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    @Germ: dude, you’re killing it today! It’s like your channeling Whitney Webb! So many inconvenient coincidental connections. Image in post 76089 is gone, by the way.


    After a spirited discussion wherein I was seeking a meme that would remind people to think twice before they inject, and saying something like- “why would you want to make [the]* spike protein that makes you sick?”; issue was taken by my mate with the word “the” which refers to THE disease causing one, whereas the vaccine’s is not quite the same thing (by a very tiny amount). This may be reflected in the added parenthetical phrase in the Salk post: “…those safely encoded by vaccines.”


    At Michael’s suggestions I wanted the video Germ posted at #75970. I was not impressed.

    Why will all older people be dead in 2-3 years and everyone age 30 in 5-10 years?
    Why will 50 million people die?
    What is the logic? ADE? I understand that there is a time delay aspect to ADE, but it is also true that some people have a weaker antibody response than others, and some see antibodies drop off sooner than others. So with more than 100 million vaccinated people, we would expect to see some evidence by now if that was an issue. But so far no evidence of ADE, even though there is plenty exposure to the virus.
    Is the logic that the mRNA will stay active too long without breaking down and will produce too much s protein, so that people who seem to get over the vaccine in the beginning will die later? How’s that supposed to work?
    Is the logic that the mRNA will trigger other autoimmune disease? If so, what is the hypothesis? By what mechanism?
    Is the logic that the mRNA will interact with DNA? One of the so-called doctors in the interviews mentioned DNA, but I think that doctor is confused. mRNA works in the ribosomes, not the nucleus. So what is the theory for how it will affect the DNA? And where is the evidence that it does?

    There is a big difference between saying that we do not have enough data to know whether these vaccines are safe and effective, on one hand, and saying that they are unsafe and will kill 20-100% of the population, on the other hand.

    I do not plan to get the vaccine because I think I will be fine with my Vitamin D and Ivermectin. But these predictions of widespread delayed death from the vaccine seem quite over the top, especially with no explanation in the video . . .

    Doc Robinson

    my parents said know: ” the vaccine’s [spike protein] is not quite the same thing (by a very tiny amount).”

    The article I linked earlier explains that the freestanding spike proteins which are coded by the mRNA vaccines have a small adjustment to make them similar to the “pre-fusion” rigid spike proteins which are mounted on the surface of the coronavirus. Without this adjustment, the freestanding spike proteins would collapse into a different structure, causing an immune reaction to this different structure (and not against the pre-fusion coronavirus).

    Proponents of the vaccines argue that the resulting spike proteins fixed in the pre-fusion condition will stay that way in the body, and cannot cause harm like the spikes on the actual coronavirus.

    When we compare the entire Spike protein in the vaccine, all changes are synonymous like this.. except for two, and this is what we see here.

    The third and fourth codons above represent actual changes. The K and V amino acids there are both replaced by ‘P’ or Proline. For ‘K’ this required three changes (‘!!!’) and for ‘V’ it required only two (‘!!’).

    It turns out that these two changes enhance the vaccine efficiency enormously.

    So what is happening here? If you look at a real SARS-CoV-2 particle, you can see the Spike protein as, well, a bunch of spikes:

    [SARS virus particles (Wikipedia)]

    The spikes are mounted on the virus body (‘the nucleocapsid protein’). But the thing is, our vaccine is only generating the spikes itself, and we’re not mounting them on any kind of virus body.

    It turns out that, unmodified, freestanding Spike proteins collapse into a different structure. If injected as a vaccine, this would indeed cause our bodies to develop immunity.. but only against the collapsed spike protein.

    And the real SARS-CoV-2 shows up with the spiky Spike. The vaccine would not work very well in that case.

    So what to do? In 2017 it was described how putting a double Proline substitution in just the right place would make the SARS-CoV-1 and MERS S proteins take up their ‘pre-fusion’ configuration, even without being part of the whole virus. This works because Proline is a very rigid amino acid. It acts as a kind of splint, stabilising the protein in the state we need to show to the immune system.

    Another name for the fixed pre-fusion spike is “stabilised spike” as described in the article “COVID vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, J&J & Novavax code for a “Stabilised Spike”. Why did they stabilise the Spike and have Oxford AZ made a mistake by not stabilising the Spike?”

    COVID vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, J&J & Novavax code for a “Stabilised Spike”. Why did they stabilise the Spike and have Oxford AZ made a mistake by not stabilising the Spike?


    Interestingly, I was trying to dig up any news on current fertility frustrations on DDGo. Maybe my mind is closing, but I didn’t see a single one I wanted to visit.

    Web search has become totally useless. My doctor told me last year that I need to start watching my blood pressure and suggested medication. My numbers have been gradually creeping up over the years. I declined the medication and resolved to start watching the number. I bought a home monitor. And tried to learn as much as possible about hypertension on the internet. Good luck with that. It is nearly impossible to find any useful information on the major “official” sites. The sites have been dumbed-down too much. For example, you will see a frequent chart on these sites that says that 120/80 is normal and that 140/90 is too high. But what does that really mean? The reality is that almost everyone has a daily cycle because of circadian rhythm, and many people have high peaks and low troughs. High in the afternoon. Low in the middle of the high. I will often hit 140/90 in the afternoons at work, but on my bed when I wake up in the morning I am typically 110/70. So do I have high blood pressure or not? This is one of the most obvious questions someone will have, but there is no information on the “trusted” and “brand name” health information sites. But have to through those in the rubbish bin and start digging deeper for answers. Fortunately they are out there if you dig enough. But that experience has reinforced my skepticism about official sources.

    I think there is room for some entrepreneur to develop a search engine that deletes all of the official trusted sites or puts them at the bottom of the list.


    As usual, I clicked “submit” too hastily, and now I see the typos in my post. But I do not dare try to correct them now or the whole post will disappear!



    You must of had a burr under your saddle today! A lot of inconvenient truths revealed!

    Twitter is telling the Indian government what they can say and do. Guess then they must own the Indian government.

    Dominion is telling state governments that if they preform vote audits on their voting machines then their warranty is void. Guess Dominion has nothing to hide.

    State election officials everywhere are telling county officials that they don’t have the authority to preform vote audits at the county level. Again there is nothing to hide.

    In case you are wondering if there is any inflation these days. Yes we are seeing 3 types of inflation now.

    The first is financial repression where interest rates are zero or negative.
    The second is the gov and Fed printing money.
    The third is supply inflation.

    Here is the kicker. One does not add these 3 types of inflation together to come up with the total inflation.

    One multiplies the 3 inflation to come up with a much higher total inflation!

    Financial repression x Money printing x Supply inflation = No future gov debt burden!

    Now you know joe’s secret formula!


    Thanks Doc R. The more I hear about the technology of all this the more grim the future seems. It gets more difficult to say it’s natural when it’s clear it the virus could have been synthesized.
    We are truly babies with razor blades.


    Boogaloo- YES! It does look like Wilson!


    @Rototillerman – “Image in post 76089 is gone, by the way.”

    Here it is:

    Doc Robinson

    my parents said know: “We are truly babies with razor blades.”

    When extremely complex systems are being tinkered with by people who don’t fully understand them (and nobody fully understands them), unintended consequences seem likely.


    Humans have to process information through an imprinted template that was selected by reproductive success in tribes. With development of agriculture in the last 10,000 years, humans developed basically unfair hierarchical warring States, especially in Europe. The Enlightenment and the American Constitution tried to mitigate the oligarchy but since the fall of the Soviet Union, the West has retreated back into its European past.

    The only thing that matters now is money, not life, liberty or happiness of the people. The Establishment couldn’t be bothered to explain how mRNA vaccines work and document the risk verses benefits for an informed consent. They would never approve of a functional government public health system to combat coronavirus like China, Australia or New Zealand. It would hamper their exploitation and power.

    Today’s comments are PR (propaganda) running wild on all sides. Russia is now blamed for anti-vaxxers. If you must be in public to survive, the mRNA vaccines, at worse, will give you years of life that the elderly, obese and ill would not have if infected with coronavirus because of the failure of the US public health system and the corrupt profit-seeking nursing homes and healthcare system.

    V. Arnold

    Vietnam Vet
    If you must be in public to survive, the mRNA vaccines, at worse, will give you years of life that the elderly, obese and ill would not have if infected with coronavirus because of the failure of the US public health system and the corrupt profit-seeking nursing homes and healthcare system.

    That’s an interesting take, I hadn’t thought of…
    I see we’re booted off of your list of countries dealing well with the “virus”…
    Rightfully so…but, we’ll see in the next few weeks… 😉

    Michael Reid

    @ VietnamVet

    Ivermectin will give you years of life that the elderly, obese and ill would not have if infected with coronavirus


    The Indian state of Goa has to defend its decision to mass distribute ivermectin in court.



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