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    Israel Offers to Clear Egypt’s IMF Debt in Exchange to Relocate Gaza Residents to the Sinai Peninsula

    Kind of a stereotype isn’t it?

    Thinking everyone can be bought off with Mammon, your Real God.

    D Benton Smith


    Hate is in the air …. everywhere.

    To borrow from (and only slightly modify) a well-worn figure of speech in this battle, the closer we get to the target, the heavier gets the flak.

    I’m waiting with bated breath for the anguished cries of ostensibly Swiss bankers and Germanic Royals when the Zionist funding sources start getting hit with beams of sunlight. In comparison they will make gibbering banshees sound like Bing Crosby.


    Jewmoney is shitting the bed, we all know it. You can sense it in your bones. How far removed from Weimar Germany are we? 1 day, 3 months, 6 months? The shabbos goy fuckin traitors who pretend to run your country willhead for the exits and you’re gonna be on your own. Murdereers and theives run this talmudic, satanic shitshow. Get ready White people, there, there’s a bullseye on your back.


    tboc said

    My turn now:

    Are you a member of western society and long to rise into the ranks of the elite? Do you have a comfortable lifestyle garnered through your life as a lower and middle manager?
    There is a most disadvantaged child in western society. Do you feel that child’s needs and deprivations are someone else’s problem?

    I live in China. I escaped the west because I hated living in the west. I can criticise the west all I want to and in the same way that I see China as the result of the peoples’ actions, I also see the west as a result of the peoples’ actions, their willingness to allow their government to wield ever more unchecked power. Western governments have become monsters that the western people will have to defeat somehow, have to bring to heel, otherwise what is the end result? Why is this relevant to me? Because China depends on the west for a large slice of its export income and nobody here wants to see their export income decline.

    I admit that I did not try to stay and change my country of birth, but I was not raised in my country of birth, so I feel no loyalty to the random place where I was born. Meanwhile a lot of US citizens are proud of their military and consider their service as honourable, even though they were just killing brown people to help the neocons. They wave the flag, they sing the anthem, in doing so they are declaring ownership and pride. Go on then, convert that pride into action? No, not going to happen, not proud enough to save your democracy, the reason you joined the services and killed all those brown people.

    At least one million people of the UK tried to restrain Blair by protesting over Iraq. It didn’t work but at least they did something. The same can be said of the yellow vest people in France. The J6 protest was a different beast altogether, it was partisan, it was not about the USA, it was about Trump. I cannot remember the last time I saw a mass protest in the USA. The people of the USA seem to have given up on their involvement in what their country does. The Vietnam war peace movement seems to be the last major movement that changed the foreign policy of the government. Killing brown people was a problem in Vietnam but has not been a probem since; the Americans don’t care any more, they are more concerned with insulting people on the internet and watching tiktok.

    Hardship will arrive and then maybe that attitude will change on a local level, you have to let things get worse before people will step up and make them better. That happened in China and I guess we will have to watch it happen in the west as the west has no appetite to fix things now.


    tboc said

    Frank Zappa noted in the 60’s, “If your children ever find out how lame you really are, they’ll murder you in your sleep.”

    Frank Zappa in 1988 “A lot of people police their own brains. They’re like citizen soldiers, so to speak. I’ve seen people who will willingly arrest, try and punish their own brains. Now that’s really sad. That’s vigilante brain policism. It’s not even official, it’s like self-imposed. … It’s hard to pin it down to one central agency when you realize that so many people are willing to do it to themselves. I mean, the people who want to become amateur brain police, their numbers grow every day – people who say to themselves, ‘I couldn’t possibly consider that’, and then spank themselves for even getting that far. So, you don’t even need to blame it on a central brain police agency. You’ve got plenty of people who willingly subject themselves to this self-mutilation.”


    Fat, lazy and ignorant. America, sad to say is just a walmart, with an army who spent 20 years trying to defeat goat herders, and lost.


    DBS said

    Recent criticism of @aspnaz nothwithstanding, please don’t be TOO too tough on the guy, because through his earnest and sincere error he serves as an excellent foil. If he stopped showing up we would have to go back to the old way of doing things, taking turns as the town fool.

    And you accuse me of being on a mission to hurt your feelings. Whatever, my feelings don’t extend to TAE so I am happy to read to your ramblings.

    Michael Reid

    aspnaz wtote:

    Hardship will arrive and then maybe that attitude will change on a local level,
    you have to let things get worse before people will step up and make them better.

    I think you are correct on this point aspnaz.

    I also think it will happen at a local and very individual level
    that will rapidly expand like a snowball transforming into an avalanche.

    Dr D Rich

    aspnaz is back on his/her game.

    Welcome back OG!

    D Benton Smith


    You are right. I apologize, and like Michael Reid I also agree with your observation about hardship and attitude change. I also think that when you really put your mind to it you do good work. That’s why I read your comments.

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