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    Mestre da Família Artés The Last Judgment and the Mass of Saint Gregory 1500-1520   • US Appeals Court Again Rejects Biden’s Vaccine Mandate (RT)
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    V. Arnold

    Mestre da Família Artés The Last Judgment and the Mass of Saint Gregory 1500-1520

    These paintings always leave me speechless…
    The beauty is overwhelming; the allegory stunning…


    The Freedom protest in Melbourne today were absolutely huge and very encouraging. Even mainstream news were mostly honest except there was more than double the number there that was reported.
    Colour me hopeful today!!!

    Dr. D

    As 100 posts, starting from yesterday:

    From elsewhere:

    “As for revolution, consider the Marxian Paradox: namely, if the capitalist class takes Marx’s predictions of working-class unrest seriously, then they enact minor reforms that negate his predictions; but if the capitalist class then self-indulgently dismiss Marx’s predictions, then they save money by canceling those minor reforms, and his predictions tend to come true. Therefore, from the capitalist class’s point of view, Marx is as true a prophet as he is false.”

    I thought from some of the readers here they’d like it. However, this is not my position. You can’t run a society based on a deadly sin: envy, or one that punishes work and rewards graft.

    Did Evergrande default?

    Like so many things, the U.S. media just lies. Makes s—t up! Reports both. Reports neither. Has no relationship to the truth, only whatever I just wrote 60 seconds ago. True, False, who cares? That’s so last century. I’ll write and post two opposite articles back to back on the front page!(Yahoo) And most weeks I do!

    Evergrande has failed to make a bond payment to at least one major holder. Still. They are proceeding with legal measures. That’s prettymuch a bankruptcy to all us normal people. That is to say, unlike the EU and Greece, where Greece didn’t pay, wasn’t gonna, still hasn’t, but according to EU and U.S. bank “self-regulators” that’s not a default. Evergrande’s bankruptcy is reported worldwide, except in the U.S., demonstrating we are the epicenter of lies and fraud on the planet.

    In other breaking news: water is wet. My point is that this is all being timed, by somebody, for some reason. The level of lies and non-reporting has reached Hollywood levels. Almost to level: Weinstein.

    In deep support and appreciation, and as a further merger of Corporation and State, Congress finally passed the Hyperinflation Bill when it added billions to “communication”, that is to say, it pays the major, unwatched, despised, discredited media like CNN, so they won’t go utterly bankrupt in their failure. And your tax dollars go not to water in Flint, but so you have to put up with more Don Lemon and Rachael Maddow.

    Nevertheless, CNN is so bankrupt they shuffled their talent in a useless attempt to be relevant. Brian Williams “Live from the Moon”, retires elegantly, still considered credible by CEOs if not to normal humans with the IQ of a string bean.

    My bet: Someone handed ‘Ol sneaking Joe the s—t sandwich engineered to fall on the next Administration. He has been using all institutional power, including things heretofore never dreamed, to keep that from happening and come up with a way out. And failing. While they’re tied down to the tracks, oncoming train, the White Hats are in the back, engineering things like a botched F-Stan to discredit him each week, day after day, using their Constitutionalists, and people mad at the present and collapsing Federal mafia, and captured blackmail files from Maxwell if not hundreds more.

    However, the plan requires the economy to collapse on the DEMOCRATS and the Derp State, and no one can proceed until then — say with the election count – because otherwise the detonator will be pulled and blame the normal people and NOT the Derp Villains like Fauci and Schwab. So there’s a standoff with present owners clawing sand like anteaters. So ‘ol Joe, or rather his mentally-ill but not senile handlers, have asked their wholly-owned government subsidiary of the media to not report on the world’s largest bond failure. Yet. And Americans love lies so deeply, earnestly, passionately, that they accept it and Wall St goes on. While they stab another 15% out of the lower and middle classes with inflation. Buy Bitcoin.

    So: waiting. Many months, more than expected. But I didn’t realize in ‘01 and ‘08 that this was not your 70-100 year cycle, but a 220 year cycle and possibly more, and therefore its transition would take longer and blow more institutions and norms. The fact they were able to GET an extension confirms it’s a larger fractal and therefore destroys far more stuff. As you can clearly see now, the patterns of our society, our money, our economy have now been unmoored and will therefore change forever into the doorway of something new. So look at it as opening up, not closing down. The old has to fail, be visibly rejected, the entitled defenestrated, and collapse and make people furious before something new can grow in the open space created.

    The collapse of the energy, and therefore of the money, it’s mercurial proxy, is at root of the “supply shortages” that are essentially false, untrue, unnecessary. However, to fix them would mean adjustments that would inconvenience the existing nobility, and they will not (as Marx above), allow any fixes that would reduce their power in the slightest, preferring collapse and immolation instead. Of course, they plan to immolate US, but arsonists have a bad effect of burning down the town and not just the shed. Wars have a bad habit of not staying put safely over there.

    We know all this, just reminding that it’s about this “energy”, not just Carbon, but human energy. When you have no oil energy, products and power stop, and with them, money and taxes. When you have no human energy moving, much the same, except humans don’t stop and have channeled themselves into non-nobility non-extractable pursuits as we see with the “Great Resignation”. They are already re-thinking the social, energy, and exchange structure outside of Exxon and Amazon, and are very creative, flowing where allowed like water, assuming every shape that works, knowing nothing and being everything. Their hardened form is not known yet, in fact it’s unimaginable, but they are in motion and creating one.

    Creating one as Wall Street, banking, factories, oligarchs are ossified and collapsing, thinking nothing as they are at the apex of their power. What comes after the apex, the top of the mountain?

    Susmarie, you need more research, as others are finding in watching the trial, virtually everything said was a lie. Why did Kyle have a rifle? Well, he went over the town where he worked to help out as there was a PLANNED riot, and the police were well-known would do nothing, as had most other cities that summer. This turned out to be the case. At the car shop rioters were destroying the cars, threatening the others, death-threatening Kyle personally, trying to keep the business from being smashed and burned, and rioters did in fact light a dumpster on fire and roll it into a gas station. This is what he was there for, what he was stopping, and why he did not “grab a rifle going out the door.” A Wisconsinite loaned it to him because they were being attacked over and over, as proved to be the case later. Nevertheless, he went out to provide medical help to the public – official EMT or not – and is why he was in the street that night when things began.

    These are all facts as provided by the STATE, and are available on video if you wish to watch it, and also in the trial. Unless you think the Prosecution and the State of Wisconsin are ? Prosecuting him but ? Also admitting facts and evidence that are untrue? What possible conspiracy theory would that involve for you and what possible motive would it have? And how would that require the fabrication of hours of video evidence from multiple videographers and journalists for you to be correct? Whatever, talk without knowing and make up evidence if you want, but it’s all completely available for you to learn and see.

    Next steps: Someone shoots in the crowd, perhaps at Kyle himself (and misses.) People start running, he attempts to flee the conflict and is run down by a guy who beats him on the ground. Another tries to wrest the gun, we have a guy who brought an illegal glock to a riot, advances, aims, attempts to shoot Kyle who has fled and is now on the ground. What did you want him to do? Simply die? You’re attacking a guy holding a rifle, what did you think was going to happen?

    So you have responsibility for Klye, who was there, but not for two men – ex criminals both of them — one of which tried to cave in his skull with a skateboard, and the other who brought an illegal handgun to a riot, drew, aimed, and attempted to use it on a man he believed was associated with the police? Where is their responsibility?

    Now perhaps I would have done differently and not gone to Kenosha, staying out of it unless it comes to my door. Then he would not have been handed a rifle by a business after arson and looting started that the police predictibly refused to address. But what then? The business – all business – would have been destroyed and burned? A hundred lives ruined? (Riots are not covered by insurance) A gas station explodes and multiple people are injured, burned alive? There is no one providing medical aid because they selfishly and pleasantly stayed home instead? How about people DON’T commit arson? Is that responsibility? How about they don’t loot and destroy? Can they not attack people who were not attacking them? No. All criminals are poor, wee wictims, little children who need help. All men who prevent criminals from beating, destroying, and lighting people are fire are terrible mean, bad men.

    Those who bring handguns to riots and fire them – as shots were fired – are innocent as doves. Those who stop ex-criminals who attack children and who shoot men who fire into crowds are guilty, guilty, guilty. We know this because we won’t look at any evidence, video, or testimony. We know this by telepathy alone, as an article of faith.

    I’m not in favor of Rittenhouse, but you can’t go around a city drawing and aiming at people. That’s a multiple felony right there. And that’s because they * might * think you’re trying to hurt them and defend themselves. Especially after giving a death threat a hour before and in the middle of a burning riot. And as I said, these are the PROSECUTION’S facts, not the Defense. He did not claim he was INNOCENT. He claimed he acted in self-defense. Which the Prosecution’s witnesses — the “victim” himself — affirmed.

    Anyway, bring up as the trial closes as A) many people DID bother to watch the trial and were shocked to find the appalling levels the media has been lying to them. — One even thought the victims were black when both are white. One is a convicted child molester, the other convicted of beating his girlfriend. That was teh point of bringing up dum-dum leftist billionaire hedge-fund joker yesterday. That even he on Long Island could see this now, lies about everything.

    But also because B) Gaige Grosskreutz appeared immediately after on Good Morning America to reverse all the testimony that he made under oath. Uh, what? We believe you now, talking as a dude, but NOT the story you told under risk of perjury? This is important because it’s exactly the real goal: to lie, lie, lie about everything, to get America – you and me – to fight, not support each other, start a civil war so Gaige can bring ANOTHER illegal handgun to ANOTHER city and draw on more people and burn more things. He has said so publically many times. He wants the fall of the government and police and to “burn it all down.” That’s the real goal, and the trial is irrelevant to them. Except as propaganda, as narrative. As a lie they can get you to accidentally ingest. Only the lies are important, and the murder. Which Good Morning America now is complicit in and promotes behind their smiling, once-trusted faces. “Those who can get you to believe in absurdities can get you to commit atrocities” — Voltaire. That’s their moral, their method, their business card. To get YOU, you you you, to commit the atrocities. All they have to do is lie. Then it’s not their fault!

    What can I say? If you won’t look at 4 hours of video evidence, nor the trial, nor even the Prosecution’s own case and witnesses, where does your evidence arise from? What possible hope is there for the truth?

    DarnedKids, what kind of place allows a 17 year old an AR? Well one, any county outside of a city coast-to-coast, nationwide. About 99% of all counties in America. How else to you learn to shoot and hunt? By NOT practicing with firearms? We get skilled and practice serious safety with Nerf guns I guess?

    What kind of place allows anyone access to an AR-15? Well all of America for all recorded time. To change it, you need to change the Constitution at a minimum. Now why did we Americans do that?

    Um, because #3, police stood by and allowed, encouraged by every means for bused-in paid rioters to destroy your town, your fortune, your life’s work, your 17-year-old children, then move on to burn another town. And proudly bailed out by Kamala and other inserted D.A.s nationwide. So yes, if the police refuse to do their duty, then it falls to the people to do it for them. Nobody likes that. Bad things happen. Which is why we have the police in the first place.

    But that’s what it means that the Government arises from the people. Then if the government is absent, derelict of duty, the people become the government. …That they always were and are. We arrest THEM. We replace them. Devolution. Natural Law and the Rights of Man, unless you don’t believe in that sort of thing and prefer the Rights of Kings.

    But when all experts, institutions, police, just stop doing their jobs, what happens next is OUR fault, obviously. Always the fault of the poor and powerless, never the rich, powerful, mayors, governors, CEOs, Congressmen, or Presidents who run the institutions. Take their side if you want, it’s a free country, but I disagree with you.

    And yeah, as said before, and universally lied about, Kyle didn’t carry a gun, didn’t leave the house with a gun, perhaps didn’t intend to have a gun, didn’t cross state lines with a gun, it was loaned to him in Wisconsin by others after the city was on fire and under attack.

    But you know, some Wisconsinites are funny that way, not wanting their houses and cities burned. Perhaps Roboto can confirm. Burn? Or no burn? Which do they prefer?

    Like Mr. T, whhhhyyyy do you make me defend these things I don’t like? Can’t we please stop these tragedies long, long before they pop up like this? Like by having the police do their jobs and not allow riots?

    Roboto, don’t go overboard. No need to be a T. supporter. We support PRINCIPLES and laws instead. If he aligns, so much the better. If not: overboard. Dead weight.

    Phoenix: yes, the State is trying to kill you. If you had an address, you would already be halfway to fixed. That they can’t understand this just shows they want everyone below that threshold dead. There are other deadly thresholds further up, like should you work so much as ONE hour trying to get something going, make money away from the State, and it’s Cast into Outer Darkness for you! And having a car and phone so you can get to Social Services, respond, a computer to login your account…I guess we know why people are forced through no desire of their own to scam the system. If you don’t lie, own these things, for one reason or another they will deny your claim for needed aid. Of course if you DO own these things, have a phone, access to a car, money to take the bus, they will ALSO deny you aid.

    “The ban on unvaccinated MPs in parliament was necessary to promote public confidence in the government’s policies to control COVID-19”

    I have the feeling that like here, it will have the opposite effect.

    Mister Roboto

    Gotta love it that the name of the author of this piece of fascist shit-lib propaganda is “Karen”. 🙂


    “Mormon Church leadership toed the line without question”

    By that, I meant the Mormon Powers That Be: the President and his circle. The angel Moroni wears, in effect, a mask. The Oaficial Position, in other words. The “lesser folk” don’t always do what the Top Brass say, of course. But the Masks Required goes on the door nonetheless, eh?

    “reality check…it is difficult (nearly impossible) to get on (and maintain) food stamps, Medicaid, a free Obama phone, etc., while homeless. You have to have a physical address. There must be a street address – not a p o box. ”

    That’s where a friend or just kind person willing to let you use the aforementioned couch, shower, address, matters. I speak from experience. I was homeless for 6 months 4-5 years ago. The fact that covidiocy has rendered the welfare office as byzantine and ioncompetent as most everything else is another matter. We recently took in a youngman dealing with depressin/alcoholism. He got hired at Nike… but thought he’d lost the job before starting because they too do everything bureaucratic with robots. HIs actual physical boss wanted/needed him to start last Monday, told him that was the start day, but the robosystem put his file into a data orbital trajectory that has him starting next Monday. For a few days, neither he or his boss knew what his official status was.

    And people wonder why the homeless all have handroids.

    My “home” five years ago:



    Regarding the left/right wings pole flip: a) both parties had reached the point where they acted little and rarely on their respective previous ideological stances except in words, while steadily moving toward a duopolistic center, and b) Trump, whose manic lunacy turned things inside out.

    “copland’s best, in my humble opinion.”

    I bounce between that piece and his music for Our Town.


    A more “idyllic” view:


    Mister Roboto

    But you know, some Wisconsinites are funny that way, not wanting their houses and cities burned. Perhaps Roboto can confirm. Burn? Or no burn? Which do they prefer?

    Well, I think a case can certainly be made that Trump did better in the 2020 elections (in Wisconsin and the whole country) than the punditry expected him to do, because many voters perceived Democratic Party officials and politicians as tacitly (and perhaps directly behind the scenes) supporting the rioting and looting that took place in various cities including Kenosha in 2020. I have to admit it’s also pretty fishy that these “mostly peaceful demonstrations” {snerk} came to an abrupt end once the Democratic Party regained as firm a grip on power as the circumstances allowed them to get (whether it was obtained honestly or not, which I won’t go into here, because I think the Dems should go fuck themselves whether they won honestly or not).


    Oh. Re: Evergrande. Some internet prophet guru, using (what I shall call) pattern recognition via verbal stochastics, predicted last summer that at the end of September something huge would happen that would commence the financial unraveling that some uber-rich megalomaniacs deludedly call The Great Reset (as do countless garden-variety internet pundits).

    Last night, I checked and sure enough, the Evergrande default-not-quite-yet-but-soon officially started on Sept 30 or 29. I think 29th was the due date for payments that they missed, and 30th is when it first hit major news (in this case, it was the Guardian).


    “…rioters did in fact light a dumpster on fire and roll it into a gas station…”

    Quoted for its salient depiction of a society gradually learning how to run amok after spending decades running in place on a corporatocratic treadmill.

    The dumpster reference reminds me of a thought I had last night:

    The homeless learn the primary cost of freedom. They find it not buried in the ground, as claimed by so many politically romanticize its location citing Founding Fathers and humming an admittedly poignant CSN&Y song.

    They generally find it buried in a dumpster. Food/shelter is freedom. The rest is lifestyle.


    A song for that dear homeless couple under the bridge with the two dogs:

    A Heart Needs a Home

    God bless us one and all or at least give us a $20 bill and, if you have one on hand, a joint.

    P.S. Bottled water. Need not be store bought. Tap water, the kind your home has and their tent doesn’t, in an old Pepsi bottle, is just swell. Water is heavy and humans need a LOT of it.


    I just now saw a youtube ad for some schmancy-pants “AI cloud service” with this catch-phrase: tomorrow’s trusted technology today

    Previously, some ad for Alzheimer’s medication said: ask your doctor about @#$%^&* together cuz we’re obviously too stupid to know that people with dementia needing a physical exam should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

    Maybe we are that stupid. Who knows? As ever:


    As for hope and faith, etc:


    That’s Clem the Corduroy Turtle. Clem is a clever little tulpa.


    I just now saw a youtube ad for some schmancy-pants “AI cloud service” with this catch-phrase: tomorrow’s trusted technology today

    I usually try to explain the absurdity I see in such things, but to do so here would, I fear, create cranial combustion.

    Previously, some ad for Alzheimer’s medication said: ask your doctor about @#$%^&* together cuz we’re obviously too stupid to know that people with dementia needing a physical exam should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

    Maybe we are that stupid. Who knows? As ever:


    As for hope and faith, etc:


    That’s Clem the Corduroy Turtle. Clem is a clever little tulpa.


    ‘as claimed by so many who politically romanticize


    Random verbiage added to help WordPress’s limited software do what it’s supposed to do.

    “Bad things happen. Which is why we have the police in the first place.”

    Forgive me for the following semanticological picking of nits, but constabularies are complex entities.

    We have police because we allow (mostly rich) top dogs to enjoy a Monopoly on VIolence under Rule of Law. “Bad things happen” also explains why so many people were willing to “defund the police”. The BLM/antifa thing didn’t spring forth fully formed from Nancy Pelosi’s prominent forehead:


    (a little more random verbiage yadi ya)

    It initially arose from those people who form, mostly unconsciously, the government that oppresses them. (Weird.) If one wants a more specific origin, I’d say Occupy Wall Street. This movement among the people was, obviously, subsequently coopted and corrupted by high-level bureaucrats and politicians, probably mostly doing what their AI advisor told them to do.

    Why the groundswell in the first place? Because bad things happen, including the inevitable corruption of the constabulary which steadfastly fails to cross its own “thin blue line” and police itself. But, since We the People have been taught that we own no piece of the State’s Monopoly on Violence, all we did — as cops battered protestors in scenariios like Occupy Wall Street, or their usual bashing of any dark-skinned person who they felt like bashing — was take cellcam footage and post it online, where AI watched and suggested to TPTB that they could use this kind of thing to form and propel political movements on a new “color revolution” level.

    If those people had bashed a few cops around and threw what was left of them onto the steps of City Hall, there would be no antifa as run by Pelosi’s Forehead Command Console.


    There might well instead be a major martial crackdown, but such things generally foment revolutiions destructive of that precious Monopoly on Violence that the State cherishes and tells us is The Only Way since we’re (sarcasm alert) obviously too foolish to handle our relations with each other on our own… which is probably as true as not, alas.

    Moral: bad things happen. All things being different — even subatomic particles (which in turn are often different from themselves via quantum indeterminacy) — no two bad things are identical, and each needs a provisional solution… but we believe in Modular Institutional Solutions as provided by the various forms of State.

    The cops asked for it. I feel no better or worse about them than I do those ‘idealistically bored’ rioters who took over downtown Portland, OR two summers ago. Wearing masks, of course, which didn’t protect them from disease but probably made them feel a bit more secure from State reprisal… and pepper spray.


    Rule of Law/Monopoly on Violence are a subset of our cardinal sin: the Knowledge of Good and Evil, a concept far too large for our tiny if overwrought minds to comprehend.

    ANd more random verbiage.


    “When Science Speaks in Tongues: The Unstoppable Rise of Gibberish”

    Title of the Week award


    P.S. Very graci to Raul for the soap bubble image. It’s just what I needed for a story I need to revise and resubmit.


    Pandemic of the unwashed unfoxed reported in Spain. 30 to 50 yearolds who didn’t bother to be foxed. Rumblings of food shortages in the future.

    Mister Roboto

    If the Dems were behind the riots last year (and I tend to think they were), then that was a very risky ploy. Yes, it created the “buzz” among people predisposed to vote against Trump that “Trump is an unpopular authoritarian president”, but it also mobilized the “law and order” voters who perhaps didn’t exactly like Trump but noted his strenuous opposition to the rioting. There was probably no need for this tactic because a lot of voters, not entirely inappropriately, already blamed Trump for the early days of the pandemic catching us with our proverbial pants down.

    Mister Roboto


    @mister-roboto You post reminded me of this little clip from an all time classic:

    Black Knight


    If you read TAE, you know that you are not alone.

    The vaccines:
    ” ….. basically suppresses your immune system in general, raises D-dimer, raises troponin, etc. All bad things. The only potentially good thing it does do is raise your antibody levels, but clearly these antibodies aren’t making much of a difference based on this study since the virus has mutated to avoid the vaccines.”

    • CDC Crushes Rights of Naturally Immune Without Proof They Transmit Virus (Siri)

    After formal demand, the CDC concedes it does not have proof of a single instance of a naturally immune individual spreading the virus.
    In contrast, there are endless documents reflecting cases of vaccinated individuals becoming infected with and transmitting the virus to others.

    But despite clear proof the vaccinated spread the virus, the CDC lifts restrictions on the vaccinated?! That is dystopian.

    The gene therapy jabs DO NOT stop transmission, they DO NOT last long at all, they DO NOT and WILL NEVER produce herd immunity. As a non neutralizing jab, they DO drive immune escape (mutations) and they DO lower immunity to other viral illnesses by suppressing CD8 counts. No one has any idea what the long term consequences are at this point both from an individual health standpoint or a broader epidemiological standpoint. As your name implies, the truth can hurt at times, the problem is very few people want to face the truth that we have been lied to over and over by those in positions of authority from fraudulent “research”, to gain-of-function cover-ups, to “safe & effective”, to suppression of serious adverse events (including death), to demonization of effective therapies, to head hunting anyone who exposes any of these lies and deceptions, including Nobel prizing winning researchers and acclaimed physicians who have successfully treated thousands of Covid cases and published significant research data.
    A positive story
    The Fight to Allow Doctors to “Doctor” Heads to a Virginia Court (FLCCC)
    Bottom line: our hospitals’ use of the MATH+ protocol has reduced mortality of hospitalized COVID-19 patients by at least 50% below the national average.


    COP 26
    The smartest living creatures on earth cannot agree and cooperate enough to stop polluting their only livable space.
    Therefore, a less smart/intelligent creature will solve the problem caused by humanity.
    (A. Fauci is the spokeperson)


    @Dr. D: Always appreciate your ability to advocate for the truth – and to organize and clarify the facts. Clearly all parties involved had responsibility for the ultimate outcome(s). I left the impression that “the event” was mostly about Kyle’s CHOICES (am admitting that I was hung up there). Did Kyle act in self defense is the ONLY question to be answered; focus on anything else – like responsibility and INNOCENCE – is not what this moment is about. Thank you for guiding me to clarify, it was a good exercise. Yes, it will be interesting to see how the jury will respond to THE EVIDENCE – and if they are able to answer the one key question.


    Yes, atrocities have happened in the former USSR and in Communist China. I don’t see this as a reason to decry the ideas of Karl Marx and of Socialism (which preceded Marx) as inherently evil. To be fair, atrocities have happened in the United States and other Western democratic and capitalist countries, and we don’t use that as a reason to decry the ideas of John Locke and Thomas Jefferson.

    (Case in point: Some months ago I watched a documentary about how the USSR had tested nuclear weapons in an area of the USSR where nomadic people lived. The USSR then studied how these people’s health was affected by the radiation, etc. The documentary contrasted this with the more “virtuous” testing that the US did of its nuclear weapons in Nevada, talking about how foolish folks in Las Vegas would host events to see the far off mushroom clouds. However, I was also aware of the nuclear weapons testing that the US performed in the Bikini Atoll – where the US, too, had detonated nuclear bombs close to a population of US nationals deliberately and then studied how their health was affected by the radiation.)

    Dr. D: “You can’t run a society based on a deadly sin: envy, or one that punishes work and rewards graft.”

    In every human society that has ever existed there have been members of the society who were not able to pull their own weight: the young, the infirm, and the elderly. I do not see a society that provides a means for the young, the infirm, and the elderly to have their needs and dignity maintained by those who are able to produce in excess of their needs “rewarding graft.” Healthy adults who understand this also do not feel “punished” when they acknowledge that a portion of their labors in excess of their own needs will go towards the support of the young, the infirm, and the elderly.

    Where I do see “sin” is how our current system works: so many at the top (billionaires, etc.) do very, very little “work” (to me, making business deals while golfing, is not “work” in the same sense as someone who is building a house, working in a factory, treating the sick, etc.) while living it up – essentially, they have so very much because the system is rigged to remove a huge portion of the value created by the majority of the workers and to channel it directly to those who already have astounding portions as compared to the rest of us. Work is “punishment” when the majority of the value produced is stripped from the person who produced it, who has no say or power over the bulk of his labors.

    It doesn’t matter the name of the overarching system that does it – whether the system is called some flavor of “capitalism” or feudalism or is a majority state-controlled corporation in Communist China.

    As far as envy…yes, envy can be problematic, however…
    When I was about 13 years old and in Sunday School studying the 10 commandments yet again I decided that it was high time that I looked up what the word “covet” means. I’d heard those commandments so many times – and no one had ever actually explained the meaning of the word! I turned to a dictionary. I learned that it meant desiring something that was possessed by someone else. I started ruminating on that for a day or so. It reminded me of the adages: “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” and “Keeping up with the Joneses.” It occurred to me that wanting what someone else has often spurs someone to work hard and achieve the same – and that it didn’t make sense for that to be sin. Coveting only seemed to be problematic when it caused someone to go onto steal what someone else possessed. And then it dawned on me…if you have an economically privileged part of the population (such as a priest caste) and the commandments from your god include one that it is sinful to want the wealth that those priests possess, this could cause the people to feel guilty and sinful for thinking that economic disparity is unfair – and would serve to preserve an unequal status quo. For the first time in my life, I saw a major tenet of my religion as not quite making sense – so I sensibly set aside that worry to be thought on another day. (Which, of course, I’ve done over the years.)

    Getting back to “rewarding graft – punishing work” – I do not feel guilty for all of the food stamps and Medicaid over the years. I do not feel that the food money and medical care was “graft” even if my labor did not directly pay for it. I was shoved into an untenable position – responsible for the needs of three children (one of which had “special needs,” all of whom have been traumatized by their father’s alcoholism, and his verbal/emotional abuse in the home), and the need to heal from my own trauma. I was not up to the task. I admit it. I could not do it sufficiently. I required help. (Their father has not fully shouldered his responsibility in that regard for nearly 10 years.) Giving help is considered a virtue; too often receiving help is considered dishonorable – yet, giving is pointless if there is no one who needs or wants the gift. Why honor the givers and despise the recipients? Why take such close examinations of the recipients, constantly trying to “prove” that they are unworthy of being helped?

    (I once had my food stamps reduced because my S-corp had actually turned a paper profit that year instead of a loss – and the “profit” appeared on my personal tax return so that I could be assessed income tax on the profit. The Family Assistance Administration wanted to count that as “income” even though no physical money had passed to me personally – in fact, all it did was partially offset prior year losses – and the federal statute states that I have to actually receive the money in order for it to be considered as income for the purposes of food stamps. I appealed – I explained this to the judge. The judge understood nothing about how the profit of S-corporations is taxed, figured that I was trying to get more food stamps than I deserved, and I lost the appeal. A couple of months later I found out from someone who worked at the Family Assistance Administration that it had realized that my perspective was correct, and their procedures had been amended to take that into consideration. Of course, this was not retroactive, and I doubt that anyone bothered informing the judge. I was a recipient of food stamps, so in the judge’s eye, of course I was likely to be guilty of trying to “game the system” to get more benefits. I was guilty – and there was no way that the judge was going to consider me innocent, short of paying a fancy CPA to testify in the appeal – which was a non-starter. Essentially, the appeal was an exercise to show me that I had no power and that my voice counted for nothing.)


    Polder, previous thread, re. “The pope is on the rope” I agree, mostly.

    What I see, or rather, my interpretation, is that a group of global elites which is Western, Atlanticist, tied-cum-melded to some Corporations; anti-‘nations’, ‘modern’ in the sense of technotopic (the techno/science ‘advances’ serve as a cover-up for cruelty and greed, as well as embuing a sense of superiority), that they more or less control some or parts of W ‘democratic’ Gvmts., has made huge advances with the COV19 ‘pandemic’, probably even beyond their dreams.

    The pic Germ posted of Van de Leyen kissing Bourla is a symbol of that.

    Pope Francis imho didn’t have much choice. Going against the vaxx would be so detrimental…He also urges ‘radical’ climate-change response. He is a ‘real chance for change’ guy (quote from the link), mouthing a strategy similar to the WEF (“Great Reset”), just to show clean hands, subservience, imho. There is also the matter of drawing attention away from priest-sex-scandals by any means. But, imho he didn’t know anything about a pandemic “plot”, he is just going along. Bosco argues in that direction —- But who knows…


    Dr. D

    What is in those half-billion containers floating off the Cali coast? Needful things or not?

    Figmund Sreud

    No jabs for kids, teenagers, … young women and man!
    On November 1st, the Rabbinical Court officially decreed that the mRNA COVID shot is “absolutely forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women.

    MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Rabbinical Court decrees mRNA jab “Absolutely Forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women



    I concur with Noirette’s assessment about our current pope, and note that institutionalized pedophilia and even child sacrifice are huge elements of whatever drives the T(top-tier)PTB. Underneath it all we see growing evidence of a pedophilicerotic ‘cult of atrocity’ whereby members are drawn in by various means into activity that they know would cause horrible consequences for them if they were discovered. This binds them together in secret shame, a kind of mutual group blackmail*.

    *(like the Thugee cult in its heyday)

    As Dr. has often noted, this group’s members often behave in an over-the-top toxically narcissistic way, weirdly flaunting their nastiness in covert ways (‘covert flaunting’ is too a thing;) ), eventually growing careless and !pop! Epstein happens. The stink of that revelation just won’t wash away. Incidentally, I think that some of this flaunting is a covert cry for help.

    They band together with powerful loyalty because they are the only people who truly understand each other and the sickness in their souls. It’s the only peer group that could possibly matter to them not so much because they’re all wealthy elites but more because they’re all sick cannibals — some of them probably literally — and theirs is the only group in which they can feel accepted as themselves… although they all surely have each other’s kompromat and know this…. which for them is a kind of group security blanket in a way: ratting out a member is suicide — and almost everyone, even ardent atheists, are scared of death and possible afterlife consequences — and possibly worse if their security can’t protect them from kidnappingh and something like torture before some quasi-satanic court trial with lots of torture.

    One wonders what happens when the first one actually sings. It occurs to me that the police could perform a more effective coup than the military if they took the likes of Barclay, kidnapped him from jail, and kept him alive and squealing the facts on every available platform. That should be a lever long enough to shake the world?


    @Dr. D…

    In other breaking news: water is wet. My point is that this is all being timed, by somebody, for some reason.

    A reason you remain willfully ignorant of! lol

    “As the 100 YEAR REIGN of NATIONAL FIAT draws towards a CLOSE…what’s NEXT?
    Had you the power/intellect, what would YOUR next move be?
    BICKLE…please don’t answer for the unwashed masses. As a member of the BLOOD, you have an unfair advantage here!
    [meaningless trigger phrase removed to reduce emotional trauma level of some]
    If you, and your fellow creatins can puzzle out the mext MAJOR MOVE, then you, too, can plot for PERFECTION! Monopolies are SOOO boring!”

    “There are terms in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING:
    LAG and LASH, for example!
    You likely know LAG already. LASH can be defined as:
    the maximum distance through which one part of something can be moved without moving a connected part
    The next system eliminates the LAG and LASH inherent with FIAT.
    Think of it this way. You have two domestics in your employ.
    Domestic A is willing to perform the household tasks, and is generally competent in doing so. However, one must provide specific instructions as to every action desired. For example, you return home and Domestic A greets you at the door. You have to tell it to take your coat and direct it to prepare dinner. Regardless of the fact that your routine seldom varies, the domestic requires direction! One deals with varying degrees of PASSIVE RESISTANCE. Now apply this RESISTANCE across vast numbers and CALCULATE the WASTE!
    Domestic B greets you at the door and wordlessly takes your coat, and leads you to a sumptuous banquet…carefully prepared and flawless in execution and plating. You finish the meal and find the fire prepared and your favorite drink ready. Later, the bedsheets are carefully turned down and your nightwear laid out carefully. All without the need to issue commands.
    The first system has excessive LAG and LASH. System two provides FLOW and CONTINUITY with no wasted effort. The holy grail of engineering…ABOVE UNITY!
    FIAT has done its job. The NEXT system implements a level of control with an inescapable feedback mechanism which encourages seamless and utter COMPLIANCE!”

    Note his pronouns switch when talking about “domestics” that he would interact with as a child and up through adulthood. Nobody on the thread appeared to catch it, and he apparent;ly did it in accord with subconscious programming — it was the same-ole, same-ole to him.

    “What do you mean, exactly, by asking how “money moves”?
    You mean how it circulates?
    The question is vague.
    Don’t forget, money is illusory. All that exists is human energy/power and control.”

    “As to an end game, it is already in play. The slaves are yoked and doing the work they were bred to do. They also lack the intellect to see what is in plain sight, which would remove the yoke. So, the free choice is available, a prerequisite to this form of slavery, and the slaves are fearful.”

    “Remember, the equity and bond markets exist only to remove fiat from circulation!”

    Note — the process to MAXIMIZE this PRIMARY, AND ONLY, outcome is underway…

    The Money Power Monopolists are setting the stage for their agenda. They don’t tell us specifics, but they have told those not dedicated to willful blindness the main agenda… killing off the majority of bloodlines, and removing fiat, but not debt, from the masses. Both were said publicly, and in no uncertain terms.

    Why haven’t they allowed the market to collapse yet? I can speculate based on their stated agendas and human nature:

    1. They likely are using the carrot of a retirement as an incentive to MAXIMIZE the number of people who get the mRNA therapy (beast mark proxy?). The thinking is… I will get therapied because I need my retirement. Well, that incentive evaporates the minute the markets evaporate.
    2. The Money Power Monopolists are moving their money out of the system to maximize our INEXTINGUISHABLE DEBT. And remember, if they convince half the population to kill themselves in the next 20 years, YOUR PORTION OF THE TRILLIONS IN GOVERNMENT DEBT DOUBLES!!!
    3. They know this is the BIG KAHUNA, a once in EXISTENCE EVENT, and even though it is going fast… real fast, actually, they don’t want it to go faster. They want to acclimate us to the very ugly future that exists for domesticated toxic people in a wild new frontier… Call it revolution management. Although, there is a limit to this…

    “Those humans who feed off their peers (cannibals, in a sense) consume with a ravenous appetite which puts us to shame. They enjoy the sense of power and humiliation over those subjugated!
    What will evolve, and very quickly as it now looks, is that they will learn, painfully, the magic of what we learned eons ago…the magic of incremental, almost Infinitesimal rates of change! It must be this way…and they will pay a dear price!
    As to your current situation, you may discover that these same oppressors also function under the laws of cowardice. That is to say, it is exactly the ILLUSION of control and power which makes it so. You may, at your discretion, choose to opt out at any time you decide that you refuse to further participate!
    Of course, under the order of NATURAL LAW you are free to do so at any time! It is your free will to do so.
    I ask you, have you made ANY concrete effort to express your will in this regard?”

    In other words, the Rothschilds, et al will continue to push this tyranny harder until you see their operatives SUFFER SERIOUS PAIN… Do you see Fauci in any pain yet?


    Although I can’t find it now (and nobody else is looking, so it is all on me!), I seem to recall a place where he stated that they basically move their assets around and don’t collapse the market until they are ready to do so.

    Also note a fact I have never heard discussed, ever. If anyone has ever heard it discussed, please point me in the direction. Market tops are always tied to massive Mega-Corporate buying of shares. Why does the system reward BUYING HIGH? Any investor knows that’s suicide, yet Mega-Corp. execs due it every time, and get bonused out on it. Why?

    The obvious answer is the OWNERS are selling out, and they need a buyer to keep from driving the prices down, so they essentially strip Mega-Corporate money coffers as they buy back shares. My bet is that they also buy back from the Mega-Corps at the lows, too, although, I have not picked that information out of the media the way the media makes it obvious that Mega-Corps. always buy in bulk at the top of markets.

    The OWNERS run this game… and this bubble exists for only one reason, and one reason only… IT SETS UP THE INEXTINGUISHABLE DEBT DEPRESSION THAT FOLLOWS.

    The Western Money Powers have NEVER hyperinflated themselves, but they want YOU to think they will do this, when it makes no sense… behind the scenes you were told the truth… as long as willful ignorance is not in your ideology.


    Capitalism doesn’t exist, and never has at scale. Nor has socialism. Nor has communism. Ever.
    Stop allowing others to program your cognitive operating system. If you let them do that, you will end up right where you are — CONFUSED WITH NO ANSWERS AND NO ACTUAL PROGRESS.

    “Moving, by the way, as in SPINNING; spinning being a better analogy than moving. Moving suggest progress whereas spinning is MOVEMENT WITHOUT PROGRESS. Generators SPIN…creating ENERGY…but they don’t move FORWARD…as in PROGRESS.
    Got that little BUNNIES. Keep SPINNING!”

    What is REAL, and actually observable? Money Power Fascism. The US is a Money Power Fascist state. Europe is composed of Money Power Fasciast states. Russia is a Money Power Fascist state. China is a Money Power Fascist state. North Korea is a Money Power Fascist state.

    What is a Money Power Fascist state? Just apply the common definition to each word… it is a state where those who control the societal money system ALSO CONTROL the Mega-Corporate and Governmental system. It is NOT hard to discern for HONEST people.

    Now, how will a Money Power Fascist state function on a more detailed level? HOWEVER IN HELL THE MONEY POWER FAMILIES WANT IT TO RUN — DUH? They can run it with a capitalist VENEER, or with a socialist VENEER, or with a communist VENEER, AND THEY CAN CHANGE IT UP WHENEVER IT SUITS THEM, TOO!

    This is how the world ACTUALLY OPERATES.


    Now, with that “Matrix spoon” out of the way, let the real learning commence… or maybe that’s what is emotionally unacceptable…

    “you can learn because, as a man of honour, I will answer truthfully.
    but, alas, as one once stated…
    “the truth…the TRUTH…you can’t handle the truth…””

    If you were to tell the whole world one message, what would it be?
    Firstly, I am not so limited! And don’t forget, one message is just one data dot upon a very large canvas! It seems to be the american experience to expect the great event…the last second miracle shot…the speech which calls a generation to arms! Reality dictates that such events do not occur in nature. If all you needed to “know” were contained in one data dot, the dot would fall upon you and crush the life out of you!!
    [comment removed due to the sensitive emotions of some thread members]
    Better stick to the small data dots humans!!
    Second, you did not provide the desired end objective of such a message! To deceive, help or taunt? Why would one issue such a message? Just to prove it could be done?
    But playing along, I would advise those so inclined to listen that their bloodlines are, today, in great danger of mass extinction! Mass number of bloodlines, that is to say.
    Of course, many would say I was a cocaine addict or highly intelligent neurotic, or some such…”


    Here is the quote… BTW, not sure I agree with this, but this is how the Rothschilds think, and it may well be true according to their ideology, as opposed to daily pricing…

    “what you are saying is that the FRN’s will soar in value…gold ain’t changing one iota.
    i can think of a plausible scenario where you are correct, but I’m not entirely convinced. either way, the gold will buy what it does now, because the FRN will buy more goods and services.
    zero sum gain
    the government never confiscated gold. as far as I know, no troops ever showed up at the door and took the gold at gunpoint. A law may have been passed, but the law was not lawful. there used to be laws that black skinned people could not vote, but no one would suggest those laws be brought back.
    I’m not saying land is or isnt a good investment, it just isnt a store of value like gold.
    and they may not be making any more land, but the us government owns like 60% already, not counting 50 plus million homes. start dumping that into the market and see how well land holds its value.
    the fiat gyrations are all designed to extract wealth from the masses, but ultimately they are all valued against gold. always have, always will.
    when fiat has “value” due to sound economic principles, gold reflects this fact. when fiat is debased, the same happens. thus the attempt to manipulate the true cost via various methods. however, in the end, the truth is impossible to hide.
    that is why we are currently not in a recession or depression, but a reconciliation of value. no wealth is being lost in the translation, it is just being shifted from one set of hands to another.
    look at the relative price of something like oil priced in gold units and then tell me how what you say makes any sense.
    if federal reserve notes buy a certain amount of oil relative to the price of gold, the actual numbers assigned to the particular product are irrelevant.”

    Veracious Poet

    Never in the history of mankind has a generation been more apropos to the thesis defined in “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” than the boomer, baby-bubble herd.

    The Ivy League Hermanos, i.e. the Banksters and their Politeer enablers + assorted “experts”, have successfully hoodwinked close to 80 million “Free” citizens, conning them into voluntarily surrendering their wealth, country and even their children’s future!

    Over the last 20 years the politeers and their fraternal brethren banksters have looted so much from the future that even a bubble derived from herd emotions is now absolutely impossible.

    Until then, all the US economy will be is a scavenger operation picking over the carcass of a dead industrial giant…

    Sheeple have the memory span of a gnat, and as such shall remain wild-eyed in their cognitive dissonance regarding the destruction of their favorite pastures of ignorant bliss, presented daily by cue card entertainers for collective titillation…

    “One apparatchiks terrorist is another’s freedom fighter”.

    “The assailants were arrested, tried and convicted in federal court, and given long sentences, effectively life imprisonment. In 1978 and 1979, their sentences were commuted by President Jimmy Carter; all four returned to Puerto Rico.”

    So, we have come full circle and have been infiltrated, just like the Romans, by those that hate Us, Our Way of Life, and Our History.


    All we await now is a Castro-esque savior, who shall complete the gaslighting of the sane, and deliver us into true evil.

    And most here will vote for the monster. Because FEELINGS.

    Because ENVY

    Because child EGO



    Everyone can shine a light on their opinion/idea/forecasts.
    However, the light producer, will have the last word.
    ( and Fauci is the messenger)

    Veracious Poet

    Interesting how even when presented with REAL REALITY on TAE many of the regulars are still clinging to their monomania(s), with no ability to formulate the BIGGER picture 😐






    Nevermind that elections are TOTALLY fraudulent & bio-weapons have been released on humanity, that CHILDREN are subject to mass murder!



    My. I’m waiting for the ghost of Nostradmus to show up soon.


    Any sci-fi fans here? The literary type, that is. I’m revising an old skiffy short for resubmission (I can see why it wasn’t “picked up” when I submitted it 5-6 years ago. One lives and learns; I like to think I’m a better writer tan I was then.) I am hoping I could get some critical input. (If anyone obliges me, know that I like getting my authorly teeth kicked in. It’s a masochistic endeavor, writing fiction for publication.)

    In email they call me, with the pseudonum of ‘kenmeer livermaile’.


    Testing images.

    Kermit vaccine message


    Sadly, I mostly ignore the Assange issue, writing it off as a hopelessly lost cause, but this breaks my heart:



    Last try


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