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    WHO says,,”Omicron high risk”.
    ( to vaccine plans)
    Booble head double down with more lies.


    From Alex Berenson:

    And another federal court rules against another Biden vaccine mandate – this time for health-care workers

    States bringing this lawsuit include: Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.


    States listed above also include Kansas.


    Its too late. Its been decided by the SNOBS.
    I remember when the “flue shot” were limited and were to be given only to “old people”.
    Now, suddenly, kids need and are given “the flue shot”


    I did the best that I could.



    This weekend bobble-head spent all weekend stroking covid porn fear and new lockdowns. /Bad cop.
    Today joe said no reason to panic or lockdown. /Good cop.

    It would be nice if this signaled a difference or a failure to get the public riled up.

    But somehow I don’t believe or trust either of them!


    If we can’t lampoon this “variant” we have lost the battle. (Not yet the war.)
    Mild, but it causes heart problems? I mean, geez.
    How conveeeeenient.

    Saul G- The notion that graphene (don’t know if it matters if it’s graphene oxide or graphene hydroxide) will organize in the presence of electromagnetic fields is intriguing. People become antennas.
    Best of luck to you. It’s pretty clear that the VAST majority of “vaccine” punctures so far are harmless.


    Watching “Cabaret”.
    Beauty is amoral.


    What I’m watching on TV is the weakening of the “vaccine story” as a response for Omicron.
    The stations a hedging their stories by including bobble head saying we don’t know what to do because we don’t know what Omicron is going to do.


    I see joe has nicely solved California’s port shipping problem. Now all the waiting ships are waiting out of sight beyond the horizon. See! No waiting ships now!

    Joe has also solved the problem of retailer’s empty shelves. After meeting with retailers, he released a statement saying everything is fine now. Retail inventories are up, shelves are full, retailers are ready to meet shopper’s needs. (Retailers told joe inventories are down and are getting worst, while more price increases are on the way.) This reminds me of how Russian communist resolved shortages by announcing there were no shortages! Unfortunately, Russians didn’t have joe’s vaccine mandate memos which to wipe the bottoms of their asses with!

    Meanwhile back in China, you know over the horizon and out of sight, China has been doing everything it can to make the supply situation and inflation worst! They know joe is weak and needs their help. For example, ship crew changes in China, now require ship crews to quarantine for 50 to 60 days, at ship owner’s expense! Also if the ship acquires a crew at a foreign port, they must wait for about the same time before they can enter a Chinese port to pick up cargo to the US.

    Meanwhile joe is implementing all kinds of things under the guise of fighting climate change to drive up the cost of oil, to help increase inflation! Up here in Canada, Sparkle Sock’s response to rising fuel costs, has been to add carbon taxes to fight climate change! At least the two are in sync.

    John Day

    @Saul Goodman: I read both links. It is hard to believe that they mean to advocate giving 25-75 grams of vitamin-C IV to somebody, but the orthomolecular medicine article is generally interesting, a different view.
    Dr. Chetty has paid a lot of attention to what is going on, and dares to think of a possible rationale for it, assuming that it is not misguided, but intentional. His hypothesis remains consistent with the facts and trends we are observing. I think it would be foolhardy to dismiss it out of hand, and prudent to cinsider it plausible and personally threatening.

    @Phoenix Voice: “Intentional Community”
    My wife and I met in a student housing co-op in college. Our family is an intentional community.
    I have that thick book about starting intentional communities. I have also read a lot about how reality killed most of them.
    Having lived in co-ops for about 4.5 years in college, I well-understand how critical it is that community members be competent, contributing and sincere, which makes it a proposition that can only remain healthy if it starts small and grows slowly (IMHO).


    Dr. John Day:

    The Russian communist also implemented intentional communities too. Except they used force!

    In retaliation, individual Russians did their best to wait for the other guy to do the hard work. The communist tried to solve this problem by using secret police and informants to create fear.

    An excellent example I saw first hand. The co-op farm plowed, planted, raised, weeded, harvested the cabbage, then put it into a farm wagon, then left the wagon of cabbage in the field to rot! They had met their quota! It was not their job to deliver the cabbage. That was someone else’s job. That someone never showed up! They probably had no working truck in which to pick up the cabbage. The truck they had probably needed new parts to repair it. The truck factory does not make spare parts! The truck users have to be able to repair or make new parts themselves! They probably can’t get raw steel to make a new part from scratch. The steel making co-op doesn’t make such steel stock. Everybody is too busy trying to make their monthly quota!

    If you were a shoe factory, and you had no shoe laces, you shipped the shoes without laces to meet your monthly quota. Maybe you had only made left sided shoes. You put 2 left shoes together to meet your quota. Consumers might buy 2 left shoes in the hope next month they could buy 2 right shoes!

    Since I worked in several Siberia coal mines, I was rather amused at set Russian attitudes. My company had set up a spare parts depot. It was managed by a Russian. When one of our mining machines went down, the mines had one hell of a time trying to get this Russian, managing the parts depot, to release any spare parts to them! He was deathly afraid the mines wouldn’t replace the parts they took and he would be blamed for having no spare parts! Things got so bad that, after a machine had been down a few days, the mine would ask us to go and get the needed part to get the machine going again. The Russian parts manager never gave us a hard time because he knew we would FedEx a new part to him in weeks, thus keeping him out of trouble!

    The coal mine also had the same problem of spare parts for all their Russian made equipment. They had a foundry to pour steel castings, machine shops to make new parts or repair damaged parts, motor repair shop, electrical motor rewind shop, etc. These mine shops were staffed with as many or more people as actually were mining coal! I estimated Russian made mining equipment availability at between 42% to 45%.

    Intentional communities kind of work but not quite in the manner you might think!


    My parents…
    I am teaching a class about Broadway musicals currently…and a few years ago I sang Cabaret (title song) as the opening act in my church’s Broadway review…many more years ago “What I Did for Love” was one of my repertoire songs…but I’ve never seen Cabaret in its entirety. Seems that I should do so….

    I did watch the Firefly series of late, and finished it with the film Serenity last night. The story was very relevant to current events…

    ****SPOILER ALERT*****

    A government terraformed a planet and ensured that a compound called “pax” was present in the air. 95% of the population became so calm that they laid down and died…the other 5% acquired aggressive, berserker rage and began ravaging other outlying human communities, eating other humans alive. Members of the government kept this secret, but a psychic girl accidentally found out…leading the crew of Serenity to find out. They did the “right thing” and broadcast the truth to all humanity (losing a lot in the process.)
    And then they blended back into their usual life of shady cargo hauling and shady deals.
    I liked that the heroes were “ordinary folk” who didn’t cease being “ordinary folk,” resuming their lives.

    I wish “the truth” were so easy to broadcast.


    @my parents said know

    Watching “Cabaret”. Beauty is amoral. Discuss

    I always loved Tomorrow Belongs to Me
    Would be a great Covid vaccine theme song.
    TAE is the old guy at 1:40 and 2:26



    Our society is heading down that road.


    How we should handle the Moronic Variant:


    2022 World Cup. Ack Ack

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