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    There’s an awful lot of bullshit talked about the ‘productivity’ of industrial farms, and nations like the Netherlands and New Zealand being huge exporters of food and ‘feeding the world’. All of this bullshit comes from the complete failure to do ANY energy accounting.

    If there is one thing that politicians and ‘economists’ and banksters loathe then that is proper energy accounting. That’s why they ban it, and why you will never see any mention of energy accounting in any economic-financial report. In their eyes, energy is the magical stuff that arrives whenever it is needed. And as long the price can be manipulated to a suitable level, everything is just fine, and ‘sustainable’.

    One barrel of oil has been equated with four years of hard labour for a human, and that’s a fair assessment. Try pushing a car the same distance a tankful of petrol will move it in a few hours: it will take you about 6 weeks; it will take more than 6 weeks in difficult terrain.

    A popular meme amongst the informed a few years ago was that there were more oil calories put into growing and transporting a lettuce or tomato than the lettuce or tomato contained; like about ten times as much chemical energy expended as inputs compared to the chemical energy the food actually contains.

    Albert Bartlett famously said: “Industrial agriculture is a system for converting oil into food.” The soil in a corporate-owned farm in the US has been described as a substrate onto which chemical are poured. That’s pretty accurate. And when all the mechanical systems and drying systems and transport systems are taken into account, the inputs are enormous.

    The system provided the facade of working well when water was freely available and when energy was cheap and readily avialable.


    I will grant you that producing vegetable oils and transporting them huge distances could have a net positive return on the energy invested, because vegetable oils have a very high ‘energy density’, being composed of long chain triglycerides which are not that far from being hydrocarbons, the main components of mineral oils used to power the entire industrial agriculture scam.

    As for other industrially generated ‘foods’, the energy return on energy invested ranges from poor for grains to abysmal for fruits and vegetables and internationally-traded products like wine, which is usually at least 85% water. And when we consider the hydrocarbon energy utilised in making glass bottle the picture is even more dismal. And don’t forget the masses of once-only-use plastics and carboard, manufactured at considerable energy expense.

    The ultimate in lunacy is the collection of water from a place where it is reasonably uncontaminated, the placement of that water into a container made from oil, and the expenditure of oil to transport that water to some distant location where the water can be drunk.

    Of course, the key to all of this is that some person or corporation can obtain digits in computer systems that can be traded for other products of services generated via the consumption of oil. And governments and economists LOVE the movement of digits in computer systems from one location to another and call that movement ‘the economy’.

    So, when it comes to population overshoot and the failure of the economic system, there is much more to the story than a 12-year-old level of thinking can accommodate.

    And never forget, the average politician or economist or bureaucrat in a NATOstan nation either has a 12-year-old- level of thinking or is a blatant liar.


    I listen to see if more electricity distribution centers are being destroyed

    This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 29th of November


    I know Spirit in the Sky. Never heard Nina Hagen’s version. She misses it almost completely, BUT she uncovers the rock -guitar- that’s in it. Which Greenbaum did not. His is more of a mantra. Which is fine too.

    D Benton Smith

    Technology kills. Slowly at first, and then all at once.

    It seduces victims into taking for granted that the benefits and advantages of technology abnegate responsibility for knowing how to stay alive when ( not if ) access to the technology is made impossible for an amazingly wide, factually inevitable and ultimately unavoidable “technical reasons”.

    There is no such thing as population overshoot, but there is enough competence undershoot to keep gaslit theoreticians like @AFKTT in vapors forever.


    More dirty laundry
    Press Release
    BlockFi Agrees to Pay $100 Million in Penalties and Pursue Registration of its Crypto Lending Product
    Company also agrees to attempt to bring its business into compliance with the Investment Company Act of 1940 within 60 days

    Washington D.C., Feb. 14, 2022 —
    The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged BlockFi Lending LLC (BlockFi) with failing to register the offers and sales of its retail crypto lending product. In this first-of-its-kind action, the SEC also charged BlockFi with violating the registration provisions of the Investment Company Act of 1940. To settle the SEC’s charges, BlockFi agreed to pay a $50 million penalty, cease its unregistered offers and sales of the lending product, BlockFi Interest Accounts (BIAs), and attempt to bring its business within the provisions of the Investment Company Act within 60 days. BlockFi’s parent company also announced that it intends to register under the Securities Act of 1933 the offer and sale of a new lending product. In parallel actions announced today, BlockFi agreed to pay an additional $50 million in fines to 32 states to settle similar charges.


    Dr. D:

    I would like to shed more light on how Canada reached the 300,000 figure for total pieces of used winter clothing donated to the Ukraine.

    For starters, Justin “Sparkle Socks” Trudeau was handed the winter clothing file by Natio.

    The Canadian army totals 62,500 men.
    Officers and Generals working in Ottawa to protect Justin total 2,500 men
    So 62,500 minus 2,500 = leaves only 60,000 enlisted men.
    5 pieces of winter clothing x 60,000 men = 300,000 total pieces of used winter clothing.

    Total pieces of winter clothing would have totalled 360,000.
    Except the Ukrainians politely declined the 60,000 pairs of used long john underwear.
    As they only launder money.

    The Canadian army can’t fight this winter because Justin is too cheap to buy them new winter clothes.
    Instead Justin spent the money on buying a new Airbus for himself.

    Now you know the “rest of the story!”


    Justin is being quote as saying that the Chinese have the right to demonstrate against covid19 lockdown.
    ( Hypocrite/Short memory. Truck convoy/emergency act/$14 million for inquest)


    I didn’t realize that “overshoot” was a trigger term… My apologies to those who were triggered… : )


    There are tens of thousand; of well fed men, driving around in expensive cars, wearing nice clean crisp camouflage uniforms, and carrying machine guns, in Kiev, Ukraine.

    Who knew it took so many men to recycle all of the foriegn aid money pouring into the Ukraine?

    More Skill Testing Questions

    Q: How do the Russians know when it is time to drone the Ukrainian electrical grid again?
    A: When the Ukrainians turn on the lights at night and water starts flowing clockwise down the sewers!

    Q: Why do the Ukrainians keep repairing their damaged electrical grid?
    A: To help Russia run out of drones and missiles faster!


    What is with all this “overshoot” business triggering people?
    Overshoot is a common phenomenon in electrical control circuits.
    And the world still hasn’t come to an end yet because of it!


    The “US a Luciferian Project” ? No, that whole line of thought is carefully misleading. The “US” does not run the show, just for starters, and “Luciferian Project” attributes what are in fact malign-for-most-people intentions to some otherworldly deity.. no, I’m pretty sure this is S.O.P. stuff from a small, self-interested class with a capable group of minions working for them.
    Their plans seem to be working remarkably well so far, to me.

    “Luciferian Project” = “Look Over There!” heh, no: look Right Here.

    John Day

    On the sidebar was this about Denisovan genetic traits in modern human populations. It was more engaging than “Whispering Jack”


    A piece by Stuuart Isacoff on recorded music, with nice commentary by the blogger:

    Listening to one of Beethoven’s piano sonatas this morning played by Wilhelm Backhaus
    made me look in this direction.


    Opus 28, ‘Pastoral’: a good one for hearing a musician’s ideas. Backhaus sounds like he’s making it up on the spot, and I value that quality very much, now. Not a dessicated ürtext thing. I wish I could have met Wilhelm Backhaus.


    Tucker about China lockdowns.

    D Benton Smith

    The buzzword “triggered” has all sorts of negative connotations that don’t apply to this situation of eugenicists and genocidists plying their obscenely homicidal/suicidal intentions in public without challenge, and isn’t of much use descriptively either. Yeah, sure it’s possible for a population to run into dire straits in its capacity to feed itself, but no it is not possible to have too many people. Too little food, yes. Too many people, no.

    Of course a population can fail to feed itself. Does that suggest a solution of murdering them so that they don’t starve?

    Here’s the deal. Overshoot is not an “organically” evolved word. “Population Overshoot” is a nasty and false and KNOWINGLY illogical propaganda word invented and promulgated by deliberately homicidal eugenicists who think that killing others would serve themselves. Simple as that. . To even accept so-called overshoot as a thing is to inadvertently accept that underlying premise . . . without having to admit the premise out loud. It’s the same kind of maliciously deceptive trick as asking somebody if they have stopped molesting children. To even accept the question is to tacitly accept the presumption it implies.

    There is only one defense against such pig shit. Publicly call out the offenders, describe the trick they’re trying to sneak by the guards, stomp the humiliating hell out of their shit, and expose them as the slime bags that they are.

    I’ll say it again. The term “population overshoot” surreptitiously invites an unevaluated acceptance of the false and intrinsically evil idea that it is possible to have too much life. Same goes for terms like “overpopulation” and “population bomb”. Oddly, those who constitute the “too many” are always someone else.

    The terms themselves are actually a form of gaslighting because they instill the literally insane idea that people in general (you, me, your kids and loved ones) have LESS than zero value. In other words, mere existence as a living human being is a bad thing. Not THEM, of course. Always others.

    Of course they can’t just come out and openly say that they consider your children to be worse than sewer rats. So they try trick people into buying into it indirectly instead.

    I repeat: There is no such thing as too many people, and for anyone insisting that there IS then, by all means, please feel free to go first.

    Michael Reid

    I am just starting to explore this

    My girlfriend found it very disturbing

    THE COMMITTEE OF 300, To Cause Death of 3 Billion People for 2050, Population Mind Control…
    The NWO (New World Oder)

    Michael Reid

    Enslaving Mankind – The Committee of 300

    The Committee of 300: Some of the Shadow “Elite” [COMPLETE]


    “Anglo-Zionist is a deeply loaded term, let’s just be accurate here.”

    You speak as though the Brits and the Zionists are two distinct entities.
    Since Rothschild became the richest man in Britain and Europe , the Zionists have had complete control over the Brits . They took the Brits to war against Germany.
    The city of London and Wall st. ARE the US and Britain.
    It is the city and Wall st. that is at war against Russia.
    They have complete control, they have owned Britain since Waterloo and the US since they took control of the world’s money supply via the Fed in 1913.
    It is a Zionist hand in a British glove.

    Dr. D

    I’ll have to find it and post my essay. Looks like December 2020.

    Cows and Acres and 1840

    Yes, that system is how we create food NOW. You appear to be saying there is no other possible way, not even the way we already used to.

    Oil? What oil? The farming is local, so you walk out the door with a hoe. Tractor? What tractor? You’re using an ox that you grow. Shipping? How? You bring the harvest to market with the ox that you grew, <10 miles. WTF would I need oil for?

    But we *can’t* do this any more. *Can’t.* Really? C’mon, you read too much and garden too little. Idgaf WHAT oil usage is. See, I take my little seed here, and I put it in the little hole here. Boop! Where’s that there world-wide shipping issue? Where’s the 10,000 oil calories for 5,000 units of food?

    But we *can’t*. Which we know because we never tried.

    Whoops! My whole article was on how we ALREADY did all this *500 YEARS* ago. We STOPPED doing the intelligent thing that makes sense. ‘Cause it was quick and easy and we hates farmers and food THAT MUCH.

    Bonus: Your, my, our lives, and the lives of all our children will be improved 500 fold should we ever get sick of starving each other voluntarily and actually GROW FOOD. Locally. With cows.

    You’re from de-unter-place, surely you’ve seen this:

    Before humans applied their attention to it, this was all a dried-up hard-pan sheep pasture.

    The key to this luxury is to NOT have oil, but human power, human size, and human attention. Same as when the Maori were there, or the Indians here.

    If you’re utterly determined we CAN ONLY use oil for farming then I regret to inform you we CAN ONLY get these results. To get BETTER results that don’t kill a billion people, we will need to do DIFFERENT things. That everyone on earth likes better anyway. So why harp on the stupid things we already know suck and everybody hates them? Describe and focus on the good things everybody likes already and knows will work in your area.


    I wonder what’s happening in The Ukraine, and other places. At some sites there’s talk of a ‘DMZ’ there. I file that under “always be closing”, for now.

    It really is a Funny Old World, especially these days. Time for a bike ride..


    To comply with the European Union’s radical climate laws, the Dutch government of World Economic Forum acolyte Mark Rutte will force up to 3,000 farms to shut down for good.

    People will look back and wish that someone had used force to defend their nation from the crooks stealing everything. But if the people will not defend their farmers, their source of food, the people who feed their children, then for this reason alone, the Netherlands’ farms should be stolen by the government, sold cheaply to the property developers and restrictions placed on the remaining people who encouraged the criminal government by showing them just how weak they are.

    Were every person in the Netherlands to go on strike against these measures, the country would come to a halt and these policies would quickly be dropped. But people are too comfortable to risk their current privileges to defend their fellow man, even if protest is legal in the eyes of the criminal government. The people have the power to stop this, they just don’t want to do so. They do not want to save their fellow man that they seem to have forgotten is the man on whom they depend. They will soon complain about eating bugs etc yet they will not do anything to keep their meat supply. People like this are not worth saving, they must save themselves and the ones not willing to save themselves should be left to perish without sympathy.

    Help should be offered to those genuinely trying to save themselves, but the rest should be ignored and forgotten, like so many dead locusts after a plague. I suspect that they will be sitting commenting on the web when the power dies or they suffer a heart attack from the vax, never to step outside and support their neighbour. I suspect this is why the Netherlands has allowed immigration, as a way to dilute the feeling of nationhood among the people, to dilute their resolve to save a country that is no longer theirs. A very sad state of affairs that points to a long period of suffering ahead for the weakened dutch, the people who are obviously being attacked because they are a key exporter of the food that the global elites want to steal so that they can exercise control.


    Those who Rule Us plan, and are fairly well organized. That same small group has spent much energy
    over many years making sure their subjects effectively cannot do likewise. Those who plan, win.

    Blaming the hoi polloi is not warranted.


    ‘There is no such thing as population overshoot, but there is enough competence undershoot to keep gaslit theoreticians like @AFKTT in vapors forever.’

    Completely incapable of making logical arguments or fact-based arguments, you slip straight back into ad hominem attack mode, the sure sign of a fuckwit or a loser, DBS. 🙂


    I haven’t been out of USia for several years now, but the feeling when doing so in the past- usually to Northern Europe- has always been similar: “Christey, I can finally breathe..!” intellectually, I mean. Maybe that has changed after early 2020, though.

    D Benton Smith


    Check your hemline, troll. Your agenda is showing.


    A link provided by flora (thank you) in NC comments:

    The gentleman seems responsible, non-inflammatory, and fair minded. I like all that.

    Sweet Kenny

    The Awakening Channel website and Committee of 300 seems rather unsophisticated – I don’t believe in a God that is less compassionate than me and elites who are less sophisticated.


    Over the past 20 years or so I have thought a lot about the criminal behaviour and off-the-planet narratives of the totalitarian fascists who control NATOstan nations.

    Unlike most of what I post, which is based on the best scientific or historical data available, this is conjecture.

    For a very long time the game played by the banksters was to conquer new lands to extract mineral and organic wealth from them, and to increase population in order to expand Ponzi schemes so that a portion of fiat wealth could be siphoned off into their hands on a continuous basis.

    With no new lands to conquer and their Ponzi schemes starting to unravel, the banksters had to serious look at massive population reduction again (as per World War One) to steal wealth.

    Clearly very few proles are going to volunteers to be terminated, so the banksters had to come up with a scheme whereby proles would volunteer to be terminated via injection with toxic, fake ‘vaccines’.

    Roll out the propaganda about ‘safe and effective’ and ‘protect your loves ones as well as yourself’.

    The subtle slyness of this scheme (scam) would be that a large portion of the gullible and compliant would be eliminated over a period of a few years, many of them dying ‘mysteriously’ or from causes that could be attributed to general ill-health. Underfunding hospital services would bump up the numbers.

    A large portion of those who didn’t die relatively quickly would be rendered infertile, causing a delayed population reduction..

    The remnant of the population left after completion of this scheme (scam) would be those with a high level of independence and critical thinking who would not go along with any pf the schemes (scams.
    So, maybe it was all an intelligence test, geared to the removal of dummies and ‘useless eaters’ from the population.

    As we know, the totalitarian fascists intended to take over the entire planet and force the population of ‘own nothing and be happy’, as per the lower orders in the Brave New World who clamoured for the ‘soma’ that kept them doped up to the eyeballs.

    The problem for the totalitarian fascists clearly lies with the portion of the populace that quickly saw through their fake ‘vaccine’ narrative and their fake war narrative and their fake ‘green energy’ narrative etc.

    Presumably, those people must be dealt with by death squads. Hence the disarming of the populaces carried out in Australia and NZ and now being undertaken in Canada.

    Knowing that everything the totalitarian fascists say is either a lie or is founded on a lie, I await the annihilation of the fascists in Ukraine and the removal of one of the biggest money-laundering locations on the planet (the others being London, New York and Washington).

    Heard on the radio as a so-called ‘news’ item recently: Roll-Royce have successfully tested an aircraft engine running on hydrogen,

    The ‘news item’ indicated the hydrogen was manufactured using ‘green technology’ of wind turbines. The ‘news’ item did not specify how many thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide were liberated in the construction of the wind turbines or how long before the wind turbines can be expected to fall to pieces (on average around 5 years, I believe).

    The aircraft manufactures just need to work out how to lift an aircraft loaded with extremely heavy, very large, thick-walled, high-pressure hydrogen tanks off the ground

    Perhaps a large balloon filled with hydrogen would work. or a Zeppelin. 🙂


    ‘Your agenda is showing.’

    I’m so pleased, DBS, because my agenda (apart from promoting sustainable living arrangements) is to expose nonsense for what it is. Nonsense. And what you write is nonsense, which is exactly why you cannot substantiate any of it.

    Constant repetition of nonsense does not make it any truer.

    And if you want a war of insults, I’m far better at it than you.

    Quit before you dig an even bigger hole for yourself 🙂



    AFKTT said

    With no new lands to conquer and their Ponzi schemes starting to unravel, the banksters had to serious look at massive population reduction again (as per World War One) to steal wealth.

    Eh? It is you going on about how we need to reduce the population. The elites use technology and cheap labour to increase their wealth. Reliable cheap labour is harder to find so they are going with their AI and robotics to replace their requirement for expensive meat based operators. Technology offers many advances for the rich, especially if they can get the government to pay for all the research then hand out the benefits to the US corporations, thereby screwing the tax payer. That system was working fairly well over the past 50 years until people got so greedy that they just stole the research budget instead and tried to take other short cuts, such as those surrounding Covid and its vaccine. There is no shortage of the means to get rich, there is just a shortage of people prepared to put in the hard yards because they can just effectively steal the money instead, for example Ukraine and FTX.


    @ D Benton Smith

    No overshoot hey?

    John Day

    @Dr. D. In Lavaca County, Texas in 1905, it took 10 acres of grass to support a horse or an ox.
    I’ve never cut winter hay with a scythe, nor made haystacks, myself. You should learn it when young, I think.

    No easy “solutions”.

    Reid: Some of those 300 in the committee are no more. Her Majesty might have had her multiple myeloma accelerated by a gene-therapy vaccine-product recently. Even our betters are vulnerable and error-prone these days. Maybe they can’t even get rid of enough of us. Maybe they’ll die without us.
    I think we are considering more angles here than most of them are.

    @DBS: Here is a song for you, which your words evoked in my mental jukebox. “Too Much Love”


    There is no such thing as too many people

    I side with AFKTT on this one. There is such a thing as carrying capacity. It can be increased using lots of energy but that’s risky business and hard to maintain. Maybe go read the history of Easter Island. Or maybe the story of the Donner party. To call names and hurl insults ain’t gonna change it.

    D Benton Smith


    You’re on. Here’s my opening gambit:

    Afewknowthetruth obviously isn’t one of them, which I suppose should be added to the list of what he doesn’t know.

    D Benton Smith


    Yup. And if this is going to be an exchange of insults then I hope you’re better at it than @Afewknowthetruth, whose profanatory skills are less than impressive.

    John Day

    AFKTT had some useful insights up at comment #122272.

    Whether one sees too many humans or too little support system, our mysterious elite overlords have a special hammer that kills people in various ways, so the people of their world often look like they need to be hit again.

    There are always unforeseen consequences and “unknown unknowns”.
    I’d die if I were alone in a perfectly good rainforest. We all need our familiar support systems.
    You can’t make a new support system when you need one.

    Autonomous Unit

    of course there can be, and I believe, there are, too many people, overshoot, call it what you will. To say otherwise is denial. How many people on earth is too many? 8 billion? 30 billion? When all the wildlife is gone, and all land is converted to food production?
    When you get your 2,000 calories of algae crackers every day?
    To think otherwise is an example of human exceptionalism. We are animals, biological beings.
    It’s funny, some people say, “Well, if there are too many people, why don’t you kill yourself” and “if you think that there are too many people, you must be for genocide” . Is this some sort of psychological projection onto others of that which immediately comes to their minds?
    Besides suicide and genocide, the world’s population can be reduced by birth control; I’d prefer as a decision made as an individual , not imposed by authoritarians. An increase in health and education would encourage this, and you are seeing it around the world as wealth increases, birth rates go down. Those that reject this decline in populations (see Japan, Italy, etc) as problematic are just pretending the economy is not a Ponzi scheme. infinite growth is the ideology of cancer, and doesn’t work well on a finite planet.
    If the reduction in population is left to current trends, it will be due to people freezing, starving, and killing each other.
    Maybe a real fatal pandemic spreading through the human mono-culture.
    Technology isn’t going to save us, even if we are eating insects, or food from fermentation vats.

    Logically, at some point before there is one human per square meter of land, you must admit that overshoot is possible.

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