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    Hieronymus Bosch The Conjurer 1502   • Russia’s UN Envoy: Israel Doesn’t Have Right to Self-Defense (Sp.) • Israel Already Lost Gaza Battle Even
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    Dr. D

    “Sam Bankman-Fried Found Guilty On All Counts, Faces Over 100 Years In Prison

    Darn it, now how am I going to say “Nobody goes to jail”?! So since he was involved in a multi-billion dollar money laundering/ Bribery scheme involving Ukraine and most of Congress, they’re going to move on to Epstein’s Client List them right?

    “Bridgeport Election Overturned After City Official Pleads 5th To Ballot Harvesting

    No election fraud. But the fraud there was, wasn’t fraud. I know this because we haven’t looked. And we know it couldn’t have tipped the vote because no one counted. That’s why the cases can’t be heard in court. See?

    Ukraine’s Top Commander Makes Surprising First-Time Admission”

    “From the start, everyone was called a ‘Kremlin agent’ who pointed out the only result of the US fueling this war would be mass death and destruction of Ukrainians, and growing anti-American sentiment from those who see the US as fueling all wars. Worthwhile lessons still.” -Greenwald

    Biden’s Genocide. Waiting for my check for being right again. * Oh wait, Biden’s FIRST genocide.

    “Russia’s Ukraine Strategy Is to Outlast American Aid: Austin

    And it worked in just one year. You all got bored and wandered off like a retarded trust fund kid.

    “House Passes $14.3 Billion Israel Aid Package, Which Will Promptly Die In The Senate

    I was wondering about that.

    “Everyone is exhausted: Israelis, Palestinians, neighbors in the region, sympathizers of both around the world,” she said. “And why? But because one country the United States judged itself as having the right to decide the destinies of millions according to its own plans.”

    “It’s Halloween for them.” Or the Purge. Which happens on Halloween.

    “so there is no way anybody can deny that this has happened.”

    Yes. As I say here, nobody cares. They’re not mad, they’re happy. If they were mad they would cut off the money and install somebody else. McConnell. Pelosi. He-Who-Must-Be-Called-Prime-Minister Shorty somebody or other. There are no noises to fund their oppositions and primary them, therefore everyone is super happy.

    Except 95% of American counties. We’re not happy, but who cares about us when you own the 12 Bless’ed cities? There haven’t been honest elections since 2000, which was openly dishonest and illegal. So are we going to reverse that and strike null all the laws and policies passed by a non-President Bush?

    “Therefore, the only thing that the Palestinian American people can do is the same thing that they’ve always had to do: stand up for their rights and fight back the oppressor, the genocider, the occupier or the colonizer and who is behind them.”

    I think we’re at an all-time high in “deaths of despair”, to say nothing of drugs. Don’t put this in my/our name! Or is it our democratic wish to A) be so poor we kill ourselves by the thousands millions and B) send all our money to kill others instead of saving ourselves?

    “• Israel-Hamas Conflict May Cost Global Economy $2 Trillion – Ernst & Young (RT)

    Cutting off the money that must be offset by U.S. (and Co) Printing. I see London is very quiet. So they don’t want to help this time? Want us to? How about: London and Europe have no collateral, and if THEY print, they will collapse? So the only way to print and keep up the debt-compounding is via the United States. WE must be killed, dismembered, and devoured to save them. (Duh. If 20 years of watching news events didn’t tell you)

    Do you see that happening easily at this point? Okay, war funds delayed. U.S. delayed. What then for the debt compounding? Right. And then thereafter for Israel after that happens? Right. Keep on Truckin’ sez Mr. Natural.

    “• Red Cross ‘Has No Right To Exist’ If It Can’t Reach Hostages – Israel (RT)

    They just keep saying the most amazing things. Go on… do tell…

    “Last week, standing beside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to Jerusalem, French President Emmanuel Macron suggested recycling the global coalition of 86 nations against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) to focus on Hamas.”

    Sooo….. By FUNDING Hamas, same as you funded ISIS? (…And also Hamas?) Confused.

    Macron then points out that, to the “Garden” People, all towel heads are the same. And probably the towel head Sikhs in India too. Just ask Justin, or as he’s better known, “Captain Blackface”. After he’s done kissing the Waffen SS of course.

    “a nuclear-armed Iran is “unacceptable” and declares that it’s the policy of the US to “use all means necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

    What does this mean? A declaration of war that’s not war but is a war, but isn’t. Oh! So you mean “Business as usual.” STFU.

    Meanwhile, in the real world, they’ve been saying Iran is a week away from having a bomb for 40 years. Which is provably false, I guess? No one is discredited? Words have no #Meaning and #Reason has ceased to be? At the same time, Iran no doubt has plenty of bombs from the Soviet collapse, and from ISRAEL selling our nuclear tech to Pakistan. Iran also has a space program and we don’t. This may be because O’Biden funded it by giving them $10 Billion? Cash-on-pallets? While we all starved here at home?

    So given that packet of lies, all of which contradict, would you like to try again?

    A: No. Having no #Logic, no #Reason, no #Logos, they don’t even notice, nor are capable of fabricating a lie if they did notice. To tell a #Lie, you have to still know what the #Truth is, and they’re way beyond that.

    “Ukraine keeps talking about a stalemate, and Russia keeps saying there’s no such thing.”

    Because: #Lie. Lie in the morning, lie at night. Lie in the afternoon.

    Okay, great: WHY IS ANYONE BELIEVING THEM? Christ on a stick, WHAT DOES IT TAKE??? To stop referring to them, to stop even bothering to read/listen? They are “Not Reality Capable”. “The Truth is not in them.” Apparently infinity. Our adherence to liars and hatred of #Logos is total. #Zealots. They, WE, are Religious Fundamentalists.

    “Kiev’s troops have suffered over 90,000 casualties since June 4, the day the counteroffensive started.”

    That’s 1,000 a day. Roughly the same as the Allied Army from Normandy to Berlin. EXCEPT IN A NATION 1/10th THE SIZE.

    There are some Canadians here, I got you a nice picture of historic Toronto:

    Dr. D

    “In the last few days there have been a handful of people — including Richard Fisher, former Fed President — who have pointed out in public what I’ve been saying for a long time: The issue is fiscal and until Congress cuts it out rates are not going to go down and in fact will be higher for longer because if Congress is not essentially backed into a corner the nation will be destroyed.

    Congress has proved over the last couple of decades that it is incapable of being fiscally responsible without being forced.  Since external force can only come through cost or violence and the latter is obvious undesirable the former is all that’s left between us a descent into Argentina-style Hell.” — Denninger

    Okay, so WHO? If there is no U.S., Wall Street can’t run/control/extract America. So the only way Wall St can survive is to “Back Congress into a Corner”. How do they do that? Thanks to Congress themselves and non-stop support, the Fed runs the nation. …Hey, you didn’t want to limit/audit them. But the Fed works for NY, not Congress and not San Fran either. So the FED has “Backed Congress into a corner” by using their considerable power to arm-twist Powell into power…and nothing else. Now we’re in some resulting budgetary fights. (ain’t seen nothin’ ’til rates = national debt interest!) Which brings Congress to heel not to NY so much although it does, but to MATH. As in “Nobody’s fault”. As in “Oopsie!”.

    Who else? America First. Sovereigntists. The U.S. continuing to exist at all. The U.S. military, overstretched and needing to come home. American workers and industry now re-built and re-employed. The bankers who loan to those guys on credit.

    Yes, the Red Base wants this, but who else has the POWER to stop all budgets in Congress? Change the whole 50-year tide? Clearly they don’t listen to the Base, Red or Blue, so don’t make me laugh it’s them. Congress is right now CHANGING THEIR SPOTS.

    So after 30 years (“Contract with America”) after 50 years (Nixon and gold), suddenly figured out how to DO what they’ve claimed to want to do for lifetimes? WHY NOW?

    And that battle isn’t won yet either. London and Davos are desperate to get us into a war, any war, any where, for any reason. And our whole MICMAC is against peace, which is like 20-40% of our nation. But we haven’t and it looks pretty likely ATM we won’t. WHY? WHO? Why Now?

    Yes, we’re in a war for whether the United States will exist at all. And if we don’t who wins? That is to say, who is our enemy? Europe. London. We either continue as we are and they cease hostilities. Or all die here. I don’t think NY is going to just lie down and die. Get poor so they can’t import coke and Ukrainian hookers. That’s not their M.O.


    From the mouths of idiots.

    “The global economy could be doomed to take a major hit if the conflict between Hamas and Israel escalates, the New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing a top economist at Ernst & Young, one of the world’s leading consulting and accounting services firms. Gregory Daco, chief economist at EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young’s global strategy consulting arm, told the NYT that in the “worst-case scenario,” the expansion of military action in the Middle East would entail “severe”consequences for the world economy, such as a moderate recession, a plunge in stock prices and a loss of $2 trillion.”

    John Day

    Hezbollah Escalates Rocket Attacks Amid Reports Russia Could Supply Anti-Air System

    Waiting for Nasrallah’s speech…


    Waiting for Nasrallah’s speech…

    Breaking news.
    Live feed.
    Watch the Wars, from the drone feed.
    We told them to get out of the way.
    It’s their fault that the bombs fell on them.

    How long is “a pause”?

    it means to “give time to get the prisoners/hostage out,”
    Israel has 6,000 prisoners.
    Amas has 200 hostages.
    WOW !
    Signs of intelligence.

    An abandoned ant hill.
    The colony’s intricate & impressive structure is revealed.

    Signs of intelligence.

    EXAMPLE OF PEACE AND COOPERATION OR OF CONSTANT WAR AND DEFENSE?,that%20live%20in%20the%20digestive%20tracts%20of%20animals.
    Gut microbiota, gut microbiome, or gut flora, are the microorganisms, including bacteria, archaea, fungi, and viruses, that live in the digestive tracts.
    The gastrointestinal metagenome is the aggregate of all the genomes of the gut microbiota.[3][4] The gut is the main location of the human microbiome.[5] The gut microbiota has broad impacts, including effects on colonization, resistance to pathogens, maintaining the intestinal epithelium, metabolizing dietary and pharmaceutical compounds, controlling immune function, and even behavior through the gut–brain axis.

    The microbial composition of the gut microbiota varies across regions of the digestive tract. The colon contains the highest microbial density of any human-associated microbial community studied so far, representing between 300 and 1000 different species.[6] Bacteria are the largest and to date, best studied component and 99% of gut bacteria come from about 30 or 40 species.[7] Up to 60% of the dry mass of feces is bacteria.[8] Over 99% of the bacteria in the gut are anaerobes, but in the cecum, aerobic bacteria reach high densities.[5] It is estimated that the human gut microbiota have around a hundred times as many genes as there are in the human genome.


    John Day

    Watch Live: Hezbollah Leader Gives First Speech As Israel On High State Of Alert


    Trump looks different, washed-up, almost as a prompt-reader on that X-video. We are rudderless country in 2024.
    Comical US misunderstanding and ease of using the terms, leads him to declare that “communists” (that are officially associated as Jewish creation) are now supporters of Hamas? Than again, I can not allow to go blue in face trying to put some sense out there.


    • Netanyahu Ordered To Track, Kill All Hamas Leaders 2 Weeks Ago

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

    Start down this road and all the world’s leaders and their families will become targets of political revenge.

    That’s a mighty big list to have open season on.

    Quite the Jinn to uncork from the bottle

    Maybe the thousands of Hamas agents in Mexico who came across the open border pretending to be immigrants will go after say, Lindsey Graham and his clan in SC and do us all a favor.


    @John Day

    If Hezbollah doesn’t enter it will be a signal to Bibi that he can finish off the Palestinians

    Plain and simple.

    It will be a signal that the whole Arab constellation in the Middle East have no balls and a massive loss of face in the court of public opinion.

    Do you see that happening???

    John Day

    Nasrallah has come out for “steadfastness” in the long struggle of resistance and for a trade embargo of Arab and Muslim countries against Israel, particularly oil and gas, which will fall heavily upon Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia,. He briefly calls for an oil embargo on the US, and says that they have weapons against the US fleet, but will “keep all options open”.
    Nasrallah notably fails to mention Jordan; maybe I missed a brief mention.
    He calls for a long and “steadfast” stance by all the countries of the resistance, outlasting the Israeli economy, which seems appropriate.


    Van Hollen reports that someone he knows well in Gaza just had four children killed

    Can you imagine the reaction if they were Jews; the USA is the most racist country on earth, Israel is the most faux-Aryan country on earth.


    Nasrallah’s speech… Ignored by west media. (financial market up/not down
    1. Stop war/killing of Gaza.
    2. Alternate … If attack on Lebanon
    Fleet could be sunk
    Oil/energy embargo
    Export embargo to Israel


    Van Hollen reports that someone he knows well in Gaza just had four children killed

    Satan’s chosen need to be eradicated, along with their USA Jew enablers, their UK Jew enablers …. it is about time the people of this world fixed this problem. Sorry, I mean’t the people not in the west need to fix this problem, because the people in the west have no balls, they are waiting to be consumed.


    Che Guevara’s daughter:

    “To the Arab peoples… if you allow Israel to continue to do what it wants. Where will it stop? What are you waiting for?”

    John Kennedy’s nephew says, kill them all, Zionland has a right to protect itself … blah blah blah.

    Umm, which one is credible, which one is a whore for the zionists? The USA has nothing, not even a family of politicos who can step off the zionist path. It is pathetic, and this guy is standing for POTUS.


    The USA needs to learn not to vote; that means getting off the sofa, getting off of TAE and getting out there to let the powers know the consequences. Not going to happen, they are Americans.


    the US stayed mum about “the horrifying destruction in Gaza, which exceeds everything that they criticize in other regional contexts multifold – strikes on civilian facilities, the death of thousands of children and the horrifying suffering of civilians amid a total blockade.”

    Jews control America, what other expalnation makes sense? Until America fixes the problem, Gaza will pay the price. Meanwhile, Americans are watching trannie netball, or American pansy football, or whatever the latest craze happens to be.


    Russia is fighting those people in Ukraine right now

    Russia is doing God’s work.


    The question is; will God allow any Americans into heaven. Their, as in every, EVERY, tax payer’s money is being used to kill Gazans. Most Americans are too concerned about tomorrow morning’s coffee, deworming the dog, viewing tiktok, scratching their asses etc. They have no guilt, feel no responsibility for the deaths in Gaza. In America, the president does stuff and the people respond like retards. Where are the TAE readers protesting on the street? Indeed, where is anybody protesting on the stree? The French will protest on the street for years, but the Americans are simple hypocrits; yes, it’s bad murdering people, shame, yay, let’s celebrate the return of the murderers. Sick country, sick people.


    US President Joe Biden has refused to call for a ceasefire in the Israeli-Hamas conflict, instead proposing a temporary humanitarian pause.

    What is a “humanitarian pause” to a monster like Biden; what is a “humanitarian pause” to the great white shark? I bet there is not a lot of difference. Dead babies is money for these guys.


    Dr D referenced a Denninger post, which referenced Argentina. Denninger’s depiction of Argentina comports with what I saw in ‘95-‘97, with two minor exceptions:
    (1) when I was there, the Argentine peso was tied in value to the US dollar at $1 = 1 peso, so money held value from day to day. I do understand that over the long haul, that valuation was changed quite a while ago, so while my observation was accurate when I lived there, I suspect that Denninger’s outlook is more accurate for the past couple of decades.
    (2) Although I didn’t see credit card use, shops for clothes and shoes and household appliances, etc., did offer payment plans for their goods, where the shop owner was offering the credit directly. However, that practice may have also been tied to the fact that at the time the peso was pegged to the dollar and relatively stable.

    I did get passed a counterfeit 5 peso note once in Argentina. It is kind of funny — it seems a waste of effort to bother counterfeiting a $5 equivalent note.

    My point is this: when people familiar with the US and “Western democracies” talk about “socialism” they tend to have some specific ideas in mind, most often related to what Bernie Sanders and Europeans call “Democratic socialism” which amounts to a great deal of taxation, government services for citizens, and a great deal of government regulation of industry. (Of course, soon it is “the tail wagging the dog,” as large industry accomplishes “regulatory capture” and uses the regulation for its own ends.). There may be a case for arguing that the Argentine government has observed “socialist” principles over the past many decades, however, in light of the economic exigencies and realities on the ground, the socialist principles did not translate into a situation for the populace that mirrored the “social democracies” of Europe, nor like the current US.

    If anything, I would guess that for the populace of Argentina, there would be more similarities to the late 1800s and early 1900s situation in the US — the government was there, but it wasn’t as powerful, didn’t affect so many parts of life, etc.

    I remember that as a young 20-something from Los Angeles, CA, suddenly in Argentina that I found the economic differences to be jarring, and the lack of government guidelines to be disconcerting. (I didn’t like realizing that a pipe was breaking through the apartment wall, nor that I was risking electrocution if I touched the metal medicine cabinet when the bathroom was full of steam.). However, a few decades later, I think that I would adapt readily. Ultimately, less government influence leads to a less regulated public & economic fabric for society, but government regulation is often only a veneer — we trust foods and drugs because of the FDA, but then the FDA is managed by industry, and our trust is misplaced. The fundamentals of the market — some players being honest, and others lying and manipulating to increase their personal gain — are unchanged.

    I think that the big takeaways from the current situation and history (especially the last 250 years) is that any large, powerful group runs the risk of attracting corrupt individuals (cluster B types, psychopaths, etc.,) and that the liberty of individuals is at risk when this happens. “Checks and balances” were designed by the US Constitution framers to attempt to avoid this problem. This works…partially, insufficiently. There may be no solution, but it sure would be nice to find a way to “reset” the system that does not involve war or genocide nor maintain the power of any current cabals. The current powerful groups (factions), know that a reset is imminent, and are doing all that they can to ensure that once the cards are reshuffled, that they remain the most powerful player at the table.

    Dr D Rich

    aspnaz, man/woman, you lost cred when you went all tits up under some rather lame criticism from D dr and dbs. I thought perhaps it was all a contrivance. Hell, it’s the internet. Ppl make shit up…pose as tough guys, etc
    Let me know how all that marching and public protesting works out for your cause vis a vis January 6th


    aspnaz a simple reflection

    The general staff, the strategic and tactical command of western nations is historically controlled by caucasians. Caucasians are blood thirsty savages. All of the problems in the world stem from caucasians. What other explanation is there?
    Ever hear of Critical Race Theory?
    Insert the word of your choice in each place held by the word caucasian. Hate and ignorance are hate and ignorance.
    seems that you are a graduate of The Dr. D Broad Brush Academy of Representation. The fine strokes in your renderings show the finesse of a garden rake while the broad strokes have the subtlety of a spring harrow.
    The moral certainty you express brings to mind Auntie Em’s remarks to Miss Gulch. Now that i have the chance to tell you how i feel, my hope prevents me doing so.


    My turn now:

    Are you a member of western society and long to rise into the ranks of the elite? Do you have a comfortable lifestyle garnered through your life as a lower and middle manager?
    There is a most disadvantaged child in western society. Do you feel that child’s needs and deprivations are someone else’s problem?

    then: You Are An Egocentric Sphincter and an embarrassment to the microflora that sustains your life.

    Do you have suggestions, saved data with autofill and auto-spelling correct enabled in your browser? You are an idiot. Though in fairness those things are convenient.

    Dr D Rich

      “There are various identifiable stages of pathocracy described by Łobaczewski. Ultimately pathocracy dies because the pathological are promoted to positions of power, even though they have little or no talent or abilities.”

    Tam, Amick, Biden, Arthur, Howard, Lisa Franchetti, Milley, Mike Johnson, Blinken,

    Conjurers versus Alchemists

    If you hit someone hard enough, you might knock some sense into them. On the other hand, Tim, you’re so thick, I’m gonna have to hit you hard enough that it might create new matter.

    Cosmic ray spallation, also known as the x-process, is a set of naturally occurring nuclear reactions causing nucleosynthesis; it refers to the formation of chemical elements from the impact of cosmic rays on an object

    Chemistry joke

    Conjurers versus Spellbinders

     A network of psychopaths gradually begins to dominate, and they begin to eliminate the brain-tissue damaged and those who genuinely believe in the ideology. At a certain point the minority block of psychopaths has a showdown with all those they’ve usurped.

    A full blown-pathocracy is known as a totalitarian state and characterized by a government turned against its own people. A pathocracy may emerge when a society is insufficiently guarded against the typical and inevitable minority of such abnormal pathology, which Łobaczewski asserts is caused by biology or genetics.

      Ultimately pathocracy dies because the pathological are promoted to positions of power, even though they have little or no talent or abilities.
      The root of healthy social morality, according to Łobaczewski, is contained in the congenital instinctive infrastructure in the vast majority of the population, and while some in the normal population are more susceptible to pathocratic influence and become its lackeys, the majority instinctively resist.

    Looking to S. America:

    Nov. 2, 2003. UN votes overwhelmingly to condemn US economic embargo on Cuba for 31st year and urge its lifting

    “The vote was 187 in favor, with the United States and Israel opposed, and Ukraine abstaining. Somalia, Venezuela and Moldova didn’t vote.”

    Non-binding resolutions are a kind of ‘poll’, a thermometer of the zeitgeist.


    There is one man in the world i would go to for an hones and truthful answer to a quaestion.
    Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, servant of Lord of Mercy, Giver of Mercy

    Oroboros do you remember when everyone was so sure that NATO would emerge victorious in Ukraine? The western nations dominated the narrative and the Russians were inept and clueless at narrative and social media and that sealed the outcome.
    Did you read how The Russian Federation had to Shock and Awe or be seen to “have no balls and” experience “a massive loss of face in the court of public opinion”? No i suspect not.

    Dr D Rich

    Personally and from my personal observation, I disagree with Lobaczewski on a major point only in part due to the events of the past 4 years…COVID hysteria, hucksterism and mindlessness.

    The majority DO NOT instinctively resist and they can’t even be dragged kicking and screaming to The Table of Reason.
    Authority and authority’s exclusive claim to institutional violence reign supreme in the minds of the majority.

    Let it run its course or pretend to exert some influence like I’m doing right here, right now


    Returned at 11:00 P.M. last night from a 1600 mile two day loop around the Mississippi Delta.
    i now understand the lyric “the land of California
    my sweet home Chicago”
    The purpose of the trip was to attend a funeral. How many days in a row can a heart be broken? Listening to a sixty year old, sixteen year convert to Christianity testifying about the Tribe of Judah and remembering the images of the children in Gaza broke my heart and bruised my mind.
    The masters of the universe had better hope that “Survival of the Fittest” is not the true paradigm. Frank Zappa noted in the 60’s, “If your children ever find out how lame you really are, they’ll murder you in your sleep.”

    D Benton Smith

    Recent criticism of @aspnaz nothwithstanding, please don’t be TOO too tough on the guy, because through his earnest and sincere error he serves as an excellent foil. If he stopped showing up we would have to go back to the old way of doing things, taking turns as the town fool.

    D Benton Smith

    Aside from being an unacceptably horrible explosive device (and the second dumbest thing that the human race has ever managed to accomplish on its own), what IS a nuclear bomb anyway?

    In a word, it is assurance of sovereignty.

    When all else is said and done, if a country has deliverable-long-range nukes, then nobody can absolutely force that country into abject slavery. No matter what kind of humiliation and subservience they can be “persuaded” to accept, they nevertheless retain the ability to set their own “red line” on what they must take “like it or not”.

    This is not to say that any country should ever use them, or even COULD use them (and expect to survive), because the simple fact is that they would NOT survive, that would be suicide. The United States has taken fantastically exorbitant advantage of the fact that it (alone among all nations) has DEMONSTRATED the willingness to use nukes to blow up somebody else who did not themselves have nuclear weapons with which to retaliate.

    Carefully note that the United States hasn’t nuked ANYBODY since that time, and that it is highly unlikely that its restraint has been based upon humanitarian intent. It was based solely upon self preservation. The other side has nukes, too, in fact they the other side has “better” ones (MUCH better, in the sense of how utterly unsurvivable they are).

    It all comes down to an important stratagem listed in the “The Art of War”. Do not press the enemy into a corner from which they cannot escape and will certainly die (like an actual nuclear attack would certainly be) because they will fight to the death and take you with them. ALWAYS leave an easily accessible route of escape (such as a negotiated end to open warfare) because when they are faced with a choice between certain death and/or imprisonment or the route of easy escape they will always choose escape. In other words, rather then die in their footsteps they would prefer to live to lie, cheat, steal, maim and kill another day.

    That’s what’s going on in Ukraine, AND is just getting started in Israel/Palestine. It takes a while, but when calm minds prevail over outraged emotions, then the outcome is just as certain and WAY less risky. The desired outcome is to de-criminalize the Empire of Lies, and reduce rampant evil to almost acceptable levels, not to blow everyone up, ourselves included.

    In other words just carry on, steady as she goes, easy does it, even if it isn’t very easy.


    How come no one can remember Ronald Reagan was suffering from dementia at the end of his second term and no one knew who was actually pulling the strings for the Executinve Branch of The United States of America?

    I have one phrase for the Congress of the United States:
    More funding for war.
    Impeach and convict Mr. Biden and sweep all of the murder and corruption under the rug once again.

    Don’t You Dare

    time to remember some of Mr. Jefferson’s stark observations, most importantly what must be done from “time to time”.

    i will sit down and be quiet now


    The Russian policy of restrain in Ukronaziland is not going to work in Gaza the same way.

    Different situation.

    Gaza is tiny compared to Ukraine. Gaza is 7km across, Ukraine is 1100km across

    The Russians could not ‘shock n awe’ without loosing a lot of men and equipment. Grinding the Ukronazis down slowly into the dust they are now fits the bill.

    Gaza will be gone by the time Nasrallah ‘steadfastness’ has any effect whatsoever. It was a nothing-burger speech.

    He blinked

    No ‘trade embargo’ against the Collective West will work in time.

    Tboc, how’s that super duper all encompasses ‘sanctions package’ worked out against Russia?

    Not so good, right?

    The Arab trade embargo would take months just to form, much less work effectively.

    Sanctions don’t work.

    The Empire of LiesLiesLies will support Israel militarily and economically until the cows come home.

    The Israeli economy will never be allowed to buckle under Arab sanctions, the Empire of LiesLiesLies wlll never let that happen.

    And if you’re smoking enough dope, maybe your fall back position to that is that Duh’merica will go broke soon.


    Sheeple have been saying that for decades.

    Gaza will be hammered so hard in the coming weeks that nothing short of Hezbollah stepping up to the plate will save it.

    Even if there is a ‘cease fire’, what’s left of Gaza, a giant pile of rubble?

    No stores. no medical hospitals, no infrastructure……..

    Who’s going to rebuilt it?

    With whose money?

    Israel can just bomb it again after rebuilding.

    Who gonna stop Israel, you and Whose Army?

    D Benton Smith


    I think you are underestimating the size (geographically and geo-politically) of Gaza, Hamas, and (far more importantly) the planet-wide distributions of populations who share the mindset of Gaza and Hamas.

    The 10 x 30 rectangle of Gaza is a besieged city, Like St.Petersburg in WW2, but it is not even CLOSE to the size of the battlefield, which stretches from Syria to Yemen (a tad more than 2,000 miles), that is overwhelmingly dominated by Muslims (literally billions of them).

    A properly managed war of attrition against US backed Israel has only one possible outcome, which is no more Zionist Jewish Israel and no more US Empire in the Middle East (and probably anywhere else, either).

    D Benton Smith

    The rest of the world’s position in regard to the United States has been like that of a family tyrannized by a heroin addicted father. They got together and decided that the only way out was to help the homicidally abusive bastard to drug himself to death. I feel almost personally embarrassed at how quick and easy it was. Basically, all they had to do was buy, bribe and blackmail a bunch of politicians, most of whom were already two thirds of the way to Hell, and hot to cover the last lap.

    Now comes the tricky part: not being devoured by the new monster that was created and used to take down the old monster.

    It’s exactly the same game as before, but at a much higher level of play. Truth Good and Knowledge vs Lies, Evil and Ignorance.


    The facts about who killed Israeli citizens en masse on Oct 7 are coming from Israel itself.
    What really happened on 7th October?
    Evidence is now emerging that up to half the Israelis killed were combatants; that Israeli forces were responsible for some of their own civilian deaths; and that Tel Aviv disseminated false ‘Hamas atrocities’ stories to justify its devastating air assault on Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

    Robert Inlakesh Sharmine Narwani
    OCT 24, 2023

    October 7 testimonies reveal Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens with tanks, missiles

    October 7 testimonies reveal Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens with tanks, missiles


    @D Benton Smith

    Point taken on the long game.

    Gaza is a short game however and will be gone soon if a ‘pauses’ isn’t forth coming.

    Nasrallah ‘steadfastness’ is the result of backroom deals assuring him that a ‘pause’ will happen soon.

    Presidementia Pedo Jo-Joe wants Bibi out for domestic re-election reasons in Duh’merica.

    Funny that Duh’merica’s NeoConJobs will have to ‘regime change’ one of their own, Bibi, to keep Pedo Jo-Joe ConJob’s head above water.


    Support for Israel = Support for Genocide

    Note: The above statement is neither anti-semitic nor a hate crime.


    Hate is in the air …. everywhere.
    It’s worse than the days of covid vaccines.

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