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    Johannes Vermeer View of Delft 1660-61   • The Consumer Economy Has Completely Collapsed (CTH) • 41% of US Small Businesses Can’t Pay Rent This M
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    “Interestingly, almost every financial media outlet is using the same Retail Federation talking point about anticipating an 8% increase in holiday sales this year.” – from the Conservative Treehouse article.

    Well, of course there will be at least an 8% increase in sales dollars (which is what they are talking about): inflation is at least 8% YoY (year over year). If the same shit costs 8% more this year, their sales figures are 8% higher. It doesn’t mean that you got 8% more stuff or that they sold 8% more stuff, it just means it cost 8% more to buy the same stuff you bought last year.

    And I’m sure after Christmas, they will tell us how this was the highest increase in holiday spending ever. And that will be correct, because inflation is actually way above 8%. And then there will be some news-people scratching their heads as they ponder the paradoxical situation where although the stores had such a “huge increase” in “sales”, they have an “inexplicable” amount of goods left over.


    In the 90’s while volunteering at my local museum of natural history as an instructor on first peoples pre contact I was able to attend different seminars on flaking stone points for a number of uses by competent people. It wouldn’t take too long to learn this skill. As for making arrows the following two videos give a fairly good description. Straightening wood with heat or steam isn’t very difficult either. I’ve bent some very thick lumber in a steam box I made with scrap lumber and an old tea kettle for replacing rotten ribs in boats. You want to learn to more self sufficient? The time to learn new old ways is now! Saying “this is hard ,that’s impossible” isn’t going to cut it. It’s defeatist. Get out and take some courses in just about anything. Learn different ways of preserving foods. Learn some basic wood working with just hand tools.
    Learn how to improve soil conditions without a small chemistry lab back in the kitchen. Join in with small groups that are learning different skills. You don’t have to know how to do everything. You only need to know someone that can do some of the things you can’t. Find a skill you don’t yet know you have and build it out. A small-ish community of folks with different ancient skills will do better than a large community with modern skills mostly dependent on electricity. If all you do is look for the holes in any suggestions than sooner or later you will find yourself in a hole. Look for the things you can do or maybe even improve on without electricity. Electricity is the achilles heal of our civilization and it’s seemingly endless supply will soon enough show that it has ends. Starting with rolling brown/black outs that will become more frequent and last longer and longer. Learning how to do without it being a constant companion will be paramount to getting along and keeping destitution at bay. Even if there is plenty of electricity available it will be rationed as another form of control over the masses. Control is the game, so be uncontrollable in a civilized way.

    Part two:

    Now back to your regularly scheduled program.


    However, what appalls observers of the conflict in Ukraine even more is the fact that the Ukrainian army tortures and kills its own citizens.

    The people behind Ulraine are the same people behind Pfizer … they only want to kill, their aim being to be able to keep their swiming pools and to feel superior to other people in the world. Of course, their little project now has a life of its own, they will now kill until they are killed.


    Oh and this, what can’t be controlled must be extinguished.

    The woman speaking appears to be Assistant Secretary Sherry L. Hubert.

    We have — it’s a new venture. It’s called Mayo Clinic platform. And really what it is — as we’ve been talking about prevention. What we’re hoping to do is gather the medical records, and it’s a very lofty goal — but the medical records of everybody in the world so we can start to become — to predict before diseases and conditions even happen. And we realize that that is the future — that hopefully, being able to have all of these records, it’s really going to be able to help our physicians, our scientists, and our researchers [to] be able to cure diseases and conditions before they even occur.


    the authenticity of the laptop has been confirmed by both the Washington Post and the New York Times, while CBS News authenticated the laptop on Monday

    Interesting. The MSM always lie, so why would they pretend to be pro-justice? They must have some scam up their sleeves but I cannot see where it is going. Liars lie, MSM always lie, something is up.


    Climate activists are now calling for millions of dogs worldwide to be slaughtered in an effort to reduce the “carbon pawprint” they produce as a result of eating meat.

    Interesting idea, but I will not persue it until I have killed all the carbon activists and their corrupt police that try to kill my dog … that way I get to eat activist bacon with my free range eggs. Dogs are part of the family, you may as well suggest killing children, but they know this, they know this will upset people, this is all down to Klaus, Soros and King Bill of the USA …. how are they still alive? So why are they trying to wind up people? Same old shite, the thieves in charge just have a new plan for thieving.

    Michael Reid
    Dr. D

    “The Consumer Economy Has Completely Collapsed (CTH)”

    In once sense, great. People have what they need. However, there’s an entire infrastructure built on this, and a mental, social, and financial infrastructure built on that. All are entirely useless if we drop back to shopping levels of 1959. Or 1979, or 1989. Actually, we shop a lot. What was it, the US has 5-10x the shopping footage of anywhere in the world? That’s a lot of acres not growing food. At the same time, people are still buying every irrelevancy and nothing useful like shovels and canning jars.

    “41% of US Small Businesses Can’t Pay Rent this Month (JTN)”

    As with framing and pegging, even unconsciously, it’s not “7%” exactly. It’s a 30% increase in just one month. Usually that is how it’s expressed since it’s more dramatic and explains why they wrote the article for you and aren’t wasting your time.

    Well, they destroyed the first half of small businesses the previous years. And large business too – just that [Powell] gave them free money in “Fascism” to insure they survived and continued their company store merger with the State. Now they’re going after the stragglers. That’s what your 87,000 armed IRS employees are for.

    Speaking of, hearing several Press Releases out of Europe, DeutscheBank for instance, that says “Don’t borrow from U.S. Banks.” Yes, that’s Luongo’s thesis. They are harboring their own business and few remaining nickels and not getting into hock for the Fed system which is crushing them. However, new problem: if they borrow in Euros instead of Eurodollars, they lose control of the endless printing press and the world reserve currency (us), creating more free US dollars than the US, and have to stand on their own. So the Press Release shows Powell’s attack is biting. Rate increases have a 6-9 month lag, sadly. Long enough everyone denies they matter, every time. Note correlation of the DOUBLING of state gold purchases last quarter. (And how that never increases the price by even one dollar)

    “Most NATO Members Are out of Weapons for Ukraine – NYT (RT)”

    China only had to wait like the Indians, for the cowboys to empty their guns on top of the mesa. I thought wars were supposed to help the economy and that’s why we’re in them. War is Good! It’s Peace, practically! Well not if we don’t employ Americans building bombs and planes! What do you think, this economic recovery works via telepathy? No, via PAYCHECKS. I’m glad they’re so psychotic and idiotic they haven’t figured this out. Better THEY are unarmed, and I don’t want to work in their bomb and bug factory. And WE remain extremely well armed, more than every each month, and now including Democrats.

    “Lithuania, which does not have any more weapons to donate, has urged the allies to give Ukraine “everything we have.”

    Okay Lithuania: give them all your electricity and you can sit in the dark in solidarity. No? Why not? Because like Europe you’ll start any war as long as it’s somebody else fighting it? Yanks from Arkansas and Harlem while you sit home?

    “The fact is, if you look at it soberly, the country that is most profiting from this war is the U.S.”

    AND? So this is some kind of galactic surprise you never saw coming? That wars are expensive? So we’re supposed to fight YOUR war – to conquer Russia FOR YOU – entirely at a loss, and when we come to collapse and occupy Russia, just hand all their oil wells to you for an Attaboy? I see how this goes. …Because that would be the alternative to “profiting” by it.

    Thanks for being honest. Never stop talking, we know who you are. If so, then this really is NOT an American war, is it? It’s WEF/Davos puppeting our NeoCons and media.

    “America needs to realize that public opinion is shifting in many EU countries.”

    Yay! Do you not like us anymore? You want us to close our deeply expensive military bases and go away? Okay! And since you don’t have the same 200,000 men, you want to increase defense spending to 10% for a few years like Cheeto said?

    “The CIA has been developing fascists for 70 years” Yes. Worldwide. The same people funded Hitler’s rise, the Bushes funded it, Time lauded it, IBM sent equipment, and Ford won an Iron Cross for helping. Later, they collected the best Nazi talent in Germany and embedded them in CIA and DoD and moved on to Pinochet and the Shah.

    It’s an old story. But new one too: their children are Klaus and Freeland, Nazi grandchildren highly placed worldwide. Soros was young enough that killing people side by side with Nazis was his original childhood job, one he continues to this day. Greatest years of his life, he says. That is not hyperbole, there is a video of the interview.

    “The Biden administration has quietly approved plans to build a new crude oil terminal in the Gulf of Mexico”

    Notice no Refineries. The Kissinger US-Saudi deal of 1974 vowed the U.S. would build no new refineries (so we couldn’t double-cross Saud like Anglos do 110% of the time) And so it seems we haven’t, despite the deal appearing to be well-ended for over a year.

    But they don’t get into details. Likely this is related to IMPORTING oil, as Biden narrows down a long term deal with Venezuela. Although that also sounds crazy, we require heavy crude to mix with our overly light crude and gas liquids or we have no feedstock, and especially no diesel. The details matter. Oil is not actually fungible.

    [Censored] both publicly or via direct message…as well as former President Trump’s campaign account”

    Read and Censored all PRIVATE messages? And yet – not only was this false, disinformation that the laptop wasn’t real, but ALSO promoted years and years and years of OTHER disinformation? Every one of them? Russia? “Fine People” hoax. Chlorine attack. Burning of the White House church? Trump wasn’t wiretapped? No masks. Are there any false things they DIDN’T promote?

    See, this is why you can’t censor information/disinformation. WHEN IT’S NEWS, ie “New”, NOBODY CAN TELL WHICH IS WHICH. But these “Head Girls” (hmm does that have different meaning?) believe everything ever known is in the textbook, and no one disagrees on it. ‘Cuz “teacher says.” Despite that the textbook says the #Opposite from last year. “Don’t wear masks…they might stop a droplet, but are useless”. “Never take Trump’s vaccine. I’ll die first.” There’s no such thing as Epstein island, and Weinstein was an upstanding guy and close personal friend of both Cuomo and the Mahattan DA. There are no pedos in Washington. It’s the only 10-mile U.S. city that is 100% pedo free!

    There is. No end. To Twitter’s idiotic, transparent, disinformation. All in one direction.

    I for one, appreciate it. Like NPR and MSNBC, I know if they say it, it’s false. It saves a lot of time since they condense it to the headlines for me. Paul Pelosi? Oh then he’s picking up gay addicts and railroading them using the police and D.A. Got it. Stunning and Brave. #Tolerance. Never stop throwing gays in jail, Paul. For sodomy or the lack thereof.

    “Companies Join Call to Suspend Advertising with Twitter (Turley)”

    Yes, but this is so they can focus more money on poisoning the earth and supporting slavery in China. Now that Twitter is 3 inches closer to free speech (still 100 miles from target) it’s just not killing enough people anymore.

    Climate activists are now calling for millions of dogs worldwide to be slaughtered in an effort to reduce the “carbon pawprint” they produce as a result of eating meat.”

    We must kill the animals to save the animals. Environmentalists sure love extinction. Making all these species extinct is in their top ten list. And Humans are #1 on the list.

    “if our furry friends formed a separate country, it would rank 5th in global meat consumption”

    Except knowing nothing, being both ignorant and arrogant, AND asking no questions; starting with the conclusion then getting the facts, they haven’t a clue what they’re talking about. Where 10 seconds asking the position of the Pet Food CEO would clear up. Okay: some about of pet food is meat, but unless it’s very expensive, that part is not much. So we get rid of that meat component, so far so good. And the environmentalists plan on a diet of brains, lungs, and cartilage that is now going to waste? No. Like dumb-ss college kids, they’ll just dump it in the street, having never seen a farm even on TV.

    P.S. “Bugs are Animals too.” You idiots. So we’re going to replace animals with…animals? To save the … animals? Because bugs are vegetarians just like…I dunno, cows are? Some savings. But there’s one advantage: like all their wind and solar farms, they can pave and ruin ten-thousands acres of farmland with CO2-intensive concrete when they build the 10,000-acre bug factory. Then we’ll never have to worry about those trees and pesky farmland ever again! Goooooo Green!

    “All claimed to be working towards the greater good. All turned out to be frauds.”

    “Turned out”? WTF ever thought they weren’t? It would take about 60 seconds to know, as Sequoia and BlackRock found out (and knew all along). By now is there anyone who hears the words “greater good” and doesn’t think “transparent scam” and is 99-44/100ths right?

    “’I feel bad for those who get f***** by it, by this dumb game we woke westerners play where we say all the right shiboleths and so everyone likes us.” –Sam Bankscam Fried and every other Leftist activist ever

    WTF are the people falling for this? Should we get them a short bus and a helmet? Or just a “Go Green” banner printed by Uygher slaves in China? I’m just speechless by what it will take. I used to think: “If they only knew”. Then I thought “When it hits them personally”. Then, “If their children.” Then I thought, “since they don’t care about their children,must be their pocketbook.”

    Nope. There’s no cure for stupid. “Stupid” in this case being “not thinking.”

    Continuing on with endless, GALACTIC stupid, sir, how exactly did the Crypto “collapse”? All the coins still exist. None of them went bankrupt. Oh because you took your valuable property and GAVE IT TO THEM for safekeeping, with no history, no oversight, and no security? Was it his fancy haircut that sold you on this great idea, or was it his expensive shirts?

    In other words W T F WERE YOU THINKING???????????????????????????

    I MUST find these people right away and convince them to loan me the keys to their house and car. Forever. With no security. Because we just met, and I look like a homeless street bum.

    Hey…doesn’t that imply the OTHER necessary conclusion? That it was all a pre-arranged, pre-loaded, transparent SCAM? That it was invented and RUN by BlackRock and Sequoia, by the U.S, Federal regulators? Because we know BlackRock does NOT hand you the keys to their office for being a Hobo? And the only way ordinary investors would join is if BlackRock, the SEC, Vox and Wired, Cramer on CNBC gave them the highest possible seal of approval?

    Um, yes. But this is a reporter and they believe anything. Without asking questions.

    “The simplest answer is greed.”

    No. The simplest answer is not “greed”. No one “accidentally” was “fooled”.

    Newsflash: crypto is ON THE BLOCKCHAIN. All other coins do not exist. i.e., “They are scams”.

    “ripping people off, as racket. He’s a racketeer.”

    Close. If you’re “Racketeering” it is by definition a “conspiracy”. Who are his co-conspirators, his crime cartel? Wouldn’t they have to be CNBC, BlackRock, Sequoia, the DNC, and the SEC?

    Yes. By definition this must be true. SBF is the coffee boy. …If that wasn’t so painfully obvious it keeps you up at night marveling how anyone could think otherwise. Ellison was a girl who provided…other services.

    “Schwab said he respected China’s “tremendous” achievements at modernizing its economy over the last 40 years. “I think it’s a role model for many countries,”

    Yes, they all need to up their consumption and energy use to the 25% used by the 5% of humans in the West. And to do that, they must pave all their rice paddies and poison all their rivers. So Greeeeennnnn!!!! Now why won’t the backward hicks in Iowa do that and be as green as the hipsters in New Jersey? Why do they hate the earth so much they grow grass and cows under endless blue skies? Don’t they WANT to save Mother Earth by putting up skyscraper pods? What is wrong with them keeping all these animals from certain extinction?

    Slaves. Prisons. Yes, it’s a mixed bag. If you’re on earth, are you ever free? You are ruled by your belly. Or worse, your mind.

    ““They are very, very, very worried,” Canadian Finance Minister Nazi Chrystia Freeland said”

    So very, very, very worried, that they never talked to the truckers even once. Nor lifted what was a clearly idiotic, unscientific restriction, even though this was long after we knew vaccines didn’t stop the spread.

    So worried! So worried we did exactly nothing, then did the #Opposite of all things that make sense and would fix it.

    Actually, reminds me of the midterm elections. Like WTF does the rest of the world follow it or care? I have to because I live here. If I were in Canada I’d write a letter of protest to the CBC for covering such tripe as the United States, which clearly isn’t a country but a clown show, and a failing bankrupt one at that.

    the outgoing Anthony Fauci continues to vouch for the jab, stating” After I got vaccinated, I got Covid at least three times! That means it works!

    “and how the illegally-funded and personally overseen Wuhan lab was the “Wild West” and why the lab leak was a serious possibility [was entirely his fault and would go to jail if he didn’t cover it up].” Fixed it.

    Another day nothing changes. Everything goes and nothing matters. A day where Einstein was right, the Universe is finite but stupidity isn’t.

    Speaking of arrows, they are superior to guns in several other ways. Broadheads cut through body armor like it isn’t there. Far superior when dealing with policemen. But we’re still talking about guns when you can kill thousands of people far faster using almost any other method.

    “I’m not going to stand by the edge of the banks of the reservoir I’m not going to break gonna fake gonna drink from the reservoir”

    When you look at it that way, thank God people ARE stupid and DO use guns. They kill far fewer people that way.

    Dr. D



    Okay Lithuania: give them all your electricity and you can sit in the dark in solidarity. No? Why not? Because like Europe you’ll start any war as long as it’s somebody else fighting it? Yanks from Arkansas and Harlem while you sit home?

    Are the yanks in Arkansas and Harlem really that dumb?


    Joe Rogan

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz You contemplated, “They must have some scam up their sleeves but I cannot see where it is going. Liars lie, MSM always lie, something is up.”

    For the answer to this question we must turn to the world famous expert on the Art of Lying, Mark Twain. He advised that the thing to do when caught red handed in the commission of a crime was to immediately confess to a lesser crime.

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz asked : “Are the yanks in Arkansas and Harlem really that dumb?”

    Yup, ‘fraid so, but where on earth is it any different?


    Ishi staggered into town-Chico, California, the last of his people, the Yana. Had it not been for the current interest in archery nation-wide, he would not have come under the care and comfort of Mr.’s Pope and Young. His band of 125 people had been decimated by the white settlers, who had hunted them down and murdered them for sport and profit.

    I recall that at the same time Ishi referred to the people inhabiting nearby Yosemite valley as “the people who sometimes eat people”.

    Medieval weapons are no match for modern firearms, but it was ultimately not guns or steel that did Ishi in. It was germs.

    “I go. You stay.” His last words.

    Dr D Rich

    From the crypto apologia,

    “Tempting as it might be to focus all of our energy into anger towards these men, this is a time for self reflection. As an industry, but also a community. Crypto has attracted millions of people from all over the world and the vast majority are good people who believe in this new way of building trust. But we are terrible at picking leaders (with a few exceptions) and have only ourselves to blame when they let us down.”

    A psychopath couldn’t have done a better job : 1) defending Psychopathy while 2) excusing the people/leaders/psychopaths for stealing vast amounts of other people’s money and 3) shifting blame to the crime victims for not selecting better leaders to have stolen their money.

    Who is this “ourselves” this stupid ass references as if anybody has solidarity with him/her/it?

    BTW, society CAN handle the prosecution and obliteration of Sam Bankmn Fried and those co-conspiring Stanford parents who raised their abomination then enabled him as an adult, but if we don’t think we can handle it we should at least try.
    So yeah I’m down with riding with the prosecutors on this one to ensure Sam gets all that due process coming his way.


    The US Govt knew what was going to happen in Ukraine.

    CIA analyst and Russian analyst know more than TAE

    Pretenses must be maintained by the media.
    The winner is ……

    1. Who has the last bullet
    2. Who has the biggest bank account
    3. Who has the last drop of oil
    4. Who controls the media
    5. The best scammer, FTX

    • Most NATO Members Are Out Of Weapons For Ukraine – NYT (RT)
    • Europe Accuses US Of Profiting From War (
    • Biden Admin Quietly Greenlights Plan to Build Huge Gulf Oil Terminal (ET)
    • Companies Join Call to Suspend Advertising with Twitter (Turley)
    • Thoughts On A Crypto Crisis (Melekan)

    Canada has strong leaders.
    Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland imposed/crafted the Emergencies Act with 7 new powers to snuff demonstrations and democracy/freedom/liberty

    • US Officials Pressured Canada To Stop ‘Freedom Convoy’ (NYP)

    The majority of people that are dying are vaccinated

    Anthony Fauci, after getting covid 3 times, continues to vouch for the jab, stating the data “overwhelmingly show the effectiveness of vaccines.”
    • The Vaccinated Now Account For A Majority Of Covid Deaths (Techno Fog)
    • People With Stable Cancer Rapidly Progress After Having a Booster (Dalgleish)

    Heaven can expand to contain the soul/energy of all the lives in the universe.


    Copy cats from the Freedom convoy in Ottawa
    COVID Lockdown Protests Erupt In Beijing, Xinjiang After Deadly Fire
    protesters chanting “End the lockdown!” and waving flags

    Maxwell Quest

    “First they came for the dogs
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a dog
    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me”

    Michael Reid

    The Dark Origins of the Davos Great Reset

    The Dark Origins of the Davos Great Reset

    John Day

    When Queen Elizabeth died, there was a question of whether it was related to COVID-vaccination.
    She had multiple myeloma, a form of cancer of the blood-forming elements in the bone marrow.
    That means “it could have been related”, since spike-protein , created by the body after receiving the “vaccine-products”, suppresses the immune-system’s ability to fight these cancers.

    John Day

    I’ve been away for a few days, doing life-with-family and working on the new closet I’m building.
    I can’t always run with the Red Queen, so I failed to keep up.


    Elon, “working the room”, with AOC again.

    I’m in Heaven!


    @Maxwell Quest

    “..first they came for the dogs…

    ..then they came for me
    And there was no one left to Bark

    Figmund Sreud

    Question for Docs here: Does following hold water?

    … thanks,





    Control is the game, so be uncontrollable in a civilized way.

    Kudos for that statement. I like it. 🙂


    Welcome to the Big Tent



    Finis Sinarum, by Pattberg for the Saker, link in top post.

    “… Most nationals do not realize this, but the West controls education globally. Not just all the standards. Not just the Anglo-Satan BA, MA, MBA, PhD degrees, publications, and university structures, but also international exchange, scholarship, and permissions. Chinese degrees, Benke, Shuoshi, Boshi, etc., on the other hand, are invalid.

    An Englishman who carelessly studied in China on his own, with no UK governmental backing, is holding a worthless degree. UK universities, including Cambridge and Imperial College, prohibit their students from studying in mainland China unless they are part of their many state-supervised exchange programs. The entire West has huge barriers to its citizens learning in China unsupervised. (…)”

    There is a lot of truth to this. However, ‘the West’ should be labelled USuk.

    France no longer controls anything in education, except on its own territory (incl. Martinique, Guadeloupe — not in Algeria for ex..), ex. who gets to go to the top schools, etc. Even its ‘French Institutes’ abroad have sagged or been dismantled. (Haven’t looked this up for a long time, so?)

    Italy, same, though it makes v. good money offering Arts to Foreignors, very popular with Americans, that’s all very sweet, but has no pol/ tech/ science impact (from It. industry is another matter.)

    Germany’s top tech (+ Switz) turns out ppl who are highly competent and can get jobs all over the world in many ‘crucial’ fields. The internationalisation of Science sees to it that English is lang. no 1, that top Science Journals are in Eng. and basically managed by USuk, so many richochet effects, long story.

    Russia is more independent, and about China…heh it is hard to make a summary.. I’m not competent. Schwab admiring it (link in top post) is just the standard *control the ppl to serve the powerful* > Go ,China, Go. 🙂


    @John Day; “When Queen Elizabeth died, there was a question of whether it was related to COVID-vaccination. She had multiple myeloma, a form of cancer of the blood-forming elements in the bone marrow. That means “it could have been related”, since spike-protein , created by the body after receiving the “vaccine-products”, suppresses the immune-system’s ability to fight these cancers.”

    Well, that and the fact that she was 98 years old.

    John Day

    What I meant is that existing cancers have accelerated rapidly after patients have been treated with COVID-gene-therapy-vaccine products.
    Queen Elizabeth apparently had known multiple-myeloma before 2020, but also appears to have gotten COVID-vaccines and boosters.
    Everybody dies of something, whatever their age might be.

    The question is whether the Queen of England had COVID-vaccination as a contributing-cause of her death. It appears possible-to-likely.

    John Day

    @Figmund Sreud: Niacin is one of many good things, but I would go with vitamin-D supplementation long term to reduce heart attack risk first, and foremost. You might be deficient in numerous b-vitamins, as well as Vitamin-D. Adequate vitamin-D is protective to the blood vessel lining (endothelium) also, and makes the immune system normally-intelligent when it is in adequate supply.
    I eat fresh vegetables and also take a B-complex vitamin.
    Some assert that the specific chemical form of a B-vitamin matters, and it may well.
    You might take food-yeast for b-vitamins and trace minerals…

    John Day

    @Red: I often wonder about the EROI of learning fundamental survival skills in a world without city-water and natural gas. I assume we could live a month without electricity.
    What does it matter what I and my neighbors know if we have no water, no wood, and no wood-stove?

    When Europeans settled the Texas coastal plains and central Texas, from the 1830s onward, they settled where there was a good river, wood to burn and wild game to kill and eat.
    Potatoes and wild-pig, cooked over a fire, with river water.
    We cut those rungs out of the ladder behind us.
    The more I learn, the more I realize how dependent I am.


    The experiment of living without electricity in a previously ‘civilised’ region is being conducted at the moment.

    ‘More than half the nation is in total darkness and the comparison to neighboring countries is stark. For the majority of the war Ukraine enjoyed near full use of their power grid, internet, water, gas, and other amenities, which is highly unusual during an invasion. The reasons for Vladimir Putin seeking to avoid damage to infrastructure are unknown, but public optics are the most likely explanation. With power resources nearly destroyed, the citizenry of Ukraine is facing a long cold winter with little to no relief in sight.

    No doubt the media will portray this as a cold weather holocaust, though, elimination of infrastructure is usually the first measure of a large scale attack. It is standard operating procedure for the US military, for example. At this point, the coldest temperatures have yet to hit Ukraine, with average lows of 21°F (-6°C) in December. This kind of weather is not a problem with infrastructure intact, but with the grid down there will be chaos.

    Water pipes will freeze and bust across major population centers, leaving only well water. The effects of the cold will be cumulative, and without heating and electric most other operations including economic operations will grind to a halt. Ukraine’s population will have gone from relative comfort to brutal survival in the span of a couple months.’


    We cut those rungs out of the ladder behind us.”

    I’m giving you first prize.

    Even the native indians/esquimos/first people/sasquatch don’t realize that “yesterday is gone.”
    “living off the land” without modern “energy slaves” is impossible.

    I’m watching/learning/getting hints/preparing from what happens in Ukraine.

    I just saw on a CNN TV reporting, a woman, wearing her fur coat, being chauffeured/evacuated, with her prized possessions, from Kurk. because of Russian (?), bombing, not because of no water, no food, no electricity, no heat, no working infrastructures.

    I’ve learned, from Survival training, that if those that have nothing learned or think that you have, then that is enough of a motive to take it from you.
    (A good reason to leave with your fur coat.)


    All is not quiet on the Western Front [for Russia]. Hundreds of wounded peasants fill the Ukrainian hospitals, with zero prospect of evacuation. And Bakhmut, the key strategic NATO ‘fortress’ is in the process of being liberated.

    No idiotic claims of ‘Ukrainian victories’ from the Guardian and other shill for NATO these days. The best they can come up with are sob-stories about how brutal real war actually is.

    Michael Reid

    Discovered when exploring my previous post,

    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse?
    Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” [vi]

    This is what is now taking place under cover of a hyped global pandemic.

    Are we living through globalist desired world population shedding?

    Very green and it always helps when those being shed volunteer for …


    The EU is doing an excellent job of destroying itself, via the lunatic policies promoted by ‘the Pirate of Brussels’ and her buddies.

    Just what comes after the EU has destroyed itself -other than mass starvation, rioting in the streets, and then medieval living arrangements- is anybody’s guess.


    tongue-in-cheek – ironic, flippant, or insincere:
    Ukraine Can Beat Russia in the Bombardment War of Attrition

    1. For Ukraine to win the war, it must paradoxically maneuver to ensure that Moscow continues its barrage of missiles against civilian, rather than military targets.

    2. In effect, every Russian rocket fired strengthens Ukrainian resolve, saves a vital military target in Ukraine from being attacked, bringing victory closer for Kyiv, and drains Russia’s rapidly diminishing arsenal.

    3. Thus far in the ten-month conflict, Russia has expended seventy percent of its total air-to-ground and non-strategic surface-to-surface missile arsenal. Since February, Russia has launched 1,305 missiles out of its total inventory of 1,844, leaving only enough missiles (539) for at most six more days of strikes. There remain only 121 SS-26 Iskanders , 248 Kalibrs, and 170 Kh-55 rockets. Nor is Russia likely to be able to replace them given their production dependence on imported foreign microchips.

    4. Russia’s bombing campaign is being conducted for theatrical effects by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s entourage,

    5. The Soviet Union manufactured far more nuclear warheads, 55,000, than missiles, during the Cold War. Once Russia’s winter offensive, or 2023 spring offensive fails, it will have exhausted its theatre missiles, and will be unable to conduct more than a few isolated nuclear missile strikes. It will either have to depend on its unreliable air force to make it to the target areas, or to use its poorly tailored strategic weapons for isolated nuclear demonstrations or concede on the battlefield.


    If Russia does it, it’s a ‘war crime’. If NATO does it, it’s delivering ‘freedom and democracy’.

    The hypocrisy and stupidity of NATOstan ‘leaders’ reaches new heights.

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