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    Veracious Poet

    Child EGO vs. Spiritual Enlightenment:

    It appears that in practice Hobbes may have been right, due to the corruption(s) created by “self-rule”…

    Veracious Poet

    As a TRUE Son of the Revolution, I NEVER thought I’d reach a point where I agreed with Hobbes…

    If the Sons of Liberty could see what has happened to the “American Experiment” in 2021, they would have sent a letter of apology to King George & Parliament, never have written the Declaration of Independence.

    It breaks my heart & soul to come to this realization, but my Spirit will endure…

    Adios mis hermanos y hermanas.

    a kullervo


    Human affairs (aka “the world”) were never ruled, and never will be, by logic and fortunately, even less by science. Meanwhile, common sense – really the only useful moderating skill – went MIA, probably devoured by technology, science’s prodigal son.



    Emil Palsson: Footballer collapses from cardiac arrest during game in Norway

    “Emil Pálsson’s on-field cardiac arrest is the second such incident this year

    John Day

    Thanks My Parents Said Know. I seek to keep this house design and execution as simple as possible, and as easy to work on later as can be done.


    UK lawyer speaks.
    Worth a listen:

    John Day

    Come Back Shane! … er Veracious Poet.


    Dr. John Day:

    Take lots of pictures while building your extension. It is a journey! Set your camera to minimum quality setting so you don’t use up too much memory and become reluctant to take photos. The photos you take don’t need to be top quality anyway. They serve as a record of construction. Later you may wonder did the electrical wiring/plumbing pipe run on this side of the 2 x 4 or the other side?

    Nails are cheaper but using screws allows changes to be made much quicker and easier. I no longer use nails for that very reason! You see I build things to last! Then later for some unforeseen reason I may need to undo my previous handy work. If I had used nails I usually end up nearly destroying the thing trying to deconstruct it! Who was the son-of-a-bitch who built this? (Usually me!) If I used screws, then things come apart like a piece of cake in nothing flat!

    Try to enjoy the journey of building your own house and taking lots of pictures.

    John Day

    Thanks Doc Robinson for the spontaneous Abortion after COVID vaccination paper

    Thanks to Germ for the paper about suppression of DNA repair by anti-cancer cellular proteins/enzymes

    These are very important topics.


    Karl Denninger digs into the Expose article expecting to debunk… that isn’t what happened:

    Holy cow, what a finding: certain lots in each of the three US vaccines have wildly higher rates of death and injury that don’t seem to correlate with age or location.


    The Decisive Battle
    The Decisive Battle
    Posted in total in the Moon of Alabama comments.

    ”Let’s go Brandon!” Yes it is funny. It is ironic. It is “A mockery of the sitting President”

    More than anything, it is an acknowledgement of the continuous reign of incompetent rulers from Bill Clinton through Joe Biden — the loss of the Republic. The plebes are not going to take it anymore. The Western Empire’s ruling top 10% have lost the war.

    “‘when the trucker now refuses to go to work over Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, and the pilot openly mocks the power and legitimacy of the media and the credentialed classes over his airplane intercom, the utter hopelessness of the woke position is increasingly made manifest.” ‘the sleeping giant of America’s ordinary working men and women, her shopkeepers, firemen, nurses and train drivers, are now slowly freeing themselves from their torpor.” ”Let’s go Brandon!” ‘the woke now increasingly hunker down for a long political war of attrition that they on some level must know they structurally cannot win, no matter how disciplined, fanatical, or moral they may be”.

    those darned kids

    uh, sorry veracious, that’s “hermanxs”


    Dr. D. Rich:

    I wasn’t diagnosed with Ushers Syndrome until I was almost 50. So clearly I have one of the slowest versions. I think growing up as only hard of hearing helped. Dealing with this issue alone was bad enough.

    So my early years were pretty much normal. I went to regular public schools and college. My parents never put any limits on what I could do. For the first 10 years of my life I lived in a small remote mining town in northern Quebec/Labrador. Since there was only one school there I went just like everyone else! There was no deaf school to go to.

    Then when 11 we moved to Montreal and bigger and much better schools. That had a huge impact on me as suddenly my world got vastly more competitive forcing me to upgrade my efforts. It was very painful but necessary. I also grew much more interverted than before.

    I did the usual stuff like learn to drive and got to college. I did have a slight dislike of driving at night but never really knew why. In my first job of course as a service engineer for a Milwaukee mining equipment manufacturer, I often had to drive early in the morning before sunrise and after dark in the evening going to and from the long hours of my work. I got to drive all over the world including on the left side and in the madness of 3rd world countries.

    Here is the thing. I had no idea that my eyesight was abnormal. I had nothing to compare my eye sight with as in before and after situations. Their was no family history. Subconsciously my brain made compensations for my poor eye sight without me knowing anything was wrong. My poor purifferial (spelling?) vision simply went unnoticed.

    However my Mother, being a nurse, sensed something was wrong with my eyes in my late 40’s especially my poor night vision. For example walking from a neighboring cottage at night my Father could navigate quite easily dodging the trees while I would walk right smack into the trees! Of course he would say “Are you blind?” because the tree was easy for him to see in the dark.

    One day I was reading an article written by a guy who had organized Toronto’s motorcycle Ride for Sight fund raiser. He had a friend was had RP. A group of them were in Kitchener/Waterloo for October Fest. They were having such a good time they lost track of time. Once they realized it was dark they had to figure out a way to get their RP impaired friend and his motorcycle back to Toronto! What they did was surround him with lots of bikes, front, back and beside, to light up the road for their RP friend. It was one other comment that really hit home for me! His friend was forever tripping over the cracks in cement sidewalks! I said that is me!

    So I go see my eye surgeon. He decided to test my purifferal (sp?) vision. I put my chin in front of a box with a trigger switch which I was to push every time I saw a light flash. His secretary’ came into the room and the doctor left. I sat there waiting for the doctor to come back and strat the test. I did not see any lights flash. Then the doctor came back into the room and I said “Are we ready to start the test?” The doctor had the look of death on his face as he told me the test was over!

    He then tested my center vision which I then happily pulled the trigger as the lights flashed. After that the doctor said I had RP but with the hearing loss it was Ushers Syndrome. I was his first Ushers diagnosis in 45 years of practice! He knew all about Ushers but had no experience with the disease.

    So he referred me to another Toronto doctor who had seen 2 or 3 such cases. So I go down and see this guy in his 70s. He sits me on a stool about 4 feet from a blank wall. He takes a 3 foot long wooden pointer and says close one eye and look at this imaginary dot where my pointer is. So I do as told while he moves the pointer positioned from north/south/east/west (parallel to the wall) and says tell me when you see the pointer. I repeat it for the other eye. He says to me yup your legally blind! Then he asks me how I got to his office. I said I drove an hour by car. He says how did you managed to do that!

    I think I would let your wife drive you home! That was the last time I drove! The good doctor did say legally I have to report you to the government but I am not going to. His reason was thus. If I report you, you will keep on driving! If I don’t report you, there is a 75% chance you will quit driving on your own! Later I saw a medical study backing this up 100%!

    Now I am 68. I can only see in the very center of my eyes now. Sort of like looking through the cardboard roll the toilet paper is on. Pin point vision without any peripheral (finally spelled right!) vision. This means I only have a few degrees of vision left compared to the normal vision of 120 degrees or greater. In practice it means I can easily get disoriented or lost if I don’t first try to figure out where I am, before moving. Also the resolution of my remaining vision is poor so trying to discriminate between a number one and capital letter I is harder. When I loose a nut, washer, or screw, it is very hard to find it on the ground. Often my feet find it first by stepping on it before I will see it! I often carry around powerful LED flashlights to help me see even in daylight especially in the house. If I want to get another jar of jam, I first need to find a flashlight before I can see the jam inside an opened cupboard or sometimes even in the fridge.

    If it is a dark overcast day I often have trouble seeing things clearly. I usually need a flashlight about an hour before sunset. I can see best without my glasses on at about one foot to 2 feet. I read on my tablet without glasses on and often enlarge the screen to make it easier to read. I can’t read small print like font sizes 8 to 10 without a large magnifying glass.

    Whenever I am looking for something, I often rely on my memory as to where something is. If my wife moves it then I often have to ask her where did she put it. Unfortunately she has a poor memory so she will often say “I didn’t touch it!”. So I can search a room and not find what I am looking for. If I don’t look exactly where it is I can easily overlook it! Often I don’t look in places I don’t think it could possibly be. So I find my self spending more and more time just looking for something than the time it takes to actually do the task. Also I have slowly learned to move much slower so I don’t stumble and fall or hit my head on the edge of a table when bending down to pick up something and then really wracking my head because I didn’t see oor expect it.

    Also I have added handrails at 3 location on the cottage deck and painted them white. I also painted a one inch strip along the outer edge of the deck so I know where the steps begin. I have also painted the edges of each step white too. At night when I shine a flashlight at the steps the white really stands out. The reason I did this is with my poor eyesight my ability to contrast things is quite poor. For example I can not hop from the top of one rock or mound to another rock or mound because I have no pheriffial vision. The lack of pherriffial vision makes me very unstable on my feet another reason to move slowly.

    I am sure I make all kinds of other changes due to my poor eyesight but I can’t think of any more at the moment.

    Dr D Rich

    You’re perseverance personified.


    I think that we are a sorry looking gang of senior terrorists critical thinkers.

    TAE Summary

    Summary in Limericks

    Jacinda, New Zealand’s PM
    Is ever so quick to condemn
    If you’ve no accredit
    You’d best just forget it
    Her country’s now Us versus Them

    The vaxx won’t prevent the transmission
    Of Covid in many condition
    To put it quite crude
    Get vaxxed and you’re screwed
    By Pfizer spike protein coition

    Tom Hobbes thinks that people are rotten
    While Locke said we’re just misbegotten
    We’re decent, Locke thinks
    Well that theory stinks
    We’re evil, but Locke has forgotten

    A doc takes the oath Hippocratic
    Despite this some docs are erratic
    They harm more than aid
    By evil they’re swayed
    Bad judgement becomes quite dogmatic

    V. Arnold

    TAE Summary
    Summary in Limericks

    …and a poet to boot…………
    …to be alive is to be surprised…

    Dr. D

    Dr. Day, yes, this was the point of the Federal level grabbing and ‘nationalizing’ healthcare, back in the HMO days, when this was all they could get away with. To dehumanize and kill everyone, and the reason I’m ‘against’ national health care. Or certainly the way WE do it, at our scale, and with OUR people in charge. Do it at the State level if you think it’ll work: oh yeah, we did, and it instantly bankrupted those states. Learning their lesson, they them installed Romneycare nationwide, the worst of both worlds.

    The other reasons were as you see: no Doctor observation or latitude, they must do whatever Pfizer writes down as a protocol. They can force procedures, or foot-drag and deny them to death as they do in Canada and UK. They can force-add, or inhumanly remove drugs from protocols, or even individual patients. They could do this as they would have access to all medical records, computerized, and add to give you double-dose of what they’re allergic to, or have you operate on the right leg not the left. Think they won’t? Have you not seen computers before, and their screw-ups, nevermind the CIA/FBI far less frequent who would certainly have tampered with MLK and Assange. Far easier than all those reporters whose digital cars turned hard left in traffic. It’s slow, deniable, and inescapable as there is no separate system, regardless how small, you can turn to.

    But it starts with doctors accepting it, and forcing them into large organizations, with Insurers running it, too busy to follow all the things they want and need to. Then you just totally merge corporation (Pfizer, Humana) and State (who forces, denies, or tampers with care like they have a hotline blacklist to Twitter/Youtube) and you have a psychopaths’ dream. Complete encompassing death at the hands of not the State, which already has processes for these things, but the senseless bureaucrats Snowden worked with who pull naked pics of your wife off their phone, then edit the medical records of their ex-wives to get custody. You know: the REAL Soviet horror, not the headline stuff. The rich oligarchs are immune, as there is no process, no appeal. Perfect Brave New World.

    What does Ritchie say? That the State is preeminent, individual lives are disposable. That’s your new oath. But who is “The State”? In effect, the tampering bureaucrats, (Him), but also the people who bribe them, and the Party Members and Oligarchs. That is, everyone that’s NOT YOU. Not “the people.”

    Hobbes is painfully wrong within his own logic. If people are wicked and can’t be trusted, who’s running the State? A king who’s wicked and can’t be trusted and his paid courtiers? Sorry, that don’t wash. That’s why NOT on that list is that our Founding Fathers may think people are good, but they also believe men are fallen. That means you have to have Man A keep track of Man B to keep him honest and in line. He mostly will be, but sometimes he won’t and then needs to be reprimanded or removed. That’s your separation and balance of powers. When ALL the government is against ALL the people then WE are the counterweight removing people – the whole government down to a man if necessary – and keeping them honest.

    Denninger, yes we know the bad effects are scattershot in some way. It is more likely that this is to kill a certain number of humans without alarming the others, keeping deniability, with a nice, clean self-death that lets them buy up all the houses later and sell them to China. Because if it were random, an honest effect that this untested drug interacts with some body-type/DNA honestly, then there would be some other overlying pattern and there isn’t. Sadly, the simplest explanation, but you have to think like a psychopath – which all our government and pharma corporations are. Anecdotally ran into unexpected heart attacks, wonderfully impossible to prove.

    Did you see the “Let’s Go Brandon” rattling the concrete of the stadium, I think at a football pitch in Europe? Whoa. And who’s the guy in the soundbooth egging them on? I’m not against the chant, but as the stadium owner, getting 30k people whipped up is dangerous.


    “I report you, you will keep on driving! If I don’t report you, there is a 75% chance you will quit driving on your own!”

    Ah governments! This is exactly what I say all the time. I don’t know why people can’t get it, even with medical studies supporting. Yes, definitely need to rely a lot more on memory and process, which is okay but exhausting. Essentially you’re blind, but it’s a nice upgrade from being –completely– blind. I try to do things in the dark without adding light, but the problem is then I rely very strongly on hearing.

    Have you seen the videos of the completely blind mountain biking through forests using clicks and echolocation? That was amazing and adds total opportunity to people simply by trying and practicing. Very nice.

    I’ve also seen very high-gain glow-in-the-dark paint and tape for stairs etc, but it might not be enough compared to carrying a light.

    Dr D Rich

    What does Ritchie say? Ritchie was used by The Man as a familiar face to me. She articulated her boss’s policy bolstered by the 3 uniformed services surgeon generals standing behind her. The show clearly was a demonstration of soft feminine power supported by the real threat of violence to career since 3 other admirals or generals had her back physically and figuratively.
    What Tornberg et al including Rumsfeld said is far more important. Ritchie is not so important except as an example to the depths an individual will descend to cravenly serve as a mouthpiece for other Machiavellian, sadistic actors. I’d say never underestimate the power of wing men and flying monkeys in the service of psychopaths and narcissists.

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