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    The marine and the kitten, Korean War, 1952   • 100 Million Americans Now Fully Vaccinated—But The Pandemic Might Continue (F.) • Decline In US C
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    Make sure you restart your Vit D at the end of summer.
    Here’s the rational:

    ” … head of the Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology at the University of Copenhagen Geisler noted that “When a T cell is exposed to a foreign pathogen, it extends a signalling device or ‘antenna’ known as a vitamin D receptor, with which it searches for vitamin D,”, and if there is an inadequate vitamin D level, “they won’t even begin to mobilize.” ”

    Check out theVit D supplements these experts are taking themselves!

    There you have it !

    V. Arnold

    The marine and the kitten, Korean War, 1952

    Given the attrocities committed in Korea, by the U.S,; I don’t know how to see that picture..

    The rest is a very difficult read Ilargi; but thank you for the work you do keeping us informed…
    I hate it, but must keep on keeping on…


    Pandemic 3 monkeys

    Individuals, will see what they want to see.
    Hear what they want to hear.
    Believe what they want to believe.
    Over 200 Scientists & Doctors Call For Increased Vitamin D Use To Combat COVID-19

    Scientific evidence indicates vitamin D reduces infections & deaths


    Madamski and V. Arnold I am going to push you both a bit from yesterday regarding comments on collective activities (by unions or in street demonstrations). Collective actions in whatever form speak to power in the language that power understands. Yes, they are political and, being conducted by humans, are themselves subject to corruption in ALL its forms.
    Did you have the same feeling when you read that 200 doctors signed a letter regarding vitamin D? They could have each individually sent a letter, but they understood that there was power in speaking with a collective voice. I bet my last dollar that, among that group of doctors, there were a few power plays and some ego at play. Even card-carrying anarchists like David Graeber participate in street demonstrations (famous of course for his involvement in Occupy Wall Street).
    Collective action seems to me to be the cleanest dirty shirt…

    absolute galore

    Tried to post this in yesterday’s comments, but it did not get through. @madamski wrote: Miley Cyrus sucks!

    Gotta disagree! Miley is a rock&roller. She is a great singer of many classics. (I even like some of her original stuff on her latest album, Plastic Hearts). She has covered Paul Simon, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Blondie, Temple of the Dog, Nine Inch Nails, Bob Dylan, Roberta Flack, Metallica, Tom Petty, The Doors, The Cranberries, Joan Jett (she inducted Jett into the R&RHoF) etc. etc. etc. all with passion and sensitivity to the original. Here’s a couple, but there are lots and lots–she’s been doing covers since she was a kid. She is a born entertainer, and you can feel her joy in what she does. Love me some Miley..

    Doll Parts
    Baby I’m in the Mood for You
    Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma
    50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

    Sweet Jane


    Almost all the news seems to boil down to the total corruption and failure of politicians and the legislative branch and than when the judiciary branch is suppose to come in and ‘balance’ i.e. correct the Parliament of Whores, the judges themselves, world wide, turnout to be gutless gold digging pusillanimous psychopaths.

    The way the Covid Plandemic has been handled is a flatout Crime Against Humanity.

    If the courts, worldwide, are shirking their duty to intervene then the only thing left is bloody mob justice, the Jacobinism movement gone global. Heads on pikes.

    Ilargi has lawyer Leigh Dundas up top.

    Well here she is speaking recently at the Tulsi Gathering courtesy of the Health Ranger podcast on Brighteon.

    By the way she is a human rights lawyer for children.


    Leigh Dundas warns covid tyranny “almost a second Holocaust”


    We need an army of Leigh Dundas and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich


    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

    Special Session: International Legal Offensive – Part 2

    The first witness is lawyer from Greece and is translated as he speaks

    Dr. D

    “How many of the 100 million were jabbed after giving their informed consent?”

    Zero. There’s to research to “inform” them with. Nobody has any idea if it’s safe or not. But the 10 years of studies up to CV said it’s not. That’s why it was to deadly to FDA approve.

    “Reaching the final percentage of herd immunity,”

    They have not the slightest idea what this number is either. Diamond Princess says 80% may always have had antibodies though. So we’ve been “herd” immune all along, fighting the 20%.

    “When the FBI gets involved, you know that the words “breaking the law” or “oh bleep” may not be too far away.”

    You mean because it’s the FBI breaking the law, of course. Doing what they do best.

    “for every rule, requirement, or standard, there’s no shortage of people who are willing to break it.” …In the FBI

    “Whether it’s resumes, college applications, Avengers membership cards, or pretty much anything else, you’ll find at least some people trying to fake it.” …In the FBI forensics labs.

    By the way: they passed (or totally DIDN’T pass a law, in this case) and people broke it. Who knew! When did this people not following the law start??? This must be stopped right away, starting with Chicago, Baltimore, and NY, drug, trafficking, and gun-crime capitals of the world.

    “And yet, all of us will begin to increasingly wonder, whether digital assets, which have no real history, no anchors, are the first to provide a glimpse of what lays beyond the horizon.”

    Yes, when Doge Coin – a literal worthless joke – is better than the US Dollar, you DO have to wonder what is coming. For the nation people would rather hold a Chuck-e-cheez joke token rather than have anything to do with your government or your banks.

    And they’re not wrong: Doge IS actually better, safer, freer, and more secure than the U.S. Your nation is run by clowns. But they’re not funny.

    Guiliani has some hilarity everywhere.

    First: you can tell from the instant posture, CNN is back in the saddle! RussiaRussiaRussia! Trump every day! (Who?) Non-stop 24/7 panic! Walls are closing in!!!

    So…Guiliani was searched based on intel collected without a warrant in 2019 from his iCloud. (Never trust Apple, scammer #2. I’m sure he didn’t, posting only what he wanted to feed them) Somebody want to explain that? Because I think Rudy’s lawyer from SDNY will explain it in excruciating detail.

    Second, he is a lawyer, with attorney-client privilege. Second time they broke this 1,000 year custom.

    Third, they were ordered to “remove all electronic devices.” Now unless you think the mayor of NYC and guy who took down the 5-family mafia (with Trump) is a moron, I’m guessing again he only keeps stuff on site he wants them to have.

    However: when searching they came across Hunter’s laptop, in which case 100% of that hard drive would be entered into the Federal Record. They refused to take it.

    Hold on, pardner, your written orders were to take EVERYTHING. You didn’t take this? Nope. Did you not notice it? No, they noticed it, Rudy pointed it out and ordered them to take it. They refused.

    So you know that this is Hunter’s laptop. A: No. They never looked, didn’t turn it on, left it and ran away.

    Hold on: so the ONE place Rudy held all his Ukrainian treason-fraud was a hard drive sitting inside a laptop he only CLAIMED was Hunter’s? A: That is correct.

    So if you’re a trafficker or drug dealer, you know your next move: EVERY laptop me and the Triad own are “Hunter’s laptop.” He and Hillary’s laptops are the single safest location on earth for all your criminal activities. It’s literally impossible for them to be confiscated or even searched.

    …And all you have to do is SAY it’s his. It doesn’t even actually have to BE his. They’re incapable of turning it on and checking. It probably says “Life Insurance” or something on it.

    I am on this like rice. I can make a bloody fortune with this new encryption method overnight. See my Etsy page for stickers printed “I am Hunter Biden’s Laptop”. $499.99 each. It’s magic! Safety guaranteed.

    Somebody want to ‘splain? Or do we want to continue to be clowns?


    Hold on: so the ONE place Rudy held all his Ukrainian treason-fraud was a hard drive sitting inside a laptop he only CLAIMED was Hunter’s? A: That is correct.

    So if you’re a trafficker or drug dealer, you know your next move: EVERY laptop me and the Triad own are “Hunter’s laptop.” He and Hillary’s laptops are the single safest location on earth for all your criminal activities.


    absolute galore

    That Roger Moore anecdote is great. Such a thoughtful way to spread a little joy.


    The marine and the kitten, Korean War, 1952

    When I saw that photo I thought of the boy who grew into the man. A gentle, conscientious boy. I thought if my own 14 year old son, as he sat petting a cat on his lap a few weeks back, carefully picking up a baby chick, gently reminding me of something that had slipped my mind.

    And here is this other boy just grown, in Korea as a soldier, drafted and sent to kill “the enemy” when he should be attending college, getting a job, flirting with a woman. He wasn’t raised to kill — he was raised to be strong and be compassionate to the weak. He is a soldier — but interact with a kitten and we see who he is, deep down.


    Adverse Effects of Cov-Vaxes, UK. (as it has at least some nos.)

    The lack of tracking, the confusion, and ‘dirty’ reporting, summarizing, and media take-up is an ABSOLUTE scandal.

    Attempting a rough estimate. /all dates 2021/

    Lancet, April 27. Vaccine side-effects and SARS-CoV-2 infection after vaccination in users of the COVID Symptom Study app in the UK: a prospective observational study.

    (…) quote:

    Systemic side-effects were reported by 13·5% (38 155 of 282 103) of individuals after the first dose of BNT162b2, by 22·0% (6216 of 28 207) after the second dose of BNT162b2, and by 33·7% (116 473 of 345 280) after the first dose of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19. Local side-effects were reported by 71·9% (150 023 of 208 767) of individuals after the first dose of BNT162b2, by 68·5% (9025 of 13 179) after the second dose of BNT162b2, and by 58·7% (104 282 of 177 655) after the first dose of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19. Systemic side-effects were more common (1·6 times after the first dose of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 and 2·9 times after the first dose of BNT162b2) among individ (…)

    That is certainly a lot of side-effects! 😉

    Problem. 1) Lumping together trivial side-effects (sore arm 3 days), with more debilitating ‘non-serious’ effects, plus no classification of ‘serious effects’ (or no good summary thereof..). This is deliberate obfuscation, everybody knows that understanding moon rocks, ant colonies, male baldness, etc. – requires as a first step, a 6-category scheme as a good starting point, which of course might be somewhat ambiguous, indeterminate, etc., except for, in this case, cat. 7 which is ‘death.’ Doctors, healers, have done this since the dawn of time.. Geez…

    2) Encouraged / helped along / mandatory reporting by docs should be part of the scheme, but is *never* mentioned or advocated for.

    Going further is dodgy imho.

    Note, stats. re. UK vax are not too bad. From Our World in Data. Vax started Jan. 3.:

    At least one dose (adults): Feb 28, 30%, May 1, 50%.

    That’s a lot!

    Ppl (again I presume adults), May 1, fully vaxxed, 23%.

    Vax doses given, May 2, 50 million

    So, what about the adverse effects?

    The data is so shoddy it is hazardous to even take a stab. (sic!) Under-reporting cannot be estimated.

    One effort, from Daily Exposé.

    Another, from prev. thread, posted by Ilargi.

    I gave up. But I will keep on trying. Effects > adverse are usually weighed against effects > desired (not that I’m keen on such a comparison in all situations, it’s a kind of creepy neo-lib accounting), such as immunity… I guess we have to wait, and may do so for a loooong time…

    Thx to Germ for vids. on previous thread. I listened to the one with the nurses – horrific.

    (see also above, not read before posting this)


    NHS Whistleblower Exposes Vaccine Policy
    Excerpt from UK Column News 14 04 21

    PIL – Patient Information Leaflet NOT being shown to those getting the ‘injection’

    Dr. D

    Here’s s’more folks ol’ Joe is killin’:

    “Taliban Declares Open Season On Americans As Weekend Fighting Erupts, Scores Dead & Wounded”

    Killin’ some folks. Always popular this time of year. Particularly Red Americans.

    Joe, if those guys left May 1st as agreed, this couldn’t have happened, could it?

    Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand? Or is it, “Murder, Incorporated”?

    a kullervo

    “- How do you cope with sadness?
    – I’ll have some dark chocolate, crystallized ginger and Port.
    – Does it work?
    – No; that’s why I’ll keep doing it.”

    (The Master Of Perfect Excuses, part 1)


    Germ, above, re. the patient leaflet information, a legal snarl coming up in *Europe*:

    Consent has to be given by individuals to get vaxxed. In France it is even required to sign a form, though that is not well respected, whatever…In any case Big Pharma is protected, has been granted a no-liability pass, so the State is responsible.. hmmm… for what exactly?

    Adverse envents and their results? Suicide? Life-long handicap? -> All this will surface.

    What is the legal situation when e.g. a Work-Place (Private Co. Perrier or MYNEWmachINE..) makes the vax obligatotory for ‘all workers’ ?

    These are then coerced to comply with conditions that officially until now employers could not impose; that employees can only agree to as based on their individual conscience; and that cannot, in principle, affect other aspects of their lives, such as being allowed to grow a vegetable garden, use public transport, etc.

    I expect that ‘sanitary’ arguments (need for vax, social dist, etc.) will override all the other legislation, which will create voids, aka major craters in Labor Laws. Hysteria about Cov19 will destroy much labor, employee protection – re. Europe. On the lines of never let a good crisis go to waste. (From an ex-Union boss.)

    Michael Reid
    madamski cafone

    @ sumac.carol

    “Madamski and V. Arnold I am going to push you both a bit from yesterday regarding comments on collective activities (by unions or in street demonstrations).”

    Excellent question. Thanx for asking. Life is currently tasking me with difficult challenges, so I may not get back to you till tonight or tomorrow.

    absolute galore

    I have had just as many people die of the vaccine in my circles as have died of Covid-19. That would be zero. And about the same number of adverse affects from each–miserable for a day or two, got better. As the minority who are foregoing vaccination for Covid-19, are we too eager to find major faults with the vaccines? I’m just asking. My resolve has gotten a bit firmer after reading about the eye issues potentially triggered by vaccination, despite not seeing any further or clearer evidence than that one kind of sketchy link. I have had two retinal detachments, and the blood flow to my eyes is not great, sometimes my vision blacks out for a few seconds when I stand up.

    I am already getting tired of defending my position. I went to a party Saturday night held for a friend who recently obtained U.S. citizenship. The party was held at another friend’s house, in the large backyard. I was one of the first to arrive (it was a surprise) and as I wheeled my bike through the gate, the hostess asked if I had been vaccinated. I said no, I was one of the unvaxxed.

    She said well you have to wear a mask. Do you have a mask? I had my bandana, so I said yes. Then she asked if I was opposed to being vaccinated and I told her I did not want to talk about it. Anyway, after sitting for a few minutes in the backyard (their 9-year-old was also wearing a mask) I decided no way would I stay around and be the only adult wearing a mask while all the clean vaccinated folk mingled, so I left. I don’t ever wear a mask outdoors, never have, even when walking about town. My friend later called and said I would only have to wear it if I went in the house to use the bathroom, so I went back. I expect more feelings of being ostracized going forward.

    The idea that it is morally incorrect to choose not to be vaccinated is funny. I am not allowed to risk a .6% chance of dying (male, 60-65) because of herd immunity, which is some vague, ever-changing idea out there? These very same folks were happy to let me take a risk when I volunteered to deliver groceries at the start of the pandemic. I thought it would be mostly older folks, but lo and behold, some of the people at the party were my customers, people in their early 30s.

    By making this choice, though, you get boxed in, and you are a social pariah for ruining the plan. Do you think people will remember Pelosi’s lukewarm reminder (I mean, come on, what could she say? We’ll be enlisting the National Guard to herd people into vaccine centers? THAT would be herd immunity) Or will they remember the “Shun Them” opinion pieces in places like USA Today? Somehow I don’t think most people will give a dying fluck about Nurenberg , etc.It will just be You’re selfish, you’re ruining it for all of us. You are helping the variants. Oh well. Take no prisoners and all that.


    Coming off of Micheal Reid’s link to Rockwell, is this interesting piece on thiamine (B1) and beri-beri.
    I wish I had known this when my mom-in-law was dying of Alzheimers.

    Also, if you want to make your brain hurt with some fascinating stuff on genetics (a topic which makes physics seem simple), check out the wiki-p page on “small interfering RNA”.
    I went there wondering if the vaccine could turn the body into a sort of PCR test, making copies of the mRNA.

    absolute galore

    Just saw this on the NYT front page (don’t have a subscription):

    Reaching ‘Herd Immunity’ Is Unlikely in the U.S., Experts Now Believe

    Coronavirus variants and hesitancy about vaccines will keep the goal out of reach. But inoculating the most vulnerable may be enough to restore normalcy.

    Of course anything that starts with “experts say” or “experts now believe” belongs in the funnies section. They try to lay it on “vaccine hesitancy” . Protecting “the most vulnerable” should have been the only policy from the beginning, letting the rest of us have our “normalcy.”


    The NYT is Pravda on the Hudson.

    Lining a birdcage with it is pet abuse


    CJ Hopkins: ‘The Criminalization of Dissent’:

    The Criminalization of Dissent

    Looks to me like our “incompetent™” rulers and their five-percenter minions got us boxed in purty nice..

    “Resist, Digitally” heh


    Regarding the anti-skool union piece: Union leadership almost never speaks for the hoi polloi; they get The Talk early on, I think, and then align with you-know-who. Weingarten is a great example..

    The goal there is to get one to hate unions, or indeed, *any form of collective action* on behalf
    of the people.

    Cui Bono?

    madamski cafone

    @ sumac.carol

    “Madamski and V. Arnold I am going to push you both a bit from yesterday regarding comments on collective activities (by unions or in street demonstrations). Collective actions in whatever form speak to power in the language that power understands. Yes, they are political and, being conducted by humans, are themselves subject to corruption in ALL its forms.

    “Did you have the same feeling when you read that 200 doctors signed a letter regarding vitamin D? They could have each individually sent a letter, but they understood that there was power in speaking with a collective voice. I bet my last dollar that, among that group of doctors, there were a few power plays and some ego at play. Even card-carrying anarchists like David Graeber participate in street demonstrations (famous of course for his involvement in Occupy Wall Street).
    Collective action seems to me to be the cleanest dirty shirt…”

    Firstly, let me clarify: I have not said that collective action isn’t useful, meaningful, or powerful.

    What I’ve said is that the majority of us are conditioned to believe that until there’s a group consensus to follow, there’s no path.

    I’ve furthermore said that in today’s hyper-mediated climate, large consensus groups are too often manipulated by the very powers they agitate against. I’ll oversimplify and call this the Astroturf Effect (AE).
    As for individual action: some doctor among the 200 you mentioned was the first to openly say: this is bullshit. That person then influenced hir peers to coalesce into some kind of action: a group letter bearing the power of endorsement by 200 respected professionals.

    I think this is an excellent thing to do.

    I disagree about mass demonstrations “speaking power in the language that power understands” as a positive thing. Power understands that language well. Witness Tiananmen Square. Power too often sees that the rabble are roused, and proceeds to use the momentum of that arousal to work against the cause represented by the group demonstrators. Their own agitated adamancy is used against them. Witness BLM. Witness the 1999 Seattle protest against the World Trade Organization.

    These tactics worked somewhat in the early days of modern media. Gandhi used the media to bludgeon the British. MLK did the same, with the pivotal point being the infamous photo of a K-dog looking about to bite a young black protestor.

    Such tactics have become The Method for achieving social change these days, and it has become mostly a tool used against such change by a power bloc fully in control of virtually all mainstream media.

    I am all for collective action but I believe what R. Buckminster Fuller wrote in the early 80s, something to the effect that the young protestors of the 60s and 70s would be wise to stop using their heads as battering rams and use them instead to think of solutions and apply them where they are.

    I entirely understand the concept of strength in numbers. So do the [puppet masters, who now use that strength against us.

    Ultimately, it is obvious that at some point the people need to gather around new concepts, principles, actions if they want to change things more to their liking. But the path to where that can happen in a reliably positive manner has become canonized into: where’s the group? We can’t succeed without a group?

    Color revolutions are terrific at forming premanufactured groups by funding INDIVIDUALS to foment action. By necessity, most of those individuals do not act together until the group is well formed, for this would raise suspicious questions. We instinctively know that things start with one person who opens hes yap and remarks on the emperor’s nudity.
    Let’s add to this the matter of how we network these days: online where our every keystroke can be analyzed and recorded. Big Bro is scrutinizing every word written on for a like TAE.

    Big Bro is still virtually clueless about what we do outside the net… if we have sense enough to leave our silly handroids at home.
    We are indeed caught in a dense and orchestrated web of manipulation by Big Bro and Friends. Some people think I disagree with this simply because I disagree that this web of manipulation is as powerful, yea, all-powerful, as so many assert, and because I don’t believe they are as proactive as reactive.
    I submit that we, like cattle, are far less easily herded if we don’t follow each other’s behind but go our own individual ways, in so doing finding a great many of us walking together, more or less spontaneously, by virtue of having similar interests and ideas about how to best attain them.

    Such mobs are very difficult to control even with today’s mediaplex surveillance. I said mob because once we start moving together and feel righteous vindication, we are easily transformed into tunnel-visioned herds who often trample the very things they would save. But they do nonetheless manage to break out of the corral, and that’s at least a start, and how history shows it’s usually done.
    So, to characterize my position on this as a this-or-that dichotomy mischaracterizes what I’ve said… but I didn’t say it with sufficient clarity before, and I appreciate you nudging me toward this opportunity to clarify. I hope I’ve done so.


    @ absolute galore

    If you like this this, then all I can say is that artistic quality is in the perceptions of the beholder. I am wrong to assert that Miley objectively sucks. I’ll rephrase: she sucks per my ears and eyes. She comes across as an entirely manufactured product, a dynasty diva. Oh yeah, she can sing. Strong voice. No doubt. But me, I can’t stand her and the way she flaunts her body makes me wince… and I love watching women flaunt their bodies.

    To each their own, right?

    madamski cafone

    @ Bill7:

    You seem obsessed with making Goliath look invincible. My buddy David disagrees.


    absolute galore

    Re: Miley. It’s true she lacks the natural sensuality of the woman playing the bass guitar that you linked to yesterday. I don’t find her terribly attractive in that sense. But I give her credit for growing up in the public space and dealing with all the hate–she was only 19 or 20 when she made the Wrecking Ball video, trying to break out of her Disney character.. Maybe I’m a sucker, but like I said, I get the feeling she loves to sing. In any case she sure does work with some talented musicians. Yes, of course to each our own!


    Madamski thank you for your great reply. Much for me to ponder and, yes, I now remember some of your earlier comments along these lines -takes into account current realities and provides refinements to the “heads for battering rams” approach.

    V. Arnold

    @ sumac.carol

    I left the “herd” 18 years ago. I’m not sure how to answer your question much beyond that…
    The west has destroyed the collective for all practical purposes thereby throwing full responsibility to the individual; where, in fact, it has always resided…

    Mister Roboto

    I don’t think The New York Times is completely useless. Just today, I read the most interesting article there about the advances that have lead to increased human longevity and concomitantly population as well. Until now, I held to the classic “doomer” (sorry) view that the increase of the food supply precipitated by the so-called “Green Revolution” led to the population explosion (another billion people every 12-13 years ever since 1961). I probably should have realized it was a much more complex matter than that!

    madamski cafone

    @ absolute galore

    Yes, her singing itself is infectious. But she allows herself tobe buried in the nightmare notions of a dozen handlers and producers.

    Maybe in a few years she’ll do an album of just her singing and playing guitar or piano. THat could provide a different perspective for me.


    @ sumac.carol

    Thanx for the kind words. I’d feared I’d done a poor job of edxpressing myself. Glad to hear I conveyed my message. Been distracted. Oldest child just ran into the (metaphorical, sans DUI) brick wall that years of alcoholism was taking him to.

    madamski cafone

    ‘Big Bro is scrutinizing every word written on for a like TAE.’

    written on THE LIKES of TAE.


    Raúl wrote, ” They all say the same thing: people can not be coerced, let alone mandated, into being part of a medical experiment. It’s highly illegal.”

    Maybe so, but TPTB would surely claim that even if an experiment is taking place, it has been made necessary by the grave emergency and the damage to the world economy and the risks to public health, etc etc. Everything seems just fine at the moment: millions have been jabbed and the collateral damage is small. QED.

    Any claim I might make to immunity from vaccination — THIS vaccination, I have safely had others — would turn on the argument whether or not an experiment is taking place. It seems clear that TPTB will simply say that they know better and we the people know nothing. They will remain deaf and blind to contrary arguments and overrule objections. They’re surfing a dictatorial wave now and will not be deflected. Too much at stake.

    And what happens IF these vaccines turn out to be another thalidomide? I expect the deafness and blindness to continue. Sorry to be gloomy, but these are gloomy times.


    Madamski one further question/comment: What is the difference between one expert calling “bullshit” and getting their colleagues to sign a letter and, say, a hospital cleaner noting the lack of PPE for fellow workers, getting them all to pickett? One is virtual, the other is in-person. Theoretically, the non-retired letter-signatories could be subjected to some non-physical “attack” (maybe delay in receiving tenure or other promotion) by their place of work for stepping outside the bounds of the narrative. I don’t see a qualitative difference between these two scenarios.


    Madamski -I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with your son. Here’s hoping for the best possible resolution. Life seems pretty tough for so many these days.

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