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    David Hockney Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) 1972   • Fauci Escalates Feud With GOP Senators, Declaring ‘I Represent Science’ (JTN
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 29 2021]

    Polder Dweller


    I sent the Taylor Hudak tweet of Catherine Austin-Fitts talking about the Swiss referendum to a Swiss friend on Saturday. She replied that she did not share that opinion and that she would be voting to extend the vaccine passport system because she wants strict rules. She is terrified of Covid and that’s only reasonable since she has type 1 diabetes, a heart condition and a high BMI (overweight, not obese). However, when I tried, ever so gently, to question the value of the passports in controlling infections as well as the IMO more serious implications of the system as CAF explained, she grew very aggressive and accused me of spreading fake news.

    This kind of interaction is so depressing, there is no chance for reasoned debate anymore.

    Dr. D

    B-b-b-b-beclown clown clown:

    “World Medical Association Chair Demands National Lockdowns, Compulsory Jabs, Fears COVID “Variant As Dangerous As Ebola”

    For four vaccinated guys who had a cold. It’s now aerial ebola! Scienz sez. #FauciScienz

    “is it just a coincidence that “Omicron” is an anagram of “moronic?”

    “Fauci Escalates Feud With GOP Senators, Declaring ‘I Represent Science’ (JTN)”

    So much here. Yeah we know the Fauci part. He gets his words directly from Jesus Christ, I mean “Science”, who speaks to him with a big, booming voice in a cloud. ‘Cause: Science! Blah blah blah.

    I’m looking at this: “Fauci said the U.S. must do “anything and everything” to curb cases of the variant,”

    Hey Tony, like what? Every. Single. Thing. You’ve done so far is a failure. Ooooh, we could try lockdowns! That’d work this time I promise! How about masks? That’s always winning. ‘Cause, Science! It means doing the same experiment over and over for two years, and it being disproven 100% of the time. That makes it true, in Fauci-Science land. We just do it more, more to the Infinite, like Einstein said.

    it’s “too early to say” whether a lockdown was needed.”

    Um, I’m betting on the over on this one. There’s never been a time Tony hasn’t killed more gay men or small businesses. Why stop now?

    Collins said it will take weeks before scientists understand how effective current vaccines are at protecting against it.”

    No it won’t. All four guys who had it were vaccinated. I think we know.

    “I don’t think we’re going to eradicate it,”

    Then I guess we need to open up and live like human beings again, whaddya say? Your words, not mine. Ready to stop transferring $30 trillion up to billionaires? Ready to allow doctors to reopen so they can do normal cancer screenings on grandma and normal vaccinations on schoolkids? No? Scienz!

    “[Republican lawmakers] are gonna be lying.”

    Gee, sounds a little partisan. Do we usually hire a government that takes political sides? (A: Yes. We will fire half the U.S. Army and be defenseless if that’s what it takes.)

    Important one: “We’ve only eradicated one infection of mankind, and that’s smallpox.”

    Huh. Smallpox comes up again. Who brought that up? Seems to be popping up all over. With all the same usual suspects. Golly, I wonder why. Whatever, ever, ever could it mean? …When two days after the last pop-up, they find smallpox in an unsafe lab, right after they report they have a new vaccine for a smallpox that doesn’t, can’t, and will never exist.

    I always spend millions creating vaccines to diseases that aren’t out there to be sold. That’s just business!

    It’s like seeing too many movies: if there’s a gun on the wall in the first act, as Chekov says…

    “Fauci either needs to address the substance—in detail, with specific factual corroboration—or DOJ should consider prosecuting him for making false statements”

    Nah, they’ll give him a medal. We haven’t prosecuted anybody since the Rosenbergs. Who were quite possibly innocent because: FBI.

    “The Omicron variant is likely to spread internationally, posing a “very high” global risk where Covid-19 surges could have “severe consequences” in some areas, the WHO said on Monday.”

    The WHO said, “without evidence.” Or actually worse, in complete contradiction to all known evidence.

    “They have no clue if the vaccines will do anything vs Omicron.”

    Yes they do, they can be absolutely certain that it doesn’t, and they don’t work at all. And no surprise, since their other vaccines doesn’t work either. Which you know by steadily increasing rates in vaccinated countries foremost, AND that you need a booster. Because: No lasting immunity. No immunity at all. And so we give the booster that doesn’t work, which is the same as the vaccine that doesn’t work, because Fauci-Scienz. It’s just like #Oppositeland, but in tweed.

    ““The preparation that we have ongoing … just needs to be revved up,”

    Is that like the preparations they did back when Obama got rid of all masks and moved all our pharma overseas? That kind of preparations he oversaw? Cause Fauci-Science. It’s the #Oppositest!

    “ Little is known about Omicron,”

    C’mon RT. Jesus, Mary, and the Saints. We DO know. Do do do do do know. It’s essentially so mild it’s not even Covid. We do do do do do know this. Which is pretty cool. I promise telling the truth won’t kill you. Unless you’re Assange. Try it once.

    No worries, travel ban begins next week because you know, variants don’t spread on holiday weekends,”

    And travel bans work a treat! They’ve worked everywhere they’ve been tried! Even when done by Trump who did/didn’t do them, because he overreacted/ignored Covid and did/didn’t respond. So it was all wrong, you see? Can’t you see he did/didn’t do everything Fauci said? That’s why we’re in/not in this mess.

    There’s only one thing clear here: P A N I C ! ! ! Gaaaaaahhhhh!

    When President Trump took bold and decisive action in February 2020 to impose travel restrictions into the United States from coronavirus hot spots, Joe Biden attacked him, calling this decision a disgrace and xenophobic,”

    Yeah, but they can’t be xenophobic, they have the borders wide open, no scanning, no vax, and are shipping a hundred thousand immigrants nationwide with my money. How much more supportive/open to foreigners could you possibly be? …I mean, without taking $2B billion from them directly and giving them your Cobal mines. Amirite?

    ‘Cause: #FauciScienz. Wide open borders, no vaccines = Covid safety! Total support. Not a woid.

    “whether or not the shot is effective against the latest mutation of the pandemic virus”

    It would be strange if it were, since it didn’t work against the last two. Rates rise in every vaccinated area. ONLY in every vaccinated area.

    • Goldman Slams Omicron Panic: “This Mutation Is Unlikely To Be More Malicious”

    Kind of confused by this. Don’t know what to do with it yet. Sachs can tell the truth and did? When did this start?

    Let’s play what if: White Hats have a hook in the PPT/ESF. They took down the market on Black Friday, with pretty good resistance from the Black Hats who kept it under 1k. But the Black Hats knew it and diverted the blame and attention on Moronic…I mean Omicron…instead of on Joe and his dreadful economy where it was targeted to kick off a collapsing market on DNC watch, long overdue. This may backfire when Moronic turns out to be nothing, which is obvious to a 5-year-old. No proof yet on this theory, but since Omi doesn’t exist, it’s sudden appearance in media everywhere is more suspicious than anything in years. It’s so dumb it’s possible even Americans will see it.

    “coherent and measured” action”

    In government? Hahahahaha. “government is force, it is FIRE. A dangerous servant and terrible master.”

    ““puts both the prison staff and the incarcerated population at greater risk of infection,”

    Only one thing to do: put them in prison where they’re safe/not safe. As we know, all the lockdowns worked.

    “Rapid and Effective Vitamin D Supplementation in COVID-19 Patients (PubMed)”

    What I’m seeing is Vit D is being wickedly consumed in an attack. So you need a lot of this ammunition, which is very easy to get.


    (Regarding Fauci’s latest… does anybody recall that old aphorism along the lines of: “Once you make colonel you’re no longer a soldier, you’re a politician”.
    That transition happened for ‘St. Tony’ so many decades ago I’m sure the good doctor doesn’t remember, nor did he notice at the time). Of course, a good manager is training potential replacements, and steps aside when the time is right…

    Cruz’s 4 points are about as clear and straight forward as it gets, bumper-sticker simple… and it doesn’t even matter in this world anymore. Aw hell, it’s too early to even start down that road this morning, but I’m glad some folks are holding on to “logic”, that great gift of the Greeks (clearly long lost at ASU).

    Rollo May: “Pain is the only motivator”.


    RFKjr’s new book The Real Anthony Fauci must be getting under Fauci’s skin. He’s showing even more “I AM the science” hubris than usual.


    Oh, oh, Omicron!
    “A fool me won’t be fooled again!”
    “Government shutdown”- spending/debt ceiling or disease?

    Oh Omicron, my spiky friend-
    Fortuitous, elusive strain-
    You’ve hit the scene and, just in time
    to addle any sucker’s brain.

    How convenient that omicron may evade the “vaccines”, but go get another stab anyways. They have a shelf-life, y’know.
    Let’s go, morons!


    The fully vaccinated are doing a great job of speeding up the creation of covid mutants and then spreading it to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated!


    “It really is hypnosis. It’s what happened to the German people”


    Ontario’s daily number of covid cases keeps increasing as we enter winter. No surprise here. Just the Fusci-science at work.

    those darned kids



    El Corte Inglés is the biggest Department Store in Europe

    In its web page they sell a “Social Distance Tool” which is basically a rod that produces electric discharges.

    Covid mentality normalises behaviours over humans we won’t tolerate over animals

    Has to be seen to be believed:


    When the Prison Camps come to the West they will not be called gulags, they will be called “Voluntary Self Isolation Sites”





    This is happening all over the planet. Why isn’t it on your TV screens?

    Remember the saying that “the revolution won’t be televised”? This is what they meant. People want freedom, not mandates. People are tired of government trying to control every single part of their lives.


    Good heavens! I just realized I’ve been drying my clothes with gigantic coronaviruses!


    An oldie from way back in August:

    Doctor Fauci -you’re my hero!
    (Though you may know next to zero).
    Gave me purpose with a punction-
    I’m a host for gain-of-function!

    (And y’all got to learn a new word.)


    From “Hugo talks“: “Oncomir”, which is another anagram for omicron…
    “An oncomir is a microRNA that is associated with cancer. MicroRNAs are short RNA molecules about 22 nucleotides in length. Essentially, miRNAs specifically target certain messenger RNAs to prevent them from coding for a specific protein.” (all-knowing wikiP)


    He is a SNOB – proof
    Critical thinking from the bloggers, is called,
    “that’s noise,” Fauci said

    They’re just guessing. They have no idea. Very mild, no cough, no loss of smell. But but…

    1. Its spread by double vaccinated jet setters infecting other double vaccinated

    2. Close the borders to the double vaccinated.

    3. Test the double vaccinated

    4. Watch Fauci panicking
    the WHO said. “The overall global risk related to the new variant of concern Omicron is assessed as very high…. infections are expected in vaccinated persons”

    The vaccines don’t work and makes the spreading easier/worst by the vaccinated jet setters.
    In other words, SNOB say,
    “B.1.1.529 could be an escape variant that may require an adjustment of our vaccine if the variant spreads globally.”
    “Everything is on the table”, (except ….IVM etc) – Fauci
    Vitamin D treatment shortened hospital stay and decreased mortality in COVID-19 cases, even in the existence of comorbidities. Vitamin D supplementation is effective on various target parameters; therefore, it is essential for COVID-19 treatment.

    In general, have the vitamin producer shown that there is a relationship with $ sales of vitamins and the fall of infection, hospital stay, and deaths.
    Why isn’t it on your TV screens? (in USA)
    I’m doing “a Fauci” …… which is repeating, repeating, repeating


    Andreas Noack put out a video on graphene hydroxide being like “razor blades” in the blood. You may also remember him from when he was arrested while making a video a year ago. (Some people were skeptical of the arrest at the time, if I recall.)
    Here is a translation of his widow expressing her grief that he was recently murdered.
    I guess that’s what’s called “breaking news”.


    Quick use up the vaccines for children before parents figure out that Omicron evades the vaccines and that the double vaccinated people are the carrier and the spreader of Omicron.

    Polder Dweller

    ING Bank links medical data to payment app

    “ ING in Belgium is the first: the bank offers its customers to save their medical data in their payment app. They call it Helena, your digital health platform.

    Handy, right? So you have everything in one place – your vaccination status and your bank account! The only thing that is still missing is that you will only be allowed to pay if your vaccination status is ‘positive’ …

    Arno Wellens wrote a strong article about this alarming development. Because this is not just a harmless product. As Wellens explains, it is the first step towards a standardized ‘digital identity’ for every EU citizen.

    This is not a conspiracy theory: it is laid down in an EU directive to be implemented by all countries. It means that soon all our personal data – medical, financial, social, economic – will be stored in an app, which we will always have with us, to be able to travel, shop, and go out – to go to school, doctor, or hospital – in short, to be able to live.

    Science fiction? Of course, the government promises that the data will not be linked or otherwise misused, but Wellens has – understandably – little confidence in that.”


    No shot? – Then No Vax, No Food / Fuel In India…


    WHO wants to end the pandemic
    Take the vaccines.
    ( Don’t tell )
    Unfortunately, the vaccines are the cause of the transmission of Omicron


    Wow. Robert Malone used the phrase “intentional communities.” That is a phrase that my domestic partner and I use a great deal, but that I have never heard outside of a very narrow range of acquaintances and online communities.


    Closing travel to all/only non–essential fully unvaccinated air travelers by public air transport and testing the passengers will stop the pandemic of Omicron. /s
    ( Since when have the rich stopped using chartered private airplanes.)


    Is anyone else getting the feeling that politicians in Europe have forgotten that the reason why you accede to the demands of thousands peacefully marching in the street is because eventually, if you continue to antagonize the peaceful masses, they lose the “peaceful” part? I mean, the reason why people peacefully protest is because there is a belief that this method can change unwanted government policy. This is significant…and a relatively new concept that (as far as I’m aware) arose in the 20th century. The US Founding Fathers were unfamiliar with this method of governmental redress — it isn’t written into the US Constitution.

    @ TDK — thanks for the vid on polyphonic/overtone singing. I’d heard the term but never heard it demonstrated. I’m intrigued.

    On T Day I realized that I’d forgotten to pick up Parmesan cheese and stopped by a grocery store that I usually don’t go to en route to my sister’s place. My domestic partner picked up something as well, and there were so many cashiers on T day that it was faster to use a cashier than self checkout. He plunked his item on the conveyer belt. I put mine spaced behind, looking for a divider bar to place between, but finding none. The cashier rang up his item, and asked him if that was all. He was not paying her a bit of attention (he is like that sometimes, lol,) I piped up that, yes, that was all, I’d have placed a divider, but there aren’t any. The cashier replied that they had gotten rid of them all — because of Covid. I burst out in a loud guffaw. I couldn’t help it. The cashier, “safely” behind her employer-mandated mask didn’t seem to understand my laughter.

    I do like that at the local Goodwill thrift store chain that the employees are not mandated to mask up.


    On the isolation/housing units built by govt: we have heard many stories, including some fromTAE commenters, about how COVID quickly spreads within households. When there are elderly members of such households, this is a death sentence. In Canada’s capital, last year there were stories of low-level health care workers, infected with covid, living in homeless shelters. We also have indigenous populations in which there are very large numbers of people sharing housing. It makes total sense to me that the government offer to provide housing assistance in such cases, at least on an emergency basis.
    If we are to decry anything, it should be that we as a society have an agricultural sector that, to ensure cheap food, relies on substandard employment conditions. We should also decry the substandard housing of our indigenous population. Finally, we should decry the fact that our lower-level health care workers are not paid a wage that allows them to afford housing.
    In our rush to find the injustices in govt responses to covid, let’s not overlook these preceding injustices that may not impact us directly.


    The results of the Swiss vote, 62% for the Covid Law (=> vax/other passes coupled with financial compensation for those who lost out because of lockdowns etc.) was as expected according to previous votes, polls, etc. I thought it might be somewhat more “for”, because with time ppl become more afraid, less resilient, less in touch with others, etc.

    Who voted for what part(s) of the law is hard to dope out, as it imho – illegally, unjustly, sneakily – threw all kinds of stuff in there.

    However it is pretty clear that the vote against was against the Sanitary PASS (which boils down to a vax pass as ppl can’t go and get tested every two days..) and not against comp. paid to essential / other workers.

    Ex., Geneva Canton attacked the law on this point in a referendum which took place previously. The law offered no compensation to illegal workers; the proposal was to include them, and over 70% voted for (> paying illegals.)

    Those who opposed the Covid law, basically, the VAX PASS, briefly:

    Two small, geographically ‘plateau,’ German speaking, traditionalist, conservative Cantons: Schwyz and Appenzell R-I. (as stated in the article linked at top)

    Those with only basic ‘primary’ schooling: 51% against.

    Young people, aged 18-34: 56% against. Acceptance rises with age to 78% for the over 65.

    Town vs. country. Town for, country against, but this is complicated. Urbanites vs. the farmers who feed them, say.

    Lower income vs. higher income, with the ‘lowest’ refusing and the top dogs accepting. So, one sees ‘essential workers’, the poor, voting against, while the solidly salaried, banksters, U profs, top management, journalists *!*, those who can work remote, etc. voting ‘for’ ..

    This is all typical of “W” countries. The only good sign is the ‘young’ vote against.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Wow. Robert Malone used the phrase ‘intentional communities.””

    It’s my opinion that Dr. Malone has had quite the crash course over the past 2 years, rubbing shoulders with many important figures around the world who have educated him on how the Matrix operates. He states that it all began when asked by RFK Jr (Morpheus) to review his new book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (the red pill), in effect triggering a depression.

    I try to watch any of his interviews that become available, as it appears that he is becoming a central credible figure in the opposition to Big Pharma’s vaxximania, not to mention the current thrust toward global totalitarianism.


    Travel ban needed to give time for testing
    Keep your Omicron patients and we will keep our Omicron patients

    Saul Goodman

    @my parents said know
    Interesting comment on the graphine compound. I read an article a while back that got deep into having graphine in your blood and interaction with 5G technology (way over my head and not something I get into). However, the article made a big stink about the supplement NAC being a miracle for solving this problem. And ironically its a supplement the FDA asked Amazon to stop selling (you can get it on ebay).

    Since I was one of the people that was forced to jab to keep my job (I know all the advice here but I was surprised how swiftly and ruthlessly they pushed it through and denied all religious and medical exceptions, even those that were granted, were not able to do their jobs if it was external facing at all (99% of jobs in my company)). I have been taking NAC post vax if there is any truth to it, plus I like to drink alcohol so at a minimum it helps my liver!!

    Continuing on this subject as I talked to @John Day and @Zerosum regarding pre vax advice. Having received the J&J shot I have been looking really hard at how to minimize the effects of the shot. If anyone has time and is curious, I found this article very interesting.

    Also, not to add fuel to the fire, but felt this was also interesting and makes me want to mitigate the effects even more…

    COVID shots intended to reduce world’s population by poisoning ‘billions’: South African doctor 

    I am not an expert at any of this, and alot of it goes over my head, but the first article I posted seems well thought out and sourced, based on alot of what we have discussed here.

    I have also stayed away from jumping on the soccer band wagon stuff because I watch college football and stuff, I would think it would be impacting all sports like the NBA and what not.


    From Yesterday, applies today as well.

    “Harmless Covid Variant”

    Upgraded to “Mostly Harmless” after media freakout.

    +1 to those who follow the Douglass Adams reference.


    O. OOOh. OOOOO! ooooOOOOooooOOOOOHHHH! OOOOOOOOO! OH! OH! OH! OOH! O! O! Omicron!!


    The mainstream media are blaming the unvaccinated for the transmission of “Omicron”


    @ Sumac
    “ It makes total sense to me that the government offer to provide housing assistance in such cases, at least on an emergency basis.”

    Certainly…it all comes down to individual choice. Are they given a chance to utilize free private housing when sick or following exposure, or is it by force? The “Indian schools” in the US and Canada were supposed to be an opportunity…but turned out to be thinly veiled prisons. Indigenous folks tend to be justifiably suspicious of government programs…


    Sorry. 😉

    Autonomous Unit

    OP :”Wow. Robert Malone used the phrase “intentional communities.” That is a phrase that my domestic partner and I use a great deal, but that I have never heard outside of a very narrow range of acquaintances and online communities.”

    “intentional communities” is a phrase from the early 1970’s after “commune” got a bad rep. It was very Whole Earth Catalog

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