudson-RT interview says, the U.S. is going into a “Long Depression”. 20 years or something as we stop spending on everything and also rebuild work and industry.

    Depression? Insider Jim Rickards: “I don’t believe many people grasp the enormity of the global food crisis we’ll be facing in the months ahead. But the world could be on the verge of a massive humanitarian crisis.” The UN and The Economist promised. By breaking everything, then doing nothing, preventing all us workers from fixing what are transparently obvious, easily-fixed, unnecessary and totally wasteful, #Anti-profit problems. When your collapse is self-inflicted, nothing could POSSIBLY be easier than fixing it: stop doing meth and handing your nation’s fortune to Hunter Biden. Boom: 30 minutes later, it’s fixed.

    29% of All Wheat Exports in Jeopardy”

    (P.S. Rickards, being a finance-guy, is a moron. He repeats several times that wheat is planted in April, which has passed. Most wheat is “winter” and it’s planted in late summer/fall. Mostly only soft pastry wheat is Spring. Ask questions, find out. “Time is very very short. We are closing in on a new harvest” –today’s UK quote We don’t plant and harvest in adjacent months.) They have promised widespread unrest and banks are bracing to control and put down the masses for the problems they created, and the people have correctly identified.

    “How dare you make me take the consequences of my actions!?! This “Cause and Effect” must be stopped! If I had to get paid according to my merit, I’d be a janitor living in a halfway house, not a Congressman or Columbia journalist anchoring CNN. I pick stocks, then MAKE the stocks go up and down with Congressional bills and SEC investigations into Elon.”

    Kunstler: The Amish are wildly successful because they don’t have debt. They don’t waste money. They don’t backstab and undermine each other. Just like America from sea to sea used to be, back when we were successful. But hey, gotta go, Netflix is on. CSI Miami is going to teach me new way to lie and murder people for sex and profit.

    “the Clinton campaign created the Trump-Alfa allegation, fed it to a credulous press that failed to confirm the allegations but ran with them anyway, then promoted the story as if it was legitimate news.”

    The Media does anything HRC and DNC tell them. Anything. WikiLeaks proved that HRC personally demanded the whole media cover Trump non-stop and give him billions in free campaign coverage as part of her “Pied Piper” plan. “Don’t let people know I’m a hack” – NY Times journalist, on accepting such biased and essentially illegal (campaign finance fraud) orders from HRC.

    Is that illegal? If they were in coordination with say, Russia, China, or England, i.e. at the express direction and coordination of foreign powers, to wrongfully wrest the power of the whole U.S. nation from the legal vote, what federal crime would that be?

    “Republicans Will Target ‘Public Health Bureaucrats’ When In Majority (JTN)”

    Hahahaha! Republicans doing something! You slay me! Oh wait: they’re being serious?

    “Pfizer Moves to Dismiss Lawsuit From COVID-19 Vaccine Trial (ET)”

    Point taken but irrelevant. Fraud erases the contract under which it was requested and paid and unless Pfizer was paid nothing, is germane to the U.S. and the Pfizer fraud case. …Although that might require re-filing a different sort of accusation.

    “Supermarkets Could Soon Urge You Not to Use Cash or Card to Pay (MEN)”

    I can’t even IMAGINE all the yummy ways to hack this. Has nobody ever checked anything? Top MythBusters, opening a high-tech safe. Put on rubber fingerprints. The end. Works instantly without trouble. Where do I get your fingerprints? Since it’s “everyone” how about a 40-ounce malt from the bottle return? This is 100x easier than hacking the bluetooth on your Tesla, which is already easier than any car theft since 1954. What technology have people ever used that would make them think this would work?

    I’ll tell you what you’ll need to buy food: a 2-pound padlock and the cashier calculating the price at the register, minute-by-minute. That’s if you’re so lucky as to not need baby formula, of which we have none. And you wonder why they tried to kill 25M of their own citizens?


    The White House has become increasingly aware of the “worrisome decline” in diesel inventories in the Northeast. According to sources cited by CNN, the White House is considering a release of strategic stockpiles to combat the crisis. Given the reduction in East-coast diesel inventories of ~45mb, and given the size of the strategic “home heating oil reserve” of ~1mb, its unlikely the measure will fix existing imbalances.

    Ahh that’s it boys, burn through next years stocks cause the plebes don’t need no stinkin’ heat next winter they’ll all be dead according to the plan.


    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US — Global wheat inventories currently stand at about 10 weeks of global consumption, a food supply expert said during a special meeting of the United Nations Security Council on May 19.

    Sara Menker, chief executive officer of Gro Intelligence, an organization that gathers and analyzes global food and agricultural data, said she disputes official government agency estimates that put global wheat inventories at 33% of annual consumption, countering inventories are closer to 20%.


    Is it just me or is anyone else wondering: “what Russian blockade?”

    I thought the ships were remaining in Odessa because 1) Ukraine won’t let them leave or 2) rogue Ukrainian mines are floating in the Black Sea.

    At least we can see the next narrative twist: “Russian blockade responsible for starving the developing world!”


    When you’ve realized you’ve killed yourself,
    There’s nothing left to lose-
    So you’re really pissed at everyone you see.
    You figure- what’s the difference? As you raise a glass of booze
    With a toast: Here’s to the start of World War Three!

    Dr D Rich

    @our host

    “Put Obama on the stand [ as well ].

    Damn right and leave out as well.
    Here’s how to do it.
    Put him on the stand and verify the members present in his Oval Office for January 5th 2017 Insurrectionist meeting of the principals that launched Russiagate Cover-Up.
    Examine each of those principals to the Insurrectionist Cover-Up under oath.
    Bring back Barack for the cross examination of the century.
    Let’s see how well the monumental prick operates without a teleprompter, the CIA or Chicago school financiers propping him up.


    RE: Giovanni Bellini Pietà 1474 (including the other three offerings this week)

    They provide an opportunity to consider/contemplate the act of giving one’s life for something greater than oneself. You don’t have to believe in Jesus as Christ to get to the essence of the moment these works of art are depicting. The gift is in where a “response” may take you.

    The Artist’s choice to take on the painting/sculpting of that moment is to be recognized. It is one thing to paint/create from real life – and another to do it from the Heart.

    Ilargi indicated awhile back that these are random art selections, and not to draw conclusions as to how he’s seeing/feeling/the world. What we can do is view them as if they are messages, like turning up Tarot cards. Translate as YOU see fit or not.

    LOVE to All.


    @ citizenx
    Right on
    Racism rears it many heads in many ways
    We are a minority that speak of peace

    ” .. wishing death and illness on Citizens who will not submit” (to our wish),…..
    Giovanni Bellini Pietà 1474
    Racist question: Were the people painted “brown” or is that because of the age of the painting?
    Instead, Let’s talk peace

    The “Build back Better ” goal is a racist, nazi, snob, elitist, grandiose statement/objective
    ….. “the current system must be nudged to its death sooner rather than later, and on-purpose. “
    The purpose of “Election Campaigning” is to mislead the American voter to steal the election

    A better solution,
    Talk peace
    Talk cease fire

    The USA was allowed to operate a sea blockage, as it did against Cuba, etc., but the Russian Black Sea blockade on Ukrainian grain exports is not allowed because it is effective tool of war for Russia.
    Peace is very expensive
    Peace will require more than the $40.1 billion of funding to Ukraine.

    Joe Biden signed a bill over the weekend that provides $40.1 billion in emergency funding for Ukraine.
    Do you still believe
    “Journalism is not a crime, it’s essential to preserving our, democracy”
    (new meaning, for we, who are in power)

    Mister Roboto

    Probably stating the obvious here, but it would appear that the salad days of US financial markets are over. One major symptom of stock markets in trouble is a series of huge swings both upward and downward with an overall downward trend. If today’s losses in the NASDAQ hold at closing-time, it will have lost more than 30% of what it had at its height.

    John Day

    The new-Amish-kids stopping to talk to Kunstler-the-Elder as he painted the landscape was cool.


    Peter Schiff: The Recession Is Already Here And It Won’t Be Mild
    Zerosum: The shit has already hit the fan. Everybody will eventually get hurt

    Dr D Rich

    Then impeach him

    John Day

    This opens the door to Russian one-upsmanship, which would fit the Russian style currently being displayed. Russians could assure the grain getting to the most needy countries, while also making certain that another “holodomor” is avoided in Ukraine.

    ” The Lithuanian foreign minister, Gabrielius Landsbergis, proposed the plan during talks with the UK foreign secretary, Liz Truss, on Monday in London.

    “Time is very very short. We are closing in on a new harvest and there is no other practical way of exporting the grain except through the Black Sea port of Odesa,” he told the Guardian. “There is no way of storing this grain and no other adequate alternative route. It is imperative that we show vulnerable countries we are prepared to take the steps that are needed to feed the world.”

    Landsbergis proposed that a naval escort operation – not run by Nato – could protect the grain ships as they headed through the Black Sea and past Russian warships. He suggested that, apart from Britain, countries that were affected by the potential loss of grain such as Egypt could provide the necessary protection.”

    John Day

    @Dr D Rich: Obama is fully as competent as Tony Blair, a good speaker and a quick and foresightful thinker.
    “Joe Biden” is the designated fall-guy.
    B.O. quote: “You know you don’t have to do this, Joe…”
    I think it will be under the next Republicant administration that such deposition of B.O. will be considered, but it may never get done…
    Obama is like an establishment super-hero.


    Biometric supermarket checkouts
    This is beyond STUPID. Who said that I always want to be the one buying groceries on my account? Shall we go over how frequently I ask someone else to go pick up something in the supermarket?


    Whatever you consume will consume you.

    [..] Jesus said to them, “Very truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.

    [..] For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them.

    [doubting..] Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”

    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”

    John Day

    “I hope the Ukrainians will match the heroism they have shown with wisdom,” Kissinger warned an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, adding with his famous sense of realpolitik that the proper role for the country is to be a neutral buffer state rather than the frontier of Europe.

    John Day

    Henry-the-K doesn’t say stuff that backfires on him next week.

    John Day

    Pre-emptive PR strike?
    Ukraine convicts Russian POW of killing unarmed civilian on ordersofsuperior officer, sentences to life in prison.

    Dr D Rich

    @John Day

    I agree on the Big O



    I’ll feature Orlov’s latest in the Rattle tomorrow, but I won’t have the space it deserves. So read today how the west made Russia strong:


    The Supreme Court released some of this session’s rulings. No, they didn’t release the official ruling on Roe yet. I read about this one at 4 a.m. Eastern time, and it has since disappeared from the news compilers. It basically does away with the idea that a defendant is entitled to adequate representation, and also says that even if you are later proven innocent, you can still be put to death. The majority opinion was some blabber about how the original guilty finding has to be honored even if it turns out you had a shitty attorney who didn’t bother to present evidence that would prove your innocence. Does away with the idea of adequate representation and means that the appeals process pretty much doesn’t exist any more.

    The Supreme Court Just Said That Evidence of Innocence Is Not Enough

    […] On Monday morning, by a 6-3 vote, the Supreme Court concurred: Barry Jones’ innocence is not enough to keep him off of death row. The state of Arizona can still kill Jones, even if there exists a preponderance of evidence that he committed no crime. […]



    “If you have an alternative explanation, I’d like to hear it.”

    I cannot add anything new. I can only repeat a summary of other comments.
    Opinions of our leaders
    – narcissism
    – psychopaths

    I’m the selected anointed one, I’m the expert, I know more than you, don’t bother explaining you alternative I know best, I’m a racist
    Also, if war can make you rich, then, after the destruction, the peace will make you 10X richer.

    D Benton Smith

    Orlov is right again, as usual, but he could have saved himself a lot of time and trouble in arriving at his conclusion by simply saying that the precise situation that exists at this very moment is always (and can only be) the predictable consequence of the beliefs and actions of the people who believed and did things based on the facts they accepted as true, and the solutions that they thought would work. If Russia is now strong and America weak because America succeeded in implementing bad solutions and failed at implementing good ones is simply to re-state the self evident.

    Whether those beliefs and actions were due to conspiracy OR NOT, is rather irrelevant. The only things which are relevant are the beliefs and the acts themselves, along with the assignment of responsibility for each belief and every deed to individual people.

    “Eliminating the impossible” is just another way of saying “identifying the actual.” When lies and errors are removed from data, all that’s left is facts and those darned facts just land where they land and that’s all there is to it.

    Conspiracy theories?

    Everything is theoretical until it happens (at which point it becomes too late to change) , and all interactions between collaborators are conspiracy (to either one side or the other in a conflict). That irrefutable truism pretty well covers the bases. In other words, ALL human interaction is applied conspiracy theory.

    Like Sir Doyle’s super-deducer Holmes liked to say, “Elementary, my dear Watson.”

    It would behoove the species at this time to discover and report exactly who did what, with which and to whom. . . eliminating the impossible on the fly as we go. Once that’s all out in the open there won’t be any questions about which parts were conspiratorial (or not) in the naughty sense of the word.

    And the bonus is that if we get right on it and do a good job then we might just still be alive to experience the fruits of our labor.


    Wrong! Our Civilization will not survive the destruction. Nothing will rise from the ashes.

    “Civilization May Not Survive” – George Soros Tells Davos Crowd, Defeat Putin (And Xi) Or Else
    “The best and perhaps only way to preserve our civilization is to defeat Putin as soon as possible.
    That’s the bottom line”

    John Day

    @Teri: “Innocence of evidence” now trumps “evidence of innocence”… 🙁
    Red Queen: “No, sentence first, THEN verdict!”

    No right to “representation” has existed for 30 years, and there is a backlog of injustice. Now it is declared to be the constitutional status.
    As Dr.D says, “Words mean what I determine them to mean”.



    “Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus re-elected as WHO chief for second five-year term”

    Can we talk about the accusations against him now?

    John Day

    Zerosum said:
    Our Civilization will not survive the destruction. Nothing will rise from the ashes.
    “Civilization May Not Survive” – George Soros Tells Davos Crowd, Defeat Putin (And Xi) Or Else
    “The best and perhaps only way to preserve our civilization is to defeat Putin as soon as possible.
    That’s the bottom line”

    Maybe, just maybe, it is Mr. Soros who will not survive and will fail to rise from the ashes.

    I would distinguish a difference in his words to the Davos crowd:
    “The best and perhaps only way to preserve OUR CIVILIZATION is to defeat Putin as soon as possible. That’s the bottom line”.

    Nice-Mr-Soros seems to be talking about the “civilization” owned by the Davos attendees, perhaps not every-possible-civilization.
    Some outliers might even consider Russia to have a “civilization”, even an ancient civilization, evolved from that of Byzantium, but now I’m just talking-crazy.


    I can only repeat.
    Moscow explains Ukraine operation slowdown
    The move is intentional and allows civilians the chance to evacuate, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu says

    Unlike the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Shoigu said, Russian troops are not carrying out strikes on civilian infrastructure where there may be people nearby. Instead, identified firing positions and Ukrainian military facilities are being hit with “high-precision weapons,” he added.

    Russia attacked its neighboring state in late February, following Ukraine’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, first signed in 2014, and Moscow’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. The German- and French-brokered protocol was designed to give the breakaway regions special status within the Ukrainian state.


    @ John Day
    We are on the same page, trying to dot the “I”


    Canada has a helpful finance minister for her Native country of Ukraine.
    No conflict of interest.

    Canada buys ammunition from US to send to Ukraine
    Canada has purchased 20,000 artillery rounds of NATO standard ammunition for Ukraine to support it in its defense against Russia’s invasion, Defence Minister Anita Anand has said.
    The ammunition was bought from the United States for about C$98m ($76.32m) and would soon be delivered to Ukraine.


    John Day

    Sergey Lavrov on emerging multipolar world:
    The trend consists of the strengthening of this multipolar character, because new centres of economic growth and financial might are appearing in reality (have already appeared). This process is accompanied by increased political influence: China, India, Brazil and South Africa are BRICS countries. They are part of the G20 where both G7 and BRICS are represented, as well as other states that are gravitating towards BRICS. This is the format where the West has to talk with the new centres of the world growth. There is no doubt that the final victory will belong to life rather than artificial attempts to curb the advance of a historical process. They can reach their targets for some time. Now the West is feverishly trying to impede these processes agonising in its response to Russia’s actions in defence of its lawful interests but life will gain the upper hand. There is no doubt that the world will be multipolar. The large self-respecting nations will not settle for the role that the West wants to allot to them, the role of obedient observers. No colonial regime in history lasts for a long time and remains sustainable.

    John Day

    On Orlov’s “Make Russia Great Again” essay.
    This is sarcasm, well done.
    However, what is the “actual” reason for the result that Russia has become stronger, more competent and the most self-sufficient country, despite attempts by western financial capitalism and military maneuvers to exploit Russia’s vast resources and dispossess her?

    That is actually a difficult question, which bears directly upon what one supposes the mechanisms are which guide the workings of human affairs in the world.
    Is there an actual strength to be found in modest virtue?
    I’m not answering for you, but Orlov clearly poses the question in an oblique way.

    I assert that we should all have an internal model of how the world actually works for humans as they carry out their affairs. Is there “karma”, or is the function a fancy clockwork of some sort/?
    How would “karma” possibly function?
    How quickly could one become certain that one had developed the right and reliable understanding?

    What might be the best and least risky approaches to gaining understanding of how this complex human world works to punish and reward human decisions and actions?

    If I tell you, I might well be wrong, and how would you determine that?

    John Day

    @Dr D Rich and Zerosum. Thanks for not taking offense. None was intended.


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