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    Vincent van Gogh Pollard Willows and Setting Sun 1888   • Air Defender 23: The Largest Exercise Since The Foundation Of NATO (Helmer) • G7 Member
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 27 2023]

    Dr. D

    ““why the gleeful celebration about sexualizing children now?
         I’ll tell you why: because we are living in a very badly-ordered society these days, a society in which anything goes and nothing matters, which is a poor principle for civilization. It’s the same principle that has people shitting all over the sidewalks of San Francisco, looting Walgreens stores in broad daylight, pushing ineffective and unsafe vaccines (and lying about it), and arresting people for thought crimes. It’s a degenerate society. Morally bankrupt. Wicked.
    You might ask, how did it get that way?”

    Because no one is enforcing the rules. And the people who enforce the rules will arrest YOU, if YOU enforce the rules.* Simple. People are not more or less wicked than they were before, they’ve just learned a life of bad habits fed by decades of no consequences. They have no consequences because you only need to capture ½ of 1% of the population, the people of the “law” system, in order to FORCE this to happen. On purpose. And why?

    For the wreckage? Or is it for the backlash where they can install a mustached dictator? Both, probably.

    And all you have to say is “something” “happened to Us.” No. We weren’t involved. Something was DONE to us, the same as most other crimes, assaults, robberies, murders, and exhibitions, as these are. I you took away the active capture, the system would right itself, although perhaps at a slightly lower level due to the habits formed.

    If you STOP a guy from killing fellow passengers on the subway, you’ll be arrested. If you STOP rioters from burning your house, you’ll be arrested. If you STAND up at a school board meeting, you’ll be arrested. If you REPORT the news truthfully, you’ll be arrested.

    But don’t kid yourself that in general ‘The People wanted this.” Generally, they don’t care, and generally, the people would want things “normal” where you can generally report things and generally assault and robbery is punished. YOU ONLY HAVE TO CAPTURE A FEW. Like the D.A.s, the FBI heads, and some mayors. A few reporters to present it just right, make some stuff far too big, other stuff far too small. But it’s not “Us”. It’s THEM. Old story.

    And they are committing open crimes, so arrest them. It will all go away in a fortnight.

    * This is the same as decades in the Ghetto: if Black people own guns and defend themselves from attackers in these dangerous areas, the State goes insane on them. They NEED these pointless deaths, and they MUST stop good black families from defending themselves. Legal, Constitutional gun rights was the original origin of the Black Panthers. Thus tyrannical gun laws in these areas (district of their Blue City) and the provably high (gun) crime rates there. Chicago. Baltimore. D.C.

    “our country does not want to fix itself,” Not true. Most people do, far in excess of 51%. “indeed the whole broken apparatus of fixing it is in the hands of the people who broke it.” True. That’s the sole problem. How to wrest the terrorists from the nuclear control center.

    F35 is missing all their jet parts, can’t fly and aren’t ready. (Paid for by China? I would.)

    Audit Reveals Pentagon Lost Thousands of F-35 Jet Parts

    They found the bill. They couldn’t find any parts. This was under a million dollar audit as to why no F35s were flying.

    I’ve got an idea: I LOST your bill, just like you LOST my parts. When you find some parts I might find your invoice again. They don’t? …Then they’re in on it.

    This reminds me of the 30’s. They LOST your savings account. However, they FOUND your mortgage agreement. No.

    “Newsom Blasts Target CEO ‘Sell-Out’, Claims Nationwide “Systematic Attack” On LGBTQ People Imminent”

    This has been very interesting, and a great example of good vs evil. “Good” works together to unity into One. “Evil” divides infinitely, each minion desiring to be their own overlord, blaming each other and stabbing each other in the back. So in this case, Bud Light, under their CIA director, suffered a boycott for being pro-LGBT as they say. What happens? LGBT then ALSO boycott them for being not LGBT ENOUGH. …The same appears to be happening to Target as headlined by Newsom. Who should for the love of God know better.

    You all wanted to be political. All actions are political. Now welcome to hell. Conservatives leave it all alone, have done for decades. You taught them this, essentially demanded it. Now when Target does as you ask, you boycott them TOO. So…conclusion is, Target and Co. should be political and every day boycotted by BOTH SIDES for it? How long do you think that will last?

    Speaking of, a woman was attacked by a crazy person on the Subway yesterday, nearly killed but paralyzed from the neck down which may be worse. Boy, good thing nobody intervened! NY’ers learned their lesson to let crazy people attack and kill whoever they want without interference, as YOU will be arrested for saving lives. Adams and Bragg will be VERY MAD if any NY’ers are left alive and safe, mister. They’re out sweeping the city for anyone still defending themselves. …And rounding up Hispanic people. And this is not a Death Cult? How much more obvious?

    “Democracy: Pic:” That is the textbook definition of fascism. Right down to the propaganda and wars.

    “• Air Defender 23: The Largest Exercise Since The Foundation Of NATO (Helmer)”

    I kinda hope so, this needs to end, and it ends in an “Event”. Waiting for the other shoe to drop? It’s been held off for years.

    ““Washington believes that its self-preservation is ensured by the Atlantic Ocean.”

    That. Is bat s—t crazy.

    We’re following a lot of war stories — and rightfully – but the real work is going on underneath. What is that work?

    News on the missing fertilizer, because reporters can’t be arsed and I didn’t wanna either: It came from from the Nobel company; that is to say, an explosives manufacturer, not a fertilizer company. That may matter as it may be a higher grade and helps explain why their go-to was “explosives.” …Although it isn’t. They “Found” the railcar in the desert in California, empty. Explain? How did you know it was missing if you didn’t know where the car was? How do you not know where every car is? You look on the computer, it’s on Engine X, it’s in switchyard X, go look. The seals were still intact. Okay, so there was a hole in the bottom? They IMPLY yes, without actually saying we saw a hole, OR that the car isn’t one of those three-sluice type where it would be divided and 2/3s would remain.

    So you reported the story – again – and didn’t ask or check anything, at all, ever. Again. Right.

    Here’s my take: if the seals are intact, then it wasn’t stolen. It either never got on, or. And so there’s no story because it wasn’t missing and isn’t robbed. It’s just a mega P.R. plant to seed your mind for “explosives” in the news later this month, probably unrelated. 100 FBI employees re-deployed from J6.

    And F16’s So Both and Either events are why the Senate got 50 satellite phones to stay in touch when Russia nukes D.C. — Or the FBI does.

    ““What is new is that the climate crowd now has the political power they need to push their agenda using fear and the regulatory state..”

    That’s not new. However, setting up ESG, Die! Die! Die! They capture just a few people and thereby institutionalize the “We pay friends and destroy enemies” approach. This is Fascism. We integrate commercial activities and weaponize them against all enemies, internal and external.

    “the Biden administration would try to shape a “new economic world order” around protecting workers.”

    Ask Jimmy Dore about Democrats “Protecting workers” as they ban strikes (railroads), shut down Unions (Amazon), stop minimum wage, and move heaven and earth to stop Medicare for All. However, since like all laws we only enforce them against our enemies, “Protecting workers” means we attack, kill, and harvest people. Poor, working people. Of all colors and in all areas, Red and Blue alike.

    “The greenies also want to mandate “15-minute cities” where you can walk everywhere”

    This is called “Feudalism” where the Serf is not allowed off the manor without a Passe-Porte. The manor at maximum is the size of a township. You are the Serf. So let me get this straight: we’re doing this for Green, but we’re ALSO doing this for Viruses? Funny how no matter what the problem is, the answers are always the same, off a 100-point checklist. Gives me more power? √ Yes. Gives the people autonomy? √ No. Easy!

    “Democrat-controlled Congress refused to investigate Biden family influence-peddling, and the press dismissed people raising Hunter’s laptop as spreading “Russian disinformation.”

    Is is being said that they are going HYPERSONIC NUCLEAR to sexualize children and normalize satanism for when Hunter’s Human trafficking of children for this father comes out. You can see how that makes sense. They can’t stop the Epstein list, so they need for when it comes out, all Blue Suburban Moms think sex-and-kids go together like peanut butter and jelly and isn’t a problem at all. And if they also do it “for Satan”, Tee-hee, well, we all know that’s just words, a light joke we put on T-Shirts at Target. They’ve prettymuch already accomplished this, everyone is defending amputating and sterilizing kids at strip shows. Meh, I’m indifferent, but it’s said. It’s hard to think of another explanation. Want to abduct kids and do bad things? They have for decades, nobody cares. All you have to do is keep it down and American Moms applaud. American Moms have already killed like 25M kids and march weekly in favor of doing it again. But you need to go public about it? Fast? New? Now? There’s a reason; they know how hot this issue is and they’d get everything they want slowly, as indeed they have since 1949.


    That Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA that I made three weeks ago, the one from the Sierra Nevada website (, it is a beauty! A beauty! Dark, clear after three weeks (no protein/yeast residue at the bottom of last night’s glasses) with a solid head that stays with you like a lonely puppy, all the way to the bottom of the glass, and what a great hoppy taste with solid bitterness, the Sierra Nevada signature flavours. Mind you, we left everything, including the dry hops (supposed to go in after two days and stay for only two days), in the fermenter from pitching to two weeks, to only then hit he secondary. You can’t buy decent beer like this in Hong Kong. The USA rules when it comes to craft brewing – sorry UK, you never reached the USA level of public acceptance – even though I would say I only “like” about 10% of what is created, but those brewers cater for all tastes. After producing many shite brews, there is nothing like brewing a great one, shame it is only every once in a while.

    With beer in hand, I shall read RIM’s work.


    “There is a grave risk that in three weeks’ time US and NATO forces will attempt direct combat against Russia..”

    I am totally convinced that Yevgeny Prigozhin’s latest outbursts are a carrot to the NATO politicians, the ones looking for some Russian weakness that they can exploit to give themselves a better chance of beating Russia (Putin). When you look at the quality of the people around Putin – I am not talking morality, but competency – then you just know that Putin is not going to let some loudmouth lout run a private army in Russia. Yet Prigozhin is berating his boss, giving the impression that there is discord between the Russian army and Wagner. I smell a rat, I think it is a trap and I think the politicians in the west may also smell a rat but they have no choice, they have to go with it. Russia controlling the field.


    jb-hb said (yesterday):

    Corporations being artificial government-created entities which function using bureaucracies just like governments, but with with little to no grass roots input from any quarter, I would never expect market forces to function within their bowels. Particularly if they hold a monopoly or quasi monopoly.

    But yeah, when I was younger, there was that thought that maybe…. maybe that was a thing.

    From 42:00 is awesome – both hilarious and illuminating. 49:07 and on makes me laugh uncontrollably, especially when the WELCOME TO THE RED PILL pops up. I think it’s worth watching the whole thing to get to that point.

    I watched that video and as you said, it was hilarious, the lack of self awareness of the criticising cockney was magical. I particularly appreciated the surgical definitions of capitalism, fascism, socialism etc, as so many talk about this stuff without really knowing what it means, it was refreshing. I then started to think about Maggie Thatcher, who’s parents were shop keepers and who did the most (at that time) to eradicate shop keepers (thinking small businesses) from the UK. Then I was thinking about China, a country that has probably more “capitalists” (per the video definition) than any other in the world. Isn’t it ironic that the west’s view of the only successful communist country (China) is actually a view of capitalism, the socialism having been abandoned during the Mao famines. Almost everybody I know, in my age group, here in Asia owns their own business, or did and has now sold up to retire. When China was a bunch of peasant farmers, the vast majority did not own their fields, they were “employees”. Now they are all self-owned business people. They are capitalist, thriving in communist China. My brain is hurting.


    But after Washington and its allies turned Ukraine into the “best-armed country in Europe,” it clearly belongs to the US-led military bloc, the politician stated, reiterating his firm belief that peace in Europe cannot be achieved without Ukraine in NATO.

    Why doesn’t the USA want a no-mans-land between NATO and their declared enemy, Russia? Would it not keep NATO safer to have a bit longer to detect those Russian missiles, maybe an extra second? Why does NATO always want to go up to the Russian borders yet Russia does not want to go up to NATO borders? What is the different thinking between these two military blocks? Could it be that NATO is an aggressive, attacking culture, while Russia is an aggressive defensive culture?


    “Washington believes that its self-preservation is ensured by the Atlantic Ocean.”

    I would say that, given today’s technology, the fact that they are further away is an advantage to the aggressor. Consider all the potential benefits to the aggressor:
    – on the target side, there is time enough for automated systems to be questioned, so the US human questioners will probably make the wrong decision and decide it is a false alarm.
    – the aggressor has longer to wait and to see the response which it “knows” is a military response and needs to be defeated.
    – mechanically, a missile that enters space then hits its target in an almost vertical descent is just as effective against a target the other side of the earth as it is against your neighbour. Both will see it coming for similar lengths of time.


    Russia could destroy any facility in the USA at any time it wants to, using conventional weapons. Why don’t they do it? Maybe starting small then moving onto the bigger facilities? Sure, the USA would threaten nuclear war, but we know they threaten all sorts of shit but never follow through unless the opponent is super weak. Russia is not super weak. I wonder what the Russian plan is, when/if they will start destroying the USA, or whether their thinking is that the USA is doing such a good job of destroying itself that they will just sit back and watch.


    “Washington believes that its self-preservation is ensured by the Atlantic Ocean.”


    The Russians have the Empire of Lies covered with target zones, especially the East Coast off DC and New York Shity.

    They will be ash in an hour.

    Then: The Russian Poseidon torpedo and the Radioactive Tidal Wave of Death

    All down both coasts of the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation® there will be 500-meter [1,640 feet] high tidal waves of radioactive seawater covering every square inch of Duhmerica® far inland and thankfully wiping Washington DC from the map forever.

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation® not even open to suggestion on how to cope



    Putin was quoted that

    “If We [Russians] must go to Heaven, at least We will be accepted…”

    I have 100% confidence that if push comes to shove with the nuclear option, the Russians will choose to die on their feet than live on their knees.

    Duh’mericans wont even realize what hit them like a cow on the railroad tracks hit by the Cannonball Express


    Golly, what do we do!



    @ John Day
    You left me speechless.

    I had to dig and find more info.

    Another blogger is digging and documenting how C-19 was designed to be a tool for depopulation.
    May 15, 2023
    Barbara Gehrett, MD; Joseph Gehrett, MD; Chris Flowers, MD; and Loree Britt
    DailyClout Pfizer Reports
    Report 71: Musculoskeletal Adverse Events of Special Interest Afflicted 8.5% of Patients in Pfizer’s Post-Marketing Data Set, Including Four Children and One Infant. Women Affected at a Ratio of Almost 4:1 Over Men.
    Outside of the work the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Volunteers did in their reports, the volunteers are completely independent of DailyClout and the opinions that they express are solely their own.


    Report 71: Musculoskeletal Adverse Events of Special Interest Afflicted 8.5% of Patients in Pfizer’s Post-Marketing Data Set, Including Four Children and One Infant. Women Affected at a Ratio of Almost 4:1 Over Men.

    May 15, 2023 • by Barbara Gehrett, MD; Joseph Gehrett, MD; Chris Flowers, MD; and Loree Britt
    The War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project Post-Marketing Group (Team 1) – Barbara Gehrett, MD; Joseph Gehrett, MD; Chris Flowers, MD; and Loree Britt – wrote a review of musculoskeletal adverse events of special interest (AESIs) found in Pfizer document 5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of PF-
    07302048 (BNT162B2) Received Through 28-FEB-2021 (a.k.a., “5.3.6“). This group of AESIs include diagnoses of arthralgia (joint pain), arthritis (joint inflammation), arthritis/bacterial, chronic fatigue syndrome, polyarthritis (inflammation of multiple joints), post-viral fatigue syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune and inflammatory disease).

    It is important to note that the AESIs in the 5.3.6 document were reported to Pfizer for only a 90-day period starting on December 1, 2020, the date of the United Kingdom’s public rollout of Pfizer’s COVID-19 experimental mRNA “vaccine” product.

    Highlights of this report include:

    Please read the full report below.

    The depopulation is already happening.
    At 80 yrs old, Sorry, I’m not into “watching sausage making”.

    I, like the majority of people, bloggers, non- specialized trained readers, did not read the first report, and I did not read any of the reports.
    Posting 5/27/2023


    “There is a grave risk that in three weeks’ time US and NATO forces will attempt direct combat against Russia..”

    • Air Defender 23: The Largest Exercise Since The Foundation Of NATO (Helmer)

    Testing AI-powered drone swarms for next war.
    Words of wisdom

    The main lesson of the recent Durham Report — missed by even the most punctilious observers — is that our country does not want to fix itself, indeed the whole broken apparatus of fixing it is in the hands of the people who broke it.

    Trial By Ordeal

    Trial By Ordeal


    Good day to remember Gregg Allman:


    • Anti-China Bloc Tests AI-Powered Drone Swarms

    Drones in warfare are the future

    Drones commanded by AI are the future

    Skynet anyone?

    But at the bottom of the drone swarm is the industrial capacity to out produce the enemies drone production.

    China, Russia, India, they’re Homies

    Quite a bit of raw resources and industrial might in that combo

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation is rapidly transforming itself into a First World Shithole

    A totally new classification for nation-states

    None of the advantages of a first world power

    All of the disadvantages of a third world power


    Duh’merica is the perfect manifestation of the law of unintended consequences

    Here’s what we got


    Figmund Sreud

    Here we go, … Travelogue Europe, NATO F-16 fighter jets from the US Air Force, taking off for Europe!



    @ figmund-sreaud
    After preparing, all the Ukraine military, since 2014, (without any F-16), any one close to those planes should have their will done.


    Bank want to control Debt, it’s better than resources or ‘money’ because it has no physical limitations.

    Debt is the Monster living in the Cave of Life and Death


    Congress of Whores

    Lots of congress critters are lawyers

    hear no evil, see no evil, speak not evil

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Judiciary are mega whores who want to mute all law cases about Covid skullduggery

    Judges are the very worst of lawyers and that’s saying a lot about a profession built on the foundations glorifying Lying for a Living as a sacred edifice.




    A bit more info might persuade readers to go read the link.

    A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century
    Thirteen ways of looking at disinformation

    MARCH 28, 2023


    The Dilbert guy theorized that if there were election interference, it was done perfectly, because there was no particular instance you could point to and say “it’s because of THIS thing.” For any specific instance, it would be possible to say “Okay, maybe, but that could not have thrown the election”

    It’s certainly looking like a certain thing was purpose-built to spread injury and death across the actuarial tables as opposed to one specific category.

    Veracious Poet

    Welcome to WOT III (Yes, that includes *you*):

    How Biden’s DHS Is Weaponizing Anti-Terror Program Against Opponents…

    MRC Free Speech America, as part of its new Freedom of Information Act investigations, has learned how the Biden administration is weaponizing a government-funded anti-terrorism grant program in an effort to destroy conservatives, Christians and the Republican Party.

    Under the Trump administration, the “Targeted Violence & Terrorism Prevention Grant Program” (TVTP) was used to prevent terrorism, but it was revamped under the Biden administration and renamed to provide funding for localities to combat “all forms of terrorism and targeted violence.” Instead of focusing on preventing actual violence and terrorism, the program is now being used to target the entire spectrum of the political right and Christians through “media literacy and online critical thinking initiatives” and other so-called training seminars as part of a coordinated effort to make America into a one-party system.

    The University of Dayton, one of several grantees, targeted groups including The Heritage Foundation, Fox News, Christian Broadcasting Network, Turning Point USA, PragerU, the National Rifle Association (NRA), Breitbart News, the American Conservative Union Foundation and the Republican National Committee .

    (Don’t worry kiddos, I’m sure ZH, TAE et al. will make the list soon 😉 ).

    The Department of Homeland Security awarded a total of 80 grants at the behest of embattled DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who called the program a “high priority” in an internal memo exclusively obtained by MRC Free Speech America. This anti-American program cost taxpayers just under $40 million, with each individual project receiving between $85,000 and $1.19 million.

    For example, a chart used by DHS and its grantee in a training program equates mainstream groups with militant neo-Nazis, including: The Heritage Foundation, Fox News, the National Rifle Association (NRA), Breitbart News, PragerU, Turning Point USA, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) and the Republican National Committee, among others…

    The seminar also compared former President Donald Trump to Pol Pot and suggested Florida Governor Ron DeSantis might wish to start a second Holocaust.

    This is nothing new, GlobalCap has been perfecting Fifth-generation warfare (5GW) since GHWB assumed control of the FDR’s Junta HQ, the kettle of frogs have been dying at an ever increasing rate since Ruby Ridge, efficaciously attaining terminal velocity/stupidity/malevolence forthwith (re: Operation C-19)…

    Doc Mallone said, The hearings are inconsequential

    No shit Sherlock! Some of us have been suffering these gaslight capers (cover-ups, except for regularly scheduled swindles), non-stop, for over 30 years now 🙄

    Guess what’s gonna happen to The Durham Report? Bueller? Bueller?!?

    Personally, I stopped voluntary subjection to Ministry Of Truth content soon after Clintoon was pardoned for grooming his staffers 🙄

    *HARD TRUTH: = Democratic Republic under Natural Law (private rights/property) > Banking/MIC EMERGENCY POWERS Empire under Equity (Corporate) & Admiralty (State) Laws (GlobalCap Socialism) 😐


    Stay calm & enjoy the Agitprop!


    But don’t kid yourself that in general ‘The People wanted this.”

    Keep whistlin’ in the dark Dr. Diablo…

    While that may have been true in 1955 (actually 1933), the Imperial citizenry has been born, bred, edumakated, engineered, forcibly indoctrinated & bribed by society/apparatchiks/media ad nauseum, blissfully ignorant within the pathological hive mind where they’ve just learned a life of bad habits fed by decades of no consequences (the very definition/causation of *evil*) 🙄

    Don’t ask me how I know, you already know how I know, are you starting to miss your Matrix pod?

    Sic Semper Tyrannis, Finis!




    Veracious Poet

    Climate change culprit(s) finally found (Trust The Science)!

    Jane Fonda made the outrageous claim Friday that climate change is being caused exclusively by men, specifically white men, adding that “those men” must be arrested and jailed.

    Ultima Transmissio.


    If you reside in a Western country, you’re in a jewgulag. Your culture, money and Christian religion is being destroyed. Rats in a cage staring at phones and televisions. For the love od God, wake up, they want you dead. Your replacements are running over the border..

    Figmund Sreud

    I did some random browsing today into previously of no real interest, and one “rabbit hole” led me to this page, … TheRANDblog:

    F-16s Will Bolster Ukraine’s Fighting Force

    … interesting reading!



    Brew master said,

    “I am totally convinced that Yevgeny Prigozhin’s latest outbursts are a carrot to the NATO politicians, the ones looking for some Russian weakness that they can exploit to give themselves a better chance of beating Russia (Putin).”

    During the outburst, when Prigozhin was threatening to pull out of Bakhmut, he had claimed that Wagner was the main force that saved Assad in Syria and was undermined by the Russian MoD every step of the way. Recently, there was an article in the War Horse detailing a Feb. 2018 battle between US special forces and Russian mercenaries in Syria which seems to corroborate his statement regarding being undermined by the MoD.

    The article claimed

    [..] Wagner mercenaries had a surface-to-air system that made it impossible for American aircraft to press the attack. Only after officials in Washington talked to their Russian counterparts did the surface-to-air system get shut down, allowing American aircraft to return and attack.

    [..] but sources have estimated between 100 and 300 Russian and pro-Syrian fighters were killed or wounded in the battle. Russian officials claim only five Russian citizens died, but audio recordings of Wagner Group soldiers suggest hundreds of mercenaries were killed. One Wagner Group veteran confirmed the Apache attack in the recordings, describing it as “a fucking merry-go-round with heavy-caliber machine guns.”

    If true, seems Prigozhin would have a legitimate axe to grind with the powers that lead to his men getting killed.



    @chooch An interesting perspective, but I am always wary of people who work in secret industries, such as the security services or military, who then use the media to air their grievances. I think it is very unlikely that the article is the whole story, the reason being that Prigozhin’s Wagner is a trusted arm of the Russian military. However, I am sure, as the article implies, that the deaths of mercenaries are less important to the government than deaths of government employees in the military. That certainly appears to be the case in the US government, I have no reason to believe it is any different in Russia.


    @chooch Cheers!

    Figmund Sreud

    Re NATO exercise called “Air Defender 23”, …

    [aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford] Described as the largest aircraft carrier in the world, the vessel will stay in the Norwegian capital until Tuesday. It is then expected to take part in drills with the Norwegian armed forces, reportedly in the Arctic.

    US aircraft carrier arrives in NATO member Norway, to take part in drills

    Vid of the arrival:

    Wagner sources reported on the results of the military operations of the PMC in Ukraine:

    Destroyed the manpower of the AFU – 72 095;
    Prisoners taken – 509;
    Tanks destroyed – 309;
    IFV – 566;
    APC – 131;
    Armored vehicles – 1134;
    Cars – 2075;
    Mortars and cannons – 3155;
    ATGMs – 300;
    SP gun mounts – 124 ;
    MLRSs – 83;
    Air defense systems – 45;
    UAVs – 282;
    Warplanes – 5;
    Helicopters – 4;
    EW/radar systems – 149.

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