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    Yup – it was fraud at every level. Extraordinary.

    Click on the doc to read it.

    Interview with Sasha Latypova, the author of the above paper:

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr, John Day – “Every family has its black sheep”

    Well, … Poles have this common saying: “there are ludzie i ludziska” … this does not directly translate quite well, but a close enough approximation is, “there are people and there are bastards”. Think of Elie Wiesenthal and his book Night. Concentration camps foremen – whips – mentioned there, for example, were mostly Western Ukrainian and Russians, yet prisoners were mostly Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Czechoslovaks, et al., … they are described in that book as a bunch of real bastards!

    Another real fact: Krakivski Visti and Lviv Visti publications in occupied South East Poland and Western Ukraine – both run by an Ukrainian on behalf Third Reich – a grandfather of our Canadian non-financial Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, btw, …

    Further still, in Poland, during Socialist Government, about 3/4 of all the dignitaries were Jewish: building Socialism. Post Socialism – starting with Solidarność!, … oh, about 3/4 of all the dignitaries are still Jewish: building Western Democracy! Bastards all, …

    Anyway, in the war – especially the war zone, one has to do what one has to do, … think of translators and guides/administration staff in say, … Iraq or Afghanistan.



    Doc Robinson

    “If they default on their bonds, then the United States and the bondholders get to treat Latin America like they treated Argentina or Venezuela and grab whatever assets they have outside of their country. Like Venezuela had investments in the United States and gold that it left in the Bank of England that were grabbed.”

    Sounds like a reason to keep gold prices down. A lower $/ounce means more ounces to confiscate to cover the dollar amount of a default. Also, a lower $/ounce means less compensation in dollars to those who happen to have their gold confiscated by the government in the future.

    Mister Roboto

    Quite a last-minute helicopter-drop from the PPT in the financial markets today!


    Michael Reid – I have realised it. Failed states are all seemingly at the energy/finance cliff with the chaotic and unintended consequences of an uncontrolled descent.


    As a fourteen year old boy (with same age girlfriend) – who had discovered the unbelievable pleasure of sex, getting pregnant was terrifying.
    We were not old enough to get jobs or have a tax number. My mother was a single mother of 3 children with no income support from my father.

    The state of Queensland had made abortion illegal. This was mid 80’s. Qld a bit bible-belt.

    2 very terrified young children ran away and didn’t tell their parents and got on a bus and went interstate to find a place to legally and safely terminate the pregnancy. We lied about our age and stayed overnight in a hotel to recover. We cried. We got through it but society could have made our time easier. I felt like shit about it.
    The body is not the spirit. The spirit is not at al even remotely impacted by the play of the ephemeral. There is no relationship. You are not burning down a candle or snuffing out a light.

    There is a light that never goes out and I intend to find that light and share it.

    Now just got to get over this ego/fear thingy.


    A few days back, Raul lead with  Dante Gabriel Rosetti’s painting Monna Vanna. Rosetti was not only a painter, but also a poet, that is a man not only involved in the visual, but also in the verbal arts. The movement that he lead, the Pre-Raphaelites had as its charter the notion that it was not sufficient for painters to merely render objects faithfully, but that they also had to tell a story and do it with paintings executed with high degree of polish.
    OK, so nobody these days outside of art history world gives a hoot about a pissing contest between two factions of the art world, but it occurred to me that there was a parallel here between the current fight between the US and the RF as to who was ahead in the war. The US was supposedly winning the image war, that is, the US are the pre Raphaelites winning against their opponents on the basis of their quality of image against the R F who is supposedly losing the image war where victory is defined as perception according to the standards of the winner.
    Accepting the rules of your opponent of what victory is consigns you to defeat whether in art or war.
    It is important to win according to your own rules. Pre-Raphaelites be damned.


    The original document that was posted on Denninger’s market-ticker site regarding Pfizer and the FDA:

    Extract about the author: Sasha Latypova is a Ukrainian-born entrepreneur living in the United States. Most of her professional career was in the pharma/healthcare industry with specific focus on development, validation, regulatory acceptance and commercialization of new clinical technologies and biomarkers.


    Gonzalo Lira drop kicking the Eurotards in the Nads.


    Today is Wednesday or hump day as the rest of the week is down hill.
    For some very strange reason, neither the Russians nor US could find any Ukrainians that wanted to come out and play today.
    So for that reason, the war in the Ukraine had to be cancelled today!

    Instead we are left to fight over Jewish Nazis and abortion!
    Clearly the Jews let Hitler down.
    Democrats need abortion to win in November!

    Today the Fed confirmed that they need high inflation to reduce the value of debt.
    They are very pleased that the current level of inflation is doing it’s job.
    So the Fed isn’t going to stop the good work inflation is doing, anytime soon.

    Ontario’s medical association has desertified 3 doctors for prescribing ivermectin.

    Yes, they are still out to get you!


    The other day I paid 0.99/lb for grapes at Kroger. 33 years ago, I was paying 0.99/lb. My income is 5x what it was 33 years ago. A gallon of gas was a buck, today it is 4 bucks. As a percentage of my income it is still less. 33 years ago, 10 to 15 year old used cars were shit. Today my vehicles are 12 to 17 years old and the they dependable and run great.

    What was the price of silver in the roaring 20s? What is it today? Not much different.

    The 500 year chart for silver in 2022 dollars has the precious metal peaking in 1477 at about $2000/oz. The all time low was hit in 1992 at $10/oz. Given the consensus around here, the next depression is just around the corner, I wonder what the new low print will be.

    Moscow announces new evacuation attempt at Azovstal plant
    4 May, 2022 21:02

    The humanitarian corridor will be open for three days, from Thursday to Saturday, functioning from 8am to 6pm Moscow time every day. Civilians evacuating from the plant will be free to go anywhere, should they desire to evacuate into territories under Ukrainian or Russian control. On Sunday, several hundred civilians evacuated from bunkers in Azovstal in a humanitarian effort facilitated by the United Nations and the International Red Cross.

    John Day

    @Oxymoron: Goos-on-Ya, Mate. You did well for 14 years old.

    @Figmund Sreud: I like what Voltaire said this morning:
    “Everything you say should be true, but not everything true should be said.”

    Voltaire supposedly drank a LOT of coffee in his day.


    I was born to teenagers that made a go of it. My mum has a beautiful voice and was heading to college after graduation to study music. But the pregnancy changed that. She had the opportunity to let her aunt and uncle adopt me, but passed on it. They could not have children of their own and would have likely been great parents.

    Ironically, my wife terminated a pregnancy when she was in high school. (Not mine, we did not meet until after college). The boy had no interest in making a go of it a she felt she had no other options at the time. The decision still haunts her.

    Doc Robinson

    At least you are aware and honest about it.

    Ego seems terrified of death.
    Ranting egos seem stuck in the anger stage.
    Acceptance seems difficult with ego raising a ruckus
    or numbing itself,
    blocking the way through the sadness.

    Doc Robinson

    oxymoron: “Now just got to get over this ego/fear thingy.”

    My previous comment was in response to what oxymoron said.

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