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    ‘The ultimate illusion, cross-generational in it’s scope, with many progenitors incognizant of the absolute casualty of Natural Rights previously afforded to each & every individual.’

    As most of us here know, when you are born in the concentration camp and lied to all your life, and the lies are repeated ad infinitum by bought-and-paid-for and opportunistic ‘leaders’ and the totally controlled mainstream media (which enforces wide-ranging censorship), it is not at all easy to see what is really going on.

    Add to that, the phenomena of baseline shift (each generation takes what it sees as being ‘normal’) and the near-total Orwellianism of anything officialdom says or does, we can see why the bulk of the masses are utterly confused and deluded. Yet people are waking up. I spoke with a complete stranger about an unusual vehicle in a car park. Then said, “I suppose you know the whole financial system is going down?”


    I recognised it all as a battle between good and evil and a battle for control of minds well over a decade ago; others beat me to it; many still can’t see it. 🙁 More do.

    Many ‘October surprises’ this October.

    “We’ve hardly started yet.” (I think that was around two months ago.)


    Demented Poop Pants make retarded noises from his ass while moving his lips in masterful misdirection



    Worth reviewing this article given what is going on at the moment …


    You heard it here first! Canada’s CBC has a glowing report saying the Biden Democrats are going to win massively in the November midterms because the Supreme court’s abortion ruling has energized the Democrat’s grass roots like never before. The Democrats have so many grass roots that they can now go door to door.

    I am still wondering how the Democrats are going to hide all the zUS casualties being experience in the Ukraine before the election. Today’s missile strikes did target US personnel besides energy infrastructure. The US’s dead must be starting to pile up. So much for no boots on the ground!

    Veracious Poet

    Just to be clear:

    I long ago eschewed any & all hope that gen pop would ever awaken from their self-induced trances & extricate themselves from the chains which have enslaved them from birth…

    At best, given current CULTural norms, once the masses got a whiff of The Truth they’d knee-jerk into an impregnable political/pop culture nightmare, where gen pop is consumed with chasing their tails, where the Collective EG0ic Madness rejects “good” leaders wholly due to the simplicity of their message(s)…

    Sound familiar 😕

    The insurmountable verity of the dilemma is that there is no way out of “The Illusion” via EG0 ~ The only solution is a New Age of Reason leading the masses to an allegiance with the Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Universe will suffice ~

    Collective EG0ic Madness will NEVER allow gen pop to face hard truths; sanely identify friend or foe; abandon the shackles of the mind.

    We had a chance at a better tomorrow, where the Rule of Law under Natural Rights would/could deliver Peace On Earth, but The West chose to worship EG0centricity & follow NPD sociopaths into utter malevolence, creating HELL on Earth…


    Can’t do a better summary than Nate.

    Figmund Sreud

    Western media is full of speculation whether, or not, we stand at the cusp of WW3. Actually, we are already there. The long war never stopped. In the wake of America’s 2008 Financial Crisis, the U.S. needed to reinforce its economy’s collateral resource base. For the Straussian current (the neocon hawks if you prefer), Russia’s then post-Cold War weakness was ‘opportunity’ to open a new war front. The U.S. hawks wanted to kill two birds with one stone: to pillage Russia’s valuable resources to reinforce their own economy and to fracture Russia into a kaleidoscope of parts. […]

    For the Straussians, the Cold War too never ended. The world remains binary – ‘us and them, good and evil’.

    Europe’s Eerie Silence – The Curious Case of the Dog That Did Not Bark


    Dr D said

    If you haven’t been to America, or wherever, you cannot fathom how powerful it is, how deep, how many resources are above the earth that can be applied.

    Industrialised countries tend to be this way. Having worked in the USA, Europe and China, my impression is that China has way more assets useful to a war than does the USA, the UK or most of Europe. The infrastructure in China is centuries ahead of the USA where the infrastructure is still in 3rd world status. Sure, the USA has plenty of military research and other places doing leading edge work, but are these places really of considerable use during a war and are they really keeping ahead of the rest of the world?

    It is amazing how much of the USA is basically empty, not enough people for them to need to live in the hard-to-live places, and I suspect that Russia is similar but even more empty. This is good, it enables us to have “unspoilt” places. But as for “depth”, I think you need to get to China and see real depth and not just depth but agility, the speed at which new factories and cities come and go. I suspect that if you gave the Chinese the plans for a weapon, even a complex weapon involving electronics and machine components, they would have the factories set up and running within a couple of months. Is that not of more value during a war?

    What the USA has in depth is liquidity, but this will not count much without something to spend it on.


    There is no doubt that WWIII between the Russian and Western Empires has started. The conflict is escalating and is probably approaching the “no holds barred” stage. There is no diplomacy. There is no way out. One side or the other will lose, or everybody loses in a global nuclear war including China that is the last functioning Empire left.

    Ukraine is carrying the war to Russia now. Russia must mobilize and create a new Red Army to defend of the Motherland. The Western Empire is so wrapped up in money, individualism and profiteering that they simply do not see the energy shortages and the collapse of the financial debt pyramid coming this winter. The West has nothing to mobilize. Industry is gone or shutting down due to energy shortages/high prices. Westerners are overweight, sick, and broke. The only alternative to the looming use of tactical nuclear weapons is an armistice and DMZ. The current politicians who got us into this mess are not going to get us out of it. All I can do, personally, is vote against all incumbents in this November elections.

    The Coronavirus & Monkeypox Pandemics, WWIII, and the Food and Energy Shortages all have the same root cause. A death cult that thinks that they will always be safe and wealthy are pulling the strings. Russia is the last source of cheap available energy and resources left. They cannot profit without it.

    There are no governments remaining that are run by and for the people.

    John Day

    Tulsi Gabbard renounces Democratic Party membership. Hawaii elects only Democrats. She gave up on Hawaiian re-election in 2020. She can only run for national office. VP in 2024 is the obvious choice.
    I have never seen Tulsi wearing a denim work-shirt style blouse before.

    During her four terms in office from 2013 to 2021, Gabbard advocated dialogue with America’s rival superpowers, coupled with a hardline policy on Islamic terrorism. Failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused Gabbard in 2019 of being “a Russian asset,” likely referencing the Hawaiian lawmaker’s past praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fight against terrorism in Syria.

    While the Democratic Party has – with the backing of establishment Republicans – voted almost unanimously to send more than $52 billion to Ukraine in recent months, Gabbard has condemned Biden for “exploiting this war to strengthen NATO and feed the military-industrial complex.”

    Does make one wonder if she is positioning herself for a VP seat on a DeSantis ticket in 2024?

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD, license suspended by Maine Medical Board early this year for treating COVID with antivirals, has her hearing today. CHD TV will livestream it

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