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    While you were distracted by MSM reporting on students setting up tents on campus.
    Read more…

    Exclusive: Yemen Braces For Impending Massive US-Led Air and Ground Campaign


    Mounting tensions in Yemen and the broader region coincide with the withdrawal of an American aircraft carrier from the Red Sea. Yemeni analysts suggest that this move signifies not only the persistence of Yemeni operations targeting maritime navigation linked to the Israeli regime but also hints at a shift towards ground-based operations for a more extensive assault on Yemeni territory. Yemeni sources indicate that the departure of USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Gravely from the Red Sea is part of the preparations for the coming assault.

    General Shamsan, the head of the Military Spokesmen Committee in the Yemeni Army, informed MintPress that concurrent with the withdrawal of the American aircraft carrier, a squadron of aircraft has arrived at Saudi bases. This development aligns with diplomatic and political maneuvers. The Americans seem compelled to pivot towards attacks from land bases to mitigate potential heavy losses from retaliatory strikes against U.S. aircraft carriers and destroyers at sea.

    While certain Yemenis perceive the withdrawal of the American aircraft carrier from the Red Sea as a triumph, numerous political, military officials, and analysts interviewed by MintPress regard Washington’s move with deep suspicion, framing it within the context of ongoing operational preparations, as emphasized by Brigadier General Shamsan.

    Last Friday, the U.S. Navy declared that USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Gravely departed from the Red Sea after an almost four-month presence. Despite their deployment, the U.S. battle group was unable to impede Yemeni operations targeting maritime navigation associated with the Israeli regime, as these operations persisted.

    Additionally, there’s a possibility, as indicated by a Yemeni source linked to the coordination between Yemeni and Iraqi resistance forces, that certain groups within the Resistance Axis, notably the Iraqi resistance, may engage in retaliatory strikes against key American and Saudi targets in the region. This prospect hints at potential conflict not only in the Red Sea but also in the Strait of Hormuz and the Arabian Gulf, posing a genuine threat to American interests. However, such escalation could potentially be averted or delayed, especially considering the Russian front and the upcoming U.S. presidential elections.

    MAY 3RD, 2024


    Near Chasiv Yar, French and German mercenaries

    entered the battle From the field, it is reported that in the forestry, on the southern approaches to Chasiv Yar, in a rifle battle, the paratroopers clashed with groups of mercenaries. However, now these are no longer the tik-tok military of foreign countries who came to Ukraine to earn money and at the first threat to their lives fled from their positions, packed their bags and went back. Now trained, highly motivated and ideological fighters, in other words, professional servicemen of NATO countries, are entering the battle.

    The first reports (based on radio intercepts) about the arrival of foreign mercenaries in Chasiv Yar came about a month ago, but then it was completely unclear what kind of units they were. We dare to assume that the paratroopers met with representatives of the French Foreign Legion, who, according to the Military Chronicle, had previously been transferred to Slavyansk. Apparently, the unit, which was originally planned to be used in the defense of Sloviansk (in the event of a breakthrough of the front), is now involved in the defense of Chasiv Yar, where the situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is deteriorating every day.

    If this is the case, then yesterday the French Foreign Legion suffered its first losses (up to 7 men)!


    Dr D Rich

    I heard today, well, read and decided not use ‘learned’, the following:

    Usury is good.
    Usury is the essential aspect of The Free Market (((TFM)))
    Progress ((not defined)) is NOT possible without usury.
    Progress is good unless it doesn’t pay the ((Usurer’s)) fee, interest for loaning/lending money. All other costs of progress are definitely not Progress’s fault.

    Unless A ((Usurer’s)) usurious usury is allowed to proceed unimpeded, The Usurers can expect death. Or is my summary overly dramatic?

    Can I infer a Catholic’s interest-free giving and my giving my money freely away present the greatest threat to The Master (((Usurer’s))) Race Hegemony?


    Found this.
    I have the impression that floods are increasing.
    Some people may like to keep this link.
    Number of natural disasters worldwide in 2023, by type – flood 164


    Israel has called the protests antisemitic; its critics say the country uses such allegations to silence opposition.

    It’s not just the Jewish State- it’s any jew of the ‘chosen ones’ cult or any brainnwashed Zionist playing the “anti” card.

    Question anything about the ‘safe and effective non-vaccine’ = Anti sCienCe

    Question anything re Transgenders claims of inverted biology = homophobic

    Question Liberals claims on Russia gate or Ukraine = Putin Puppet

    Question the education system of indoctrination = Terrorist parent

    Question global warming = climate denier

    Question any offical narrative = conspiracy theorist

    Question anything of the establishments bs lies and you are immediately labeled ‘anti’

    Worse, now they have gone full Censorship. Question anything and they cut your tongue out, fire you, cancel you.

    Ratcheting it up even further passing ‘Hate Crime/ hate speech’ laws.

    Question anything now equates being an – anti, ridiculed and mocked, fired and silenced, a terrorist, and now a criminal… for asking questions?

    This has gone way too far. They are terrified (not nearly enough) as the retribution and fallout will be, and should be, merciless. They are not playing fair, or decently, or with any humanity. Cast too many stones, fafo, taunt and antagonize- no amount of empathy or compassion will help them when the tables turn.

    Then while half the Jews are tinkers on a handcart, a FEW Jews lend money that KINGS want — or the kings will murder them. But, of course, you know where this story is going: after the King borrows more, and more, and more, and too much, after Eeeeeeevvvrybody tells him not to,

    What in the actual fuck are you rambling about? You sound like AFWKTTs sock puppet.
    Are you unhinged because of so many rational voices calling out the Jewish cult ?

    So then: as happened like 100 times in European history, I JUST REMEMBERED! I forgot! What am I doing voting for Obama dealing with these Jews??? I’m a Racist! Whoa! Ooops!

    “…And then a miracle happened”. My solicitor general/Star Council/Fixer just found out there’s a Jewish Gunpowder Plot! And all the Jewish tinkers, tinsmiths, and dentists went to EVERY meeting!!! With horns on!!! Well, golly jolly holly I jut GOTS to steal ALLLLLLL their money too!!!

    …And so it goes. About every 50 years somewhere. Enough to give a guy a complex, ya know? Real PTSD. Make you want to sock money away, it would.

    So what happens to the ACTUAL rich guys, the mere 10 interrelated goldsmiths who ACTUALLY lent a King money? A: They Escape. No problem. You see, THEY have the money.

    But hey wait! SOMEBODY just “killed” (maybe) all the Jews in Israel. Huh. SOMEBODY (maybe) killed all the Jews in America who also were very high on the compliance list. SOMEBODY, magically, 200 days after Oct 7, after we all here talking about 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 kids being killed for months, SUDDENLY one day decided to protest and black tar “da Jews”.

    Dude- you sound like the writings on the Dr Bronners soap label.

    Dr D – Take a fucking step back and get the fuck off the internet and your “feed” for a few days.
    You’re sounding insane, and like I said the other day- you are in no position to claim reality.


    “In walking just walk. In sitting, just sit. Above all, don’t wobble”

    “This is why Zen often seems to take the side of action as against reflection, and why it describes itself as “no-mind” or “no-thought”, and why the masters demonstrate Zen by giving instantaneous and unpremeditated answers to questions.”

    When Yun-Men was asked for the ultimate secret of Buddhism, he replied, “Dumpling!”

    This is allowing the mind to act on its own. But reflection is also action, if one is going to reflect, just reflect- but do not reflect about reflecting.

    When Yun-Men was asked, “What is the Tao?” he answered simply, “Walk On !”

    Alan Watts- The Way of Zen

    Dumpling !

    Be like the smiling playful Beluga.


    tboc, thanks for yr response. Figmund, heh, 🙂

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