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    Pablo Picasso Group of dancers. Olga Kokhlova is lying in the foreground 1919   • NBA Wants Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters For Players Jabbed Just 2 M
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Group of dancers. Olga Kokhlova is lying in the foreground 1919

    Love the painting/drawing…Picasso’s longest married wife…

    Not a huge Picasso fan, but this piece is just fine…IMO…


    Wow. Well done.

    Dr. D

    “Rittenhouse [Victim] Blows Case For Prosecution, Admits He Pointed Gun, Advanced First”

    Yup, that kind of “victim” that pulls a gun, points it at someone, after/while saying they intend to kill them tonight. Yes the prosecution witnesses, and now the assailant admit it was self-defense, but getting wrapped up in the politics, the culture war, the Narrative, we forget the ordinary work days underneath.

    The purpose of law is to come to and establish the truth.

    Not just for the individuals involved, but for the community as a whole.

    Now sadly, we have an adversarial system, which is not even Scottish in design. BUT: if we, using witnesses and courts, have determined people, you know, lit dumpsters on fire and rolled them into gas stations, if they robbed, looted, burned, if they threatened to kill others, if they battered with steel and plywood, if they pointed guns with intent to kill as the voluntary and unnecessary aggressor… then those crimes are now established and must be prosecuted under the law. To keep fairness, justice, and general civic order.

    So we’ve established that Kyle, in this particular case, was attacked (multiple times) and fired back in self-defense as men must and should. That leaves the others acts that night, assailing him, as well as others causing harm, destroying property, and participating in multiple violent felonies including for no particular reason, the attempted murder of Kyle. For no particular reason. By known, violent felons. Sadly. This is nobody’s good day, however, until we can establish a better response, this is the solution and process we have as a culture and must be maintained. We’ve already seen in S.F. what happens when $900 theft is acceptable, “Where there is no law.” Or D.C. Or Wall Street.

    “At Least 50 Shot & 10 Killed In Chicago As Police Stalemate Drags On”
    In all blue cities.

    “”…there is racism physically built into some of our highways.” – Pete Buttigeig.

    And now “Where there is no intelligence.”

    Speaking of hyperinflation, which specifically targets the poor and minorities, “Biden Targets Another US Pipeline For Shutdown After ‘Begging’ Saudis For More Oil”

    Killin’ some black folks. Like his mentor, Obama. And killin’ you and me of course.

    Bitcoin blast off, thanks to the DNC Hyperinflation Bill. Clearing the previous $64k high after stopping, breaching, and re-testing for weeks, as is textbook norm. However, you’re now perhaps too late as we only have a five-bagger in BTC. Only hope now are the penny coins, and those are only FOMO/MOMO and very dangerous. …Although when you make 10x in weeks, “dangerous” is relative.

    If you want something undervalued right now, try silver. Or bacon.

    “It’s The “Most Honest Market We Have” – Peter Thiel Warns Bitcoin Exposes Our Current “Crisis”

    But barely honest. 90% fraud, but that’s 10x better than the 100% fraud in all other markets.

    “Rabobank: Our System Can Fall Apart If Every Peasant Quits The Physical Economy And Starts Trading Crypto”

    Well, yeah, but it’s no different from the US$ fabrication of fake money: somebody has to make the Tacos. Somebody has to fix your plumbing. Somebody has to work. Having never worked, they don’t understand that, but if you all “Quit and Trade crypto,” the price of a taco would be $100,000, or 50BTC. (Actually 0.5BTC) And shortly probably will be.

    Watch: Al Gore’s Latest ‘Solution’ to Climate Change Is Mass Surveillance”

    All solutions to all problems are to give me more money and power! It’s amazing! And you buy it! Hahahahaha!

    Denninger: It’s already been established that Pharmacists have no legal basis to deny a Doctor’s recommendations. At that point the Pharmacist is practicing without a license. Correct me if I’m wrong here. I would not give the public carte blanche. It would have to be long-considered before proceeding with violent changes like that.

    “However, using a new, rapid, but previously untested manufacturing technology (mRNA or DNA) introduced a second variable. Herein lies the problem that every science student is taught to avoid: changing two variables simultaneously in a single experiment.”

    Three variables: they’ve erased the control group. Both in the original study, and are attempting in the live, planet-wide experiment. Therefore, this is not Science and they are not scientists.

    “Marines Chief Blames ‘Disinformation’ For Remaining Unvaccinated Troops (WE)”

    “Disinformation” from the CDC who can’t get their story straight from day to day. Ever.

    Susmarie: I’m not trying to ask Bosco out on a date here…no offense.

    Besides, what do you do for self-defense to prevent attacks? Is attacking, disabling, perhaps killing those who are killing those you love not itself an act of love? So love can be violence in those circumstances? All primitive cultures think so, before they are baffled by bulls–t. If you attack my cousin, you’re not my friend and I need you to stop. Is that not also love for the aggressor to make them stop and think as well? Prevent them from committing a terrible act? And so for policemen or soldiers? The “Love, Love” I’ve heard my life is like the Christian love in being hollow and unworkable. I see it only as a way to create harmless sheep who can all be murdered in their beds should even one wolf still exist. …As we see today, with the complete collapse of men, honor, and righteous anger and response. Now all your children are perhaps dead. …Out of love?

    Not so easy.


    When I was in school, some of the professors would make the argument for tenure be: “We have to have the security to publish our work, no outside pressure or threat to our jobs because that will skew studies and results.”

    (Now, universities have become the publicly-supported, outsourced R&D Departments for corporations)

    Now I see these same professors are (at least here), railing against “misinformation” and actively supporting suppression and censorship. Professor Vinay Prasad, as published in the Brownsyone Institute, how long till ‘retribution’ comes in his direction for asking a question?

    Those who screamed about any doubts in the (emotional) case of “Trump + Russia”, shouting down qustions, are silent in the face of the public evisceration of the Steele dossier.

    What a world

    Clueless Honky

    Since the roll-out of the Mandates & Passports continue like a run-away steam-roller, I too will continue to escalate my push-back against them. I am too scared and too angry not to. Here’s my push-back against the Mandates & Passports:

    Thank you TAE and everyone else for your efforts to stop this madness.

    Michael Reid

    This video from somewhere yesterday talks about the bigger plan of population control and reduction.

    “This plan is to make sure that we can control and kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned and so I think the justification for everything we see is warranted in understanding the endgame.”
    Dr. Chetty is a general practitioner with a natural science background in genetics, advanced biology,microbiology and biochemistry. From the start of the Covid pandemic, he has been critically watching the information arising from observations around the world.

    Mister Roboto

    those darned kids

    why would mr. brandon beg the saudis for more oil?

    u.s. oil comes from canada, russia and mexico in that order, with canada supplying ten times the amount the saudis do.

    Veracious Poet

    Oh my, the mind warbles.

    Truly a shame that We the sheep have lost their progeny…

    Not much to say, yet so verbose.

    How many would still choose Xiden over any forthright sane?

    No doubt, the tale would be in the unscrupulous tally.


    @clueless-honky’s article is a must-read. Thank you.

    Michael Reid

    @ Clueless Honky

    Thank you for the link to your excellent post on your website. I recommend all read it

    Saul Goodman

    Dr McCollough, I appreciate what he is doing. I feel like the minute you go on InfoWars, you have given away your ability to be leaned on legitimately. Did I see that correctly, he was on InfoWars?


    M. Reid- thanks for embedding that Chetty video. I linked it too late yesterday- I love the skydiving metaphor at the end!
    Off to read clueless honky.

    Mister Roboto

    The explanation I find most plausible for why Covid Cultism is so “sticky” is what is known as “mass formation”. The article I link here is a little off in its description of the four pre-conditions for mass formation. This list is more accurate: 1) Social isolation, which the lockdowns provided in abundance but was already very present before Covid in the form of the social atomization endemic to US society; 2) impaired critical thinking (often caused, I would surmise, by simplistic appeals to emotion); 3) free-floating anxiety about life that doesn’t have a readily identifiable cause; 4) existential discontent driven by a lack of meaning and purpose in life.

    Another article about mass formation I read that I can’t locate right now posits the idea that 30% are deeply hypnotized, 30% are resistant to the hypnotism, and 40% have just been going along with it not because they’re drinking deeply of the Koo-Aid, they just think they’re supposed to go along with the program out of a sense of normal social responsibility that has been appropriated to support an authoritarian agenda. What will determine which side wins is which one can gain enough critical mass from that “mushy middle” 40%.

    I was “under the spell” for the first nine months of the program being enacted upon us, but I wasn’t as deeply emotionally ensnared by it as the people who are still ensnared who are “doubling down” on the whole thing right now. For a while, I was bamboozled by the line that was being promoted that “people are dying and the Covid dissenters are a bunch of right-wing nuts who don’t care about that and just want to score cheap contrarian political points”. But the more the narrative ground on, the more obvious all the holes in it became until I saw that We The People were the controlled and manipulated spouse in a relationship with our abusive elites.

    I probably also had some remaining vestiges of adherence to the Narrative of Everlasting Progress. But the fact that we’ve been doing anything but progressing in any meaningful sense over the past twenty years put paid to that thinking soon enough.


    How to manipulate Supply and Demand to maximize profits and not get accused of stealing
    (How to extract the wealth of the dummies)

    1. Make/write the laws
    2. Put a angel halo on your head and strap on angel wings
    3. Appoint a figurehead to take the blame if something goes wrong.
    Different word that means the same thing
    Tolerant Class …. “The Frightened Class” …..unmotivated …. silent majority ….. sheeps …. sleepwalkers, …. zombies, contented, …. satisfied ….. powerless, …. weak, …poor …. sick, …. hopeless, minority, … majority, SNOBS


    It’s beginning to appear that the Social Engineers are attempting to engineer a Frankenstein Society. But they are proficient at Gain Of Function processes, after all.


    Clueless Honky:

    tI will acknowledge upfront that I will probably come across as arrogant judgmental and insensitive when I critique honkycat’s article, but it comes from admiration and respect for the core article:

    1) more contrast between text and background, pls. Plain black against plain white is ideal, especially for older eyes like mine or impatient eyes like most of ours. Subtle matte shades of vanilla blonde grey and such are for business-and-Hallmark cards, in my earnest opinion.

    2) your Tolerant Class trope is superb. I would focus on that portion and condense or remove much of the prefatory and explanatory items. For example, this quote: “hearing someone utter a critique against an ideological construct that another person told them was good and correct is much more problematic than forcing someone to be injected with an experimental drug under the threat of losing their livelihood.” will just make most readers’ eyes glaze over, alas.

    3) I’d remove the second paragraph entirely. It’s unnecessary and therefore an eye-strain.

    4) Beginning with “If you have somehow made it this far…” on down, I’d remove the entire text. Your point has already been well made by then. Assuming you’d like others to share your article, for it to make the rounds on the web, concision and pertinency are your core allies.

    The discussion of Mass Formation requires readers to deeply and critically self-analyze themselves, and that is a rarity in our culture, even if you pay someone $1 million. Stick with the ‘we’ve been duped’ approach, sez me: people are happy to blame others and loath to admit responsibility. The ‘others’ in this case are so blameworthy there’s no need to ask readers to examine themselves in an unflattering way.

    As the song says, “a broken heart needs someone new to blame it on”.

    Thirteen Valleys

    This comes from a person who has been told to cut to the chase, awreddy, more times than he cares to remember.


    @ darned kids,

    Maybe mr. Brandon is attempting to create an oil shortage, blame OPEC, line the plebes up at the gas pumps, then push legislation to force all into electric cars, then collect his “Big Guy” 10 % commission?


    ‘Honkycat?’ My brain needsa a new clutch.


    @ cluelesshonky
    Enjoyed your blogpost. Followed links and found 2 more items to enjoy, my thanks to you.

    Mister Roboto

    The discussion of Mass Formation requires readers to deeply and critically self-analyze themselves, and that is a rarity in our culture

    Hey, critical self and societal analysis is my ambrosia and nectar from Olympus On High! But then again, I am an INFJ. INFJs are, according to some, the rarest of the MBTI classifications.

    Maxwell Quest

    Concerning the Dr. Shankara Chetty “endgame” video:

    When Covid started taking on a political bent in early 2020 my spidey senses began to tingle. That’s when I noticed the “lock-step” aspect, in which a multitude of nations seemed to be saying the same things and implementing similar pandemic policies, such as masks, lockdowns, and crushing small businesses.

    From there it progressed to unmistakable VAERS signals, censorship, deplatforming, changing definitions, mandates, vaccine passports, scapegoating the unvaccinated, vaccine failures, booster programs, etc. – essentially doubling and tripling down in the face of catastrophic failure.

    In so-called spiritual matters I’ve learned that if things don’t make sense at one level, then the solution must be looked for at a higher level. For example, the problem of earthly justice can more easily be explained when karma and reincarnation are considered.

    And so it goes with political matters. When nothing seems to make sense on the ground (the national level), then the answers lie elsewhere (the global level). One must look higher up the power structure.

    Lately, I’ve started to entertain the possibility that there may be powerful people in this world who believe that depopulation is the answer to all our problems. Like the character Thanos from the Avenger movies, they believe they are called to carry out a special mission of planetary genocide – the heavy burden of destroying life to save the planet.

    It’s funny how art often imitates life.


    Figmund Sreud

    Today is the one-year anniversary of news that Pfizer Inc. had developed a “workable” COVID-19 jab!

    … just a reminder.



    “But then again, I am an INFJ”

    What is an INFJ?

    John Day

    @Clueless Honky: Good work. I did read after the “If you’ve made it thisfar…” and found it to be further illuminating, like the writings of Sigmund Freud… Well, Freud had a specific way of seeing and presenting, which was excellent, appearing to express absolutes… They weren’t absolutes, but food for thought…
    I like Boscohorowitz’s comments, but I’m OK with reading the extra-long part on Mass-Formation, too, today…
    I left a comment on your blog post, just agreeing and saying we should be “prepping”.

    John Day

    I am showcasing this piece by RFK Jr. today. It’s enough. I see this process as he presents it here.
    We see the same thing happening in the US and globally.

    ‘Our Country Is Under Attack’: RFK, Jr. Speaks on CIA and Totalitarianism

    ​ ​Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. last month delivered a speech at the 2021 Ron Paul Institute “Pandemic and the Road to Totalitarianism” conference.
    ​I​n his speech — described by the Ron Paul Institute as “a compelling indictment of the mad push to total control” — Kennedy said the techniques used by government officials during the COVID pandemic to “edge people into subservience” come straight out of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) manuals he researched for his book, “American Values.”
    ​ ​He said the manuals provided a playbook for how to destroy local businesses, the economy, institutional and social structures and social relationships. He said the purpose was:

    “ … to create chaos that will then create enough people in that country who will allow a foreign entity to come in and clamp down on centralized control. And almost all of the techniques that are outlined in those manuals are the same techniques that they were practicing in these simulations year after year with hundreds of thousands of people.”​ ​

    ​ ​Kennedy described a recent simulation, Event 201, a pandemic “tabletop exercise” that simulated a global pandemic nearly identical to COVID. The event took place in October 2019 at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.
    ​ ​Dr. Tom Inglesby, director of the Center for Health Security, facilitated the simulation. Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, global health officers and people from social media groups, large pharmaceutical companies and global corporations attended or sent representatives.

    Kennedy said:
    ​ ​“What were they simulating? They were simulating a pandemic, but they weren’t simulating a medical response to that pandemic. They were simulating a militarized response. How do you use that pandemic to, particularly in that Event 201, to impose censorship globally? And that’s what they were modeling.”
    ​ ​Describing CIA operations and organized mind control programs at top universities, conducted on “expendable” subjects such as military and the incarcerated, Kennedy said the same techniques are used in today’s lockdowns:

    “The most potent technique, incidentally that they learned again, and again, and again — more potent than physical torture — was isolation … And they did this in sensory deprivation tanks … and also just locking people in solitary confinement.

    “You can get [people] to do almost anything you want after a certain period of time. It will drive them mad, because we’re social animals, we’re social beings. And when you tear the social fabric, it makes people desperate, fearful and obedient to do anything.”

    ​ ​Kennedy detailed America’s response to pandemics throughout history and explained the significance of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which guarantees the right to free speech.

    ​ ​“If a government can hide what it’s doing by censoring its opponents and silencing diss​onant​s​ ​, it has license to do anything that it wants,” Kennedy said.
    He said what happens when you have a population of fear, “you have the complete obliteration of critical thinking, and then people stop asking questions.”

    ​ ​Kennedy described how the rules and regulations handed down during the pandemic have been manipulated to point where no one recognizes the country as a democracy anymore:

    ​ ​“So there are all these democratic protections that were waived. All of that was waived. All of these things were imposed upon us by fiat — with no discussion, no science cited.”

    ​ ​Kennedy cited parallels in books he’s read by George Orwell and science fiction writer, Robert Heinlein, with what he sees all over the civilized world. He said his forthcoming book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” is a real-world account of what seems to him as surreal as science fiction:

    ​ ​“I’m about to publish this book on Anthony Fauci, and part of my journey in writing that book — and it’s taken me more than a year of really intense research — was it took me kind of on that journey to try and explain how this could have happened in America.

    ​ ​“And one of the things that I discovered during this process is what’s happening now is this lockstep imposition of totalitarian controls — not just in America, but in every one of the liberal democracies in the world, and all of the other countries in the world.

    ​ ​“China moved into Hong Kong and banned the last democratic newspaper. Everywhere in the world, we see democracy and constitutional rights disappearing. And it all happened at once, as if it was planned.”

    ​ ​Kennedy compared the two ways American people respond to totalitarian control by detailing the conclusions of Stanley Milgram’s electric-shock studies of the 1960s.
    ​ ​Milgram recruited subjects from every walk of life to learn how many people would torture and potentially kill a person sitting in the next room with the turn of a “supposed” electric dial.
    Kennedy explained:

    ​ ​“And the dial would supposedly administer electric shocks to a person sitting in the next room who they could not see. And they could hear the screams and the pleading and the crying, the agony that they were causing and the begging. And they had a guy who was dressed as a doctor in a white lab coat who was telling them, ‘turn it up higher at different intervals.’ Many of the people who were turning it up were crying, because they didn’t want to do it because it clashed with essential values. It clashed with their conscience.”

    In the end, however, the Milgram experiment found more people followed “doctors’ orders” than their own conscience.

    ​ ​“Sixty-seven percent of the people — of the Americans — liberal, conservative, etcetera — who were told to do that turned that dial-up to 450 volts,” Kennedy said. “It said on the dial: ‘Potentially Fatal’ and they were willing to kill somebody if a doctor told them to do it,”

    ​ ​Kennedy praised the doctors and scientists who have the courage to speak up on medical protocols that work for COVID. He said the fact that they are being silenced is “not America … it’s not debate. It’s not, ‘let me see your evidence. It’s ‘these people are dangerous. They need to be silenced.’”

    He ended by calling for action:

    “You know, what all of us need to understand is that our country is under attack right now … What is our country? Is it just a place where you can come and accumulate a big pile for yourself and whoever dies with the most stuff wins, or is it the landscapes? Is it the purple mountains majesties? Is it the population, the diversity, etcetera?

    “It’s all those things. But more than anything else it’s our Constitution. It’s the statement of shared values that holds us all together as a people. And we’re saying to the rest of the world that we believe something in our country, more strongly than anybody else believes, which is that we have to love our liberties more than we fear a disease.”​ Video of speech at link​

    John Day

    ​Though ​I have little to show, but my botched scale drawing (1 box is 1 square foot)​, work has commenced on the pier and beam foundation preparation for the additional small house at the Yoakum homestead. The rise of about 20 inches from the low point to the high point got graded with a Bobcat yesterday, and 33 holes will be bored out for 33 reinforced concrete piers today. A lot of planning, provisioning and preparation is fairly invisible, but it is still progress. The plumber also looked everything over with me yesterday at the site. He has done a lot of work for us in the past few years, as has the electrician, who rewired the 1957 house.


    I think that many people including me think that depopulation is the answer. Many people including me believe that depopulation is the inevitable outcome.

    How intentional the obviously inevitable depopulation that our major policies — not just covidiocy — will produce is a question unanswerable with certainty.

    What pair of butterfly wings in China may have triggered this thunderstorm everywhere is somewhat answerable. Why those wings flapped the way they did is also unanswerable outside the constants of human craving for power and admiration from without and within.

    But I feel confident assuming that many people think that depopulation by means other than outright fire’n’brimstone nuclear annihilation is the better inevitability.

    As always, my core position is that our belief in Mighty Global Masters grossly exaggerates the amount of control they have. Power up the yinm-yang, yes, but control?

    A 10-year old kid who joyrides Daddy’s Corvette is likely to wreak devastation, but that’s not the child’s intent. I believe that for every Dr. Evil there are 100 power-hungry fools making vroom-vroom noises with the authorities, monies, and powers they have. SInce theirs is a circular self-serving logic, and the amount of authority, money, and power are limited even with a metastic Federal Reserve, the world’s largest military budget, and a Congress that passes deranged legislation the way cows pass gas, they must share a circular course and so follow each other like hot-doggers at the Indy 500.

    Somebody go in the basement and mend the fuse, eh? The power just went out.

    Mister Roboto
    John Day

    @Maxwell Quest: That Thanos dude looks like a Rock-Em-Sock-Em-Robot, which commercials from the 1960s were linked to by Boscohorowitz 11/5/21, and I watched again, along with “Slinky” et al.

    Mister Roboto

    It has been frequently noted that forums such as these have a tendency to attract the INTJ “Architect” type.

    John Day

    @Boscohorowitz: Depopulation is “the answer” to what?

    I think we have entered both “The Twilight Zone” and the beginning of a “selection event”, where alarge gene pool has arisen under favorable circumstances (unfavorable for non-domesticated life-forms, though) and it will fall back dramatically, as the favorable circumstances of fossile energy, water and ores are depleted and population peaks.

    Looking back at history, we see “events” and we declare them to have happened in a certain way, for certain reasons, and it’s all quick and tidy.
    Here in the experiential world, we have long, agonizing processes, with crystallization of free-floating-anxiety onto whatever external shadow can be cast for the mass-formation of an “Other” to blame.

    I think the interminable process of living into this new and unmoored life is what we must embrace with compassion, goodwill, resoulion, and stoicism.
    We should do our best and see how things form in our worlds.
    It’s not a time to wait and see, but to look for opportunity to do something of lasting good, and to do it promptly.
    I’d long considered and planned for another built structure at the homestead, and the time seems opportune. It is possible. It may not be possible in half a year. We got the good-old-house all fixed up and replumbed, rewired and repaired. The fiberglass insulation should go into the vacuumed-out attic this week.
    The gardens are planted for fall/winter, and we have lots of dry beans, onions, garlic, dried peppers, and home-canned tomatoes.
    An opportunity to prepare is also an opportunity to learn how to prepare, and to develop a state of preparedness for sudden changes.
    “Chance favors the prepared, they say. Versatility and preparedness are bound to be good survival traits in a “selection event”.
    The shadowy puppet masters are NOT trying to select for people who solve their own problems.
    They want to select for servility and predictability.
    That’s against nature, I think. Maybe the mysterious Rothschild that TT4TW quotes has said something applicable. It’s not all predators and prey in the world… There is a lot off cooperative play and creativity going on. There is divine inspiration, but I think it comes best to those already engaged in activity…

    Focusing on a 90% population reduction is not helpful. Doing everything necessary to cooperatively adapt and survive is helpful to the process.



    The elites seem to think they can wreck current systems and then rebuild in their preferred mode. However these people are not creative, Destruction and chaos they can do. But to fix something or make something…. well they need minions for that, they can’t get past chaos on their own, their minds do not work on those lines.

    Which minions? I propose that the layer of infection, of true informed and deliberate malignancy, is not very deep. So the minions are largely minions because they have not discerned the truth yet. If they do, it will poison their enterprise and initiative. Or they will quit.

    Our top tier elite are only takers and destroyers. And there are not many of them. So that’s a hopeful thing. Strangely it is partly hopeful because if the wheels come off the systems they may not be so easily put back on. So what will the normies think when the power stays off and the supply chains stay broke? It may wake them up to real things instead of the narrative of fear and despair founded on nothing as where we are now. And it is a one way ratchet; it is a terrible high hill to be scaled to comprehend organized global evil, but once having seen it you cannot go back.

    those darned kids

    bosco: “I think that many people including me think that depopulation is the answer. Many people including me believe that depopulation is the inevitable outcome.”

    •• funny, my wife and i decided in 2001 that one kid was enough as there just wasn’t enough water (etc.) for more people.

    doc day: “Depopulation is “the answer” to what?”

    •• water, for example.

    oh, and i’m an enfp, it seems..

    hahaha, i found mr. roboto’s test, and there, too, i’m an enfp-a.

    me and willie wonka!

    a campaigner! hahaha, but it’s right

    and then i read the strength and weaknesses and the rest, and oops, they nailed it.

    thanks to mr. roboto.

    here’s one for you, styx at their best.

    Mister Roboto

    “The War We’ve Lived And The Birth Of The New” by Jeffrey A Tucker

    We will emerge on the other side of this wiser, stronger, more determined, and motivated by the new realization that the civilization we take for granted is not a given but might instead be held by a thread that must be reinforced daily by knowledge, wisdom, and moral courage.

    We can never again allow a ruling class to exercise such brutality against the people. It has not ended well for the lockdowners and mandaters. They are perhaps now beginning to realize that they are not the authors of history. We are. Everyone is.

    No one is born, appointed, much less destined, to dictate to everyone else. That powerful conviction forged modernity and what it means to be civilized. There will be no turning back the clock, not at this late date in the course of human progress.

    Human moral progress is the one form of progress I deeply hope we can somewhat hold on to. 🙂


    Dr. D’s comments have hijacked my thoughts or if you will “Is violence in my future?”

    While that completes for my attention I did have one comment regarding clueless honky’s blog post. It’s basically this perpetuation that there is a benefit to the shot in regards to hospitalization and death.

    I think this is really the result of prior exposure to the virus itself or other viruses in the corona family. Meaning that the individual already had a reduced risk and the fact they had a shot is masking the real reason, their immune system was already up for the challenge.

    If you look at the UK surveillance data, it specifically states that there is low confidence associated with the hospitalization and death data. So it is reasonable to be dubious in regards to attributing this benefit to the shot.

    I found Dr. Malone’s talk interesting but sciencey. I need to translate it into my caveman lexicon to think and speak about it.

    Mr. House

    “And if all these CO2 storms and rising sea levels and burning rain forests happen because there’s far too many of us (as the depopulaters from Prince Charles to Bill Gates think) why not just say “bring it on” to Covid 19? Huh? Why spend trillions of dollars on vaccines against it that don’t vaccinate?”



    Also, Malone said he had the Moderna jab. I need to check it, but I thought he had went with the Pfizer jab per comments he made in the famous darkhorse podcast. Probably a mistaken memory.


    “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE” (from the INFJ profile shared by Mr. Roboto)

    That rather sounds like me although I am both introverted and extroverted. Doing what Goethe describes gets me into enormous trouble. I mostly keep to myself these days, especially with my hearing issues, and often consider taking a vow of silence. But I can’t help it: I want to help people escape their inner prisons.

    How to Redeem Ourselves?

    “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
    None but ourselves can free our minds
    Have no fear for atomic energy
    ‘Cause none of them can stop the time
    How long shall they kill our prophets
    While we stand aside and look? Ooh!
    Some say it’s just a part of it
    We’ve got to fulfill the book”


    “Depopulation is “the answer” to what?”

    A reliable way of ending the incessant destruction of a nice little place I call Terra the Fair, not to mention the ongoing cyberneticization of a once tolerably clever and once not entirely and vacuously rapacious species known as homo sapiens.

    “The shadowy puppet masters are NOT trying to select for people who solve their own problems.”

    Doesn’t matter what the shadowy ickazoids think they’re selecting for. It’s HAPPENING. The shadow-icks are pointless, futile, ultimately incosequential. There’s this thing called nature, reality, the dao, even god, if you will, that does.

    “Focusing on a 90% population reduction is not helpful. Doing everything necessary to cooperatively adapt and survive is helpful to the process.”

    Nonetheless, it helps to pay attention to the road one is on when driving. That road is, from all perspectives, heading smack into a major bottleneck i.e. die-off. Of course wokring cooperatively is the answer: we’re social creatures. We can’t live without each other. Those alive 50 years from now will understand that thoroughly, even if they continue humanity’s standard ops procedure: cooperate as one group to annihilate, oppose, enslave, or — at best — assimilate the other.

    What merciful grace we experience among each other will almost certainly happen within that paradigm, unless someone like Jeebus shows up and saves our ass… but that forecast predicts an incredible amount of suffering before life on Terra is properly repaired: “Jesus gave His life for us…” my aching arsehole. He paid His price but we will nonetheless pay our way too. Entropy is the foundation of physics, the one principle operant in all physical interactions: you got to pay your way. TANSTAAFL, even, altho I fear I may have lured a flock of Randroids with that phrase.

    “Human moral progress is the one form of progress I deeply hope we can somewhat hold on to.”

    Just my sorry-ass opinion, but human moral progress in the cointext (an apposite typo, yes?) of human civilization, roughly the past 10k years of human activity, has always been dependent on increased a) material/energy abundance and b) other populations — animal and human — to oppress, enslave, slaughter, and — when we’re sane enough to remember that we’re predators not moral crusaders, eat, as is the Lawe of the Jungle which we ignore even as we consume vast volumes of life.

    But that’s just me. Ain’t looking for no debate. My opinion is that the best we’ll do is some kind of reset to our neolithic Edenic state after a century or so of godawful suffering and savagery. Which is by no means an endorsement of apathy or cruelty, but rather, very much the opposite. Fuck the world. One can’t save the world. But love thy neighbor… if neighbor lets you. If they don’t, you’ll probably have to put a spike in their head. If you don’t do that, not only might they hurt you, but if you pull your punch and don’t kill them, you’ll probably succumb to the temptation to oppress and enslave them. Be what you are: a predator, and you’ll be able to morally govern yourself sanely. Even Ted Nugent grasps that much.

    We are ruled by degenerate monsters not because they are so clever and powerful — they ain’t. We’re ruled by such critters primarily because we don’t take full responsibility for ourselves. As soon as we become “successful” enough to form groups larger than the homo sapient “monkeysphere” of roughly 100-200 max — “mere tribalism” as it is dismissively called — we devolve from sharing responsibility to delegating responsibility, yea, paying for responsibity. This I see as ‘Foundational Socialism’, that thing Dr. D describes as being so seductively rewarding at first but ultimately enslaving and depriving afterward. If I read him correctly, he seems to associate this with modern political movements called socialism, when it is merely the essential aspect of all super-tribal human systems of mutual engagement.

    As soon as arbitarily institutionalized authority is enacted, we strive for comfort at the expense of others in ever more powerful, i.e. destructive, ways.

    Trying to fix the large social situation is a sucker’s game. Work on forming a tribe in your vicinity. Genuine generate human cooperative groups are primarily functions of proximity and frequency. This is why families fall apart once Junior and Junette leave home to find work in the Big City. Too far away, too infrequent physically present time together.

    What matters is what you do with who you’re with, period. The rest is mediated action-at-a-politicized/commercialized-distance, and it always produces more evil than good overall, evil usually disguised as good, a deception that works so long as the bread’n’circuses are sufficiently abundant.

    “that Thantos dude<>ROck’em-SOck’em”

    You’re so right! Something tickled me subliminally when I saw that image. One was a resemblance to Tom Waits but the other JDay has now revealed to me.

    It’s in the blood

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