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    Paul Cézanne Young Italian Woman at a Table c1900   • Israel’s Cabinet Approves Ceasefire, Hostage Deal With Hamas (Sp.) • Gaza ‘Truce’ Won’t Hal
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    those darned kids


    mornin’ joe is my new favourite show!

    it’s better than “plan 9 from outer space” and “the giant claw” combined!!!!!

    maybe we can double-bill it with “they saved hitler’s brain”..

    those darned kids

    the pied piper of toronto..

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    to be fair, the dinosaur lady is short.

    Dr D Rich

    As if on cue…Ritter, UN Weapons Inspector, says ‘dementia’ as opposed to delirium, psychosis, schizophrenia.

    Two ortho spine surgeons, one neurologist, 2 psychiatrists and one neurology residency flunkout didn’t notice the mild blepharoptosis and failed to connect it to the cervical spine OR ever order an MRI of the brain and neck.

    Maybe Ritter UN Weapons Inspector and most certainly John Day should be able to tell y’all (sing it with me) how “the neck none is connected to the eye bone”

    No pun intended. doctors got wrong and entirely neglected that cervical spinal stenosis is connected to the eye rarely and frequently major depression.
    The devils are all here.

    The Markster

    Happy to not have this clown-like regime mouthpiece “Morning Joe” person, or Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow or the tongue-clicking hag sitting next to “Joe” in the video in my life. Turning off imperial media altogether after Friday November 8th 2020, except when viewed from a place of mockery or critique from afar like on TAE, was one of the healthiest things I have done in recent years.

    Now if I could just find the courage to throw this trance-inducing dumbphone into the trash, I might start getting somewhere.

    Dr. D

    “What If the Constitution No Longer Applied?”

    Yes that sounds incredibly dumb, but thankfully it’s a rhetorical question from Napolitano who already knows it no longer applies.

    “Morris Berman points out in his book Dark Ages America, “70 percent of American adults cannot name their senators or congressmen; more than half don’t know the actual number of senators, and nearly a quarter cannot name a single right guaranteed by the First Amendment. Sixty-three percent cannot name the three branches of government.”

    As I said yesterday: AND? Who taught them? Whose job was it? We have a Dept of Education, since they can’t do these simple acts, or even check they are being done by others, maybe we should disband them? Disband or arrest for fraud the entire Teacher’s Union nationwide? Stop funding every public school at the local level? We have ZERO competency in Maryland. ZERO. But that’s not low enough. When is enough?

    Now granted, after you’re 16, 18, 22, you probably start to be responsible for realizing you’re an ignoramus and start to pick up these things. Many have. But at the age of 9, 12, 15? Sorry that’s YOUR, Parents, society’s fault, not the child’s soon-to-be-adult. And that ALSO means they’re starting from zero knowledge – actively REVERSE knowledge — at the age of 20, 25? Far, FAR harder. Is it child abuse? Truancy laws say it is. So let’s bring a couple hundred to court and find out.

    Oh those stupid Zoomers who “Were born”. Millennials? Well, they’re 30 now, their piss-poor start has worn off. They’re deep in news so yes, they should have realized to go look and fix themselves by now.

    “In First, US Deployed AC-130 Gunship To Attack Pro-Iran Militants In Iraq

    That’s weird: what are we doing in Iraq? Are we at war with them? Iraq doesn’t want us there, so why do we have airports and gunships against their will? It’s sovereign Iraq territory, they have planes, why didn’t we ask THEM to go gunship the “Militants”?

    Back to basics every day: Reality “Exists”. Things have rules, definitions, boundaries, effects. This is all denied. I am God. Thou shalt have no limits before me.

    “New York State AG Suing Pepsi for “Excessive Pollution”

    Guess they didn’t pay their extortion Vig to the Big Guy this month. Notice 100,000 companies NOT liable, INCLUDING especially 50 different pesticides sprayed everywhere. …People don’t generally realize but NY as a State is all farms and forests, size of Pennsylvania. And also pretty sure there’s no “Buffalo River” of which they speak. The River in Buffalo is the Niagara, because: Niagara Falls.

    “Finnish Military Bolsters Border Wall after Charging Russia with Weaponizing Migrants

    But walls don’t work! …Or walls only work if they’re not in North America?

    Crazy Eddie’s Wall of Walls: We’ll pay for any wall worldwide! Need a Wall? Just call! We’ll pay it, for FREE! We got Israeli Walls, Ukrainian Walls, Finnish Walls, Pelosi Walls, our Walls are off the Walls! There’s only one wall we don’t have: any wall that protects YOU.

    “MORNING JOE: “In a 2nd term, Trump will imprison, he will execute whoever he is allowed to imprison, execute, drive from the country. Just look at his past. It’s not really hard to read”

    Yes, it wasn’t hard to read: Trump did none of those things. Ever. Never ever. Not In four years, nor at the election, nor the Biden Inauguration, nor in a recent interview, as Jimmy Dore covers: Soooo….when is he expected to finally round up the gays (whose marriage he supports) and put them on cattle cars? He’ll soon be 80. Tick Tock.

    “Scott Ritter: “Israel been defeated on the battlefield! We will not SAVE THEM this time..”

    He’s not in charge. Who is he speaking for? I believe him, but wouldn’t that all rest on votes in Congress, etc, or upper-level military? Is he now getting information from there that indicates our direction? (probably to some small degree) ‘Cause atm, the “U.S.” is supporting Israel totally and wildly.

    ““The story is that Joe Biden, the president of the United States is lacking in such mental capacity that the presidency is being managed by people who weren’t elected to do that job.”

    Yes, but that’s been true since probably Nixon. Not thinking of Reagan, etc, who HW Bush tried to murder and then was running, or later: problem is the Federal government after Carter is SIMPLY TOO LARGE, and doing too much for any man to keep track of it even cursorily. This is GOOD for the secret, unelected “real” government, like other frauds, bank frauds, they NEED a big blizzard of stuff on top to camouflage them, and when something they do occurs, for it to be an “Accident”.

    So there is no “President”, we have a figurehead, a Mascot, including Trump. Also a minor figurehead. Note Trump tried to do THE SMALLEST actions of curtailing the Permanent State, to direct it left or right? Nope. Everyone merely ignored everything he said, did, wanted, nothing happened. Why waste time and attention on the elections then? Or for that matter, why obey any of the laws they pass? We already don’t, so just “don’t” a little more.

    “the presidency is being managed by people who weren’t elected to do that job.”

    The NATION is being managed and run by people who weren’t elected (do do that job). That is to say: We’re not a Democracy. We haven’t been one in 40-50 years. Yes, that started under JFK, but it took a few years to finalize, and now ultimately, metastasize.

    “But he said the words attributed to Biden no longer carry the same weight as comments by previous presidents,”

    I would argue, but essentially this is the first time the White House and Press Sec CONSTANTLY CONTRADICT the President. Joe says stuff, the “White House” says he didn’t, and nobody notices or cares. Soooo….who’s running things if not the President? Jen Psaki? Joe’s Chinese donors? Pfizer? No one knows. No one even asks.

    ““That’s Israel’s nuclear policy, that if Israel goes, everybody goes,” Ritter explained. “And we went along with it because we believed that we could secure Israel enough so they would never have to use this weapon.”

    Okay, great, but you do know THE REST OF THE WORLD IS THE SAME. That is, Russia fell, that was a risk. But right now, the U.S., Britain, France, etc are all collapsing just like Israel. We ALSO have to keep them, us from nuking everyone in an “Everybody goes” scenario. Now you see why they have to be so careful and everything takes so long? And that’s a high threshold. China or more likely us, releasing Ebola from a California lab is easy as pie. Bill Gates said he would.

    “quietly talking to the Ukrainian government about what possible peace negotiations with Russia might entail to end the war..”

    Interesting. Why would Russia say yes? …I think they will, but they think differently than I/we do. They said yes to Minsk knowing NATO/Everyone would break it, then watching them break it. …To prepare, etc. Any remaining NATO will attempt to add any remaining Ukraine. Yet that may take a while? Or NATO may cease to exist? Europe is likely to collapse into a NoKo prison state? Two levels: it may go the way I say, with Russia taking anything they like, BUT Russia may not be in a hurry to make this happen and take it in two bites: one now out to Odessa, and one in 10 years from now taking up to Lviv.

    By then, Europe will be under the Berlin Wall EUROPE built. They are building it now. They are crushing their people now. They are making Socialist “Misery Spread Widely” now. Russia will be increasingly WEST Berlin, where after being run-down, have INCREASING food, leisure, toys. Wheel of Time. By then Ukraine may WANT to join Moscow even as Paris will want to but can’t. See? We’ll watch.

    “While those claims have been widely discredited in the years since, including by many who were part of Trump’s cabinet at the time”

    Ah the NPR Writers of Sputnik. There was just a case YESTERDAY that opened up the issue of the bad electric voting in GA, just as they said. When they finally got “evidence” to “court” instead of “no standing”. This was true in Providence, the week before. PA Supreme Court, SAID it happened (and therefore did nothing about it). Michigan and Wisconsin have multiple cases, but too complicated to remember. At the least that’s 5 key states who supported it, instead of “Discrediting” it, and what like 25 states voted for in the first place? Texas, a state of 27 million, sued them first day on this basis? So The idea here was widely discredited by “New York” and “California” and no where else?

    We see this all over: “Without evidence” in the Floyd trial. Without Evidence? THE CITY CORONER SAID HE WAS OVERDOSING. That may or may not mean Chauvin killed him, but it clearly IS evidence. Nope! I made it all up! Out of my mind! Hahaha!

    This was true of the Psaki segment above. They take a long Trump clip and play it. There is no possible misunderstanding, anyone who listened to the interview knows Trump was 100% the #Opposite of what she was quoting, and they are 100% reporting the #Opposite of what happened. Made. It. Up. And again, why? Not like Trump doesn’t do real things that suck. I guess if they reported that Trump is a pro-Israel maniac who bombed Syria and Afghanistan for no reason, lacking any premise of war, their tongues would turn black and their faces burn off for telling the truth?

    Okay, overall, when it goes down, no one will trust anything. No American, that is. That’s bad in the short term, but it’s a therapy we clearly need. Getting that back is the core of what it means to be an American: to distrust government. And devolving back to the “Constitution”: a UNION of separate STATES.

    “the most appropriate way to balance free speech considerations with the integrity and safety of those involved in a criminal trial”

    I mean good, but remember the Chauvin trial? The JUDGE SAID ON TRANSCRIPT HE CAN’T GET A FAIR TRIAL. Anywhere. Sorry, maybe I misunderstand, but doesn’t that mean you acquit? (So you BETTER make that fair trial happen). AND there were rioters outside the Court all day, attacking the Jurors, tracking them down at their houses to be killed if they “ruled wrong”? I don’t see anyone cared about that, right? Ohhhhhhh, so we only have “fair” trials for one side, and not the other, got it.

    Like Psakis’ “Incite to violence” this week. Inciting to stop the integrity and safety of Trump is laudable, and therefore legal. Trump’s use of similar rhetoric is a hanging offense. I am god.

    “Unless these people are brought to justice, we will have no Republic left to defend.”

    Past tense.

    “speak out against the ‘perfection’ of the 2020 election and you may find yourself in the gulag “

    In the Trump interview above the Journalist let him speak (a hanging offense) and Trump pointed out that all elections are contested. They’re constantly contested. By everyone. It’s not like we had to blow the dust off a recount or something.

    But this has been since…1960? Kennedy-Nixon was famously corrupt, and in Chicago. Just that Joe Kennedy was MORE corrupt so stuffed more votes. Since then, LBJ, not elected. Nixon, election famously corrupt with paid prostitutes on the floor, thus paranoid about Watergate. Why? BECAUSE IT HAPPENED. The DNC WAS doing this. (You just can’t burglarize for it). Ford, corrupt, from Warren Commission, not elected. Carter: new method, who was he running against? Clinton, corrupt, paid 3-way race and used secret service to remove a candidate. Bush: never elected, Supreme Court appointed, turns out illegally and incorrectly. Levels of corruption therefore never before seen in America 220 years to that point, and that’s really saying something after Adams(both). Obama, 100% of votes, not a single vote against in scores, hundreds of locations. Statistically impossible, corrupt. Hillary, corrupt, but no one’s looking since Trump’s people stacked the vote MORE. How do I know? HRC said it was. SHE said it was a corrupt, stolen election. What do we do in such a case, miss Hillary, Lawyer from Yale? Weeeeeeeeeeee……….doooooo……….?????? That’s right: file for an investigation and recount. Now why didn’t she, a Yale lawyer, do that?

    And then didn’t do that AND said it was stolen for 8 years? If it was stolen, you have only yourself to blame since she never filed for the recount!

    ““speak out against the ‘perfection’ of the 2020 election”? Because we have ANY modern baseline that ANY election had been legit in generations? Before I and most people were born? Srs?

    “If you laid all the girls from Yale Law end to end,” Dorothy Parker says, “…my eyes, my eyes….”

    “Both of whom are dealing with the same judge.”

    How does everyone get to Judge-shop all the time? And District-shop as well, as is specifically prohibited in the Constitution?

    ““Barnea, who represents the CIA and Pompeo, contended that the Fourth Amendment right to privacy under the U.S. Constitution did not apply at the Ecuador embassy in London..”

    Sorry, but I believe that is totally correct and not at all controversial. The U.S. Constitution protects the rights of U.S. citizens. No one else. I mean, you did NOT want us with worldwide jurisdiction and world police, right?

    1) Assange is not a citizen
    2) Most of his guests were not citizens
    3) Ecuador nor the nation the embassy was in, was inside the United States
    4) The CIA only has jurisdiction to matters OUTSIDE the United States.
    5) The CIA as an intel agency is mandated to spy on everyone else not a citizen, not on U.S. soil.

    So they did. I would decline on budgetary grounds, but legally I don’t know what case you would make. They’re not supposed to do EVERY thing, they are supposed to do IMPORTANT things, but still, Wikileaks is major so I don’t know how you’d argue that either.

    Keto: Maybe, but people have eaten all kinds of diets worldwide. Farmers used to eat the American diet, with bacon, eggs, toast, smoke 60 years plenty of carbs and vegetables and live to be 100. Removing meat reduces testosterone is my bet. Adding bugs — or rather their shells — is deadly to humans as a replacement.

    Must…Kill…More…Humans. Must…Kill…ALL…

    Dr D Rich

    As if on cue…Ritter, UN Weapons Inspector, says ‘dementia’ as opposed to delirium, psychosis, schizophrenia.

    Two ortho spine surgeons, one neurologist, 2 psychiatrists and one neurology residency flunkout didn’t notice the mild blepharoptosis and failed to connect it to the cervical spine OR ever order an MRI of the brain and neck.

    Maybe Ritter UN Weapons Inspector and most certainly John Day should be able to tell y’all (sing it with me) how “the neck none is connected to the eye bone”

    No pun intended. 6 doctors got wrong and entirely neglected that cervical spinal stenosis is connected to the eye rarely and frequently major depression.
    The devils are all here.


    wonder why Dr. EJ Antoni did not note that interest on the debt will consume two times the amount of corporate tax revenue or an amount equal to sixty three percent of FUTA/FICA withholdings. Personal income tax is ± 50% of total US federal revenue. Spin the narrative doesn’t have the pleasant result found in the game spin the bottle although there is some kissing involved.




    Ian Graham

    When will you start posted better sources on climate/overshoot/energy issues? Maybe some more range of perspectives, not just the clickbait for the deniers?
    Some examples today:

    Economic models buckle under strain of climate reality…

    “”…climate change is fundamentally different to other shocks because once it has hit, it doesn’t go away,” said Thierry Philipponnat, author of a report by Finance Watch, a Brussels-based public interest NGO on financial issues. And if the fundamental assumption is flawed, all the rest makes little sense – if any,” he told Reuters.

    “Another issue is that IAMs have for years used a “quadratic function” to calculate GDP losses that involves squaring the temperature change – while ignoring other methods such as the exponential function better suited for rapid change.

    “Critics say this choice is doomed to underplay the likely impact – particularly if the planet hits environmental tipping points in which damage is not only irreversible but happens at an ever-accelerating rate.”

    “Global daily average temperature 2C above pre-industrial norm for first time [and on two consecutive days].

    “On Friday the temperature reached 2.07C above the temperature average for 1850-1900, a larger increase than at any other time in recorded history, while provisional figures show the following day to have reached 2.06C.”

    “World facing ‘hellish’ 3C of climate heating, UN warns before Cop28…

    “Guterres said: “Present trends are racing our planet down a dead-end 3C temperature rise. This is a failure of leadership, a betrayal of the vulnerable, and a massive missed opportunity.”


    Mourning Joe:

    “In a 2nd term, Trump will imprison, he will execute whoever he is allowed to imprison, execute, drive from the country. Just look at his past. It’s not really hard to read”

    Pure unadulterated PROJECTION

    Like a phucking four year old telling you that you must have eaten all the cookies from the cookie jar.

    On the other hand imprisoning Media Man-Whores like Mourning Joe and the legions of his follow travelers in Presstitutionland© is a very good idea indeed.

    But first the Empire of Lies needs to locked up the majority of it’s so called ‘judges’, throw the key away, and start from scratch.

    We the people need an unadulterated version of Night of the Long Knives in the legal system.

    Most Empire of Lies,Lies,Lies ‘judges‘ are corrupt hacks, they constitute the worst lawyers climbing up the slimy greasy pole of the so-called ‘law’, nothing more than codified corruption.

    Lawyers lie for a living

    Yeh, I’m shocked, there’s gambling going on, round up the usual suspects…….

    ‘Judges’ spend half their careers obfuscating the Truth for money and the other half revealing the same Truth they hid with Malice Aforethought.

    Lying by omission, same as the Media-whores.

    Lawyers and Presstitutes

    Cut from the same used condom

    Perfect example of Legalize Sleaze®



    So here is an Empire of Lies soldier who was mustering out of the service.

    His paratrooper unit was sent into Afghanistan several weeks before it folded and Duh’merica Cut n’ Run

    There were only two planes left on the runaway and they were packed with the last Empire of Lies troops and were too heavy to take off.

    His commander told him and the other troops to dump most of their gear off the plane and that they would not be held responsible for the lost gear.

    Two years later as he is leaving the service he gets a bill that he owes the government almost $4,000 for the gear he was ordered to abandon on the runway during the bugout.


    This should be the Army’s new recruiting ad

    No wonder they are catastrophically missing recruiting targets.

    The Snowflake Army

    Millions of Snowflakes and they are all so precious and unique.


    one needs something to aspire to:

    The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me.

    There is entirely too much charm around, and something must be done to stop it.

    At birth the Devil touched my tongue.
    Dorothy Parker


    Bloggers and MSM are selling lottery tickets to the blind.
    The prize, to see the elephant in the room.


    Morning Joe – Mr. Infomercial – before he left to spend more time with his family was from this congressional district. Night after night in the wee hours Mr. Infomercial was there on the moronoscope. Living the life of an insomniac at that time even that lyin bastard couldn’t put me to sleep. Ah the days of the Contract on America. Much like the Civil War the Contract is still active. I had always thought a newt was something one might find under a rock or in a swamp, guess that is correct. Ole Joe never encouraged the dawn surprise. Mika never Maka Bigga


    I am blind. I want to see. I got a lottery ticket. If I win, I’ll be able to see/understand the truth/reality.

    The price of gas going down. The oil companies making greater profits. Oil reserves are depleting.
    Lying: misrepresenting, falsifying, distorting, misstating, exaggerating, equivocating, deceiving, misleading, perjuring, prevaricating, fibbing, fabricating, inventing, trumping up, concocting, making up, telling stories, not telling the truth, not being honest 12.
    Misinformation: false information, gossip, disinformation, misleading information, false rumor, bum steer, misreport, misstatement, calumny, deception, falsification, obfuscation, chicanery, distortion, inaccuracy,


    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

    Newton’s Third Law

    Sheeple often mistake this physical law with Karma

    It’s not

    It is in it’s own class.

    My Karma ran over my Dogma.

    Karma is about being eternally trapped in a loop, a positive feedback in thinking, and never learning from mistakes.

    Keep doing the same thing over n’ over n’ over and expecting a different outcome.

    Diplomacy is suppose to be an antidote to the positive feedback loop of war and grunges and revenge.

    The old saying about if you pursue revenge you better dig two graves.

    I don’t know how you square that circle with being held accountable for your actions.

    NeoConJobs certainly never seem to be held accountable for their actions.

    Their ilk goes on and on for millennia without accountability.

    Where’s that equal and opposite reaction thingy?

    Where’s ‘justice’?

    Where’s that joke of a forgiving loving God horseshit?


    It shows up long after all the principle players are all dead and buried and their off spring and their successors all forget about the original atrocity because of culturally induced ADHD and historical revisionism.

    No justice for you!

    Life is just like the Soup Nazi




    This man has a talent, and all 40 minutes entertain:

    John Day

    1) Dr D Rich alluded to a palsy of the third nerve (“oculomotor”) dysfunction being a sign of other dysfunctions in the brain and spinal cord. It can be fairly common and usually self-correcting in diabetes, but worse pathology of various types, like multiple infarct dementia can do it, which actually goes along with diabetes and other vascular disease.

    2) Apologies to Ilargi, but this is too low-grade for me to out on my blog, so I will litter his comments section with it:
    4,000 Dead Palestinian Kids “Wasn’t Enough”: Watch As Former Obama Official Berates Islamic Food Cart Vendor

    3) While I’m at it:
    “Japs, Jewry And Trannies”: Media Matters President’s Bigoted Blogs Resurface Amid Spat With Musk


    Ian Graham,

    When will you start posted better sources on climate/overshoot/energy issues? Maybe some more range of perspectives, not just the clickbait for the deniers?

    I got tired of the climate “science”, because it feels far too much like the Covid “science”. Clickbait for the deniers, or clickbait for the alarmists, it’s still just clickbait. What are “better sources” depends on opinion.

    We need to restart this issue all the way back to the start. Without pretending we “know” anything,

    John Day

    Hey, no parasitic pop-up ads this morning!


    Maybe some more range of perspectives, not just the clickbait for the deniers?

    Implicit in your language is that you have the truth which others deny, are automatically wrong.

    The 420ppm figure is YOUR FIGURE. YOU say that CO2 is 0.042% of the atmosphere…. then you say anyone saying this is A Denier. You appear to know just what to be aware of/not aware of and when.

    Followed by a Confession Of Faith – To Make It Fair

    420ppm = 0.042%

    YOU are concerned about a change of what, 417ppm to 420ppm? From 0.0417 to 0.042% (we’ll set aside the validity of the underlying claim for the sake of argument)

    0.042% – 0.0417% = 0.0003% would be the change you are citing

    Since Humans are responsible for 3% of CO2 change:

    0.0003% x 0.03 = 0.000009% CO2 change due to humans

    You’re not a Climate Denier, you’re a Science Person, right? Do you even understand the most basic, fischer price concept in science, the concept of SIGNIFICANT DIGITS?

    I’m not going to even explain to you what you do with a claimed 0.000009% change. I’m just going to let you continue to look like a laughable whacko religious nutjob.


    Media Matters, like all cowards, are weak

    Even heard Tucker say that recently.

    Elon has resources, and intellect, and a sense of humor

    Media Matters has none of that

    I hope Musk burns them to the ground and like the ancient Scythians, drink wine from their skulls



    One nine millionth of one percent


    D Benton Smith

    I can almost experience sympathy for “Morning Joe” as he delivers his latest “reality-detached” nonsense to the television pseudo-audience which I must assume he imagines to be listening to what he says. It must feel to him like staring down into a bowl of cold oatmeal at the breakfast table, and delivering thereto a long and rambling soliloquy of utter madness, all the while imagining that the oatmeal hears, understands and is thereby moved to agree.

    Of course Joe knows (just as you and I know) that the only audience he needs to worry about is the one that signs his paycheck and helps him pretend to be a media celebrity.

    John Day

    I recall the AC 130 gunship being called “Puff The Magic Dragon” during the Vietnam War.
    This big bird flies low, slow circles around a target, which it saturated with cannon and missile fire. It should be a good target for spare Stinger missiles from Ukraine.


    if the planet hits environmental tipping points in which damage is not only irreversible but happens at an ever-accelerating rate

    Yes we get it. A miniscule amount of human produced CO2 – 9/100,000,000 – will make the earth overheat and turn into Venus.

    CO2 is the most powerful trace gas in the universe. If you went down to the local airsoft shop, got a cannister of CO2, and put the CO2 in an airtight box with a glass to containing a small steam engine and simply placed it in the sun, you ought to have free energy for life, no doubt.

    Since a mere One nine millionth of one percent nano-trace amount can cause the apocalypse. Think what 100% CO2 can do.

    100%/0.000009% = 11,111,111 times as powerful a concentration of CO2 as would make the planet “Hellish” by your own quote.

    Do you have ZERO shame, zero self respect?

    Global daily average temperature 2C above pre-industrial norm for first time [and on two consecutive days

    As measured by the people who put thermometers on hot rooves, on blacktop parking lots, on airstrip tarmac when they aren’t physically inserting the thermometer into the hot ground. Busted over and over again.

    Please explain why, after over a decade of this, you have a right to demand amnesia from all of us? As if you can do the same thing people have been doing with their twitter posts, signs in front of glaciers predicting they will be gone, etc?

    This is Special Pleading on your part. Ask us permission formally if you want it.

    World facing ‘hellish’ 3C of climate heating, UN warns

    There’s this real actual science called geology. It shows us the world was many times hotter with many times more CO2 (1300%) for MILLIONS upon millions of years. Earth’s climate showed as MORE stable and homogenized. Triceratops at 40 degrees south AND tons of plants and animals living at the equator.

    You’d think there’d be what, mega hurricanes and mega polar vortexes from all that 20 degrees hotter global warming killing all the animals and plants, but instead there were MORE. As if a higher CO2 percentage led to more verdant plant growth which led to more of all the animal life that depends on it as the base of the ecology. One weird trick

    Mr. House

    Todays lesson class, is about gaslighting:

    Wolf Richter
    Nov 21, 2023 at 10:45 pm

    Depth Charge,

    Wait a minute… why didn’t we get this inflation in 2009 or 2010? That’s what I mean. They did a lot of money printing, and consumer prices didn’t react. That was a complete surprise. And then they printed more money (QE2) and consumer prices didn’t react. That was also a complete surprise. And then they did QE3, the huge QE3, and consumer prices still didn’t react to it. That’s what I mean. We don’t know why it didn’t cause lots of inflation back then. We can guess, lots of people have guessed, I have guessed why. But we do not understand all the aspects that go into what causes inflation. Because back then, QE didn’t cause inflation. It didn’t cause inflation in Japan for 20 years. It didn’t cause inflation in any of the QE countries, until suddenly in 2021, inflation explodes. We don’t fully understand, for example why money printing (and deficit spending!) didn’t cause inflation, and then why suddenly inflation explodes almost globally.

    You can guess, and you can cling to simple answers, but they don’t answer the contradictions we have had.”

    Wolfrichter is a gaslighter, also very ugly and rude. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Mr. House

    Can anyone in the class tell me where all the inflation went that Wolf claims didn’t happen? Shouldn’t be that hard, we’ve only been studying it for the past 15 years. We did have inflation class, but Wolf won’t admit it, come on, where did it happen?

    John Day

    @Mr. House: All that QE money went into asset-price-inflation, not bacon-price-inflation, because it was a bribe to global rentier-capitalists to keep the “value” of the $US afloat. That Ponzi is long-in-the-tooth now.


    On Banksy vid. at top post, “The children of Gaza.”

    Cultural reference: The Red Balloon. A short and moving film from 1956, 34 mins. About a young boy in Paris …


    you tube (full movie):

    It won an Oscar and the Palme d’Or etc. Really, worth a watch, for children specially. Idk about the link to the children of Gaza, hmmm, *autre histoire.*

    John Day

    Europe Plunges Into Chaos After Germany Freezes Public Spending Following Shock Top Court Decision

    John Day

    “This Is Going To Expose Everything”: Mike Lindell Says Georgia Voting Machine Ruling “Opened The Door That No Man Can Shut”


    CIA spying on Assange visitors…

    The problem is a government that wants *ALL* privileges.

    So, okay, Assange, not being a US citizen, *can* be spied upon by the US government. However, as a non-citizen not on US soil, not only do the US Constitution’s protections not apply, neither do the laws of the US apply — i.e., he cannot be tried in a US court under US laws, because the laws don’t apply to him. The US Government can’t be permitted to have it both ways — applying its laws to persons around the globe Willy-Nilly, but not applying protections to the same people the laws apply to.

    The CIA is tasked to spy outside the US, but it still has to apply Constitutional protections to US citizens outside the border of the US…which means obtaining a warrant PRIOR to spying on US citizens. If the government doesn’t follow its own rules, then the evidence gathered illegally is inadmissible in court. Which means that if the CIA watches a live feed of Assange talking with his US citizen attorney in the bathroom of the Ecuadorian embassy and didn’t bother obtaining a warrant prior to watching the live feed, then any information so obtained cannot be used to prosecute Assange or anyone else. I’d suggest that even if the live video feed was recorded and not watched live by a US person, that what it contains cannot be used in court unless a warrant was obtained prior to when it was recorded. (You can’t record, let a non-US citizen or non-CIA employee/asset physically located outside of US territory watch the live feed, get a synopsis from the third party, obtain the warrant after-the-fact of the recording, and then use the recording in an investigation or trial.). However, if a third party watches the live feed, the third party could be subpoenaed and testify in court, and the testimony of the 3rd party could be used to obtain a warrant for future spying on a US citizen.

    So, yes, by hiring a US citizen attorney, Assange’s private conversations with that attorney should then be confidential unless the US government obtains a warrant to spy on the conversation prior to the conversation taking place. And, any warrant so obtained should hinge upon whether or not there is reason to suspect that the US citizen may be committing a crime, not whether or no the US government dislikes Assange, since US law does not apply to Assange, and therefore the warrant process is irrelevant to Assange’s actions when Assange is not located on US sovereign soil, not engaged in a US-based entity, etc.

    The reason why US constitutional protections don’t apply to non-US citizens not located on US soil, not engaged in interactions with US entities, is because US law doesn’t apply. The US government cannot be permitted to “have it both ways” — it must not prosecute Assange under US law and simultaneously not extend to him the protection afforded to those subjected to US law. In spying on and subsequently prosecuting Assange, the US government is arrogating all privileges to itself. This is but one example of how the US government has “gone rogue.”


    I had the flu for a week recently. It was not Covid. I hadn’t had a bad bout of the flu for nearly 10 years. Twice now I have had music students who can’t understand why I don’t avail myself of the protection of the annual flu shot. It is difficult trying to explain why, in their view, I don’t want “to keep my immunity up.” I’ve been mulling it over — how to succinctly explain in a manner comprehensible to those who have unwavering faith in the US system of medicine. In my view, getting the flu *is* a means of keeping my immunity up. (I just wish that I’d been more aware that ivermectin could help with the flu, not just Covid, because I need to realize such things when I’m well, not when I’m sick — when I’m sick I’m likely to simply follow whatever my views were when I was well. Which meant taking vitamin C, D, zinc, and quercetin.). I suppose that next time I’ll respond with something about how it comes down to my distrust of the pharmaceutical companies (and others) profiting from the medical system — I trust my own immune system more than I trust Big Pharma. And now I understand better *why* vaccines formulated with bits of disabled viruses are dangerous — the disabled bits are not scary enough for the human immune system to mount a large response, therefore the vaccines are laden with highly toxic adjuvants to kickstart the immune response.

    John Day

    4 km long straight wall on Mars

    Mr. House

    Ding Ding Ding!

    Dr. John goes to the head of the class. Now another question for the class, why would Wolf Richter lie about that?

    Dr. D

    Ian Graham: I’m sure you already know my position, and got an earful from JB. But again, “The Guardian”? Really? The Guardian fabricated whole-cloth stories for the Derp State on Assange. You think they won’t lie when a Scientist is making a few hundred million on climate? In fact, if I had a nickel for every time “The Guardian” was correct, I’d have a nickel.

    Do we need to go back through every story they — and their scientists — have painfully demonstrated one by one? How about that “Covid will kill everyone on earth” story just 3 years ago? I wasn’t there at the time but how about “Weapons of Mass Destruction and ties to Al-qaeda” with Blair? Heroes! How about the head of ISIS, “Gentleman and scholar, a loving family man”? How about how UK’s issues won’t cause inflation or poverty? How about how immigration is no problem? How about it won’t cause unrest in Europe? How about them winnin’ that ther Ukraine war? How about how renewables — the ostensible payoff for the Green Scamola — has utterly destroyed Britain and the Grid?

    How about being wrong everywhere, with snow in Texas, Mexico, Saudi, the Sahara, and Britain yourself out of season?

    Well, anyway, as they say, we had SIX TIMES the CO2 for 130 MILLION years and nothing happened. We have record crops in Russia, feeding the planet better than ever. Parts of the Sahara and Africa, the Silk Road are greening.

    So not only is this not happening, not only do we know it CAN’T happen, but IF it is happening, it appears to be an overwhelmingly GOOD thing. More food? Lower heating costs? Zero ocean rise?

    So let me rephrase your item here: What has already occurred for 130 million years and gave us bigger, better plants and animals than we can dream of, is a catastrophe although there’s no sea level rise, NY and London are fine, food is more abundant than ever, and Germany had no heating costs last winter. The only answer to this catastrophe that involves more, better food and lower heating bills is to tax exclusively the poor in Blackpool and Cardiff. To destroy every home, every business, every farm, every car in Holland and Minnesota.

    …While the rich pay a nuisance tax and fly their jet to Monaco, where they take a Bently to their 5,000sq foot house at sea level where your daughter is waiting. …Because she’s never tasted “Jam” before and came to their house to try it.

    …THIS is the Science and Catastrophe of which you speak? As demonstrated by the full faith and trust of “The Guardian”? The WEF? The Monaco billionaires like Gates and Harry?

    Okay man: stand and deliver. We always read any and all scientific papers you present. So I’m from Missouri: Show Me. I’ll start: 130Million years of CO2 6x todays level, better climate than ever, no runaway. 2) Ice core data shows heating LEADS and CO2 LAGS. Complete refutation of the claim on like day 20 of their Climate Campaign.

    Your move. But please, any source but “The Guardian”. Unless I can use the National Inquirer and “Mars Attacks”.


    “The Biden administration has been providing Israel with the location of humanitarian groups in Gaza for weeks to prevent strikes against their facilities. But Israel has continued to hit such sites.

    The information included GPS coordinates of a number of medical facilities and information on movements of aid groups in Gaza to the Israeli government for at least a month, according to three people familiar with the communications. All were granted anonymity because they feared speaking publicly would make it more difficult for aid groups to operate in Gaza.

    Still, Israel has launched operations against Hamas in or near aid sites, including hospitals, leading to the destruction of buildings and the blocking of fuel and other critical supplies.”

    time has finally driven a wedge between Mr. Jefferson and myself. Mr. Jefferson feared for our nation, that divine justice would not sleep forever. I no longer fear for our nation, I anticipate the meting out of divine justice. The capitalist sphincters will not buy themselves out of this one. My hope is to go with the martyrs. Take the empire and the empirical model with you, vainglorious minions of capitalism.

    Starve, poison, maim and murder children for profit – It’s the American Way


    Resource depletion is real.

    Humans and cows blowing gas out their ass is not The Problem.

    Nuclear power plants in the Empire of Lies were designed to support weapons fabrication by producing plutonium and other products.

    Had you designed nuclear power plants to produce cheap electricity you would have designed a different and far, far safer system of plants.

    Empire of Lies nuclear plants are for the profit and convenience of the War Whores© of the MIC, not to make secure, cheap, safe energy for the Sheeple.

    Standardized nuclear plant designs could be built safely and relatively cheaply in large numbers compared to fossil fuel plants but the War Whores© have permanently closed off that avenue.

    Russia and China will in fact build such safe standardized nuclear plants and economically crush the Collective West like cockroaches.

    If fact the Russian have a test reactor that burns nuclear waste and plutonium from the old primitive nuclear plants thus safely disposing of the long half life stuff that has piled up in the West in cooling ponds like so much toxic cord wood, presenting a large long range potential danger to the Sheeple and their health.

    The Collective West is the new Second World Shithole due to never again having cheap energy.

    Russia will offer to safely dispose of the Collective West’s highly toxic nuclear waste, but only for a price.

    That’s right, the Collective West will have to pay Russia to take this toxic nuclear waste off it’s hands.

    And then Russia then gets free fuel for it’s industrial juggernaut.


    Like taking candy from a baby.

    The Collective West is now a backwater going forward into the Brave New Multipolar World.

    It’s industrial production is at a permanent disadvantage price wise regarding energy cost to run it’s pitiful industrial base.

    Russia and China will have the cheapest energy on the planet due to smart modern nuclear plants and fossil fuel that can be moved about on land routes through pipeline, not sea lanes, another disadvantage for the Collective West.

    An “I told you so” moment


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