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    René Magritte The secret player 1927   • Ruling Tories Suffer Crushing Electoral Defeat In England (RT) • France Seemingly Set to Part Ways With
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    Dr. D

    Magritte: She’s got a mask but she’s dick-nosing it. It’s not the secret players you have to look out for at Cricket pitch, but the sea turtles!

    Actually saw a woman, windows down, driving with a mask on, and dick-nosing it. Like, Three? Levels of not making any sense, piled on each other? Two years after it’s over? I shouldn’t say as possibly she was like a medical transporter (of some capacity it’s hard to imagine) and the Science Deniers in Health Care require it still somewhere.

    Russia taking a new town every 12 hours now. Krasnohorivka has fallen. Chasiv Yar is the end. (End of the Donbas part)

    “Gaza Pier Delayed Over Rough Seas, Pentagon Calls Project “Extremely Challenging”

    Wow, it’s like they oughta build a road or something and just drive trucks in. Way cheaper and easier.

    “Data Centers Hiding In ‘Spy Country’ Northern Virginia Will Need Reactor’s Worth Of Power
    “A single data center typically had a demand of 30 megawatts or greater. However, we’re now receiving individual requests for demand of 60 to 90 megawatts or greater, and it hasn’t stopped there.”

    You think banking, then Bitcoin, had way too much power use? You ain’t seen nothing. And remember: we need these genius Smart AI to pick targets in Gaza that say “Carpet Bomb Everything/One”.

    “• Ruling Tories Suffer Crushing Electoral Defeat In England (RT)

    Wow, so exciting to be screwed by the other guy instead of the first one. First one got tired, need to be screwed with much more vigor. Watch Galloway or nobody. My guess is, this is part of getting peoples’ eyes back on the “Correct” people, who we already own.

    What they really need is a young, short, brown guy to be PM, the British Obama. I’m sure that would be super-successful.

    ““Just 4% of those aged 18 to 24-years-old expressed their intention of voting for Macron’s party next month..”
    • France Seemingly Set to Part Ways With Macron, Come June Elections (Manley)

    And said to be 8% support for Biden here. Doesn’t matter: Most votes in American history!!!

    ““[Macron] has so personalized his style of governance that voters blame him for everything from the cost of living to the rise of youth violence and the risk of terrorism during this summer’s Paris Olympic Games,”

    In his case, that’s actually correct. Like Lenin or Napoleon he wanted to get involved in all these things. Okay: now you own it.

    France sure is an interesting place, showing you can, and do, often take the same elements and combine them into new things that look like the old same, should be the old same, but aren’t. Like France is sort of hard into Socialism, but ALSO into hard work, which are opposites everywhere else. Very practical but ALSO very emotional, in a sense, again opposites in most places. That means it’s more inside baseball to interpret what’s going on.

    So that Stanford Shakespeare teacher (she teaches FRENCH? So she’s an expert at something??) is worried about the party’s affiliation of 100 years ago? Huh, so the Democrats being founded by a Brown-killing slaveowner, and the party of the KKK only 60 years ago bothers her even more, right? (Hearty har har. It’s not not racism when – I – do it, the AWFULs) Beam in my eye: the greatest invisibility shield known to man!

    “• Macron is Afraid to Go Down in History as the Leader Who ‘Lost Africa’ (Sp.)

    Time exists. This is past tense. And they richly, richly deserved it, long, long overdue. Hey remember when we refused to give Germany (I think) their gold because the Fed doesn’t have it, already sold it? And then a day later France made a Coup in Mali that just haaaaaaaaappened to be that exact amount of gold from their mining operations? Yeah, good times, good times.

    How did OUR gold get underneath THEIR people? Well that’s not right: France to the rescue!

    Okay, but why hasn’t Europe collapsed yet on the broken Colonial Theft capital flows?

    “Wasn’t it cute how the youngsters who “occupied” Columbia U’s Hamilton Hall demanded restaurant-grade meals ?”

    “ History Repeats Itself As Communists Run Out Of Food” –BBee

    Goes with this:
    “People Blocking Students From College Based On Race Probably On Right Side Of History Again” –BBee

    The only important one is this one:
    “Moments From Victory Against Democrats, Republicans Decide To Start Attacking First Amendment

    Wish I could say it’s the Babylon Bee, but it isn’t. That’s real.

    “WASHINGTON, D.C. — With Democrats across the country embroiled in vicious infighting, antisemitism, and takeovers of college campuses, Republicans have decided to remedy their impending victory by attacking the First Amendment.
    “We realized that things were going well for us, so we took corrective action immediately,” said Mike Johnson, while at the bank cashing his latest check from a Ukrainian lobbyist. “We thought: ‘What can we do that will immediately enrage our most loyal voters while simultaneously preventing the self-destruction of the Democrat Party?’ Of course, the most obvious choice was to pass a law against free speech. Mission accomplished!”
    Sources say the new antisemitism bill passed by the House will soon be struck down by federal courts, but should still do the job of necessarily injuring the Republican Party in an election year.
    “This is the decisive leadership our party needs,” said Congressman Crenshaw while adjusting his brand-new clown nose. “Hey check out how loud my clown nose can honk! HONK HONK!”
    At publishing time, Republicans had announced next week’s plans to also attack the Second Amendment.” –Bbee

    “• Trump’s VP Short List Has a Residency Dilemma (Turley)

    Yes but those are laws. We do laws now? Is that because they’re Republicans, ‘cause no one else is following any.

    “• Prosecutors Admit Key Evidence In Trump Docs Case Has Been Tampered With (JTN)

    Oh, you mean DIFFERENT from PLANTING the evidence on them in the first place. …And still haven’t found his Crossfire binder they were trying to steal back. You know: the one that’s declassified which is why no one can read it?

    “Security Policy Josep Borrell who asserted that without Western arms supplies Ukraine would capitulate in two weeks.”

    That means it’s not a “Ukrainian War” in the slightest. Ukraine has nothing to do with it. It’s a EUROPEAN war, a NATO war. Too much? What is the plan where U.S. provides intel, missiles, targeting, transportation, operators, and tells Ukraine, “All you have to do is push this red button.” Um, preeeeeeety sure that means it’s the U.S., it’s NATOs war. That’s like me rigging up your enemy hanging upside down in an electrocution box and handing you the red button and saying “I’ll be outside.” Who’s really responsible? What would any court, any jury say?

    Words have meanings. It’s not a Ukraine war, it’s a NATO war. Russia is right on this one: we’re liars.

    “• Trump Will Force NATO Members To Hike Military Spending By 50% – Telegraph (RT)

    Interesting headline. Because they’ve skulked away from their legally signed promises by 50% every year for decades? How about they pay us back for all that?

    “Trump will force Europe to follow the law.” (so to speak) Oh noes!

    “Luxembourg, which has the smallest budget for defense compared to its GDP, spent just 1%.”

    Oh, I see: the richest pay the least. Well that makes sense. Btw, Switzerland has entirely torched any semblance of neutrality, now or perhaps ever, and Russia noticed. They refuse to attend any meetings in Switzerland anymore, as not a relevant or neutral party. Like all of you, I’m sure, I can’t believe it, and I can’t believe the speed, ease, indifference, and insouciance they did this with. SMH. Very probably the population there feels the same, just as the populations everywhere are opposed to every other decision made by their governments. Just reminder.

    (and a reminder not to end sentences with a preposition. This is the kind of errant pedantry up with which we will not put.)

    “• Biden Parole Program Has Flown Illegals To More Than 45 US Cities (ZH)

    Warned you for years. Since 1954, same thing. Tried everything including a “One-time” amnesty under Reagan that they immediately reneged on, didn’t stop immigrants for even one day. So? Stop being their codependent. You want to drink, abusive daddy? Let me go down to the store and get you another bottle. That is how you can tell the difference between the parasite and the host. One is okay without the other, but not vice-versa. Stop helping: they’re the geniuses, you just follow orders. Make Ayn Rand right again.

    CO2: so they simply refuse to answer Congress. Just refuse. A simple question they’ll get in no trouble for. AND they also don’t know jack s—t because they’re “Science!™” We have no data AND we refuse to discuss it with you.

    You’ll be happy to know that I, like all humans ever born, cannot and will not, do not take any actions of my own, without express Jewish permission. They are my master, after all. So I’m told here and I totally, totally see the light. To that end, I have officially taken to protesting Israel and being arrested, opposing all aid to them, as have Jill Stein (Jewish) and Bernie Sanders (Jewish). I expect my check of appreciation and a low-grade medal from the ADL shortly. Logic, right?


    “This seismic win in Blackpool South is the most important result today,” Labour leader Keir Starmer told reporters

    Keir Starmer, the current leader of the UK Labour party, was the head of the Crown Prosecution Service under Margaret Thatcher. He is famous for burying the Jimmy Saville pedophile crimes, refusing to prosecute Saville while he buggerred young girls and boys, some even in hospitals and some at the BBC.

    He was a typical high-flying bureaucrat; no morals, no red lines, just an ass to kiss. Thanks to Starmer, Jimmy Saville was able to spend Christmasses with Margaret Thatcher at Chequers; he would bugger a few children on his way over, he would stop at hospitals, some for the mentally retarded, and use his dick, courtesy of Starmer.

    Starmer is an evil bastard, he is a Jimmy Saville enabler; the disk jockeys in the BBC got fired, Starmer was promoted to leader of the Labour Party thanks to his loyalty to the UK owners. This criminal is now looking like he will be running the country; lock up your children in the UK, Jimmy Saville is back.

    And people ask me why I would never go back to the UK.


    Wasn’t it cute how the youngsters who “occupied” Columbia U’s Hamilton Hall — and were busy smashing things up inside — demanded restaurant-grade meals sent in to avert “starvation and dehydration” amongst their dauntless ranks? You could imagine a colossal mommy breast with three hundred nipples descending from the sky over upper Manhattan to nourish them back to action. “Feed me. . . !”

    Trust the Jew Kunt to resort to bullshit. The guy is so blinded by his Jew superiority that his brain no longer works. Typical Jew, so easy to determine he is a hater, so poor at persuading us of his superiority, so scary that white people would let people like this take over their nation.

    As a Chinese guy said to me today, the reason the western people are so stupid is that for most life has been so easy for them that they have never needed to be really smart. I totally agreed.

    Dr. D

    Oh yeah, forgot: Prime Minister Cameron in the news again, front page, shaking hands, PR ops.

    Amazing how malleable that office is now. It’s almost like the people aren’t voting for anything, and I have to wonder, if it’s not the people arranging this constant swap-out, who is?


    Politicians don’t matter. They never did. Theatre for the profane, Plato’s cave wall. Let people pretend they’re in sovereign countries…democracies,. Slaves voting, as they’re culled off and eviscerated.


    Hey Kunstler 7000 bux is a hell of a lot less than the bankers pay the Israel lobby to smash shit up everywhere in America – oh and Iraq too. Or Libya or anywhere trying out a life of non-slavery with it’s own central bank.
    Kunstler works for the Rothschilds and is not my friend.

    a kullervo

    There are no infinite ways of rearranging a finite set of building blocks, hence repetition is woven into the fabric of the Universe; homo sapiens sapiens was bestowed with limited data storage capabilities: that’s why “old ways” always return as “new ways” when, in fact, there are neither old ways nor new ways – only forget’n’recall.

    Wisdom (=deep awareness of patterns and its implications) is incompatible with a shallow memory pool.

    Wisdom is always a memento of the past and/or a feature of the faraway future, therefore not really a practical thing suitable for modern society’s everyday use.

    Wisdom gets in the way of the “forever growth” mindset. So, instead of excising the tumor, we ban the medicine.

    Have a pleasant week.

    Michael Reid
    John Day

    I thought about Dick Van Dyke and his Cockney accent recently. “It’s a jolly ‘oliday with Mary”

    Did that “The Secret Player” piece foresee drone surveillance and countermeasure warfare?

    Armstrong: How will you cook your food without water and fuel. Just wondering.
    Don’t assume too much, bro…

    Dr. D

    Russians capture Keramik. Should I keep going?


    Death vs Life
    Fox and Friends are doing a poor job of trying to get on the right side of People Power by comparing the student demonstrations against Viet War and the student demonstrations of today.
    (MSM lost control on +50 campus demonstrations and growing. +70 groups planning demonstrations at democrat convention.
    Wait until the number of retirees demonstrating are tabulated.)
    A “peace formula” on Ukraine boils down to cutting off Western weapons supplies to the Kiev regime, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.
    Buy an airplane ticket instead of taking an overland trip to get into the USA.
    the DHS parole program
    While the program did not cover the cost of flights for these individuals, it permitted them to enter the country and make travel arrangements independently.
    The program currently admits approximately 30,000 individuals per month, granting them work permits and authorizing them to live in the country for two years.

    A reminder.
    In case you we not paying attention/ignoring the truth.
    Russia Stepping Up ‘Decapitation Strikes’ – Belatedly Adds Zelensky to Criminal ‘Wanted’ List


    As for Russia’s unrelenting and recently stepped-up aerial campaign, it has continued to pummel and degrade Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. This appears a tit-for-tat retaliation for Ukraine’s own devastating cross-border attacks on Russian oil depots and refineries. A fresh Russian Defense Ministry (MoD) statement has outlined that “In the past 7 days, the Russian Armed Forces carried out 25 group strikes via precision weapons and drones, hitting Ukrainian energy and transportation infrastructure facilities and Ukrainian military-industrial complex enterprises.”

    “Between April 28 and May 4, in response to the Kiev regime’s attempts to inflict damage to Russian energy and industrial facilities, the Russian Armed Forces carried out 25 group strikes via precision weapons and drones, hitting Ukrainian energy and transportation infrastructure facilities, military-industrial complex enterprises, missile and ammunition storage areas, as well as unmanned speedboats and drone manufacturing workshops,” the ministry said. The MoD has also warned that any “mercenary” positions and also foreign military equipment will be specifically targeted. There are reports that Ukraine has had to pull back it US-supplied M1 Abrams tanks precisely because they make for such an attractive target.
    Put it in perspective.
    Graduation ceremonies disturbances vs Israel murdering 35,000 non-combatants with USA armament



    The prev. post with the Lovely Lady Godiva on a Horsie had much Trump news, and mentions Stormy Daniels.

    Some time before 2020, I was in a train going to Vallorbe, from down South (Switz.) The landscape was snowy, barren, the train was a school train, packed with children and teens going to this or that school, training center, and so on, the only adults in the car I was in besides myself was an eldery man, a harrassed teacher with two heavy bags full of papers, projects.

    We sped forwards.

    These trains have confy seats etc., electric ports to re-charge your devices, and TV screens that announce /train – weather – etc. / info, events, but also give flash news, without sound.

    Suddenly Stormy Daniels appeared, smiling to the camera and lookin’ great. The subs said *Trump in Trouble.*

    This was one occasion when I thought, what madness is gripping the world?


    Look who lost control.


    From TASS, quoted at top post.

    Earlier, Swiss President Viola Amherd said her country would host a conference on the so-called Ukrainian “peace formula” at the Burgenstock resort near Lake Lucerne in central Switzerland this June. The Russian embassy confirmed that “the Swiss authorities have not sent Russia an invitation to the conference in Burgenstock.” Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that any talks on Ukraine without Russia are pointless, and are, in fact, “a negotiation process with no purpose.”

    Switz. has capitulated to the USuk-isr— EU forces.

    A ‘peace’ conference barring one of the warring parties participating is beyond ridiculous…shameful ..

    Many ppl here are discussing where this turn-about came from, it started about 8 years ago. And how, now, to leave…


    On the ENERGY -> FF, oil, coal, other- front …. news.

    The US has lifted sanctions on Russian banks for all trades that deal with energy.

    April 29, 2024. Official US gvmt. site:

    UKR Pravda news: *US extends permission for energy-related transactions with Russian banks.*


    “Many ppl here are discussing where this turn-about came from, it started about 8 years ago”

    In 1989 citizens of the US selected a member of the MIC as president. and when the deed was neatly done the citizens selected 41’s son and Haliburton’s board of directors to be 43 in 2001.

    and…..”a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity”. The PNAC fantasy was in full swing and the foreign policy you are living through at this moment was carried into the W Bush adminisitration.
    and do not forget that the use of tactical nuclear weapon’s was part of the PNAC philosopy. The opening salvo against arms limititation treaties was fired in December 2001.

    Rumsfeld, Cheney and Wolfowitz – now there is a list that just screams – “moral clarity”

    2024 – 1989 > 8

    Figmund Sreud

    Most fascinating, … and fitting for current moment in time! Listen to this interview, but not from “investing” prospective, but, … purely, from the “geopolitical” prospective. It’s a “baseball game” we are watching, it’s the most important game, … and we are only in the “second inning”! Here it goes: Michael Every, Rabobank – interview. About an hour long, … some very interesting advise – two, actually – at the end!


    John Day

    This is a different interpretation of the divergent “3D” and “5D” timelines for Earth, from an energy healer, dated January 2021 and updated April 2022. It does not imply 2-worlds-in-one so much as changes in perception and understanding.
    Understanding The Current Timeline Split
    Updated: Apr 22, 2022

    John Day

    @Noirette: Interesting that the US Treasury will “temporarily” allow energy transactions with Russian banks.
    I presume this will be a one-way transaction, essentially paying Russia for gas and oil.

    What of all those “frozen” Russian financial assets?
    Might they leak through this channel somehow?
    “Inquiring minds want to know.”


    Why are there Anti-war demonstrations

    Striking deals to end campus protests, some colleges invite discussion of their investments
    New York Police arrest protesters from encampment at The New School in Greenwich Village


    NEW YORK (AP) — Anti-war demonstrations ceased this week at a small number of U.S. universities after school leaders struck deals with pro-Palestinian protesters, fending off possible disruptions of final exams and graduation ceremonies.

    The agreements at schools including Brown, Northwestern and Rutgers stand out amid the chaotic scenes and 2,400-plus arrests on 46 campuses nationwide since April 17. Tent encampments and building takeovers have disrupted classes at some schools, including Columbia and UCLA.

    Deals included commitments by universities to review their investments in Israel or hear calls to stop doing business with the longtime U.S. ally. Many protester demands have zeroed in on links to the Israeli military as the war grinds on in Gaza.

    The agreements to even discuss divestment mark a major shift on an issue that has been controversial for years, with opponents of a long-running campaign to boycott Israel saying it veers into antisemitism. But while the colleges have made concessions around amnesty for protesters and funding for Middle Eastern studies, they have made no promises about changing their investments.

    “I think for some universities, it might be just a delaying tactic to diffuse the protests,” said Ralph Young, a history professor who studies American dissent at Temple University in Philadelphia. “The end of the semester is happening now. And maybe by the time the next semester begins, there is a cease-fire in Gaza.”

    Some university boards may never even vote on divesting from Israel, which can be a complicated process, Young said. And some state schools have said they lack the authority to do so.

    But Young said dialogue is a better tactic than arrests, which can inflame protesters.

    Talking “at least gives the protesters the feeling that they’re getting somewhere,” he said. “Whether they are getting somewhere or not is another question.”

    Protesters at the University of Vermont notched a victory when the administration announced Friday that their commencement speaker, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, would no longer be giving an address to graduates later this month. The protesters, who erected an encampment Sunday, had demanded Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s speech be removed from the upcoming ceremony because of her role in the U.S. vetoes of multiple UN cease-fire resolutions.

    Israel has called the protests antisemitic; its critics say the country uses such allegations to silence opposition. Although some protesters were caught on camera making antisemitic remarks or violent threats, protest organizers — some of whom are Jewish — have called it a peaceful movement to defend Palestinian rights and protest the war.

    Administrators at the University of California, Riverside, announced an agreement Friday with protesters to close their campus encampment. The deal included the formation of a task force to explore removing Riverside’s endowment from the broader UC system’s management and investing those funds “in a manner that will be financially and ethically sound for the university with consideration to the companies involved in arms manufacturing and delivery.”

    The announcement marked an apparent split with the policy of the 10-campus UC system, which last week said it opposes “calls for boycott against and divestment from Israel.”

    “While the University affirms the right of our community members to express diverse viewpoints, a boycott of this sort impinges on the academic freedom of our students and faculty and the unfettered exchange of ideas on our campuses,” the system said in a statement. “UC tuition and fees are the primary funding sources for the University’s core operations. None of these funds are used for investment purposes.”

    Demonstrators at Rutgers University — where finals were paused due to the protests on its New Brunswick campus — similarly packed up their tents Thursday afternoon. The state university agreed to establish an Arab Cultural Center and to not retaliate against any students involved in the camp.

    In a statement, Chancellor Francine Conway noted protesters’ request for divestment from companies doing business with Israel and for Rutgers to cut ties with Tel Aviv University. She said the the request is under review, but “such decisions fall outside of our administrative scope.”

    Protesters at Brown University in Rhode Island agreed to dismantle their encampment Tuesday. School officials said students could present arguments for divesting Brown’s endowment from companies contributing to and profiting from the war in Gaza.

    In addition, Brown President Christina Paxson will ask an advisory committee to make a recommendation on divestment by Sept. 30, which will be put before the school’s governing corporation for a vote in October.

    Northwestern’s Deering Meadow in suburban Chicago also fell silent after an agreement Monday. The deal curbed protest activity in return for the reestablishment of an advisory committee on university investments and other commitments.

    The arrangement drew dissent from both sides. Some pro-Palestinian protesters condemned it as a failure to stick to their original demands, while some supporters of Israel said it represented “cowardly” capitulation.

    Seven of 18 members subsequently resigned from a university committee that advises the administration on addressing antisemitism, Islamophobia and expressions of hatred on campus, saying they couldn’t continue to serve “with antisemitism so present at Northwestern in public view for the past week.”

    Michael Simon, the executive director of an organization for Jewish students, Northwestern Hillel, said he resigned after concluding that the committee could not achieve its goals.

    Faculty at Pomona College in California voted in favor of divesting from companies they said are funding Israel’s war in Gaza, a group of faculty and students said Friday.

    The vote Thursday is not binding on the liberal arts school of nearly 1,800 students east of Los Angeles. But supporters said they hope it would encourage the board to stop investing in these companies and start disclosing where it makes its investments.

    “This nonbinding faculty statement does not represent any official position of Pomona College,” the school said in a statement. “We will continue to encourage further dialogue within in our community, including consideration of counterarguments.”

    Meanwhile, arrests of demonstrators continued elsewhere.

    About a dozen protesters who refused police orders to leave an encampment at New York University were arrested early Friday, and about 30 more left voluntarily, NYU spokesperson John Beckman said. The school asked city police to intervene, he added.

    NYPD officers also cleared an encampment at The New School in Greenwich Village on the request of school administrators. No arrests were announced.

    Another 132 protesters were arrested when police broke up an encampment at the State University of New York at New Paltz starting late Thursday, authorities said.

    And nine were arrested at the University of Tennessee, including seven students who Chancellor Donde Plowman said would also be sanctioned under the school’s code of conduct.

    The movement began April 17 at Columbia, where student protesters built an encampment to call for an end to the Israel-Hamas war.

    More than 100 people were arrested late Tuesday when police broke up the Columbia encampment. One officer accidentally discharged his gun inside Hamilton Hall during that operation, but no one was injured, the NYPD said late Thursday.
    ( Here it comes … the reason for anti-war demonstrations)
    Over 34,000 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict in the Gaza Strip,
    according to the Health Ministry there. Israel launched its offensive after Oct. 7, when Hamas militants killed about 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and took roughly 250 hostages in an attack on southern Israel.

    This story has been corrected to show that 132 protesters were arrested at the State University of New York at New Paltz, not 133.

    Foody reported from Chicago, Catalini from Morrisville, Pennsylvania, and Hill from Altamont, New York. AP journalists around the country contributed, including Amy Taxin, Lisa Rathke, Hannah Schoenbaum, Ben Finley, Julie Watson, Carolyn Thompson, Kavish Harjai, John Antczak, Lisa Baumann, Colleen Long, Sarah Brumfield, Philip Marcelo, Steve Karnowski, Cedar Attanasio, Stefanie Dazio and Gene Johnson.

    Figmund Sreud

    Dr. John Campbell, his latest, reviewing and ‘facially opinionating’, an uncommon article from The New York Times


    Figmund Sreud

    A ‘peace’ conference barring one of the warring parties participating is beyond ridiculous…shameful ..

    Nah, … it’s just a huddle. Think rugby:×1024&w=is&k=20&c=opm_4i8JYv2u5YvxrlG29yiHzK4Y9GOf6H0AgOtCVAQ=





    What do you think of the Power Map?








    Turf Wars



    Euroturdistan, the Balance of Power

    They’re all one one side of the see-saw now except Hungry




    I love this guys perspective and explanation

    The Global World Order is Centralized at Levels Above the Nation-State

    The illusions of a transition from a “unipolar” U.S. to “multi-polar” BRICS order

    It alone is worth reading because he coined a new substitute term for ‘new world order”

    He calls it: Globohomo

    Globalist & Homogenize


    Globohomo has a nicer ring to it rather than ‘world wide banker satanists’



    Same guy’s Sub-stack: The Neo-Feudal Review

    The Complicated Relationship Between the Central Bank Owners and the Jewish People

    A push for a reconsideration of second order effects

    The history of banking in the West and Jews

    “This post discusses the complicated relationship between the Rothschild, Warburg, Milner, Schiff and other central bank owning families who rule the world with that of the Jewish population as a whole.

    This relationship is strained at times where the former are willing to sacrifice the latter to further their goals.

    “Although hard-hitting, the point of the post is to encourage the Jewish masses to appreciate white Christian culture and work to preserve it as an alternative to the three likely future possibilities currently presenting themselves, which are all negative…”


    The relationship between the central bank owners and the Jewish masses is a complicated one. In return for crumbs of preferment the former use the latter as a bulwark against the great non-Jewish masses rising up and overthrowing their central bank parasitism.

    But the central bank owners are both fine with throwing Jews to the wolves when politically expedient, they force-vaxxed a deadly experimental mRNA poison onto the Jewish population in Israel (but not the Muslims) harsher than anywhere else in the world, and they are fine with letting most Jews suffer as the central bank owners push the world into a horrendous neoliberal feudalism.

    The future possibilities for Jews based on current trends are all negative — either the Rothschilds win and bring misery to the vast majority of them along with everyone else, or western civilization is destroyed and their quality of life massively declines while the threat of non-white ethnic blocks arise (like in South Africa with blacks or Muslims in France), or (unlikely) there is some sort of white nationalist Redneck Rebellion.

    The alternative to these options is for Jews to understand the second order effects of their enormous, unparalleled will to power, to appreciate white Christian western civilization and to work to defend it before it is too late while changing their own community norms to do so as well.


    Funny how if ‘the jews control everything’ they ended up with the highest vax-death shot DOSES in the world

    Not too shmart


    Just Some Randomer

    “Not too shmart”

    Cunning but not smart. What kind of ‘Smart’ gets booted out of country after country over a millenium but never figures out why?


    A reminder… you didn’t know, you don’t care
    Middle East conflicts revive clash between the president and Congress over war powers
    Updated 1:34 PM PDT, March 14, 2024

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A major deadline under the half-century-old War Powers Resolution came this week for President Joe Biden to obtain Congress’ approval to keep waging his military campaign against Yemen’s Houthis, in line with its sole authority under the U.S. Constitution to declare war and otherwise authorize military force.

    Came, and went, in public silence — even from Senate Democrats frustrated by the Biden administration’s blowing past some of the checkpoints that would give Congress more of a say in the United States’ deepening military engagement in the Middle East conflicts.

    The Biden administration contends that nothing in the War Powers Resolution, or other deadlines, directives and laws, requires it to change its military support for Israel’s five-month-old war in Gaza, or two months of U.S. military strikes on the Houthis, or to submit to greater congressional oversight or control.

    Dr. D

    How? HOW do they get kicked out? Super easy: Christians refuse to lend at interest, aka “Usury”. Therefore only non-Christians can do basic functions, hampering all human progress for 1,000 years. So the Christians FORCED the Jews to lend. By law. With executions.

    Then while half the Jews are tinkers on a handcart, a FEW Jews lend money that KINGS want — or the kings will murder them. But, of course, you know where this story is going: after the King borrows more, and more, and more, and too much, after Eeeeeeevvvrybody tells him not to,

    Well, he doesn’t want to pay it back. Fast forward to today and tell me if this rings any bells.

    Because he can’t pay, he MAKES UP SOME S–T about the guy — or guys — he owes money to, that he ACTUALLY owes, and he ACTUALLY signed contracts for. …And remember if they didn’t lend him, the King would either A) Kill them or B) Steal it anyway. Fast Forward to today and tell me if this sounds familiar with the Fed.

    So then: as happened like 100 times in European history, I JUST REMEMBERED! I forgot! What am I doing voting for Obama dealing with these Jews??? I’m a Racist! Whoa! Ooops!

    “…And then a miracle happened”. My solicitor general/Star Council/Fixer just found out there’s a Jewish Gunpowder Plot! And all the Jewish tinkers, tinsmiths, and dentists went to EVERY meeting!!! With horns on!!! Well, golly jolly holly I jut GOTS to steal ALLLLLLL their money too!!!

    …And so it goes. About every 50 years somewhere. Enough to give a guy a complex, ya know? Real PTSD. Make you want to sock money away, it would.

    So what happens to the ACTUAL rich guys, the mere 10 interrelated goldsmiths who ACTUALLY lent a King money? A: They Escape. No problem. You see, THEY have the money. They’re the Bilionaire Soros of the Middle Ages. THEY live in the Court. THEY are creditors to the rest of the court too. So THEY know first and hit the road. So although these things are political, THEY then request their money having fled England, from Holland or some such. And although it takes a few years they get some, like insurance writeoffs, or they (their cousins) won’t lend any more. And carry on because they’re already lending to the King of Flanders….

    Wait: they get paid? So who really coughed up the money? Peasant Jews > King > Tiiiiiiiny slice of (non) Jewish Insider families. That is, for you guys, who think anyone who looked at a Jew must be a Jew, is that the Jews stole the JEWS’ money. Not the King’s. The king, the European state, that’s all a wash. The King liquidated the JEWISH people as a whole and handed the whole harvest to like ONE guy. Who claims to be a Jew but clearly isn’t. Read: NONJews (rich) stole the Jews’ (poor) money.

    …Oh and they killed a bunch of people to make sure that very simple fact gets lost in the outrage and clutter.

    THAT is how you get kicked out of a hundred countries. Because until 1700 Christians couldn’t lend. Like drugs, they wanted them, but wouldn’t sell them, so they got them from others and blamed them for their own bad habits.

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT SOROS DID and called it the “Happiest days of my life.” On international TV. Killing, liquidating poor sucker Jews in Hungary to the Nazi SS while STEALING THEIR MONEY for himself. That is to say, he’s only a Jew in name only. Or by birth. He’s actually just a villain. A satanist by his action, believing in nothing, a nihilist, an atheist, but not in any way a Jew adhering to his people OR following the Torah.

    But hey wait! SOMEBODY just “killed” (maybe) all the Jews in Israel. Huh. SOMEBODY (maybe) killed all the Jews in America who also were very high on the compliance list. SOMEBODY, magically, 200 days after Oct 7, after we all here talking about 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 kids being killed for months, SUDDENLY one day decided to protest and black tar “da Jews”. And we know a suspicious number of them aren’t students, and they all started on all campuses, one day in April, with perfect coordination, and the news carried every minute, ignoring Gaza, Ukraine, Trump, Border…

    “…And then a miracle happened…” Stop me if this sounds familiar.

    For the love of God and all the Saints, Mary Joseph, will you Puh-lease catch on to this con this time? I’m broke and I need to steal. I need someone to liquidate and kill to steal their stuff. I need an excuse. I need an escape. Same people, same thing, same time.

    THAT, is your medieval history lesson for today. You want to end it? Let people lend money fairly on free market. STOP government “helping” me make lending/drugs/selling hot dogs illegal.


    The Missing Exhibit from the Trophy Exhibition on Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow:


    Dr. D

    Russia blows up Slavaisk with all the French in it.

    Should I go on?

    Go on, Marcron, Putin’s bluffing.

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