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    Sorry Raul. Please delete.

    I need to use another browser obviously.

    Doc Robinson

    @ ctbarnum

    I did a google image search and found one that ended in .jpg for easier posting here:,resize:640x,quality:90×75/images/dc96509995d92bc051a231af4985c57ffe4ee87b9adc56910905e59295cda771_1.jpg


    Any sci-fi fans here?
    The only known white hole is the Big Bang which was instantaneous, (happened in ( “spacetime”), rather than continuous or long-lasting.


    So this is a thing now:

    Fake Fir Tree Cell Towers


    ctbarnum: are you using the IMG selection from the options above the posting screen? The attachment feature shown below the posting screeen is ioffy, last I knew.


    If Fauci did not say it, then it will be ignored.
    On November 1st, the Rabbinical Court officially decreed that the mRNA COVID shot is “absolutely forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women.

    Polder Dweller

    Noirette said, “ Pope Francis imho didn’t have much choice. Going against the vaxx would be so detrimental…”

    I’m not a Catholic myself but those I know are conservatives and they say that it’s irrelevant how detrimental it would be to go against the jab as it’s a fundamental principle of Catholicism. Mind you, they also disagree with having Francis opening the church up to LGBT+ (Bosco’s point) to gain in popularity. They tell me that it’s driving more away than it’s bringing in.

    There’s a suggestion from them that “forces” deliberately set out to weaken the Church by undermining its central tenets. This started with Vatican II and the scrapping of the Latin mass. All the sexual scandals (while not denied) have been bigged up in the media to discredit the Church. Francis as a liberal pope just adds to that.

    Why (assuming my catholic friends are right) was this necessary? Did TPTB consider Rome to be a serious threat to their ambitions? If so, in what way?

    those darned kids

    great news! i’ve always wanted to be jewish.

    where do i sign up?

    Veracious Poet

    @ those darned kids

    Enjoy a couple of fun sing alongs:

    For Fauci Fans:

    For anybody who always wanted to be Jewish:


    Damn, tdk. My ears are so bad I can hardly hear the violin high notes any more. Still, great stuff. KLezmer gets me high.

    Here’s an old Jewish folk song:

    Come See the Lights

    that my son and I sang, when he was about 7 and full of potty humor, like so:

    Come see my farts
    Shoot flaming sparks
    We must be careful on Hannukah

    In days of old
    Great turds were rolled
    ANd set on fire on Hannukah

    In the ancient days of toiletry
    Only one potty with just one bowl
    But there was a mighty miracle:
    It wiped them all with…

    I’m getting old. I wonder if I shared this story before? It’s one of my life’s greatest moments, that memory.


    Regarding the media “bigging up” Catholicism’s institutional sexual child abuse: saying that is like saying the media is picking on Epstein’s Ghost and the Lolita Express club. Major class action lawsuits from former victims are kind of big news. Hard to ignore.

    I don’t shoot anyone’s sacred cow but I do kick them out of my garden.



    “On November 1st, the Rabbinical Court officially decreed that the mRNA COVID shot is “absolutely forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women.”

    This seems like a huge deal to me but I have only found one source for this info ( Sarah Westall). Everyone else seems to be using this source. Searched CNN, FOX, fact check, etc. No corroboration whatsoever.
    If I’m Jewish and looking for a religious exemption doesn’t this proclamation just about lock it in?

    Do you have other sources?

    those darned kids

    germ, bosco: thanks for the great tunes. here’s john zorn’s masada. cathartic.

    those darned kids

    chett: this video of dr. zelenko addressing the rabbinical court might help you find the answers you seek.


    tdk: Check out that trumpeter’s posture. Man knows what it takes to drive strong air through a bell.


    The thin blue condom:

    “Over the years I would see it all,” former Seattle police chief Norm Stamper wrote in his book, “Breaking Rank.” He described cases in which cops fondled prisoners, made false traffic stops of attractive women, traded sexual favors for freedom, had sex with teenagers and raped children. “Sexual predation by police officers happens far more often than people in the business are willing to admit.”

    It’s far more prevelent indeed, and a very fine and thin blue line.

    One of the most honest and brave cops I know of, Tony Bamonte (google the name and you’ll discover a rare hero) met his first wife by falsely pulling her over for a phony traffic citation. iIs intentions weren’t predatory, just opportunistic; he married her and I believe they’re still married decades later. But you can see how powerful the effect of a badge can be on a man.

    Power goes to a person’s head, including the wee helmeted one between a man’s legs.

    Predators with Badges: The Sex Traffickers on America’s Police Forces



    Thank you for that. I used to just use the upload attachment, but that hasn’t worked for awhile now.



    Yeah, I’ve been attempting to use the img selection, but lately it has been kind of dicey. I do believe it’s the browser I’m using (Firefox). I”ll likely need to switch to Brave.


    fwiw, ctbarnum, the internet has in my experience entered another round of function disintegration like I saw about a year ago. Then, it seemed to be partly deliberate: overhauling search algorithms for censorship purposes, things like that. This time, it’s sheer fuck-up. I use a two-year old version of whatever swillware that Microsoft sold at the time I use duck duck go over chrome.

    Just now, my gmail told me why an email I received from someone here was in the Spam folder… except it wasn’t. Came through straight-ahead. FB gets clunier by the day.

    Along with the supply chain issues of microcips etc., I note that reduction of skilled staff is also a supply chain issue.

    I increasingly have to experiment and crawl under barbed wire to post here.


    For me, the old klezmer is still the best; however, part of this is my fonness for that ancient analog time capsule sound:

    Klezmer Early Yiddish Instrumental Music 1908 1927


    I haven’t followed Charles Hugh Mith much of late. Revisiting, I see this:

    FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2021 Look Out Below: Why a Rug-Pull Flash Crash Makes Perfect Sense

    And read this: “Goldman Stunned By The Record $2.6 Trillion In Option Notional Traded Last Friday” headline and this here excerpt: “Summarizing Rubner’s findings, this is the punchline behind the staggering numbers: single stock option notional (140%) now exceeds single stock shares notional, 72% of options traded have an expiry of two-weeks or less (think 2-3-4 days), and activity on the message boards is as high as it has been all year.”

    Methinks the financial pain will very soon begin in earnest, but “Prophecy is difficult, especially aboput the future.” Yogi Berra

    At least it’s Saturday 13th not Friday 13th.


    More catalogs, TV and celebrity pitches: Retailers rethink holiday ads amid digital marketing upheaval PUBLISHED THU, NOV 11 202

    btw, I removed duckduckgo to see if it affected internet performance. Don’t know about that yet, but in the 2-3 montha max that I’ve usedDDGo, the number of ads online seems to have increased a lot.

    From the above article:

    “I can’t overstate how critical it is for brands to really have this direct one-to-one relationship with the customers by interacting and transacting with them on their own websites.
    John Merris SOLO BRANDS CEO”

    People are figuring out that the internet was designed to belong to everybody.


    “The only known white hole is the Big Bang which was instantaneous, (happened in ( “spacetime”), rather than continuous or long-lasting.”

    Innarestin. Thanks, zz.


    Looking at images of things like living crabs being milked of their blood reminds of the passage in Genesis where God said (this is one of the most detailed and nuanced transl;ations): “Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive and remain with man forever, because he is indeed flesh [sinful, corrupt—given over to sensual appetites]; nevertheless his days shall yet be a hundred and twenty years.”

    Exploit EVERYthing!!!!!

    It’s funny. If I really believed that TPTB were working on culling humanity, I’d probably applaud them. We’re a nasty lot and so in love with ourselves that we think that having dominion over the ecosphere, i.e., being Terra’s de facto Apex Predator, means we can do anything we like to animals. Culling us would be a blessing to life on earth.

    But I highly doubt that TPTB have that level of moral awareness.Most everyone, not just TPTB, in human dominion more than not and are happy to shudder once at footage of slaughterhouse operations or laboratory torture, then look away; or if they forswear involvement in this industrialized carnage, blindly go vegetarina<>vegan without looking to see how that really works, as if destroying habitat for homes and farmland doesn’t destroy life directly and place many animals in dire refugee straits that often result in cannibalism including eating their own young.

    I can see the Soroses and Gates of this world letting us die as a result of their process for getting rich, sure. They’ll do that. They are both callous and stupid enough to not care about the cows on whose milk they depend. COws ike us who in turn don’t care about the genuine cows whose milkwe take for granted other than grumbing about price.

    But TPTB culling us in order to make the world a better place, if only for their, let’s say, “bloodlines”? Nah, I can’t see it. Making the world a better place is not what they do, even for themselves. Feeding their various addictions including miserly hoarding is what they do. Since we (human beings in general) are not much less deranged than them, we generally envy them their wealth and view them as successful if evil.

    I do not see this as success but a form of sickness I would not wish on anyone. It makes me think of a concept from my Mormon upbringing called Sons of Perdition (SoP). Description follows:

    “According to LDS Church theology, there are two classes of persons who will become sons of perdition:

    1: “The pre-mortal spirit followers of Satan. It is taught that, in the pre-mortal life, they chose to follow a plan proposed by Satan, rather than that presented by God the Father (Heavenly Father).[5] Jesus the Christ chose to follow Heavenly Father’s plan (which included moral agency), volunteered to atone for the sins of all as a part of this plan/become the Savior of all, and the glory would go to the Father. Satan rejected Heavenly Father’s plan and proposed his own, wanting to force all to choose the right, return to the Father, and the glory would all be Satan’s. Thus ensued the War in Heaven, which resulted in Satan and his followers being cast out of heaven and denied the opportunity of receiving a physical body due to rebellion against God the Father.

    2: “Those in mortal life who “deny the Holy Ghost,” which is generally interpreted as rejecting and denying Christ after receiving a personal witness and a “perfect knowledge” of Jesus.”

    #2 is mostly gibberish to me but #1 fits in with all kinds of ancient history, history overall, and current events especially.

    My take on religious metaphysics like this is, well, mine: if there is a salvation in an afterlife, with Jesus as Redeemer etc. etc., the forgiveness and cleansing of sin the Bible speaks of is simply our ability to live with ourselves after, as countless Near Death Experiences describe, experiencing a Total Life Review, a kind of rapid holistically detailed gestaltic memory of one’s life. (In this personal theology, Jeebus saves our souls by extroardinary powers of compassion wherein brand-name Xtian tropes like “Trust in Jesus” mean Jesus saying, as we watch the horros we’ve allowed, “Trust me. I’ve seen worse. Everyone who lives on earth is mostly a miserable SOB; it comes with living in a Fallen Earth. Believe me.”

    We rail against bloodthirsty elites for viewing themselves as above us mere proles, but we do the same thing regarding all non-human life except a few chosen pet species that we indulge as emotional slaves to help us feel remotely still mammalian as we focus on mindless and often violent virtual realities to distract us from the fact that we have become like how we treat the animals: enslaved beasts of burden and laboratory test animals.

    A people who will let animals experience what we do daily, in order to make vaccines and so forth, deserves to be used as guinea pigs for elite medical profiteering, and to be culled. Consider culling euthanasia for humanity.

    Like Isaac Singer said, “For the animals, every day is Treblinka.”

    Or as Leonard Cohen said: “Nothing in this human realm is meant to work. So once you can deeply appreciate that…the mind of compassion grows if you understand that everybody’s up against it.”

    And as Anthony sings in my fave Cohen song:

    If It Be Thy WIll

    If it be your will, that I speak no more
    And my voice be still, as it was before
    I will speak no more, I shall abide until
    I am spoken for, if it be your will
    If it be your will, that a voice be true
    From this broken hill, I will sing to you
    From this broken hill
    All your praises they shall ring
    If it be your will, to let me sing
    From this broken hill
    All your praises they shall ring
    If it be your will, to let me sing
    If it be your will, if there is a choice
    Let the rivers fill, let the hills rejoice
    Let your mercy spill
    On all these burning hearts in Hell
    If it be your will, to make us well
    And draw us near and bind us tight
    All your children here, in their rags of light
    In our rags of light, all dressed to kill
    And end this night, if it be your will
    If it be your will

    I care about covidiocy from compassion, not an outraged sense of justice. There is no justice on earth, and we deserve it least of all its species that I know of. But so it is and so it goes, and I put in my time in this prison and try to be less depraved and more kind today than I was yesterday — and hope I can forgive myself when I am called to answer for my part.




    At an A and the Johnsons concert, he asked for requests. A bunch of people asked him to sing “If it be your will” and he refused. He only wanted to sing his own music. (But he had already covered all of his own recorded songs!)
    What a voice.

    Trivium- On my dead computer in the living room is a downloaded copy of a Rothschild (?) analysis of economies as thermodynamics. I think it showed the handwritten as well a the transcribed versions of the treatise. Do you know of it? Do you by any chance have a link?


    Yes and yes and yes Bosco.


    Polder, what I meant is that if the Pope spoke out against the vaxxes he would be marginalised, dissed, condemned, de-throned or ? worse.

    He would be branded as opposed to modern science, against ‘protecting’ ppl, the weak, the poor, the ill. Being against ‘solidarity’, opposed to the teachings of Christ (as I have heard in Switz.) Going against the jab > not an option.

    As far as I can see, for now, those resisting the jab (where I live) are not Catholics. Nor any other religion.

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